NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 15th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

CDC warns coronavirus cases among children are rising, U.S. Postal Service warns it can’t handle mail-in ballots, and extreme heat wave fuels wildfires across West Coast. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 15th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

136 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 15th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. J. F. I. Reply


  2. Ricardo Melendez -Trueba Reply

    KEMP is such a POS! Whoever thinks that he is doing the right thing, might want to check their ability to make the right decisions.

  3. J. F. I. Reply

    Most of us have been affected by the pandemic, not only athletes. It will “magically disappear,” though. Remember ??? 🤪

  4. J. F. I. Reply

    Gracias, Jose !!! 😜👍

  5. lourds Reply

    Only one guy was concerned with George Floyd. You all should have used your guns there.

  6. Pamela Kelly Reply


  7. robert miller Reply

    @16:10 thank God I didn’t have to get good grades for college , football got me in.

  8. Morgan Brandy Reply

    how long would it take to return saliva covid tests? How accurate? Is it as accepted by FAA as PCR tests, for those who need to fly?

  9. marwan taha Reply

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  10. marwan taha Reply

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  11. wendl Reply

    I truly believe Trump want to make America great again. His shortcoming is he does not know how to talk, he insult a lot of people Dems can make great speeches, like Obama, charismatic, great speaker, popular, globalizationist, socialist, commies all know how to talk

    • wwolfdogs Reply

      Trump wants to make himself great again. He is a pea-brained narcissist with delusions of grandeur. If the Democrats had run anybody other than douchbag Hillary, Trump would still be shouting “Your Fired” on his stupid reality show.

    • Red Flame Reply

      TRUMP 2020!

  12. marwan taha Reply

    creator means creating something new or something was not existing before.

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  13. Morgan Brandy Reply

    they PUSHED people away who tried to save George Floyd’s life?! WOOOOOWWW… I wouldve been one of those bystanders, prob shot by them bc I’m black. These cops deserve the chair

  14. Dean Dartista Reply

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c81np3P3MnY&t=70s Glenn Kirshner link. He has a great solution to solve the Postal Service Conspiracy. I believe it can work quickly if we do it now.

    Meeting with Putin coming, the next wave of Trump’s manipulation. The meeting with Putin is going to cover their so-called vaccine for COVID19. The second stage of it is an appeal to the people of America to collude with Putin so we can receive the drug. Simple, even though it hasn’t been tested and probably has no effect. If it does cure COVID then we need to investigate Russia on planting the Virus in China. Of course Putin is going to find a way to say only if Trump is still president will I consider sharing the vaccine with the US. New World Order stuff with Putin posturing as the head.

    Trump accepted collusion from Russia, it doesn’t matter whether it was reciprocated. “Lock her up” became his motto because they broke into DNC not anything she voluntarily provided the hackers. Yet it is reported on more than 1 occassion that Trump uses an unsecure iPhone. Knowing the Russians can expertly listen in on devices especially devices not encrypted by our intelligence agencies that any conversations can be breached. Trump does have this knowledge and has been told this information. My accusation is he is providing information and directives to Putin and Russian Businesses via overheard conversations and how are they using it. The numbers in the stock market are inflated not because of GDP but because of the Federal Reserve taking up the slack for the economy. Now I’m wondering about Russian stock market players. Now the way to prove this is fairly simple. The only businesses doing well are the stock markets. Stocks are even being bought by the Federal Reserve. Have the Russians profited by the rise of the stock especially on significant days of signing executive orders, big pharma policies and other businesses. If that’s the case can the Russians buy up so much stock to influence the influctuations of the market? Can it be proven to any degree this knowledge is used? Last question is do the Russians own a significant amount of stock or have any means to cause the market to crash at a convenient time. This would be one of a few reasons why I see one liar working with another other than the Russians having something on Trump.

  15. Phuoc Duong Reply

    Trump is already a laughing stock to his own country. He should quit his job for dividing America.

    • Nick Cameron Reply

      You should quit yours. Oh wait, you don’t have job. My bad. Enjoy your EBT card.

    • Ex Democrat Reply

      Go back to Timbuktu Phouc Doung. 😉

  16. Anna - Let's Get Acquainted Reply

    1:14 extraordinary

  17. Natalie de La Grandière Reply

    The last story was really nice. Thank you José.

  18. Chris Musumeci Reply

    Vote! #4MOREYEARS

    • Nick Cameron Reply

      Vote Trump 2020! Continue draining the swamp.

    • Ex Democrat Reply

      TRUMP 2020!!!!

  19. April Reply

    I’m not voting, piiff… What’s the point

  20. Nicholas Powers Reply

    All I need the news guidelines online news we don’t accept about covid 19 respectful not then hard for everybody watching the news it is hard

  21. wwolfdogs Reply

    Trump and rotten low life cops need to go NOW!!!

    • Ex Democrat Reply

      There’s the door. You can go now. Nobody likes you.

    • Sarah Billows Reply

      You go first wwolfdogs.

  22. Rock Smaller Reply

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    • Foto Banc Reply

      … wait till you get Covid. Lol!

    • Ex Democrat Reply

      @Foto Banc Hahaha!

  23. MOON DOGGY Reply

    dump trump

    • Ex Democrat Reply

      Here’s the garbage can. Jump in honey.

    • Sarah Billows Reply

      Dump you Moon Doggy. Oh wait, you are trash.

  24. Mitchell Boileau Reply

    NBC news scripts pick out the worst way to put things and Biden Harris needs to get off tv

  25. Mitchell Boileau Reply

    Let Floyd Rest In Peace his family didn’t want this

    • Ex Democrat Reply

      GF the druggie who is now a saint. All riots, looting and destruction offered upon his holy black feet.

    • Mitchell Boileau Reply

      I think it’s ignorant the dealer that was high was sainted was for offering up his life to make people look bad makes me wonder didn’t other saints help ppl

  26. wwolfdogs Reply

    Perhaps ordinary citizens need to start using deadly force against police officers who are caught in the act of murder.

  27. Monk Amani Reply

    Here we go again.

  28. Dave S Reply

    It was good to hear Harris say that electing Biden would put our country in tatters.

    • Sarah Billows Reply

      The baby killer told the truth.

  29. Josiah Lealem Reply

    11:37 Lol if you listen closely you can hear Erin’s voice on Eren’s side.

  30. Durango McMurphy Reply

    Pure propaganda worthy of the Third Reich .

  31. American Citizen Reply


  32. Queen of King queenofking Reply

    Omg! My stomach did flips just watching that video of football team pulling climber up! Specially when thet showed how close some of them standing close to the edge! 😲 But I’m scared of heights!

  33. Daniel Rodriguez Reply

    12:25. No justice no peace defund the police 😷

    • Ex Democrat Reply

      Nope. Defund all EBT cards.

    • Sarah Billows Reply

      Go back to Mexico.

  34. richard wilmot Ph.D Reply

    I wear my mask in my pocket & if someone asks me to wear it on my face, I say .25 cents please. Most give a dollar. Carry Grant did the same thing with autograph hunters

  35. Shakira Bells Reply

    170 thousand deaths and school is start to re open this is wrong idea

  36. mochabear Reply

    trump is THE biggest and greatest laughing stock the world has ever seen yet he’s so delusional that he doesn’t recognize it

    • Ex Democrat Reply

      Trump 2020

    • Sarah Billows Reply

      People are laughing ….AT YOU! 😆😆😆

  37. 13th Exit Reply


  38. Came for the Cookies Reply

    Don’t hike if you don’t know how to

  39. Robert Peterson Reply

    Those officers for Floyd’s death should be sent to the electric chair.

  40. calbastian Reply

    We need states like Georgia to test out stupid ideas ex. No masks and in-person learning. 5:25 Too late Bozo that ship has sailed, we’re already a laughing stock.

  41. Hector Carrillo Reply

    What’s racist exactly about what the president’s statement on Kamala

    • Red Flame Reply

      Exactly my thoughts. The truth nowadays is labeled racist. Why?

    • Sarah Billows Reply

      The truth. Speaking the truth is racist. Ugh,!🙄

  42. Russell Schmidt Reply

    I’m going


    170,00 deaths related to COVID 19. And amusingly there are still people who question the severity of COVID 19. Each to their own. Pleasing that people are taking more of an objective stance in preference to a subjective one and believing everything they read and hear. However, if or when people become ill please STOP placing the blame elsewhere. People themselves need to start taking responsibility for their own actions. Governmental guidelines were out there – ask yourself if you adhered to these or did you simply discard that advice and information.

  44. Gw Gw Reply

    Too bad it was trump brother who caught the virus instead of trump!

    • Mike Majors Reply

      Here’s wishing, it was you who caught the virus
      Oh wait, you are already infected. My bad.

    • Nui Mein Reply

      @Mike Majors 😁

    • Red Flame Reply

      @Mike Majors Haha!

  45. Joy Zhou Reply

    A friend emailed me a documentary film, I was so surprised while watching it, what a great production, so I texted here:

  46. Ken Sturm Reply

    Again no talk about the stimulus package-!

  47. Ken Sturm Reply


  48. Cheetah Dolcini Reply

    How do you get a 4.3 GPA anywhere. I have never seen anyone awarded more than 4 pts per unit of education.

  49. Chas Stone Reply

    Add another year of elgibilty for high school. Using college prep course work or skills. Thus baseball from last year can be made up as well with the kids in their ” actual ” class..yet differs from school. A 6 month to year delay is safer than many lives or damaged body from cv19.

  50. Stephen McElwaine Reply

    If there not wearing masks fine them 10 grand then open up.

  51. meowmeow784 Reply

    what a pile of trash this broadcast is, I weep for the future of humanity

  52. Mici Boo Reply

    Faken terrible

  53. Mici Boo Reply

    COVID. Elections. Looting. Murders. Fire.

  54. Gary York Reply

    I’m so thankful that I have a PRESIDENT who stands up for America instead of apologizing for and tearing it down like the pitiful failure we had in the last administration. GOD BLESS MR. TRUMP.

    • Red Flame Reply

      Trump 2020 ! 👍👍👍

    • Ex Democrat Reply

      Obama sweet talked the whole country into a mess. TRUMP 2020 and beyond!!

    • Greg Mano Reply

      @Ex Democrat Yup, but can’t say that aloud. BLM will go berserk and start rioting, looting, burning and destroying cities. Scums.

    • Sarah Billows Reply

      TRUMP 2020!!!

  55. Chrstphre Campbell Reply

    How can The student athlete have a 4.3 GPA ( ? ) I went back and watch this over again to verify that’s what the reporter said and I also noticed that they use the same 4.3 as a indicator of how much some organizations was contributing in billions of dollars and mixed up that number somewhere ( ? )

  56. BEM Family Reply

    I m not surprised 😠😷

  57. jen monami Reply

    Trump is thinking that he is still in Fox Apprentice..UFired.

  58. Jeneba Dorley Reply

    Daddy and son story is the best story of the day God bless them ❤.

  59. Tim Pierson Reply

    I asked Trump for a Re-election Lawn Sign, CALM DOWN… It’s not what you think… When I got it, I painted a large white circle around his face with a big white line through it. Below is a caption reading: When you vote stupid! You get stupid! Don’t allow it to happen again! This proudly sits in my very affluent Dallas front yard. It makes me proud to have Trump fund his own downfall!!

  60. Marklar Reply

    The comment at 13:54 is positively ghoulish. George Floyd is “yelling and talking” with his last remaining breath, begging for his life.

  61. Jojo Saylor Reply

    Shout to Delaware. 😍😍😍😍

  62. Crimson B Retrograde Reply

    Just because we begin school traditionally in the fall, doesn’t mean we should follow tradition. Sometimes we look back on history and wonder why people were so foolish, and it usually has something to do with tradition. Tradition is NOT always the answer. Please be smarter than this.

  63. Jason Lee Royalty Reply

    No coverage of middle east peace deal, the biggest story, why not, because NBC Night News is FAKE NEWS.

  64. Jason Lee Royalty Reply

    NBC Nightly News is FAKE NEWS. They are not even covering the middle east peace deal, which is historic. It should be the top story. NBC Nightly News is FAKE NEWS!

  65. VisualDesert Reply

    It was just announced that the President’s brother passed away. A lot of people are saying that it had to do with complications of the coronavirus but that has yet to be confirmed. But if it can happen to a multimillionaire then it could happen to any of us! Wear a mask.

  66. Patricia Reply

    What about the coverage on the protests in Hollywood??? Funny how you only cover what you want!

  67. Mark Rodrigue Reply

    Trump, “That would make our country the laughing stock of the world”….🤷‍♂️we already are!!

  68. Richard Marchant Reply

    Your country became a laughing stock all around the world the day you were elected

    • Ex Democrat Reply

      Trump 2020.

  69. game man Reply

    Free Bilal Abdul Kareem now. Free Bilal Abdul Kareem now.

  70. Red Flame Reply

    The media always vilify the president but it’s Trump 2020 for me.

    • Sarah Billows Reply

      Trump 2020!

  71. Susan Rice Reply

    Trump 2020!

  72. Tony Nguyen Reply

    The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2020, has helped the Black Lives Matter grow to quickly remember media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, etc. Every day posting and commenting. But on August 9, 20, a colored man named Darren Wilson shot and killed a neighbor, a white 5-year-old boy. All left-wing media of the United States such as CNN, MSNBC, NBC, etc., ignored the news…

    • Nui Mein Reply

      ..because for the mainstream media, white lives don’t matter.

    • Mike Majors Reply

      This is why I am now for Trump.

  73. Daniel Thomas Reply

    Hoping this pandemic goes away soon. So many lives lost and so many future dreams crushed.

  74. Tyronne Washington Reply

    Trump 2020!

  75. Ishenne Jackson Reply

    This man has less words in his vocabulary than my four years old. “The changes iare going to make the post office great again.” Scary when he use those words..you know he’s up to no good

  76. Mike Majors Reply

    TRUMP 2020!

  77. Kingz Amongst Reply

    wow nbc news is for her as a black man she s noooooooooo good and trump didn’t have to tell me !!!!!!

    • J.E.E. Cummings Reply

      @KingzAmongst be gone bot

    • Kingz Amongst Reply

      @J.E.E. Cummings no couldn’t be I am not @J.E.ECumming lmao one of GODS children from the organic family wake up sheep !!!!!!!and I say that with all respect and love PEACE

    • J.E.E. Cummings Reply

      @Kingz Amongst I am proud to be a sheep. One of Jesus’s own. With no tolerance or acceptance in your heart, I can’t say what that makes you.

  78. Nick Oquendo Reply

    Jose Diaz bellar should interview former wwe champion Alberto del Rio (jose Rodriguez) in both English and Spanish THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME PRO WRESTLING IS REAL, NEWS IS FAKE!!!

  79. Christopher Rodriguez Reply

    Good for you can bounce a ball or throw smothering

  80. Christopher Rodriguez Reply

    Hedunking that ball like a donut so brave

  81. al jbug Reply

    So dumb .

  82. al jbug Reply

    Death RATE survival RATE . SHOW US THAT LIARS .

  83. James Mayo Reply

    Jonathon is a good son.

  84. Ex Democrat Reply

    TRUMP 2020!

  85. Crimson River Reply

    All the mainstream media’s vicious propaganda against the President made me decide to vote for him. Can’t wait for November. Trump 2020.

  86. burning Rage.xstorm6 king Reply

    Liar liar

  87. southsidechoppers1 Reply

    Watching the news this is like watching it’s nothing but devastation totally ridiculous it’s almost unbelievable and it probably is

  88. Ryan Beckett Reply

    The fact that Trump is still alive is amazing! Someone please take him out…..PLEASE!

  89. Aaron Houghtaling Reply

    Lol RACIST? He said she isn’t eligible to be vp? Omg Democrats racisttttttt. Lol your all soft.

  90. Mrs. Cheryl Yvonne Cofield Reply

    The Students could be a Walk on athlete. I qualify for a sports scholarship and the coach Runs scholarship time trials each quarter or semester….(i.e., The Ohio State Lady Buckeyes 1976-77 academic years.

  91. Patricia Gregory Reply

    Don’t you think we got enough stuff going on to be worried about somebody being eligible to run for vice presidentcome on now really you got a hundred and seventy thousand people die from this covid-19. People who need money to pay their bills and Congress is going out till after September 7th nobody is caring about the American people but you worried aboutwho can qualify to run for vice president held you should have been present in the first place because you never showed your income tax your wife should be first lady because she’s a Scandinavian the pot calling the kettle black really!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Brady Lambert Reply

    Watch “Rep. Swalwell Calls for Presidential Crimes Commission. In other words; a Trump Crimes Commission” on YouTube https://youtu.be/nsP9YLL1NeQ

  93. George Price Reply

    China must be proud of what they have achieved.

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