NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 22nd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 8/24
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - August 22nd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

At least 5 are dead as California firefighters battle more than 500 fires, the House holds a rare Saturday session about U.S. Postal Service funding, and college students blast administrators over COVID-19 outbreaks on campus.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 22nd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (100件)

  • nallib benson says:

    The world is in chaos – unrest, war, poverty and ideological devides are growing around the globe. And Trump is not helping the situation. Instead of uniting, he’s dividing.

  • TK Baha says:


  • Kristi says:

    That’s what, four or five, disappearances, murders, deaths, associated with fort hood, under sexual abuse circumstances in the last six months. What in god’s name is going at fort hood?

  • Kristi says:

    Also, fie on Melania. She made it all white and she cut down Jackie’s trees.

  • wendl says:

    Anybody who go for a blood test should included for testing of of covid or whether they have covid antibodies. Those people who have the covid antibodies should be ask whether they want to donate their plasma to treat others

  • wendl says:

    Testing for covid should be part of any blood test

  • dxh1750 says:

    I hope this nation comes out as an one

  • Lala says:

    Police shoots a guy who’s walking away
    Police investigates

  • James Rippy says:

    Asking colleges students to do the right thing is like asking water to not be wet

  • Bill Baily says:

    Earn easy $1 MILLION DOLLARS, $2M, $3M and more in 6 months!!! … Simply take out a $1M life insurance policy on each kid then send them to school.

  • Doodle Captain says:

    MELANIA TRUMP SAID, “LET THEM EAT CAKE IN MY ROSE GARDEN” what a waste of time and patronizing to women

  • emiri lanso says:

    I thought this was Portland. Fires every night…

  • Kirsten Logan says:

    Shut Fort Hood Down ! Darkness in within that post ! Shut it down !

  • Izquierdo Con Safos says:

    That was OVERKILL, though. 🚔

  • Light side of the Moon says:

    i counted 10-12 shots. unnecessary.

  • Ko Ko says:

    Why they have mask on when there are no people around them ?

  • Isaac Benjamin says:

    “Democrat Charged With FELONIES Sparks Political Crisis As Civil Unrest Erupts Nationwide” Civil War is Coming

  • Home Theaterguy says:

    The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!

  • ScummyDummy says:

    Lmao the way they began this news was terrifying.

  • Judith Senning says:


  • Dana Carroll says:

    Holy Cow!! First time that I have seen the news; not the Donald Trump show.

  • Emmitt Kimbrel says:

    Prayers and blessings upon everyone

  • Clarissa Coby says:

    Who gives Sh💩 about a Rose Garden!!! People are DYING from COVID-19!!! Trying to copy another First Lady : Lady Bird Johnson. Lady Bird has done the Beautification with Flowers in 1967. Melania Trump help the PEOPLE !!

  • Total Sweetheart says:

    Holy crap god mad at Hollywood it literally on fire

  • john lyon says:

    Administration has turned its back on California. MORE gamesmanship!

  • Alex Davis says:

    Another sad scary movie, America upside down 2020….

  • Alex Davis says:

    What the sense giving speech on the 4 nights, such a dumb, stupid, thing… Its going to be 4 nights of lies, racism attacks and traumatized Americans… Can’t wait for November 3rd to come..

  • Master-G Big says:

    The officers did act in a way to deescalate the situation; “They Shot Hem”, because; that;s what they are supposed to do. you hear the black girls saying; “there going to shoot hem”, because; they know he was non compliant. They “Tased hem”, and it had no effect at all. “He was armed with a knife”. After exhausting all contingency’s it’s time to shoot somebody. But; we always have to have some black-fool, say; “that was wrong”. Come-on! The Bible says; It is not for nothing that they bare the sward. “You saw it, I saw it” “Good Job officers”. “Stop Busting Their Balls”

  • Terri Niemeier says:

    Why can’t they move the livestock ? Isn’t there BLM Bureau of Land Management you could let them roam on ? Bad Leadership kills animals ? WTF

  • Hexal One says:


  • Terri Niemeier says:

    Cancel Sports we don’t need it to live.

  • Alex Davis says:

    Congrats youth, we’re young black and powerful.

  • Farley Andrews says:

    Where is the creative thinking in education, with few of our students knowing how to read at a level allowing them to “enjoy” the process… I have been teacher (retired), and at that level of reading competency students can educate themselves for life… Administrators are attempting to duplicate the classroom experience “on-line”, and as they’re finding, that is IMPOSSIBLE ! … Simply, TEACH THE KIDS TO READ, AND ENJOY ( ! ), and as I’ve said, they will educate themselves for the rest of their lives… ! … Not a simple task either, but it would require some creative thinking on the parts of administrators and teachers… ! – Farley A.

  • Master-G Big says:

    Well; the first lady has no taste. “She F’ed-up the Rose garden”.

  • Efren Rodriguez says:

    11:30 hungry tyrants killed another citizen God Bless the kid. Smells like riots are going to start in Louisiana and tyrants law won’t be able to stop the citizens 😡

  • modig Abdi says:

    Why do so many people record horribly on a simple cellphone camera

  • TheProBush says:

    California…call Trump for stupid comments n tissues

  • CookingWithNathan says:

    The two places where people go when they want to prey on people, they millitary and police

  • Fantanesh Amare says:

    I’m sorry so sorry

  • Cole Stevens says:

    They need a bigger hose with higher pressure

  • S. Roy says:

    Trump in 2020 for sure. He worked relentlessly to MAGA. He can ruin CCP. Biden is Pro-China, cannot be trusted.

  • Faye Reeve says:

    White man shot no news

  • Jean Tejada says:

    we gas to wait

  • Jean Tejada says:

    thug shot

  • Richard Smith says:

    I am here. Not a big fire. I only work 6 hour days. Too many volunteers. MSNBC IS A JOKE

  • Jerry Quesnel says:

    Joe Biden says he can fix the pandemic why is he letting all these people die

  • La Verdad says:

    It would have been better and more professional to shoot in the legs while he was walking towards the store they knew that he was armed with a knife there was a lot of free space to shoot him and not wait for him to reach the door of the store. The lack of professionalism of the police was demonstrated. WORTHLESS POLICE PERSONNEL, NO PRIDE, SHAME ON YOU.

  • Faye Reeve says:

    No point shutting anything take a chance

  • Angie Feliciano says:


  • Joanne P says:

    God Bless ALL FIREFIGHTERS 👍💯🙏❤

  • Stella Blevins says:

    Did she help plant ” Roses ” ?????? With heels on like she went to Port Rico ???? Of Course NOT her In Dirt

  • To Lo says:

    Look what’s happening in NYC with violence

  • Joanne P says:

    We the people will save the USPS 👍💯

  • Joan Meijer says:

    Great to see the House doing so well but we still have a Republican controlled Senate and Trump’s threats. Until we get rid of all Republicans we won’t be able to get our Democracy back. Public enemies #1 are all Republicans and Trump.

  • Stella Blevins says:

    Lol for young man Dr.Ledet

  • Angie Feliciano says:


  • edward lee says:

    Why the California begged for help from overseas instead of from the Federal government ????

  • Angie Feliciano says:

    WHO CARES!!!!

  • Phillip Damron says:

    YOU CRAZY BTH!!!!!!!?🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Phillip Damron says:


  • Kiger Redi says:

    You cant walk away with the weapon. Thats not how it works u have to be stopped or u could walk around the corner and start stabbing people.

  • Kiger Redi says:

    Very happy to hear about cali burning now a good stiff earthquake would really help.

  • shaffique allibhai says:

    But Trump pulled out of the Paris accord saying there is no such thing as climate change..

  • Yvonn e Ross, z says:

    It was predicted California was going to burn up

  • Phillip Damron says:


  • Laurie Huntley says:

    Fort hood needs to be SHUT DOWN!

  • Marcus says:

    That crap needed to burn because your stupid conservation laws made a build up of fuel. California is not smarter than Mother Nature that’s why you lose Gavin new some.

  • Daughter of Zion says:

    Now watch someone outside of that neighborhood sabotage the wifi since the news said where at least one of them is installed. 🤔

  • craig nourie says:

    They make a very good point trumps admin has affected how the left treat this as well making it more dangerous for everyone BIDEN HARRIS 2020 make america sane again

  • Enrique Paredes says:

    California doesn’t have to “plea”. Canada Australia and California have had a long history of helping each other with fires.

  • broxxad says:

    Cannon’s life matters

  • David Portwood says:

    There were alternative coronavirus response options but our leadership never considered any option other than what Fauci told them was necessary. There’s a difference between listening to the scientists and doing blindly what they tell you to do. I’m hearing this from Biden. But this is not listening to the experts, which is certainly a prudent thing to do; this is punting responsibility. Fauci should have presented two possibilities and indicated that there was no strong consensus for either. At that point our leadership might still have chosen the wrong path but they might have been more open to rethinking their earlier decision if they had known it was more of a close call than a no-brainer necessity, as Fauci painted it.

  • jadcock1023 says:

    He was about to go in convenient store with a knife things could’ve got ugly they had know choice to put him down to protect people inside

  • Iamtrulyashley says:

    There is no reason to shoot a man about 9 times for having a knife, if u shoot him once that is not right especially NINE TIMES

  • Richard Mortellaro says:

    Truly God has abandon American. Whats next you ask ? Only God knows. Lord help us .

  • terry mcginnis says:

    let me get this straight a guy with a knife gets shot…and people still blame the police its obvious he posed a danger oh for fucksakes yeah he was moving away from the police into a store you know where there were people….

  • ericmed says:

    Am I missing something or was the armed man trying to open a door where there were people inside (?)

  • MOSS. RANDY MOSS says:

    4:26 More fires for Northern C.A., 2 Simontaniously hitting the South, still need THE SCIENTIFICLY PROVEN “mega Tsunami” to hit New York & Mt St Hellens Super Volcano in Wyoming also SCIENTIFICLY PROVEN
    《《When is America as a whole going to get back to being a Christian Nation as our fore fathers were》》

  • calbastian says:

    16:15 NBC nightly news formula: show a single-parent black family when showing poverty. If I were black this would be insulting, don’t they have any other demographic to exploit?

  • Freekofnayture says:

    Man was walking with a knife, had MULTIPLE officers warn him. Sorry not sorry

  • LazyLion says:

    ignoring police warnings and walking straight into a gas station while holding a butcher knife? this is not the George Floyd you’re looking for…

  • chevy truck says:


  • Malik L says:

    Congratulations Dr. Russell you are an inspiration..

  • Jarrod Carter says:

    So disgusting that the democrats do not care about their fellow Americans who are suffering from the violent Marxist revolutionaries who are destroying private property, crippling the rule of law by defunding police and smashing court houses. They leftist news refuse to call them domestic terrorists and continue to call them protesters. They refuse to acknowledge the hateful anti-white racism. It isn’t surprising though because it is clearly a Marxist revolutionary plot. If you are going to steal all private property from the citizens, then who cares if some rich people lose their businesses. Right? It is so clear that this is just step one. Please vote republican. Even if you hate Trump. We need strong police. We need free flowing capitalism. We need to protect the grand narrative of the American Way.

  • Richard 801 says:

    Go to the YouTube app, type in PETA, go to PLAYLISTS, find the Pandemic Playlist. Thanks

  • WWPTE says:

    I really hate that for the gentleman’s family that was shot by Lafayette Police. However, as a person of color, I will say that non lethal measures WERE taken and I feel as if the officers used their best judgement to protect other lives and prevent a potential hostage situation inside the store. I wish there weren’t so many shots fired, but the reality is that death can happen with just one shot anyway. Prayers for healing and understanding for all individuals that were involved.

  • 饿死了羊 says:


  • Thom Walbran says:

    they did not sweep the forest like trump said, nuke both the hurricane or just give trump a sharpie so he can change the course.

  • Mike Fisk says:

    Still nothing about the government full of pedophiles and child trafficking

  • Mike Fisk says:

    They should have never took a break when america is falling apart! Get the relief package done and do your jobs congress! #JoJorgensen2020

  • Kevin Liu says:

    Wow just wow.

  • Master-G Big says:

    The problem with “Fort Hood”, is the name. They should change it to; Fort Happy-Time or Fort Daisy Springs, or Fort Honey Blossom, and maybe people can cheer-up, and learn to stop killing each-other and committing suicide, and learn to say; “Go with Happiness”.

  • CH H says:

    [Though Your Sins Are As Scarlet]
    Just praying for your sins to be forgiven, and saying the name of Jesus at the end of your prayer will not make your sins that are red as scarlet be white as snow. In this time of disaster and pandemic like COVID-19 Fathe God is calling you now to come before His Word, and be guided into all Truth through the Spirit of Truth, and truly wash away your sins.

  • Raneeta's Blog says:

    News is warned baddley

  • Discover Your Roots says:

    I don’t know about anybody else but it sure Burns me up that they can have a special session for the post office but when it comes to agree on helping the American people helping them from not being evicted helping them stay home for covet that they can’t agree and they go on vacation these people are ridiculous. Who cares about the vote, they’re just going to screw that up to people need to eat and a house over their head.

  • Isaac Hill says:

    Sincere Prayers are needed
    May The Lord Decree his Divine Grace of Protection.For All involved with this situation🙏🏿

  • Schuyler Ebbets says:

    This doesn’t have anything to do with Trump. nbc should be attacking Trump 24 hours a day. Nbc isn’t working hard enough for socialism and communism

  • Marc Huerta says:

    Why do journalists who are socially distanced wear masks while reporting? Lools like people who wear them while driving. Silly.

  • Marvin Corser says:

    Title of video: “today’s news”

    Thumbnail: *raging fire consuming everything*

    Pretty much summed up 2020 in a nutshell there.

  • Dmitri Pullum says:

    May god be with all the fire fighters, and everyone there . Bless you all.