NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 25th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 8/27
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - August 25th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Hurricane Laura set to strike Gulf Coast, Jacob Blake’s family speaks out about his condition after police shooting, and Holocaust survivor fulfills lifelong dream of receiving diploma.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:38 Hurricane Laura Strengthens, Forces Mass Evacuations
04:52 Family Says Jacob Blake Paralyzed After Police Shooting
05:24 Violent Protests Erupt Over Jacob Blake Shooting
07:27 Hundreds Protests Breonna Taylor Police Shooting Death
07:54 Melania Trump To Address RNC From W.H. Rose Garden
08:17 Pompeo’s RNC Speech From Jerusalem Sparks Controversy
08:46 Republicans Attack Biden, Praise Trump At Fiery RNC
10:13 Trump Pardons Founder Of Hope For Prisoners Program
11:05 Trump’s COVID Response Blasted By Many Health Experts
12:22 New U.S. Cases Declining After Coronavirus Crackdowns
12:55 Infectious Disease Expert Credits Trump’s Vaccine Push
13:45 New Research Finds Coronavirus Can Travel 26 Feet
15:32 Report: Child COVID-19 Cases Surge 21 Percent In 2 Weeks
16:51 Falwell Jr. Resigns From Liberty University Amid Scandal

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 25th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (101件)

  • Eric Perez says:

    If u are walking away from the cops telling u too stop! and u reach into your car expect to get shot no matter what color u r !

  • Aurelio Bryan says:

    🔹️Hurricane Laura, is for murdering my father in 2003 in Virginia USA, under the Bush Administration.

    👑🔹️King ⚜🔸️Rev. Aurelio Bryan 🇺🇸🇵🇦 🆎️

  • Vanessa Wortham says:

    He is paying those People to Talk 🤑🤑😆😆😆

  • Vanessa Wortham says:

    Trump is fake the Covid 19 News Fake news 💯

  • Kaihan Sadat says:

    Please like and subscribe my channel too dear friends. Thank you so much

  • Erica Ciccia says:

    Wow its embarrassing how a cop can go that low and shoot someone in the back i guess being a cop is for low life junkys a job i never take im way better then that

  • Ramm Vamper says:

    He had a weapon
    They did what they had 2 DO..

  • Aurelio Bryan says:

    🔸️ Hurricane Katrina, was because President Bush meddled in the Affairs of Israel, and gave up the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians. That’s a No-No!

    🔹️I prophesied that year, in 2005, when they were pulling out from the Gaza Strip, that if the USA continues to meddle in the Affairs of Israel, God was bringing total Destruction and Devastation to that Nation of the USA: a “Damnation”.

    🔸️In 2007, under the George W. Bush/ Condoleezza Rice Administration, they totally and completely screwed up, by going to Annapolis, Maryland, USA, to discuss Israel giving up “Judea and Samaria” to the Palestinians; I was working for the US Department of Commerce, in Washington DC, as a Contractor, a Computer Network Administrator (2004 ~ 2008), at OCS or office of computer services in Springfield, Virginia.

    🔹️Right after returning from my trip to Israel in October of 2007, in November of that year the US Stock Market was hit with a negative -777: A Judgment of God.

    🔸️Pay attention to all my prophetic words.

    👑🔹️King ⚜🔸️Rev. Aurelio Bryan 🇺🇸🇵🇦 🆎️

  • sp8176 A7RBB1 says:

    A possible four more years”😞 please%&$#@” Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo9oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    America is racist

  • Elizabeth Abbott says:

    Fair coverage

  • rotten tomatoes says:

    Less test means less Coronavirus positive cases. Just ask the most ignorant man in the world. D Trump.

  • Duke Isgrimnur says:

    If something doesn’t change soon a lot of cops are gonna get killed. We need to work together to figure out a solution to end senseless killing, fear, and prejudice towards black ppl. It’s sad this even needs addressed in 2020 in (supposedly) the land of the free.

  • Robert Cooper says:

    Which hurricane inspired the development of the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, with categories 1 through 5? Answer: Hurricane Camille, August 17th, 1969. She slammed into the Mississippi gulf coast with sustained winds of 190 MPH and a 25-foot storm surge. Visit my website:

  • Jack Cooper says:

    This isn’t anybody’s fault expect Jacobs he should stopped said okay officer yes officer not let me ignore you and walk to my car like I got a gun

  • David says:

    Spreading fear about C19 when the national rate is decreasing.

  • Nelson Ty says:


  • Kenyon Barbon says:

    This to show whites way up high don’t give FOCK ABOUT AS BLACK.

  • Brenda Swanson says:

    They need to take temps in the butt hole…because that’s the most accurate🌰😳🔘

  • The Technie Traveller Sydney says:

    The police are despicable in the US. shooting an unharmed man in his back.

    • Graham Bird says:

      About 6 inches behind their Target !!!!! WTF ?????

  • Doug Sales says:

    Awesome ur good at guessing

  • dubbschultz1 says:

    They became entangled. 😂😂 17:12

  • Charles Melonson says:

    Jr’s eyes are full of COKE

  • Maikia Vue says:

    I heard J.Blake has a criminal background. If he complied with the law and not run away from polices then things wouldn’t escalated..just feel sorry for the little kids who had to witness all. Riots not peace protests.

  • Lee Angus says:

    To Mr and Mrs Blake my hart acks for your son got shot by the police my prayers and thoughts go out to yous and your son I will 🙏 to god for him every night to he gets better till he could walk again and Black maders

  • GW says:

    Why couldnt the police shoot out his tires he couldnt get very far. Who in their right mind would shoot a man in back seven times with kids in the car?

  • Kathy M says:

    Violent riots!!

  • Linda Roper says:

    Hot is protesters staying over 6 feet apart that can cause a spreading the virus they need to be made to stop

  • Phat Photon says:

    all the speech came out has no plan just yelling without make nay sense what they attacked.just said how bad Biden did .all not truth speech even the kid know

  • Kira Harlamor says:

    I am praying for everyone!!!!

  • John Pruett says:

    That’s right NBC, keep fanning the flames of race riots so people don’t pay attention to the collapsing economy.

  • olives peppers says:

    Liars keep lying

  • Mrs. S says:

    Revenge is not the solution to make your point, right?! Aren’t these the same group of people who have problems with the concept of “wars.” Why destroy your own city?

  • GW says:

    Cant the police shoot anywhere but in the back. How much harmcould he have done from his back?

  • Conita Johnson says:

    God bless him and his family 🙏🙏🙏

  • Thisemail08 7 says:

    God will vindicate the innocent. People don’t destroy your areas go to the police department stand out front all night until bad copes go to jail.

  • Conita Johnson says:

    Post this why are we not talking about what is going on🙏

  • Carolina Carroll says:

    Sending prayer 🙏🏻 to everyone 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • David Brandenburg says:

    trump is getting credit for speeding up vaccines, well thats only right because the massive spread was caused by trump dragging his feet and trying to play favorites with tax payer money!

  • john Seymour says:

    Crocodile tears i wont fall for it betcha his sister walked away wiped her fake tears off an said weres my money my brother was a pos

  • David U says:

    “No longer effective” guidelines for social distancing lol. So they WERE effective but no longer are wow. People please stop falling for the lies from this fake media. They had to get it in during a REAL situation that needs attention sheesh! Bless those in the way of Laura.

  • Tumeo pham says:

    If the cop do wrong than convict the cop by law then it is fair , please do not bring this up as racist because it is not . Bad people use this as good reasons to looting , burning down public property or killing is the most stupid thing to do , it just show your people have no brain.

  • Tangata Tipoki says:

    NBC is part of the Obama/Biden scam

  • Barrett Duran says:

    Why don’t you report about all of the White People being murdered! Bad Cops stop shooting people!

  • Bill Hanson says:

    Give a reason to respect The Blues. You are a disgrace to the uniform you wore, the oath you swore, to your family. May your picture be hung on the Wall of Shame for all to see.

  • Hannihappy Trac says:

    If Americans people want to live peace, you have to vote trump out because trump karma was too heavy, that’s why it was affect Americans. It will be more happen come to Americans.

  • Donna Morrow says:

    So destroying private business and personal property of those not involved will most certainly make a statement. That statement is not endearing them to those who have the finance business to help them.

  • Wanda Beasley says:

    May z God have mercy on each and every one on the stome.when Laura hit s shore And the one s that stay behind.

  • Rick N. Mortimer says:

    “Trump is the bodyguard for sanity and civility”

  • Nia Imani says:

    Justice 4 Breonna Taylor…This why we say BLACK LIVES MATTER because many do not think or act like we do! Prayers of Protection for the Peaceful Protesters and Gulf Coast residents.

  • Rick N. Mortimer says:

    my only wish, is that all of those 180,000 dead so far, were Libtard Biden voters 😂

  • Native Pride says:

    Its time the protesters start using their second amendment right

  • edwin deleon says:

    Laura = bay

  • The Astronomer says:

    Is someone paying these rogue police to ruin America? This is very unusual

  • Nia Imani says:

    Covit 19 was in the U.S. in January maybe even December 2019. It was and is not a hoax. Due to the administration extremely slow acknowlegement, response and then announcing that it’s a hoax has cost 1000s and 1000s of lives. SO SAD! This is just one of the thousands lies that the people of the U.S. have been told over the past four years. DISGUSTINGLY INCOMPETENT; THUGS, THIEVES AND CROOKS may be the title of my book. As an American Citizen I have two questions. Why are these RNC speakers angrily screaming and when will we see the tax records? Asking 4 friends.

  • John Telesz says:

    repbuacans are lieing at there cavshon i hope they lose

  • lonewolf1111 says:

    Seriously, when police tell you to stop, you stop.

  • Oseas Alvarez says:

    Wy he didn’t , stop and listen to , police officer, if you know that you’re doing nothing wrong, stop end respect to those police officers, special if you have your family inside your car, there’s nothing to fear if you are clean record

  • Yolanda pierre-louis says:


  • Helsic says:

    ‘Trump is the bodyguard of western civilization’ thanks for the laugh mate.

  • marlo young says:

    Trump brought out his robot 🤖 wife Ai is great. They taught her English language in 3 minutes

  • Prince. Olufemi Sharaibi says:

    The cabal-controlled weather has been WEAPONISED by HAARP.They always target the areas inhabited by Black people !!

  • p m says:

    So much going in the world. So much negativity happening. I just pray we can come out of all this with a better understanding and united.

  • marlo young says:

    I guess we gotta shoot back at enemies

  • marlo young says:

    Trump son sounds like a powder head. Him and trump got same brain 🧠 doesn’t think before speaking. Got whole united states looking slow

  • A M says:

    Fake president Trump said kids don’t catch corona virus. Lie after lie. He must be getting a fat check from China’s leader.

  • Jizzums says:

    Jacob Blake brought it on himself . Stuck to a chair is the prize he got for not listening. 🙂

  • Leilani Sweatman says:

    U know what, I believe we all do understand the fact of violence being stressed more towards black Americans as the root problem to which is the cause of society downfall towards each. But here is my question….
    ” Why isn’t anyone talking about the 5 year old that was viciously murdered in front of his siblings, in the families own front yard by their neighbor who is a black man. Now what about that child’s justice, honor and protection at…. Exactly…. we seem to have forgotten and lost what makes us who we are today.
    That is the ultimate crime…. Any questions???

  • Sardonyx 616 says:

    This is litterally book of revelations

  • Sardonyx 616 says:

    For fuxsake

  • Michael Boyd says:

    HUSTON texas and. Dallas and the Cisco and AZIONA the NATO alliance are in AZIONA and phionex

  • Michael Boyd says:

    This goin up the chinel the Reno grand

  • Leo M. says:

    Corona is more deadly than them hurricane and protest

  • এক মিনিট says:

    Anyone else want there to be a Trump vs Biden debate?

  • minnie sutton says:

    You guy’s do a great job with your broadcast. Keep on keeping on !

  • The Woman of Revelation 12 says:

    Wait they shot him 7 times????

  • minnie sutton says:

    To the American people , stay safe and stay covered !

  • peedy says:

    God please bring your judgement on America. This wicked world have to be Governed by white supremacist.

  • David M. says:

    Don’t forget your four legged family member .

  • Shireen Tibiya says:

    Fights” in black & whites.

  • James Bond says:

    DONALD TRUMP 2020 – DONALD TRUMP JR 2024!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tyler Madden says:

    Play dumb games, get dumb prizes. Social riots “your” city. Cmon man

  • Charlie Joost adventures says:

    America is racist it’s been racist and will be racist ,and so is Donald Trump period.

  • Ibriy Gad says:

    This is America 2020.

  • Norvel Curtis says:

    I remember Sr…..”I HAVE SINNED!” And broke down in tears. I’ll be damned if most of his followers didn’t forgive him on the spot. If Jr. Was thinking that would work for him in today’s world, he was wrong. Part of what saved Sr. was that he was among the first and people were just shocked and wanted to believe the man.

  • what the flying fuck ... says:

    burn the whole country down … racists will get it eventually … and they deserve no other than a DESTROYED SYSTEM OF SUPPRESSION

  • what the flying fuck ... says:

    after US-nazi-states followed the socialist rules the numbers went down … hmmmm
    how long after orange praises himself for these falling numbers?

  • manuel lewis says:

    Black for Trump2020

  • AZZslaughter1ST says:

    Just thought i watch the news and see how America is going.

  • tom bob says:

    I dont care if u wana burn ur town down bc ur mad……bur dont expect to move to my town after urs is gone n dead…….

  • buixrule says:

    NBC Nightly News: I’ll save 20 minutes of your life: “Hurricane Laura – Louisiana is doomed, Corona Virus update, more dead, tons dying, there’s no hope, you’re next. Election update- Biden is ahead in the polls 100% to 0%, White cops are all evil.” That’s it you’re all set. Enjoy your coffee.

  • Paulette Lamontagne says:

    get out of there

  • Paulette Lamontagne says:

    nlake had it coming convict criminal

  • Jed Cletis says:

    This definition pretty much describes all the speakers at the RNC so far, IMHO –

  • The Amish Rectal Oculosis Research Center says:

    If God removes your house via weather every few years the government shouldn’t give you any assistance after the 2nd time if you plan to return to rebuild.

  • Paulette Lamontagne says:

    so much bs

  • Doom And Gloom says:

    Bet BLM will peacefully burn some buildings down over this criminal.
    Ignore police orders then reaches into car. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • Nia Thankful says:

    Did NBC cover the 17 year old white supremacist who killed 3 people at the protests with a military grade weapon?

  • TopCity Civic says:

    We don’t even get news anymore, its all BREAKING NEWS! fake news

  • William Smidt says:

    Well I was wondering if the president was going to sign a anti domestic terrorism bill so we can start doing something about these traitors rioting in our streets. mr. president activate the militias and deploy them to these problem areas to clean house. “its the only way to do this without you getting your hands dirty or the armed forces . This is the reason the militia is formed . They are awaiting your orders sir.