NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 27th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 8/29
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - August 27th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Powerful Hurricane Laura leaves devastation in Louisiana and Texas, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris fire back after attacks from RNC, and NBA playoffs may resume amid historic sports protests.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
1:34 Hurricane Laura’s Path Of Destruction, At Least 6 Dead
4:08 Chemical Inferno In Storm Zone,Shelter-In-Place Ordered
5:50 Survivors Ride Out Hurricane Laura In Their Homes
7:45 National Guard Sending In More Forces To Wisconsin
8:01 Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake In The Back Identified
8:52 Violent Protests In More Cities After Wisconsin Unrest
9:06 17-Year-Old Shooting Suspect Charged With Murder
9:32 City On Edge After Shooting Of Jacob Blake
9:59 Trump To Give Acceptance Speech On RNC Final Night
12:54 Biden & Harris Fire Back After Week Of RNC Attacks
15:25 CDC Walks Back Controversial Testing Guideline Changes

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 27th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (101件)

  • BtRumpisPOS S says:

    Kellyanne alternative facts just had to spew a few more LIES before she leaves

  • Nicki says:

    So sad man cry 😭😭😭😢 like a baby.
    Well no play no money.

  • BtRumpisPOS S says:

    The CDC didn’t change the guidelines on tests!!! tRump did!!!! And did it while Fauci was in surgery!!!

  • Gerald Miller says:

    Every time Trump opens his mouth, a torrent of lies and lawbreaking emerges.

  • Gerald Miller says:

    i am surprised Pence could talk, since most of the time his lips are strongly attached to Trump’s ample a*s.

  • Charles Philips says:

    That’s not your job

  • code tube says:

    my whole life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • hung well says:

    THIS IS dumbos America. Expect nothing from dumbo, he’s to busy cheating and lying to get reelected. Only HE matters to HIM you mean nothing, zip, zilch, zero to dumbo.

  • Kev Efe says:

    The economy is in a V super V = W

  • Mad Patriot says:

    The criminal boys in blue always spin a justification story to cover their evil deeds

  • Fonzy Fonzy says:

    Sorry 5g aren’t nothing 6g Is best

  • Angela N says:

    How is it Biden’s when he hasn’t been the commander and cheif the last 3 1/2 years? If everything was great Trump would take credit but bails on the bad. Fair weather potus.

  • Jay Walk says:

    Presidential debates are be the #1 comedy show in America for weeks ..

  • Michael Wiberg says:

    If this news has any merit I didn’t hear it disaster has happened yet its not news worthy. Chemical fires impact people in many ways long term effects this plant makes wetting agents hiding truths isn’t right

  • Fred Prierce says:

    TRUMP 2020‼️‼️TRUMP 2020‼️‼️TRUMP 2020‼️‼️TRUMP 2020‼️‼️TRUMP 2020‼️‼️TRUMP 2020‼️‼️TRUMP 2020‼️‼️TRUMP 2020‼️‼️TRUMP 2020‼️‼️TRUMP 2020‼️‼️TRUMP 2020‼️‼️TRUMP 2020‼️‼️TRUMP 2020‼️‼️TRUMP 2020‼️‼️

  • Jay Walk says:

    fact check debates ??? i thought a scum bucket from one of the FAKE NEWS CHANNELS sets there and asked about 10 pre questions and they tell us how there gonna fix and change things ?? this fact check is so American people never get to see the true color and only person the Democratic party could come up with a child toucher eww….

  • song yardbird says:

    Trump sends shills commit violence and start fires during the protest, and then sends unmarked cars with mystery unidentifiable ‘police” to pick them up.

  • Chuck Childers says:

    Omg I love this lady. A FDR fan myself

  • Lee Mi says:

    They should do the debate vh1 pop up video with real factoids about the topics being discussed. #DumpTrump #makeyourvotecount

  • Adriana ospina says:

    Pay attention and listen people , stop thinking only me me me
    We need to help each other
    We are all one

  • Septembers Whisper says:

    How is it that finding 39 missing children in a double wide trailer in Georgia not the biggest story in America. These children were being trafficked. Reason is, the media could care less.

  • Samantha Hyatte says:

    The high school where I live quit doing temp checks cause the CDC removed it from guidelines. (They already don’t require masks!) then the board of education calls talking abt “we all know u can get temps from other illnesses than just covid”… Duh, but any illness that causes fever means GO HOME! even Before covid 19 existed! So stupid.

  • Margarita M says:

    VP you are garbage
    & the president doesn’t have feelings for anyone but himself

  • T says:

    If Trump is not elected in Novemver he may be wearing Orange in Feburary 2021…..

  • Margarita M says:

    & Harris doesn’t speak truth either

    This is such a SOAP OPERA

  • don huston says:

    Out with the Orange Circus.

  • C Cup says:

    That 100 year old trumper just told America to keep on going and don’t worry about it Wtf?

  • Julie says:

    shave your beards

  • Ronald Gladden says:

    We re not safe now

  • Katie Mcdavid says:

    tRUMP: you are a “v”… A super Villon. We the people know better about the economy. Who do you think you are filling about a great economy???? NOT US….and you stop us from voting.

    • Katie Mcdavid says:

      You will not stop us from voting. Ever. We, not you are unstoppable.

  • MNM Media says:

    Blacks in this country are showing their true colors and it is not red white and blue. Blacks in this county should be ashamed at what is going on and instead are proud of the inappropriate actions of their community.

  • Julie says:

    mike pence: “the violence must stop”
    Yes, I agree. the violence must stop on BOTH sides

  • Julie says:

    trump only gives words of comfort but does he do anything else for american citizens? actions speak louder than words. and consistency in words also are more meaningful and trustworthy

  • Rat UwU says:

    the police said it was in the drivers side floor boards not in his hands hello……


    Democrats: Hurricane Laura was a windy day but mostly peaceful

  • Adieu-DJT says:

    OMGosh, Kellyanne Conway saying she’s witnessed Trump many times comforting a child who’s lost a parent or parent who’s lost a child – 🤣!!! Yeah right, in what reality did she witness this miracle happen, because it surely wasn’t in this one!!!

  • vitiligo vitiligo says:

    Wait for further updates

  • Dead Fan says:

    Rand Paul recounts being surrounded by protesters as he left the RNC

  • Christina Penner says:

    Mike Pence is the kind of guy that has a secret dominatrix that puts him in a diaper, breast feeds him and spanks him when he’s a bad boy. Also: Thank you to my governor and I pray our president some day Gavin Newsom for speaking the truth on testing🙌 Thank you so much to ALL of our sports teams for standing tall in your truth. I support you whole heartedly and wish you safety & ❤️.

  • Kim Oliver says:

    TRUMP! 2020! 👈 🇺🇸 💕

  • Man Koke says:

    I’m sure Trump like arrange stars on our flag T formation

  • Nicholas Powers says:

    We don’t want trump we liked Biden America better of the world happiness

  • Shakura says:

    Quick! Send Trump to toss paper towels to theses poor people!

  • EduTube says:

    We Were Warned Long Ago – Split up the people, riots, racism.

    G. EDWARD GRIFFIN – 1969
    Control of human beings – Total Government is Communism

  • Dave State-61 says:

    Don’t worry, MGM just FIRED 18%- Mr Meyer, Mr Co hen, Mr Goldwyn NEED YOUR $,£,€, etc- MORE THAN YOU DO! Try the Brad’s & Tom’s (★’s), maybe Madonna, The NBA DOING ALL IT CAN FOR THE COMMUNITIES ? HOW COME I DON’T SEE THAT REPORTED AS IF IT WAS REALLY HAPPENING & TRUE? ACTIONS SPEAK LOUD ENOUGH: Yeah, I grew up there, but i am not going to lift a finger for my old school, gym, pool, courts (ball kind at least). If you’ve concerns, don’t live in the path, AT SEA LEVEL!?

  • Shakura says:

    Sooo… the unarmed black man was shot seven times and white police will say they had to defend themselves from the knife in his car…. The vigilante in Kenosha who shot three people will say he had to defend himself from the unarmed skateboarder by killing him. After he had just killed another man, who wouldn’t try to disarm him? Perhaps police should have shot him to prevent him from killing others?

  • Princess Rose Doll says:


  • Devin Taylor says:


  • Lady Ahabah says:

    Yahuah is Salvation

  • Anning dong says:

    That’s. Make American Great again ?

  • DeeDee Dailey says:


  • DeeDee Dailey says:


  • Jimi Hernandez says:

    Trump trump trump I don’t like either one of them Biden or Trump but Trump always using the scare tactics vote for me I will protect you from the black bogeyman and the brown skin bogeyman they will get you if you don’t vote for me

  • Ramona Estrada says:

    I’m appalled at trump using the WH as his campaign venue. He’s s rhetoric is vile @nd malicious. They’re lying thru thier teeth,l I’ve never heard such bullchit in all my 74 years. M

  • Kim Mike says:

    Pence = puppet

  • Bruce Chehadi says:

    Well one day they will believe in global warming.

  • Keto•tic says:

    – _HEALTHY_ –
    A D U L T
    2 0 2 0

    Di•lem•ma /di’leme/ — _noun_
    a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, especially equally undesirable ones.

  • Commercial Electric says:

    Consoling only whites…that support him. With friends like him, who needs enemies. President is only a job we have given to him.
    No king!

  • Lucian Alliance stargate says:

    Why is it every time they say evacuate people don’t listen lol
    There so dumb I’m sad they lived to pass on there stupidity.

  • Marcus Brutus says:

    Protesters were breaking the law, if there is a curfew in place and their still out there, there need to be a lot of arrest jail them in concentration camps, build them now.

  • Milarepa Seebaran says:

    Please do

  • Pendragon says:


  • Eat Me says:

    Go cry baby players! Wah wah we are boycotting you…

  • Jon Evans says:

    It’s shure has been hit here that state has it share of bad luck

  • Eat Me says:

    Grand solar minimum causes this not climate change crap! Take your green deal to the trash can!

  • Shoshannah H says:

    Hurricane’s are why I don’t live near the coast,
    Tornadoes are why I only live on the vary edge of Tornado Ally not in the Alley.
    Earthquakes are why I don’t live by a fault line.
    Tidal waves are why I don’t live by the ocean.
    Lava, ash and poison gas is why I don’t want to live by a volcano.
    Riots are why I don’t live in a over packed City.
    Homelessness is why I don’t live in a overpriced house market.
    Politics is why I don’t live in Washington DC plus it’s overpriced.
    Snakes are why I don’t live in Florida .
    Drug cartels and Crime is why I don’t live on the Mexican border and yes I know people who live there and folks who moved.
    Covid-19 is why I bought new shoes just in case I have to walk everywhere.

  • Sady Yasmina says:

    So scary to be in 2020 America 😓

  • Eat Me says:

    Trump 2020!

  • Tabitha Levy says:

    Biden plays dumb, to the fact that his millionaire sponsors are the biggest liberalists, promoting social chaos in the USA. Its all a hidden agenda in the back scene.

  • Tabitha Levy says:

    Sports for BLM is stupid, because were talking about defiant blacks who are provoking law enforcement. NOW THEY ARE BEING RENDERED HONORS AS RESPECTED HEROS. That is insane.

  • Tabitha Levy says:

    DONT BE IGNORANT…you know who really matters? FIREMEN & FIRST RESPONDERS at the frontline of the California fires and those attending Hurricane Laura victims.

  • Ck Jenks says:

    Prayers for all the Americans hit by this storm.

  • Freekofnayture says:

    Same attorney as george floyds? Hmmm

  • Prayer Warrior says:

    I think if I were black I would stay home! It seems the government and law officers has declared open season on you!!!

  • Twanda Chattman says:

    Are we not safe in the Trump America I was born in Houston Texas but I was raised in Mississippi in a town of 4,500 people Stone County the Confederate flag flew High when you enter my county but I have never been more scared to be a black person in America then now and you think I would have had that feeling in the 90s

  • Eat with QueenPink💗 says:


  • isabella says:

    Saying it doesn’t make it true old man 😂…. u say the violence lives in trumps America, yet it’s ppl who share the same beliefs as yourself that are the ones looting, destroying, bullying others on what they stand for… actions speak louder than words there buddy

  • Pattie Mitchell says:


  • murr cyril says:

    8:29 says jacob had a knife in hand (show us the photos, receipts)..while being shot by good Ol boy, Rusten Sheskey but jacob had his back to the officer who just shot and shot. Rusten been on the job for 7 years, His personal and work experience went out the window when Rusten pulled the trigger. What was rusten thinking, miscalculation, racial profiling, hyped up on the job, why wasn’t a taser used instead of deadly force?!! Was rusten trigger happy since all of this chaos and protesting against cops who misuse their position of power. I dont know but a cover up is never far behind and a messed up investigation that deflects from the truth when it comes across the blue line of cops. Once in never out type of gang scenario but with cops. something stinks in Kenosha Police Department

  • VAMPIRO #1 says:

    12:00 but they keep childrens separete of there parents at the border keeping them on cages…

  • Daniel Gontar says:

    17:49 The police reform they need is lining up all of these officers and shooting them in firing squads.

  • Squeaky Wheel says:

    Trump 2020!!! 🇺🇸

  • Squeaky Wheel says:

    I want to make sure I get tested before I leave? Really?. What happens if you go to the grocery store 5 mins later? You are now exposed, people are so ridiculous! You could catch it a moment later, doesn’t mean you are free from it, be smart people!

  • Squeaky Wheel says:

    BLM is a hate group

  • Jasper Jack says:

    Nobody listens to the lying media and democrats anymore. You there was a hurricane.

  • Foundation for Law and Government says:

    Fake news channel

  • 1412 TheTriangulari says:

    This is the first time I watched NBC news and I’m getting sick of it already.
    This news show has to many ”fancy animations” to much camera movement when filming the host and this Breaking news thing is distracting, same could be said about random words being plastered when someone is talking.
    Nah sorry I’ll go back to my professionally made, very direct and clear news from the Germans. Only the ”Tagesschau” got clean news.

  • DLM in Florida says:

    Athletes need to play the game and knock off the politics! Still black when I go home or Black All the Time is the dumbest slogan. I am still white when I go home. More importantly, and nothing to do with my color, I am part of Joe Public. You know the white, black and latinx people; parents who may just decide they don’t want to pay $80.00 for their 12 year old to have a jersey or $120.00 for sneakers with the names of their favorite player. Hopefully, parents will stand up financially about this.

  • Cat Martin says:

    Much love and prayers for all….

  • Gary Rogers says:

    Terrible and there goes unemployment money from FEMA🤑

  • Irma Knight says:

    Trump and his and is band of liar thugs are instigating for more violence and then they blame it on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
    They think they fool us but we see throughout all their BS…..Get out and vote in person.

  • Kosovo Republic says:

    Maga Trump 2020

  • Richard Mortellaro says:

    Democrats or Republicans. This is how I see it understand that this is just a point of view I have . I’m 56 and all of my life I’ve seen the economy up and doing well then back down never any real longevity . Under each president no matter what was done to build the economy it allways goes back down . Why ? If a president would run this country like they run there personal welth the nation would show improvement . Now all the heroes with guns even unsupervised patrol officers that shoot people because there afraid of getting shot . If your afraid of getting shot at your in the wrong line of work you did read the application wright . Most all police shooting of unarmed. people I’ve seen in the news showed a total lack of perspective even when they were doing a good job something went wrong and someone dies. No knock warrant. Are you out of your minds . You must identify yourselves as police officers while serving warrant. I do understand you will defend yourself but when a man turns his back on you where exactly does your training come in on that ? I don’t know who people should be more afraid of the vigilantes with guns killing or the police. Stopping the shooting of human beings should be addressed now.

  • Christopher Rodmell says:

    I hope a hurricane like that doesn’t happen where I live because we got buildings that we don’t want destroyed

  • Sam C says:

    Trump withdraws from Paris Climate Agreement, and Louisiana (voted for Trump) hit with hurricane. Justice. Vote Trump 2020. I want to see climate scientist proven correct.

  • Alan Parker Reid says:

    More rhetoric tearing down our president and propping up a communist Joe Biden.

  • Alan Parker Reid says:

    How can you be so biased and call yourself free fair news this is idiocy

  • justrosy5 says:

    All Blond and Blue Eyed on that stage, I see… Remember, Hitler was a SOCIALIST.

  • Steffi Haich says:

    Poor Biden … 😂😂🇺🇸 looks like he should be cradled up in a nursing home his that old .. 🤔🙀