NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 28th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Thousands gather to commemorate March on Washington, Jacob Blake no longer shackled to hospital bed, lawyer says, and NBA to resume playoff games Saturday after walkout this week.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:31 Thousands March On Washington Against Racial Injustice
04:20 Sheriff’s Office: Blake Posted Bond, No Longer Shackled
04:27 Family Outraged Jacob Blake Blake Was Shackled In Hospital
04:48 Other Officers At Scene Of Blake Shooting Identified
05:24 Protest Shooting Suspect’s Attorney Claims Self-Defense
06:19 Kenosha Mayor Hits Back At Trump, Criticizes Militias
07:06 Trump Holds Rally After Accepting GOP Nomination
09:46 Trump Pardons Alice Johnson After She Spoke At RNC
10:23 Hurricane Laura Death Toll Rises To At Least 14
13:08 Ex-Pool Attendant Denies Blackmailing Jerry Falwell Jr.
15:20 First Potential U.S Case Of Covid Reinfection Discovered
15:47 Many Covid Survivors Battle Stigma After Recovery
17:45 NBA Playoffs To Resume Tomorrow After Players Boycott

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 28th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

99 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 28th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Lazar Jackson Reply

    Trump is a weather export

  2. STFU ASAP Reply

    Just call it NBC Maybe In A Day Or So News

  3. King Reese Reply

    They teach us the I have a dream speech but don’t tell us about any of his other speeches. He was shot after his Other America speech. He stop preeching black people joining white America and began to speak on creating our own America with our own law enforcement and etc. He was shot when he began telling African Americans to take money away from the people that were oppressing us. They don’t teach that in school. 🤷‍♂️ The speech is actually on YouTube. Look it up if you please.

  4. elmer cook Reply

    🎯Please Mr. President Trump arrest Joe Blow hard biden for treason and give him what he deserves🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Donald J Trump 2020 2024🎯

  5. Gabriel Shapiro Reply

    These statistics are my own estimates, but probably not too far off.

    90+% of the American population knows who George Floyd is.
    90+% of the American population knows who Jacob Blake is.
    90+% of the American population does not know David Dorn is.

    The first two, are good. The third, is unfortunate.

  6. SHOT LUV Reply

    Covid is the excuse to hijack freedom.

  7. Chris Reply

    what is the name of that building ??? What does he mean by that?

  8. Bernita Ewing Reply

    What a hot mess

  9. Linda Hope Reply

    Much love and prayers Brethren Amen God Humanity Amen
    Awesome Congratulations.

  10. jason jing Reply

    What a pull sh@t , he promised to build a wall and its been 4 years were is it . He only talk no act .

  11. James Dumford Reply

    Was the march on Washington also a super spreader

  12. comedycopter Reply

    NBC is suppose to report the news, not skew the news. Now I know way you want me to see the news your way.

  13. C.O.G. Forevermore Reply

    Check out, the inconvenient truth about the democratic party by Carol Swain Vanderbilt University, PragerU.com on YouTube.

  14. jeremy carter Reply

    Only in America can you walk down the ròad with q long gun.

  15. Babylon 666 Reply

    I love the poetry and hey Jacob glad u ok slatttttt

  16. jeremy carter Reply

    Socialism eqials having a health care system free and for aĺl .

  17. Robert Lindburg Reply

    The presidential race is breaking news. These guys are pathetic

  18. T G Reply

    Black or white it can happen to anyone. Don’t put yourself in that position.

  19. Babylon 666 Reply


  20. jeremy carter Reply

    5 people dead, tragic!

  21. Hannah Crouch Reply

    Halle honey you slammed Trump with that speech analysis so proud

  22. Agent SuperArgo Reply

    It’s either you want people United or Segregated….that’s what this election is coming down to. Trump had 4 years and ran this country like his Casino’s…we got played.

  23. Yin Liu Reply

    So wait, Jacob is a sexual predator? And that’s why the cops were there? I thought him & his gf had an argument.

  24. Mohammed Al Smadi Reply


  25. Mickey J none Reply

    I have ALWAYS SAID, This President is going to get us KILLED!!!!🤨🙄

  26. ? Reply

    America has been changed completely under trump administrations, new dictator of States

  27. The Time Is Now Reply

    All this praise for Black Lives Matter while it is a group led by self-proclaimed socialists who have been taught how to go teach socialism.
    Yes, people of color matter, but BLM is a political group for socialism. So many people supporting the call for racial justice don’t realize that.

  28. Jay Alejandro Reply

    At least Falwell fell well.

  29. John Shim Reply

    No one cares about the lame RNC and DNC. Report on interesting news

  30. Ehsan Mogadam Reply

    Racists are the troops of Devil itself!

  31. ThexWITCHxMaster Reply

    No social distancing at the Lincoln Memorial, but that’s not talked about in the earlier part of the video however later on they use it to attack another event with less people then what was at the Lincoln Memorial 🤔? Looks like a double standard to me. I guess not everyone has to follow the rules huh.

  32. Jay Alejandro Reply

    Right on wedding reception. Thank you! All Black Lives Matter, and Whites too. Just think: mixed races are the prettiest. I know. I am witness to this fact.

  33. Dave Otuwa Reply

    MLS’ (Major League Soccer’s) may have the first-ever postponement in history of establishment due to the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Games of several other leagues are postponed as well. #BlackLivesMatter

  34. Ahmed Imam Reply

    The harsh truth is if you ask me as an outsider who came in the US at 16, White Supremacists are incorrigible, they just need not to be in a position of authority of the country just like Fundamentalist of any ideology that is antithetical to US Constitution and its goals.

  35. abmong Reply

    Looks like we need to start a Covid Survivors support group.

  36. Vaughan Hamilton Reply

    If you walk out of a game you should also forfeit your pay

  37. millerniller21 Reply

    MSNBC doesn’t even try to hide their biases.

  38. cheng zhu Reply

    It shoud peace and clam down the people, who are angry, quickly. Protect the epidemic together.

  39. Slokilsol 888 Reply

    America is gonna follow the Democrats and Republicans right off the cliff

  40. Nita White Reply

    LIES and the individuals who agree with it have to give account to God!! Now who’s greater than him!! People better wake up death doesn’t discriminate and no position excuse you from it!! You will reap what you sow!!

  41. Kathy Dryland Reply

    These guys are fantastic

    VOTING stations at their facilities
    Brilliant idea. Well done 🌹😊

  42. David Denison Reply

    So what has trump done to make your life, Be Best??

  43. Ephraim Barlow Reply

    Jacob Blake was s riotor

  44. Matilda Marmaduke Reply

    I had my baby handcuffed & shacked to the hospital bed in active labor ya my crime a violation of probation on a DUI all fees paid lawyer court fines paid in full my abuser hunting me tokill me none of that mattered my baby taken day 1 yet I could hear her cry for 3 days …
    Ya please where r the cries for justice I got none

  45. ideaquest Reply

    Orange life is an anomaly.

  46. Jeffrey Kroll Reply

    Gotta love a political agenda with a heart warming story to end it. 👌🏼

  47. Dwayne Day Reply

    130÷9.1=14.28 ×12% 171.36

  48. Jack Lim Reply

    How beautiful – Pelosi

  49. 800 k 7 Reply

    I have said before that as long as the police department dont screen posible candidate to become p.o. wlth courage, this sort of thing will continued too happen.

  50. Sangam Sangam Reply

    “Trump is saving America from Trump’s America “

  51. Happy Dave Reply

    Ugh… that guy was reaching for a weapon.. plus he was picked up on sexual assault charges. So what’s the issue?

  52. Vaping Ape Reply

    Donald are you really saying that
    “Only Donald Trump can save America from Donald Trumps America”.

  53. Paul Gutterworth Reply

    Take the mask off and you will live, leave it on and sheep will be culled in 1000 ways. 
    Biden/Harris Jail time, more cops, extortion and Culling for the poor and middle class.
    Trump/Falchi/Gates 999 Plandemic Bio Zio 500 million left left (Kissinger).

  54. Angry Wolf Reply

    Trump 2020! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  55. Brian Caleb Reply

    The country was great, now its divided at its highest. Trumpers are pushing that Joe will make it communism, The Country has been socialist and it has worked fine, if we make health care for all they think that is the end of the world, they would rather have dictatorship it seems, go figure…….

  56. dan o Reply


  57. Ronald Reeves Reply

    What happened to CNN building could and will happen if your fack news dont stop people are tired of.it shame on you for your fake news

  58. Michael Pondo Reply

    Trp is scum of the earth.

  59. Allan Simoes Reply

    The Real Racist are the George Soros like Triple nationals.

  60. Dr. Richmann Reply

    I’d like to invite everyone to read a free short story written around eight Beach Boys inspired songs. Brian Wilson heard the tracks and he really liked “I’m Searching For My Surfer Girl”. You can hear these songs for free and read the short story for free and if you like it, just share it with others. https://rememberthebeach.com/

  61. Nathan Disambiguation144 Reply

    106 nothing is ever REVEALED as the guy says.
    We could tell you. We already Know.
    Reveal, ha. Do it for yourself.

  62. Allan Simoes Reply

    Never forget that Fred Trump was the LEADER of the KKK March on Washington.
    Trump uses the network of Racists as his Father taught him the Tricks of Traping the Elite whites in his overinflated property condominiums and his investments are Global as the B’nai Brith are called International Jews by Brother Nathaniel a Jew.
    You can see Nathaniel on KNM of Adam Green.


    trump is so gross i cant even watch him. lol

  64. Allan Simoes Reply

    Be careful as more then half our sicknesses come from self Induced AI called Physcosomatic, and Big Pharma wants big bucks to Commit genocide on the Palestinian, Syrian,and Iraqi christians as they the Rabbis want to Blot out the name of Jesus from the Euphrates to the Nile.

  65. Senior Mercado Reply

    what ia happening in our cities has nothing to do with democrat run cities but corrupted law enforcement officers injustice. police brutality against the black people ..begin by getting this racist trump out the white house he is the head of the snake and his supporters will come back to their senses..

  66. Allan Simoes Reply

    Good no sports in Election time as the thieves, incendiary and arsonist want to take your mind off politics and put it on sports.
    MAFIA = Mazinni Authorisa Fruiti , Incendy , e attentati.
    The Albert Pike Contemporary Italian Politician and Founder of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the Vatican.

  67. Pamela Johnson Reply

    What a lame protest. Got with their handlers who said get back to work or you are fired. They don’t want to lose those yachts! lmao

  68. Nick Serritella Reply

    It’s poor leadership alright Trump! But uh aren’t you supposed to be the leader

  69. HENERAL LUNA Reply


  70. Jamal Ch Reply

    Justice Please,
    ” First Time in American political History ,,
    Dear, Democrats and Republicans and all, Since Apr 2016 Until now i requesting emergency help and justice , please make Christianity Great,we proud to be American, With liberty and justice for all,on Youtube
    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyOGxvQY-8lDCqerLYG0FLQ/ on Twitter @Jamalch11

  71. Sandy R Reply

    How does NBC get away with all bashing on one side and glorious reviews in another. They don’t even try to hide they are bought by democrats. Well America is fed up and woke up NBC and other news media being bought off and owned by democrats.

  72. Fred Prierce Reply


  73. Helen ❤️ Reply

    They weren’t militias they were gangs
    Then he asks the question ‘What’s the name of that building?’ ‘ the WHITE house ‘
    ‘And we’re here and they are not !’ What did he mean by that ? White supremacy?

  74. Ivan Hekli Reply

    Keep on rockin in the free world🤘

  75. All Thangs SIM ulator Reply

    One of your point at the beginning was the leak of the two other names… WOW THAT’S SAD

  76. Etoys Wellington Reply


  77. Alan Parker Reid Reply

    More one sided dangerous reporting 😡 day after day painting the United States into a deadly corner ☠️☠️☠️
    Ignorance or outright anti 🇺🇸 division to destroy our nation 😡 APR4U

  78. Michael M Reply

    It’s time to shut down NBC for lies, they are a leftist platform telling lies to the American people


    Pokidot circus 🎪

  80. New Vibes Reply

    This country with Trump is doomed. Everything evil one could ever imagine it’s happening under this administration .

  81. Alan Parker Reid Reply

    This nightly news report is beyond shame completely and morally bankrupt. The report on Jerry Falwell and the affair is not News it is totally corrupt inept news reporting and will bring NBC news To the ground this is the beginning of the end for you.

  82. Gabriel Castaneda Reply

    Um… Biden is doing worse than Clinton at the same point in her candidacy. I love how the MSM is pushing hard their bias and hoping it’ll help Biden… when Trump wins it’ll hit harder than it should.

  83. Kimberly Kim Reply

    NBC I would like to know should let us know also how many people got infected by COVID-19 from all theses protests and rioting. Media Bias!
    I’m sure there are thousands of people got infected by virus from protests and riots.

  84. Coco G. Gomez Reply

    When a woman is in jail for or whatever crime she’s has done and she’s pregnant she will be Shackled giving birth what’s different about him!!! Stop watching this news program and we can make a difference!!!

  85. honkawiman Reply

    The best is yet to come???? Nothing but choas came CHAOS AND DISPAIR.

  86. Deb wright Reply

    😷😷😷Anything is better than the trump administration . Trump’s first term removed all the checks and balances that protects a democracy. Trump has made a fool out of the FBI, the CDC, the parents of school age children, our elections, the list is long. Trump’s second term with the help of Russia will dismantle American democracy all together.🤔🤔🤔🤔

  87. Deb wright Reply

    😳😳😳Protesters by now should be well aware their are racist among them, doing damage to distract from the real message, of inequality and injustice among people of color in the United States of America .🙄🙄🙄

  88. Deb wright Reply

    😖😖😖😖Right now anything is better than trump and the trump administration.😩😩😩😩😩

  89. boss hog Reply

    There will be a civil war if trump steals this election from

  90. John Dube Reply

    We have been shackled for centuries. This police community is a disgrace

  91. Mike Tregre Reply

    LOL! “The race is on”? Its been on, you can’t claim it started because your candidate finally came out the basement! Biden is late!

  92. augana Reply

    Civil War coming in November 2020. Putin must be happy

  93. Wil Marq Reply

    trump 2020

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