NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 3rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 9/05
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - September 3rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Growing outrage over death of Black man restrained by police in New York, Biden meets with family of Jacob Blake during trip to Kenosha, and North Carolina officials issue stern warning after Trump suggests voting twice.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:31 Officers Suspended After Death Of Black Man Daniel Prude
04:28 Biden Speaks With Jacob Blake And Meets With Family
05:28 Trump Threatens To Defund Cities Run By Democrats
06:35 Trump’s Suggestion To Vote Twice Prompts Election Warning
08:45 Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson & Family Test Covid Positive
09:17 ‘The Batman’ Production Shutdown After Positive Test
09:32 Health Experts Warn Against Small Labor Day Gatherings
10:53 Signs Of Life In Rubble A Month After Beirut Explosion
12:42 CDC’s November Vaccine Timeline Raises Concerns
14:45 Critical Vaccine Trials Lack Diversity Among Volunteers
16:47 Student Arrested For Remote Learning CyberAttacks

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 3rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (101件)

  • KooKooKachoo Mike says:

    I’ll get this rushed vaccine just I want a hole in my head. Until you can actually sue drug manufacturers for deaths caused by a vaccine, I’ll wait for one next year that’s actually been through people who have preexisting conditions and are on several medications that could potentially cause adverse consequences. I so dislike Trump and everything he stands for.

  • Miguel Salami says:


  • Sunset BK says:

    Your idiots in the media cut out trumps complete Statement in order to make up these total lie. What trump clearly said is if you have to vote by mail to make sure to check that your vote was counted AND IF FOR SOME REASON IT WAS NOT COUNTED BECAUSE OF SIGNATURE OR WHATEVER THEN YOU CAN THEN GO AHEAD AND VOTE IN PERSON HE NEVER SAID TO VOTE TWICE. THE MEDIA AND DEMOCRATS OR IN PANIC MODE AFTER TRUMP HAS BEEN TAKING OFF ON THE POLLS..

  • Cristiano seven says:

    Build the wall! Build the wall! Puerto Rico will pay. Trump was chosen by God Almighty. He will save us from the radical left. Be strong Trump! The NRA, The KKK, The neo nazis, The Russians and The spirits of Roy Cohn and Jeffrey Epstein will be always behind you.

  • Kim Sample says:

    GOD BLESS HER !!! 🥰🥰

  • KooKooKachoo Mike says:

    Mental breakdown my a$$! He was high on PCP ACUTE INTOXICATION!! CALL IT LIKE IT IS!! HE KEPT SCREAMING ABOUT HIS GENITALS AND SCREAMING FOR THE OFFICERS PISTOL TO BE GIVEN TO HIM!!! This Democrat doesn’t stand behind the Rochester New York family. I sympathize with their loss but the police didn’t commit murder. You can see through the spit sock and even with the rain it’s still breathable. Share the entire video instead of bit piecing what you like.

  • Eihwazone says:

    Cuomo for PRESIDENT!

  • Leif Seed says:

    God Trump is a doltish imp

  • rbmaserang says:

    just wondering when minorities gets redefined as white…

  • Ben Wil says:

    Do theese guys get any training?.. I mean do they even get a report on what there dealing with???…. They sent in a brigade with ninja turtle swat team , cause mom called calmly and said i was drinking, can you send over an officcer to talk to my son. Next thing ya know…firemen…cops….emt……ninja turtles with rifles!!!!… Guess tax payers money in raleigh n.c goin to the “good of the people”…. Wonder how much that cost?… Do they realize that “its not like the movies”?.. Or does it just give them a subconcious “ego” boost so they can play war games like children do!!!.. This is a true story…no sugarcoating, no weapons no violence….and this happened right before George Floyds”blatant” murder while 4 other officcers are just foldin their arms yawning?… My mom almost had a heart attack!!!!… Lucky i was playing my guitar out on patio…instead of useing a butter knife makin toast…when they came storming in?… I dont say this as a “haha”….but im glad modern technology got cameras were they should have been years ago…. Ive met good n bad in every color…and in any police officers, or other proffesions…just like when you go to McDonald’s drive thru and say “please dont forget ketchup.. Next thing ya know not only is ketchup not in bag, but hamburger patties missin to!!!.. Theres 6 people behind you at rushhour,… And the games begin…. But when its at the level of dealing with peoples “literal” lives… With …i guess trained proffesionals….. And then it happens..”again” “again” and “again”… Theese people are not just ketchup packets!!… I dont like violence…i could not murder a “Human Being”…… Unless my life was at stake…. But you figure,.. Ok..6 officcers….one mentally ill or inibreated civilian…… Wouldnt they use a “stun gun”, at most…?… Ya know…this whole situation really makes me feel sad…. I got mental problems to, and being lockeddown is causing people even more trauma…. I remember being in high school watching the riots of the 60’s… Black lib….womans lib…. All that, and id say to myself “wow!! Glad i wasnt born then, never “fathoming” how dark the world got……”just like that”!!!… … Ok… Said my peace… But sometimes the envelope gets “pushed” one to many times, and then i try to put myself in the “victims” families and loved ones shoes, and then i get a bit to much of an education on how things escalate to boiling points and revolution…. And its a slippery slope…. Before this happened i moved from a white Italian/ jewish/ irish neighborhood… Then i moved to Raleigh in my sisters neighborhood and we had jamacian family’s next door….nice family…. And on other side lived a black minister and his wife… Nicest couple, he would always let me borrow blower to clean up lawn… And it was a peaceful neighborhood just like were i grew up on Long Island!!.. I loved it there… And the area i lived in Raleigh i thought was so progressive, but the novelty died down quick because we all gotta live our own lives… And it was “live and let live”…. Anyway, i said my piece..”Peace”!!!!!

  • big4g63t says:

    That’s a spit bag used in law enforcement….. Nothing new

  • Melinda Mullins says:

    Thank you for that last heartfelt story never give up and God bless everyone for pitching in to help her furnish her place we need each other in these trying times. 🙏💛

  • Boss Becad says:

    I am sick of this – the family called 911 – POLICE OFFICERS CANNOT BE DEMONIZED LIKE THIS – I HAVE SEEN NO REASON THAT ANY POLICE OFFICERS BE CHARGED FOR ANYTHING in every case that has been GROSSLY MIS-REPORTED – A FEW NEWS AGENCIES ARE ATTACKING & DEMONIZING GOOD-SMART-HEROES our POLICE OFFICERS – This BS ‘systemic racism’ needs to stop – if black men really believe Police are out to get them then MAYBE, JUST MAYBE STOP FIGHTING POLICE-STOP ATTACKING POLICE & FOR GOD SAKES IF POLICE OFFICER POINTS HIS GUN AT YOU – DON’T FIGHT DON’T RUN – DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD – we cannot judge-demonize or fire any officer for & ESPECIALLY FOR RACIAL REASONS – I CAN NOW SEE A TIME THAT Officers Refuse to respond to any calls when a black man is involved – IN CALIFORNIA our DemoCRAP State Courts have ruled “POLICE OFFICERS HAVE NO DUTY TO PROTECT YOU” & how can you blame them.

  • CAVlogs121 says:

    Lovely Warren acting outraged when this happened 6 months ago? Give me a break….

  • JUST ME says:

    I didn’t cry at the end of this. You did!

  • Shuhui Kline says:

    lord God, the president of the USA does not know the laws!!!!

  • Stacey Story says:

    Rip very sad

  • Nya Binghi says:

    Oooooh wow….suspended with pay…ooooooooo

  • Every heart matters Jesus Christ is my Savior says:

    It’s sad that I work on a grill and gotstuck listening to this three times in a row before I could give you three thumbs down for your lying Trump I hope in God we win.. Trump2020

  • COVID 19 says:

    The only way we can stop police officers murdering civilians is buy start randomly killing police officers. This is the only solution..protesting isn’t the answer because it never works.murdering cops will send a powerful political statement

  • Fenyang Umi says:

    She comes across so smug and arrogant

  • Truth Usa says:

    NBC News! How come you did not cover the killing of Ruth George in Chicago?
    Was her life not important enough.
    NBC News should be sued for trying to fabricate racism! Remember NBC is guilty of fabricating racism.

  • William Smith says:

    Anarchy is in the white house.

  • richard stonyisland says:

    Cure for aids by November 😅👍😅👍😅👍😅👍 I wouldn’t take that vaccine

  • Jie Jun Zhu says:

    This racist thing is going to BREAK USA.

    • ૨σყαℓ ƭεε says:

      Babylon is falling.

  • allemander says:

    Call 911 anytime you want someone killed. The police are there to serve your wishes.

  • 4 Reel says:

    so now they’re forcing the Hollyweird sell outs to claim the SCAM-DEMIC has got them bahahaha just the ones who sold their souls for success and fame…their words mean nothing to people who are critical thinkers and who have armed themselves with true truth…

  • jairo serrano says:

    The news is a big joke… they have voted twice and three times with fake votes. The stupid news are so out of touch cause it’s been happening for years and years and even There’s video with someone voting without an Id… really?????

  • Brad Lag says:

    suspended with pay? that’s paid vacation.

  • clem smith says:

    Wait he got arrested and then died 3 years later with PCP drugs in his system and some how it was a police killing…….. Then biden wants to talk with the police chiefs after the police endorsed Trump……… Man, this NBC thing is a big Joke…….. I think they believe the narrative they push

  • Douglas Partello says:

    Trump committed a crime to suggest voting twice. Arrest him! He is a criminal! That is a conspiracy to commit a crime. Lock him up!

  • Barry Aponte says:

    Thank goodness for second chances. Best of luck to Ms. Williams.

  • marxist demonz says:

    In china they aren’t even wearing masks any more. No restrictions either.

  • marxist demonz says:

    Fake news

  • manj46 says:

    White police keeps killing black man. This is authoritarian state.

  • jose lima says:

    I got to see this s*** in person I don’t believe none of this s***

  • jose lima says:

    B**** quit lying this is a fake story

  • Kendall Kahl says:

    The British have just reviewed the Russian vaccine and say its safe and effective.

  • Mr. Wells says:

    Biden doesn’t look fit to be traveling

  • Michael Kahr says:

    The real interesting question for blacks and whites alike would be why are black police part of being racist against blacks?

  • Darla Layfield says:

    If you keep up at all you will know this “news” station has deliberately taken comments out of context AND chronologically manipulated events. This station should NOT be allowed to lie to America.

  • Ayayona LittleEagle says:

    Can’t we just have a Civil War already i am bored ? I am so sick of the Liberal ,Democratic ,Progressive , Socialist already it’s time to shot them all in there face so we can dump them all in the sewer’s to rot already along with there stupid Ideology and identity politics …. This Old First Nation Native American is so sick of the left and the lies they tell … Just my most humble opinion and freedom of speech … Any one get’s into office on the left everything will be taken as well as your right’s to bare arms and freedom of speech and god know what else the entire left will do … I mean just look at all the democratic run states they are all crap …….

  • sam wolde says:

    Stop watching the news. The man was shot yes why the media keep saying black man black man black I think we all know he is black race boating media They are trying to divide us smh. Fake news 😂😂💪🏿💪🏿

  • Ric says:

    What a president!

  • a lema says:

    Can you imagine your dignity being lost by a bag putting over your head on top of it all yes I believe that the stuff that they have should be taken away from them

  • Ric says:

    Is this president immune from encouraging an act of felony? We need more balls in the justice system. The president said I could do it.

  • Albert Litts says:

    Homeless to prosperous shows u america is not racist most racist thing bout this news clip is biden acting like he cares about calling a black man

  • Albert Litts says:

    Pcp will give u a heart attack while in distress love how the family said he is mentally is though no mention of drugs n biden a team probably wrote blake’s statement dude had a weapon play dumb games get dumb prizes

  • Fancy Reis says:

    I think because of the
    HIPPA that was introduced to our NATION it handcuffs our Police Officers not knowing the mental condition of
    the individual.
    I myself have a son that is mentally ill.
    I couldn’t get answers from the so called Dr.
    Until I got the Power of Attorney.
    How sad…

  • Wilbur Ash says:

    People get charged and released to their parents. Must be nice.

  • Albert Litts says:

    If a person is alive in that rubble they r truly blessed

  • Greg Nulik says:

    Trump simply said to make sure your vote was counted.

  • Albert Litts says:

    Trump is only saying what he’s told people don’t get that the president is just the speaker of the country n says what he is giving to say in his own words Trump’s first Pres to not act like a robot

  • John Connor says:

    biden tells black people they ain’t black if they s don’t vote for him. Biden said to a black woman to read from the paper we gave you to read . biden crime bill sent hundreds if not thousands of blacks to jail forever, if that’s showing love for black people than I guess I need to follow his example?
    United States Senate (1973–2009)

    2008 vice-presidential campaign

    Vice Presidency (2009–2017)

    Post-vice presidency (2017–present)

    2020 presidential campaign.

    What has biden done for black people in all his time in Washington

  • bigfatilashes says:

    Wait, his brother called the cops on him? Oh man. Well I guess social workers would have been better at handling this situation.

  • ORLANDO1989 K says:

    Alot of people getting rich outta family members being killed from drug addiction and cops are at fault 😒 all lives matter

  • Flordeliza Cabading says:

    Trump your not only lied once but twice!!!!!! Your done!

  • Joe says:

    trump’s vaccine should be tested on trumpanzees first.

  • Simeon Jackson Davis says:

    Umm all I say people is do your research about the vaccine mainstream media tells you what they want you to hear and they have there puppets!

  • Brad Knight says:

    A Governor stating the President of the country will need an Army to walk on his streets! Like or dislike the President, he is the President of our country! Mr. Governor, you are a disgrace! I ‘m sure that if you want the people of a great state ( at least before you) to behave the way you do, that indeed the President will exercise his power to bring the greatest army in the world and say hello to you! Threatening the President publicly? You should be in jail! Try voting, Americans have that right, I’m sure you will find that out first hand.

  • Joel Smithers says:

    You suspend WITHOUT pay Me. Mayor of Rochester. No pay. Nuff said.

  • brian shaut says:

    police did nothing wrong

  • John Lyons says:

    No no , don’t spoil it by opening your mouth.

  • James Kalcoff says:

    Fake news nbc

  • tim walsh says:

    NBC is unmitigated propaganda for global fascism.

  • Lance Eriksen says:

    People who vote twice should get twice the jail time!

  • Saorsa Black says:

    You low rent pigs-
    Suspension w/ pay is BULLSH6T
    When will this ignorance Stop!

  • J. Hurt says:

    All those officers should get life and a billion dollar lawsuit.

  • Johnny schmidt says:

    Tell black men stop breaking our laws, they would have NO PROBLEMS with police->Prosecutors in Kenosha County, Wisconsin charged Blake, 29, with third-degree sexual assault, trespassing and disorderly conduct in connection with domestic abuse last month, according to The Kenosha News. An arrest warrant for Blake was issued on July 6.
    The newspaper reported

  • Makgoka Lekganyane says:

    I wonder what are-those Trump supporters-saying…?

  • Terry Garnett says:

    Biben is for the criminal. If he does not win, he will be held accountable for his own crimes.

  • Petra Munee says:

    Drug addict. He did it to himself. He was high. End of story

  • Bullet Tv says:

    NBC is owned by Comcast which is owned by George Soros. Kind of tells you all you need to know right

  • J Bo says:

    I’m sorry but why would people not have get togethers in their backyard with family for fear of spreading Covid when thousands of people are yelling and gathering at protests without any mention of the risk of spreading Covid.

  • Angry Wolf says:

    Media election year racist hype. She lied about what President Trump said. The media keep lying over and over!

  • Lucie Ciepka says:

    If this was happening to the election of any other country in the world the US army would have been already deployed there to restore “democracy” and give back “voice” to the people 😂

  • Ulla Hoffmann says:

    Do not say „not legal“ – it is illegal!

  • Tim Kelley says:

    Oh yeh and he was loaded with PCP …THEY ADD at bottom .. lol Sad that the man died but he WAS ON PCP

  • Ratio Tuner says:

    So his brother call killer cops and now he’s upset that they killed his brother.

  • Theresa Potts says:

    Wow is Trump nuts or he just say whatever because he knows nobody is listening

  • Adam Kingsley says:

    Dude nys police are the finest there is. If the guy was white the incident would’ve had the same outcome.

  • wilfred gismundo says:

    The news anchor looks like Kamala Harris. Hope she does not think and act like the latter.

  • James Florsch says:

    more fake news nbc lay down your dead

  • william willie says:

    I received an absentee ballot in the mail. I wanted to vote in person. So I guess I don’t get to vote. It doesn’t matter I don’t believe the votes are counted anyway
    Can we quit pretending we have a democracy?

  • David Canatella says:

    Biden has no room to talk at all and the police” Were going to take a look at this” America already took a look at it.

  • David Anthony says:

    *The Republicans and his base stand by their candidate, Donald Trump!*
    More than 40% of America is willing to die for Donald Trump! Trump’s base has no moral compass and no self-respect, no values, no logic or rationality.

  • Jamal Uddin says:

    05.9.20 i support Mr. Donald Trump because he is powerful president in USA he can dominate USA no problem people are cowards and people are making trouble for Mr. Donald Trump, people don’t like him to win again this Election because people are jealous and people are cowards Mr. Donald Trump he is not doing any crime he is working for USA not for any one else, mr Donald Trump he is very strong, i hope he will win once again, good luck to Mr. Donald Trump, i love you forever God bless you

  • David Canatella says:

    A real miracle would be if the international banking cartel would stop blowing up places like Lebanon for a nickle.

  • Donald Burkhard says:

    Why don’t news agencies report why getting arrested? Dies week later and police fault?clearly he had other problems.

  • Gary Browning says:

    You people are such race baiters! You should know this people, that in the last days there will be difficult times. People will be cruel, and hate that which is good. They will act religious, but they will reject the power of Christ, that could have made them Godly!

  • Thincow says:

    Nick Gurr acting badly, then when they get their just deserves,

  • youbin Deng says:


  • Tammie Allen says:


  • Fox Art says:

    There is no coverup: wERe jUst gOnnA tAke a lIttle LooK

  • Ann Lyons says:

    Why can the President be threatened & Debozo is not in jail?

  • Joey 9 says:

    Do you know why Donald Trump suggests such things??…..

    It’s because he’s a moron!

  • Kea Watkins says:

    Suspended with pay are y’all crazy furthermore y’all talking about rioting and looting y’all worried about the wrong things black men dying left and right it’s time to stop marching marching never got us nowhere it’s like Farrakhan said if somebody trying to take your life constantly what are you going to do let them it’s time to put a stop to police and white supremacist by any means necessary you think just because you’re the police that I’m just going to let you shoot me down like a dog no if you start shooting at me for the color of my skin what you think I’ma Do I’ma start shooting to I love the color of my skin and obviously y’all do too cuz y’all we’ll take a chance on catching cancer from the Sun to be this color. And Trump has to go he is an embarrassment to this country he is an embarrassment to his self and we got all nations all around the world watching us in turmoil I don’t even want to live in this funcking country no more

  • 100% Real Woman 4 The Throw the Bum Out Party! says:

    Prudes death is not racism. If his family would have really loved him they would take responsibility for his well being. They know his medical background and they know that he’s a drug user, they should have grabbed him & taken him to a medical facility instead of expecting others to perform their family duty for them and then blaming them when they don’t do things they way they feel it should have been done.

    A decent, good family takes care of their own and claims their nuts!

  • ixsicness says:

    America we in the rest of the world have to thank you. You’ve given us some good laughs these last years. Thank you for electing a hilarious buffoon. Maybe do it again???? We need the laughs amid covid 19