NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 10th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 9/12
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - September 10th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

President Trump on defense after admitting to publicly downplaying COVID-19 threat, deadly wildfires sweep through West Coast, and students speak out about university policies on coronavirus isolation.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:31 Trump Defends Downplaying Coronavirus Threat
02:46 Trump’s Recorded Remarks On Race And Privilege Revealed
03:26 Kamala Harris Blasts Trump In Key Battleground Florida
03:48 Bob Woodward Defends Withholding Trump Recordings
04:16 National Security Adviser Says He Warned Trump In January
05:06 Death Toll In Catastrophic Wildfires Rises To At Least 7
07:42 Fauci Warns Americans ‘Hunker Down’ For Fall & Winter
08:06 Polls: Trust In Health Agencies Falls Amid Vaccine Race
09:28 Social Media Campaign Urges People To Burn Face Masks
09:53 Staggering Number Of Restaurants May Permanently Close
11:58 Microsoft Warns Russia, China, Iran Targeting 2020 Election
12:52 DHS Whistleblower Says Russia Intel Was Manipulated
14:08 College Students Feel Desperation In Covid Quarantines
16:00 Diana Rigg, ‘Avengers’ & “Game Of Thrones’ Star, Dies At 82

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 10th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (100件)

  • Julie Mackinder says:

    This is outrageous what seems to be the freaking problem we have the technology why the f*** isn’t that put out they have helicopters they have chemicals they have airplanes we’re more interested in hearing about President Trump’s f****** air Force one isn’t good enough for him this is outrageous

  • guy minthorne says:

    Great 👍 Trump will win the election.

  • Andrea Black says:


  • Ginger Supreme says:

    Wow. You dems will make up anything to win. So pathetic.

  • Susan Smith says:

    Bob Woodward will do anything to sell a book. He’s been doing it for years.

    • Joseph Roberts says:

      But he always gives us the TRUTH so we can take all necessary steps to protect ourselves and our community.

  • jim powell says:

    I got hairy legs 🇺🇸

  • Donald Wiley says:

    Once a con always a con, with every spoken word.

  • T H says:

    Not a peep from Trump on western fires. Eliminating forest duff isn’t possible but we can get some duffs out in November. VOTE!

  • Lady Liberty says:

    u guys are really grasping at straws now. pretty sad. America see thru ur fake news. everything I heard made me love him more.

  • Leave Blank says:

    “Science, not politics will lead the way.” Lies. Look what the CDC did when trump ordered the CDC to adjust guidelines for school reopening. They changed wordings to appease stupid trump. Ugh.

  • Philomena Williams says:


  • Rick Gil says:

    Trump 20/20 ID volume in California falchi is full of s*** he told us not to wear masks now he’s telling him to wear masks he’s full of s*** I know better NBC is full of s***

  • ONSYTE-1 says:

    For the people that’s scared. I’ve been around two people that found out they had it after being around me. I’ve been taking hydroxy chloroquine since February and Eliquis for 2 years. I have tested twice since being around those other 2 people.. I’m good.. And I have R.A. and Lupus..

  • Lady Liberty says:

    so biased. so fake. ur a joke lester

  • marie mosier says:

    He’s down playing it because you’re up playing it NBC News brainwashing propaganda scare the whole country

  • Victoria says:

    Neglectful Politicians but throw sacks of money at them they will pass anything warp speed. Alot of people will not vote because Politicians failed to do their duty. Sellouts!

  • RONI says:

    The series “THE QUAD” an all black show, had an episode just like this a year or two ago😥female USAF

  • johnny smit says:

    fuc that vaccine what a joke ..and yet we pay taxes yet they can’t agree to come to terms to help small businesses🙄😒 2020 is a joke and definitely going in the history books im an American and im embarrassed to be .. +1 ticket please to the 3rd world country you call American

  • Tommysuth101 says:

    How do you die in a fire like this, you know it’s coming and can go farther away from the fire easily

  • thekhfan 12 says:

    Honestly. Stuff like universal healthcare and housing and the like should be expected of a 1ST WORLD COUNTRY that anyone with a Shred of empathy would want and be okay with. We just live in such an awful country that’s so skewed and devoid of compassion that basic human rights/freedoms seem like a radical left conspiracy.

  • Hercilia Day says:

    The president is the only one who stop this virus to spread, but the liberals went out on the street terrorizing everywhere protesting. Trump 2020, we want Trump continue in the presidency.

  • Carolyn Reed says:

    Very sad very alful

  • Francisco Morales says:

    Sep 15 why no que ma cuh

  • elaine denardis says:

    The answer is simple vote trump out.

  • jbaz77777 says:

    No damage control- he did the right thing. While he tried to ban travel from China, NBC called it racism and downplayed the virus.

  • Carolyn Reed says:

    Alful’very sad

  • Carolyn Reed says:

    Oh my god

  • Carolyn Reed says:

    Ilove you all

  • Carolyn Reed says:

    Hello’girl sister

  • Ruthann k. says:

    Why do you turn everything Trump says into scandy ..fake news!? Usual

  • Carolyn Reed says:

    8.45 p.m.friday night ”9-11-2020

  • Carolyn Reed says:

    By all means make sure it’s very safe’in jesus name

  • Carolyn Reed says:


  • olivi333 says:

    NBC. Not a good place to view the NEWS.

  • Kathleen Showalter says:

    Oh & you care Harris

  • Al Simmons says:

    He wasn’t there by himself. Did the other soilders that fought with him receive a medel?

  • NBA FANBOY says:

    Msnbc the fake news channel do ppl watch this garbage

  • Ruthann k. says:

    Ya he admitted..because he did the right thing the normal thing anyone would do our president has handled it right..Public never has gone through this before and know one knows what coming…

  • G Man says:

    all she can do is bash trump for not dueling the flames of panic over covid, nothing positive to add of her own making, what a loser puppet

  • tainopr777 says:

    Oh pls any president would have done the same in front of the public! Do u think that any other president knowing that some impending danger is coming they going to make it worse by scaring the public! He didn’t handle it well but at the same time I don’t think anyone else would have. This is something that hasn’t happened in a hundred years! Also he admitted that there’s racism here and no prop for that! They will twist it to make it bad!

  • April Jones-Foston says:

    “I put the ban on China” .. No, there was a RESTRICTION which allowed 40,000 persons to still travel to U.S.A. Meanwhile, the U.K. was surging and there was no travel restrictions, no bans. The China travel “restrictions” were NOT enough in itself.

  • IG ENG says:

    Nightly News casting it’s lot with CNN and other untrustworthy news outlets. They’re being incredibly dishonest acting like they don’t understand what Trump was saying about downplaying COVID. They know full well that he was trying to keep people from panicking, just as they know he took the precaution of closing our borders to danger zones while Biden and the rest called him racist and xenophobic for doing it. I hope they aren’t fooling people with this narrative. That’s all it is, a story to try to take Trump down, because they know their catastrophic failures just keep piling up on them. Every day for the Dems is a Hail Mary, just tossing up lobs and hoping the people catch it. It’s only going to get worse after the debates start.

  • Philip Lazlo Attorney at Large says:

    Help me out with American Law. If someone’s actions, or lack of action cause a death… or 200,000 deaths, is that person not guilty of Murder to some degree? Maybe “Felony Murder” as hundreds of thousands of people died during the commission of other crimes. Trumps crimes. Lying to the American people while holding a position of trust. Placing the wellbeing of Americans behind his self serving personal interests.

  • Alexander Zamora says:

    Jeffrey epstein and Donald duck we’re great friend let that sink in

  • Gloria Mills says:

    So True,I Have Not Had A Good Feeling About Dining Out,, Then When 3 Members of a Family that I Know Came Down 2 Weeks after Dining out together.
    I Knew My Thoughts were correct.
    They Took Every Precaution.

  • MR. CASEY FOSTER says:

    I am LESTER HOLT with NBC NEWS…and I have been DEBUNKED again!
    I am LESTER HOLT with NBC NEWS.. and I have to PUSH PROPAGANDA!
    I am LESTER HOLT with NBC NEWS.. and I have to LIE! (or they will fire me)!
    I am LESTER HOLT with NBC NEWS..and I have a deep voice.. you must believe me!

  • jane simmons says:

    it’s all Bob’s fault,and downplaying is not really a lie,he says

  • Gloria Mills says:

    I Do not approve of opening up of school
    I Have Not Had A Good Feeling About That, So Thankful the little ones don’t show any Signs of Infection, but Grandparents care for them, and those with underlying health issues, should not have contact with them. A Bigger Pandemic Than Before.

  • Charlie Brown says:

    So downplaying something isn’t lying. We know he can’t read or pronounce words now we know he doesn’t understand when 2 words mean the same thing. This caused many deaths. Instead of down playing, Trump , why not work together with the rest of the country and Congress to really set up a plan to knock out the Coronavirus. Then we can all get on with our lives.

  • Peter Bruno says:

    So Trump is on tape saying the virus is very deadly and spreads through the air. He said his comments that the virus wasn’t that bad were meant to prevent panic. Shouldn’t his supporters now be taking it seriously? They are still saying the virus is fake, isn’t that the same as calling Trump a liar?

  • Charlie Brown says:

    If Trump stays in office, America cannot move forward. There will be another shut down. A great depression and homeless camps. Trump doesn’t consider a thousand people a day dying is too bad. Why, because he knew it was going to happen. It is what it is, Trumps favorite quote.

  • James Morris says:

    Father in heaven I ask that you bless Lester and Bob they are in a place of greed and era please help them to have true love for this country and not be decieving the public I ask in Jesus name

  • amy w says:

    This news network is so disgusting. Lies everywhere.

  • HOKUTOBILL says:

    Our President!!! Not wanting people to panic! Come on now. Now if Aliens where about to invade then that would cause panic.

  • romie426 says:

    Ok, so what did he say that was controversial? He spoke the truth

  • 4liberty4life says:

    Who cares. Kamala Harris is a joke. This bs is why I can’t vote for Joe. Dems need to center themselves.

  • dner75 says:

    Lester Holt…certainly objective like any good journalist.

  • Here Now says:

    Why can’t you dine outside with heaters going around the tables.

  • Sue Zbell says:

    To “downplay” facts to the extent T rump called it a “hoax” and said it would “disappear” when the weather became warm is a LIE.

  • JOJO Jean says:

    Most people have and don’t even know they have it so big flipping deal. QUIT GETTING TESTED AND GET BACK TO LIFE, IT’S ALL RIDICULOUS.

  • Sue Zbell says:

    T rump has already PAID taxpayer dollars for these vaccines. Which ones have T rump family invested in — the earliest release one?

  • Here Now says:

    Making foreign countries interferes in American elections big news is a joke. I would be more worried if they weren’t. They always interfere in American politics. And always will.
    Fake news NBC will spin it like Iran is working with China and Russia to attack bidens campaign because these 3 countries love Donald Trump. Lol and some of you seniors will believe their spin on things. I had A 86 year old man tell me straight to my face that Donald Trump was born in Russia. That crazy old 😳 man lost his mind i also thought he was wearing an adult diaper. Perhaps the same type as Joe Biden. Sleepy joe was at kamala’s house with a pair of knee pads he is collecting from her for hiring her as v.p. I would collect now to since when trump wins again kamala seems like the type to not pay her debts.

  • Randy Williams says:

    He is the best president ever,he already has it again, give up the b.s.

  • Eric Vazquez says:

    Sheep will follow one Sheppard, they will listen, believe, and obey without question. You believe Trump is the enemy? Yet not once have you questioned the news, your new god tells you anything it wants and you believe it. Look at our world. One man doesn’t have the power to do that, the people do. Your hate for Trump has directed you in foolish acts. We are our own worst enemy these days. We are no longer men and women, for we act like hopeless children

  • huckster271 says:

    making a fire break…..where are the bulldozers

  • Eric Vazquez says:

    You believe Biden is not capable of lying? Everyone lies given the right curcumstance. The news has become your God, it tells you all you want to know and you never question it. Mankind is doomed and has been for some time. We leave the responsibility of this country into one man’s hands, doesn’t matter if it’s Trump or Biden, yet “we the people” do nothing while our world burns. We deserved to be lied to, we act like sheep, helpless and emotional. These days were predicted long ago, a time when men and women would lose themselves.

  • CipherBytes says:

    Trump has more excuses than a teenage girl who got caught skipping school.

  • Michael Shepherd says:


  • MontiR Aruba says:

    I hope that this time cities have learned how dangerous these wildfires are. I hope that people will come up with personal/family plans that if there is a fire coming that families have evacuation plans and practice these plans on a monthly basis.

  • Ashur Sargon says:

    demo if you care about coronavirus you should care about looting and destroying enter sites too . but you don’t lie

  • Adonis Sesson says:

    This is not real folks. Relax and wake up. Just a dream. That’s all.

  • Mona Monae says:

    Oh my gosh! The wildfire’s in the Western area make’s one want to run into a wall. It’s so devastating! Very scary and sad! This fall’s into one of the categories of the “Return Of Jesus”, Earthquakes and other natural disaster’s! It is stated that the disciple’s were made aware of the many sign’s of “the end time’s” by Jesus! Something or some entity created us and can end matter’s as it see’s fit! In the meantime, it’s best to get our affairs in order!

  • Richard Carnie says:


  • Steve Kutz says:

    Love Trump

  • One Plus says:

    Communist propaganda.

  • M Gi says:

    Thank you for protecting our country!!

  • ROHIT SHARMA says:

    Drumph- f**ing elect me ….forgot everything virus, fire .. death’…..😁😁😁😁😁

  • Richard Carnie says:


  • Marvin Williamson says:

  • Jay Dubau says:

    Those fires look INTENSE. Literally California is burning down

  • Jay Dubau says:

    Would be nice if the senate and Congress could actually pass another stimulus package before everyone is screwed

  • roxybarone says:

    Somebody tell Nestle to start raking!!!

  • Carlos Aguiar says:

    typical NBC news (fake news) this is why I don’t watch it any more!!

  • Latosha Davis says:

    Give the president a break! We masked, quarantine! What else should he do? Take us to the moon!!!!

  • Patricia Véliz Gonzales says:

    I think i just felt in love

  • Tarruvi ψ says:

    People burning masks? Is that what they do in their free time? If I was a parent, you better wear every last one of those masks thoroughly before setting them alight.

    Or, just don’t burn them and give the masks to those that deserve them more. Who would be that wasteful and malicious, they’re basically watching their money burn for a shallow feeling of accomplishment. No one’s impressed.

  • Little Ricky says:

    Right you tell em Joe Briben!!

  • Tom says:

    I’m not living in a place that has a fire season

  • cxdyedits says:

    Damage control ✨but take out the control✨

  • DISNEY BYLL says:






  • Perfect Woman says:

    Democrats do not already know what to sew to Tramp to get him out of the office ,they do not care about people ,what a stupid and indifferent party, never vote for Democrats …

  • naomi cherry says:


  • Michael JM says:

    So now we have millions of young asymptomatic college students who are going to be spreading the virus to each other and then leaving schools and spreading it back to their parents and their communities because we just had to go ahead and send kids back to school in person.
    So I can’t eat at a restaurant, but I can sit in a lecture hall or in a classroom and somehow, that’s safe?

  • Linda Watkins says:

    That’s not working November 3rd is coming. You’re fired 45

  • Julian Ghingree says:

    This isnt news this is gossiping you guys need to find real jobs

  • Satya Richburg Ju says:

    Trump should return to Betty Ford to take care of that sniffling problem he has.

  • Carlos Gomez says:

    Best president ever compare to all those loser haters communist socialist parti traitors to our nation

  • Dee Dee says:

    No it’s a fantastic question you homicidal SOB!! 💩⚠️✋