NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 11th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Scientists warn climate change is worsening California’s wildfires, Dr. Anthony Fauci disputes President Trump’s claim that the U.S. is ‘rounding the corner,’ and America commemorates September 11 anniversary amid pandemic.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:28 Explosive Fires Claim At Least 20 Lives, Ravaging Millions Of Acres
2:10 Gov. Newsom On Fires: Climate Change ‘Cannot Be Denied’
03:41 Towns In Oregon Decimated, 10 Percent Of State In Evacuation Zones
04:36 Gov. Newsom: Air Quality Like Smoking ’20 Packs Of Cigarettes’
05:27 How Climate Change Is Fueling Historic Wildfires
07:33 Dr. Fauci: U.S. May Not Return To ‘Normality’ Until End Of 2021
08:54 CDC: Children Caught Covid In Daycare, Passed It To Families
09:30 Dr. Fauci Disagrees With Trump That U.S. Is ‘Rounding The Corner’
11:32 Remembering 9/11: Families & Leaders Pay Somber Tribute Amid Pandemic
13:35 Trump Awards Medal Of Honor To Army Ranger On 9/11
14:21 Four Officers Charged In George Floyd Death Appear In Court
16:29 Inside National Guard’s Mission To Protect The Vote

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 11th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

103 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 11th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Manisha Garza Reply

    I’m Alone 😍😥

  2. Hope Sadler Reply

    Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  3. Productions by Roddie Horton Reply

    I simply hope to catch COVID-19 and die from it.

  4. aqua bunny Reply

    All of this was caused by the spirit dragon coming over the mountain. We did’nt cause this; it was our ancestors. Any answer will do.

  5. spiceyfood52 Reply

    George Soros is behind all of this chaos. He is paying the Antifi to do this. He is support BLM. He is giving The dems to do this. He doesn’t like Trump or our country, He wants to take our country, and turn it in to communist.

  6. Digital Evidence Expert Reply

    I’ve lived in California most of my life. About 20 years ago the California government changed policy with forest management and stopped allowing people to pick up dead wood off the forest floor for use in camp fires. They also stopped logging companies from cutting down dead trees for wood. After 20+ years of letting dead wood build up these huge wildfires were bound to happen because of the amount of fuel buildup. This was all done because of leftist environmental pressure. Now that this has obviously backfired on them and these fires are sending up huge amounts of CO2 gas into the atmosphere the Democrats are trying to pin this on global warming so that we don’t put the blame where it belongs, on the Democrats for mismanaging the state for 20+ years. Shame on you Democrats for destroying California and harming the people who live here (of which I am one) !!!!

  7. Gun Palmqvist Reply

    In Sweden test results comes in 24 hours and you get the answer SMS on your phone

  8. Mildred Millwater Reply

    I know you guys are just doing your jobs and I’m sorry to hear about everything that’s going on in this world I pray everyday but I still don’t understand why you are not making an effort into letting pelosi and mcconnelly know that people are hungry and have no jobs and why they can’t come up with a stimulus package for the people when Trump has I believe three trillion dollars that he’s hanging on to. it doesn’t make any sense why everyone is suffering while people are going through all this. news channel. Is not mentioning it enough about the stimulus checks.

  9. Wayne Slater Reply

    Get back to normal, Dr. Fauci? Just what is “normal” exactly?

  10. Ellen Jordan Reply

    I’m single 😥😥😥😥😥

  11. Marie A Reply

    Dr Fucci, go home nobody believes you and your lies lies lies. USA is turning into a regular china and the people are falling for the great deception.

  12. B Humphries Reply

    I’m not trying to take anything away from 9/11. But, does anyone else notice that even when DT tries, his voice just can’t quite reach the feeling of being a consoler? It’s like part of me recognizes that those feelings are foreign to him. It doesn’t feel genuine. Even when, on those rare occasions, he tries to do it.

  13. G Mandelov Reply

    F..u governor !!!!!!!!! We can, we can we can we can, but u never did anything !
    Don’t blame California’s governments neglecting on climate change
    I own 2000 acres in California, for me to make my property fire safe, I’ve waited on permits for 2 years, I wasn’t allowed to keep water tanks for storage – I had to hire a lawyer to fight it !!! California system is broken !!! Government workers don’t care
    Everything takes for ever

  14. G Mandelov Reply

    May god bless the firefighters

  15. Bryant Olson Reply

    Next step in the plandemic

  16. R Blake Reply

    It’s gonna be a sad day for the hideously ugly who looked no different than the beautiful people who they have had to intermingle with for years who have been able to feel equal as those that they never felt equal to. For a just while everyone looked the same. SAD when everyone is an individual again

  17. Danny W. Reply

    What a mess this country is… omg

  18. joe kaniuga Reply

    Vote Donald J Trump! The One Man “They Can’t Control! Period!

  19. Freyja Mack Reply

    Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  20. Lindsey Clark Reply

    I’m in Bellingham, WA about 30 min from Canada and our air is chocked with smoke. Wildfires are so devastating. To me they are the worst natural disaster 😭

  21. Anwarul Hoque Reply

    Are we approaching to doomsday?

  22. R C Reply

    “The problem is we have to many trees in the forest” bruh, really? Blame the trees and forest for what man Created. 🤔😐

  23. David Simon Reply

    The state of California is not even trying to stop the fires. That is the worst ran state probably in the entire country. We put our fires out in our state and we are not near an ocean or a large body of water. Water puts out fire do you people know that? These fires are being set by arsonists. It has nothing do do with climate change. Climate change is not true.

  24. R C Reply

    Was he the only soldier to receive the medal of honor or did all the soldiers involve receive one too? And if he was was was he the only one given the highest medal of honor

  25. Péter Szigeti Reply

    How did they put out the burning oil drills in Dubai?

  26. Andrew Patterson Reply

    Thanks for the US fire fighters for their help in fighting the bush fires in Australia in our summer. I really hope that you get your wild fires under control soon.

  27. Victoria Bordelon Reply

    To all the displaced from the fires, please come to Kentucky. Be safe, be well.

  28. Bill Reply

    There are and have been many scientific studies on the lack of effectiveness of flu vaccines. It would seem the Pharmaceutical vaccine industry and their well-paid promoters would have us believe otherwise: https://www.straight.com/article-270843/vancouver/whats-your-vaccine
    Who funds the mainstream media? Follow the money trail. 1) This
    investigative journalist hits the nail on the head:
    and here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkYen0g4TRU and here:
    2) Meanwhile George Soros is controlling mainstream news agencies to
    support his ‘agendized narratives’.

    3) How Bill Gates monopolizes global health – The Corbett Report

    4) Death certificates are being manipulated: Montana physician, Dr.
    Annie Bukacek, discusses how COVID 19 death certificates are being
    manipulated. Since her disclosure, she is being harassed and her video
    is being taken down from Facebook. This confirms Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s
    statements that Big Pharma is controlling the entire agenda.

    5) The documentary titled: Plandemic ll – Indoctornation (Full Movie)
    This documentary exposes Wikipedia, Google, Snopes and various search
    engines ‘false claims’. Basically, “Who programs these search engines?

    6) Questioning the Covid numbers and the PCR tests:

    7) Who patented the Coronavirus in 2003? More questions answered
    regarding this “Plandemic”.

  29. Ingrid Cooke Reply

    Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  30. expatstef Reply

    How are these newly homeless people going to VOTE?!?! If they vote by mail, their ballots will have to go somewhere. What’s the plan?!

  31. Progya Saha Reply

    my entire life changed with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  32. LEILA ONOFRE Reply

    In Brasil the middlewest is burning for the last 2 months, and now in California. It’s horrific to wath this. Both my countries. Im devastated.

  33. Eddie Rease Reply

    Joe Biden started the fire and it’s trying to blame it on Trump

  34. Victoyous32 1 Reply

    Newsom is probably the worst governor ever. If you live in California you know why…

  35. Suzane Klein Reply


  36. Cat Beattie Reply

    Can’t those poor Trump supporters see how he is using them. He wouldn’t give them the time of day if he wasn’t president, he looks down on anyone that isnt wealthy popular etc…. This is getting to much, so depressing.

  37. Penny McCUlloch Reply

    Police must root out corupt cops

  38. Arden McConnell Reply

    Governor Jerry Brown has been publicly warning about climate change for years. Pay Attention.

    • Arden McConnell Reply

      Trump is a fake and a phony. Money First. People Last.

    • ray ray Reply

      The forests have 10 times the fuel they did ten to twenty years ago.

  39. Catrin Jeffery Reply

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  40. Dynamo Kebab Reply

    Flight 93…HAHA

  41. Dean William Reply

    this is what happens when u build ur house in a forest or in a flood zone with hurricanes.

  42. Citizen YC Reply

    open your eyes

  43. youman1933 Reply

    These fires are set by the very same people entrusted to fight fire…. Japan has ten times more brush , yet no fire. Overtime pay prompts the setup , when incentives is $250 a year 60% in over time pay.

  44. Nigel Lewis Reply


  45. E. G. Reply

    If they can’t disease you fast enough, they burn you out! Imagine a vaccine, gone wrong. Just don’t panic.

  46. Ronald Richardson Reply

    hi NBC why the latest delay to upload the daily nightly news, that’s my comfort to know all at once of the USA news. thank you in advance
    But keep up the good work

    • Wizardof87 1987 Reply

      See dis girl has to transfer it from recorded film into the computer then to upload it to YT. It is filmed in 1080p HD/4k it has to change a bit….

  47. Hawa Byers Reply

    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  48. alex johnson Reply

    When will this Reporter report the Biden TV ADS are TOTAL MADE-UP lies?? When will the AMERICAN MEDIA DO THEIR JOB,EVERY CLAIM BY BIDEN ,HIS CORRUPT Campaign is LIES,MADE-UP PROPAGANDA,HE IS A PATHETIC,FRAUD,the media knows it and is COVERING UP ALL OF THE Biden Campaign lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The American People are being LIED TO BY THE CORRUPT,LYING Democrat MEDIA!!

  49. danny Chavez Reply

    I was in the Bay area a day prior to those devastating fires. Best of luck to the firemen and citizens.

  50. Mel Ballesteros Reply

    And keep praying everyone and we bless people that who die

  51. Mel Ballesteros Reply

    And the wold is deeding

  52. Clifford Sevec Reply

    The fires happened because California doesn’t thin their forest.its not from global warming. Although global warming is talked about in biblical prophecy. I think of it as punishment from God, a well deserved punishment too for immoral living. God bless America🇺🇸

  53. Richard Matej Reply

    Medal for veteran, 2 sentences, George Flyod around 3 minutes … yeah and btw… when Obama gave medal to Biden, that was a BIG story … so pathetic -_-

  54. Sally Vaccaro Reply

    Trump 2020

  55. Dyanne Brunson Reply

    no we need trees so do not blame the trees

  56. always trumper Reply

    Union ironworkers for Trump 🇱🇷

  57. Betty James Reply

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  58. Scott Mackay Reply

    This Canadian Stand’s With Dr. Fauchi…….rUmp is KILLING you America,.

  59. Forcemaster2000 Reply

    The wildfires on the west coast has nothing to do with climate change! If anything, all the smoke from those wildfires will slow down climate change due to reduced sunlight hitting the ground!

  60. VibrationsfromMirror Reply

    People without symptoms would see their friends getting sick! This is total CRAP programming by the nwo agenda. Fauci, see his write up in medical journal of London about this “flu” stats he quoted for mortality, .05 percent.

  61. Sylvain Daly Reply

    NBC is owned by the biased Dems/Libs, and thus Fake News…. Better to boycott it

  62. Graeme Glen Reply

    Well, the election fraud situation room inspires confidence. I’m guessing a political idea with ZERO funding.

  63. ABC Reply

    Go away Juan….. far far away

  64. ticklemaster Reply

    but you all said climate change is not real, like you said covid is not real, this is all fake news, fake fires, fake disease, fake fake fake, more like dumb dumb dumb.

  65. Adriana Manjarrez Reply


  66. itzamia Reply

    Why is the Californian governor wearing makeup? Wait never mind.

  67. Jed Cletis Reply

    Mother Nature: “Humans don’t don’t want to clean up the forest overgrowth ?? Don’t worry. I got this… “:)

  68. Jeremey Madej Reply

    Lester 2020

  69. marwan taha Reply

    To God East /West /in between north and south to any Direction You facing the skies with open hands is God is face and God’s throne is holding the skies above us .God sent human messangers to humans,birds to birds angles to angles to every creation god created the same kind of creation like them and witnessing all creation through each other. God sent to humans a human like them back then and today and after today. God have No chlidren but have creations God created ,God is invisible in the eye of all creations and talk to creations through another creation like them . God didn’t only created humans , God created all whom in skies and space and above and over and underneath earth.who believe and work / fixing sisters and brothers they will be in paradies after during this life and after for them what ever they want and there is more from God. remain vergins until God’s order comes to you and you meet the right person so you can Merry him/her . alcohol is sin and Dead Fish for long time with out been cleaned is Sins buy it alive clean then you can keep it in fridge or it right away , don’t eat dead fish or drink alchol or eat pork and stay clean when praying for god so god will answer its like when you go yo job interview clean shaved clean clothes and and after you get the ob there will be rules when you are working like no phone like drinking like no thoughts but focusing on job or prayer when praying to God . who Reject this message God will reject them and make them lost in this life and after and punish them to show them theres no one can resolve and fix what they will get into but God alone God of Adam /Noah Apraham/ Ismaiel/ Isaac/ Jacob/ Joseph /Moses /David /Soloman / Jesus /Ahmed and alots more Messanger in between that time God sent all messangers.

    God is one ,God gave no birth to no one, God was not born, God have no wife.

    Jesus the son of Mariam The Messanger of God

  70. marwan taha Reply

    To people who think our father jesus as god they are wrong and confused by satan yes there is no god but one god of all including jesus

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  71. marwan taha Reply

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  72. Scott Eppers Reply

    it.should be known that Dumpy cut the budget for wildfires.by 50 MILLION DOLLARS. yes you read that right…trump cut the federal budget of.woodland wildland forest fighting ability by 50 MILLION. DOLLARS!!.

  73. Bobby B Reply

    Wow Any one who votes for a guy like Biden Loves The CPP China 🇨🇳..

  74. Kevin James Reply

    Fake news. If you believe what they tell you, YOU’RE A FOOL!

  75. Kevin James Reply

    Fake News! Do Your Homework!

  76. A. Lecky Reply

    NBC news is always making it sound like the whole world is burning up. Depressing

  77. SERRAF Ouali Reply

    Call it carma or God or nature, America is getting paid, for destroying the world

  78. Jorge Garza Reply

    Are the fires been set by your peaceful protesters. Texas

  79. megu begal Reply

    I can’t even breathe in California. I wish the wildfires decrease here…
    I remember seeing helicopters going on and on to help put it out for hours. It’s sad.

  80. carolyn boyd Reply


  81. Ladykat Reply

    Great show Lester Holt ! Can’t wait for Monday – Vinmen.

  82. kevin grogan Reply

    Never waste a good crisis! TRUMP 2020!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  83. James Stoots Reply

    You news reporters need. To do more reports on people homeless and starving out here.due to neglect from our dam gov.

    • James Stoots Reply

      You report on wildtires but you dont report about a pregnant womans death and her baby due to being evicted and thrown into th streets.

  84. Juan Peguero Reply

    When Trump in prison…nice

  85. J. F. I. Reply

    My Cellphone Has Been Protesting On Me…”NO INTERNET TODAY !!!” 📴

  86. J. F. I. Reply

    “Sad For California and Oregon” 🙏

  87. J. F. I. Reply

    So…Are forests good or bad for us ??? Too many trees ??? 🙄

  88. J. F. I. Reply


  89. J. F. I. Reply


  90. J. F. I. Reply

    R.I.P. GEORGE FLOYD 🇺🇸⚖️🇺🇸

  91. Truth Tell Reply

    Psychopath dictator South Korea president moon

  92. Noel Blake Reply

    Said utube blocks negative comments about nancy and joe and its their words and actions 🎬

  93. rose atkinson Reply

    Who ever decide that kids could not spread a virus don’t have kids. They are walking disease factories. I have been sick with something since I sent my kids to preschool.

  94. Hans Marheim Reply

    So much terror. And so many terrorists in sharp suits and ties. Calling themselves “Presidents”.

  95. Bryan S Reply

    To bad I don’t watch NBC anymore due to being a known Liberak based Network that hates the POTUS and lies to the Public. Not the NBC I grew up watching.

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