NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 17th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

President Trump contradicts CDC director on Covid vaccine timeline, top vaccine makers offer cautious timeline and emphasize transparency, and search and rescue efforts underway after Hurricane Sally.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:38 Ex-W.H. Official Slams Trump’s Coronavirus Response
02:36 Trump Doubles Down On Vaccine Claim Contradicting CDC
03:53 Trump Holds Wisconsin Rally As State Hits New COVID Record
05:04 Top Drugmakers Do Not Expect Vaccine By Election Day
07:15 Barr Compares Justice Dept Prosecutors To Preschoolers
08:27 Barr Under Fire For Comparing COVID Lockdowns To Slavery
09:05 Hurricane Sally Leaves Deadly Path Of Destruction
11:29 New Wildfire Evacuations Ordered As Inferno Explodes
13:38 New York City Delays Start Of In-Person School Classes
15:33 New Alert On Scammers Stealing Unemployment Money
17:49 Mother Saves Son From Being Strangled By Seat Belt

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 17th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

102 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 17th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Azucar Negra Reply

    The cult of Trump? There was no bigger cult then the Clintons & whoever supported them in all reality

  2. The Vegan Virgo Reply

    These tricksters, politians, trump, cuomo, bill gates, know what time it is!! Only the sleep, will line up for this vaccinne! There has never been a cure for cancer and they have a vaccine for covid, ha. That’s because they are out of tune with themselves, unnatural beings. The awakened ones know this is a PLANdemic! Stop watch tv, media and their made up numbers.

  3. The Light Bringer Reply

    Trump 4 more years lolololol. Yes making America great again lol

  4. smallworld8 Reply

    Whenever Trump opens his mouth, lies, distortion, dishonesty flow out.

  5. William Arrington Reply

    SCHOOL LIBRARY Test, jailed FBI director James Jones ??????

  6. William Arrington Reply

    SCHOOL LIBRARY Test, jailed I’m alone ?????????????

  7. James Hagle Reply

    Americans do not want your poison vaccine…. nice try

  8. Clyde Lovett Reply

    Tell the truth about the Riot’s lier news

  9. assi CeccoCecc Reply

    Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌

  10. j j Reply

    And why does the WH have disgruntled employee??? Provokes the thought.

  11. j j Reply

    “We did a great job” ….etc, but we still yet to see.😩 Everything’s getting worse!!!

  12. laurie roth Reply

    when you have to say one more disgruntled employee every other week it seems like there just might be a problem with the employer not the employees

    • annoyed aussie Reply

      You are the employer, they are public servants. Maybe not you personally but the American people chose the top public servant directly. You can choose him again or another if you want in a few weeks.

    • laurie roth Reply

      ​@annoyed aussie yes yes …how ever since tRump is the current head of the government he is the one employer who is responsible and he is the problem ……he will be gone soon ….i was being a bit sarcastic

    • annoyed aussie Reply

      @laurie roth if you look at the betting market on the matter there is no clear favorite. I think the result could come down to turnout. I am not American but one thing I hope for you is preferably a clear result that everyone accepts and given Trumps rhetoric a close result could cause problems.

  13. John Chung Reply

    I really hate seeing him moving his hands !! Seems giving away a sign of his “lies” !

  14. Daniel Hall Reply

    Sounds like bs

  15. Go Caps Park Reply

    65% All Americans support PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!!

  16. 1mezion Reply

    13:10 couldn’t find a tighter pants eh Miguel? ☺

  17. ching wong Reply

    Trump and Pence will be the next disgruntled employees on jan 20 2021

  18. mal Reply


  19. Home Theaterguy Reply

    I have no desire taking the vaccine. 💀☠

  20. Carole Boots Reply

    Omg just when you think things can’t get worse they do ! I’m exhausted this con man must be removed! CHARACTER MATTERS VOTEV🇱🇷🇨🇦

  21. Edith Glover Reply

    Keep the vaccine it has a chip in it.

  22. W. R. Reply

    Been waiting since june for the state of Delaware to act on my unemployment claim. Repeated calls to the Wilmington office for the Department of Labor’s UI division seem to lead me to believe no one is there to even answer the phones any more. Have been homeless for longer then I care to remember. But back to work and living in my car. Guess that makes me the Working Homeless.

  23. Ms Sagittarius Reply

    A race more like a race for depopulation wake up people

  24. Ruth ie Reply

    I had the same incident happen with my Kia Sorento.. My son(8yrs old at the time) got tangled in the back seat belt, it was around his neck.The more he moved the tighter it got. His lips turned blue and eyes became fixated..I pulled over, cut the seatbelt with a knife, I had in the SUV.. He started coughing and grasping for air..Im a nurse and at that very moment he was my pt but as soon as he started coughing and color came back, I became mom again..I was flooded with so many emotions.. He is now 12 but I/we will never forget this.. He is the reason I leave my medical bag in the car..

  25. the sweaty pro Reply

    “Race for a vaccine”…..🤣🤣🤣
    Please save us!!!
    Like they don’t have satan’s dna altering junk in warehouses already.

  26. Star Cloud Reply

    My bbbbbbnn b in hn n. No

  27. Maria Reply

    No thanks no vaccine for me I pass stop trying to brainwash us.

  28. last man Reply

    Now Lester, I think it is fair to say you are biased against President Trump.

  29. mike Smith Reply

    Population control

  30. Graham Bird Reply

    Super >>> I want a car like that for my Mother inlaw !!!!!

  31. mijodo2008 Reply

    Trump is Lying again. The best Predictor of Future Behaviour is Past Behaviour. Trump just Lies to get past the next 5 minutes. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

  32. Kimberly Boyd Reply

    I’m not taking any vaccine trump rushes out!!!!! You can all go first, Republicans and all in his lying administration.. its rushed poison, and wont help his chances…

  33. Kimberly Boyd Reply

    They’re not even sure if you can get covid more than once…keep your vaccine, let trump and his minions go first….

  34. Steve Mixboy Reply


  35. Derek Marsik Reply


  36. Derek Marsik Reply

    Joe biden has achieved so much in his almost 50 years in politics

  37. Panda Ware Reply

    TRUMP will pick 1/3 of the Supreme Court Judges after Ginsberg death. Why Democrats idol worship of the Obama/Clinton regime will lead to 50 years of Republican SCOTUS majority: https://youtu.be/JFtkDzScnxI

  38. Debra Johnson Reply

    concerning the young man helping his neighbor this is what were all going to have to do from here on out in the times were living in.

  39. Spartan 58 Reply

    NBC – Nothing but Crap TV

  40. Matt Roberts Reply

    160,000 deaths from covid and after research they say that only 6% of them deaths was only from the virus. That’s less then 12,000 death in the whole country. More people die from the common flue. I pray for you people. They are leading you people into the slaughter like sheep. Sheep!

  41. Sandi Billingsley Reply

    I don’t understand why the Press asks Donald Trump science questions. Why not just ask the scientists? You know he doesn’t know the answers and the only spreads disinformation when you put in microphone in front of his lie hole.

  42. Sandi Billingsley Reply

    I don’t know about the rest of you but because of Donald Trump’s interference I wouldn’t trust an American Coronavirus vaccine.

  43. Vi Coogler Reply

    Do not replace her seat till after the president election.

  44. james jcazzman Reply

    the people who opened the smoothie shop who moved from washington d.c. to Florida to get away from the pandemic , i thought florida was in serious trouble with this coronavirus , Florida is suppose to be in the top 5 with coronavirus they passed new york . new york was at the top . there is something wrong with this picture .

  45. Vi Coogler Reply

    Vote. Joe Biden in November

  46. Vi Coogler Reply

    Vote joe barnidini out of brooksville city council. In November

  47. Mr. Makaveli Reply

    Fake News

  48. mai doan Reply

    this world is comeing to an end

  49. John Zabik Reply

    Vote for President Trump to serve a second term. Do NOT EVER trust Biden who has Dementia and Kamala Harris who flip flops from one issue to another. Don’t believe the DEMORATS who desperately want your Vote and will lie and promise anything to get your vote. Save this Country from the far far far far far left and ANTIFA. #Trump2020 #KAGA2020👍👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  50. Don Rayburn Reply

    Fem media

  51. EN Reefs Reply

    toyota too… darn seat belts. it is ridiculous…

  52. Bobby Axelrod Reply

    Fake news.

  53. Cris Rockzz Reply

    Are we Really Surprised??? He Never Know Anybody That Is Telling The Truth Or Telling A Lie…Smfh… I’m Soo Done🤣🤣🤣

  54. Cris Rockzz Reply

    Society is only Slavery with Extra Steps – Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty

  55. steve burchfield Reply


  56. Noah Body Reply

    Approximate pandemic start date: 01-Dec-19
    Days of pandemic 293

    World population: 7,812,796,000
    Total Infections: 30,691,232
    Total % of World’s population reported as infected: 0.39%
    Average days each individual actively infected: 7.76
    Average percent of the world’s population actively infected at any time during the pandemic: 0.010%

    Total deaths attributed to covid-19: 956,396
    Total % of World population dying while infected: 0.012%
    Average global daily deaths attributed to covid-19: 3264
    Average global daily deaths from all causes of death: 146,000
    Percentage of global daily deaths attributed to covid-19*: 2.19%

    Percentage of World’s population dying each day before the pandemic: 0.00187%
    Percentage of World’s population dying each day during the pandemic:*: 0.00191%
    Percentage change in daily death rate due to covid-19*: 0.00004%

    *Assumes all the people who died with covid-19 would have lived if the pandemic never happened.

  57. Chucky cheese Reply

    Between kindergarten and seventh grade that school is for cheating parents it’s only a babysitter ask Google teach your kid how to be a carpenter ask Google or YouTube

  58. Chucky cheese Reply

    For the last 60 years they’ve been giving the animals that we eat aspirin for Corona it’s baby aspirin it’s a blood clot so take baby aspirin and don’t worry that’s why Trump don’t care about masks and it also works as a Viagra

  59. Chucky cheese Reply

    Sorry speak to text take baby aspirin if you get sick on Corona cows and pigs take straight aspirin when they get sick been going on for 60 years the ones that don’t get well still get butchered and sold to Mom and Pop’s butcher shops so we’ve all eaten Corona meet

  60. Cris Rockzz Reply

    Wadsworth IL is like 5 minutes from Kenosha Will and they are hella Predijusted and they tried to hang my brother who is Black. And White 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  61. Antonio Garrett Reply

    Why would that couple move to Florida????? Did they not know that the coast of FLORIDA is known for tropical storms and hurricanes?? That wasn’t very smart at all. That’s a good place to vacation. But not to live

  62. Carmela Szymanski Reply


  63. Carmela Szymanski Reply

    The Security Guard who shook Barrs hand should have coughed on him.

  64. Emily Maiden Reply

    Pence: “it sounds to me like one more disgruntled employee.”

    Yeah, one more to add to the growing pile, but apparently they’re all lying and Trump is telling the truth 🤦‍♀️

    I don’t recall any other president having so many “disgruntled employees”.

  65. Andy Griffith Reply


  66. Edward Amina Reply

    Joseph Biden Will Not Win Being The President Of United States 🇺🇸 Of America Donald J Trump… President Of United States 🇺🇸 America 2021 Till 2025

  67. Sandra Nunes Reply

    LIAR !!! Vaccines will arrive in 2021 & Trump was informed about it.
    He lied because he wants to be praised but we know it will likely be middle or late 2021.

  68. Lore Bay Reply

    Applications from prison? And my daughter could not get unemployment because she worked 5mo. Instead of 6?

  69. Jugal Sharma Reply

    What a joke nobody is dying of hiv cancer heart attack orany other disease every body is dying of civid 19 other countries dont give them a dam to us fda they have their own approvel department. So they will sell the vaccines. So fda should keep waiting for ten years

  70. 100%We Are Not On A Ball! Reply

    Keep those Vaccines for you and your kids! Listen to what their saying, they are only worried about the public buying into the vaccine and believing it will work!

  71. C. Sphire Reply

    Over 200,000 dead now. Trump is holding indoor rallies. It just makes one weep.

  72. Indiana Jones Reply

    US doing much better than UK even yet in UK they don’t blame the administration. NBC is clearly a democratic puppet network.

  73. Ming Kalli Reply

    First trump said vaccine before nov 3, now he said by April. when October comes, trump will say by his inauguration in January, just watch

  74. Joy Devie Reply

    0ooh the draaama that is television = satan’s vision. Keep us watching, hanging by a thread, hopeful and desperate! Wow! How much do I hate TV? The depths of my anger are unfathomable! Frightening the elderly and special people is simply unforgivable much more poisoning young minds boils my blood!
    People out there: aplanetruth5 and neverlosetruth have content that does NOT have booming back drop music and happy people running in slow motion with close ups of cheese dripping off a fork! SNAP OUT OF IT!
    Truth simple plain, straightforward, undistracted and clear as a bell! Learn! Share!

  75. Scott Martin Reply

    First time on this channel. Wow… The fake news is strong with yall. No wonder normal everyday Americans have TDS. Gross

  76. Piedone21 Reply

    Yep it looks like one more disgruntled employee who has left the White House. Pence is right

  77. Jane Kapita Reply

    Good morning thanks for your prayers your love support your family friend appreciate you all thanks stay blessed

  78. F Reply

    You can tell who is a devil by their actions the United States, is falling if it doesn’t change who is at the top

  79. Susan Kelly Reply

    Biden had 45 years to do something positive but please tell me what he’s done!!! I can name 12 things Trump had done positive in the last 4 years!!! Biden lives in his basement like a trool

  80. susan Frazer Reply

    I Would Trust Trump over the Greedy Elite Cabal Vaccine!!. Trump is looking after the People, the others are preparing to Line their Pockets… Yearly!

  81. Mr_R N Reply

    Hmmm. Already pushing back on the date of vacinne . That is a good thing — it is the first time a vaccine has been created this fast.. so I’m a bit concerned about that.

  82. Video Games Reply

    This is true The do target people people

  83. Barbara Mohammed Reply

    Will it be safe. What happens if its isnt safe. Are there any plans to counterat the so called vaxine?…..

  84. Barbara Mohammed Reply

    We in the uk dont want the american vaccine. Let the american Gov’t test it first. Thank you.

  85. Esperanza Kakazu Reply

    Good boy ,, helping hand👍👍👍👍👍👍,,,

  86. RawJewel Reply

    The vaccine will be ready just like everyone who wants a test can get a test!

  87. HoneyChild M Reply

    With so many natural disasters going on in the world you’d think people would stop and start taking care if each other, rather then fight and cause more drama.
    Just twenty or thirty years ago you would have never seen this evil behavior.

  88. Eddie Horton Reply


  89. John Romano Reply

    And news starts with tangential bs… Click

  90. Cindy Kemp Reply

    This was bad one lots flooding in SC to

  91. AMN NEWS HD Channel Reply

  92. Donna Vaughn Reply

    That is a lie, he would NEVER have taken the job, if he only cares for himself, he said why he played it down, and I can see many people in power saying the same, to calm people. Her reasons for voting for Biden who will then bring in socialism, tells me that there is more to this.

  93. Cindy Kemp Reply

    Sue car place always keep scissors in car or pocket book I carry scissors in my big wallet

  94. AMN NEWS HD Channel Reply

    very good

  95. AMN NEWS HD Channel Reply

    Mashallah ap mery chanl ko subscribe krn …….thanks

  96. Rogerio Perez Reply

    You’re a liar Spence, the American people are not stupid. Maybe you are vice president to believe your own lies. I want the truth want the truth.

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