NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 18th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at 87 and the U.S. will soon surpass 200,000 deaths from Covid-19.

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00:00 Intro
00:19 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead At 87
15:27 U.S. On Brink Of Surpassing 200,000 Coronavirus Deaths
18:52 Multiple Tropical Storms, Hurricane Teddy In Atlantic

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 18th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

106 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 18th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Liz Swedlund Reply

    Coved was made in a chinese lab and deliberately released on the world. The left some how doesn’t connect the dots that this curse is s product of an evil leftist communists regime. Leftism is truly a blight on humanity.

  2. julie froman Reply

    you meant ”she officiated your wedding ceremony” not ”she married my husband…”

  3. Cisco Zerratano Reply

    We will miss her. Trump 2020

  4. Steve Frankes Reply

    Perhaps the 30 million aborted babies due to her uncaring liberal legacy can now rest in peace. She was a socialist, activist with communist tendency’s. Now a strict constitutionalist can be picked, a justice that rules according to the Law not their feelings

  5. ChrisS Reply

    Man I know rbg must’ve fought hard all the way to the end much respect to her

  6. Edwards Edwards Reply

    Prove to the 🇺🇸 they die 0f cov19 death certificates.

  7. John Ellis Reply

    What a year

  8. Zoraida Golding Reply

    That is the best news I can hear today……and in this year.

  9. Dave Otuwa Reply

    My biotic scheme is to die in my triple digits but STILL shorter than 2 centuryz. As long as I’m not often boozing.

  10. Krutee Sompura Reply

    🙏Rest In Peace🙏

  11. Ben Frank Reply

    Hey, if it’s not too close to an election to confirm a Supreme Court justice seat then it’s also not too close to impeach Trump again. Added bonus: the senate suspends all business at hand until a vote on removal is final. So no confirmation until after impeachment. Nancy, make it so.

  12. Wo0dy Woodstock Reply

    @Lester Holt
    Don’t forget that Dumbty had his minions discourage mask wearing because his government didn’t even have any masks for the First Responders since Dumbty had previously moved the Office of Preparedness out of the White House.
    Then Dumbty tried to blame not being prepared on the States as if stopping a pandemic could have been done by them.
    We’ve all now heard the Woodward Tapes of Dumbty lying about not wanting to have a panic when it was really him that was panicking–“Oh no, I might not get re–elected”.
    You should mention those facts when you show that tape of Dumbty’s Surgeon General saying wearing a mask could increase your chance of getting COVID-19.
    What a dumb, unbelievable statement even then because why have masks if they don’t protect somebody from something?

  13. BrAnD Reply

    RBG was appointed to the SC in only 43 days..They’re going to replace her quickly, especially with Hilary telling Biden not to accept defeat in the presidential election..We’ve got to be ready, because we know the left is going to try, and steal this election by any means possible..They’re going to replace RBG very quickly, and it will be another woman only she’ll be conservative of course..This will end abortions in America very soon afterwards..

  14. G-Men G-Men Reply


  15. Deleaise Porter Reply

    So sad😞

  16. Amy Paul Reply

    It is so sad to learn of her death. She was a Supreme Court Justice who stuck up for woman’s rights she was a strong woman she should be honored.

  17. Amy Paul Reply

    Ruth Bader was a special soul.

  18. tim jones Reply

    She going to be judged by THEE JUDGE now. Answer for her support of murder.

  19. Amy Paul Reply

    May she rest in peace.. Love n so much light and her passing is a great loss to America.

  20. acajudi100 Reply

    R.I.P .RBG
    R.I.P all the people who have died with out income, with this fake CON 19 , masks etc BS!

  21. Eric Archuleta Reply

    and now this hag meets the creator.

  22. Amy Paul Reply

    I am voting for Biden period. Want a Democratic house too.

  23. Pamala Dalrymple Reply

    Mourning? McConnell & Trump wouldn’t allow her family to sit Shiva before they started speculating on her replacement. Buzzards.

  24. Amy Paul Reply

    Am a Democrat and tired of too many rich not being taxed so the poor and middle class can survive

  25. Arcus Puffious Reply

    These covid deaths are all Trumps fault😡

  26. Jennifer Heydenreich Reply

    Why is everyone so surprised by this plague? Don’t people read the Bible? We’re living in Days of Noah and living out the book of Acts!

  27. john spurlock Reply

    With all these confirmations of the difference circuit courts and now it’ll be three with the supreme Court if president Trump loses the election and claims voter fraud and as it is with the coronavirus during a national emergency president Trump could declare the Congress incompetent to make decisions in the timely manner to ensure national security requesting relief of burden from the supreme Court there for stripping Congress of its powers backed by the Patriot act the national defense authorization act research the mechanics of the enabling act of 1933 if it happens once it could happen again and it is still legal

  28. Diana Jackson Reply

    Ruth bater was another star⭐ among many other stars that have left this world but these icons have left there spirit’s behind that Will not rest until this country is free of freedom🗽 for the United States be able to heal from pain and suffering and being mislead by a man who said that he alone can fix this this leadership has went beyond bullies

  29. Mae M Reply

    👶🤰] ” ABORTION KILLS BABIES ! ” [🤰👶

  30. Gloria Mills Reply

    It Is So Important to Vote God Believing and God-fearing people into public office when they pass laws to go against the word of God it brings judgment.

  31. G G Reply

    This Ginsburg matter may mean a Trump re-election now! Unreal!

  32. Gloria Mills Reply

    The Bible Saids Righteousness Exaltes A Nation but Sin Is A Reproach.

  33. Gloria Mills Reply

    The Bible Saids When The Unrighteous Are In Authority The People Groan.

  34. Gloria Mills Reply

    The Bible Saids When The Rightous Are In Authority The People Rejoice.

  35. Gloria Mills Reply

    When the unrighteous are in Authority the people groan, California.

  36. Gloria Mills Reply

    Message from God, I Am Ready To Pour Out My Wrath but It Is Time If You Will Turn Back To Me.

  37. Judy Ncororo Reply


  38. Gloria Mills Reply

    God Hates Abortion and It Must Be Abolished Immediately or Judgements Will Continue, Saids the Lord God.

  39. Gloria Mills Reply

    The Bible Is The Roadmap To A Wonderful Life, Try Putting Something Together Without Instructions and What Do You Have, (EXACTLY) That Is Our Lives Without The Word of God. (THE BIBLE).

  40. Gloria Mills Reply

    Survey taken of 25 and under age group how many knew anything about the Bible 1% That same week 3 mass shootings
    Age group of killers 25 and under.

  41. Corporal Hollywood Reply

    God speed mam

  42. Gloria Mills Reply

    Last generation has known nothing but violence, in School shootings, Violence
    Video Games, Music, Movies, TV 📺. Mass killings at Theaters 🎥, Malls, Music 🎶 Concerts,
    Didn’t Have any of this when Prayer and Bible Readings Started the School day 🙏 🙌 and The 10 Commandments were on the Blackboard and the Golden rule was on the other side of Blackboard.
    Which is do unto others as you would have others do unto you. For all to look at everyday.

  43. Wenji Chen Reply

    Hallie Jackson–wordy and useless information

  44. Corporal Hollywood Reply

    China is coming, buy guns

  45. Gloria Mills Reply

    A Person Becomes Whatever You Feed Into Your Heart, Mind, and Soul.
    Be It Evil 😈 or Be It Good.

  46. Wade Atkinson Reply

    Destroy trump =NBC news

  47. Dan Martin Reply

    Honest to god really? 15 minutes devoted to that woman!?!? Wow what a crazy news cast! Sickening! Nuts! Plus that she looked pretty fragile anyway! She should have taken better care of her self

  48. Angie Feliciano Reply

    A GREAT SOUL!!!!, may she RIP!!!

  49. Johnny Florine Reply

    How many people believe that the President wanted the pandemic to become full blown to gain access to the 511 billion in p.p.p. $???

  50. Jacques Reply

    Our lives have gone to garbage, the American Dream is a nightmare. R.I.P Ginsburg, a woman who fought in the supreme court for the behalf for us and not herself! We have nothing protecting us, besides a government that collects tax money that doesn’t provide us a good education, post, and law enforcement! Screw this, what is stopping us from having a revolution! Start it before the election!

  51. savalyn jones Reply

    This amazing and intelligent human ‘ Lady Ruthjust like Ruth in the Bible was two different individual. Strong and fearless.She has pave the way for other Supreme Court Judges to be very fare in their final rulings.and believe that their is a HIGHER JUDGE WHO SEATED ON HIS HEAVENLY THRONE AND HE IS THE ONLY JUDGE THAT WE ARE GOING TO ANSWER TO ON THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT.”..REST IN PEACE LADY RUTH…GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL”……..LOVE FROM THE GREAT WHITE NORTH ” CANADA”..

  52. Rock Howard Reply

    Let’s see if the Moscow Turtle Mitch McConnell has any honor left:
    “The American people should have a
    voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice,” McConnell
    said in a statement released after Scalia’s death. “Therefore, this
    vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president.”
    Vote BLUE and help your friends & family to vote. Vote early!

    • Kanez Williams Reply

      After the name “Moscow Mitch” flowed out your mouth, you had your answer.

    • Rock Howard Reply

      @Kanez Williams True, I guess I missed it. All this Trumpdemic and Orange Obeast Emperor Trump is so exhausting .

    • Nate Loreno Reply

      Since your a Democrat, you shouldn’t have just reminded them to vote early, but also to vote often!

  53. Conservative Thinking Americans Reply

    Do you people expect her to live forever??? PICK THAT JUDGE TRUMP!!!

  54. 10GALLEN81 Reply

    We’re going to miss this “LADY” more than we’ll ever know

    • ed Cooper Reply

      Lol ya the wicked witch is dead lol

  55. Rob Gholston Reply

    God rest your soul, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. R.I.P.

  56. Dan Hove Reply

    Choices? Communist run Party or Nazis?
    I see Much better parties. Vote Gold for Liberty vote Green and save our lives. We’re Burning to death people and never forget
    “Liberty once lost is lost forever” Thomas Jefferson. So much for Feds and using the military against Americans.. Treason! Now instead of feds abducting Americans in Portland it’s pro cops everything. That’s give blacks the illusion of support. Biden’s candidate for VP MYST BE A Woman if COLOR. THATS RACIST! And blocking dlthe Democratic process with the party is called command and dictated by the National Committee. That IS Thee Definition if COMMUNISM

  57. Roland Moreno Reply

    We know Republicans are liars

  58. teddy cannoli Reply

    Alive or dead..who gives a fuc.. she doesn’t do nothing for the poor…

    • Finn McCool Reply

      Whelp she does Help murder the Poor,s Unborn

    • teddy cannoli Reply

      @Finn McCool 80 years old and a judge..go bake me some cookies..

  59. Richard Walker Reply

    You libturds who think she cared about you are stupid and ignorant.

  60. Alani Carpenter Reply


  61. precious j Reply

    D 🐐 of the SUPREME Court

  62. Rhonda Sue Miller Reply

    I thought she already passed.. Is this a mandella effect?

  63. Mike Fries Reply

    Stop stirring the pot NBC

  64. OceanBlue Heart Reply


  65. Isaac Cantu Reply

    Anyone considering abortion needs to think about it happening to them. All of a sudden life gets precious.

  66. Finn McCool Reply

    Good Riddance to the Filthy Cultural Marxist and Abortionist.

  67. TheCo11ection Reply

    Trump 2020

  68. J P Reply

    Roe V. Wade is about to be overturned. Thank GOD! TRUMP2020 #MAGA #VOTERED

  69. xerakis Reply

    She was nothing more than a left wing, America hating Marxist

  70. Corey Mack Reply

    Well…I turned on the YouTube news portal to catch up on the latest news,but I hear Only one thing…So I simply titled this one segment as…”Justice Ginsburg”…No end in sight…With a 10 sec. report on the economy and a 20 min. report on Justice Ginsburg!….😔😔😔

  71. Mark Branch Reply

    Stopping at 3:57 before I puke.

  72. Alexi Tofanzadeh Reply

    I love her she long time tried to good for amrica ad serious she was she was strong woman I am proud of her .

  73. ramon oliveras Reply

    An amazing and consistently lady. A strong magnolia.

  74. S Mk Reply

    Finally good news on NBC. #dingdongthewitchisdead

  75. malaks peters Reply

    Late justice Ruth Bader supported abortion,,, i could not even imagine how many human lives are being killed in their mother’s womb because of her support……i pray for her soul that she may be forgiven…but after all, she will give her account to the ALMIGHTY and ALL SUPREME JUDGE in Heaven……as each one of us will….those mothers who are killing their babies..you will give your account to GOD for destroying a human life..think twice before killing your baby..

  76. b10rain Reply


    Leftists are f*cked… BAHAHAHAHA!!!

  77. Randy Owens Reply

    RBG-wisdom AND compassion. justice had a friend in her. NO ONE on the g o p side has those credentials of her character. g o p will nominate an EMPTY person, NO DOUBT.

  78. SaToRi Reply

    Breaking news: Covid19 is about to tie with malaria for 1 year totals. Malaria, however, has a long track record of putting up high numbers every year! Can covid keep up? Will covid give malaria a run for it’s money? Tune in next year!

  79. Jeffrey Smith Reply

    More rioting!!!! I’m a liberal and I approve this message

  80. bambi lee Reply

    Beautiful heart with beautiful soul! R.I.P.!

  81. 김민지 Reply

    appalling. can’t believe the surgeon general said that masks can increase your chance of getting other disesases – hope that wasn’t taken out of context.

    i don’t think anywhere in the world did health officials in other governments make such ridiculous claims.

  82. D MAN Reply

    she ripped up th constitution and done what she felt was right,nothing to do with th law.unborn babies sigh of relief.

  83. Al Hackathorn Reply


    *R.B.G. FINAL DECENT* 🎭⚰🎭


  84. Al Hackathorn Reply

    Bury her this year…

  85. Donna Lemmo Reply

    Where is the ominous music as Casey Hunt is talking about filling RBG’s seat, oh dear..may the woman rest in peace, already..the sharks already are circling…it’s horrible.

  86. ed Cooper Reply

    That was one ugly witch looking old bag. Was ruth in wizard of OZ? Ya know ugly witch that a house landed on lol

  87. Draco Venit Reply

    The science did not evolve with masks. We have always known that surgical masks offer some protection to others, but not to the user. Respirators like the N95 protect the user and others. N95s with vents only protect the user. Random fabric masks are slightly worse than surgical masks. This is old science. Not evolving science. In fact it is technical information.

  88. Jeffery Soundington II Reply

    (Proof that God exists the short version)

    For those of you who do not like to read. I’ll keep my proof that God exists nice. Short. And dumbed down🤓

    “If” God is fake, somebody made him up. That would mean that God has an inventor. A person who came up with God in their imagination. Get it?

    But “If” God is real this means that God is the experience of death. Which means after everyone dies they stand in front of God and he will throw you into a fire ALIVE or He will NOT. Simple.

    There’s only two options,

    either Humans created God from their imagination,


    God created us to look similar to what he looks like if you could see him. <<< one of these answers is right! The problem is.... Nobody made up God... if so who? If you provide the name of this person who made up God then that’s all it takes to prove that God is fake. Simple. “IF” God was fake.... the only way we could hear about God is if a person made it up. If God was fake it would need an inventor or creator in order for us to even hear about it in the first place. So if God has an inventor, or person who made him up, then it’s definitely fake. But, if God does not have an inventor, then yes God (Jesus) ... Im afraid to say is 100% real. A person you meet after you die✅ NOT a person made up by someone. ❌ Atheists believe that there is no evidence to prove that God is fake, their entire regime relies on that argument alone , “that there is no evidence to prove that God is real or fake” ❌ which is WRONG! BIG TIME! here’s why! “if” God is fake..... then the evidence To prove that God does not exist would be the name of the person / people who made up God. ✅ ***THAT IS PLENTY OF EVIDENCE***

  89. emerald garvins Reply

    She was a lovely woman. Her only mistake was supporting abortion. I hope for a Christian that supports women’s rights to take her place.

  90. Walter Duranty Reply

    Ruth Bader Ginsberg Denounced Democrat Push to Stack Supreme Court
    QUOTE: FLASHBACK: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg chastises Democrats on court packing, calling it a “bad idea” and “partisan.”

    “9 seems to be a good number… I think it was a bad idea when President Franklin Roosevelt tried… I am not at all in favor of that…”

  91. T G Reply

    Only about 3 decades late. But better than never.

  92. Rodney Hill Reply

    I pray that many innocent unborn children are born now that the crow is dead

  93. VX and HE Reply

    Where in the Constitution does it gives women greater rights? What makes a woman’s wisdom so supreme?

  94. Eckhard Block Reply

    Sham democracy governments + sham leadership elites + sham leadership media
    wake up … there is no coronaPANDAMIC… tere is only a huge coronaTESTDAMIC!!!

  95. Rich Cook Reply

    AOC called for Her party to radically PROTEST!!!!!

  96. Barb B. Reply

    Welcome to another episode of, “everything in the country is bad, remember to be afraid and angry”. Enjoy the show!

  97. Guillermo A Reply

    I Remember CNN and NBC recommending not to wear a mask when this all started HYPOCRITES.

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