Nightly News Full Broadcast (October 11th)

Trump tells supporters he’s ‘tested totally negative,’ Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings begin, and Louisiana governor confirms first storm-related death.

101 thoughts on “Nightly News Full Broadcast (October 11th)

  1. j c Reply

    The President of the United States who loves the American people the most!  President Trump!!!👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍Trump 2020 for the future of America!!!👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. j c Reply

    Trump 2020 !!!!👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. Brian Brown Reply

    Seal team six is back in the news , trending as we speak .

  4. DICK WEED Reply

    I’m immune. That’s the kind of thing that Kim Jong un would say.

  5. Jean Owens Reply

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  6. Farrah Elbaz Reply

    I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  7. Arthur Bixler Reply

    Not matter what the situation you are always learning. I’m going on 73 and I’m still learning. And for you wise guys, save your jokes for your friends!

  8. Lucy Pittman Reply

    Now that you are doing well send American people our stimulus check we been waiting patiently do the right thing

  9. Kylel Cobb Reply

    NBC thinks this is news?? Honestly there is nothing newsworthy here. Wonder why they dont report on how the Russia collusion bs was all made up (literally) by Hillary and it cost taxpayers $40mil? And how every American should be concerned with the shadowy corruption of the previous administration. Bc they are complicit all of the lies and continue to practice nothing but smear propaganda at the expense of the people.

  10. Freedom, Liberty, The American Way Reply

    NBC …I’ll give you the run down

    Orangeman not fully cured orangeman bad.

  11. Doina Campean Reply

    To say Fauci is endorsing anything political, you need to take the science course, starting grade 5….

  12. Liza Foster Reply

    Please hear me ,you who vote for the ,will be greatly suprise, their right will be in questions , the Democrates will be against all of us.

  13. Liza Foster Reply

    Beware of how you vote! Lease pray that you make the right choice!

  14. Liza Foster Reply

    Please pray for helping you make the right choice

  15. Mclovin 2018 Reply


  16. My Hidden News Report Reply

    nbc is #fakenews

  17. Doina Campean Reply

    To ban abortions would result in a lot of pregnant women dying trying to abort, anyway,….. history much?????

  18. wee huddy Reply

    He HAS to do the rallies , his campaign is broke and it is the only way he can get and media coverage .

  19. Doina Campean Reply

    Police definitely needs up funding… I mean… how stupid can you possibly be??? union… you were a big help 100 years ago… right now, you’re a big hindrance…..let smart people into the force… if you don’t, you’re part of the problem, not of the solution…

  20. Donna Monroe Reply

    I think 🤔 the people should have a say in who’s appointed to the Higher court not only left to the most corrupt politicians….. just saying……

  21. jeannine grant Reply

    Traitor trump never had covid 2 begin with nobody gets cured in 2 weeks NOBODY

    • martin winther Reply

      Are you a doctor?? Do you know anyone who is?? Do you know what treatment he received? Do you even know the date of the last negative test??

  22. KOMRADEJAY412 Reply

    Hahahahaha Ohhh They Know Who That Racist Piece Of Crap Is, An Kindly Omitted The Footage Of The Man First Striking The Armed Security Guard Then Spraying Him With Mace! White Cops Have Shot Blackmen For Less An Walked Home That Night! Nice Right Wing News Coverage Here!

  23. FuriousWolf777 voodoo Reply

    Hmmm I guess bleach really works…🤯🤔

  24. Sue Chun Reply

    Vote President Trmp 2020…Biden sadly has had 2 brain surgeries no wonder he can’t remember what office he runs for or if he will raise your taxes…he has been lying since he started so he can figure out what he said and to what has he personally done??? Sad Biden.

  25. Goldie Reply

    He had better stay a mile away. Plus temperatures tend to decrease during the day and elevate in the evening. Either way he’s still dirty! Raphael (Ted Cruz) should shut up he’s Cuban trying to act like a WASP.

  26. 2BusySecretary Reply

    In what world did NBC’s security think it was ok to shoot? In what world did protestors think it was ok to harass and threaten someone? Oh, in today’s world.

  27. Shelly Lynn Reply

    I dont believe he’s testing negative. I’m a nurse and tested positive on September 6th. You may not still be contagious but your body does shed the virus for up to 3 months. The department of public health in my state will not even think about re testing me until 3 months has lapsed. So…liar, liar pants on fire. He is not negative and will not be negative for some time. 😡😡

  28. Nevuah Gallery Reply

    AMAZING! The Orange AntiChrist in the Oval Office is FALSELY claiming he has “RISEN FROM THE DEAD” with immunity no less.

  29. TalkingCorner, CC Reply

    Baby Yoda is fighting forest fires…smh..

  30. Brian Stevenson Reply

    Fauci hes funny but should be deeply investigated

  31. Brian Stevenson Reply

    Biden reminds me of the drunk down the road so he should make a perfect president

  32. Barbara Cannell Reply

    Donald Trump….Insane behavior!

  33. Alexander Rivera Reply

    TRUMP nothing but Lies!!!
    No proof from the Doctors??
    TRUMP is a DIRT BAG!!!

  34. Vote-Blue-BLM November 3 Reply

    When Trump met with Putin, in Russia and wouldn’t let any media inside the meeting. I think Trump was given a Antidote. Has Putin got this disease or anyone around him.

  35. William Bobo Reply

    This chaos, calamity,hate, RACISM is the results of the leadership of a chaotic, divisive shameless, Racist Lying Conspiracy theorist manipulator hateful presidency period.

  36. Crypto God Reply

    Is Biden having a stroke… he is slurring

    • laughing hard chuckling Reply


  37. Ender Reply

    I’m old enough to remember when you could sit and watch the news on tv, and believe you were getting balanced, useful information. Sometimes I miss naivete.

  38. Ivory Goddess Reply

    He never had it in the first place! Absolutely nothing is being said about the First Lady!! He is pulling the biggest HOAX yet!!

  39. Linda Sykes Reply

    There’s going to be a drought, so prepare to sip your urine. It is filtered through your body and has herbs and vitamins from the food you ate. Come on grams it tastes good. HAHAHEHE HAHAHE lol just two small sips. It will also eliminate your thirst for water. Linder Hall was one for endangerment of America with her first child and her mother and her????

  40. Darrell May Reply

    Trump needs to be Horsewhipped and thrown in prison for His Treason and Lies!

  41. Podcast Fan Reply

    The thumbnail has the outline of a pistol (the mask). This is a classic subliminal used in print advertising. A good subliminal should get under the radar of conscious attention yet the subconscious does pick up on it and this in turn creates the mental friction to confuse or turn the viewers outlook and opinion on whatever they were looking at

  42. Were Wolf Reply

    Cuz these days kids want work to be easy or basically handed to them. They dont know how to really study..

  43. Johnny C Reply

    Trump is immune from reality.

  44. Robin Washington Reply


  45. wish martinez Reply

    CNN why have neither you or any other stations told America the total unbiased Truth? The Democrats including Biden, Nancey, Kamala etc where informed the same way and Same day Trump was on the Severity of Covid 19 During Trump’s Impeachment Hearings? Why did you not Publish Trump’s Typed Public Address in March???,_2020

  46. mexio pal mundo pal mundo Reply


  47. mexio pal mundo pal mundo Reply

    CAN NOT BE|||||||||||||||||||| INCREDIBLE

  48. James Eddie Reply


  49. wish martinez Reply

    Why not cast those same stones?? Trump may have Down Played the Virus but the Democrats refused to even acknowledge it.. Nancy’s own words we don’t need the public Distracted from the impeachment. We can’t let them know said Nancy after the failed impeachment. We have to secure Joe Bidens Nomination. The loss of our lives was not as important as impeaching Trump and Securing Joe’s Nomination. Think about that.

  50. TesSsa Nichols Reply

    A true Man among men…love my President and First Lady…and my America and 🌎. Hope is alive.

  51. coolunusual Reply

    If you’re cleared to travel and not a transmission risk then what’s the issue? Lol

  52. Ronald Smith Reply

    Look people the Man never had the VIRUS!! Because each person that has tested positive Stayed in at least 14 days or more but all of a Sudden he’s back ln 4 days Wow they must have a Magic Potion just for him because the first Lady hasn’t been Seen Since they both got it???


    Joe Biden is running for Senate in Ohio ??? 🤣😂🤣

  54. T J Reply

    Health care workers are sworn to protect people, ⚕ if President Trump was negative, the Doctor would have said he is EXACTLY THAT, NEGATIVE!!!

  55. mindfuless Reply

    America falling 🇺🇲

  56. Hector Morales Reply

    Hillary Clinton and Obama had seal team 6 killed to conceal the fact that It wasn’t Binladen they got it was a decoy.

  57. Tracey Vanspall-Oldham Reply

    I would bleed outta my eyes and suture my own boils than trust the lizard with a skin peel.POTUS You are gross and you are high!

  58. Heather Sutton Reply

    Lies his dr did say he was negative. I saw it my self ! Msm still lie . 🙈🙉🙊 ooops I think 🤔 you do all three . The guard shot first then the man sprayed.

  59. Robert Allen Reply

    “When is Melania going to be put off her ventilator? She seems to be responding at a slower rate to the new Trump Miracle Drug!”

  60. Terry Strayer Reply

    Yeah it would take his taxes of 3 years just to pay for one course …of meds

  61. kathy chrostowski Reply

    I dont think he ever had it
    Sorry not sorry

  62. Terry Strayer Reply

    They can’t confirm the guys affiliation where he’s got a black lives matter shirt on and somebody else is pointing a gun at him on national TV and we catch it live this is the problem with this massive denial

  63. Jean Nash Reply

    Trumps America… Sheer chaos n now violence

  64. Brownie lover Reply

    Annoyed by what this news stations focus on given the amount of kids who were concerned with their learning concerns vs. The kid(s) who cared more about hanging with friends! – And who addressed what mattered most to them. It’s seemed quite telling why people seem to think so negative about certain groups when the news helps to show such negative narratives of particular classes of people.
    How many kids are out there and this is all they could find? Yeah!This is why people keep addressing they don’t trust the news!

  65. pugetwitch Reply

    that judge has a psychological issue clearly, she speaks like a four-year-old child. I’m not cool with having her as a justice. mental case! just another Bible thumper. those people are all the same.

  66. Sergio Fernandez Reply

    What Biden said about being intimidated at the polls is real, last time I went to vote when trump was running there was a white skinny guy dressed as a cop trying to intimidate us into voting republican. the funny things is that the cops in y precint aree usually large strong guys that look like marines more than cop, so I dont think he was even a cop from my precint.

  67. Benjamin Gal-Or Reply

    <<>> One moment to think please <<>> World Winner, COUNTRY HERO against C-VIRUS should be carefully assessed, less “unwise politics”, to save a million lives: Singapore: Total death 27, prolonged Zero Daily death, Fatality Rate 0.05 (v. U.S. 2.75)]. <> Assessing is experimental, not final, but its aim, scope and use can save the lives of a million in various countries, especially of nursing-homes, care-centers remnants, etc. <> “Dedicated Funds” [‘stimulus’ too?] aimed to save life at new, high-quality, country-side, fresh-air-areas [motels, hotels, tent centers], to stop-reduce fatality-rates [study why WHO reversed? Now against simple locking]. 
    Various new regulations may apply, like Wider-Distancing, No visitors, Best-Food-Medicine, etc. – Partly cared by [same?] care givers? <> “Pilot Black-Out-Prevention” also helps reduce heart/brain damages [2 books at ”in”, Amazon, Google-Search, explain rate of O2-in/CO2-out of the blood via square-root of pressure-difference across lung membranes times their total area, is done via deep-air-in, pressure-hold-10-sec, then strongest-cough-vacuum-out CO2 (strong coughs may help too)]. Naturally one-liners don’t care: “Russian concentration camps”, “Mid-Summer dream” Enough said.

  68. Martin Smith Reply

    IT’S Me….your favorite snake
    oil salesman ‼️. Have I got a
    deal for you ☣️ like a blessing
    from God ⚡ I’M toxic , so
    just name your poison ☠️❗

  69. Daniel Arpin Reply

    In “great shape” means you’ll get a brain?

  70. Hank The Boomer Reply

    So if you are open carrying where an aggressor knows you have a weapon, then they pepper spray you (potentially being able to steal your weapon) you then can’t defend yourself???

  71. Lisi Yiin Reply

    No offense eeryone but Covid is there after one positive test- it is a virus. Scientific evidence among other things

  72. Brian Wilson Reply

    Why would anyone watch the so-called news networks…? there is no truth in them

  73. Adam Barron Reply

    His not human….His the Anti Christ

  74. gina farley Reply

    Go Trump we love you!!!

  75. Hung Nguyen Reply

    Democracy is a communist monster.The Democrats bring the United States and the American people into a regime that makes people dumb to easily rule, life is difficult to be unable to resist and not. have freedom in all aspects. And the leaders are rich and happy while their people are hungry. Let’s see that there are five socialist countries in the whole world, namely China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. People have a full and free life like the American people today. President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and the Republicans have brought America back to great strength and greatness. 4 more years for Donald Trump and members of the Senate; House of the Republicans.

  76. Christopher Putnam Reply

    And Nero fiddles on.

  77. Pamela Capozzoli Reply

    That’s so sad 2 hurricanes back to back. Prayers to Louisiana and all that was in the hurricanes path.🙏✝️🙏🏽✝️🙏✝️🙏🏽✝️🙏✝️🙏🏽✝️🙏

  78. farmers email Reply


  79. David Pineiro Reply

    Trump the clown

  80. Jennifer Godboldo Reply


  81. Aaran Jeffers Reply

    So yall actually believe that he really had COVID

  82. keone brathwaite Reply

    Thanos said “I’ll do it myself!”, then picked up the gauntlet… Trump said “I’ll do it myself!”, then picked up the Coronavirus…
    #VoteSmart #OhSnap

  83. That was easy Reply

    Dems are still complaining, as always,

  84. That was easy Reply

    Trump rules

  85. keone brathwaite Reply

    I want to educate someone about the potential of the NEW EDUCATION SYSTEM, if done correctly, it can actually expand schools overseas.
    Imagine going to an online school in Harvard, from your home in Trinidad and Tobago. Call it “Advanced Distance Learning” if you’d like… ADL
    It’s the future, Guys! Don’t fight it!

  86. move sky Reply

    madness of trump and covid19

  87. Alex Steel Reply

    Trump the stupip shame for the USA.

  88. Kim Mike Reply

    Negative ? If corona was that easy , why 200000 people died ? He is living because of steroid but soon enough it will hurt him big time.

  89. Kim Mike Reply

    He is lying again. This guy when he opens his mouth , nothing but a lie come out of his mouth.

  90. Tracy Williams Reply

    I love baby yoda…💖💖💖

  91. Ashlee Fox Reply

    IMO… Kurt Cobain was right about Trump. Trump for President 2020

  92. J J Reply

    I love this guy. I wish he was Canadian

  93. Romeo Trinh Reply

    Trump fake news about coronavirus or he lie pretending he has it! Otherwise he still a infected person with coronavirus illness!!

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