NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 13th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Eli Lilly’s coronavirus antibody treatment trial halted, Judge Amy Coney Barrett pressed on past Supreme Court rulings in confirmation hearing, and Texas early voting begins with long lines and wait times.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:40 Eli Lilly Halts Antibody Trial Over Safety Concerns
02:27 J & J Vaccine Trial Paused Over ‘Unexplained Illness’
03:15 Coronavirus Fall Surge Hitting Dozens Of U.S. States
04:15 Eli Lilly Antibody , J & J Vaccine Trials Abruptly Halted
05:16 Amy Coney Barrett Faces First Day Of Senate Questions
08:46 Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Grilled On Obamacare Case
09:33 Supreme Court Sides With Trump Administration On Cencus
09:57 Militia Members Allegedly Targeted Second Governor
11:33 Trump & Biden Hold Dueling Battleground Events
11:59 Massive Lines As Early Voting Gets Underway In Texas
13:33 Battle Over Misleading Ballot Drop Boxes In California
15:06 Virgiania’s Voter Registration Shut Down By Cut Cable
15:38 Apple Unveils New IPhone 12 With 5G Capablity
17:31 Cristiano Ronaldo, Dustin Johnson Test COVID Positive
17:50 Nation’s First Firefighting Robot Rolls Into Action

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 13th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

99 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 13th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Farrah Elbaz Reply

    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

  2. ideaquest Reply

    ELI (He Lied) Lilly hault trial.
    Did Trump said he is immune?

  3. David Frank Samai Reply

    COVID-19 is real

  4. Eliud Melendez Reply

    Will never buy and iphone again!

  5. Jamie Court Reply

    Nobody seems to be addressing the number of health care providers who will become ill or die taking care of the trump supporters who think herd immunity is a goal worth pursuing. Think about the absence of precious resources to take care of your family when you or your loved ones have pneumonia, renal failure, strokes, myocardial infarctions, or other illnesses. Please consider all the nurses, respiratory therapists, radiology technicians, doctors, kitchen staff, janitors, nurse assistants you may infect when you’re ill with something you chose to not protect yourself or your loved ones from. Please wear a mask, socially distance and wash your hands.

  6. [LUTO] Brєиdαα Armααnii Dєłffø ϟ Reply

    10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️


    Seriously guys ,Trump is not good , but joe Biden lie to his country and betray his country- U.S.A . Joe Biden , should step down…. immediately!!! Beacuse he is wrost than Trump , have read the New York Post – and this is true . When I read it, I was very surprised…this is worst than Trump👎👎👎👎

  8. Donna Kirton Reply

    Stop looking at the polling it means nothing, the results at the end is what counts 🇺🇸

  9. John Smith Reply

    Boycott on for NBC NEWS airing Trump town hall..boycott sponsors also.

  10. TellyToby 710 Reply

    – — isn’t it pathetic and funny how trump feels he has to cheat and rig in order to win – – wow – –

  11. Jah Nubian Reply

    Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  12. Angel JZ Reply

    The two boys at the end! Wow thats wonderful

  13. Dawn Roper Reply

    Who are they fooling? I don’t think they want to continue spending money on vaccine trials. Not when there is a chance they can make more money on the “cure.” Oh these corporations.😠

  14. Samson Carwyn Reply

    Sang cứ chân thật chất phát như vầy nhé sang .. Ad cho hỏi cô gái ở giây 21 tên là gì vậy xinh quá

  15. Fred Smith Reply

    Lester Dolt still spewing crap!

  16. hkuii sdg Reply

    Contact me if you want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  17. Rio Feather Reply

    Dont let guys like me on that jury. They will walk free

  18. "Cancer What Is It Good For ! Making Friends ? " Reply

    And this Too
    Report this tooooo
    Quoting Here ” do the research about the mechanics of how this process works in our government. If you only watch the news and sound bits it most definitely will look like a schoolyard fight. Please be aware that our nation is in a desperate state under this administration”
    Ivanka Trump breaks the Hatch Act,
    YES that is what I try so Hard to get people to do, Not to take things at face value,.. MR Trump wants You to think exactly that way , to look like we are children Fighting In His Play Ground..


  19. Aida Mathews Reply

    Typical Trump what is cheating of course you will put fake ballot boxes everywhere he’s willing to do anything to win this election back to his female tricks just like when he was elected cheating but have to watch those mailboxes very careful definitely see where they’re going keep your eyes on the prize…

  20. Bang Gus Reply

    Good morning I hope everyone is healthy

  21. Joboo Luvs u Reply

    Hunter Biden son smoking crack taking bribes from Ukraine where is that story

  22. Jeremy DeVaughn Reply

    10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  23. Boxcar Willie Reply

    NBC sucks!! ABC sucks! MSNBC sucks! CNN Really sucks!!!

  24. Erika Monterroso Reply


  25. Olivia Shuii Reply

    Trump can’t face his loss, cheating. Disgusting

  26. Trevor Sole Reply

    Wow, she flopped right on her face, what an embarrassment for the Corporatists/Conservatives that have endorsed her. She is clearly not qualified to hold a seat in the highest court in the land, aside from her highly partisan allegiances to corporate interests, she has shown she doesn’t even have a basic understanding of the Constitution.

  27. Stray Tarnish Reply

    trust anyone who speaks “yes” while nodding “no” better except she doesn’t care if you understand what she’s meaning

  28. Rhonda Austin Reply

    thought trump said 5G was bad

  29. Nunya Bidness Reply

    We should vote by our social security number… it would eliminate all fraud, on federal and local election levels.

  30. niall441 Reply

    Why does Amy Corny Barrett have to bring the whole family to the bloody confirmation hearing?

  31. Julie Jensen Reply

    I will never watch NBC news again because of hosting the Trump Virus.

  32. NY Professional Reply

    NBC sucks for rewarding Trump!!! Boooooo!!! Thumbs down!!! Boycotting you for a whole year regardless of the outcome of the elections!

  33. MRD Reply


  34. Robert Banda Reply

    Together, we will hold corona virus pandemic at bay if we continueosly keep implementing the scienticaly approved methods that ministry of heath keep recommending to all communities

  35. BEVERLY Jones Reply

    Shame on you giving trump a platform and dictating to you……you’re another enabler of trumps

  36. Septembers Whisper Reply

    Biden cannot even string a simple sentence together without help , https://youtu.be/3pTm6_3lX3A what a huge mess he would be without a teleprompter, as it is, just yesterday he thought he was running for senate.

  37. Nicholas Tomcheck Reply

    The virus is becoming immune to treatments & changing its course in host.

  38. Cedrick J'mack Niddle Reply

    They always pause these trials.

  39. ray melendez Reply

    I think she’s a piece of garbage. ?Just another instrument of power that the Trump is using. I’m sure she was sat down? By the Trump. And I asked her to pledge loyalty to him. Iike he did with Comey. I believe she’s putting herself in a precarious situation with the Trump. And when she gets caught doing something unethical the Trump.will just throw her under the bus like he does everyone else.

  40. Andrew MILLER Reply

    If trump endorse her you know she is a detriment to US

  41. Boxcarcifer Reply

    She is a female Vatican Assassin and Jesuit like Jesuit’s who murdered Abraham Lincoln, a Catholic Blood Drinking Female cannibal.

  42. ray melendez Reply

    The Republicans are just nervous because the more ballads there going to be voting for Biden for the most part. A lot of Americans are not forgetting several lies the Trump stated already about the covid-19 and he still doing it. He is still a super spreader but does he care about people no he does not.

  43. John Ohkuma Thiel Reply

    Dammit. I’m finding myself approving of Barrett, it’s the timing I object to.

  44. Godfather 12&6 Reply

    Whomever made the decision to allow the Treasonous occupant of the Oval Office to have his own Town Hall, needs to be fired! NBC you lost all credibility as an honest news organization! That was a Disgusting and Disgraceful Decision!

  45. IceWolf Gaming Reply

    Where is Hunter Biden news?

  46. IceWolf Gaming Reply

    Why today top new is not mentioned by NBC.

    Corrup Ukraine firm reportedly got direct access to then-vice president Joe Biden through his son Hunter Biden.

  47. Maria Garcia Reply

    CCP virus destroyed the world—BUT NONE OF DEMOCRATS HOLD CCP ACCOUNTABLE!!

  48. mike swiental Reply


  49. Dorothy McCaskill Reply


  50. Charles Hillebrand Reply

    Lester the News Molester couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it!

  51. R Brown Reply

    We need to return to segregation

  52. Mokhlesur Rahman Reply

    Why the anchor is so excited about delayed vaccine?

  53. Joseph Reply

    NBC = untrustworthy

  54. Jacob Use Code TINNICHOLAS26-YT item shop Reply

    Biden a big corrupt old man 👴

  55. Oddvard Myrnes Reply

    She is a religious nutcase. If she is confirmed you have a dangerous religious idealog on your court.

  56. Tammy Berry Reply

    5G is what’s killing US! NO VACCINE… No Gates!!! Killers.. you’re All Killers!

  57. Patricia Vyce Reply

    Is she under some kind of spell. Idk,.somethings odd.🧐

  58. Rob richone Reply

    used to be a great great news anchor Lester , now I’myou just a puppet for the left it’s a shame)

  59. Eric RedClaymore Reply

    Want to end this pandemic quickly and safely? Get the get the government to implement a comprehensive antipandemic plan like the one described in the book Beating Covid.

  60. Norma Lilia Reply

    Why would I get an even more expensive phone that offers 5G when I won’t be able to use it?! Minus the charger and extras … payed over $600 for the iPhone 11max pro and this is what they come out with now??? Bruh, hard pass. Might just finally switch to Android 🙄

  61. Clint Johnson Reply

    Can we hear some news which can be considered accurate?

  62. Kristina M Bowen Reply

    I almost believed her but then she began refusing to answer simple questions. I don’t care if it was an empty notebook, it’s basically a job interview. She wants to be confirmed for the Supreme Court. She’d better know the law.
    I don’t trust her.

  63. Amy B Reply

    This group of men planned to kidnap a couple of governors because they were upset about shutdowns? That seems counter productive.
    They must have known that they would be facing serious jail time…on the federal lock-down level.

  64. once upon a dime Reply

    of course she had no notes she had the exact same answer for every question.

  65. Cynthia Faith Reply

    this is great, i got a herbal medication from Doctor_sirdoma , who help me cure my cancer. My mom also took his herbal medicine last week for her diabetes and now my mum is total cured from diabetes at the age of 67years. My mum got a negative results after taking the herbal medicine, just after six days of using the herbal medication . All thanks to Doctor_sirdoma, for your herbal medicines, i really appreciate your good work! Keep up the good work. God bless you and your family. For those in need of any herbal cure naturally, contact IG page @Dr_sirdoma1 for a better treatments totally.
    Rheumatoid arthritis

  66. Chad Briscoe Reply

    Is it me or does Lester Holt always look he’s depressed all the time???

  67. topgundcp Reply

    @Feinstein: Then stop asking stupid questions !!! Go home, take care of S.F you old fool !!!

  68. Walter D. Petrovic Reply

    Barrett, with refusing to answer direct questions makes her nothing less than a pure liar.

  69. Esperanza J Creeger Reply

    Hey MSM! Why aren’t you reporting on Biden’s betrayal of Seal Team Six? The People need to know. More to follow, MSM. The Truth doesn’t care about your feelings.

  70. Carolynn Coppinger-Williams Reply

    I am outraged at nbc for giving a platform to republican’s “Misinformation,Inc”. Doesn’t matter if you call it a town hall
    the responses to all questions will be untruthful. Sorry nbc. Time to Boycott ya’ll.

  71. Dave Counts Reply

    The conversation happened and it was still short because she said yes.

  72. Kenji Sakamoto Reply

    Put them in jail, those who are making fake drop off boxes.

  73. Alan Corner Reply

    Joe Biden guilty of high treason ?

  74. alberto figueroa Reply

    I had covid 19 a couple of months ago. Wasn’t too bad, I’m 40 years old, a smoker with diabetes. I imagine that if i was healthier and didn’t smoke, the symptoms would have been much milder. Also, justice Barrett should be confirmed. President Obama attempted to fill an empty supreme court seat at the end of his presidency. Why was that not contested?

  75. Betta Blue Reply

    NBC, you should be ashamed of yourself for booking the baby to do a town hall up against Vice President Biden. He bailed on the debate and should have to live with it. Shame on your pandering!

  76. Rosalia Bantasan Reply

    I’m so tired of hearing covid news,why don’t you change your news like hunter binen corruption

  77. Sista Carol Reply

    Why is the doctor keep telling the people that this virus is a pandemic when they know very well that it’s just a virus that can be treated, they need to let the a America people know the truth so that they can get the real help they need to go back there jobs and there life.

  78. Kelli Gillespie Reply

    Trump is up to his usual tricks. If you want to know what he’s up to, just listen. Everything he accuses others of is exactly what he is doing. Republicans across CA putting up phony ballot collection boxes. Oh Trump. Shame on you.
    Shame on Republicans.

  79. Mr_R N Reply

    Prosecute them.

  80. IGOR POPOV Reply

    Trump us president

  81. MIKE GORGE Reply

    What the Democrats did in the past during the Obama era at the external level is to sign losing agreements and advance the interests of countries to America’s interest. Trump came and torpedoed all of that and made America first and internally during the Obama era, big numbers of unemployment, inflation and high taxes. Trump came and blew all of that and made the interest of the American people first .. Even the symbols and statues of America have destroyed them and they do not respect the American flag, and Trump will re-study the patriotism of the schools. It is clear that there are external agendas to weaken America and to allow its division and the independence of its states, and this is what the Democrats are doing .. They are a great danger to the unity, security, economy, army of

  82. patty sizer Reply

    I have never heard any discussion on NBC News questioning what happened between Biden and Burisma or Biden and the prosecution of the case. Why not?

  83. Rip N Tear Reply

    RS3 hahahahahahahahah someone is playing too much Runescape !!!!!!

  84. patty sizer Reply

    Why don’t you investigate the safety of 5G?

  85. Rich Another Reply

    Please stop eating meat and dairy.

  86. Ian Whiteley Reply

    There is no cure… Never will be for the ccp china virus

  87. tofu fun Reply


  88. VB Enterprise Reply

    How can these people sleep at night, master deceivers, liers,murderers and fathers of cruelty and Kaos. ..

  89. Christine Kamau Reply

    Dance moves are in African blood.🙏👌👍

  90. w23857980 Reply

    The GOP mislabel the drop box as official. They should label their drop box GOP. I won’t put my ballot in a GOP drop box. My name is on the ballot envelope. They can check that I’m not a register Republican and throw my vote away.

  91. Scott Guthrie Reply

    Not a word about the Hunter Biden emails and bribery over access to his father! Now I’m sure it was just an oversight! NBC wouldn’t try to hide the truth to impact the election. No! Would they…?

  92. Rob Woitowich Reply

    I don’t believe there are more deaths from covid or more hospital visits

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