NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 12th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

“Confirmation hearings begin for Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump holds Florida campaign rally one week after leaving hospital, and early voting kicks off in Georgia with long lines.

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00:00 Intro
01:17 Amy Coney Barrett’s Opening Statements In Contentious Confirmation Hearing
04:45 Supreme Court Showdown: What To Expect When Questioning Begins Tomorrow
05:48 President Trump Holds First Campaign Rally Following COVID Hospitalization
07:35 Georgia See Long Lines On First Day Of Early Voting, After June Polling Issues
09:36 Troubling Signs Of New COVID Wave As 7 States See Single-Day Records
10:16 Top Doctors Warn Intimate Gatherings Are Fueling Current COVID Spike
10:41 Pfizer Says It Will Include Volunteers As Young As 12 In Vaccine Trial
11:44 Inside Europe’s Second COVID Wave, What’s Behind The New Surge?
13:27 Search-And-Rescue Crews Race To Assess Hurricane Delta’s Destruction
14:34 Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Hail Cracks Windshield
14:59 Caught On Camera: Boat On The Loose After Photo Shoot Gone Wrong
15:27 Prime Day Tips As Retailers Release Big Deals Now
17:47 Hiker Recalls Terrifying Encounter With Cougar, Reveals How He Escaped
18:57 Baseball Hall-Of-Famer Joe Morgan Dies At 77

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 12th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News”

102 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 12th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. T Gong Reply

    Sounds like punk at first b4 he grabbed some rock

  2. Eric Polansky Reply

    You can just hear the Trump hate coming out of all of the Democrats! How dare them judge someone that has been working all of her life way before Trump ran office this is a democratic sham being displayed once again!
    Looks to me like they really need her help to be honest

  3. Super Man Reply

    this reporters are parasites to society for a pay check puppets robots of the elites

  4. Yamin Haniyah Reply

    Her background is spotless. That’s why they are worried about her nomination. They can’t find anything on her, plus she’s young. Kamala Harris’s narration on Barrett was wrong. She can’t predetermine that the nominee will judge a certain way. Barrett never disclosed how she would judge. We just have to wait and see. She does not believe in constantly judging on old cases that has been decided upon, especially those from well over 50 years ago. So why do they keep bringing it up. Ppl can say what they want. The threat of court packing is now buzzing around.

  5. Tracy McMillan Reply

    What the republicans are going to gain in the Supreme Court they are going to loose in the election.

    • Yamin Haniyah Reply

      That is a possibility.

  6. Yamin Haniyah Reply

    High numbers in regions at risk for covid 19, it does.not take leaders in your community or town for you to decide to isloate yourself. You can make that decision all on your own. People are impatient, they want to go back to a social life.

  7. xHairyPalmzx13 Reply

    Sick and tired of all this corruption. Your either Democrat or Republican. What happened to being American.

  8. MelanatedRN #reparationsnow Reply


  9. Yamin Haniyah Reply

    So many hurricanes in zones that are constantly devastated. I would relocate, it is a waste of 💰 money to have to keep rebuilding. States should be declared as inhabitable as a final decision because it has become a burden financially, loss of lives, residences, and businesses.

  10. Vincent Jordan Reply


  11. joanne klatsky Reply

    on the road again…Trump!

  12. Termall Williams Reply

    It’s amazing how people go and adopt black kids from all over the world but not from the united States. I find that odd.

  13. Zomb Pan Reply

    We China at last will defeat Donald Trump administration !

  14. Termall Williams Reply

    Mike Lee, im embarrassed for you!

  15. Agnes L Reply

    lol!! the cougar’s “charging”.

  16. Jacky Brown Reply

    You have rocks on the ground dude

  17. Dan Ervin Reply


  18. Angela Tasley-Forrest Reply

    Amy Lied in front all witness at the conformation hearing. Amy should have told the truth!! If she’s against abortion she should say, “Yes” not lied before witnesses. Lying 🤥 and over turning Obamacare that’s what she will do!!

  19. Angela Tasley-Forrest Reply

    Catholic has aborted their babies regardless of the law.

  20. Chasmal Reply

    We left England to become a different country in America and have become the UK anyway. Ignorant humans

  21. John Keith Reply

    Georgia, Thank you for NOT allowing trump to silence you. It makes me sick to see voter suppression and i am sorry that this crap exists in America.

  22. AJ Deadshow Reply

    3:49 “…but don’t get me wrong. SOME religious beliefs are definitely weird.”

  23. Alberta Rivers Reply


  24. maseod azize Reply


  25. chqos q Reply

    Lester looks like a koopa

  26. R Melnyk Reply

    The Powers that be want an Zombie out break they’ve tried everything now they want to inject us.

  27. Jesus Silverstein Reply

    Aqqattuied means bad unqqunattied means good

  28. Jesus Silverstein Reply

    Gd hack bump I’m warranin yu Cathy Allen killed my kid then they clonne him the fed him to jolly

  29. ersalla wallace Reply

    DOCTORS Will Lie no question about it . Scandalous” Money 💰 can and Do buy morals, ethics , Judges righteousness not only change ✋ but change people Lives.

  30. So No Reply


  31. Nichol Prince Reply

    Hope all is well with you and your health………..it is advised to wear a mask……I Nichola Prince ALVES is wearing one every day

  32. PETRA CARTY Reply

    Only God can stop the COVID-19

  33. Samantha Cat Reply

    I don’t understand that what is wrong with Judge Barraet? Just because she is appointed by President Trump or because he was Catholic religion, or she doesn’t look exactly as Justice Ginsburg, or she doesn’t have exactly same views as Justice Ginsburg? I guess all of those reasons are not convincing and valid to not confirm her at all. She is a 7 children’s loving mother, a responsible wife, she is a well knowledgeable Judge who believes Constitution to govern. She has had enough working experiences. She is young enough to focusing on getting things done quickly and older enough for accumulated working experiences and visions of America’s greatness by principles, learning experiences and wisdom to achieve. I guess she doesn’t needs to look exactly or think exactly as Justice Ginsburg. It’s ok to be different, because there is no laws said that appointed Justice must look, or Behave or thinks or judges as particularly as anyone, but judges bylaws only. Thus sufficjient knowledge of laws are the most important things to be confirmed. Working experiences to solve cases fairly, quickly by convincing and effectiveness are also very important. Recognition on our country America’s own established laws to govern to preserve, protect and defend America’s own recognition and principles of the Capitalism systems of freedoms, entrepreneurship spirit and equality of opportunities principles to govern and ensure our country America’s peaceful in order society for Americans of all to live and build America together are duties as Justice’s duties to explain laws either by right from wrong, or by wrong from right according to our country America’s own established principles as definitions of the laws. Let’s reunite together again by our generosity forgiveness and kindness nature toward each other’s accomplishments and mistakes and move forward quickly getting things done quickly together to confirm her instead of leaving vacancy long, can’t function well. Don’t hate each other again, move forward quickly together and focusing on getting things done quickly together by learning opportunities and experiences and do better together by learning opportunities and experiences, govern bylaws afterwards together, our country can be great and all will be happier. Moreover Justice Ginsburg maybe a good Justice before, but when he was too old and was very sick for long time, I guess she won’t function well again either for our country America’s greatness or was unkind to let her continue to work, or worry by her limited health conditions too. I feel sorry for her. This is why I believe let younger peoples or younger woman as Judge Barraet to have more opportunities to fill the vacancy of Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg’s position. And bring our country reunite together again and move forward quickly together and focusing on getting things done quickly and govern by our country America’s own established laws afterward together to continue America’s greatness together.

  34. Blaze In the sky Reply

    Will they ever get real news

  35. David Gagnon Reply

    Barratt politely makes the Dems look like the simple minded morons they are. (With ease)

  36. Gabe Lee Reply

    the bums are voting for free stuff from the dems.

  37. X-01 Unknown Reply

    Trump was Never sick. It’s all a ruse to try to make people think his super cure is an actually thing. The White House is so corrupt that you can’t believe anything that comes out of that circus. That’s why they won’t confirm anything, just dodging everything but what their supporters need to hear. You can’t trust politicians in general, but it shouldn’t be impossible to believe absolutely everything they say.

  38. TopGun Daddy Reply

    Lies, lies and more lies, world is a stage ladies and gents ! History books lie, geography books lie and most of all … NASA LIES ! So go figure BIG pharma tells the truth ? WAKE UP PEOPLE !

    Matrix movies so secretly touched up on this in so many ways…

    Neo sais why am i here ?
    U are here because u feel something, what u feel u can not explain but u can feel it inside ur mind.. driving u mad .. that there is something wrong with the world.

    Neo sais the Matrix ?
    Yes Neo, Do u want to know what the matrix is ?

    Neo sais yes ?
    Lies Neo, Lies that have been pulled over ur eyes to blind u from the truth !

    Neo sais what truth ?
    Truth that u are a slave Neo , u been born in to bondage in to a prison that u can not smell nor taste or touch .. a prison for ur MIND. Matrix is full of ordinary people, doctors, lawyers, bankers going about their day and life following the system… but keep in mind Neo these very people are a part of that system and this makes them our enemy , because they will die to defend this very system …that is why no one can be told what the matrix is … u have to see it for ur self.


    How many people here believe without any question that they are on a planet spinning in outer space ? That other stars are distant suns or supernovas ? That u can actually go and land on the moon or other planets ? Probably everyone !!!



    EVERYTHING IS A LIE FROM CRADLE TO GRAVE ! structuring the world by using ur innocent mind from an early age. Shoving lies and toxic propaganda in to an empty mind … Dividing and lying in order to rule ! Creating greed and ego in ways u can not imagine, in order for everyone to never question authority ( a book u read is a form of authority ) A world where theory becomes fact is a sick world.

    That is what we have today ! That is the real matrix ! The only question is why ?

  39. Figgy5119 Reply

    Since it is well documented that wearing a mask does not do much to help you but rather IT STOPS IT FROM SPREADING TO OTHERS. Any time but ESPECIALLY when you are known to be covid positive you are unabashedly saying “I don’t care if I give the Corona virus to you”

  40. Marc Lecarre Reply

    Mitch remembers what Biden and Ted Kennedy did to Robert Bork….payback is a ….

  41. Marc Lecarre Reply

    Mass demonstrations in Bangkok,but no COVID….some people follow directions better than others

  42. Yaw Jay Reply

    They believe it

  43. escamo44 Reply

    Just a kangaroo hearing from the REPUBLICAN they surely do not care of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA looks acts sound like a PUPPET

  44. Pierre Pierre Reply

    I know life goes on but the holiday shopping. People are out of work, sick and death. This is so sad, that these companies that makes billions of dollars through COVID. And now want you to buy holiday gift but families are on the street. Yes I know this is not all families and those that can can. But is this the news we need about buying gifts

  45. Raj Patil Reply


  46. Sweetsam Boss Reply

    With this kind of tRUMP people in leadership/supreme court, America is seriously in a very BIG trouble/problem ; people’s RIGHTS are going to be in BIG problem…this judge is going to be a disaster to so many innocent Americans.. BUT why the HEARING if she cant answer direct questions??

  47. AbsentWithoutLeaving Reply


  48. K C Reply

    They need to wait till Election is Over to place any Federal Judge. !!!! Well Said This is Not a Trump Nation . It Should be The People Of this Nations Call.

  49. M D Reply

    I can’t believe you all are actually going to have a town hall with Trump at the same time as Biden’s town hall on ABC. #boycottNBC

  50. jam 83 gw Reply

    Hiding Joe Biden
    Has now been been exposed
    With the hunter
    Let’s see the DNC weasel out of this one

  51. jam 83 gw Reply

    NANCY Pelosi and Joe Biden are a disgrace to their religion and mine

  52. jam 83 gw Reply

    Unborn babies need protection

  53. jam 83 gw Reply

    Latinos for the protection of the unborn babies

  54. jam 83 gw Reply

    Latinos for faith and morals

  55. jam 83 gw Reply

    Latinos for family structure

  56. VOTE NOW Reply

    *Are you registered to vote? CLICK HERE: https://www.vote.org/am-i-registered-to-vote/
    *To register to VOTE, CLICK HERE: https://www.vote.org/register-to-vote/
    *To Request your absentee ballot, CLICK HERE: https://www.vote.org/absentee-ballot/
    *Where is your polling place location? CLICK HERE: https://www.vote.org/polling-place-locator/

    **Other important information**
    *Voter Registration Deadlines for your state, CLICK HERE: https://www.vote.org/voter-registration-deadlines/
    *Voter Registration Rules for your state, CLICK HERE: https://www.vote.org/voter-registration-rules/
    *Absentee Ballot Deadlines for your state, CLICK HERE: https://www.vote.org/absentee-ballot-deadlines/
    *Absentee Ballot Rules for your state, CLICK HERE: https://www.vote.org/absentee-voting-rules/
    *Voter ID Laws for your state, CLICK HERE: https://www.vote.org/voter-id-laws/

  57. jam 83 gw Reply

    Latinos consider looting a crime

  58. jam 83 gw Reply

    Latinos for Trump

  59. jam 83 gw Reply

    Trump for Latinos

  60. jam 83 gw Reply

    Trump on Latino America

  61. jam 83 gw Reply

    Hispanics for Trump

  62. jam 83 gw Reply

    Hispanics for the right to protect their property

  63. reza sayar Reply

    Man just think about people’s food clothing roof over their head just immediate stuff.like senior citizens who live with SSI only and that has been cut off for american living in iran..thats what is realy urgent now .2 years no income at 65 .0 $ WHY THEY CUT MY SSI FOR OVER 2 YEARS .BECAUSE I LIVE HERE IN IRAN TEHRAN.I WORKED FOR 30 YEARS AND PAID TAXES FOR 30 YEARS. WHAT A SHAME IRAN TEHRAN

  64. J. Lo Reply

    SHAME ON LESTER HOLT for signing on to a Biden town hall event where so-called undecided voters had actually taken anti-Trump stances on social media!!!!! So damned dishonest!!!!

  65. vallejano54 Reply

    11 hours wait to vote in a first world country? Only in the USA and one only in poor areas in red states, where the fascist GOP is trying to restrict democratic voters. A question to the Taliban Justices at the Supreme Court: Do you think is OK your own party doing this to your country?

  66. Todd Shields Reply

    Joe Biden was in charge of Ukraine corruption for the Administration. Then Biden’s son Hunter get a lucrative Board position on a Ukrainian company for 50k a month with absolutely ZERO experience in the oil and gas industry. Then Joe Biden is on tape bragging about not agreeing to release 1 billion dollars in funds to Ukraine unless they fire the investigator looking into Burisma. Is there anyone, who has an IQ above 50, not able to absolutely 100% say that this was corrupt from the start. And oh yeah, now there is evidence and just about every news organization and social media platform is trying to discredit the new evidence that was put out……what? The evidence just proves what any sane person already knew happened. Doesn’t take a genius. I just hope that the media finally does their job and finds their integrity.

  67. Teresa Harris Reply

    Those states that are seeing the so called surge, were states that saw almost no cases during the first months of the pandemic. So the virus is just now reaching those states. Australian Sky news reported that although Europe was seeing higher numbers of positive testers, that almost no one was dying. Have you noticed how the media and their experts always zero in on the one thing that means the most to people? Before Memorial Day and Fourth of July, we were warned that going to the beach would result in superspreader events, and now they’re targeting Thanksgiving.

  68. Nomadic Vet Reply

    Everyone in America should threaten not to pay taxes next year until we get what we want

    • King Beowulf Reply

      Pfft please

    • Nomadic Vet Reply

      @King Beowulf lol whats wrong

  69. Paul Holden Reply

    I understand death my mother died of the Corona virus we have a president that don’t care about no one and those ones that follow him he don’t care about them either I hope they wake up God bless

  70. Wendy Woo Reply

    But you’re not immune once you get the virus trump you’re a POS

  71. Jose Manuel Garcia Sr. Reply


  72. Cristina Gecse Reply


  73. butternuttt Reply

    RBG would vomit at the very thought of a woman like Amy Coney Barrett

  74. Helen Lindsay Reply

    This women doesn’t care what she says.She knows the result is foregone and is a typical trump nominee.

  75. Vampire Slayer Reply

    The GOP has put this anti-science woman ahead of a Covid Stimulus package that 33% of Americans desperately need for food and shelter.

  76. Joey Parm Reply

    It’s not a conformation hearing, its a treasonous biased circus! Just like the last 4 yrs of the treasonous Democrats!

    • King Beowulf Reply

      Fake news

  77. Jesus Lozano Reply

    Another Kangaroo court , why waste time and money just give her the job , and go to work on the stimulus . Bill’s r piling up on the American people.

  78. Chris Sanchez Reply

    Supreme Court Showdown…Please! Cut the drama. She has the votes, just get on with it. Democrats be grandstanding looking like children.

  79. Stray Tarnish Reply

    trust a judge who speaks the word “yes” while simultaneously nodding her head “no”??? i don’t think so.

  80. David Martinez Reply

    Trump won because the silent majority voted for him. Only disgruntled people complain.. So don’t say “We are the majority” with such a dumb smug face, because you are not.

  81. A Evelyn Moose Reply

    Could Be

  82. Abba’s Child Reply

    FAKE NEWS… totally bias

  83. Dawnella Gilmore Reply

    She’s a liar 🤥

  84. Dawnella Gilmore Reply

    Trump son Baron tested positive of the coronavirus
    But when Trump was asked by a reporter when asked about his son Trump lied 🤥

  85. Dawnella Gilmore Reply

    Let the voters decide ! This Amy Coney Barrett is not good for the people I can see straight through her Trumps shrupet

  86. Dawnella Gilmore Reply

    Trump selected her for his own selfish reasons . It’s never about anyone other than himself . He’s a Habitual liar 🤥 misleading the American people with Foolishness

  87. Dawnella Gilmore Reply

    Early voting should be a huge thing to eliminate Trump out of office Quick and in a hurry

  88. John Zabik Reply

    Vote and Pray 🙏 #Trump2020 and keep this Country safe from the left who want the NEW GREEN DEAL will destroy this Country’s economy. #MAGA2020

  89. Chris Reply

    Now we own the supremecourt and can make president Trump 10 more terms

  90. Michael m. Reply

    Covid-19 is commie weapon

  91. deathmetaldouglas69 Reply

    I think if a cougar was following me I would not be recording it. What a fool. But he got on TV and I guess that was his priority.

  92. Bob Dole Reply


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