NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 14th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Melania Trump details experience with Covid, reveals son Barron contracted it, Wisconsin nurses speak out as state sees spike in Covid deaths, and how states verify signatures on mail-in ballots.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:33 First Lady Reveals Barron Trump Tested Positive For COVID
03:07 Trump & Biden Battle For Seniors 20 Days Till Election
03:24 NBC News To Host Trump Town Hall Tomorrow
04:16 Alarming Surge In Coronavirus Cases Across The U.S.
05:42 Eli Lilly CEO: Broad Vaccine Distribution Before Spring Unlikely
06:15 Dr. Fauci’s New Warning On Thanks Giving Gatherings
06:44 On The Front Lines In Battle Against Alarming Surge
08:14 Wisconsin Activities Field Hospital On State Fairgrounds
08:24 Heated Debate Over Herd Immunity
09:24 Amy Coney Barrett Faces Final Day Of Senate Questions
11:20 Newly Revealed 911 Call In Central Park Confrontation
12:43 Massive Three-Alarm Inferno At Apartment Complex
14:11 Amazon Prime Day Kicks Off New Holiday Shopping Wars
15:56 Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban Tests COVID Positive
16:22 How States Verify Voter Signatures On Mail-In Ballots

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 14th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

98 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 14th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Werld Browzer Reply

    Just Sad; Just Sad. I can’t believe that there are a lot of Americans that still say that there is no racism in America. They still say that there is no systemic racism in America. Maybe they are right, but there are definitely people in strategic positions and in society that look at black people as second and third class citizens and judge them accordingly and use negative emotions to influence others to act against black people. Just an observation, but hey, I could be wrong, and if I am, then I’ll learn and move on in life.

  2. Kathryn Beecher Reply

    Hey, not saying it’s as bad as making the false assault report against the guy, but that woman seriously needs to be prosecuted for animal abuse too.

  3. Obadan Mwangi Reply

    Dog saying”Hey drama queen!i don’t understand what you are upto but let me go am tired of humans corruption.!!

  4. Keith Floyd Jr Reply

    Predictable Fall surge..so transparent..the left is pathetic

  5. Elizabeth Dekneef Reply

    Why does your news stir crap? half truths ?and fear? about covid cases ? It’s very disrespectful! Cases r declining over all.
    Get the whole facts before you air it.

  6. Inez Schmaltz Reply

    Cooper choking her owen dog, while lieing to the police! Now who is guilty







  10. Robin Poppi Reply

    Wow, one if the biggest corruption Biden stories has been released and all this news channel can focus on Trump. What a disgusting news channel.

  11. Robin Poppi Reply

    This channel is a joke. Horrible, discerning group of journalist.

  12. Tess Recore Reply

    What about that poor dog she’s pulling around by the neck!!!!!

  13. Reality Check Reply

    Deja Vu, voters recognize a farce when we see one; any decision reached prior to hearing the presentation of evidence or facts is a sham. How is a conclusion legitimate w/o fundamental reasoning? An impeachment trial/all 3 of Trump’s Supreme Court nominations were a given. How does one justify confirming a nominee that refuses to answer questions during the hearing? As a strict constructionist, Barrett refused to answer questions on issues enumerated in the Constitution. Barrett’s indignation was unjustified, a ploy to avoid answering questions. Trump selected Barrett because she made no secret her personal/political extremists views align with Trump. Democrats didn’t treat Kavanaugh unfairly, had a thorough background check been permitted, allegations of his drunken sexual misconduct might have been revealed. The allegations of perjury/misconduct made Kavanaugh controversial.

  14. Ingrid Arlington Reply

    Can’t wait for MSM start talking about the Bidens dealings in Ukraine and China.

  15. Trucker JP Reply

    Whose paying these actors to dress up like doctors and record themselves.

  16. Ingrid Arlington Reply

    Let’s not have our children go out for Halloween, But still no mention of people should stop rioting, burning and looting. Yeah. OK.

  17. JAV X.X.X LOVE Reply

    Que Dios nos perdone.

  18. miyoko ishibashi Reply

    Let the Drs save lives with the drugs the democrats banned in Jesus name Amen

  19. miyoko ishibashi Reply

    Democrats global warming Genocide

  20. apope06 Reply


  21. apope06 Reply

    Why no mention of Kamala Harris being in quarantine? This news is sooooo biased

  22. FreeTime Reply

    Putin’s Remarks on Biden


  23. Thee Oarsman Reply

    Baron looks like Valdimir Putin!

  24. Alex D Reply

    How can Cruz still show his face in public is beyond me

  25. Alex D Reply

    Look at the way she was pulling up and carrying her dog Jesus Christ… from a collar not even an harness… she shouldn’t be allowed to have an animal

  26. wendy kennison Reply

    Funny how VERY FEW are dying and they still have our country under fear

  27. Brian Christensen Reply

    NBC is DONE!!!!!! TIMMY Guthrie, by the way we know it’s a man,lmao

  28. Jeremiah J Dub Reply

    Why the news guy look like a parody👀

  29. Heaven Angels Reply

    They didn’t have no virus

  30. John Tankard Reply

    I dont know what to say , did the bystanders expect NOT to feel the heat . Its like they just realised for the first time that fire is hot.

  31. Crystal Winter Reply

    They are both stupid 🙄😅 both coopers are probably long lost distant cousins 🤭🤣

  32. jewelweed Reply

    Tall kid for 14.

  33. EuropeOn2Wheels Reply

    The President didn’t drop out of the debate. Biden’s handlers wanted to change the rules and the President wouldn’t agree to the change.

  34. Vincent Rhodes LIVE! Reply

    Look around you and you see no surge. Watch the fake news and everyone is sick and dying. False prophets

  35. Q Soldier Reply

    So Biden & family is who you liberals defend & support? Had this been about POTUS & his son, both would have already been arrested and jailed. Sorry to say, but you folks are shameful for defending the indefensible even when provided with rock-solid evidence of crimes!

  36. Night Love Reply

    Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.

  37. cruz cruz Reply

    We’re just going to have to start televising inside hospitals I see people f****** take it serious then were losing loved ones while people believe its fake

  38. ambalg abuja Reply

    Is NBC news a Chinese TV chanel???

  39. William Witter Reply

    What’s the deal with Hunter’s Hookers and the Biden bribe

  40. Alec Prange Reply

    Trump 2020 you dumb liberals

  41. John Doe Reply

    The first vaccine-damaged autistic son.

  42. J N Reply

    Twitter CENSORS Government Website EXPOSING Joe Biden Corruption, The LIES About It, Total INSANITY

  43. Chris Hughes Reply

    More cases means better death rate. Oops

  44. Jupiter Jewelz Reply

    The lady in Central Park shares the same last name as the guy… 3rd part of this story would be that they’re related…

  45. Mel Lane Reply

    Surge in stupidity! Stop it, you’re fake news.

  46. Jess Tiss Reply

    12:57 “this sh*t’s crazy, bro.” — 2020 anthem fr

  47. Jessica Jung Reply

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  48. Alan Lau Reply

    That was animal abuse! She dragged the dog by the collar – this chokes the poor dog! It is not safe for the dog to be with an owner that’s emotionally unstable!

  49. Patrick Martinez Reply


  50. Kunta K Reply

    Con-Vid 19

  51. B Reply

    This is trumps fault.
    It’s trumps fault your kids can’t go to school.
    It’s trumps fault the country has no plan.
    It’s trumps fault we are still dealing with lock downs.
    It’s trumps fault over 210,000 Americans died
    It’s trumps fault that there is riots
    It’s trumps fault are country is tearing it self apart
    This is trumps America that the world laughs at
    Trump is a failed business man
    Trump is a failed family man
    Trump is a failed husband
    Trump is a failed Christian
    Trump is a failed president
    Trump is a failed man
    Trump is scared of losing everything
    Trump is just empty promises with no real plan

    It is time to DUMP TRUMP

  52. Penny Morris Reply


  53. Penny Morris Reply


  54. Penny Morris Reply


  55. Ronald Vuckovich Reply

    so if we all wear a mask for 21 days it should stop the spread what is so hard about that

  56. Awakend Reply

    Non of this is Real. Your reality is not Real, it is scripted and Controlled. You live in a Matrix. Do not comply.

  57. Annie Low Reply

    survivors due to the medicines they are taking Who knows the toll it will take on the arteries in the long termI think researchers should find a cure for hardened arteries for covid survivors. Never know the after math and the long term tpll i will take on the body. God bless America

  58. Daisy Reply

    My heart goes out to Cooper’s dog.

  59. mel chapman Reply


  60. Larry Dean Reply

    I can’t be the only person that thinks that only the people at the higher levels will get the vaccine.

  61. All of my cats and me behind the camera. Reply

    What a karen

  62. angel rivera Reply

    Trump doesn’t care

  63. Nicole McWilliams Reply

    I’m sorry but I think family should treat their inside of their house and the trick-or-treat for their little kids but make it where they have to find the treats or something that’s the trick

  64. Ricardo Echeverria Reply

    Cynthia McFadden still so beautiful

  65. Xochitl Reyes-Ponce Reply

    what happens after you survive Corona Virus infection? and what are the aftermath damage to your health and how long it takes for you to go back to your normal self…….

  66. Benjamin Gal-Or Reply

    < 150 GLOBAL GOVERNMENTS RATED DAILY by (A) World Bank, UN, WHO, JHU, RealClearPolitics data, (B) C-Virus, FATALITY RATES, IN %, as global YARDSTICK collected & published daily by our Posts at "in", re-posted by Utube & emails. RESULTS TODAY: TOP-RATED: - U.S. 2.71 - Grmny 2.81 - Swtz 2.97 - AU 3.30 - NL 3.4 - Spn 3.45 - Irlnd 3.96 - Frnc 4.09 - Cnda 5.07 - Swdn 5.77 - Blgm 5.66 - Chna 5.41 - Iran 5.72 - UK 6.43 - Itly 9.53 - Mxco 10.24; -- TOP-RATED TODAY UNDER HIGHER Effects of, e.g. Geolocation, Climate, GDP/GNP, %-foreign-workers: - Sngpore 0.05 - NEXT: - Curacao 0.15 - Iclnd 0.27 - Mldvs 0.31 - Fr Plns 0.36 - Bahrain 0.38 - Dubai 0.41- Cymn Ilnd 0.44 - Lchtstn 0.55 - Israel 0.71 - Aruba 0.75 - Mnco 0.79 - Czch 0.84 - N-Zlnd 1.33 - JP 1.81 -- Locking Mitigated by WHO, yet UNRESOLVED GLOBAL ISSUES REMAIN: Alternative-Accommodations-% for Nursing & Care-Centers; %-Foreign-Workers/"Squatters" v. AVAILABLE, COUNTRY LANDS, but not CORE EDUCATION up to GRADUATE LEVEL [books at our ''in'', Amazon, Google Search v. teaching (Former JHU & Pittsburgh-U professor)], e.g., re O2-in/CO2-out of lungs/blood via square-root of pressure-difference across lung membranes times area, All Info ~ half DELETED by Gate-Keepers, yet a million copies survived?. Enough said>>

  67. Eckhard Block Reply

    NO TO: Sham democracy governments + sham system media (leading media) + sham elites + constitutional violations + police violence

  68. Strat Man Reply

    What is the US population? 330,000,000
    How many covid cases? 8,002,023
    How many covid deaths? 219,800.. if u believe msm.. and dont forget to subtract some because someone sent infected people to nursing homes..

    .06659 death rate
    What figure did i not use to figure out the death rate? Number of cases..
    Number of cases is a pointless statistic used to scare people.

    Now this death rate is not good.. i wish it was 0.00000

    But is this worth shutting down the global economy, and killing small business across the globe, to a point we may not recover???

    Stop blaming trump.. even if you dont like him.. you have to admit he is better for this country that kamala.. as you hopefully know… Pelosi intends to impeach biden.. not trump.. she wants biden to win.. so she can impeach him due to mental issues..

    Then all you democrats can enjoy the communist country you are so hoping for..

  69. Raquel F. Reply

    herd immunity..that sounds great..just hope you are not in the percentage that dies from getting it. that sounds like a wonderful plan.NOT!!!

  70. Raquel F. Reply

    Ted Cruz..be quiet.


    It’s just that we are experiencing a lack of traditional proofs.. and then there is are we going to do this every time the country has flu season..

  72. Bash Robbie Reply

    I feel important and impressed with the way mrs landlay_12fx have been handling my trade . I can’t say much just try her out . Landlay_12fx

  73. 三木勝典 Reply

    we,humanity,have the tendency to bully the weak thing,animal and weak peol

  74. Kevin Mccarthy Reply

    I do not care about trumps family she is a lier.

  75. ky resh Reply

    Oh if only Candace Owens could….

  76. Francisco sosa Reply

    The slime won’t even volunteer to help at the hospital, but they will open their big mouth, and say its a hoax. COVID 19 is real, so you better put some sheep blood on the door. Comparing signatures is unconstitutional, and disenfranchised those with nerve damage.

  77. Aoi Reply

    News anchors still alive and well, I see…

  78. Tony Frazee Reply

    American space flight

  79. comedycopter Reply

    I hope they are putting a computer chip in the vaccine so we can keep track of people.

  80. Yaveee One and Only Reply

    Her poor dog..

  81. Cheryl Millard Reply

    Trump has flouted science, social distancing and made a mockery of masks, deliberately refusing to wear one in situations where it was deemed necessary by hospital authorities.
    Trump during the onset of COVID-19 repeatedly lied to the American people about the severity of the virus, repeatedly thumbing his nose in the face of science with ridiculous pseudoscience claims that could potentially endanger others, over 200,000 American citizens are now dead with the numbers climbing.
    Statistics were not on Trumps side as he openly encouraged people to go to rallies without social distancing and other protective measures in place. He’s now tested positive with the possibility of having spread the virus to countless others through his selfishness prior to diagnosis.
    Trump brought this on himself and he only has himself to blame due to his own arrogance and hubris. .It’s not the past lies that is the issue, but the fact is; in the future everything Trump states will be suspect and questioned.
    Is this what we deserve as American Citizens?
    Criminal Indictments by Administration

    Donald Trump (so far) — 215
    Richard Nixon — 76
    George W. Bush — 16
    Bill Clinton — 2
    Jimmy Carter — 1
    Barack Obama — 0

  82. WheresMy StimulusCheck Reply

    Fake positives and supreme court bs more important then stimulus. We are peasants. No votes count. All a big stage. There selected not elected. Covid is BS

  83. Bill Cole Reply

    We’ve been hearing a lot about Trump and super spreader events, but, Harris got her start being a super spreader and no one covers that! 😀

  84. Myriam Santiago Reply

    That’s what I get for throwing toilet tissue at puerto rico

  85. agnostic potato Reply

    Run enough cycles and every test will yield a “positive” result. It’s time to quarantine the MSM super-spreaders — permanently.

  86. Onyx Reply

    Senior support? But they are dropping like flies.

  87. John Brown Reply

    We must make Trump a “One-Term President.” Trump has been bragging that he will be the first impeached President to ever get re-elected. He’s not concerned about you and me— his only concern is getting re-elected.

  88. shannon Bremner Reply

    Man that boy must’ve grown over a foot in a year he must be 6’5”or 6’6”.

  89. Beverly Kirby Reply


  90. lisa morand Reply

    Bill Gates an amazing Dr.

  91. Beverly Kirby Reply


  92. Beverly Kirby Reply


  93. Beverly Kirby Reply


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