Ted Cruz v. Jack Dorsey: Texas Senator goes after Twitter CEO at hearing

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) blasts Twitter CEO on Capitol Hill over content censoring.
#TedCruz #JackDorsey #BigTech

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Tim Morgan says:

    I was wondering if Twitter has had any effect on foriegn elections ?

  2. Avatar lab speciman says:

    When you are on someone else’s web page you do not have rights other than the ones the owners of that page say’s you have. You don’t like it? Go make your own site. Trump gets away with murder on twitter. Seems to me they are more than fair when they don’t have to be.

    • Avatar TJL says:

      Twitter and Facebook have become public utilities as far as their use in the modern world. Additionally, the accounts used by government officials have been ruled as public channels of communication.

      Trump gets away with murder? Twitter allows both pornography AND actual murder footage to be shown, and also continues to host accounts for actual terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and Hamas.

    • Avatar Craig Bowen says:

      @TJL To bad they are not public utilities though and are actually companies. If you do not like their policies and rules you can choose another platform to use or better yet create your own that has rules and policies you like. The government does not have the right to change what a company can and can’t allow on its platform just because they are not happy with it. Why are republicans so inclined for big government to intervene in these companies? I guess they only want small goverment if its something they agree with but big goverment if they don’t and want control over it.

  3. Avatar SALIKO says:

    Is he stoned?

  4. Avatar Franky B says:

    He’s an evil lying P…… in my opinion.

  5. Avatar Shell C says:

    Ted scream to protect Trump but wouldn’t protect his wife from verbal abuse by Trump. What a loser.

  6. Avatar SamTheWayne 69 says:

    God Ted Cruz is a jackass. Then again, Twitter was caught red handed in blatant censorship. I doubt the allegations and whether or not the emails were fake, but I would not have censored it. That was a major PR blunder.

  7. Avatar Jurgen DX says:

    “We don’t want Twitter to be a distributor for hacked materials”

    eyes doxxing of anyone Antifa disagrees with, some information of which you know was gained through hacking and illegal means
    “We blocked that material because we were unsure of its source”
    points at trending CNN and MSNBC stories of “Russian Collusion” which had no verifiable source

    K, sounds like hypocrisy to me you morons.

  8. Avatar Monny Abraham says:

    Mr Dorsey admits the blocking of the New York Post was a mistake. Yet he also says they were allowed to log into their account , delete the particular tweet, and carry on. If it was a mistake, why do they still have to delete their tweet? Does not make sense.

  9. Avatar April F. says:

    They ( big tech )don’t want to fix it. They want to figure out how to do it without persecution. I can’t figure out other than with illegal or immoral activity and promises why they always align with democrats. The democrat party is all about more government more power more taxes more, more, more. So what are they being promised to want that? Why aren’t they bothered by corruption in the democrat party? Google in my opinion is the worst. If you google an article or story. Google will post democrat bias media sources on the first / or 3 pages that severely twist the facts of the story. You gotta go to the 4th or 5th page to get conservative view information. More people use google than twitter. More people use google than FB more people use google than YT. I know a lot of people that don’t even have social media accounts but use google numerous times a day. So personally I see google as the biggest THREAT to election interference.

  10. Avatar JaneDoe says:

    Sure, Cruz is not shorting Twitter stock

  11. Avatar Kevin Shea says:

    Ted you’re a clown so did your father have something to do with JFK Trump said so idiot

  12. Avatar Grace Montgomery says:


  13. Avatar John Simon says:

    Well said Ted…

  14. Avatar Amy D says:

    Allow them to censor themselves right out of business. I did away with social media 3 years ago. Pretty soon, there will be no need for me to even use the internet.

    • Avatar Jaxson Fanta says:

      The problem is greater than that though. This is election season, and twitter thought it was ok to sensor one of the most important newspaper companies, who had one of the biggest scandal stories of all time, and Twitter decided to keep that from the American people.

      That’s election meddling, BIG TIME. All of a sudden, all 3 of these companies just start going insane on the censorship.

      The window of timing is the problem. If we are under some communists thumb within the next 2 months, it won’t matter that they didn’t get your money… If we are under some communists thumb, then it was ENTIRELY these 3 scumbags fault. They need to get hit in the wallet super hard and right now!

  15. Avatar Michael Collins says:

    This guy should be open to civil law suits and not treated as a platform rather as a publisher that engages in editorial activities.
    He is lying under oath and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  16. Avatar sprsmoke says:

    Too late.

  17. Avatar Scott Pollack says:

    The “Media” in our Country is ABSOLUTELY CORRUPT! They will back the Democrat over the Republican candidate Ever single time! IT’S PATHETIC! How can you believe what you hear, see, or read from them? YOU CAN’T!

  18. Avatar PDH says:

    It’s called socialism!!! That’s what we get for not teaching this in our schools! Hitler censored also!!!

  19. Avatar TacoSteven says:

    War is peace, freedom is slavery, censorship is inclusion.

  20. Avatar GSpotter63 says:

    Jack Dorsey ” We at Twitter using our social media network can’t interfere with an election” But apparently Russian bots using the exact same media network can…. Let that sink in for a moment…

  21. Avatar Rod M says:

    Body language basics – looking down when responding to a question means lying – feeling guilty.

  22. Avatar Kevin Galmon says:

    That’s our Ted “Two Guns” Cruz. Don’t mess with Texas baby.

  23. Avatar HAL9000 says:

    Jack is suffering from a superiority complex. Because he has a platform we are reliant upon, the power has corrupted his mind beyond his own sense of reasoning.

  24. Avatar Stewart Gani says:

    I wonder how Jack sleep tonight after he was grill after that incident ??

  25. Avatar joseph Traff says:

    Are BigTech the new East India Companies?
    William Dalrymple, The Anarchy: The Relentless Rise of the East India Company

  26. Avatar DARIVS ARCHITECTVS says:

    Ted Cruz should go for the Presidency once again.

  27. Avatar MrModog32665 says:

    All 3 CEO’s should be tried for TREASON and thrown in to a cold dark cell for the better part of the rest of their lives!

  28. Avatar bzour Tamer says:

    Twitter suspended my account right after I shared a post about the Hunter Biden laptop. I have sent a report to Twitter but have yet to hear from them.

    • Avatar getoheisman says:

      I’m sure they’re busy😳😁🤣

      #%&&% All these social media apps

  29. Avatar izack paz says:

    ted cruz looks goofy

  30. Avatar AK- U.S.A says:

    This man was warned a long time ago and continues every day to lie, trick and hide facts from his twitter followers. How can we make the best decisions for ourselves and our family based on lies?!!! Something is wrong with him to think what he is doing is not dangerous to him and our country!

  31. Avatar David Johnson says:

    Take away their protection and Sue them to Hell!!!

  32. Avatar Alejandro Pasillas says:

    Hes trying to explain how the new York times can repost what they shared before and the reported doesn’t let him explain…

  33. Avatar johny romondt says:

    We should pay them back with their own games.
    Block your Twitter and Fb account for one WEEK TOTAL silence GAME ON GAME OVER !!

  34. Avatar Mannu Dwivedi says:

    Ted Cruz just crash jack Dorsey Party’ of content blocking😭

  35. Avatar Amanda Perry says:

    Ted Cruz is an idiot. Twitter is a private company, not a government agency. They don’t owe anyone a platform.

    Twitter is being responsible.

    Ted Cruz is just trying to legitimate that stupid laptop propaganda.

  36. Avatar Jasper Lufkin says:

    Why does he keep squinting? I am so ashamed that I was ever one of the cool kids.

  37. Avatar アクア says:

    Shut twitter down. We always talk about improving the world and closing social media would do it drastically.

  38. Avatar kbarrett63 says:

    Why does Dorsey look like a stand-in for Dumbledorf (for millennials) or Svengoolie (for the older gens) !!

  39. Avatar reach communications says:

    They don’t show an anti-conservative bias. Republicans would be nothing without twitter or Facebook Google YouTube.

  40. Avatar reach communications says:

    This post is biggest republican echo chamber. HAHAHAHA!

  41. Avatar Stefan LVKC says:

    Ted Cruz putting more effort into slamming Twitter than he did standing up for his wife and father when Trump slanders them. As to Ted’s moronic question of who elected Dorsey, that would be the board of directors and shareholders of Twitter, as per the form of capitalism we have that Ted loves so much.

  42. Avatar Timotheos Petros says:

    Look at his pinhole pupils. Dorsey is clearly taking drugs. That’s why he appears so laid back.

    • Avatar Carlos Quintero says:

      You’re a conservative right? That’s why you say that, right?

  43. Avatar GTX Foxworth says:

    It’s about time to put some brakes on this out of control crazy train of censorship and manipulation of truth and lies, these men are liers, a judicial committee needs to slap their hams, joe publics intelligence has grown exponentially over the past few years, and can make up its own mind without these muppets doing it for us.

  44. Avatar Gabriel Chan says:

    Look at Dorcys’ eyes when he answers. Creepy. I will cross the street if he is coming my way..

  45. Avatar Pm Clh says:

    Sometimes you get it and sometimes you get got. Roasted!

  46. Avatar Ashton Day says:

    Absolutely, BIG TECH is the signal biggest threat to America, with media right on their coat tails. Enforce anti-trust laws!

  47. Avatar Trololomanist says:

    Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube are As dangerous for the free world as the Chinese Gouvernement

    • Avatar Ashton Day says:

      Absolutely, 100%!

  48. Avatar John Stucker says:

    Never really was a Ted fan, honestly didn’t know much about him. But hey I could get behind him in this battle and stand with him on his view of them 3 social media dictators that run the only 3 monopoly of media. They have way more media-ship than fox or CNN or any CBS television Does. 📺 TV doesn’t have human interactions and forums to debate on. People have Tvs to stare at CNN and do nothing. I feel like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Trump all that. Screw all them companies 🙄

  49. Avatar Vanessa M says:

    Is that twitter guy a jihadi?

  50. Avatar Nikodim Ser says:

    Twitter CEO want himself look exactly like communist Karl Marks, so he has very denger mind to make USA communist country.
    Very denger young man with a lot of power.
    Senat, please take him down asap fast.

  51. Avatar j diez says:

    In Spain twitter is totally controlled by the extreme left. They close accounts by hundreds. Besides, how the f.k this idiot can say twitter can’t infuence elections? That’s a straight lie!

  52. Avatar Tyler Martin says:

    Social media needs to just go away. It’s clearly has gotten too corrupt and has been un-checked on its influence for quite sometime.

  53. Avatar SG .Hedge says:

    Dorsey, hit that bong a little too hard this morning

  54. Avatar Ali Qazilbash says:

    market is a voting machine. next time somebody ask you who the hell elected you!?

    tell them the market?

  55. Avatar Cool Chilln says:

    Don’t forget YOUTUBE !
    They are censoring and banning Trump Supporters daily

  56. Avatar Big Swifty says:

    What are the consequencess for BigTech? There’s a whole lotta hoopla and bravado from Senator Cruz, but so what? Stop, or I’ll tell you to stop. Good golly, such strong language and piping fierce rhetoric from Senator Cruz, and with what result? Only Lundsey Graham can do less. Or wait, there was once a member of the House, Rep Trey Gowdy, a quitter, a feckless, toothless tiger. Putzes.

  57. Avatar Garth Smith says:

    Shut twitter down

  58. Avatar Travis of Bickley says:

    Rough men have always stood ready to do the work Churchhill stated. It is time for us to sleep safely in our beds again, regardless of what FACEBOOK, TWITTER, FAKE NEWS, CROOKED INTEL AGENCIES, and LEFT EXTREMISTS attack us with…
    Mr. CRUZ, you and our other friends who speak out for our free speech, it is time to call forth these ROUGH MEN…and allow them to do their work.

  59. Avatar Jon Worm says:

    Thank you Ted Cruz you are the man. You are saving our democracy thank you. Jack Dorsey I hope you have seen the error in your ways

  60. Avatar Homero Rodas says:

    Twitter bloqueó mi cuenta porque comparti informacion acerca del Laptop de Biden…Esta gente es mentirosa, empezando or el CEO porque siguen censurando descaradamente.

  61. Avatar Lana M. says:

    Freak looks like he has been hiding in the basement with Biden.
    Looks like he hasn’t bathed or washed his hair in months. Nasty

  62. Avatar Dan Thompson says:

    Breaking news: hobo drinks bottle of night train, wanders into senate chambers, gets grilled by senators.

  63. Avatar 44oaktree says:

    Hunter Biden and Biden needs to be investigated with money schemes with China and Russia….👍🏻

  64. Avatar ReccaWolf says:

    Dorsey looks like he shared a crack pipe with Hunter Biden. 🤣

  65. Avatar ADrunkHomeles Guy says:

    Enough of these damn hearings. Strip their 230 protection away already. We want action taken

  66. Avatar Free To Speak 101 says:

    Cruz you rock

  67. Avatar old tighthead says:

    This Dorsey dude is clearly on something his body do not generate naturally….

  68. Avatar Alicia Chau says:

    Dorsey is on drugs? Great questions from senator Ted Cruz!

  69. Avatar Cassia Rodrigues says:

    Parabéns senador ele acha que são dono do mundo 👏👏👏👏

  70. Avatar Cassia Rodrigues says:


  71. Avatar Dorian Grey says:

    Ted Cruz looks & sounds like suck up.

  72. Avatar Hat Lady says:

    Twitter exec Dorsey resembles (late) Charles Manson.

  73. Avatar Don Demarco says:

    Ted Cruz has been a man on a fucking mission after he let that beard grow out

  74. Avatar mark brown says:

    big government bulling business, I’m sure if cruz had a restaurant and I came into it talking crazy that he would ask me to leave. Maybe cruz should try to start a government funded social media where anyone can say anything and see how that goes.

  75. Avatar Mike Mikehaus says:

    They let Trump lie constantly

  76. Avatar Mike Mikehaus says:

    You can’t be bias against a true threat everyone would be on the same side, now apply that

  77. Avatar Mike Mikehaus says:

    They let Trump spread lies and threats and intimadation

  78. Avatar Mike Mikehaus says:

    They will stop Trump from Twitter

  79. Avatar sarah bonner says:

    If you don’t like twitter don’t use it. I have never used it and don’t care to use it. Why is Ted the Preacher/god pusher wasting tax dollars on this garbage? Ted needs to stfu.

  80. Avatar sarah bonner says:

    If you belong to a privately owned forum, of course they have terms and conditions you must abide to and it’s at their discretion what you’re allowed to post. This is silly. Ted thinks he can boss around companies because he’s a Senator, but that’s authoritarianism, if you don’t like a platform then there are lots of alternative platforms to use to get out the GOP propaganda which is mostly bullshit, just like the Democrat propaganda.

  81. Avatar Mr Fabpants says:

    It’s funny how Dorsey looks like he is totally on drugs in that very moment. The contrast between Ted’s strong arguments and his incapibility to formulate coherent speech is pretty remarkable and hilarious

  82. Avatar King Zion says:

    Stop focusing on Jacks looks. Instead focus on what he is saying and more so what he is doing. Follow the actions and vote with your time and money. Done give the technocrats your time and money and they will act accordingly. I doubt Americans can do this. They are too addicted to technology.

  83. Avatar Monitor Lizard says:

    Like the rest of their genus Varanus, the Nile Monitor lizard and the Rock Monitor lizard stand on their hind legs to monitor their surroundings, hence their name.  Ted cruz is a pimp.

  84. Avatar The Iron Björn says:

    Yeah they can post, once they bend the knee and delete a tweet to prove ole Jack’s power is absolute.
    You wanna fix the division in the world? Get rid of all “”social”” media.

  85. Avatar Chicago Boy says:

    Twitter’s CEO looks like Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky. A comunist idealist and dictator.

  86. Avatar ARAV says:

    Compared to dorsey at least mark accepted certain parts in a indirect manner

  87. Avatar Brien Pacholec says:

    Not saying that it’s right, but when you sign up for an account you agree to these terms. You are using private business services. If you do not like what they are doing, stop using this medium, and switch to another – simple as that.

  88. Avatar ed hanks says:

    very upsetting to me and should be to all Americans.

  89. Avatar ed hanks says:

    pretty shur he is smoking gonja?

  90. Avatar Brian Andrade says:

    This 3 guys need to looked at this is very concerning just a day aft this questioning twitter blocked a agent border patrol post for a simple saying borders do work, that is absurd remove that sec 230
    make them liable that will force then to change.

  91. Avatar ewautrey says:

    Cruz is trying to pick up the herd. If he raises his voice does it make it right? I Guess some people believe shouting is a virtue. Can’t resolve problems yelling bullshit.

  92. Avatar Brian Boru says:

    Death of cash is ILLEGAL! (“This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private,” is printed on ALL U.S. currency.)

  93. Avatar Antonio Alvarez says:

    Rasputin, Data, and Sundar …… Drugs and MK-ULTRA. Congress will get absolutely NOWHERE with them ……..

  94. Avatar Heavy Metal says:

    I didn’t know Osama Bin Laden had a brother named Jack Dorsey ? Who knew ?

  95. Avatar MNM says:

    Ted Cruz is the perfect person for the response: ok boomer

  96. Avatar JaiUneGuruDeja says:

    As soon as Facebook/Twitter/Google give the GOP a free pass, they will not be checked. Ted Cruz & company do not care if it happens to the other side. They were silent after Tulsi Gabbard’s ads were not deployed by Google immediately after her first break-out Democratic debate performance.

  97. Avatar Connor Mawer says:

    They need regulating hard


    I guess y’all don’t realize if you delete your lame ass social media accounts these guys would go broke:)

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