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Here’s why the 4% rule was such a big deal. It was “invented” back in 1994 and used as a method of calculation to make sure you NEVER run out of money in retirement…or basically, if you want to have endless amounts of passive income forever…this tells you how much you need, and how much you can spend.

But now…according to the INVENTOR of the rule itself…he says the 4% rule is no more…and instead, he’s recommending a change.

He says, NOW, that “he no longer sticking to 4%, and that that number was always treated too simplistically.” Because of that, he says 5% is still pretty safe….if anything, 4.5% is now the new “Worst case scenario” and 7% can be safe for the AVERAGE 30 year retirement.

One is from the popular finance blogger, Financial Samurai…he’s outspoken in his claims about the legitimacy of spending 4% per year, and says it was established at a time when the 10-year bond yield averaged 5%.

So, I THINK…in fairness here, I’ll break down my OWN calculations independent from everyone else…and I’ll give my thoughts, as someone who makes YouTube videos from their home all day.

So, first…in order to do this, we’ve gotta take a look at what’s called a “rolling 30 year return” of the SP500…this is basically the AVERAGE return that you’re going to get, over any 30 year timeframe, and by doing this, we’ll be able to find the best and worst case scenarios for your money.

We’ll start with this chart, they found that a 20-year stock market has NEVER ONCE produced a negative result, adjusted for inflation, in HISTORY…and the WORST CASE SCENARIO, EVER REALIZED…was a .5% average return adjusted for inflation.

Stock Market Returns Over Different Time Periods (1872-2018)

Another chart found that, on a 30 year rolling period, the WORST CASE SCENARIO was an 8% annual return, before inflation, and the best case was nearly 15% before inflation.

And a third chart shows the worst possible 30-year rolling period was 4.3% after inflation – again, that would’ve been during the 1960’s.

Given all of this information…if you’re looking at a 30 year retirement and you want to be 100% safe in the worst possible case scenario given ALL of the historical data we have available to us over 130 years…spending 4% annually would be okay.

Although my BIG CRITIQUE here is that, IF you want to retire early, and have LONGER than a 30-year retirement…then you’re probably safest to aim closer to 3%-4% withdrawal rate because you’ll need that money to last you a lot longer. That way, even IF the market doesn’t return as much as it did historically…you’d be able to budget appropriately so you don’t run out.

The metric we should use is that it’s OKAY to spend 3-6% of your portfolio annually, IF you’re willing to cut back on your spending in the event the market goes down, or if the markets aren’t producing as much as you thought it would.

And really, all of this should be used as purely a rule of thumb, and by understanding the math behind what this is and what it does…you’ll be able to better budget how much you’ll need to save and invest.

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    NYSEARCA: SSO (ProShares Ultra S&P500) has returned 15-17%PA historically for the last 14 years… It’s a much smaller sample size than the S&P500, however it’s just the S&P500 but leveraged, so I can’t imagine it’ll be much worse than 15%PA.

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    Move somewhere with a lower cost of living. That’s my plan. Moving to Costa Rica one day after retirement

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    An issue I noticed is that us as people tend to think we HAVE to spend at a certain number. Just adjust as needed between 3-5% depending on your situation.

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    Retire on $40,000 a yr.? Where?? The wife and I are both retired and that’s about what our income is, we have no mortgage or car payments and no debt at all except living expenses. Vacation’s? HA! We might go to play bingo on half price night, that’s our vacation. Thank god we live in a small mid western town.

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    Edit: Not 18 yet but when I am, I’ll get my stocks on Webull I promise;)

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    Is the annual spending amount to use for this calculation a pre tax or post tax amount?

    • Graham Stephan Reply

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    I am not doing all this investing to pass it all to my kids. Some maybe, yes but not all. If i can burn through 75% by the time i die, id say that was a retirement well planned and lived. This concept of leaving a golden parachute to your heirs is BS. Call me selfish but, im doing this for me, not them. Hopefully, i can teach them how to do the same things for themselves. The estate i leave for them should be gravy on top of what they have earned themselves.

  19. Broadsword Calling Reply

    Achieving 25X your annual spending at age 50 is the ideal.
    Even if you average a 3% loss you would run out of money at 83.
    If you still happen to be alive apply smith and Wesson retirement plan.

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    You can completely negate any negative in the market by having 2-3 years in cash case the market crashes once you retire. You would be able to let your investments recoup their value before having to dip into it.

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    Prove me wrong.

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    05:29 The 4% rule might have changed to 5% rule considering the current low inflation.
    06:24 However, Famous blogger Financial Samurai says, the 4% rule is now more or less the 0.5% rule, because the original was created when a 10 Yr bond came with 8% coupon, whereas it is now < 1%. 06:34 So, Financial Samurai says that you need $8m in stock market to consume $40K/yr for 30 yrs. 06:55 Suze Orman - a Financial Expert - says you will need $5m to retire safely. 08:06 But, a 20 Year Rolling Return of S&P 500 Index fund averages at 6.7%. And, 08:33 30 Year Rolling Return for S&P 500 is min 4.3% with an average of 13%. 08:47 Graham says, if you are flexible with spending between 3%-5% of the savings, you are good. 10:21 And You can always go back to work if things go south. 10:36 Also he suggests to have 33 times of your expected annual expenditure as savings before you retire for 30 years.

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