How to trade Malaysia’s historic election | The Rundown

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Following an initial bout of currency weakness, investors are now realizing the positive impact of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s victory, said Gerald Ambrose of Aberdeen Standard Investments.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Deenszx King says:

    Don’t compare us (malaysia) towards other country who implement GST. It is not really suitable and burden to the citizen where their buyers power is to low for us.

    • Avatar kl wies says:

      LOL you seem to love GST perhaps you should lobby your own Govt then to increase it by as much possible. hahahhaha. Its pretty well known fact GST’s purpose is to lower taxes on the Rich and Corporations while slowly shifting it to the population to bear the burden of social spending. Its slowly cook the frog in a pot strategy by the French military tactic so by the time people realize it. Well its a done deal. Unfortunately this is not a battle field and Govt is not facing an enemy troops.

      Countries world over are finding out their wages have remained stagnant not only that. Developed countries remain committed not ever to raise taxes on the Rich and Corporations with triple whammy of GST or vat keep increasing but social services keep getting cut while Govt world over have an orgy of tax cuts for the Rich and Corporations resulting in Brexit, Germany’s AFD , Italy five star movements and so on oh lets not forget Nazi party in Austria.

      So go ahead and raise some more of the GST and value added tax while giving more tax cuts to billionaires. See whats coming for you.

  2. Avatar Ariff WM says:

    The abolishment of GST wouldn’t cause prices of goods and services to drop significantly but it would definitely stop the rapid increase. Remember if BN were still in power this would be the case. Right now it’s about slowly increasing wages/purchasing power. In the long run, which economy doesn’t profit from a corruption free country?

  3. Avatar Loudness Junior says:

    In 97 many analysts said Malaysia must borrow money from the imf and world bank. We all know how it ends. Malaysia is doing better to take unorthodox method rather than just follow these white economists

  4. Avatar as rul says:

    Leave it to Malaysia

  5. Avatar Panzer Mora says:

    good opinion sir.

  6. Avatar Vivien Chua says:

    thanks for report from malaysia 😊

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