NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 16th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Moderna says its Covid-19 vaccine is 94.5 percent effective, how the pandemic is impacting kids’ mental health, and 6-year-old and his dad create ABC’s song to encourage kids to dream big.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:01 Moderna: Vaccine Nearly 95 Percent Effective
04:08 How Safe Are The Coronavirus vaccines?
04:45 How Do you know Which Vaccine To Get?
05:16 New Shutdowns As Covid Rages Out Of Control
07:13 College Student Urged Not To Go Home For Thanksgiving
08:56 Biden: ‘More People May Die’ As Trump Blocks Transition
09:38 Dr. Fauci ‘Concerned’ About Transition Of Power Delay
10:06 Michelle Obama On Transition: ‘This Isn’t A Game’
10:30 Congressman Cedric Richmond To Join Biden Administration
10:37 Monster Category 5 Hurricane Iota Takes Aim
11:04 Long Lines At Food Banks As Americans Go Hungry
12:33 Pandemic Isolation Impacting Children’s Development
15:57 Hiker’s Life Saved After Heart Stop For 45 Minutes
17:35 What If Covid Disrupts Your Holiday Travel Plans?

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 16th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

101 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 16th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Peggy Childers Reply

    I wrote book ¹1980 re: CEÑTER for Disease Control in Atlanta, Ga where I lived.
    Dr of Psychiatry/Law Emory University!
    I meet him thru my Attorney Eugene Kisser, former Fulton County District Attorney.
    My book was about stolen Tesla files, stolen by:FreeMason/Illuminate, FBI and Pres Donald Trump’s Uncle Trump, MIT Professor back 1930; How to : CREATE and Cure an illness/Disease.
    Dr Jonas Robitscher mentioned 10 if my cases in last chapter of his book (POWER of Psychiatry)
    April Fool Day 1980 I was almost KILLED in Atlanta, Doctor Robitscher murdered using CANCER 1981?
    So ck out: Center for Disease Control, Labs, Legionaires Disease, all illness developed by???
    You guessed it, the very PEOPLE in news today telling you about VIRUSE that’s killing so many people!
    So cures for most diseases, illness were available sinçe 1930/Tesla files.
    Former Gov of Georgia and then USA Pres Jimmy Carter became Prof of Law at Emory University,

  2. Tommy Tunes Reply

    Biden is not the President Elect, he has not been certified, it’s not the media’s job to certify elections.

  3. G. S. MOHAN Viswanathan Reply

    I Predicted Four months ago about United States Presidential Elections winning candidates Mr. Biden and Mrs. Kamala Devi Harris Will Winning candidates. Tamil Magazine in India Published in the Months of August and September 2020. In my Website I Published the Same.
    www. PalmistryLab.com
    G. S. Mohan Viswanathan

  4. - Mikhail Reply

    Honoring the Electoral process? Wow. That would be waiting until the Electoral college votes before calling Biden anything other than Vice President Biden. Just sayin, there is a Democratic process already laid out for us to follow.

  5. General Shepherd You Tube Communist Party Reply

    Trump is our 46 President. Biden cheated.

  6. Willie Villock Reply

    Why cant we understand that 50 to 60 million people died in the Spanish flu. Why not speak of the 3000 to 20000 people who die of the flu. Why not speak of vaccines that have mrc 5 . Why dont we have doctors from 52 states that are homegrown whom care about their states and people to truly inform us. How can we believe reporters or tv that many dont trust.

  7. Benny S Reply

    Face shield and mask will greatly help the prevention of infection in the community.

  8. barrych mak Reply

    All States are now RED States !!!!! Trump will be very happy !!!!??

  9. Go Chiefs! Reply

    Maybe Iran will give us $400 million dollars cash so we can buy food for our hurting Americans that need to feed their children? Whatdayathink?

  10. Mildred Johnson Reply

    Love to keep a breast with info

  11. Mask On Reply

    If this virus was in one specific area the United States would show up with it’s chest poked out to help slow the virus. However when it’s at home you guys can’t do anything but fight? This is absolutely ridiculous!

  12. Toni Major Reply

    all B.S. stupid controlled democrat cities. evil democrat admin

  13. William Jordan Reply

    This is this biggest load of bs whatever parent takes their kid for depression at 5yrs old shouldn’t be a parent at all and omg no bullying no molesting kids in school anymore don’t try and fkn tell people school environment is good maybe for rich popular kids foh nbc that shrink looks like he should be on to catch a predator

  14. William Jordan Reply

    That bch is full of sht

  15. William Jordan Reply

    My biggest wish is everyone in media gets covid

  16. NotABlack IPL Reply

    Lmao biden might not make it if Trump fights til January. Sad that Americans believe this crap. If I was Trump I would sue the media.

  17. Toni Major Reply

    using covid to cheat and deceive

  18. IRISH MOB Reply

    Yeah the cure for a virus that has a 99% survival rating. Be scared you sheeple. BE VERY SCARED!!! BE SCARED BECAUSE THE MEDIA TELLS YOU TOO!!

  19. Kylie & Hollie Aslan Reply

    fake news

  20. Renee Silvers Reply

    Kids and depression, seriously? You forgot to interview how well the kids are doing one on one out of public school.
    Home schoolers have done this for years and it’s amazing. And also less drug use with teens, make sure to cover these topics next time.

  21. Coloring A Dream Reply

    After Nov 3 you won’t hear anything else about COVID… I thought Trump said something like that 🤷

  22. Rubén Castaneda Reply

    PEOPLE KEEP dying and he still down playing the virus… YOU’RE FIRED👉
    5 year’s old CRYING BABIES

  23. purpleXpotion Reply

    We The People elected Donald Trump.

    Biden/Harris used foreign ‘dominion’ machines to steal this election for personal gain.

    This is a fundamental deal-breaker. No differences to be set aside here. America (GOP 2020) does not cooperate with terrorists!!

    (And Trump keeps the military since dems hate guns.)

  24. Zaly Pinipi Lanas Channel Reply

    We don’t need vaksin, we just need protection from GOD!

  25. norakat Reply

    The CDC produced fatality rates for the Corona Virus which are as follows:
    0.003 % for people aged 0-19 yrs
    0.02 % 29-49yrs
    0.5 % 50-69 yrs
    5.4 % 70+ yrs

    Now with better treatment techniques, the fatalities are much less, and hospital stays much shorter. You *should question* why they want to shut down the world for these statistics. It is not worth destroying the worlds economy and well being. Many people will become homeless and their lives destroyed.

  26. Roy Jacobs Reply


  27. Γ Φ Reply

    How long is the immune period?

  28. Rob K Reply

    Get it boy!!! ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾💙🇺🇲

  29. Karen A Reply

    Brilliant alphabet rap & Lester Holt is the perfect example of an extremely gifted, and successful anchor. Yes indeed!!! Never a dull moment with NBC!!

  30. gen manion Reply

    little kids pick up on the parents stress nothing has to be said, but they also hear them or what’s on tv and don’t know how to talk about it

  31. Dickson yang Reply

    i live there

  32. ComicSpedia Reply

    13:03 I think it’s parents fault .

  33. trey till Reply

    Nightly news MK ULTRA cast

  34. Sainey Drameh Reply

    Sky news

  35. Daniel Bull Runner Lamb Reply

    The best gift in life is disappointment.

  36. Daniel Bull Runner Lamb Reply

    Everyone i know keep having kids, is back to back breeding they are insane.

  37. TheRealSocial Duchess Reply

    I will not take this vaccine …

  38. TUNESMITH da INFINITY Tunegate Reply

    So what they could just lock everything down for 14 days and end it it’s a money thing

  39. Winnie S Reply

    I loved this segment. Thank you Anchor Lester Holt.👌💯🔥🔥


    United states American

  41. Ethan Walker Reply

    You talk about University of Pittsburgh while showing the whole campus of Carnegie Mellon… lol. UPitt is on the other side guys….

  42. Dawn Roper Reply

    The rescue and saving of that hiker – just wonderful. 😍 Those doctors and nurses – absolutely terrific. They never gave up on him. I know they think they are just doing their jobs. But I salute them. They are great.

  43. Jeff McDonald Reply

    Quid Pro Joe, used the same vote stealing software as Hugo Chavez, & Nicolás Maduro did to steal their elections in Venezuela. The chairmen of the board of Smartmatic the software used to manipulate the vote in the Dominion voting system is Vice Admiral Peter Neffenger a member of the Biden tranistion staff. Next Stop for Admiral Pete & Uncle Joe is GITMO. Ho Ho Ho https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMDtOtGFrYg&t=2s

  44. Kenyon Warren Reply

    The best ABC song ever made

  45. Heather Smith Reply

    With a vaccine on the horizon, you can thank Trump for getting it “Done at Worpspeed” with Labs, FDA, and the Military to distribute it free of charge to all states that want it including Cuomo’s N.Y. State.

  46. Heather Smith Reply

    NBC is “not” the law, and lies to you again and again.

  47. pistolpeetlokk Reply

    All the protest prove covid does not spread how we think it does , but it is real , 5 of my coworkers got it but none of them died …

  48. Witkowski Voltz Reply

    It’s strange for someone living in S. Africa to see people going to a food bank in a car.

  49. Irina Lapchuk Reply


  50. Irina Lapchuk Reply


  51. Irina Lapchuk Reply


  52. Irina Lapchuk Reply


  53. Lisa Hicks Reply

    Not sure if i will take the shot.
    Let Joe Biden in. We need more money for bills. SSI is not much

  54. Irina Lapchuk Reply


  55. Irina Lapchuk Reply


  56. Joe Zyzyx Reply

    Any vaccine that comes out this year, since it was Trump who made it possible to have one this early, moving FDA out of the way so it could be created, tested, and rolled out sooner, I will call it “THE TRUMP VACCINE” for sure. He deserves the credit too.

  57. Brian Kush Reply

    “We are rapping to show black kids they dont have to be rappers”.

    • Moving Forward Reply

      No but they can be anything they want. It is inspiration. He learned his abc and is providing hope in a time of need.

    • Brian Kush Reply

      @Moving Forward I believe it, but that quote from a white guy would probably be stereotypical and racist in today’s world. Although Eminem is pretty good for a caucasian . That guy can rap.

  58. Robert Boudreau Reply

    NBC so full s*** they say the outgoing president,
    Trump’s going to be our president for four more years you dumb s****

  59. Regina McDonald Reply

    Quid Pro Joe, used the same vote stealing software as Hugo Chavez, & Nicolás Maduro did to steal their elections in Venezuela. The chairmen of the board of Smartmatic the software used to manipulate the vote in the Dominion voting system is Vice Admiral Peter Neffenger a member of the Biden tranistion staff. Next Stop for Admiral Pete & Uncle Joe is GITMO. Ho Ho Ho https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMDtOtGFrYg&t=2s

  60. Troll Seven JR. Reply


  61. monmixer Reply

    Music trends change also, rap will eventually be in the not so popular group. Obviously it’s here to stay but there will be far less chance of making it big in a market that is now part of music history and not on top. the way it it has been recently and the way arena rock and hair bands were in the 80’s and 90’s. Disco in 70’s and 80’s and New Country is now.

  62. Georgi DROLET Reply

    wake up America! Is the RUSH? Re #biden #TaraReade charges? Worried we’ll all wake up before this plan is executed?

  63. Gary Seats Reply

    Treason? You be the JUDGE. With a infra red security system view the clouds during daylight. See how the objects form clouds? These objects are real and have been here forever, giving water and controlling the weather undetected until radar. The FAA and other organizations must know of them. Do you think our Presidents know of them? If so why have the people not been told. I feel it is my duty to report all enemies alien or domestic. If any Judges read this, I ask you what is your Duty towards truth and honesty? Remember these are GLOBAL. So other GOVERNMENTS more than likely know of these objecs. Maybe our GOVERNMENTS are even controlling the weather for their nation. These objects control the winds rain, hurricanes tornados lightning and thunder and fires. Please help bring the truth out . See for yourselves. Weigh the evidence. Remember, the Campfire and the Car fire and all the fires. Think of 7D holographics.

  64. Peter Wu Reply

    “Most people are not just comfortable with their ignorance, but hostile to anyone who points it out.” – Plato.

  65. MexTexican Reply

    So sorry for the people in the US. Glad I moved to Mexico 🇲🇽 December 26, 2006. And never looked back.

  66. Reynaldo Montero Reply


  67. Amelia Dm Reply

    As a healthcare worker I don’t want to be the first one to get this vaccine!! But of course they will do this mandatory!!

  68. ISAIAH KING Reply

    Now, really..Who cares about dinning in a restaurant?. Pick up does it for me.

  69. Yuriy Malashenko Reply


  70. Moving Forward Reply

    Some truly amazing stories tonight. Please keep sharing inspiration. We as a county need some honest goodness in these days. With the holidays coming we have to stand together and take thanks in what we have. And my friends we all have a lot to be thankful for.

  71. truth betold Reply

    california putting the brakes on reopening? i live in a small town in califoprnia…we never closed here. much less reopened

  72. Dora Solomon Reply

    My husband is a very rich and welding man. we make the money together few month later, he started hooking up with bad friends. on my noted he was having an affair with another woman the family lawyer call me an asked me if me and my husband had a miss-understanding because my husband has change the name writing on the wile. he took everything we have to  his girlfriend, meaning that i don’t have any share in the family. i was frustrated and discourage. until a friend of my advice me to visit a spell caster so that all my problems will been solve within 48 hours then i contacted the spell caster she introduce to me. Dr Akhigbe (akhigbespellhome@gmail.com) spell-caster, Dr Akhigbe promise that everything will been alright. few weeks later my husband came back home, on his knees begging, asking me to forgive and forget about the past and face the future ahead. right now i am in full control of my husband access. call or Whatsapp dr via +2349035428122 if you are in-need of his help.

  73. Barbara Valentine Reply

    Why don’t republicans stand up to Trump. People are dying every day. We need president elect to be informed about the virus. I can’t believe people are allowing this president to behave so badly. He will go down in history as the worst president. He has committed so many crimes. I hope we get justice. So many without food & running out of money. So very sad.

  74. eva byrum Reply

    Dump is just mad because he won’t get to serve 2 terms like Obama did. His whole presidency was all about undoing whatever Obama did. Dump was obsessed with Obamas birth certificate to start. Which Obama ignored him because he had grown up matters to tend to and in turn it only infuriated dump more! To put iceing on the cake he then, much later, saw he WAS born in the US. Dump is finding out he isn’t going to be remembered in a higher light…Obama and Biden will be!

  75. Peter Mano Reply

    Screw that guy Mike for putting himself in that situation. So much resource wasted for one guy.

  76. Norman Revell Reply

    Have the peoples that be getting together in a crowded places been tested for covid19 are they just doesn’t care if they got it not and going to spreading to each other and around the country and the American peoples for not wearing a.mast to protect them self and others

  77. Aurica Elidesz Reply

    those kiddos! Breaks my heart! 😭

  78. LodiTX Reply

    How about seniors living in residential settings??
    Our local health department offered to come on site to do Covid testing, but the owner won’t give permission because the building is filthy and in such bad repair he doesn’t want someone from the health dept. To observe . I’ve even begged the mayor’s ofc to contact the owner. We’re old and poor, but we don’t want to die.

  79. Pat Miller Reply

    Atlas is a brown noiser, as a Dr. He knows better. Ppl don’t listen to him! He’s more concerned about his pay check than you. Thank you Lester, you always through with story that puts a smile on our faces .

  80. Jennifer E Reply


  81. Kiaro Spor Reply

    I do not believe him.

  82. Viking Squirrel Reply

    I’m waiting for Biden to take reigns so everyone can blame him not Trump for everything wrong with America’s ignorant people…

  83. Reply

    No matter what you hear from here, you can listen in reverse. The crimes of Joe Hidden and all the teams involved in election fraud and all these leftist media, facebook and twitter will soon be revealed. The left-wing media cannot find anything to attack President Trump’s achievements for the United States and other countries in the past four years. They tried to clean up China’s black spots by attributing the real culprit CCP and CCP virus to their scapegoat, President Trump! They are pro-CCP and America’s greatest enemy.👹😈👽👾💀

  84. Slingerland 1966 Reply

    I didn’t want Trump re-elected however the DNC made sure they had their puppet in place and got rid of the descent candidates like Yang, Sanders and Gabbard now we have this disaster waiting to happen team Harris is all about enriching herself Biden the puppet will be drugged up on downers Harris will make sure of that! …
    Biden will take us down a darker road than Trump ever could Biden being a warmonger and now big tech and wall street are now pulling the strings with the military industrial complex heading up this sell us out team….Prediction if the U.S. turns into a police state you’ll know Harris is the ring leader…

  85. Heather Schulze Reply

    Let’s all pick a day to go on strike together. No buying, no selling, no working for ONE DAY. Send a message to the dirty politicians that take from us and give nothing back. WE THE PEOPLE!!!

  86. Farah Days Reply


  87. Farah Days Reply

    These lefties are in a hurry to get to Power! Who cares what Michelle O says??? Let’s clear up the FRAUD first!!!!

  88. Vie Lee Reply

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