NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 17th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

President Trump orders drawdown of troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, considered Iran strike, coronavirus cases rise in every state, and family works to help others after young son dies by suicide amid pandemic.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
2:08 Trump Transition Delay Raising Security Concerns
4:08 Rocket Attack In Baghdad’s Green Zone
5:05 Biden Receives Unofficial National Security Briefing
5:55 Kamala Harris & Lindsey Graham First-Bump On senate Floor
6:01 Biden Doesn’t Want Trump Probes To Consume Presidency
6:15 Trump Fires Head Of Election Cybersecurity
6:45 Catastrophic Coronavirus Surge In All 50 States
7:23 W.H. Report: Pandemic ‘Aggressive’, Unrelenting, Expanding
8:56 Why are COVID Testing Lines Still So Long?
10:53 Businesses Desperate For Relief But Talks Deadlocked
12:34 Europe Keeps Schools Open As Coronavirus Surges
14:02 Hurricane IOTA Leaves Deadly Path Of Destruction
14:46 Hidden Teen Depression Crisis Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
17:30 Spacex Crew Successfully Docks With Space Station
17:55 Restaurant Chains Opening Digital-Only Locations

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 17th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

104 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 17th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Castle J Richardson Reply

    OMG my heart goes out to the family that lost the teen to suicide covid-19 doesn’t make it much better 🙏🙌🙏 Rip little one 💔💔

  2. vanessa torres Reply

    Wow the president elect is a cheater. He won because of cheating and his followers are tolerating such>?

  3. Pamela Gillham Reply

    Mr trump, you are FIRED!!!!

  4. Andrew Heng Reply

    Trump is still in charge

  5. Lupo Scapozza Reply

    TRUMP WON and HE is the President!

  6. Dimple Kapadia Reply

    Dont worry ! He never says what he does and never does what he says ! Reminds a buffoon of Africa in uniform who stayed a President for some time !

  7. Jeff Lowery Reply

    Why are all these jetliner planes spraying large lines in sky for last couple weeks over all major cities ,that’s where the covid bio weapon is coming from.

  8. cp13 Reply

    I’m not a Trumper but withdrawing from these endless wars is one of the things I agree with him. How are we signaling defeat when we’ve been in Afghanistan for almost 20 years and almost nothing has changed? If these countries are truly a danger, why don’t we just drop some nukes on them and finish it once and for all. Or is there not enough money to be made in that scenario by the military industrial complex?

  9. luis Hernandez Reply

    vaccine is they contain potentially hazardous ingredients that have never been used in vaccines before.

  10. M C78 Reply

    thank god joe biden won. god bless America god bless the world

  11. rita rae Reply

    He is not president stop sharing fake news !!!!!

  12. rita rae Reply

    This story is exactly why America does not trust MSM. He is not President Elect. He cheated

  13. Phatz Domino Reply

    lies. what’s the real reason they don’t want us to come together? Because we want to stand up against the corrupt government.

  14. Eric Hoberg Reply

    Hurricane Iota?
    I guess it matches the attitude of dealing with coronavirus.

  15. LuvinLife Reply

    Lester Holt is a leftest hypocrite…

  16. M R Reply

    If Biden does nothing, Trump will be unleashed into the US to continue to undermine and deligitimize the Biden administration, galvanize his base and continue to spread conspiracy theories to enrich himself and forge a path back to the White House. Allowing Trump to walk away Scott free is irresponsible and the message to the people is that Biden is weak on justice, in particular, towards those in the executive branch and those who have over and over again threatened our national security and our democracy. What this country needs to come together and unify is Justice, if not, the Dems and liberals will feel the injustice of a Biden administration, that will tolerate, lies, conspiracy theories, threats to American democracy, acts that weaken national security, attempts to deligitimize millions of votes…Unity cannot happen until healing occurs. Healing cannot occur without Justice. THE RULE OF LAW MUST BE RE-ESTABLISHED. Trump supporters will not be won over by an administration weak on justice and reform. Only Justice that exposes the truth can bring them to the table.

  17. jonas Marlique Reply


  18. Lalkaji Bishwakarma Reply

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    Thank you

  19. Christopher Lyonas Reply

    you keep saying the president is saying something that is untrue
    but you fail to prove it

  20. Chucky cheese Reply

    Send a real inspector to his buildings not one that’ll take an envelope from John Gotti. Test the rebar Testa concrete you might find a Polish guy in the cement that protested

  21. Javus Bonmon Reply


  22. George Wages Reply

    Biden will not be president. Too much vote fraud. There is no transition. You will not steal this presidential election. Your news network is an enemy.

  23. Dr.R.L. Ellis Reply

    Please prepare your households. Make sure that you have a plan. Trust God,, an know that as the dollar crashes, food becomes short, water is depleted, and medical supplies are short, you must reach out to your family and friends to ensure that you have connection points and supplies in different places. May God, help you and keep you safe.

  24. Dr.R.L. Ellis Reply


  25. GKT 111 Reply

    The only secretary issue is Biden

  26. Dina Simmons Reply

    No virus last this long It’s mind control welcome to the new world 🌎 order

    • Jerry Rogers Reply

      Not scared yet?

  27. Ruth Perez Reply

    Why should the president give access to anything? Look at what Obama did on his way out? Count the votes. Biden and Harris are the real threat.

  28. Marec Huber Reply

    If Trump doesnt reduce the troop count, he knows Biden will get those that remain killed.
    During the obama, biden, hillary ,admin American soldiers lives didnt mean diddly !

  29. Benjamin Gal-Or Reply

    \ One Line Democrats, [OLD], MEDIA FASCISM and SC Doing Nothing 2 heal the UNITED UNION //// – Meet the World Unique US MF infecting AND LEGALLY Voiding U.S. election before run, an open letter aimed only for the eyes of the Highly Respected Supreme Court Justices. [Sorry, OLDs, it is too long 4 U. It harbors too many verifiable facts some OLDs prefer to ignore or term, as usual [emails to me] “lies”, “conspiracy theories”, or worse, while rejecting REPORTED % FATALITIES OF DIAGNOSED COVID-19 VICTIMS treated in 150 nations U CARE NOT 2 hear about their HIGHLY DEVOTED thousands of scientists, nurses and workers. publishing daily key health data via JHU, WHO, ECDC, NHC, DXY, CDC.] \\ PETITION 2 SC //// WHY, unlike in 2000, SC Justices are doing nothing, when RUNAWAY HORIZONS OF SURVIVAL of the UNITED UNION are petitioning them? – WHY your TIME-INVARIANT DUTY-DESTINY is not effected in face of this growing crisis? – Unequivocally proven by media suppressed-hidden-facts presented herein before you to prove the run was totally, legally-void months before effected – concluding, finality numbers may COMPARE with GA-Type RUNOFF-SC-Order to effect the sole, no-escape, no alternative, SC duty-destiny to provide legal solution to HEAL-SAVE THE UNION & perhaps more, domestically and globally. – Is there enough evidence to charge alleged libel by CNN-ACOSTA ? [umf vids, utube] enhanced by US MF, by its own conspiracy to claim WH OUSTING 4 ALLEGED PANDEMIC FAILURE, a top election issue. \\ I recuse myself //// as scientist (books, Amazon/1Mil+citations by Google), from debating politics, except. Living in Palm Beach, FL, I saw, in 2000, << SC SELF-ASSUMING >> its duty-destiny to save the Union. Remaining unrepairable invalidated election elements today? -none can fix 1st invalidations -no alternative is left & no healer in sight, but SC Runoff Order. Minimal evidence, that is not mine, but is free speech of pandemic science, -ignored, suppressed-deleted, even herein, by US MEDIA FASCISM, E.G. by JHU, WHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC, DXY -WHY? the evidence I DARE TO PUBLISH proves the media is NOT EVEN WRONG, like NAZI GERMAN CONSPIRACY THEORIES it reverses onto rivals, e.g., CNN flagrant violation of its public CERTIFICATION BY ABUSING U.S. COVID-%-FATALITIES GOING DOWN: //// FROM Oct 22 [2.75 %] to Nov 17 [2.19%], Nov 2 v. [Nov 16] -Grmny1.97[1.58] -NL2.11[1.88] -Fnlnd2.20[1.91] -U.S.2.51[2.19] -Brzl2.89[2.83] -Frnc2.69[2.26] -Spn2.89[2.71] -AU3.28[3.27] -Cnd4.30[3.68] -UK4.51[3.75] -Swdn4.78[3.48] -Chn5.39[5.37] -Irn5.69[5.42] -Itly5.47[3.79] -Mxc9.92[9.79 (affects U.S. 2.19% ?)] \ Risking its certification by systematically suppressing-deleting, even herein, this fact-science by CNN’s ACOSTA libel of WH failing COVID handling, a key election issue, by scaring voters w big virus-Deaths-NUMBERS, not % fatalities of infected, as reported by 150 nations, ALL abused as OLD GERMANY ABOVE ALL BY US UNIQUE MEDIA FASCISM. It is not me, the self-appointed media reporters and editors fascists ATTACK, knowingly allowing only Nos. to be published, which scare voters, void election, libel the WH but only reflect biggest U.S. population, more techs/methods/people declare-trust hospitals allegedly inflating Nos. paid for …? [IN, utube, mails]//

  30. Tumbleweedin Reply

    We DO NOT have two presidents at the same time. Biden’s boorish conduct, holding policy press conferences, attending official events, discussing foreign policy with heads’ of state, etc., is truly appalling. And the media are encouraging this, of course. Biden has no respect for the constitutional system, and it is HE is an embarrassment and defying the constitution and the law. The electoral process — with state canvassing, recounts, and litigation — is not over. It takes more than 8 days. And the serious issues are ubiquitous due, in part, to the premeditated pre-November 3 litigation strategies of the Biden campaign, the Democrat Party, and their surrogates in over 300 lawsuits they brought to change the rules and weaken election safeguards. Biden’s “president-elect” declarations are truly the stuff of a tyrant. God forbid, should he become president, it is clear he will govern the same way as it is the way of the radical Left. While this is an uphill fight, it is a fight that MUST go forward!

  31. AIMARTOYS Reply

    not only us facing same problem …all the world ..stop blame each other or leader .

  32. Randall Wood Reply

    Democrats blocking 4 years was acceptable for mainstream media during Trump President days …… well as of November 4 this is all on Biden & the Democrats don’t mess it up Republicans aren’t going help you ….. please don’t sit in Washington having temper tantrums for another 4 years….. 75 million are counting on you …. in 2024 the other 72 million will have no choice but to clean up your mess!!! Momma can’t help on this put on your big boy pants 👖

  33. David Digital Reply

    I still don’t know anyone who knows anyone with covid and I have seen zero evidence of hospital’s over run and see no evidence of emergencies and I live in a large complex with many elderly and disabled. I see no devestation.

    • Jerry Rogers Reply

      It’s a hoax. Don’t get the vaccine.

  34. Margie Diggs Reply

    This is all.bevouse trump.get him out befof tolate

  35. Margie Diggs Reply

    Luck trump up

  36. Margie Diggs Reply

    And his family is in that is in this

  37. tanya kelly Reply

    america’s got talent

  38. Richard Mortellaro Reply

    Other than online schools k-12 for our nation’s children we could add an online spelling bee online athletic team meetings for schools to help keep athletes in touch once a week that is supported by the community and coaching staff . Supervised online surveys to see just what kids have to say about anything any ideas . It seems to me that school aged children k-12 are being pushed to the back of a swerling national pandemic , wave after wave of some really nasty tropical weather systems and really bad wildlife that plagues the western half of the nation. Now tell me how many school aged children k-12 do you think have been the absolute ability to cope with this on there own on a daily basis. On line learning and a whole lot more communicating with there teachers coaches and class mates should do the trick so you have to make it interesting for kids . Just saying

  39. angel vega Reply

    we need money we need help fast before 2020 turns into 1929 all over again

  40. David Ryan Reply

    The Democrat Neocons can’t wait to get this country into another senseless war.
    If Beijing Biden gets in the WH, he’ll give the go ahead and thousands of U.S. troops
    will be killed for nothing. Well, not for nothing. MSNBCCP will get a boost in ratings.

  41. Lara M Reply

    it seems like you need to put thee countries like Russia on the scales to balance US corruption, very heartbreaking to watch what country US was before W.Buch and Obama and what it becomes.

  42. Insom Niac Reply

    Trump is a sociopath

  43. Cherie est bien Reply

    keeping you in prayer as you deal with the loss of your precious son…..

  44. Randy Marsh Reply

    Michigan TerroristS Lose as Republicans Rescind Votes Certifying Results

  45. Emma Amelia Reply

    They should restrict executive orders post elections to prevent such things

  46. Tara J. Fitzgerald Reply

    Trump is reckless and dangerous

  47. Dan Filkins Reply

    I am not a Republican but, I believe Donald Trump would go a lot further if he would stand up and be a man and concede to the election. Despite how you may think that the Democrats cheated the people have spoken. We all know that we cannot change what’s in Donald Trump’s head.. I would say an act of Congress but that doesn’t work either. And Donald, my suggestion to you sir if you do not go to prison. Keep your word. That’s what the people are hoping for…and get the Republican party to speak louder than the Democratic party.. but have some morals sir. I know that’s asking a lot.

  48. Belle Chase Reply

    I havent watched the news in years….LOL. not missing anything. …same lies different day

  49. LUCERO LOVE Reply

    Trump mad because he lost so now his going to start a war his childish and his going to affect alot of people

  50. anti gubernare Reply

    N.othing B.ut C.rap

  51. GARCIA FELIX Reply

    SOO BIDEN SHOULD TAKE A TRIP to the east and negotiate peace IT WOULD BE A BIG MOVE FOR BIDEN

  52. rosie lewis Reply

    Yes…. I have been @ Work…. Have to be back @ Work @ 6oclock A.M…..

  53. Leslie Smith Reply

    My problam with getting a test was that the places that did appointments were booked out for almost a week, and the others required a Dr order and my Dr wouldn’t do orders because they were getting too many to do every single day

  54. AI BF Reply

    Prayers for America

  55. Mary Lou Sepulveda Reply

    So when A President is doing wrong so bad to hurt United States of America, I am sure their has to be somebody to call it a President of____ Mental____ issues enough to pull him out… Of the White House.. we are Americans …

  56. HK execrable writer: Finance and Accounting Pro: Reply

    I don’t know are they correct, but almost nothing report to them, be honest they’re made me cry~~~~~~

  57. TMarie PI Reply

    There is no transition.

  58. George Russell Reply

    Why is the Congress allowing this to happen? The Congress is who are supposed to call for war based on the constitution!!

  59. Lynn Donovan Reply

    Hey guys are you really too stupid to figure out that we don’t have a President Elect yet? Why are you liars calling Joe Biden the president elect when it’s absolutely false?? I don’t get it…. you want that criminal so bad that your just going to say it even when it’s not true? Do you really hate winning that bad? All you report is darkness, lies, Covid and more lies. Don’t worry, Trumps Vaccine is coming then your going loose Covid so I guess you better concentrate on more lies while ya take credit for Trumps winning leadership lol lol👍

  60. John Tatum Reply

    NBC is still lying about the election, especially Susan McGinnis…and Lester Hoax. Massive fraud not reported by communist media.

  61. Trudy St.Claire Reply

    Awww poor Biden.Everyone is in his way. 😆😆😆

  62. Dariel Rowe Reply

    Donald Trump won the election.
    Joe Biden is Boring and he’s not a leader.

    • Oklahoma Papa Reply

      What world are you in?trumps

  63. Britt Reply

    truth…. fake news…

  64. CW Eric Reply

    Biden should be trial for treason for receiving confidential security briefing that he cannot legally receive yet.

  65. Cate Scott Reply


  66. Braden Yang Reply

    Cheater biden

  67. Angelica Serrano Reply

    Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father.  He says: “Children, these days, everything that smacks of national pride is under attack by Satan and the leftists, who seek to destroy your national identity.  This is their way of promoting the One World Order.  The celebration of Thanksgiving* is their latest victim of attack.  Thanksgiving hearkens back to the founding of your country,** when the pilgrims gathered to celebrate their God-given harvest.***  The leftists do not want people to gather in thanksgiving for My Provision, so they are using COVID**** as a reason not to draw together to celebrate this holiday.  Do not be a victim of this latest campaign against national pride.  Be thankful for My generosity to yourselves and your nation as a whole.  I am watching over your country now more than ever during this time of confusion Satan has sewn in hearts.  Do not allow your opinions to be formed by leftist propaganda.  With patriotic pride, celebrate Thanksgiving.”

  68. Jack Ryan Reply


  69. Debra Stacy Reply

    Lost key…lost crazy soul. That video is as fake as TRUMPPY..

  70. Mickey Poore Reply

    This was one of the most dishonest elections ever the Democrats are the most dishonest people in history it’s bad when and honest persons vote doesn’t count and dead people’s votes count and illegals votes counts over good Americans vote this is unamerican and America is gone to the dogs

    • Jerry Rogers Reply

      That’s a very dishonest opinion.

  71. Savannah Rose Reply

    People don’t understand honestly. It is so tough. I am living paycheck to paycheck. Because I have to cover all the bills. I work at a grocery store. I’m guaranteed hours. My boyfriend is only getting 5-6 hours a week at his restaurant. No where is hiring for him to even get another job. It’s so hard right now. Please be kind to others through this time. Things are way more harder in real life than you may think. Especially if it isn’t affecting you. Yeah you can say “well get a degree” “what do you expect when your the lower class” I’m only 21 I’m currently in online school I graduate in May. I’m trying and fighting to build a better life. Have human decency. Things are so hard especially even harder for so many others. Some people have it way worse. I pray that everyone survives this. Stay strong 🙏🏻🧿

  72. Little Fung Brothers Mom Reply


  73. Sergis Batwar Reply

    Is NBC still at it with their false opinions!

  74. Sergis Batwar Reply

    I see that all the haters are at it again. Making statements about our President with no evidence. Just a bunch of lies and hate. Democrats are the real dividers in America and not
    the Republicans! Liberals state all kinds of hate statements with out ever telling the truth or backing it up! Sick people!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Sergis Batwar Reply

    If you bananas could do a better job of running this country than get off your couch and go work for the Government! Stop spreading hate and more hate!!

  76. M1 M Reply

    So votes aren’t matching registered voter rolls…. can’t the president demand all states to provide registered voter counts/totals? May help in comparing totals…

  77. Smuckers T Reply

    Imagine losing your job then realizing, “Wait, nope my job is now in danger of being replaced by a phone app”. There aren’t enough jobs that can’t be replace by machines, and outsourced to countries with low cost labor. And the ones that do fit that description require years of expensive college. The world is heading towards a future where the wealth classes are permanent, and the bottom consists of people living on a UBI.

  78. Colarte516 Reply



  79. Shiny Eevee Reply

    バカバカバカバカバカバカバカバカバカバカバカバカバカバカバカバカバカバカバカ kick him out and put him in jail and have him struck from the presidential record a disgrace. And f Mitch and Lindsey.😡

  80. Rose Donastorg Reply

    Fight fire with fire

    • Rose Donastorg Reply

      0lester Holt is my favorite angler man

    • Rose Donastorg Reply

      Th US Virgin Island is being ignored so sad

  81. Rose Donastorg Reply

    Trump is not Ying with.a.fyll deck l..

  82. Jordan Kahele Reply

    They are pirates from the Crown
    And the Pope is “a demigod” they all in violating the 1856 existing Armistice. Btw, they use every excuse (like the veto or fillabuster) to avoid running into us at the PCOA coz they not only violated and infringed on GESTOPO but the Supremacy Clause. Because those are one things why, they should be on the death watch

  83. Rose Donastorg Reply

    RIP Jaden

  84. Jason Watkins Reply

    10-5 curfews prevent COVID spreading? Seriously? How?

  85. Gwendolyn Albert Reply

    Why? What about the flu? Do some of these people have the flu.

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