NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 1st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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CDC advisory panel votes on who should get Covid vaccine first, Barr says no evidence of widespread voter fraud in election, and President-elect Biden formally announces economic team.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
1:51 CDC Panel Votes On Who Should Receive Vaccine First
3:58 FDA Chief Summoned To White House Amid Vaccine Push
4:11 State Developing Different Vaccine Rollout Plans
5:20 Health Officials Work To Build Trust In Vaccine
5:43 Vaccine Rollout Mission Faces Major Challenges
6:47 Barr: No Evidence Of Widespread Voter Fraud
7:46 Trump Attacks Republican Governors In States He Lost
8:27 Biden Unveils Economic Team, Vows ‘Help Is On The Way’
9:57 Bipartisan $908 Billion COVID Relief Plan Announced
10:17 SUV Attack Kills Five, Including 9-Month-Old Baby
11:27 Emotional Homecoming After Man Rescued At Sea
12:38 Dangerous Driving As Snowstorm Hits Several States
13:27 Hospitals Gear Up For Mass COVID Vaccination Drive
15:38 Hollywood Star Elliot Page Announce He’s Transgender
17:33 Testing Rush Fallout From Holiday Gatherings
18:56 Record Cyber Monday’s Biggest Best Sellers

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 1st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar jj6u tt6dd says:


    • Avatar jj6u tt6dd says:

      —If you could reason with a Trump supporter, they wouldn’t be Trump supporters— •

  2. Avatar T W says:

    I already trust the psychiatric movement when they say I can’t own a firearm and I need to be put on 30 mg of antipsychotics and I need my psychiatrist’s christening to even much as breathe.

    What’s another injection for me?
    If I survive… Great… I can serve my corporate overlords and make them rich so that I can afford to rent out a 1 room tin can apartment. If I die, you’re doing me a favor too. I get to be free of this cruel and unusual world.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that only the rich and powerful who exploit others need worry about suffering.

    For those under the heel of economic hardship they’re already suffering. All you can do is help them suffer more which is absolutely normal to them, or help them suffer less by liberating them from this planet and those who exploit them.

  3. Avatar kizzie souleng says:


  4. Avatar Ker Loz says:

    If you are reading this and you are going through anything, if you are depressed, or suicidal, if your thinking life sucks, your not alone. Keep your head up, stay strong.

  5. Avatar kimberly smith says:

    Congress and Senator’s FIRST, older high risk folks! Let’s see if its effects are safe!

  6. Avatar Paul Davison says:

    Bidon comes to mind

  7. Avatar Paul Davison says:

    sorry I mean harris bidon puppet,

  8. Avatar Paul Davison says:

    Donald won the election

    • Avatar Mike M says:

      Biden has already won the election. He is the new President-elect. Trump is a lame duck now, as well as a loser. The people rejected Trump, because they were sick of his corruption, cowardice, bumbling incompetence, disloyalty and immorality.

  9. Avatar Paul Davison says:

    Barr barr barr

  10. Avatar Paul Davison says:

    Donald sent by God to save the world

    • Avatar Mike M says:

      Trump and his cultists are communists. They use the same methods as Mao and Maduro, trying to take power. Now they try to steal an election that they could not win fairly at the ballot box. Trump takes orders from Putin and Xi. He sells out our country to the highest bidder. His cultists hate America and spit on the constitution.

  11. Avatar Selma Trice says:

    The slippery ball finally live because conga neurophysiologically serve mid a spiteful bag. bewildered, adhesive cell

  12. Avatar jet way says:

    covid 19 is big lies…those death number is 100% not covid globalist & who they paid media hospitals and doctors to convince and believe the people in covid19. i know everything coz my cousin is a doctor in florida he told me not to fear because these are all agenda. he as a doctor and others there just can’t refuse WHO command them to declare the cause of death as Covid or else remove their license. US administration and opposition fighting for vaccine to earn money. while china is laughing and busy spying america and europe building fake island to straightening their arm forces. meanwhile the CCP and globalist partner in the government around the world are planning another agenda to bring CHAOS to the whole world, but the main target is to destroy AMERICA. doctors in wuhan china who confessed the lies of covid19 are automatically killed secretly and blackout news…

  13. Avatar jet way says:


  14. Avatar Devon Parker says:

    The 1st receiving the vaccine should be the people distributing and administering the vaccine.

  15. Avatar Reekev P says:

    Go by age obviously ….health workers and teachers first. Not brain surgery..

  16. Avatar Melly Sosa says:

    The reason all us conspiracy nuts don’t trust vaccines… Here’s Bill Clinton to the people of Tuskegee. “So today, America does remember the hundreds of men used in research without their knowledge and consent. We remember them and their family members. Men who were poor and African American, without resources and with few alternatives. They believed they had found hope when they were offered free medical care by the United States Public Health Service. They were betrayed.”

    • Avatar Melly Sosa says:

      All those elected officials mandating masks and shut downs should be first in line to receive the covid shots.

  17. Avatar Mike Ivey says:

    Dam u can’t tell who’s a real female on the big screens screens Amy more God made u a man he made u a women we can’t help it that u don’t like ur dam body

  18. Avatar Claire Daly says:

    Trump needs to run, now.

  19. Avatar Claire Daly says:

    Away from the whole world.

  20. Avatar ZT Keerg says:

    Biden should be given credit for warp speed right hahahah wake up idiots

  21. Avatar Christopher Graves says:

    Yes first responders and medical personal and then Fire department and Police before the rest of us. Of course Military first too.

  22. Avatar Roadhouse Doubleduece says:

    Bro shave that head..

  23. Avatar Christopher William says:

    Your Mask is like 5 inches to tall man

  24. Avatar General Eric says:

    The voter fraud from dead people ballot harvesting and other assorted local level shenanigans was meant to distract you from the real fraud that was taking place in the Dominion and other counting machine software algorithm.

    • Avatar Mike M says:

      That makes no sense. If the Dems really controlled the software, Hillary would have won in 2016.
      And the Dems would have won the Senate in 2020.
      So your “real fraud” is an obvious lie.

      Do you really think other people are as stupid as you?

  25. Avatar George Ealasaid says:

    The nutty purple seasonally license because shoemaker congruently use past a silent coil. smiling, clean sign

  26. Avatar Anthony Bates says:

    This is the work of the Most High. Like in 1492, We were hit with the plagues befor Christopher Columbus came here with the blessings of the Pope to come and brutalize our people. We now that shoe is on the other foot.

  27. Avatar Lliam Jurdom says:

    The Covid vaccine is mostly a joke … 95% success rate … thats the same odds as doing nothing ….

  28. Avatar Pushing 30 says:

    If SHE wan’ts to be a boy.. that’s cool.. but she is not a man/he

  29. Avatar Shane Pedersen says:

    Watch SYMANTIC (Norton Antivirus)
    “I Bought a Voting Machine Online … Then Hacked It” on YouTube

  30. Avatar Shane Pedersen says:

    I want to know Who is going to be held responsible when people get ill from this vaccine and what this repercussions will be? Most vaccines take between 2-4 years to be approved, this is because of trials and studies that need to be performed to ensure safety. Not all reactions are immediate, like heart disease it doesn’t evolve overnight. Thus long trials and studies are needed.

  31. Avatar Jfsfrnd says:

    Trump even harassed Ducey for allowing Kelly to be sworn in early. He was in an election to replace John McCain so he took McCains seat today per Arizona law.

  32. Avatar ClarksoninJapan says:

    🇺🇸 Trump 🇺🇸

    • Avatar Mike M says:

      The best way to live in a broke third world country is to vote for Trump. He didn’t solve any immigration issues. He didn’t build the wall. He is utterly disorganised. He didn’t listen to advice. He wrecked the economy. He takes bribes from foreign powers. He is a racist. He rips off the taxpayer for his own private gain. He is the swamp.

  33. Avatar Willy Pond says:

    It’s fascinating that we are such robots now, and need a vaccine to think we’ll be ok. why don’t they just just drop the bomb already? Destroy the news!!!

  34. Avatar Aldis Stimits says:

    The spectacular gladiolus cephalometrically suit because lace jekely confuse round a equal tail. dirty, perpetual tom-tom

  35. Avatar MR. JP Christian says:

    Ok State Governors it’s your call !!!!
    Who gets the vaccines first ??????
    Are you going to use your State Army National Guard Reserve Units to assist getting this vaccine in Freezing Cold ZERO DEGREES storage trucks delivered to Hospitals that have Freezing Cold storage at ZERO degrees. ???????????
    Does your State Army National Guard Reserve Units even have Trucks
    that can accommodate ZERO Degrees ????????????
    How many Hospitals in your State
    Have Cold Storage Units at
    ZERO degrees ????????
    How many Walmarts and Walgreens and all other Pharmacies
    Have Freezing Cold Storage Units at at ZERO degrees ?????????
    State Governors, You better be on the ball on this one….. It’s your call. ??????? I bet Gov Andrew Cuomo of New York State will be on the ball on this task. ???????
    LoL LOL LOL LOL HA ??? I Don’t Think So, He doesn’t even wants it delivered to his State ????????? That’s what he said on TV ????
    So his Army National Guard Reserve Units can Stand Down, on this one. Maybe sit down and take a chill pill………..

  36. Avatar Billie Cole says:

    Why are not journalists held responsible for what they say .

  37. Avatar Angelina Mcgowan says:

    Thank god for doctors scientist that came out with the coved vaccine god bless them all

  38. Avatar 1994shweta Shukla says:

    Channel like subscribe & share kre

  39. Avatar Angelina Mcgowan says:

    Let the doctor and nurses get the virus first there in the front line jeperdizeing there lifes every day thank you and god bless you all

  40. Avatar mary johnson says:

    We have heard this for the last 3 days we’re tired of it everybody in the United States that cares nose so you may just as well stopped telling us about it nobody cares what prompt think except his cult members this is not Fox News so they don’t listen you told us once that’s enough

  41. Avatar mary johnson says:

    And why are you quoting crazy man on your TV show I had no idea

  42. Avatar Angelina Mcgowan says:

    Thank you lester holt

  43. Avatar Игорь Олексенко says:

    Интересно что чувствует вовка.

  44. Avatar Neaveh Kings says:

    You should be be the first Biden and Mr, news man.

  45. Avatar Neaveh Kings says:

    There is no urgency

  46. Avatar Larrental Marry says:

    I was diagnosed of herpes 2 years ago but no doctor could cure me until i came across Dr Osaba herbal Home who gave me his medicine that revived my life and today i’m tested negative to the herpes and other suspected diseases.I don’t need to talk to much about DR OSABA but you too can contact him for any kind of cure via WhatsApp number +2348132322488 or email drosabacurehome@gmail.com

  47. Avatar yolanda flores says:


  48. Avatar Motivating Zone says:

    Interesting and nice

  49. Avatar Ghost Notes says:

    I’ll wait for the guinea pigs to take it first. If they don’t die or turn into zombies I might consider it.

  50. Avatar kathy Martin says:

    Can you please tell me if these democrats are Sniffing Glue?

    Now if you dial 911 in New York starting in February they are going to send out Social Workers instead of the police.

  51. Avatar Sir Michael Knight says:

    Lester Holt The Todays show DRAMA QUEEN,Crises Crises.Make it sound really bad Lester.Trying to put you in a frenzy.NOT ME Where Matt Lower?

  52. Avatar Sir Michael Knight says:

    The today show sucks

  53. Avatar Teresa Vielman says:

    Dont get all hung up on the amounts or size of the ‘stimulus.’ Heck, send the checks out $50 at a time, every other week. Pass them out in the streets like you pass out all those ‘i voted’ stickers and pins that people always end up throwing in the trash. And save all those placeebo vaccines.. we’ll start taking them when the government starts paying us to participate in the mass testing they want to do. You think they’re really gonna risk injecting all healthcare workers with the coronavirus? They’re gonna test it on the population first, then based on the amount of people who die.. theyll change the dose around, tweak the recipe and send it out again. Once they find the perfect dose, they’re gonna sell it like they sell all other drugs in the U.S: like Insulin ; overpriced for the rich and free for the poor. The price of anything you buy depends on your income. Newsflash

  54. Avatar APTTMH says:

    all the elite, monarchy and upper upper classes, and their kids and grandkids, not a placebo

  55. Avatar Royston H says:


  56. Avatar Richard Mortellaro says:

    Where else is this happening what other contry is this happening in ? Limit flying and ports of intry into the United Sates .

  57. Avatar William Reynolds says:

    The aspiring feeling conformably owe because cymbal correlatively own astride a elfin turkish. merciful, bizarre work

  58. Avatar olivi333 says:

    Did you know? Lester really doesn’t need glasses. He just wears them, to make him appear smarter.

  59. Avatar Howard Kidd says:

    Time for a revolution political leaders in government trying to just take over this country never less , other parts of the world

  60. Avatar Howard Kidd says:

    I don’t believe the doctor he’s going to give it to his whole family. What’s going to happen years down the road. And this doctor is a well aware of these questions unknown facts

  61. Avatar Violy Inks says:

    Hey 👋 stop all Scammer Treason Treason False Presedent Crimenal Conspiracy Judgement Death 💀 Nomore Nomore Presedent Nomore Poletic Nomore Nomore Presedent Nomore Poletic Nomore Puletics Nomore Poletic Nomore Nomore Presedent Nomore Poletic Nomore Puletics Nomore Poletic Nomore Nomore Presedent Nomore I Demand Jesus Christ Nomore Democrats and Republicans are not Longer all Fruadgery Fruadgery Crimenal coraption Conspiracy Judgement Death 💀 all Scammer In My New Holy world my new Creation I don’t need help I work my own Evil this all evil are Nomore This my new Creation only me Can do I am the leader in my new Holy world I am the Law Of the Law I am the Justice Of the Justice and I am the Justice Of the Jodge I am the owner in my new Holy world is Only from Holy Peace ✌️ if you Bealive Jesus Christ your savior and you safe ✌️

  62. Avatar ann mia says:

    If help Biden? See me and you know what to do. Police ears. In the ganslkr

  63. Avatar Benson Cheung says:

    The concerned chinese anatomically guard because soil causally bubble atop a brainy good-bye. elfin, extra-large extra-small exuberant airship

  64. Avatar Debra Cyphers says:

    Vaccine not me

  65. Avatar Rhonda Gomez says:

    If you are reading this and you are going through anything, if you are depressed, or suicidal, if your thinking life sucks, your not alone. Keep your head up, stay strong.

  66. Avatar jovonna tenbarge says:

    You should be ashamed with your censorship! I can’t watch and national news!! Your downplaying, deliberately hiding the truth!! God is rising up and He is going to bring truth to all of your lies! How do you people sleep at night? Oh I know Money!!!

  67. Avatar all serve pump says:

    Garbage news you have to watch news and other countries to understand what’s going on in the US.

  68. Avatar Sharonette Evans says:

    Yes indeed I agree 😊😊😊

  69. Avatar Ryan Hanifan says:

    And the FOREHEAD keeps getting HUGER!!!

  70. Avatar Ryan Hanifan says:

    No “widespread” fraud but DON’T look at this evidence that’s EVERYWHERE!!

  71. Avatar Ryan Hanifan says:

    Well at least they can start destroying STATES along with their CITIES!!! Bunch of idiots!!!

  72. Avatar Ryan Hanifan says:

    Dementia picks stroke patients!!!

  73. Avatar Ryan Hanifan says:

    But the relief money was used by Politicians for votes not for the citizens!!! Lemmings!!!

  74. Avatar 精萃篇 says:

    Caught on tape counting center

  75. Avatar Mamadou Diagne says:


  76. Avatar acajudi100 says:

    Give it to all the greedy and evil rich demons.

    Not taking it!!!!
    Over 700 people shot to death in Chicago this year, and this is happening for over 60 years! GENOCIDE!!! Thousands wounded! Lives do not matter.

    Please give every household $2K per month retro from March 1, and train to work online at $2K per month.

    We are our own worst enemies. Our lives means nothing to us or anyone BLM is a big joke, for ALL LIVES MATTER!!!

    God is angry, and you are too stupid to see the deadly signs, so reap what you have sown.


    Just give the stuff away, and do not destroy. GREED and Evil are destroying this world, and God is not happy. JUST BEHAVE!! Sharing is caring.

  77. Avatar Ricardos Travels says:

    FAKE NEWS – Speaking of “No Evidence” – (Has anyone heard Barr say this) or any Tweet or Post from Barr stating this? Go ahead – Google it – not even the referenced original AP interview shows Barr saying this.

  78. Avatar Ricardos Travels says:

    BREAKING: DOJ Statement Disputing the FAKE NEWS MEDIA (That is not what Barr stated “Media outlets have incorrectly reported that, and in fact the DOJ investigation of 2020 Election Fraud has not concluded”). ~Per CBS https://epochtimes.today/doj-not-done-investigating-election-fraud-spokesperson-says/ .

  79. Avatar Not My Real Name says:

    If COVID doesn’t prove you need to take care of yourself, eat good, rest, vitamins, don’t weigh 400 pounds, etc. Whatever

  80. Avatar Curtas Schmidt says:

    Jesus Christ warned us that these last days would be just like this and that most people would walk in Darkness and reject the True Light Jesus is coming very soon for the church then Begins the 7 year tribulation we see by reading the scripture that is very close

  81. Avatar John Alvarez says:

    Yeah you can all be genie pigs 🐷

  82. Avatar Curtas Schmidt says:

    Here’s what bothers the government about distribution of the vaccine they know that people will reject the vaccine they’re figuring out a way to force people to take this poison vaccine

  83. Avatar Curtas Schmidt says:

    If people want to take the vaccine that’s their choice but it’s the people who don’t want to take the vaccine that’s their choice also if you try to force the vaccine on people that makes people a Slave and that’s not what America stands for

  84. Avatar Alex Botha says:

    your reporting on trump and voter fraud is biased ,south africa and the world knows that,you are fake news.where is your dignity

  85. Avatar Benjie Benjamin says:

    Good for you Elliot! You are who you are & that’s just perfect being who you are. ❤

  86. Avatar Fuchs xD says:

    Ewwww NBC is …. Full of Lies

  87. Avatar jenone feng says:

    NYT Shocked That People Don’t Hate President Trump https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgD_RUHuKVg&feature=youtu.be

  88. Avatar W Flint says:

    Biden didn’t break his foot thats rigor mortis. Pre- mature inauguration. His talking point was about intercourse and machines

  89. Avatar Michael Humphrey says:

    Voter fraud

  90. Avatar Rocky Chau says:

    Animal exploitation is the primary cause of zoonotic diseases is why why we are in this SIP order in the first place! This industry is killing humans every bit as they are mass killing animals. We have thousands of these facilities in California and we don’t need any more of these violent facilities. Gavin Newsom, we call on you to place a moratorium on new factory farms and slaughterhouses as a first step to #CancelAnimalAg!

  91. Avatar Ketro Con says:

    NTD: Video shows poll (corrupt) workers pulling out suitcases of (fake) ballots
    Mainstream media Marxists are pushing false narratives to the political agnostic! WAKE UP!!!!

  92. Avatar 脑控受害者徐英一家mindcontrol脑控受害者徐英一家mindcontrol says:


  93. Avatar Pierre Bibeau says:

    Trump is trying to get recognition for the vaccine. He doesn’t care about people dying, he wants the glory for doing nothing. He is such a jerk.

  94. Avatar Neil Inthaphone says:

    F guy guy🐠👩‍👩‍👧👩‍👩‍👦👩‍👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👦👩‍👦😀🇺🇬🎯🎯🇪🇭

  95. Avatar Marcus Fenix says:

    “A” for effort. What an interesting saying.

  96. Avatar Vanessa Gomez says:

    I am very happy to hear that they think about us. God knows we need someone to care, enough is enough, with all the pain and grief. We need some light, we need to breathe once again!

  97. Avatar Camala Brown says:

    CNN falsely claims, without evidence, that Joe Biden is President-Elect.
    Mr. Biden is not the President-Elect, nor will he ever be. The
    mainstream media should stop peddling baseless claims.

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