NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 8th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News


House Speaker Pelosi threatens impeachment if President Trump does not resign, videos show fatal police shooting of woman during Capitol riot, and U.S. surpasses 4,000 daily deaths from Covid for first time.

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0:00 Intro
1:32 Pelosi: Trump Will Be Impeached If He Doesn’t Resign
2:02 Trump Won’t Attend Biden Presidential Inauguration
3:16 Trump Condemns The Capitol Rioters He Incited
3:45 Sources: Pence Doesn’t Support Invoking 25th Amendment
3:54 First Republican Senator Calls On Trump To Resign
4:19 Graham: Impeachment ‘Will Do More Harm Than Good’
4:49 Biden: ‘A Good Thing’ Trump Won’t Be At Inauguration
4:55 Twitter Permanently Suspends Trump’s Account
5:12 Growing Calls To Impeach Trump A Second Time
6:12 New Video Of Fatal Shooting Capitol Siege
6:49 Capital Police Officer Dies From Injuries In Riot
7:10 Rioter Seen At Desk In Pelosi’s Office Arrested
7:19 Dozens Arrested As Police Hunt For More Rioters
9:16 U.S. Hits Record High 4,000+ Daily Deaths
11:15 Confusion Over Who’s Next In Line For Vaccine
13:32 Devastated Economy Loses 140,000 Jobs In December
14:52 Major Winter Storm On The Move Across Country
15:17 Rise In Online Extremism Fueled Attack On Capitol
17:02 Talking To Your Children About The Capitol Riot

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 8th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

119 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 8th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

  1. William Hogg Reply

    Main stream media decided to cover this, but ignored the 40+ deaths from BLM protests.

  2. rumination Reply

    Epstein case?

  3. Jennie Leigh Loomis Reply

    I presently have Covid-19, along with a history of asthma and bronchitis. I am just allowing this to run its course.

  4. Elizabeth Foster Reply

    i dont care how long it takes, he must be impeached for the record, for all of history.

  5. ray c branch jr Reply

    Saturday night news 5:30 p.m. NBC the time is 10:50 p.m. where is the news at

  6. Mary L Reply

    Was looking forward to 2021 but the beginning of 2021 is just wow

  7. Tiffany Guynn Reply

    This is all rediculois. What a junk show.

  8. eddy vinas Reply

    I hope all this white supremacist have in the federal prison

  9. Trump supporter Reply

    All media’s are owned by the Cabal!

  10. Percy Cole Reply

    His job was to shoot her….he got caught in the moment

  11. A Sise Reply

    Yes, the Republicans don’t want any consequences. Saying Trump should not be impeached. What corruption in plain sight.

  12. Tiffany Guynn Reply

    The lies they proceed with are just like the new administration. Bunch of lies. You all are following false judgment. Biden is not a good leader and his running mate is worse.

  13. RaymondKym Suttle Reply

    Blunt can go screw himself. We don’t have the time to hold criminals accountable? In that case, no more convictions for anyone breaking federal laws!

  14. Eliziane Borelli Reply

    The new one
    New pich

  15. James T Reply

    Trump hate us , Mexicans ,
    Because he has been so busy keeping the White house , that a Mexican Gardener has been Gardening Melania……..
    And that’s why he hate us…!!!

  16. Victor Lim Reply

    Those 20 million infected of COVID 19 aftermath which those organs infected might losses 30% of ite functions. Find Rutin to reduce the risk of the blood clotting of the artries pf the Lung, Heart ,Brain ect!

  17. Ron Smith Reply

    No one will be charged, they’re white.

  18. Tolu Osinowo Reply

    Trump administration has cost this country dearly. Can’t even manage the cure properly. What abject failure!

  19. James T Reply

    No Worries, No problem,
    Everyone Calm down..!!!
    Jesus TRUMP the Messiah Shall come and SAVE us,

  20. Rosa Esmeralda Reply

    SetasDivolicas Mafias. Pagadas por trump

  21. Rosa Esmeralda Reply

    La guerra de Trump A EE UU

  22. Rosa Esmeralda Reply

    Trump esta loco

  23. Richard Reply

    Trump 100% needs to be impeached again. And removed from office, and charged. Enough is enough. It’s time to stand up and make it very clear that this sort of thing is just not tolerated in the US. Can you imagine what strongman led countries like Russia and China are thinking about the US right now? The US looks soft, and weak. Is that how the US wants to appear to potential enemies? America is a joke right now because of Republicans.

  24. Give Thanks Reply

    They should all end up as Convicted Felonies and NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE‼️ I’m flabbergasted that ppl would just believe the election was stolen because your cult leader told you so. We are in SERIOUS trouble in America if our citizens can’t apply simple logic and reasoning to their actions/thought process.

  25. mrIlovethe90s1 Reply

    These psychos aren’t protesters!

  26. F James Reply

    Estuvo feo eso, my granddaughter asked me, what happened grandpa at the Capitol Hills….🤒

  27. Vulpeculae Reply

    I’ll forgive a rioter after they’ve served a 20 year sentence in prison. *Think* before you act.

  28. Spike Jones Reply

    Arrest terrorist 1

  29. R D Reply

    Those officers did not move aside to “make way for a tactical team”. They abandoned their posts out of fear of the angry mob flooding through. The insurgents in the front told the guards that if they stood down, the mob would allow the officers to escape without hurting them. Those officers should be relieved of duty so they can find a safer job.

  30. Rosa Esmeralda Reply

    Presidente de Honduras y Trump Dos loco guereros

  31. Rosa Esmeralda Reply

    Sectas Divolicas pagadas por trump

  32. Leo Tan Reply

    The third authorisation cellularly consider because kevin characteristically remove under a observant wash. young, ludicrous step-father

  33. Wonder Wonderful Reply

    Trump just sign legislature to put people away in jail for up to 10 years for destroying government property. He signed it because of statues being destroyed on government property. Now that fits into building, furniture, belongings, flags, and windows on government property. Beside the other charges people are facing that’s another automatic 10 years possibly.

  34. cupid patches Reply

    Fake news is funny.

    • Ann Reply

      Do you not have eyes

    • José Hunter's EW&F Remixes Reply

      How’s the red light district tonight?

  35. David M Reply

    Americans should stand up and have peaceful protest march to oust this madman president… To Save America and truly to make America Great Again! This protest will be a signal to those mindless Republicans who are boot licking this madman at the expense of American Life and Democracy

  36. Marcos Mota Reply

    *Estos gringös ‘tan locos. Hay que llamarles* “Qanutjobs” *chingá de brutos que hacen “research” por Google y BitChute.* I kid, I’m in the Bronx. I just said that you people are crazy, like that “it’s all there” chick frothing that the Deep State and Hillary, are colluding w. lizard people. This is what happens when a basic education is thrown by the wayside. A lowly immigrant who grew up on food stamps and government cheese has better sense than 50% of your population. Like someone said on Twitter, “the whole world is watching the United States like [we] watched ‘Tiger King’.

  37. Bill Tappan Reply

    This country needs to focus on solving our internal problems first above all. Health care, education, housing, make the rich PAY THEIR TAXES, creating millions of jobs by bringing our infrastructure out of the 40’s. We all should get a share of our labors.

  38. M. S Reply

    Just curious to know what the CHILDREN thought about the rioting in the summer.. and all the fires, destruction, and hatred and violence towards the police officers who you probably call for help when you need them…

    • Ann Reply

      I don’t think children should be allowed watching the news

    • José Hunter's EW&F Remixes Reply

      How about Sicknick, the officer who was MURDERED by your lovers?

  39. GirlInaBox Reply

    They need to do whatever they can to prevent Trump from ever running for any public office ever again, and once out of office he should be prosecuted for all of his crimes, including inciting a riot just as would be done for anyone else who did the same disgusting things he did.

    • GunmetalRaven Reply

      Trump is a symptom of a bigger problem. Those people who voted for him and who stormed the capitol didn’t come from no where. We have some serious issues with this country, and they’re not going to stop.

  40. Lucyna Gajda Reply

    The house is that people!

  41. Meshell Reply

    Trump has distroed this country. ruined this country then he has the nerve to won’t to be Prisdent?..he NEVER did his job in the frist place.

    • Ann Reply

      Trump didn’t help. But the USA is steering and will bounce back.

  42. Charlotte Chaplin Reply

    You know what to do when a child is misbehaving and throwing a tantrum? Send them to their room even if you have to physically force them to. To protect yourself and others. Maybe we need to do the same with adults, but wait, their constitutional rights! We’re letting people get away with this stuff way too easily.

  43. byronofcalgary Reply

    Dear VP Pence… why would Trump defend an attack on a US Embassy or Military Base…
    if he won’t defend an attack on the US Capitol ? or the Electoral Process ?
    Trump is incapable to Act because he already has been incapable to act

  44. cityman1111 Reply

    When Mueller said that a President cannot be indicted while in office, it gave Trump a green light to do whatever he wanted to do for all this time, and Trump ended up getting away with murder. Why do I say this? He is still sitting in the White House. Duh.,

  45. Tony Hard Reply

    How much do white clan have to do today in order to be locked up for anything? being a different color me a black man in a america would have been shot Dead on the spot and the truth is told and saw

    • Tony Hard Reply

      Sad to see what the government allow the white clans to do today and yesterday’s past the truth is Almighty God is going to literally can them All speaking truth to Life 💯🌍


    THUS saith the LORD: In the last days, Evil men and seducers, shall wax worse, and worse, decieving, and being decieved. So let no man decieve you by any means. It is written: that in the last days, they will turn their Ears from the Truth, And are turned unto Fables; speaking LIES, And hypocrisy, from such turn away. 1 Timothy 4:2-4 KJV 📃 So GOD be true, and every Man a LIAR. Romans 3:4 KJV 📃 Do not put your trust in men, And don’t believe their FAKE NEWS. It’s all part of their Fear mongering Agenda! So Turn off your TELL- LIE- VISION, PROGRAMMING And open the WORD OF TRUTH, and read about the GOOD NEWS. Don’t waste your time listening to the FRIGHTLY NEWS! WAKE UP AMERICA! because The time is at hand. So he that has an Ear, Let him hear, Because NOW is the acceptable time: Behold TODAY, Is the DAY OF YOUR SALVATION! May GOD bless you, and lead you into the knowledge of the TRUTH!!!


      @Ann thanks Ann for your friendly comment! I’m actually honored to be called crazy, because that’s what they called my LORD JESUS CHRIST, and they called him worse than “Wacko” and mocked, and scoffed at him, and they hated him so much, and wanted to shut him up, So they tortured, and killed him on a Cross. So that little stone you casted at me? does not offend me. Because yes Ann, I’m definitely crazy for JESUS! THUS saith the LORD: If the world hates you, know ye not that the world hated me, before they hated you? If ye were of this world, than the world would love it’s own; But because I have chosen you out of this fallen world, Therefore the world hates you. John 15:18 KJV 📃 JESUS says to Bless them who curse you, and do good to those that hate you, and pray for them. Matt 5:44 KJV 📃 So May GOD bless you abundantly Ann! 😇

    • José Hunter's EW&F Remixes Reply

      Go phuck yourself and your flabby orange messiah

  47. F. Crazybone Reply

    I’m ashamed to be an American. I never thought I would say that. I am no longer an American. I want nothing to do with any of this.

    • Ann Reply

      Don’t be like that. It is still a great country. Just need to working on it and make a few changes

  48. tweetybee tweetybea Reply

    President Trump had NOTHING to do with what happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6th; These undercover antifas is who raided the our U.S. Capitol. Not President Trumps supporters had anything to do with antifa’s bs.

    • Ann Reply

      Even though all the evidence to the contrary

  49. Carlosinfinite Reply

    Imagine if it was biden that did all this, trump would say “I will impeach him myself because I can, screw congress”

  50. D. Brown Reply

    If you listen to fools here the mob rules!!

  51. D. Brown Reply

    Join Parler

  52. 龍之谷 Reply

    Pull the plug at the bottom of this swamp, trump the swamp plug. then we can drain it.

  53. Kathy Bryla Reply

    These kids need to watch what’s occupying the house now holds there future and what’s to come and many generations ahead the new tenants in house started all this mess right from the very beginning over greed power and controll that’s not how god wants things run there is no god in the house let alone there hearts there not gonna care about you down the road people only trump cares he was trying to warn you and all of us but you turned the other way god said dont follow the antichrist

    • GunmetalRaven Reply

      Trump brought war, famine and pestilence… Pretty sure he’s as close to the antichrist as it gets.

    • Kathy Bryla Reply

      @GunmetalRaven well that’s your problem you turned already no help for you enjoy your new life

    • GunmetalRaven Reply

      @Kathy Bryla Turned? I’m actively treating people dying of Covid because of that incompetent moron. My hospital is full of red blooded americans who are learning the hard way that the virus doesn’t care what political party you worship blindly like an idol.

      I want that man and his Ilk punished for what he did by his inaction and pretending it wasn’t real.

      I’m tired of treating preventable deaths.

  54. Cuba Bound Reply

    How much does Biden make a day? All your politicians? Have they lost a paycheck…. that YOU pay for, yet? Asking for a friend.

  55. Lue Gordon Reply

    Okay, because of this incident on Capitol Hill, lawenforcwment needs to have heavier security during or after an election or any situation that could develop into another rioting. Hill Police, should report any unusual incidents before they have any chance of developing into an uncontrollable riot. “Once bitten twice shy, twice bitten America, thrice shy.” Let this thing, not repeat itself AMERICA! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  56. Big Rig Experience تجربة مسافر Reply

    The real American way; letting rioters to break in the Capitol, ransacking, stealing, and destroying, then spend enormous resources in arresting and punishing the wrong doers.

    It would have been much cheaper had the Capitol been protected rather than left for grap.

  57. Adam Roberts Reply

    Impeachment may be symbolic but even that is better than nothing. They have to say ‘this is NOT okay’ but Trump’s almost out. This keeps pressure on until charges can be brought against the Trump criminal organization

  58. tom kidwell Reply

    The latent rats are jumping ship, their opportunity to maximize their yield has matured.

  59. CrossRoad Properties, LLC Reply

    it’s about time we put a muzzle on that old dog

  60. Amarie Reply

    That is not a shift in tone. Body language says a million words. baby tyrant

  61. Jason Faulkner Reply

    I’ll bet the rioters wish they wore masks, so maybe some could get away without being ID’ed. Oh wait. There is a pandemic, and Trumpers won’t wear masks. Competitive ignorance cost them their freedom.

  62. Chi Adams Reply

    Truth: Trump exposed the truth about undercover racism. And that fact that, irs real, its alive, it’s a hidden factor in the normal fibers of certain human phychological mental programs that effect the way groups of people respond, interact and treat other people, that can cause random selected acts of victimization of abusive words, actions and that’s toward innocent people by those who have been psychologically programmed to think that they have the right and the duty to manipulate and control others lives in any way they deem appropriate or nessesary. A form of conditioned generational mentle brainwash convincing.
    A mentle disorder programing created through an enviromenal method of repiticious subliminal suggestion that renders the person in the mind set of Superiority Complex. A mantle malfunction,Closely characteristically related to the mentle disorder of norcistic behavior patterns. A brainwashed concept that has no fact base, no proof in theory, or is it logic based concept, has no origin in true reality. Usually displayed by low level thinking patterns of insecure, immature people, with weak, susceptibly miniiplitable minds sets that are easily attracted and persuaded by negative ways of thinking, speaking and acting towards others.

  63. Korie Collins Reply

    I want him gone he is worthless

  64. Korie Collins Reply

    People around the world sees this what are they to think and this is supposed to be the president of the United States of America that is doing this he’s supposed to represent all of us not just one group but all of us he did this I don’t care what anybody else saying he did this I think y’all need to do this in private quiet under the table nobody needs to know about it till it’s done but it needs to be done he needs to be out not a few days as soon as possible

  65. Rich Another Reply

    If your having questions still, just look and see how vietnam has handled the coronavirus (excellent)!
    Look and see how Singapore has handled the virus (excellent)!
    Chen Chien-Jen vice president of Taiwan has shared with the world how to handle the virus (excellent)
    New Zealand has shared with the world how to handle the virus (excellent)!
    Laurie Garrett Pulitzer Prize 🏆 has been pleading with our country on how to get ready for the virus.
    Until we’re kind to our Animals, and we stop eating Animal muscle and parts, and dairy products, and stop eating at wet Markets! We’ll, this virus and the ones behind it (Witch our stronger) our not going to be kind to us.

  66. misael mendez Reply

    How? Is there a amendment, something o congress ? Please tell me

  67. May Ariani Reply

    if Amazon throw Parler out, then 80 million Trump supporters will boycott Amazon.

  68. Tom Reply

    I bet that guy wouldn’t be apologizing like that if he didn’t get caught. Crying like a baby.

  69. Joey 9 Reply

    7:45 No forgiveness for these terrorists! Charge them with the full extent of the law.

  70. Javier Reply

    What worries me most is not people breaking into the Capitol. It’s that the one guy told the truth that it’s the establishment vs the people. Now the establishment will double down on protecting itself and a greater division between the people will grow. Things are going to get worse for the average citizen. Just think what limitations will now be put on people that want to address their government peacefully. Our right to assemble to address grievances just got kicked in the teeth.

    • José Hunter's EW&F Remixes Reply

      Nope. Go away, traitorous LOSER

  71. Theo Byrd Reply

    More time and taxpayer money getting wasted trying again to impeach Trump for no real reason. Pelosi is a danger to our democracy.

  72. Christian Lopez Reply

    Think about it, that lady was a former Air Force veteran. The military needs some deepER background checks.

  73. Van Helsing Reply

    How can it be, that 45% of republican senators support violent insurrection?????
    If they do, the Party must be banned.

  74. song yardbird Reply

    Trump was in total collusion with the some faction of the FBI and security officials in charge of protecting the Capitol Building. THE mob had no problems entering that building! And NO ONE WAS ARRESTED AT THE SCEEN OF THE CRIMES. To say that this was an egregious oversight is just stupid.

  75. Dabbed Out Media Reply

    That cop is a hero that defended our constitution by shooting down a traitor whom’s aim was to violently put Trump back into power against the vote of the American people. Give that man a promotion and award. That mob was going to execute our elected officials and the bullet he fired saved lives and our democracy the way I see it. The way I see it, everyone in that crowd is guilty of treason and should go on trial and face the punishment they deserve for their violent, failed sedition. And the leaders that stoked the flames that day including Donald and Rudy should be tried and convicted too. Threats to our democracy whether foreign or domestic should be stamped out. If those were foreigners that invaded the capital then we would be at war and killing and capturing everyone involved for high crimes against the United States, just because its white people from the states shouldn’t make it any different. A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist period no matter where they are from or what they look like.

    I watched the Trump terrorists assault police (resulting in one dead), and destroy federal property, trample over the freedom of the press which is protected by the first amendment just like the free speech they love to tout, and threaten the lives of our elected officials., going so far as to erect a gallows. Those terrorists only want the constitution to be upheld when it suits them and only for them. And since they erected a gallows its only fitting that the traitors be executed in the same way they planned to execute American citizens that were elected to a position of leadership. Maybe I’m being harsh but I’m not the one that thought it was a good idea to commit sedition and in doing so left a stain on the United States and our democracy that will be remembered by all the world and history for decades to come. The United States should examples out of these fools. After all this wasn’t a protest that is protected by our constitution, this was a violent attempted coup that had it went how they wanted it to go then there would be dozens of dead elected officials and we would have a dictator in power. What they attempted was no small matter, it would have changed this country and our world standing forever which is very serious and should be treated as so. Like I really can’t express how bad things would be and would get had things went the way those terrorists wanted.

  76. Chelsea Jackson-Bayon Reply

    Just Make Sure President Trump will NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO RUN EVER AGAIN!! THAT’S IT! PLEASE!!!!!

  77. Mark T. Reply

    The only thing missing from those thugs are the ‘brown shirts’ they should be wearing.

  78. Code Ref Reply

    Arrested…with light charges

  79. Chelsea Jackson-Bayon Reply

    If someone is in an act of a Felony & someone dies, that person or persons could be charged with murder (involuntary manslaughter)

  80. j b Reply

    Any of you heard how italy helped switch votes to Biden via satellite..
    It’s true Google it..ain’t no news here…Google it

  81. Earl Hughes Reply

    Shooting an unarmed protester sounds like something China would do

  82. Earl Hughes Reply

    Why is this domestic terrorism but looting businesses and burning stores and police cars isn’t

    • José Hunter's EW&F Remixes Reply

      Because you’re phucking stupid and worthless

  83. G.W. Hemp Reply

    Get the loose cannon out of power! He needs mental help!

  84. Mathew Lee Reply

    @4:35 What’s her name?

    • José Hunter's EW&F Remixes Reply

      Gorgeous white woman

  85. Malcolm Salters Reply

    Those kids saying everything what my mind has been saying

  86. B C Reply

    What a set up using kids to make the violence at the capital seem like our country was just invaded.

  87. Thomas Alcaraz Reply

    Please visit the link below

  88. Alganesh Werede Reply

    Stop war in Tigray peoples 😍🥰😘💖💝😍🥰😘💖💝😍🥰😘💖💝😍🥰😘💖💝😍🥰😘💖💝😍🥰😘💖💝😍🥰😘💖😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🖤🖤

  89. Don Cooper Reply

    Make no mistake, the republicans still support their evil king! DONT BE FOOLED, they have no remorse!

  90. Loretta Aiken Reply

    Irs correct it now.

  91. Alex Douglas Reply

    Yay he has it all coming to him; and more 🤣

  92. Quyen Diep Reply

    Why he still there after Wednesday? He destroyed Capitol. He has to pay for that. All American angry. Shame for Trump.

  93. mark tong Reply

    Subpoena and prosecute all members of the Trump administration who have not yet resigned for insurrection and insurrection advice. Infected zombies in the white house with deep crying butthurt and insurrection and going to prison. https://youtu.be/uYJtnEGCGs0

  94. Gaylord Angel Reply

    Be careful- tRUMP and it’s cult are planning, inciting and planning more violence especially on Inauguration Day, that is why it said not attending! LOCK tRUMP UP! LOCK tRUMP UP! LOCK tRUMP UP!

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