NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 7th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News


Full coverage of the fallout after rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
2:04 Top Trump Officials Resign After Capitol Siege
2:36 Allies Turn On Trump After Capitol Insurrection
2:56 Trump Agrees To ‘Orderly Transition’ After Capitol Riot
3:17 Democrats Call For Trump’s Removal With 25th Amendment
3:35 Biden: Trump Unleashed ‘All-Out Assault’ On Democracy
4:08 Democrats Call For Trump’s Removal With 25th Amendment
4:31 Growing Calls To Remove Trump With 25th Amendment
5:15 Inside The Trump-Inspired Siege On U.S. Capitol
8:15 Dozens Charged As Police Search For More Rioters
9:10 Capital Police Under Fire For Massive Security Failure
10:08 Justice Dept Won’t Rule Out Riot Charges For Trump
10:40 Double Standard For Capitol Rioters & BLM Protesters?
12:20 Americans React To Assault On Democracy
13:42 World Leaders React To Siege On U.S. Capitol
14:31 Capital Rioters Fueled By Online Extremism
16:11 New Answers On Why Covid Is Spreading So Fast
16:51 National Guard Deployed On Vaccination Mission
17:07 California Hospital Activates Crisis Standard Of Care

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 7th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

100 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 7th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Excalibur Madison Reply


  2. Joan Meijer Reply

    Lindsey Graham can’t just keep changing sides every time he gets a little threatened by the people he’s supporting. Just kick him out – he doesn’t NOTHING for the country EVER!

  3. Excalibur Madison Reply

    What a whole bunch of idiots! And you call them “security”? They are securing what?

  4. david stacy Reply

    Pulaski don’t even know what the 25th amendment that 25th amendment means that the president United States has to resign or die either or the vice president could take over which is Mike pence of the United States of America I’d rather have him than Joe Biden that’s my message for today and that’s the truth too read your 25th commandment they don’t even know what they’re talking about

  5. Young Cha Yi Reply


  6. J J Reply

    Biden can eat 💩💩💩💩💩

  7. Arin Gharibian Reply

    The elegant weeder intriguinly add because receipt suprisingly obtain besides a silent period. sincere, changeable snake

  8. Rafael Camilo Reply

    The country most secure building, what a joke!

  9. Geovanni D. Reply

    The warnings were not missed, they were ignored. There is a real coup happening, and some of the top police organizations sent robocalls urging people to storm the capitol. These people are planning on overturning the US Govt. This is Union vs Confederates all over again, except this time its extreme right wing facists vs the rest of the country.
    We are on the brink of civil war and no one wants to admit it.
    Thankfully the Pentagon knows what is happening, and isn’t standing for it.

  10. Geovanni D. Reply

    The police let it happen, they are in on it. Do your research.

  11. 한동룡 Reply

    President Trump, please do your best. Support and support.

  12. Jason Hampton Reply


  13. Jason Hampton Reply


  14. Lee Lee Reply

    Biden not good for American

  15. Lee Lee Reply

    Nancy you not good for American

  16. Lee Lee Reply

    Michelle you not good for American

  17. Linda Cantu Reply

    Pilosi is wicked. She needs to go.

  18. Pa Ct Reply

    Welcome to the point of no return Donnie

  19. Linda Cantu Reply

    We are in the Spiritual war. Good against Evil. Pray America. We are heading into upheaval. The Bible tells us who wins this war. It’s not going to be easy on us. Keep the faith.

  20. Steve Ward Reply

    Oh here we go bring race into it.

  21. Prophetess/Evangelist Precious Reply

    it’ is all over for trump he will never run against what happened on January 6th 2021 capitol hill in Washington DC everyone going to remember, for the next four years they need to hire more security guard for safety all 50th state need to be on high alert for the next four years and not take anything lightly hire more security people, it was so bad watching that on tv, trump doesn’t need to be Impeached it’s over for him, what they need to do is focus on $2.000 stimulus check and coronavirus

  22. julio sam Reply

    how many people will show up for cheating biden inaguration on jan. 20 ? (20 people, 20 cars honking for covid)

  23. Kelly Chapman Reply

    Democrats set this up trust me

  24. Vincent Irkalla Reply

    Truly the darkest day in American history, when terrorists living within the nation can attempt an armed fascist insurrection and put all Americans and the world at risk, all the while egged on by a traitorous, seditious President. With those pipe bombs, rifles and zip-ties, things could have ended so, so much worse.

  25. bad bob Reply

    Police let the people in then shot an unarmed protestor. BLM and Antifa can riot, loot and burn things for months and the dems and msm encouraged them. Your brainwashing and lying to cover up the stealing of power. The people didn’t vote for Biden in the primary’s, the DNC made him the candidate.


  26. Carva Lone Reply

    Democracy PREVAILED!!! PERIOD

  27. Steve Ward Reply

    Do journalists not take American history? America was founded on insurrection and treason. What do you think the British called the Boston Tea Party? I don’t think they called George Washington a good patriot. Talk about a double standard.
    Don’t get me wrong I am an American and I am glad this coup failed and that is what this was…a coup. However we cannot act like we are better than others when America did the same thing 200 years ago

  28. Ben Grimm Reply

    Barr and Lindsey should be in prison. Why are they free?

  29. Ben Grimm Reply

    The Republicans put a hit out on all the Democrats and we are doing nothing. Is the left waiting for a successful overthrow?

  30. ThE PeNciL ShiNoBi Reply

    Makes you think right . All those hotel managers that died in trumps “accidental helicopter crash . Atlantic City failed and next thing you know, the managers were all killed in trumps helicopter crash

  31. D'NYLE/ denial Reply

    Gotta know he looks great behind that desk!!!

  32. D'NYLE/ denial Reply

    We got comments now?
    But they are going to be knocking on that door ? that’s some funny s***

  33. D'NYLE/ denial Reply

    Haunting? We the people?

  34. Sheriff of YouTube Reply

    CLOWNSHOW Q-anon Shaman has photos with 10 members of congress. this was propaganda

  35. D'NYLE/ denial Reply

    Words that are not associated with democracy? What words would that be , pray tell?

  36. D'NYLE/ denial Reply

    This s*** is fun, I like talking to you it makes me feel like my voice counts,. Thank you America the free is country in the world ,although we have a million blacks that are locked behind bars oh sorry sorry sorry

  37. leo dumas Reply

    Lester your full of s****!!!! Every night for months i had to watch fires looting businesses destroyed from the blm protests and have you and all the other mainstreem media outlets tell me my eyes are lying to me.. But now ur horrified because of what happened at the cspitol… I say this and its 100% the truth the only threst to our fragil demacracy is you your lies and the lame stream media as a whole.

  38. Thomas O'Steen Reply

    Sorry I forgot which amendment gave us the freedom to be as stupid and ignorant as we want to be . Because it seems the left absolutely rely on this particular freedom

  39. MrsAlways RightForever Reply

    Is so crazy how your actions at the end will judge you for example Donald trump because I’m sure he brought some good policies but sadly he’ll be remember for this not even for his participation at the apprentice; and this veteran girl too all because of the things they allow to believe

  40. John Davis Reply

    Trump got to be charged with treason

  41. Tranquil Shores Travel agency LLC Reply

    He’s 60, yet his face looks to be 92.🙄

  42. John Davis Reply

    When you see a MAGA hat just call them traitors

  43. geddoe316 Reply

    and suddenly covid gets put on the backburner. they control the masses so easily lol

  44. Tranquil Shores Travel agency LLC Reply

    A lot of people need to be in prison…. Traitors…

  45. Michael Pena Reply

    I wonder were Isis is …. ?? This should make it easy for them to attack us

  46. James Reply

    Lol America the beacon of hope lol

  47. Skip Ijam Reply

    Cute how the crooked just won’t straighten up, the world could be at peace

  48. Patrick Evans Reply

    Did NBC ever get around to reporting on Fang Fang? Do any of you people who use NBC as a news source know Fang Fang?

  49. Jennifer Larry Reply

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  50. Jacqueline Wilson Reply

    Most Caucasians are not roll models! I strongly believe that their behavior was unbecoming of peaceful and honorable humans!

  51. Rebecca Sablack Reply

    The building was secure the security was letting its own people in

  52. Nancy K. Smith Reply

    Liars. Thieves.

  53. Rebecca Sablack Reply

    White privilege at its finest

  54. Nancy K. Smith Reply

    Stomach turning riots this summer.

  55. todd prifogle Reply

    If Pence refuses to invoke the 25th then IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH IMMEDIATELY
    If Mitch mcConnell attempts to derail then censor and sanction him as a coconspirator to sedition .

  56. todd prifogle Reply

    Further inflame tensions ? We do not placate terrorists and seditionists

  57. Sralaine 007 o-007 Reply

    Who were the Mobs in last year Protests…???!!!
    Who are Cheatings and Scamming during in November 20 Election…?????
    Who are the Anti-Christ groups…..???….?????

  58. HOME 2015 FORD Reply

    The congress is lucky there wasn’t a plot to blow them all up. The only survivors would have been those in covid quarantine, the designated survivor, and President Trump.

  59. Bridget Amato Reply

    This whole thing is sad and you’re network is a joke. If we lived in a racist country Obama would’ve not been President. I voted for him. He is not Dr. Martion Luther King Jr. and Michelle is a racist. You’re network incites division and violence. Shame on you!

  60. DON Reply

    You the media and democrats created and set this whole thing up, its all on you!

  61. DON Reply

    lester what a weasel little dweeb.

  62. Lynne Dare Reply

    This is old news! He didn’t have a Twitter account!! This is Saturday! Not current news evidently!

  63. Alexander Rivera Reply

    TRUMP SHOULD be removed from office now!!
    # LOCK TRUMP up now!!
    TRUMP is not above the Law!!!

  64. eastern2western Reply

    Did the cops missed the huge crowd that was in front of the capitol hill.

  65. Alexander Rivera Reply

    TRUMP is a criminal a crook!!

  66. Rosanne Reply

    I know blame trump for everything. How about getting rid of the swamp.

  67. Roxanne Carpenean Reply

    I would say that 9/11 was the darkest day in America not January 6th. The media needs to STOP bashing President Trump!!!!

  68. kay 98more Reply

    We want justice hospital in Boston General medical center in Massachusetts pediatric part all all workers charge with neglect of our 2 year old son and we want them all arrested for holding our family hostage

  69. Jeremiah Morris Reply

    Crap news

  70. Prince Reply

    This is extremely disturbing showing pure Racism how Trump answered back .

  71. Jack Heltzel Reply

    When they stop commanding people to feel their own anger, this things shall be quelled

  72. G W Reply

    We need this lockdown to end and get back to work and play, and stop being keyboard haters bored and isolated. Government is not the be all end all we think it is. Go live your lives. Love your family and be kind.

  73. Mikey Cole Reply

    I’m condemning dodo joe for taking handouts from the CCP. Let’s use the
    25 th amendment on old Joe he is
    Incompetent .

  74. Michael Shurock Reply

    Antifa was there

  75. Michael Shurock Reply

    And what did the demecrates do during the pandemic riots

  76. Michael Shurock Reply

    One thing it’s the American’s house not there’s

  77. Jonathan Murray Reply

    There were three busses brought three buses in of antifa they we escorted by trooper stste

  78. Jonathan Murray Reply

    Mik he didn’t do it it was antifa they got it on film

  79. Jonathan Murray Reply

    Impeachment not it was antifa they were in three buses they we escorted by state police they got it on film

  80. Jonathan Murray Reply

    Trump didn’t do anything it was antifa

  81. Jonathan Murray Reply

    They sent people home

  82. Jobe 420 Reply

    Warning were miss in 2016 u fools. Oh now your eyes are open I’m am ashame smh

  83. Jonathan Murray Reply

    Nancy stop it you no it was antifa

  84. Jonathan Murray Reply

    It was not mr trump

  85. Jonathan Murray Reply

    He stopped them

  86. Jonathan Murray Reply

    Go home

  87. Jonathan Murray Reply

    Don’t tell them

  88. Eliziane Borelli Reply

    This is History
    Did for President Trump

  89. Eliziane Borelli Reply

    Not the President Trump

  90. Eliziane Borelli Reply

    Listen pelon
    President have nothing to do with this ok
    I wish I had there

  91. Curt Lamanna Reply

    Amazing how easy it was to breach the capital. I would not be comfortable ….how many politicians would have been injured if it was a elite milatary attack with heavily armed team .

  92. abutaleb faysal Reply

    Trump supporter can use @tolife application for chatting.

  93. May Rollins Reply

    I sepot Trump
    He have done nothing
    Trump the one called police 🚔 to the end.
    Biden did nothing .
    All he did is complain

  94. scot rose Reply

    Racism is the only policy the demoncrats have. That’s why they never talk about their policies. There was a black president for crying out loud. Anyone who works hard can achieve anything. I’m white and I don’t know any racists. Those cops let the mob through the barricades for the purpose of furthering the demoncrats narrative of America is racist. Racism, racism, racism. That’s all they have. The next four years are going to be a catastrophic, bumbling display of incompetence.

  95. Jeanette Gonzalez Reply

    Remove president Trump we don’t never trust him never will he gets what he deserves there was nothing wrong with those votes he’s a sore loser like this sore red face

  96. ISABELLA Magazine Reply

    Why hasn’t Christopher Miller acting Sec of Def been arrested yet? Assigned as an Acting role twice in the last three appointments within 6 to 7 months. No one is questioning him on his role of neglect during the attack on the Capitol, even though he rejected request for the National Guard and took forever to act?

  97. Lisa Kettler Reply

    Tell the truth, people are very mad because the election was stolen, and this was a set up.

  98. quaz imodo Reply

    Thanks Lester. You’re a Mensch. That means ” human being” in German or in Yiddish. Take your pick. (BTW in German nouns are capitalized.)

  99. US LSR-KH Reply

    🙏 pray to God

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