NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 9th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News


Former FBI Counterterrorism Director: “It’s not over yet,” President Trump permanently banned from Twitter, and 180 House members sign onto article of impeachment. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 9th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

101 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 9th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. C S Reply

    but they’ll gladly spray rubber bullets at crowds of BLM protests

  2. Deryl Bryant Reply

    ….and nancy pelosi is a drunk, …scared beyond measure that she will spend her final days in PRISON

  3. Ricky E. Reply

    Lol even the news forgot it’s 2021 now

  4. TheOne1One1One1One Reply

    The media and Democratics started all this. They’ve been trying to get him before he got in office. He keeps fighting back. If they continue, don’t they know he’ll fight back.

  5. human being Reply

    Show me anywhere, where President Trump told anyone to break-in, or enter the house….. I’m waiting……..🤔, “He didn’t!”
    But he did speak to a the people, and he told them to go home, go home in peace..

  6. Annette youtube Reply

    Larry Rendall Brock, Jr from Dallas, TX. Born in 1967.
    –> Conduct unbecoming an officer.
    And who has ANY good intentions with zip ties?

  7. Mario Castro Reply

    Just saw the video of cop being dragged down capital steps and being stomped on and hit with spear and pole with American flag! Blood on tiny’s hands! On msnbc and tiny said he loves them!

  8. i-PEX Network 360 Reply

    Trump was lied to by deluded televangelists, and he was enough of an a#/? to believe it 😂😂

  9. sphere 528 Reply

    couple of months ago I saw Brooklyn Jews wearing trump/pence shirts, I wonder how that dinner would go w/ the white racists
    trump: Abraham this is Billy Bob from local Militia # 45

  10. clariceism Reply

    NBC, it’s 2021. Let’s try move on from 2020 now, shall we, please?

  11. Manny Irrizarri Reply


  12. Annette youtube Reply

    Trump should never ever have been on social media. He should have been WORKING! … and not comfort-golfing!

  13. Roy Morales Reply

    She died doing what she loved 🤪

  14. Sunshine M Reply

    Their not smiling now are they

  15. Abdul walee paul Reply

    They dept. Of justice knew white supremacist threat was strong in America. Trump just incited them more, brought em out of the wood works. They know now.

  16. cupid patches Reply

    WOW FAKE NEWS… not even true!!!! unreal, so what about the BLM MURDERS>?

  17. Rikeisha Reply

    It’s 2021… The title says 2020

  18. cupid patches Reply


  19. Charlene Lord Reply

    The guy wearing the horns looks like the devil incarnate!

  20. Roy Morales Reply

    It’s f****** treason call it what it is

  21. Bikramaditya Mandal Reply

    The title of the video contains wrong year…should be 2021

  22. Steve Bryant Reply

    Right give us that vaccine in fl. Like wtf good people needing here i help a v.vet he has seen me from ups to complete down im still down no home no real job held down by a bipolar gfriend no joke it saddens me even more to watch wtf is going on in this country are u kidding me I see out of state tags here mainly snowbirds but to give up all of our state resources on the vagrants thats another huge mistake so there won’t be any for the the people who are out here breaking rocks all day an pushing elevator buttons keeping this virus spreading “BRILLIANT “

  23. CP Reply

    ,.,.,At least 25 Americans were killed during protests and political unrest in 2020

    Jul. 29, 2020 at 5:01 AM PDT
    MILWAUKEE (WTMJ/CNN) – As police in Milwaukee search for the person responsible for fatally shooting a Black Trump supporter outside of his business, officials say the community needs to know if the crime was politically motivated.
    Bernell ‘Ras’ Trammell, 59, was often seen wielding large, handwritten signs with his personal beliefs in big, bold letters. These signs supported George Floyd, police reform and President Donald Trump. He ran “Expressions Journal,” a small publication where he created his signs and publishings.
    Neighbors say Trammell was sitting in a lawn chair outside the business July 23 when he was fatally shot in broad daylight. On Saturday, his friends gathered to create a memorial.

    August 27, 2020A retired black police captain fatally shot during looting in St. Louis was passionate about helping young people and would have forgiven those behind the violence on the city’s streets, his son says.
    David Dor n, 77, was killed while responding to an alarm at a pawnshop overnight Monday, St. Louis Police Department announced in a news conference Tuesday.
    “Throughout the night, we made 25 arrests for various charges. And then there were 55 businesses and counting that were burglarized and had property damage,” St. Louis Police Chief John Hayden told reporters.

    August 25 CNN political analyst Joe Lockhart attacked former Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann after his network settled a $250 million defamation lawsuit earlier this year.
    On Tuesday evening, CNN awkwardly aired Sandmann’s speech as part of the second night of the Republican National Convention, where he said his life “changed forever in that one moment” because the “full war machine in the mainstream media revved up into attack mode” while botching its coverage of the 2019 viral confrontation with a Native American elder that had portrayed the Kentucky teen as the aggressor.
    However, one of Sandmann’s loudest critics came from the network that he settled with.

    Oct 31, 2020 At least 25 Americans were killed during protests and political unrest in 2020

  24. Marilyn Hart Reply

    The superficial height progressively step because beauty tentatively crawl barring a telling blow. workable, righteous ceramic

  25. CD Sutton Reply

    Okay this comment go specifically to Donald Trump jr.
    (Or I can use his alternate name: Son of Bloviator.)
    You know the real big difference between all these tech companies that you loathe and your father who seems to loathe you?
    Facebook and Amazon et. al. don’t order thugs to die for the lies you

  26. Afroza Rahman Reply


  27. Paari Paari Reply

    Police brutality

  28. Jason Young Reply

    Hardest hit people by the pandemic are the ones that take care of family

  29. Jacobo Reply

    Antifa rioting paid for by the billionaires of the Democratic Party

  30. Nickolai Bannick Reply

    He can go to the Kremlin web site and post his mumble-jumble. Putin will be agreed and happy with him to try to destroy the strongest and healthiest county.

  31. Tina Clark Reply

    Trump needs to be jailed alongside his followers lock
    Them up

  32. Mary s Reply

    Are you kidding me, “We want Trump!” For what? They guy is a USA traitor. He instigated the entire voter fraud. A few months ago, he told the USA citizens to vote more than once! Stuck his toxic hands into the USPS to close it down to mail in voting. Demanded people go out to vote while the Covid pandemic is a reality. So if he won, no fraud. If he lost, FRAUD. It’s not hard to figure out this simple minded, dumb guy. But then again, all those chanting, “we want Trump” are those who never made it through high school. Baa, baa is the language they understand.

  33. sky walker Reply

    Pelosi is a freak clone.

  34. Laura Kelly Reply

    I believe President Elect Joe Biden should take action against our President for his irresponsible leadership to incite violence from his supporters. Anyone in any other profession could not get away with.this kind of negligence.

  35. Tina Clark Reply

    Thank you Twitter for your support

  36. Jimmy Rohan Reply

    Trumpy dumpy had a great fall. Trumpy dumpy fell off a wall. Trumpy dumpy ignited racism within America for another 100+ years.

  37. Fred Smith Reply

    I drove/walked through a largely Hispanic part of town here in LA a few days ago. The area was packed with people going about doing their business. Not one of them were wearing a mask, nor respecting social distancing. This is one of the reason why there is so much Covid in the Hispanic community. I asked someone why are they not wearing masks and distancing? His reply “God will look after us”. What kind of stupid mentality is that? No imaginary person in the sky is going to help you.

  38. Doughlas Somera Reply

    News media keep mentioning FIVE (5 ) deaths at the white house, but won’t report what may be murfers

  39. Gary Davis Reply

    what if china north korea a re iran attacks the usa wheres the presadent dont no hes been blocked from calling in n we cant find him stupid peaople in the usa n nancy palosi is crazy go home nancy the old folks home is calling your name

  40. Beryl Aldred Reply

    Didn’t he listen to the speech trump told them to march on the white house of course the only way to stop the vote was to break in.
    The his speech to tell them go home he spewed the ie the election was stolen they were special and he loved them.
    He loves no one but himself and the power he has had as president.

  41. David ben Jernigan Reply

    This is the news hugh. Everyone could see right threw its rhetoric.

    • David ben Jernigan Reply

      Who let the Senator open the back entrance to send in the moles.

  42. -- Reply

    More lies and propaganda from the news, I feel sorry for whoever is so gullible to fall for it.

  43. jim redskye Reply

    welcome to the end of the world

  44. Mike High Reply

    Pelosi is such a treasonous old woman, she will probably spend the rest of her life in prison

  45. Mike High Reply

    Only a hand full violent protesters, but all of antifa , BLM, you guys are so rediculouse and liers

  46. Mike High Reply

    Now it’s easy for antifa to blame trump supporters for their crimes

  47. -ReBiteIsHere - Reply

    they got the title wrong

  48. Sarah Martinez Reply

    TRUMP PSYCHOPATHS get out of the white house please take off nuclear weapons out his hands IDIOTS

  49. Devonia Smith Reply

    Good job Twitter about time someone shut him up!!!

  50. Enrique Reply

    Why do more Latinos die? Because of our poor diet, tasty and delicious though.

  51. michael m Reply

    The snake is a SNAKE

  52. baldog statue Reply

    My prayers to those passengers and crew of the indonesian airlines that crash and to their family..
    Also may god bless collettey for having a big heart!! I dont know what happen but i suddenly got teary eyes watching her story.. i guess with everything thats going on, with all this divide and unequality, and this beautiful young lady who has her own battle and despite on her condition decided just didnt stop at spreading kindness and love for all.. she could just have done it with some help from relatives but she is even giving people a fighting chance to have their dignity back!!
    I felt like she has given more than some of those who they call themselves leaders and representative of the people in this country!!i
    It seems like collettey has more common sense than some of our representatives, who in real life represents only those who donates money for their campaign on elections!!
    Not only they didnt help the people who really in need of help , but even try to take peoples dignity, and called people lazy for not having a job!!And insulted them by throwing crumbs at people like thats their only worth!!after giving trillions of dollars to those who are already rich!! This leaders are main reason the unequality and unbalanced ways of lives in this country.
    While millions of americans are suffering for loosing their jobs, thousand bussinesses closing down for good, yet stock market are thriving ans booming!!
    So they have debated the necessary relief help for months and thats only for 1 time help!! Yet billionaires who doesnt need any help at all..became hundreds of billion of dollars richer!!
    Well atleast people knows who are those people!!

  53. kamal Reply

    Erick Trump is the slowest guy ever

  54. argusone Reply

    If I were to guess, the explanation for the high mortality rate for latinos may be that the survivors of Covid and the asymptomatic carriers may be descended from Europeans plague survivors. Immunities can be inherited and encoded in DNA. Perhaps fewer Latinos have that inherited resistance to this particular viral infection.
    Not a Dr. Just a thinker.

  55. heather kampmeier Reply

    There is no “full blooded” Americans that want the vaccine…. !!!! Things will get worse … #wethepeople

  56. juanita camacho Reply

    Thank you for ending your reporting with a hart warming, inspirational segment. Much appreciated.

  57. Home Team Records Reply

    The situation in Florida it’s so sad so far. VERY VERY SAD.

  58. Peggy Ridgeway Reply

    Why Why Why!!!

  59. Home Team Records Reply

    The Bekkary in Boston, IT’S A BLESS!

  60. Alma Alma Reply

    His siko war world 🌎 3 the old Russian lady what’s her name? Predicted his going to be president and and after it’s going to be war world 3 !!!!

  61. Peggy Ridgeway Reply

    Hate. just pure hate. and hatred.

  62. Pina Parillo Reply

    caused the violence
    at the Capitol on 1-6-21!
    It was all staged WITH
    the knowledge of the
    and the Capitol police!
    It was staged to

  63. the bloody prince of wales Reply

    Breaking News:
    2nd police officer dies of brutal injuries sustained from Trump supporters.

  64. Damion Daley Reply

    Trump is uneducated n he is unintelligent. How this guy got to be the president. Ooooo. He stole it from hillery Clinton.

  65. joe joe Reply

    TRUMP needs to hire john wick and send him to beard face and alien eyes place for a chat

  66. Christopher Tegner Reply

    Millions of people who support Trump and Biden.. Creating the situation where a tiny percentage go beyond normal logical thinking and into chaos is bound to happen – I get that … But if you impeach Trump again and take away their potential candidate… What do you think is going to happen ? What political gain would you have as well – if Trump is ineligible to run again it doesn’t hurt him… It hurts people who suffer real violence (it could be me depending where I am when they strike). I think we need to look at the causes of domestic terrorism and really really think about the consequences of playing the best political card over healing and uniting the country. What they are charging Trump with, some nut will charge the gov with and blow up some place and have a wacko manifesto etc… GOP will denounce it and Trump is no longer eligible so no harm to him – We need to quit acting like kids and clean the tone up. I will be disgusted if Democrats go as far as to throw away free speech because they have the power. But I am peaceful like 99.999% of anyone who has ever been at a trump rally (I have not been to one). I wish people would actually listen to his last rally because its the same as the rest and completely logical – taking away half of the country’s rights to free speech will cause a .0000006% of nuts to be illogical and actually hurt – That’s enough to hurt a lot of innocent people. What’s more important? Rubbing the losers face into the defeat , or winning the hearts and minds of possibly 25% of people who voted for Trump. This is not possible if they take the divisive step they are thinking about. We are Americans, the election is over.. Lets move on… But if you take these unwarranted steps, you are putting my life and everyone’s life at danger because you are essentially lighting a fuse of the next domestic terrorism event. I want to be safe and united – can you put away the hate for a moment and try not to enrage less logical people than me?

  67. Multiple People Reply

    He can hold a press conference!?!? No he can’t all the media is corrupted. GS has his hands in all of it. Why didn’t fox want to let NG talk about GS? Oh wait we know why. Don’t worry legislation will be passed to stop these monopolies. USA USA USA 🇺🇸

  68. Dolly Valdes Reply

    Don’t use again an airplane that has crashed. It might cause more lives to be lost over nothing

  69. Proud American Reply

    Wow, the brainwashing is real in this comment section, I’m sorry fellow Americans that your being lied to by these corporations and the rich, these traitorous demonrats and their complicit media and celebrities have been caught, get ready America 🇺🇸, the storms a comin for the swamp, 😜, no matter how bad you tried to silence the truth, your not as good as you thought you were, we the people have already seen the truth, and you have been found GUILTY BY 🇺🇸!! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS, ITS GOING TO BE ONE HECK OF A RIDE, PEACE BROTHERS AND SISTERS, LET THE PEOPLE WHO TOOK AN OATH TO PROTECT THE COUNTRY AND OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS WHICH OUR DEMOCRATS AND OTHER LEADERS HAVE BEEN ABUSING AND COMMITTING TREASON DOWN ONCE AND FOR ALL, be careful out there Americans and take it easy and sit back, THEY ARE DONE!! TRUMP 2020 FOR TRUTH AND PEACE TO FINALLY BE RESTORED

  70. Ms. A. Brannon Reply

    If the proud boys or whoever gets away with everything that happen clearly it shows we are living in a dangerous WORLD 2021

  71. datsuntoyy Reply

    “permanately banned” Same thing the Nazis did in 1930’s Germany. Dems can’t handle the truth.

  72. Shelly Sundell Reply

    Wow this news station lies. Twists. Hateful. God help you all.

  73. Siry Reply

    Ditto 🔥praying your soul doesn’t go there🙏🔥🙏🔥


    Call this number (202) 224-3121 and you’ll be prompted to leave your voice messages to your state’s senators and representatives. If you love Trump, tell them that. If you want Trump to be held acountable, tell them you demand he be impeached. If he’s impeached again, he can not run for office, he loses monetary benefits, he loses detailed Secret Service. P.S. It’s important and very easy to leave your voice messages.
    Copy and share the aforementioned message!

  75. DeFCoN Reply

    Trump launch the nukes mate NOW !

  76. Nilou Rahmani Reply

    2021 tho

  77. Lizzy Cunha Reply

    Good it’s about time you’re actually reporting the real news

  78. Jennifer Shaffer Reply

    Wonderful story about the young woman who owns the cookie business

  79. Baldwin xu Reply

    ;-; it’s always sad when a tragedy happens, bust be terrifying to loose someone like when what happened on that plane

  80. Gigi Tanksley Reply

    She should have been tried. I would have had her arrested.

  81. Gigi Tanksley Reply

    Love the little cookie maker!

  82. Loretta Utti Reply

    See what trump has done.

  83. Kirk Breezy Reply

    Who is Twitter to ban the president?

  84. Kirk Breezy Reply

    Jesus is coming! Things are going to get worse.

  85. Don Leroy Reply

    No vaccine

  86. Don Leroy Reply

    What is on Nancy’s computer

  87. Don Leroy Reply

    Programming in college needs to stop take away tax dollars

  88. Don Leroy Reply

    Knew election was stolen watch out joe they want to control you

  89. Don Leroy Reply

    Another plane crash

  90. Don Leroy Reply

    Covid is racist

  91. Don Leroy Reply

    Don’t care

  92. Don Leroy Reply

    Fauci don’t trust you

  93. Don Leroy Reply

    Have mine

  94. Jesus Saves Reply

    Don’t fall into the web of lies, fraud, and crimes by the democratic. Antifa attacked the capital, not the peaceful protestors. Follow the truth.
    God is watching. The devil promises you everything. look for the promise of God instead. Only the good is condemn before Jesus comes back

  95. Nancy Sands Reply

    building 7 didn’t commit suicide

  96. John Smith Reply

    It’s mostly dem acrivist there trying to frame trump that’s fresh Intel but all this will come out soon lol American news is soooo slow 🤣

  97. crowonthepowerlines Reply

    “Therr nawt frum muhh stayt!”

  98. Temperance77 Reply

    Wake up America b4 it really is too late!!!!!

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