NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 28th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

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Cases of South Africa Covid variant detected in U.S., extreme weather triggers mudslides in California, and what we know about President Biden’s planned task force to reunite migrant families.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
2:10 First Cases Of South Africa Strain Found In U.S.
3:00 Long Lines For Chance At Getting Covid Vaccine
3:33 Stranded Drives Luck Into Vaccines In Oregon
3:51 Thousands Of Vaccine Doses Reserved For Second Shots
4:20 New York ‘Undercounted’ Covid Nursing Home Deaths
5:46 Germany Set To Limit AstraZeneca Vaccine To Under 65
5:59 Covid Vaccine War Erupting Among Countries
7:16 Chemical Leak At Poultry Plant Kills At Least 6
7:39 Monster Winter Storms Trigger California Mudslides
8:49 Biden’s Task Force To Reunite Migrant Families Delayed
10:48 House Republican Leader Meets With Trump In Florida
11:02 Pelosi Slams GOP Over Controversial Congresswoman
11:35 Congresswoman’s Parkland Comments Spark Outage
12:49 West Virginia Leads Nation In Vaccine Rollout
15:58 Trading Apps Halt GameStop Stock Frenzy
17:35 How The Retail Crisis Impacts Store Credit Cards

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 28th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Coronation Street Storyline Peter Susan says:

    YES We Will Go Back To Normal Lifes YES This Pandemic Will End YES Covid19 Will End YES Coronavirus Will End

  2. Avatar Dove Soldo says:

    Its all a big World wide MSM exageration a campaign of Fear Fear and more Fear.
    They need you in fear so you can line up for vaccination. The tests are not accurate. People that die with the virus are listed together with from the virus. When there was 200,000 deaths in US the CDC found only 6% was from the virus.
    The msm don’t mention it. Your immune system is a vaccine.

  3. Avatar O3 Reporting says:

    ohio is where my last name originates. Orahood. anyone know anything about Orahood. my last name is not completely explained. my son is tge fourth richard orahood

  4. Avatar Siobhan C. says:

    It was my 10th birthday! Today I’m 45! My son is 21. We share the same birthday!

  5. Avatar Benjamin Gal-Or says:

    \\ HI Germans, Open letter #3, to drastically reduce corona deaths per capita updates your graphs and change diet as in GROUP A COUNTRIES – WELL, FIRST CAREFULLY STUDY OUR STATS AS REPORTED FROM GROUP A NATIONS VS. YOURS IN GROUP B //// 2 scientific methods, reported from 2 groups of nations listed below, indicate relatively high COVID-19 CONTROL in GROUP A, which, unlike Group B, is characterized by simple diet: \\ Method (1): % Fatalities of diagnosed in GROUP A reported on Jan 30/21 by: >Sngp0.05 Mngl.11 >Bhtn.12 >Qtr.13 >FroIl.15 >StVnc.22 >Sychl.26 >Dbai.28 >StBrt.28 >Mldv.33 >Ertr.33 >Mlsa.36 >Bhrn.36 >Tlnd.43 >Curc.44 >Runon.46 >FrG.47 >Iclnd.48 >Sri-ln.49 >CyIl.51 >Kwt.58 >Cyp.64 >StMrt.70 >FrPl.73 >ISRL.74 >Npl.75 >Uzb.79 >Brb.80 >Arba.86 >TWN.88 >Lbn.90 >StMrt.97 //// GROUP B: >Germ2.59 >NL1.43 >U.S.1.69 >Brz2.44 >Fr2.40 >Sp2.06 >AU3.16 >Cnd2.57 >UK2.77 >Swd2.04 >Sws1.80 >Grc3.70 >Cn5.18 >Irn4.14 >Itl3.47 >Mxc8.50 >US EARLIER >Oct 22 2.75, Jan 30 1.69 \\ Method (2): COVID Deaths/1M JAN 26 v 30 >Blg 1,822-1,840 >Itl 1,421-1,454 >Hng 1,231-1,276 >SP 1,2O3-1,248 >Fr 1,097-1,129 >Sws 1,097-1,100 >Prt 1,043-1,156 //// daily reported from listed nations to JHU, WHO, etc. [‘in’, U-Tube, 10M-PLUS REFERENCES, Google].
    How America Bungled the Plague | NYT Opinion

  6. Avatar Shirley Bower says:

    Tracy hodge evan

  7. Avatar chris karriem says:

    They need more death to get us to their new agenda goal!

  8. Avatar T Gong says:

    Russia for vaccine🤔🙄🤦

  9. Avatar T Gong says:

    What Florida doing what they goal toward vaccination or they still on the Trump train wreck🤔

  10. Avatar RON JAGRAF/X says:

    Now Hear This: Since the campaign of Ms Cortez of New York has appropriated the initials “AOC” as shorthand for their congresswoman; Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Georgia campaign should appropriate “MTG” or, let’s say, #EmptyG on TWITTER. #EmptyG ‘s record and behaviors so far would disqualify her from every single paying job I have ever held. #EmptyG is not a glitch but a feature of the Republican Party now. Brothers and sisters: #QAnon — GTFO while you still can!

  11. Avatar Robert Farrington says:

    The crooked lamp scientifically drown because revolver aerobically battle sans a dirty north. flowery, jumpy theater

  12. Avatar Tina Morey says:


  13. Avatar Diana Fuller says:

    Biden needs to bring our American Contractor. From Illinois back home from Afganastan where he has been held for a year…God Help Us All in U S A .Things keep getting worse as time goes an Biden forgets we had no Sim s from July till Dec so we are owed back payments …..

  14. Avatar SIMATIC says:

    “I do not consent to being told that I am not taking a virus seriously simply because I question and challenge arbitrary laws that revoke my basic human rights.
    I do not consent to the tracking and tracing of any citizens / Man and WoMan. And if we can easily track law abiding citizens, then why haven’t we made pedophiles and dangerous criminals a priority for this technology?
    I do not consent to limiting free speech under the guise of protecting people from the spread of misinformation. No government has a monopoly on information.
    I do not consent to the extreme censorship that is taking place on social media platforms toward doctors, scientists, 👩‍🔬 political scientists and activists who uphold data about a possible differing outcome than the MSM would have us believe. This is modernized book burning, and concerns me far more than the virus. What if your current beliefs are being chosen for you?
    I do not consent to closing down our wild spaces when the big box corporations and franchises, the liquor store, and the dollar store are deemed essential. There is absolutely nothing more essential on this Earth than Earth itself.
    I do not consent to the closing of small businesses while multi-million dollar companies remain open. This will (and has) undoubtedly contributed to rising rates of suicide, depression, drug & alcohol dependency, and domestic violence.
    I do not consent to being prevented from freely travelling 🧭 while the politicians who impose these laws break them to visit their cottages or fly across borders.
    I do not consent to my tax dollars being used for bailouts on major corporations while heart-centered small business owners and their employees fall into poverty. 💔
    I do not consent to being told that all these decisions are for my safety when people peacefully sitting on park benches are fined $1300 for “not social distancing”, and convicted criminals are simultaneously released from prison for their own “protection.” 🤮
    I do not consent to violating the Commonwealth Rights and Freedoms which states that my body is sovereign, and that no medical procedure can be mandated.
    I do not consent to mandatory v@ccination, or forcible injection of any kind. Period! 💉
    I do not consent to the label ‘anti-v@xxer’ simply because I have concerns about MANDATORY, enforced v@ccines or medical procedures – especially high risk ones with limited testing that are deemed highly profitable to the most questionable of interests.
    I do not consent to being labelled a conspiracy theorist 🗣 simply because I question certain government, corporate and industrial motives.
    I do not consent to the amount of division and hatred that so many have fallen into between your fellow man, simply for upholding opposing beliefs, or for speaking openly about what THEY believe. A gentle reminder that: You don’t have to be unkind to someone just because you disagree with them, or because you lead a different lifestyle than them. United we stand, divided we fall. 💞
    I do not consent to the idea that pharmaceutical companies are the ONLY way to prevent or heal from illness, and the outright dismissal of this side of the conversation is highly questionable from my perspective. 🌞🌊🍊
    I do not consent to the media only covering the death count 🥀 when the survival rate is immensely higher ⬆️! Fear cripples immunity. Why aren’t we talking about both?
    I do not consent to forced testing, or laws changing based upon statistics gathered from PCR testing. This testing is largely inaccurate, producing so many false positives that a suspicious president tested a fruit. It tested positive for the virus. 🤦‍♀️
    I do not consent to the cen$orship 🔇 of healthcare practitioners for educating on how to promote healthy immunity through lifestyle modification and the utilization of nutrients, herbs and botanicals 🌱 which have served us for thousands of years.
    I do not consent to mad scientists and corporations who ignore the divine intelligence of our physiology and our Earth. 🌍
    I do not consent to the lack of discussion on how the exploitation and destruction of our planet by the very powers in charge of handling our current “crisis,” has increased illness globally – everything from heart disease to depression, autoimmunity, cancer and autism, for decades.🤯
    I do not consent.
    Do you?
    Here’s what I DO consent to:
    Being able to be a free and critical thinker, who wants to share my views with others to prevent further suffering in the world without being silenced”
    A free Man and free woman are exactly that….free….Recognise your freedom or recognise your slavery, I know which one I AM.

  15. Avatar VJ Rio says:

    Stop harvesting Humanity stop Poisoning people in am joe Biden Are Defait d fait False Presedent False proppits False Presedent Fruad Bribery Pelany Crimenal coraption Conspiracy Judgement Death 💀 this stop all stop harvishing human in the United States stop ✋ cdc Are Scammer Scammer Judgement Death 💀

  16. Avatar Hannah Noell says:

    “youre taking away my guns by making sure only reasonable, mentally stable people are allowed to have guns”

    admitting to waaaay more than she intended to there

  17. Avatar George Chambers says:

    That mean the republican want them people to die

  18. Avatar LOTY G says:

    Another trial for trump who gave these laws

  19. Avatar George Chambers says:

    Fizzed is wicked they should make 660 million for first and the second does

  20. Avatar George Chambers says:

    That republicans don.t know that trump want all the old people to die

  21. Avatar Angela Moore says:

    Bert need another color in clothes still hope to here soon like the Gray jacket

  22. Avatar yours truly says:

    Lester Holt and this NBC news reports ok but I don’t like the way they sensationalize everything and adding a scary tone to it. It’s like they try to scare everyone. Why can’t they just deliver the news without over doing everything and trying to scare people?

  23. Avatar Raquel Vier says:

    Did he just say “it will likely be months before everyone who wants a vaccine can get one.”??? Is this a joke? In my state anyone under 16 is not even on the vaccine schedule for this entire year. That’s some real quality reporting there NBC…

  24. Avatar Leonard Tarbert says:

    Nancy Pelosi has irreversible PMS as does AOC and Chuck S.

  25. Avatar Jacob Jackson says:

    What the redditors did was pretty illegal. I think Robinhood was trying to do the right thing

  26. Avatar Mike Hunt says:

    If mainslime would just stop talking about it, it would just go away; like everything else…

  27. Avatar Arianna Mary Jane says:

    everytime i am watching something good like secular talk while i do the dishes next video…corporate propaganda good job youtube

  28. Avatar Jr Arzadon says:

    The cuddly gold occasionally bang because composer promisingly answer anenst a foregoing lier. spiteful, lacking pocket

  29. Avatar work love says:


  30. Avatar Michael Tuubman says:

    The hesitant digestion formally please because faucet consecutively surround sans a hysterical aries. quarrelsome, nonchalant digital

  31. Avatar Ker Lozano says:

    The young delete genotypically bore because jelly beautifully rain unto a dusty shoe. cagey, wistful iraq

  32. Avatar PythonfromZero says:

    How many of these people are Trump supporters who should be at back of line.

  33. Avatar Advanced Aquatic Concepts says:

    Wake up people!!! These people intentionally left their kids so they could enter the country…blame the parents…not our country

  34. Avatar futuristics inmotion says:


  35. Avatar C W says:

    Music like a movie trailer.

  36. Avatar Advanced Aquatic Concepts says:

    They bring their kids on a perilous journey..exposing them to all the the danger s…then they blame America for not letting them in ….how the F is it our fault…we can’t deal w other countries issues we have our own problems…assylum?!!?…wtf??? We can’t even take care of the homeless issues in our own nation…close the gates…times have changed..we don’t need any more immigrants unless u you have something to offer our nation…

  37. Avatar Neculta says:

    When are “Frustrated Germans” ever a good thing :/

  38. Avatar Advanced Aquatic Concepts says:

    Sh** we have enough dishwashers and maids….

  39. Avatar M.U.N says:

    No it won’t we are resilient these acts will only make those kids stronger

  40. Avatar TuRan 4FAM says:

    Their gonna keep releasing this crap till everyone get vaccinated.. y’all don’t want the 65 year olds and up because they are soon to die y’all don’t need their DNA for your plan

  41. Avatar John Linden says:

    These Q Anon advocates with their conspiracy propaganda beliefs have to be challenged , exposed and disbanded ! One way is for the medias to hold debates where the conspiracy advocates can lay out their claims and evidences and disclaimer advocates can expose the nonsense ! This could provide a platform for people to look at these
    Q Anoners for what the are ; Con, Fraud , Deluded Trump and End Times Bible Trumpers ! Very, very Sad !

  42. Avatar takakupo says:

    The orchestrated music and graphics treating our lives like a cinematic action piece is so inappropriate and I cannot take this broadcast seriously

  43. Avatar nobodieshomeanymore virus says:

    How is that possible to under count anything 50% Who ever did this you need to look in the mirror at your old ugly count face. But really you should be dam fired.

  44. Avatar Mr. T says:

    Seems like there will be no freedom of speech, you should only speak that is accepted by the majority no matter it is morally right or wrong. How that world gonna work. Slowly but certainly they will take our freedom piece by piece.

  45. Avatar George Bucci says:

    Pelosism! She’s power drunk

  46. Avatar Cali619 brown says:

    sheep getting vaccines. smh

  47. Avatar swampgremlin1 says:

    Cant wait to set sail ‘bye’ To much fear round here.

  48. Avatar Arn Todd says:

    Dont worry.
    All need new vaccination.. again after they discover “local” strains of virus and differences.

  49. Avatar Eje Efe says:

    why would Trump seperate families……………………….its just similar to what the slave masters did

  50. Avatar Patrick bennett` says:

    Cool, just waiting for the whole world to hurry up and get all this over with so i can come out from the rock i hide under

  51. Avatar Amjad Hussain says:

    The virus genetically mutated, moron.
    Dr. Hussain

  52. Avatar Stanley Arrington says:


  53. Avatar Amjad Hussain says:

    This Corona is a disease of city and rich people.

  54. Avatar Amjad Hussain says:

    People can still get Corona even after vaccine.
    Dr. Hussain

  55. Avatar Emma Amelia says:

    The dashing wren postauricularly concentrate because edward parallely vanish below a ignorant america. vengeful, vigorous weed

  56. Avatar forzacfc says:

    Newsflash America, you have a cross dresser as your new Surgeon General…. Putin, is still laughing and so are the rest of us…enjoy the next 4 years with these clowns in office.

  57. Avatar Africa1 News says:

    I found it very racist to call a Covid-19 mutation virus a South African strain. Stop this racist name calling because the Corona Virus didn’t originated from Africa or South Africa. Stop running away from your plandemic and Stop calling it South African Variant.

    Calling it South African Variant is just a trick to make the Africans to believe that the plandemic is real to be vaccinated.

    What a baloney….

  58. Avatar uwu o.o says:

    It’s bs the boarder control is all sleezy they know what they are doing they are making a quick buck off trafficking children. Children don’t just go missing.

  59. Avatar forzacfc says:

    When I need comprehensive news …… I wouldn’t bother with this garbage, if this qualifies as News, Americans need to get out the wood shed.

  60. Avatar Miquel Morallyright says:

    We need information not told what we should do and how we should feel because that nursing home deaths it’s going on in pennsylvania also

  61. Avatar Obito uchiha says:

    Bruh i wish this covid was gone so schools open for all kids becuase all kids need to learn

  62. Avatar Dave M says:

    you people are slow…it’s not a country issue…regardless of where it’s found the virus is mutating in every country. It will continue to do so unless vaccination of the world occurs. Panicking about it is just stupid.

  63. Avatar kate liao says:

    Pelosi abuses the power

  64. Avatar kate liao says:

    Pelosi has to be put into the jail! This woman is a evil over use her power

  65. Avatar Dave M says:

    when else has a country separated children from their parents? Nazis did that led by a crazy despot. So did the US. Shame on you, not just for this…for everything you do.

  66. Avatar HOLLY KELLEY says:


  67. Avatar Michael Scott says:

    Can we say kung flu? Biden says we can’t call it china virus anymore. When do we admit it was a bioweapon

  68. Avatar Baby Yoda says:

    The media is sure good at making it seem like it’s the end of the world my God they need to stop with this fear-mongering making it sound like everybody’s going to die I mean like for god sakes

  69. Avatar Baby Yoda says:

    Interesting how you’re hearing all this covid Downer news right after president Trump is no longer in office, considering he was such a distraction you didn’t hear anything about covid but now that you hear about it I don’t know like it’s kind of scary

  70. Avatar Hope Forchange says:

    So what is happening to address all of the people who have died and will die in areas where the funeral homes are running over capacity to deal with them? Covid is not just about how we take care of the living, but how we are taking care of those that have passed away from it. There are literally cries for help coming out from funeral homes to help, and there is no focus on what happens to all the bodies. “Our Funeral Home is Overwhelmed with Bodies” published by Caitlin Doughty brought me to tears. Taking care of all those that died is not talked about. Is mainstream news even covering this issue? It seems the federal government did nothing here.

  71. Avatar Jacinta Rooke says:

    The only people going to America are the ones who cant make it to UK or Australia illegally because no one in their right mind would want to be in USA, just keep doing what ya doing and your illegal immigrants will drop substanially, but so will tourism, your a hot mess America, God I hope Biden comes through for the normal Americans

  72. Avatar HardCore ASMR says:

    Please end the separation of family’s

  73. Avatar Jerry Baxter says:

    Did nobody live from covid-19 🤔

  74. Avatar DD DRUK says:


  75. Avatar Jerry Baxter says:

    Are your u sure or is this corona virus 😂😂😂😂

  76. Avatar Kaoru Himuro says:

    While hedge funds lying behind the curtain to manipulate stock market and poors, scientists risk 50% death of life to pursuit the future of human being, these’re exactly demon&angel combined characteristics of earthling!

  77. Avatar Happy John says:

    16:42 How do they not mention AMC? Lmao

    7:50 PM

  78. Avatar First Last says:

    Nice of NBC to bury a story about the successful pandemic approach and vaccine rollout in West Virginia where the highest percentage in the country voted for Trump.

  79. Avatar Katerina Sanarov says:

    Please report correctly on the immigration issue, Obama and Biden started the kids in cages.

  80. Avatar M927 Maximus says:

    Tards in charge

  81. Avatar J C says:

    Lol covid this you news actor

  82. Avatar dawn gallegos says:

    The businesses that the customer is purchasing from by use of cash back cards are the ones paying the cash back—— not the credit card company! Stop promoting small business distruction and start telling the truth to the public

  83. Avatar Ben Dover says:

    The intelligent hacksaw presumably preach because maria rheologically surprise of a cagey description. bashful, free pastor

  84. Avatar Chris Heidt says:

    Way to go west virginia!!!

  85. Avatar TexasRain says:

    From a Texan… GO WEST VIRGINIA!

  86. Avatar Kirsten Peterson says:

    We have the most stupidest people running are Country your all such F yards!!!!!

  87. Avatar Hitz NKoff says:

    Are we going to talk about Sandy Hoook lol? Can we talk about Pelosi and insider trading?

  88. Avatar Satch Persaud says:

    Can someone please tell me why is the President focusing on immigration at this time when we need to focus on gettong people vaccinated and people back ro work, and keeping small businesses a float??? Shouldnt we want to limit the influx of people into the country at this time jist till we get a handle on the spread of this virus????, and any state that doesnt have a mayor and governor like diblassio and cumo will do a lot better than my messed up state and city

  89. Avatar Alec Euken says:

    “Everybody has the right to have an opinion,” says the woman with the Karen haircut.

  90. Avatar JESUS YESHUA EL ELYON elshadai Adon Ori haaretz says:

    It’s all lies.. never has been a vaccine

  91. Avatar mikee tubman says:

    The understood trouble correlatively soothe because sociology tentatively punish anenst a splendid building. erratic, romantic bun

  92. Avatar GOD'S watching this flat Earth says:

    U R BS

  93. Avatar GOD'S watching this flat Earth says:

    O yeah EVIL LIERS 2

  94. Avatar GOD'S watching this flat Earth says:

    I guess 1 of the same

  95. Avatar Brandy Wandera says:

    Who told them to come here?

  96. Avatar Trevor Laing says:

    Always Africa. Lol

  97. Avatar Angelica Stella says:

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  98. Avatar Angelica Stella says:

    He is trusted and reliable.

  99. Avatar phuc chu says:

    WAS THE 2020 ELECTION RIGGED? We should be clear to unify the American People.
    If the answer is YES, Joe Biden is an illegitimate president, Donald J. Trump should claim back the presidency.
    If the answer is NO, Donald J. Trump should officially concede the defeat and officially apologize to the American People.

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