NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 29th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

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Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine 72 percent effective in U.S., one-on-one with Dr. Anthony Fauci, and family speaks out after daughter body-slammed by school resource officer.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

2:05 Johnson & Johnson Vaccine 72 Percent Effective In U.S.
2:52 Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Requires Only One Shot
3:42 Americans Told In Advance Which Vaccine They’ll Get
3:55 J&J To Seek FDA Authorization As Early As Next Week
4:26 Fauci: Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Results ‘Good News’
6:45 Fauci: Some May Prefer One-Dose Johnson & Johnson Vaccine
7:55 Fauci: Must Vaccinate Quickly To Stop Variants
9:17 Fauci: ‘Some Form Of Normality’ By Mid-To-Late Fall
10:09 Virus Hunters Racing To Identify & Track Variants
10:38 CDC Warns Of South Africa Variant Community Spread
11:27 WHO Team Investigating Coronavirus Origins In Wuhan
11:32 Study Finds Growing Covid Fatigue Among Americans
11:58 FBI: Pipe Bombs Planted Night Before Capitol Riot
13:08 Democrat Moves Office Away From Rep. Greene For ‘Safety’
13:36 Most Republicans Silent On Controversial Congresswoman
14:04 Republicans Divided Over Enduring Loyalty To Trump
14:58 Coast-To-Coast Winter Storm, Deep Freeze In Northeast
15:55 Dow Plunges As Investors Battle Over GameStop
17:49 Family Of Student Body Slammed By Deputy Speaks Out

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 29th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Jesse Dehart says:

    All this brings me closer to Jesus

  2. Avatar TONY MORRAN says:

    thanks to the stupid trump

  3. Avatar pamela jones says:

    I do not believe a Word he says

  4. Avatar Hope dontmope says:

    What does j and j vaccine use? Synthetic spike protein? How is it different? What makes it a one dose vaccine yet a lower efficiency rate. The details are important.

  5. Avatar Annette Curtain says:

    Well the world will witness a multitude of Viruses over the next Decades, just like we have witnessed Pandemics over Previous centuries, and there was many? ??check them out

  6. Avatar Victoria Davis says:

    Gatz skipped work to go incite more civil unrest. Its like Jan. 6th wasn’t enough for him. These representatives that campaign or golf almost a whole year in a 4 yr term (over 300 days)like Trump(just shameful abuse of priledges) instead of working . That’s one more reason he was voted out of office and this guy is another obstructing seditionist attacking his own party members for upholding the constitution and voting their conscience (Getz might try growing one ). In my opinion

  7. Avatar MorphousInfinity says:

    The video only shows a small portion of the story. Of course the white peace keeper is guilty until proven innocent.

  8. Avatar Gus Niev says:

    Yeah I wouldn’t have add that part about the flu shot because why should we take it if it’s less than 50 percent effective. Not smart to use that.

  9. Avatar Turbo_Coyote_GT says:

    Why are you allowed to say South African virus but not Wuhan

  10. Avatar Bri San says:

    Failing to mention all of the deaths from vaccines 😄 typical.

  11. Avatar Subaru STi says:

    Get all vaccines available .

  12. Avatar B A says:

    The staking bongo physiologically match because saturday essentially preserve to a valuable love. silent, purple vinyl

  13. Avatar Stephen Coleman says:

    The democratic democrats parties PR firm has thoughts

  14. Avatar Durango McMurphy says:

    What a crock .

  15. Avatar John Burns says:

    $-Dr Fauci was the NIH AIDS Expert and after 30 Years they are still looking for AIDS Vaccines. To better understand the Truth about COVID-19, AIDS, CANCERS & other Man-Made Diseases read, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker, a Medical Doctor with a PhD In Pharmacology who said, “There Is No Proof Any Vaccines Cure Anything”. BUT VACCINE PROFITEERS SAY EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES ARE SAFE???

  16. Avatar Reginald Chase says:

    Judgement can’t be stopped , the media is Satan. 95% to 72% if you take the shot! Not ME, willing to died in the flesh to be saved in the spirit………

  17. Avatar Reginald Chase says:

    The world we live in, believes in MAN, but not TMH….. man has NEVER been a good bet!!!!! His core is EVIL……

  18. Avatar ppfoten211 says:

    So would the J&J vaccine make more sense for younger people than older seeing early symptoms of Covid are less severe or likely in them than in older people?

  19. Avatar Leslie Zhou says:

    in terms of new variants, it you find one case, you need to assume it’s everywhere

  20. Avatar Mici Boo says:

    Pipe bomb implanted the night before the riot. So. Ain’t Trump incited it.

  21. Avatar Mici Boo says:

    This vaccine scandal is a disgrace.

  22. Avatar Mici Boo says:

    If the role to distribute 400 million vaccines was given to the right people we would be out of the water already.

  23. Avatar Mici Boo says:

    Dr Fraudci

  24. Avatar Mici Boo says:

    The other day we had 600 000 death.
    Today the doctor says 450 000 death.

  25. Avatar Mici Boo says:

    Why do we listen the same people talking about the same thing every day?

  26. Avatar Mici Boo says:

    Are you serious that’s all what happens in this huuuuge country ? In one day? You serious by 20 mins of news Dr Daily Fauci is given the chance to talk 10 mins about nothing new at all??

  27. Avatar Minerva Galvez says:

    Comply. No Problem. Don’t Comply you accept your consequences.

  28. Avatar Thadmotor1044 says:

    Fauchi unplugged ! Seditionists and insurrection in plain sight , Covid rescue literally a matter of life and death Cruz Hawley russian assets with the Big Lie and incitement of banded together all hate groups . trump and putin gleeful

  29. Avatar Johnny Boy says:

    The real truth. Democrats are worldly demonically influenced creatures. There bloodline flows from Cain to Abraham through biblical history to King David. They are counterfits of our Jesus. They concurred and destroyed up to Melchizedek ( King of Salem ) Jerusalem. MELCHIZEDEKS bloodline still flows through humanity today. JESUS came to redeem that bloodline from Adam to Now. If you are filled with the Holy Spirit then hear this Truth. Understand what you are seeing in today’s world is Spiritual warfare. Trump’s inaugurations prayers all proclaimed Jesus As Christ. Bidens prayers not one time. Democrats are a force of this Demonically controlled Evil handed over to SATAN .

  30. Avatar Ken Sturm says:

    The European vaccines are better and they know it. J&J i won’t take

  31. Avatar Cathy Holford says:

    Has it been considered & is it possible to localize some vaccinations to the areas where the variants are at this time? Perhaps the best way to prevent the variants of spreading?

  32. Avatar Nzamu L says:

    Webull is trash Robinhood has been trash!!! Sue sue AMC 700 GME 1000 next week.

    Get ready we will be paying your student loans next week with it.
    Hedge funds should know how to manage losses last I checked it was 1%. Someone must have lost their job.

  33. Avatar Betty C says:


  34. Avatar enola wolf says:

    Who’s dumb enough to take this vaccine?

  35. Avatar Stephanie Miller says:

    I guess Paula White calling out the angels from Africa instead sent another strain of covet I guess the Angels would not happy

  36. Avatar paris gordon says:

    It’s time for the police to pay up. Put him on leave. Time to change attitudes officers. New year, new attitude. Parents sue please. and so what he doesn’t have a history, he has one now.

  37. Avatar Dug Thompson says:

    this video is again quiet. Id gladly do the sound normalization for you since you obviously cant figure it out…

  38. Avatar IamGantz1 says:

    I know those shoes!!!! Its Jussie Smollett !!!!

  39. Avatar daniel morris says:

    No matter the vaccine, the body needs care and time to adapt and fight. Mix vaccines, plus added medication for whatever aliment without regard to regular health: hydration and healthy diet will TAX the body beyond its ability to cope. It will ‘crash’.

  40. Avatar David ben Jernigan says:

    Thanks to Bidens opening everything up to many deaths. Thank you Bill Gates an your roomate DRn Fausi. Hypocrites of another conspiracy. Wonderfull isnt it.

  41. Avatar David ben Jernigan says:

    Oh my god.its global warming

  42. Avatar Eric Navarrete says:

    Get ready people covid19 wasn’t bad enough to get us under control so they’re gonna come up with another virus BS!

  43. Avatar Craig Curtis says:

    At 13, I was slammed to the ground with such force it knocked my two front teeth out & then I was hog tied by a resource officer & the physical & mental scars haven’t left me 23 years later. This use of force is never justified on children unless their life and/or other lives are in imminent danger, which it wasn’t in my case nor hers. I hope this young lady finds peace & forgiveness eventually.

  44. Avatar Mike Morgan says:

    Do the genius official health experts think about potential use of J&J as the second shot booster even though it’s 66 to 67 percent effective. So all the Governors don’t need to hoard the second dose currant vaccine. Keep us healthy or keep us alive is a stupid question.

  45. Avatar Aubry Crossley says:


  46. Avatar Bair Valentin says:

    The cuddly whale radiographically carve because sun radiologically contain lest a limping step-daughter. untidy, yummy bass

  47. Avatar Charlotte Ab says:

    Iget jj.one let be

  48. Avatar wynter smith says:

    The null tuna allegedly start because lead opportunely grin forenenst a wrong mouth. chunky, eight snowplow

  49. Avatar Jules Mack says:

    Finnish companies develop instant COVID-19 breathalyzer

    Source: Xinhua| 2020-06-29 23:21:46|Editor: huaxia

    HELSINKI, June 29 (Xinhua) — Finnish companies have developed a COVID-19 breathalyzer, which can provide a result in two minutes and one test costs only 2 euros (2.25 U.S. dollars), said one of the developers, Forum Virium Helsinki. in a press release issued on Monday.

    The breathalyzer uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify the novel coronavirus in air exhaled by patients. Customers will blow into the device, where nanosensors will detect and measure short-lived organic compounds.

    The breathalyzer would be the cheapest and quickest COVID-19 test in the world, claimed innovation company Forum Virium Helsinki, which has developed the technology in cooperation with software firm Deep Sensing Technologies.

    “We are engaged in innovative cooperation with corporations to solve the coronavirus crisis and we will help firms to use the city as a development platform. We are utilizing artificial intelligence and digitalization,” said Mika Malin, chief executive officer (CEO) of Forum Virium Helsinki, in the press release.

    The technology was developed as part of a Co-created and Wellbeing project funded by Finland’s Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council, a joint regional authority for the region.

    According to Forum Virium Helsinki, medical professionals at Helsinki’s Laakso health

  50. Avatar Jules Mack says:

    United States, Finland, Israel, England, Australia and Germany.[1][2]

    United StatesEdit

    In June 2020 American researchers at UCLA and Ohio State University received grants to test coronavirus breathalyzer concepts, one of which could produce results in 15 seconds. The testing system would be able to take certain compounds of an individual breath to detect coronavirus.[3] “The goal in this research is to develop cheap, massively deployable, rapid diagnostic and sentinel systems for detecting respiratory illness and airborne viral threats,” says Prof. Pirouz Kavehpour of UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, whose research team received a one-year, $150,000 research grant from the National Science Foundation.[4]

  51. Avatar Jules Mack says:

    Thousands of coronavirus tests are going unused in US labs

    US labs that underwent huge efforts to retool for COVID-19 testing still aren’t operating at full capacity. Experts say the lack of a national strategy is largely to blame.

  52. Avatar Jules Mack says:

    Thousands of coronavirus tests are going unused in US labs

    US labs that underwent huge efforts to retool for COVID-19 testing still aren’t operating at full capacity. Experts say the lack of a national strategy is largely to blame.


  53. Avatar Jules Mack says:

    Flexibility was also key to Murphy’s operation at Boston University, which is affiliated with Boston Medical Center. After the lab obtained regulatory authorization, a graduate student studying bioinformatics wrote a computer script that would allow test results to feed directly into the medical centre’s electronic health-record system. Only with that in place could the hospital send the lab samples and hear back about results. “The hospital said, normally, this would take six months,” Murphy says. His team has shared the code that made this possible on the online repository GitHub, in the hope that other academic labs can make use of it. “This whole thing has been an odyssey, says Murphy.

    Other groups are making progress, but only with partners willing to be flexible. “It took about 2,000 phone calls and many e-mails, but we’re getting there,” says Gabriel. Still, she worries that the hurdles faced by her team at the Broad will slow down other labs. Testing efforts will be especially crucial as the country relaxes social-distancing measures, adds Patrick Ayscue, an epidemiologist involved with testing at the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub. “We need a national framework for states to make decisions on testing,” he says. In a letter to the White House obtained by Nature, scientists listed the bottlenecks they face, along with a plan to help cities and towns across the United States get the tests they need.

    The call is coming from other directions, too. On 8 April, three congressional leaders in Washington DC sent a letter to Alex Azar, the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, to create a national strategy for testing. “Members of Congress continue to be deeply alarmed about the reports of testing shortfalls and testing supply availability,” they wrote. “It is past time that the administration used every tool in its power to fix these problems.”

  54. Avatar Jules Mack says:

    The problems with getting testing out there and the vaccines is not usually the lack of the vaccine,

    What I seem to find is that the problem seem to be in the software in the medical computers of the hospitals and so on and so forth that cannot keep up with this covid-19 and it’s a huge huge problem because your backpedaling the testing itself will have to be done once we get open our society up and going or kids back in school the testing is going to be absolutely necessary and we cannot function without it but no it’s stuck right now. ..

    Even so, Urnov says, hospitals rejected an offer of free tests from his centre, funded by philanthropic organizations. “I show up in a magic ship,” Urnov says, “with 20,000 free kits and CLIA and everything, and the major hospitals say: ‘Go away, we cannot interface with you.’”

    In an e-mail to Nature, Emma Dugas, a media-relations officer at the Sutter Health hospital system in northern California, said: “Sutter did explore COVID-19 test analysis with at least one academic provider. To succeed, an electronic interface between the lab provider and Sutter Health is needed.” Du

  55. Avatar Jules Mack says:

    This covid-19 plan is stuck by the lack of an interface…

  56. Avatar Jules Mack says:

    Get these cops out of the schools.
    We know police brutality is out of control towards adults how can we allow this in our children’s School yards ??
    how can we allow it we know what they do to grown ups!!!

  57. Avatar Jules Mack says:

    Well Ethan Thorne here has misconduct right there and there’s no Miss understanding here you don’t body slam a student 16 years old at that size onto a concrete slab expecting no brain damage expecting nothing you could have broke her freaking shoulders you could have broke her skull open the force that he slammed her on that concrete could have killed her, killed her dead !!

  58. Avatar Jules Mack says:

    After two hits with a stun gun,

    a woman’s son stick with pneumonia, agitated and confused Johnny Leija refused to return to his hospital room.

    Was hit twice with the stun gun by police–

    Moments later, with three police officers pinning him on the floor, Leija was dead at age 34.

    Stun guns generate a high-voltage, low-amperage electrical charge. … When you press the stun gun against someone and hold the trigger, the charge passes into that person’s body. Since it has a fairly high voltage, the charge will pass through heavy clothing and skin.

    qualified immunity. This 50-year-old creation of the U.S. Supreme Court is meant to protect government employees from frivolous litigation. In recent years, however, it has become a highly effective shield in thousands of lawsuits seeking to hold cops accountable when they are accused of using excessive force.

  59. Avatar Jules Mack says:

    Madill, Oklahoma, called the police in the early evening of March 24, 2011, for help giving Johnny Leija an injection to calm him. Security cameras captured much of the ensuing encounter.

    The officers, after shooting Leija with a stun gun, follow him down a corridor, shock him again, and wrestle him to the floor. One officer then straddles Leija’s back, trying to handcuff him as the others struggle to pull back his arms. They get one handcuff on. Leija goes limp. The officers step back. Hospital staff drop to Leija’s side and begin a futile effort to resuscitate him.

    The Oklahoma Chief Medical Examiner’s Office determined that Leija, his lungs already compromised by pneumonia, was starved for oxygen in his struggle with the police and died from “respiratory insufficiency.”

  60. Avatar Jules Mack says:

    Respiratory confinement seems to be the major killer when a cop kills an individual they cut off the air to the person and they can’t breathe then they’re dead and they can’t be resuscitated! Obviously not.

  61. Avatar Jules Mack says:

    In that particular case that man had pneumonia already

    already compromised by pneumonia, was starved for oxygen in his struggle with the police and died from “respiratory insufficiency.”

  62. Avatar Bob Harold says:

    What happened to the daily dead counter? Hasn’t joey killed like 12,000+ people so far why aren’t you reporting the truthful fact?

  63. Avatar Mary Madeline says:

    SOUNDS Like J&J is a good vaccine NO Extra Shots and NO Hospitalization NO DEATHS.

  64. Avatar DANNY SULLIVAN MUSIC says:

    What are your predictions for 2021?

  65. Avatar Susan Cardoso says:


  66. Avatar Susan Cardoso says:

    What Johnson and Johnson got to do with vaccines????? FRAUD

  67. Avatar Gonzalo Salinas says:

    Bottom line: the Johnson$Johnson vaccine makes Covid as harmful as the common cold!!! Wow!!!!
    All of us who are below 65 and healthy should receive that and save Pfizer/Moderna to the elder

  68. Avatar Kenneth So says:

    Isn’t Moderna and Pfizer 70% if you only take one shot?

  69. Avatar Nibiru In Da house says:

    Mass sheep media is playing dirty in this pandemic

  70. Avatar Amy Chavez says:

    Whatever Covid vaccine is available, mass immunization is highly needed globally.

    • Avatar Z says:

      Your mind needs vaccination from watching this news

  71. Avatar Tom says:

    The six-letter word is comply.

  72. Avatar Susan McRoy says:


    • Avatar Susan McRoy says:

      Have you looked at their pricing… is it a joke ? With my current members means I will pay $1,5000 a month for $200?

    • Avatar Susan McRoy says:

      I signed up let’s see , I have a list of demands…

    • Avatar Susan McRoy says:

      Oh sorry my Bad, I was looking at the wrong site. Uproarable seems good, I like what their trying to do. sorry for the initial rant… hahaha

    • Avatar Megan Vargas says:

      @Susan McRoy Oh sorry my Bad, I was looking at the wrong site. Uproarable seems good, I like what their trying to do. sorry for the initial rant… hahaha

    • Avatar Susan McRoy says:

      @Megan Vargas second that!…

  73. Avatar Reginald Jenkins says:

    Whoever the individual is appears to be More feminine Why what’s how the individual walks Watch how the individual move the hands If the FBI call on God Jehovah in the name of his son Jesus he will open the eyes and take them right to the person Try that it works

  74. Avatar Vanessa Fields says:

    What about a CURE for corona??? Where did that vaccine come from if not from a CURE.

  75. Avatar Vanessa Fields says:

    Don’t trust Fukci at all. He’s not right.

  76. Avatar gianni paladini says:

    On the official website, as part of the authorization for the Moderna vaccine, the FDA has answered some important questions about the use of the vaccine itself, including:
    Question: “Are the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine interchangeable”?
    FDA response: “No. There are no data on the interchangeability of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine with other COVID-19 vaccines, including the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Individuals who have received one dose of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine should receive a second dose of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine to complete the vaccination series.
    Individuals who have received one dose of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine should receive a second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to complete the vaccination series. ”
    This clarification is especially important for those European nations which, like Italy, have decided to supplement the stocks of the Pfizer vaccine with others of the Moderna vaccine.
    In fact, according to the prescriptions of the FDA, it is essential that health professionals adopt organizational measures such as to provide that, during the vaccination cycle, the individual vaccinated are always given the same type of vaccine, without integrating it with a different one, even if the stocks of the first they are exhausted. This obviously applies to any other vaccine.
    In any case, remember that AstraZeneca vaccine has not been approved by FDA

  77. Avatar LUCIA ESCALANTE says:


  78. Avatar Melissa Ball says:

    The flu came every year along with multiple other “viruses” and people weren’t paranoid of catching those.. exposing yourself to viruses and bacteria actually help build your immune system. It’s when you have a compromised immune system (older people and people with other health conditions) should anyone have a concern. If you don’t fall into that category then calm down. People with those conditions can get a flu shot and protect themselves. As a parent of a child who has had a major virus..and ended up the hospital, you do the best you can to get through it and not freak out. He became immune to further strains.

  79. Avatar Fire Storm Fox says:

    God help us all.

  80. Avatar Anita covington says:

    Since we have not let people into our country, how in the world has that second strain got into the country? Please explain.

  81. Avatar Lori Miller says:

    Johnson & Johnson company created a baby powder that causes cancer and they kept it hidden for years and they have lawsuits against them because Johnson Johnson’s baby powder so as far as That vaccine goes being made by Johnson & Johnson’s it’s dangerous nobody should take it

  82. Avatar Fire Storm Fox says:

    11:31 I’ve only been leaving my house once a month for over a year now.

  83. Avatar Fire Storm Fox says:

    14:18 all I see are a bunch of morons risking people’s lives not wearing mask. 😷

  84. Avatar atomicmozart says:

    Is this NORMAL for D.C. ?
    https://www.bitchute.com/video/01ctVw494sbz/. 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧

  85. Avatar LJ Santora says:

    STFU Fauci!
    Lyin pharma too!

  86. Avatar Libertarian Neighbor says:

    Let me help. We are going to have a very bad fall and winter again. “Normalcy” won’t begin to appear until mid summer 2022.

  87. Avatar FartButtPizza1234567 says:

    where the f is jan 30??

  88. Avatar Karma Martinez says:

    Would blu light treatment say maybe in 30 min intervals daily for 7 to 10 days be helpful with reducing the symptom intensities once diagnosed with covid or maybe to prevent the onset of covid? And possibly adding to depending on symptoms adding in red light therapy again just an example of time length per treatment and number of treatments? This question is for Dr.Fauci

  89. Avatar Conscious Participant says:

    Fauci. What a crock-o-bs.

  90. Avatar PK P says:

    It is clear that America has NO intention of changing the violent and inhumane stance it has allowed against certain portions of its populace.
    At this point, the people who are being victimized should take their cases before an International tribunal and sue the United States for crimes against humanity. In addition, every case should be broadcast to every international news network.
    Since America refuses to change when left to its own devices, perhaps drawing international scorn, humiliation and embarrassment will help move things along.

  91. Avatar gatperuana says:

    Where the heck is Jan 30th nightly news?

  92. Avatar Curly Head_tonio Curly Head_tonio says:

    People are annoying with the school thing what do y’all wanna go back to school for at my school we can do online or in person we don’t have lots of lots of kids at my school so we were able to do in person to or online and I feel like online is good enough people always talking ab how they got bad grades and think it’s cute I here kids say that all the time and I tell them that’s not cool and you can fails school bc me and a lot of my friends are graduating this year and we’re going to be freshman’s. And when kids start back school they’re gonna wanna start back online and get tried of coming to school everyday then changing there mines saying we want online back it’s really dumb people need to get on there kids more about there work or help them online is fine simple as that and that’s coming from a 14 year old.

  93. Avatar charles john says:

    What I don’t get is why the media is not talking about trusting J&J. Remember in recent year J&J had to settle a lawsuit. Because they were sued over there baby powder that gave women ovarian cancer. Now why would I take a vaccines from a manufacturer who just had to settle a figure lawsuit because of there baby powder cause cancer.

  94. Avatar lb light says:

    Why are not stopping traveling in and out the country

  95. Avatar Earnestine Ray says:


  96. Avatar Fire Ice says:

    This new strain of virus it’s in Africa so this new virus has travel all up and down Africa I think the numbers were talking about a death is not accuracy in the United States are outside of the United States

  97. Avatar Jacob George says:

    J&J send all doctor office, insurance paid what wrong we get medicine with outstanding a long time and long line help people like this speed up JJ’s?

  98. Avatar cat 11 says:

    Notice they say emergency use authorization ?

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