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The military in Myanmar has detained Aung San Suu Kyi and deposed her government.
The generals accuse Suu Kyi and her party, the National League for Democracy, of election fraud.
So how did we get here? And what’s next for Myanmar’s young democracy?

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar jim parsit says:

    Aj is full of bias and liars. Paing picture and hatred to the viewers without knowing the truth. Anothe BS BBC of the British.

  2. Avatar A Khin Pyae says:

    They are KIDNAPPING at night.

  3. Avatar Erin Peter says:

    Prayers to u

  4. Avatar OHM-968692 says:

    It’s not like the country was much better under Aung San Suu Kyi, in fact worse on many fronts, but I do hope the people get their democracy and that they never repeat the horrible “mistakes” we’ve seen in recent years. Never again.

  5. Avatar Sherly Cappuccino says:

    I am also a Myanmar Citizen who is still 15 but to a limit that I know about our government the military sucks!! Now they are letting the prisoners out, and they are letting them rob our houses and throw fire sticks into our houses!! What a disaster!! Imagine how people are tired by this time they have to protest in the day time and look after their houses and streets at night!! I feel bad for them, and I am part of them. Everybody knows that the military injected the kids and threatened them like “if you don’t do this I am going to kill you”. Of course the kids will tell us the people from the military told us to do this, but it is just that it is not a good enough prove let them throw fire sticks and more!! The bad thing is we don’t have concrete evidence to show!! I just want folks from other countries to know about the coup. I hope I have given at least a little more information! Thank you! <3

  6. Avatar Sema Büsra says:

    San Syu Ki is a killer! She deserves all of this since she is responsible for the genocide of rohingyas! We do not care about her

  7. Avatar 京华怪侠 Pekingman says:

    military goverment leaders is not bad,greatest burma king Baiyinglong ,build the biggest burma empire,he is military leader,military leader creat the golden age of burma.

  8. Avatar NIBII I Iir says:

    What wll happen to the Rohingyas now

  9. Avatar Kadamb Gupta says:

    In next week’s video, could you please cover India’s farmer protest against the new farm laws?

  10. Avatar Team Runners says:

    Could you please make a video about Pakistani military and its interference in politics?

  11. Avatar Rosalind says:

    Not connected, but this suddenly reminds me a lot of North Korea. Isn’t quite the same? The military is in charge of the country, no direct contact with outer world, no internet, no freedom of speech or democracy, violence and force submission by the government, except they stuck with it their whole life.

  12. Avatar kapambwe kapambwe says:

    So no one is going to talk about the fitness instructor doing her routine amidst an active coupe ? lol

  13. Avatar Yangzi Sham says:

    Looks like the military is kinda leading their country into a communist country.

  14. Avatar At says:

    Nothing is happening, stay calm and support Myanmar SISI.

  15. Avatar Rolian says:

    Meh… not thorough enough

  16. Avatar Bro says:

    She is a murderer

  17. Avatar Amit Saxena says:

    Incomplete and baised news

    Sometimes wrong news is presented.

  18. Avatar Kawpler Desjardins says:

    Over all they just try to covered international Crime against Ethnic Groups in Burma because Ethnic Groups Suffering for a long time..All setting up Fake news

  19. Avatar One Dogol says:

    Free rohigya

  20. Avatar One Dogol says:

    Stop killing rohigya

  21. Avatar Richard Cawas says:

    All over the world: The military are not protectors of the people, but the protectors of their own organization’s interest. Never trust them if they claim to be “loyal to the constitution”…..the most admonished military statement…

  22. Avatar Richard Cawas says:

    The Military Generals took a hint from the US infamous President Trump….If somebody wins an election, the result of which will ruin your interests and ego; Shout to the world that there is FRAUD sans a proof to justify such allegation.

  23. Avatar maxtinos l75 says:

    The hunger games 3 finger salute

  24. Avatar maxtinos l75 says:

    This is going to be the next hunger games 3 finger salute

  25. Avatar Lucifer Lightbringer says:

    this is properly the problem in Myanmar is that the Military is serve as an independent entities and not come under the direct control of the Presidency of Myanmar.

  26. Avatar Yadav Sachendra Prasad says:

    Maximum Muslim countries do not have democracy, do something for those countries Al Jazeera Channel

    • Avatar Aslam Mahomed says:

      Bjp rss goon spotted. Leave the Muslim countries out of this. Try and be objective.

  27. Avatar hananti ayu says:

    I’m sorry, what? Thats Abang jago song? From indonesia? Lol

  28. Avatar min kyawswar says:

    while waiting the help outside country, How many lives will be destroyed . UN and other international communities who have responsibility to protect the world from the oppression of dictators should review their slow activity .This military junta is challenging those communities.PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD HAVE DISCONTANT THE UNEFFICIENT PLANS OF THOSE COMMUNITIES.

  29. Avatar abdulaahi warsame says:

    We should respect human rights, and individual freedom.
    Muslim Rohingya aren’t stateless people. If Myanmar leaders aren’t respecting Human rights they have no difference with the military.
    I wish the best to the all Myanmar people.

  30. Avatar Mukesh Prajapati says:

    Radical islamists-What is she doing out of the kitchen?

  31. Avatar Mitsos90 says:

    Why should any European give two shits about this ?

    • Avatar Isabella Zelter says:

      Why shouldn’t we? We are humans too!

  32. Avatar Tk Cabasan says:

    They said china supported the military

  33. Avatar Muhammad Alam says:

    She lied in front of ICC. By this she has been proven herself as a hypocrite. History tells people never takes the lessons from history.

  34. Avatar Tom Hoang says:

    Looks exactly like the US with military stationed all over DC.

  35. Avatar Robenus Tolesa says:

    Can we also talk about what’s happening in Ethiopia?

  36. Avatar Kartikey Diyewar says:

    They don’t consider dictatorship in qatar.

  37. Avatar guillermo canamo says:

    Buddhism is not true religion it is not in the bible they’re corrupt

  38. Avatar Shahriar Tasnim says:

    Well, they were siding with their kawaii military senpai when they tortured out thoose helpless Rohingas.
    Why are they in bad term with their military senpais now?
    You reap what you sow

    • Avatar Yuugen BK says:

      We were always in bad term with our military senpai since our okasan times. We didn’t speak out during Rohingyas bcoz many of us considered them as terrorists.

  39. Avatar Jully Jims says:

    Trump still president Myanmar still Democracy.

  40. Avatar Chip in4seven says:


  41. Avatar Moe Kyaw says:

    It is about 60 years old struggle of people to win freedom from institutionalized theft and robbery.

  42. Avatar Kaung satt hein says:

    This video is pretty accurate NOT completely
    At 3:20 there is Pinlong agreements which give power to every ethnic groups who signed it not just Burmese but the agreements is scrapped when military takeover in 1962
    At 3:35 if you’re saying about politics after 1962 you’re totally right but if you’re talking about average person, you’re wrong. Because high ranking military officers are all Burmese but average Burmese is not privileged if he/she is not a government official or working with government. All people in Myanmar suffer equally whether or not they are Burmese.
    And the rohingyas staff. I just want to know why when US killed many people including children in Vietnam or in Middle East in the name of Vietcong and tarorists they are seen as good but when Myanmar army killed rohingyas in the name of tarrorists, they are seen as evil and even rohingyas give only statements and the photos of dead people not the photos of police and soldiers killing and rapping them. And by the way the video you showed us police beating rohingyas is very much feel like staged

  43. Avatar changer Hunk says:

    after wiping up the rohingyas they come up with this

  44. Avatar Leo Li says:

    So in other words, the military was always in power and the democracy was just a facade, and no one really knows what’s going on behind the scenes.

  45. Avatar Robert STAN says:

    If you’re wondering why we love Aung San Suu kyi so much,Her father was the reason we get our independence but he was assassinated by his one of his jealous piers,He was the only one man we trusted but then his daughter came along so she is the closest thing we could ever get to the freedom and country we want for our future

  46. Avatar bitter truth says:

    Please talk about absolute nobility of qatar u hypocrite

  47. Avatar Shwe Techno says:

    we Burmese are can’t get enough of thanking for this video. this is really meant to us. please support us, save us and pls let the world know about the darkest faces of Myanmar military monstars . Thank you .

  48. Avatar Brian Mwaura says:

    Soldiers cannot run a country ,they have no idea of what to do

  49. Avatar de0509 says:

    Funny how Suu Kyi had already proven her loyalty by throwing the Rohingyas under the bus, yet shes still a slave under the junta

  50. Avatar Boss Kibz says:

    Because the Military Generals knows their Gov. Are Corrupt and Controlled by Western Shits!!! Democracy are controlled and thier govt are puppeted by oligarchs!!!

  51. Avatar S Smrity says:

    All south Asian democracy sucks!

  52. Avatar Smaranik says:

    What about the Rohingya genocide that wiped out an entire ethnicity under Aung San Suu Kyi and her party!!!!

  53. Avatar Aiden Zaw says:

    The supporters for Tatmadaw (aka Myanmar Military) that you see in their conferences are paid-to-attend citizens. Because most of our people are poor they will do whatever they will even if it is harmful. Military knows this situation, because of course they own most of the business in country and live on top of food chain. So just by seeing the protestors on the road during the coup, you can see the difference of supporters for NLD and Tatmadaw.

  54. Avatar gulzar arzu says:

    thiz lady was also involved brutal killing and ethnenic cleanaing of muslim minority frm rakhain state…

  55. Avatar TinneyMan says:

    I love this lady 😭😭😭😭😍😍😁😁😁

  56. Avatar TacoWilco says:

    To all people from Myanmar: Stay strong folks.

    I can’t believe these crazy events are still happening. World is going crazy.

    • Avatar c t says:

      Thank you so much for the message. We really need this type of segment covering the real events happening in Myanmar. The international help + our civilians efforts are all we have. I cannot thank you enough.

    • Avatar Jully Jims says:

      Without Trump the Bad Dudes are taking over.

    • Avatar I’m crying in a corner While i count my money says:

      @c t international help ?
      Go help yourself .. we have enough problems in the west..

    • Avatar Pepsi Stronk says:

      @Jully Jims no lmao. it was because the planet needs a bad guy, and since trump was gone, there were people that needed to fulfill his role

    • Avatar Pepsi Stronk says:

      @I’m crying in a corner While i count my money what problems? The pipe burst?

  57. Avatar Manzur Rehman says:

    Thanks ma’am and please support to Myanmar for democratic and also safe my Myanmar

  58. Avatar Santosh Pokhrel says:

    Why all Media shows the world lies or they don’t know about this coup? This is not a coup, this is terrorize. Our president didn’t sign to approve the coup. According to our constitution without president’s sign they can’t announce emergency. If so the constitution must be totally destroy. They didn’t break the constitution and pretending to be legitimate. If they do it legally there’s no problem with any citizens because our president approved it. They’re terrorist. Military of Myanmar is ‘Terrorist’. The world must help to take back our democracy. They’re showing middle finger to all the democratic county around the world by illegitimate coup. We(Myanmar people) are helpless, that’s why we are asking for help.
    Sorry for my bad english. I hope u understand what I meant.

  59. Avatar Hai EdD says:

    What happened is under controlled by majors…

    • Avatar Hai EdD says:

      In why must be philosophy democracy. It is now a democracy controlled??

  60. Avatar Rahul Thaware says:

    Call Mr.Modi he will create another Bangladesh 🇧🇩😂

  61. Avatar Hani Shah says:

    Seems like similar tactics being imposed by Modi regime in Indian occupied Kashmir. Dictators work the same way.

  62. Avatar DFORREAL Log up says:

    Nothing American can say about what’s going on over because we just had a coup attempt and the people who was pushing for it to happen got away with it.

  63. Avatar SimDrive.N2DSPD says:

    사랑도 명예도 이름도 남김 없이
    한평생 나가자던 뜨거운 맹세
    동지는 간데없고 깃발만 나부껴
    새 날이 올 때까지 흔들리지 말자
    세월은 흘러가도 산천은 안다
    깨어나서 외치는 뜨거운 함성
    앞서서 나가니 산 자여 따르라
    앞서서 나가니 산 자여 따르라

  64. Avatar Lemonadetv says:

    Myanmar: starts a democracy movement
    Hong Kong, Thailand, America and any other country: welcome to the bois

  65. Avatar chokkan7 says:

    I think Americans should pay close attention to this. What happens in Myanmar today will soon be happening in the US, and China will be behind both…

  66. Avatar MinistryofStateSecurity MSS says:

    America will never give up the fetish to surround China and call it evil , whilst practicing the same at home . Every POTUS was and is a war monger ! 🤠🤦‍♂️

  67. Avatar vike fon says:

    Myanmar Police ought to rename themselves
    “Portland Police”
    then they can attack protesters with impunity.
    UN was silent on the brutal police from Portland but somehow managed to get involved in Myanmar.

    People of Myanmar, wake up!

  68. Avatar Kitti Piyapongkun says:

    Free aung san suu kyi,hanged&headed min aung lai and his family.

  69. Avatar Phil Tinn says:

    Why now? China needs to punch a hole to Southeast Asia for its One Belt One Road Initiative. And knowing that the rest of the world is caught in the pandemic and Biden’s hands are tight, China is seizing this moment to take over Myanmar as its puppet state, similar to its timing used on Hong Kong last year.

  70. Avatar gracelyn plays says:

    it hapen 4 times in myanmar now there are more than thousand of people protesting

  71. Avatar gracelyn plays says:

    they take over at feb 1st

  72. Avatar gracelyn plays says:

    china and russia works with military

  73. Avatar Paradize Kiss says:

    Min Aung Hlain👈Please don’t believe him whatever he said. .it won’t true. .he will never give up his power. Even though the burmese military government will probably hold the General Elections, the election will never free and fair. Burmese Military Leader “Min Aung Hlaing” will never relinquish his power because his family controls Myanmar’s top business Including Mytel Communication Operator. Moreover, Min Aung Hlaing is primarily responsible for the war crimes during military conflict with ethnic armed groups in Myanmar (Burma). The Burmese military is an organization with many human rights abuses.

  74. Avatar gracelyn plays says:

    let me help they did it now because they were anounsing the offical president that day

    • Avatar c t says:

      Yes. No one believes in people with weapons taking over the country. They will do so many illegal thing coz they have absolute power and weapons.

  75. Avatar Michael McLaggan says:

    I think many would appreciate a video on Covid-19 variant 501Y.V2, what it is, and the stigma it has created by being dubiously referred to as the ‘South African variant’.

  76. Avatar Salko Fazlic says:

    They dont want to show us how can we live in peace and happiness. This women leader is example

    • Avatar c t says:

      Pardon? What do you mean by “live in peace and happiness”? There’s a pandemic going on and we all lost the chances to even get vaccines donated by India. Min Aung Hlaing and the personnels behind him are thieves trying to destroy our future and our lives.

  77. Avatar Lynn Thu Hein says:

    Save myanmar

  78. Avatar Supa Witt says:


  79. Avatar safirul stylo says:

    f*ck you ads..

  80. Avatar superfastgame says:

    Don’t forget military released 23000+ notorious prisoners just to make room for others. The prisoners are injected with drug and force to terror different parts of neighbourhood in whole Burma by burning houses while military waiting to arrest the citizen who defended against the zombie prisoners. Pls have a read. It’s only happened at night and still on going while internet is cut off every night as we speak.

  81. Avatar Play Frame says:

    So the lady who got a nobel peace prize also committed (or at least was involved in) a genocide

  82. Avatar Horus says:

    UN is formed just to speak against them not to take immediate action?

  83. Avatar Treza Soe says:


  84. Avatar freedom fighters says:

    rise of a new dictatorship. I think most Millenials think the UN is a big joke

  85. Avatar Svein Sigurd Gismarvik says:

    This is a coup that will failure. The generals didnt know how strong the people are, how brave, willie to die for its country. Brutal forces will not succeed as rest of world look at it, never accept it. Big mistake, the Junta will realize it, and regret it. Still time to avoid blood bath.

  86. Avatar Aydan Oliveira says:

    As much as I support democracy in Myanmar, I cannot take a chanal from a country with no human rights and democracy talking about other countries! Qatar is like a wealthy rapist talking ill about other rapists! We the people know Qatar’s true colors. You can build stadiums, build towers, pay desperate westerners to talk well on your behalf just like the Chinese are doing, but you’ll never trick us with your hypocrisy! Qatar would be doing the same if not worse than Myanmar if it had a democracy that voted against the monarchy.

  87. Avatar Cindy Nicole Warrang says:

    The rohingyas are considered luckier than the other ethnic minorities in Myanmar. There is a huge Muslim community and the international media that is concerned for them. But the Karens, Kachins, Shans, etc., they received the same treatment from the military but nobody, no international media seems to care…

  88. Avatar God Hand says:

    I from myanmar

  89. Avatar Enles Freedom says:

    Look at her shadow @ 0:20 that background is not what was really there . Can’t believe the news messed that up and grabbed this with out looking

  90. Avatar Sara Eagle Clash says:

    It’s nothing wrong military also right to run away corrupt peoples so paid media mind your business tnx

    • Avatar c t says:

      I think it is their business model itself to show people what is happening in reality. So, yeah they are minding their own business.

  91. Avatar Hakiki Wicaksana says:

    Ampun Bang Djago..

  92. Avatar Juji Jiju says:

    Why does she move chairs?

  93. Avatar gold maple says:

    Aung San Ssu Kyi had no actual power when she was state counselor. It was always the military pulling the strings from behind. What will it take to defeat the military? International pressure from many countries. Popular uprising by the people of Myanmar. Maybe direct intervention by a stronger power. Once this is done, put in a new constitution that strips the military of its seats in Parliament and prohibits anyone from the military from serving in government. You might have to dismantle the Burmese military piece by piece, fire all the corrupt ambitious officials and put in ” “yes ” men, make sure military positions are rotated so no officer can build an independent power base. Maybe create paramilitary forces that can act to check the power of the military.

  94. Avatar Chuimayang Shaiza says:

    How dare the military kill such a enocent people

  95. Avatar Truong Uyen Tram says:

    The violet cuban spectroscopically happen because methane holly scream by a fearful fearless beret. bent, depressed sled

  96. Avatar Beta Damanhuri says:

    Military is much beter than suu kyi

  97. Avatar David Viller says:

    Maw gyi

  98. Avatar c t says:

    Alleged Election fraud. Those having financial gains from the military and their associates will say that it is the only reason that military took over. They want another dictatorship. The country was growing and peaceful. They want to destroy our future.
    Shame on you min aung hlaing, your puppets and your associates. Shame on you!

  99. Avatar Pyae Sone says:

    Right now soldiers are shooting at people with real bullets in Mandalay

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