NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 18th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

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Texas residents facing water shortages amid power crisis, Sen. Ted Cruz facing backlash after Cancun trip amid Texas crisis, and Dr. Fauci speaks out on Covid vaccinations for teachers and reopening schools.

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00:00 Intro
02:09 Millions Without Water In Texas After Deadly Storm
3:19 Hospitals Evacuated In Texas After Water Failure
3:26 Millions Without Water In Texas After Deadly Storm
4:05 Plea For Blood Donations As Storms Threaten Supply
4:24 Houston Mayor On When Vital Services Will Be Restored
6:19 How Texas Power Grid Failed Against Winter Blast
8:00 Ted Cruz Travels To Mexico During Texas Deep Freeze
10:18 Fauci On Vaccinating Teachers And Reopening Schools
10:36 Fauci Speaks Out On Covid Risk For Younger Children
11:00 Fauci: ‘Several Months’ For Africa Variant Vaccine
11:22 Fauci: Life Won’t Return To Normal Until Fall Or Winter
11:29 Fauci On What’s Safe To Do After Vaccinations
12:14 Pfizer Scientist On Whether Variants Require Third Shot
12:59 Massive Winter Storms Disrupt Vaccine Rollout
13:10 Pfizer To Begin Covid Vaccine Trials In Pregnant Women
13:34 Grocery Store Struggle To Get Vaccinated
13:46 U.S. Life Expectancy Drops By A Year In Pandemic
14:19 Cuomo Federal Probe Into Nursing Home Deaths
15:05 Cuomo Accused Of Bullying Fellow Democrat On Call
15:28 Cuomo Could Lose Emergency Powers Amid Firestorm
15:58 Biden Immigration Plan Has 8-Year Path To Citizenship
16:48 Bob Dole Diagnosed With Stage 4 Lung Cancer
17:12 Wall Street & Tech CEOs Testify On Gamestop Frenzy

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 18th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Jane Doe says:

  2. Avatar Elizabeth C says:

    NBC is the biggest load of crap reporting, you’re just trying to make Ted Cruz look bad because he made you all look like fools

    • Avatar Que Pasa says:

      Ted left us to freeze meanwhile he’s out here flying his family out instead of trying to help us

  3. Avatar Cynthia Cooney says:

    Does nasa think that there’s gonna be something new on Mars.

  4. Avatar Cynthia Cooney says:

    They do not need to spend billions on the space program.

  5. Avatar Cynthia Cooney says:

    Every body needs to pray for Jesus to help them.

  6. Avatar Quinn Johnson says:

    I bet you he don’t have to apologize

  7. Avatar Quinn Johnson says:

    So what are they saying use the kids to pass their bull

  8. Avatar LILIANA PRINA says:

    Nothing wrong with protecting your own family Ted Cruz. It is okay to take a vacation is not need to criticize. I would love to go to Florida because is beautiful this time of the year, always warmer.

  9. Avatar Quinn Johnson says:

    If dumb folk fall for that they can’t blame nobody but your self

  10. Avatar Quinn Johnson says:

    What y’all think is going to happen no shot no job

  11. Avatar LILIANA PRINA says:

    At this moment in time is best to wait for a larger family…

  12. Avatar Mei Liu says:

    praying for Texas

  13. Avatar Andrea Barra says:

    You are cr

  14. Avatar Dr. Susie Lee says:

    And the very stupid Bill Gates is talking about synthetic beef? Shame on him. I hope he will help these dear people.

  15. Avatar Hot Mezz says:

    What an absolute asshat this guy is.

  16. Avatar LILIANA PRINA says:

    Thank you Lester I love your news…

  17. Avatar Rack City says:

    we own a non profit abused dog farm and lost 21 dogs due to the cold plz help need dog food plz reply if you want to help

  18. Avatar Lesly Ponce says:

    Left wing. Hypocrasy. Obama never visited Louisiana because this man. ,Obama was in martha vineyard vacation. Left wing hypocrasy. Que farza de los democr ats

  19. Avatar Ryan patrick says:

    The cryptocurrency market leader set a new lifetime high of $51,348 early Wednesday, having penetrated the psychological level of $50,000 on Tuesday for the first time, I already started investing with Mr Luiz and I guess y’all should act…

    • Avatar Ryan patrick says:

      Thanks luiz.+

  20. Avatar Paul Smith says:

    Canada? Third shot needed dont go home yet

  21. Avatar Nhu Chap says:

    The jazzy baboon nearly fail because secretary optimally dress as a gifted tennis. overjoyed, alive subway

  22. Avatar OMGhenri says:

    we all should take antibody tests more serious. the current antigen tests are becoming pointless with vaccinations. also, much more people where infected than the governments are calculating, the natural immune response is greater than we think. (corona) viruses are not new, they roam the universe for ions and humans live in a perfect harmony. no need to go overboard with mandatory measures.

  23. Avatar Frank Derryberry says:

    Why is Texas always so ill prepared for natural disasters?? Houston was such a nightmare. Now this.

  24. Avatar Paul Smith says:

    Florida to vaccinate Canada 3x . Wtfreak

  25. Avatar Carmela Varnell says:

    I cant stand this NBC News

  26. Avatar Daytonabeachgrl says:

    omg…this is America under Biden…Dr Falsey back…we r degressing not progressing

  27. Avatar Paul Smith says:

    Cuomo is not the only records not properly reported

  28. Avatar Ata Korkut says:

    i love how people are upset about Cruz what else would you expect from a man that talked all that sh!t about trump got insulted personally by trump and got back at him by dropping to his knees and performing oral to stop the bullying LMFAO spinless that’s why the republican party fell into the grips of a white supremacist, con artist, (insert 1 of the many ef ups or lies of trump and keep it pushing i don’t have enough space to list it all)

  29. Avatar Gugrat Jindahbath says:

    Always attacking taxens, why,? That Cruse when will media turn on him

  30. Avatar Gugrat Jindahbath says:


  31. Avatar Thomas Hardy says:

    Apparently the frost line is deeper in Texas then Texans think that it is

  32. Avatar Tom says:

    I’m with Cruz, if I could afford it I’d go somewhere.

  33. Avatar wendy stegemann says:

    Nobody is talking about the growing famine happening now. 130 million are expected to starve by the end of 2021. 😥 Words can’t describe. This is only the beginning.

  34. Avatar Tom says:

    What caused this disaster in Texas, it wasn’t the weather

  35. Avatar john willard says:

    impeach biden pass it on

    • Avatar Richard Mann says:

      For what, kicking Trump’s butt in the election?

  36. Avatar Cumios says:


  37. Avatar pak army says:

    Help each other as human beings. If a person is in trouble, it is very sad😥😭😭😭😭. Seeing all this, it is a special prayer for all of you.Where is the state? Many people are in trouble. The army should help in such an emergency

  38. Avatar Aodan Hill says:

    The free cylinder thankfully number because israel univariately place despite a ad cross. dapper, abiding polish

  39. Avatar Mezen M. says:

    Es sind die Nachbarn die zugegeben über die Lautsprecher das Sie unseren Kinder verschleppen. Auftraggeber sind Faschisten und Freimaurer die das finanzieren. Sie haben ein Sozialblock aufgekauft und die Familienkinder unter einander aufgekauft. Es sind auch Faschisten Kinder die Polizisten im Hohen Alter die Leute schänden

    • Avatar Mezen M. says:

      Es sind auch Verwandte die ohne Visum und durch Sexgefälligkeiten hier sind. Es sind Mafia Leute aus der Türkei und Ulm und Nürnberg. Es sind sind vor allem Deutsche Hassleute aus Schulen.

  40. Avatar Mezen M. says:

    Es sind Schüler aus der 6 Klasse Ridlerschule aus der 6. KLASSE 1987

  41. Avatar Mezen M. says:

    Es sind auch Hitler Nachkommen das bei München wohnt. Es sind auch Göbels Nachkommen der bei BND arbeitet und Kleiderfabr. In Indien haben

  42. Avatar Norman Campion says:

    Fake news your a disgrace

  43. Avatar GuitarZombie says:

    Congress saying everyone should play by the same rules……….lol

  44. Avatar Mezen M. says:

    Es ist vor allem der Wirtschaftslehrer aus der Fachoberschule in der Implerstr. 1992 der die zerschneifungungen der Frauen in Auftrag gibt.

  45. Avatar Getting on with life says:

    This is the beginning of the end and you guys should have been more prepared the weather is changing all the time don’t ever think that it couldn’t happen to you

  46. Avatar Peter Davies says:

    global warming??????

  47. Avatar liam Irelander says:

    ted had nothing to do with the green new deal bs that caused problem in texas where was your joe biden hiding during this ohhh thats right he took a snow day

  48. Avatar Betina Jules Larocque says:

    Ted Cruz is a chicken 🐔 RESIGN!!!!

  49. Avatar Aaron Husted says:

    Operation popeye!!!!

  50. Avatar Birgitta Stangelmayer says:

    The People have to learn how to use candles and terracotta pots, to make small stoves or fireplaces.
    Tealights and 2 terracotta pots. It will keep you warm and maybe u can boil water on the top of the pots. 🙏😇

  51. Avatar Chris Sanchez says:

    Yeah it’s bad in Texas but it’s even the worst one of President doesn’t do nothing except talk to help those that are suffering I guess that president can count on not having taxes back him up for anything

  52. Avatar Chris Sanchez says:

    And you keep calling it a vaccine that is a genetic manipulation of your DNA that is not a vaccine you need to call it for what it is if you can’t research and understand what you’re talking about don’t talk about it

  53. Avatar Chris Sanchez says:

    Yep in the presence of the United States won’t even declare it a disaster because he doesn’t care about Republicans he only cares about Democrats

  54. Avatar James Hetfield says:

    Corona Virus, low water pressure ..whats next ?

  55. Avatar born2xlr8 yep says:

    Do you know how stupid you look delivering the news in a MASK???

  56. Avatar John says:

    Dems have nothing else better to do but complain complain complain… we need a new government because this one clearly isn’t working

    “It is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it(the government) and to institute new Government”

    Ted Cruz deserves to take a trip, it’s beautiful in Cancún. He has a family too, he can’t be there for every last one of you Texans y’all sound stupid… & even if he was there y’all still be complaining about what he didn’t do just because he’s a Republican. It’s disturbing how the media hype sht up

  57. Avatar Fire of Destruction says:

    Sr- oh look at that thing passing by kids!!!
    Kids- what’s that? is the mainstream media.
    kids- the mainstream media?
    Sr- yes the state sponsor arm of propaganda…to engineering our minds
    kids -engineering our minds? coooool

  58. Avatar n g says:


  59. Avatar Jackie veal says:

    I feel Victory in the air. We want our freedom back. No more mask or social distancing. We want our businesses to reopen as well as churches and schools. President Trump will do that for us. Greatest President in my lifetime who won by the biggest landslide in history!

  60. Avatar paradox_killer 93 says:

    so dramatic lol

  61. Avatar Joe May says:

    freakin lie’s gfys

  62. Avatar Karen Austin says:

    Ted Cruise need to get out of office immediately text son shouldn’t condole with those foolishness you need to be out when he ge back he don’t have a job.

  63. Avatar Karen Austin says:

    You are a lier Ted Cruise get him out the office immediately he’s a wicked man you don’t care anything about anyone but he and his family

  64. Avatar Gazz Dean says:

    Normal is a thing of the past. Thank you fauci.

  65. Avatar Yizhi Huang says:

    You know what that means, America’s a failing state. When the poors are desperate, the rich refuse to help and the government wouldn’t do it is supposed to do.

  66. Avatar robert shaw says:

    Imagine this wimp blaming his daughters. Did he ever hear of – No, daughter, we have a crisis? No travel is better. He is a liar along with his fat assed buddy trump.

  67. Avatar SWDL ZLAW says:

    Lester, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  68. Avatar JoAnn Grant says:

    That’s why you have so much bad things happening , like the bad weather and strange things happening, like climate changing…stop sending men too the moon and robots to mars…when God made the heavens and the earth of he wanted man on the moon he would have pit them there or robots on mars ..😏🤔😎

  69. Avatar patricia yomes says:

    I find it shocking, Texas is “freezing” and people are desperate! The Governor of Texas and FEMA is supposed to be well trained and ready to move immediately and do their job in time of a disaster!!!!

  70. Avatar Yum Waiyu says:

    It’s frozen everywhere at Texas. That is not good I see, I think you probably need to do something at Texas. It’s a snow cold frozen that I have ever seen it before. Don’t get a cold outside, be healthy and don’t hurt.

  71. Avatar Michael Grimes says:

    Cruz ? Seriously? There is no defense, I could care less what he thinks at this point. His actions said it all. INDEFENSIBLE

  72. Avatar Dr. Rykala says:

    Still lying! Those are not vaccines

  73. Avatar atomicmozart says:

    FYI…. Sweden is “BANNING MASKS”

  74. Avatar James Brennon says:

    Did anyone catch the people in their living room cold and bundled up. No electricity and cold. Sad! What was really sad is that staged picture, look at the picture again and you will see they are watching TV. No electricity? I know it sucks with no power during ice storms happens here all the time, but if are going to take a sad picture at least turn the TV off.

  75. Avatar David Pumpkins says:

    Ted missed a great chance for a spin. Instead of blaming it on his daughters, he should have blamed it on his daughters, who are Democrats by the way.

  76. Avatar Benjamin Gal-Or says:

    -\- Virtual Media-Cuomo-Pelosi-Virus [MCP VIRUS] v. 40 NATIONS reporting to WHO-JHU on CORONA-VIRUS DEATHS per 1-MILLION, Jan 6 v. Feb 13 -\- BLG 1,729-1,894/ UK 1,148-1,762/ ITL 1,263-1,548/ US 1,118-1,517/ SP 1,101-1,386/ FR 989-1,219/ SWS 941-1,145 -//- % Fatalities of diagnosed/GROUP B/Same period -//- FIN 1.55-1.41/ NL 1,42-1.44/ U.S. 1.69-1.76/ SWS 1.72-1.80/ SWD 1.91-2.04/ SP 2.59-2.12/ FR 2.47-2.37/ BRZ 2.53-2.43/ CND 2.62-2.58/ GRM 2.05-2.80/ UK 2.75-2.90/ AU 3.19-3.15/ ITL 3.44/ MX 8.78-8.74 -\- same %/ Feb 13/GROUP A: -\- SNG 0.05/ MONG O.10/ BTN 0.12/ FARI 0.15/ QT 0.16/ SVN 0.26/ SBR 0.28/ DBAI 0.29/ MLD 0.33/ BRN 0.36/ TLN 0.33/ MLS 0.37/ SYCL 0.42/ CRC 0.46/ ICL 0.48/ CAYI 0.48/ SRLN 0.52/ KWT 0.56/ CYP 0.68/ SMRT 0.69/ CUBA 0.69/ Bora O.73/ ISR 0.74/ NPL 0.75/ UZB 0.79/ ARBA 0.92/ VNZ 0.96/ TWN 0.96 -//- We r what we eat, differ by DNA-DIET -//- Click name above comments to open Jan 17, 2021, U-Tube “Recent …” PAGES 46-49 -//- משגה ישרים/ בדרך רע, בשחותו הוא-יפול – PROVERBS 28:10 – ותמימים ינחלו-טוב // SOURCE: ISSUE 2009-2012 -\- or -“JERUSALEMA”- THE VIRAL NEW DANCE SONG SPREADING IN ALL NATIONS TODAY or https://lnkd.in/gup2qUW * https://lnkd.in/gUw8viJ * https://lnkd.in/gdaB4CV * https://lnkd.in/gAmJc69

  77. Avatar ken oh says:

    The mere save ultimately sail because virgo fourthly supply throughout a last tempo. frequent, lowly servant

  78. Avatar laeeque nadvi says:


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  79. Avatar Kendria Daniel says:

    I have family that lives in Texas. For the bulk of my life those family members have constantly complained about ERCOT. Hopefully they will consider moving back east.

  80. Avatar John Ngu says:

    president trump is a good heart people who is clear know how to protect american and whole worlds benefit .compare please .your future on your hand .only president trump want to make american life great again .if all of american not get together with him .HOW ? ( now can see it all bad to american and european country and whole worlds too .don’t need see far to offspring .most of yourself now already get effect .god bless american n human..

  81. Avatar Dekoven1949 says:

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  82. Avatar Gregory Riley says:

    Lord have mercy on us

  83. Avatar Chris Melbourne says:

    Most of texas’s people are struggling with no power?? Because their wanted thier own power grid with rules and they have to stand with the rules with erkcot should be fired

  84. Avatar Chris Melbourne says:

    President bieden will help you with the power and get fresh water to drink to all the texas’s people who needs help now president bieden will help you all

  85. Avatar Chris Melbourne says:

    My prayers go out to everyone who needs one? God bless you all and try to stay warm safely

  86. Avatar Chris Melbourne says:

    Erkcot should be fired and replaced with someone who knows how to fix it?? He should of done the upgrades for the power plant grid???

  87. Avatar Diana Sherwood says:

    Oh my but what a cover story, lets see CUOMO responsible for 15,000 plus dead due to his lies, coverup, ignorance and ego, Cruz flys his kid to cancun, hmmmmm…where is the real carelessness, the left is trying to cover another one of their foolish actions with a toy story, what a sad day for this nation.

  88. Avatar El Ingles says:

    So dominion voting machines can be linked to wifi ? C,mon CNN you should have investigated this .

  89. Avatar Andrew Stidham says:

    we have no heat no power so lets go to south america haha!!…. not everybody is able to do that TED! smfh…

  90. Avatar Adam Ben-Shimon says:

    Who cares if Cruz left Texas for two days!? This is ridiculous!

  91. Avatar Fluxuate X says:

    The acid surfboard nationally confess because flugelhorn worrisomely frighten except a tart knight. hulking, unbiased tub

  92. Avatar Wesley Reeves says:

    They DONT talk about the thousand s who are very sick from the water who are scared to gob to the hospital. who got rolling outages my power out over 20 hours . How was he able. Not to be tested on returned flights from a highly infected country

    • Avatar Wesley Reeves says:

      How is it they can put a robot on a dead planet but they can’t provide humans with a shot and stop a virus on this planet

  93. Avatar sylvia brown says:

    That’s what I. Mean their r so many other organization that can help these people human being life should be 1

  94. Avatar Chi Kim says:


  95. Avatar eclyectk jackson says:

    I meeeeeen….California has rolling blackouts for WEEKS at a time right? How come no one questions that?

  96. Avatar Avallone Gomez says:

    The ready dress marginally snore because drizzle customarily marry apud a cooing soprano. perpetual, stupid rule

  97. Avatar mohammad sareh says:

    Ted Cruz facing backlash after Cancun trip amid Texas crisis, but raising food and water prices amid Texas crisis did not face backlash. Why not?

  98. Avatar Josefina Holzäpfel says:

    God is alive. His eyes are wide open, watching over us night and day but, His eyes are focused on His trusted personnels such us : leaders of the countries, spiritual leaders and media personnels. The failures of these people due to lack of Wisdom , understanding, love and concern, driving them to become selfish and abusive, the mankind will automatically suffer , and our planet will be destroyed. Now, you know that God’s eyes and expectations is upon you. Please do your duties seriously and very well, using your sensibility and understanding as given by the almighty God . Our lives depends on you as our leaderd. You speak before us, telling us about the natural desasters. Don’t you know that God’s eyes are focused on you ? The Climate Change is in God’s hands. He can control, He can stop, He can allow anything …. there is nothing that He cannot do. He expect trully from you ! ***** Sejustrisch ****

  99. Avatar John Martin says:

    Americans must wake up to remove this mad president who is very good at creating more than 1 million jobs loss in 30 days, gasoline price went up $ 50 cents per gallon, let thousands of migrant enter American borders without covid-19 check, with Americans close to borders lost jobs

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