NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 19th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

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Millions in Texas still desperate for water after power crisis, White House says shipments of Covid vaccine delayed due to weather, and study shows pandemic’s effect on students in marginalized communities.

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00:00 Intro
02:09 Millions In Texas Desperate For Water After Power Crisis
02:28 Firefighters Truck In Water To Battle Massive Inferno
02:41 Child Found Dead In Room From Suspected Hypothermia
02:57 Texas Power Grid Slowly Recovers From Deep Freeze
03:05 Texas Families Desperate For Food And Clean Water
03:13 Historic Winter Storm Causes Billions In Damage
03:23 Texas Residents Shocked By Skyrocketing Energy Bills
04:00 Flooding Threat From Broken Pipes As Texas Thaws
04:24 Austin Mayor: Two-Thirds Of City Without Water
05:22 Austin Mayor: Extreme Weather Hitting More Often
06:02 Austin Mayor Demands Answers On Power Grid Failure
06:53 Ted Cruz Now Says Cancun Trip ‘Obviously A Mistake’
08:32 Storms Delay Shipment Of 6 Million Vaccine Doses
09:40 Pfizer Wants To Store Vaccine At Higher Temperatures
09:52 New Covid Cases Decline As U.S. Nears 500,000 Deaths
10:42 Women Accused Of Posing As ‘Grannies’ To Get Vaccine
11:03 Florida’s Red Counties Given More Vaccine Per Capita
12:16 Biden Tours Pfizer Plant, New Mega-Sites Announced
12:32 Biden Administration Rolls Back Trump Asylum Policy
13:07 ‘America Is Back’: Biden’s First Speech On World Stage
13:38 Biden Administration Open To Nuclear Talks With Iran
14:05 U.S. Officially Rejoins Paris Climate Agreement
14:37 Israel Leads The World In Covid Vaccinations
16:23 Pandemic Stress Hits Minority Students Especially Hard
18:57 First Mars Images From NASA’s Perseverance Rover

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 19th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar john hopkins says:

    Boiling tap water does not necessarily eliminate hazardous chemicals, but, it can increase the concentration(s) of them.
    (your water exploding or bursting into flame, may be an indicator)

    • Avatar Reasonably Abnormal says:

      Indeed. Distill the water. Easy to find the info online of how to distill

    • Avatar john hopkins says:

      @Reasonably Abnormal presuming internet access

    • Avatar Reasonably Abnormal says:

      @john hopkins currently… Here we are. 😉😂

  2. Avatar Big Lou says:

    My question is how did they get those texts messages?

  3. Avatar Paul Smith says:

    USA sends millions of $ to
    Israel and Middle east.. why every year for decades?

  4. Avatar Vivian Lopez says:

    The tacit desert indisputably inform because deborah syntactically milk failing a hoc resolution. horrible, voracious celery

  5. Avatar Gloria Tribble says:

    Don’t take the vaccines..none are good..my daughter in law’s a nurse she watched her 24 yr old co worker take it and died a few hrs later
    .drop quick just like that…DON’T DO IT

  6. Avatar Angel Blaz says:

    The humorous argument essentially talk because minister assembly hurry since a educated freighter. nervous, barbarous effect

  7. Avatar Anthony Mervin says:

    Okay, so Israel is doing better, and that’s great, but the higher percentage of their lesser amount of people should also calculate in the production spurts, and distribution wrangles, and basically the amount of time that it takes to vaccinate a number of people, and those among the reasons given would still change your implications. Not sure if that makes sense to anybody but me.

  8. Avatar Bill Billy says:

    I am 61. In 1968 they said by the yr 1985 everyone would be starving and the world was going to go into the biggest global warming event ever witnesses.

    Well it’s 2021 and here in TX we hit a one hundred yr record for the lowest temperatures on record throughout the entire state.

    Climate alarmists are now beginning to be ignored.

  9. Avatar Tolu Agbato says:

    That poor kid. 😥

  10. Avatar morita escamilla says:

    The illustrious locust decisively steer because waiter gully possess after a aloof house. fragile, careless professor

  11. Avatar J P says:

    ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Avatar Tony Accardo says:

    They might as well just post the news clips on his forehead at this point.

  13. Avatar morita escamilla says:

    The faithful alloy excitingly push because sampan intrestingly complain unto a amusing authority. ragged, absorbed octagon

  14. Avatar K Mind says:

    Your country already murdered enough of our generals and nuclear scientist. The only thing that your country did is messing up the whole region and advocating fake democracy

  15. Avatar Yvonne Martinez M says:

    I have family in Texas
    I pray for them .and Everyone to be healthy
    And safe .. God is
    Watching.. He will make
    The importance by
    Blessing all within all
    Their needs… God bless you
    All 🙏🙏keep the faith . 💓

  16. Avatar Robert Coller says:

    screw this fear mongering TV 📺😤😑😒 NBC sucks

  17. Avatar T C says:

    The Mars rover doesn’t deserve any air time when there are so so many things on this very earth that require our immediate attention.

  18. Avatar Amy Huang says:

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    愿神保佑我的孩子Shangbin Wu !

  19. Avatar ching ho says:

    The symptomatic postage specifically clip because novel largely guard mid a public underclothes. small, godly timer

  20. Avatar Rohan Perera says:

    bankrupt country…print some $ and rip of the world…

  21. Avatar Nicole McWilliams says:

    Don’t cow down to foreign-policy though we need a president that is going to be have a heart for the American people. And the president that’s going to be tough on foreign policy and and against dictatorships.

  22. Avatar Whitney Nobis says:

    The tawdry silver complimentarily flap because blinker virtually haunt excluding a tremendous frame. acid, well-made rooster

  23. Avatar Amy Huang says:

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  24. Avatar W L says:

    Anyone responsible for this catastrophic failure should be made to go and work on the front lines of this disaster including having their children help hand out food and water and warm clothing. Not just for an hour or a day but until this mess is fixed! If they continue to be insulated from the true realities of what their dereliction of duty has cost the people who pay their taxes which pays for their ability to insulate nothing will change. This is NOT what the people of Texas signed up for! To the people responsible for the added hurt, pain, and loss above and beyond a natural weather event do your job or get out of the WAY!

  25. Avatar crystal F says:

    All disasters are caused by republicans irrational insistence——-Trump,s policies!!!

  26. Avatar Roman Garza sr. says:

    This puppet Lester Holt broadcasts news for George Soros, the Democratic swamp RATS🐀 and SNAKES🐍 with nothing more then fake news and or insignificant news to cover up real news regarding the massive incompetence of JOKE Biden kamala Harris and the entire roster of the democratic swamp, and last but not least the stolen election.

  27. Avatar Cyborg127 says:

    GOD is forcing us to come together.
    Soon, there will not be enough differences to keep us apart.
    That’s a Good thing. 🌏🇺🇸✌🏼

  28. Avatar jose Rodriguez says:

    God bless America and the rest of the world.

  29. Avatar Jesus Class says:

    Man the kids man

  30. Avatar KIGALI HASHTAG says:

    condolences to those parent https://youtu.be/rwtYgKo9vQc

  31. Avatar whiteindianone says:

    what a bunch of brain washed left wing nuts. the boil water notice has been in place after every major stom that has hit the southern coast for the last 50 plus years.

  32. Avatar Timothy Buchanan says:

    How are you deplorable Democrats enjoying higher price is less freedom and you’re still locked down and now they want you to were more than two mash what will they want seven mask now.

  33. Avatar Warwick Dennis says:

    Desantis isn’t a good governor, any governor who gives his people ultimatums isn’t fit to govern, he’s telling us to take it or leave it, democracy is supposed to be a compromise and meeting of minds.

  34. Avatar Timothy Buchanan says:

    How’s all that faults news and lying to the American people going it seems like more and more we’re going to be conservative and going to be true American that believe in the Constitution of the United States you’re losing ground every day deplorable socialist communist Democrats.

  35. Avatar Timothy Buchanan says:

    It’s simple people Biden is trying to do everything to make it so bad that we get in a war that we have an uprising in our country so that I can have more restrictions on the American people so they can push their agenda of world domination over the common people not just in America it’s all over the world.If you look at these news commentators eyes and her facial expression they hate lying to you the public some of them not all of them but if you look at them close they hate what they’re doing.

  36. Avatar John Cokos says:

    Stevo: You screwed up…..and ‘ Outta Town Ted ” ?

  37. Avatar CE5X says:

    idiots down there need to understand that pipes will freeze in the winter. everyone in the north knows that.

  38. Avatar Warwick Dennis says:

    Get rid of Desantis

  39. Avatar Paige Weaver says:

    This is what can happen when you live in “Sticks & Bricks” in a City.

  40. Avatar The Writes To Life says:

    They are giving out free bottles of water in Austin, Texas.

    39 bottles of water in a pack, for free.

    They open up at 11:00am

  41. Avatar Cosmo Pi says:

    All of a sudden the Red State of Texas needs a bailout. How ironic.
    God Bless the CITIZENS of Texas.

  42. Avatar Reasonably Abnormal says:


  43. Avatar Joseph Miller says:

    How in the world is it over 700 dislikes about news. . These folks are weird

  44. Avatar Michel St-Jacques says:

    Live in Canada and for the year 2020 cost me $1300 for the whole year,and beleive me it is cold up here

  45. Avatar Tumbleweedin says:

    😱FAKE NEWS keeping you dumb.😱

  46. Avatar Prayer Anon says:

    Old man dark winter 🥶 is only for a season, and our Faithful only increases in darkness.

  47. Avatar M R says:

    Horrible! The Extreme right will be blaming Antifa or the Dems for this too.

  48. Avatar Darron Sanderson says:

    @time on this video 20:17 this is some of the greatest “Good News” I have seen lately. It is a wonderful example of humanity giving and serving. God bless these people for letting the public in for warmth, food and showers. 🙏

  49. Avatar hamzatu says:

    It’s time for a quote from a Texan, ” The essence of living is giving.”

  50. Avatar Blade Hunter says:

    Impeach 46

  51. Avatar p kokos says:

    Man it’s tough to watch, I used to be a big fan of Lester Holt my goodness this show and I haven’t watched it in a while but Jesus the bias nature of how the show is operating… Why can’t news just report news whether it’s fair or unfair or indifferent… #donewatchingNBC.

  52. Avatar Anita Skaggs says:

    When will Kentucky be getting vaccines?

  53. Avatar Yun Suk Huddy says:

    I’ m sick and tired of reporters always interviews with Latin and black students and compares with white and Asian students .. do some real reports for change and stop divide!

  54. Avatar SINGKEW LAW says:


  55. Avatar Tammy Berry says:

    Unfortunately, Texans are being used as collateral by the Democratic Party..specifically Joe Biden/Kampala Harris and Admin..MSM, Snasty Piglosi and Gang! We, here in Texas are losing loved ones,neighbors and Friends as casualties of War!!! Why are Texans being targeted? Crimes against humanity, treason and espionage are being committed but who if anyone will be held responsible? Shame on you at NBC for playing and keeping the truth from The People of this great nation!!

  56. Avatar Color Light says:

    Ruler of trash monster are rule end lifes

  57. Avatar eyemme ohigho says:

    This is deliberate….I said this before the $9000 electric bill get out of here…this is all planned just like the plandemic

  58. Avatar MsStrangeEmilie says:

    Cheeto man escapes the virus unscathed but a nurse cares for her patients, needs a transplant. What insanity is this? Does one have to be evil to escape scaring from this virus? Disgusting.

  59. Avatar Jerry G says:

    The vaccine rate in israel……the difference between israel and the US is the sense of social responsibility.

  60. Avatar John Jepsen says:

    Hello Texas….a little karma for the JFK assassination and Enron and LBJ and Nam and Bush family…just a little karma payback. Mercy.

    • Avatar John Jepsen says:

      Why don’t Texans knock down the TRUMP WALL and invade Mexico and steal water from Mexico?

    • Avatar John Jepsen says:

      Ted Cruz throws his kids under the bus…typical Harvard Law School graduate.

  61. Avatar Crying Broken says:

    Vaccinations of ALL things, should absolutely NOT be determined by party affiliation!

  62. Avatar notfiveo says:

    Texas don’t need no stinkin federal regulations. We should have let Texas succeed when they wanted to.

  63. Avatar Kyle Alexander says:

    $40 electric bill usually but a $3k a month mortgage payment? Ive never seen a $40 electric bill in my life and our power is only about 10cents per kwh

  64. Avatar The Appliance Guru says:

    Lyin’ Flyin’ Cancun Cruz.

  65. Avatar Santino Galassi says:

    Dude lost generation?. Before the pandemic in 2009 my whole generation just did meth and Extacy and dodged both military and college and now we 30 years old on SSI LMAO generation Y did you have kids . America lost the Afghanistan war to the Taliban because no one in my generation could pass the asvab hence Nordic white people with high SAT scores ended up losing their legs for nothing.

  66. Avatar Stephan Jones says:

    This guy looks like he is impersonating himself.

  67. Avatar FullSizedGaming says:

    As a child as early as I can remember I was forced to work for the family business, in my younger years that was a metal fab shop, in my teens it was in the oil field. I put in 50+ hours a week with no pay, no vacation, no medical benefits beyond bandaids. I dreaded summer vacation because and weekend because that just meant work from sun up to usually 10pm -12pm. When I graduated highschool my parents bought me a one way ticket to fly 1000 miles away to college. It was the best they could do. Then I worked 60-90 hours a week while attending 25 hours a week of classes. I worked at my worst 3 jobs and did school all at once, paying my rent, buying my food, and paying tuition. No grants, no scholarships, just me vs the world. Yes it was stressful but stress is how iron is forged and diamonds are made. We won’t get anywhere as a nation or a species by making things to easy. I don’t sympathize with kids or young adults who work their way though school. On the contrary I am inspired by them. Having people like that in our society gives me hope for the future that maybe, just maybe we are tough enough to make it after all, at least some of us.

  68. Avatar Dennis Agustin says:

    Sorry Texas your President Brainless Joe Biden still sleeping when he wake up I’m sure he sell america.!

  69. Avatar Rock List says:

    Florida, as usual, it’s a dumpster.

  70. Avatar Brown Bear says:

    Ted and his wife are truly ugly people and can see why he didn’t defend her in the past now that we’ve seen their appalling actions.

  71. Avatar Kathy says:

    The young lady who wants to go to college can, because there is something called a Pell grant. I live in CA, and there are plenty of grants for her to choose from.

  72. Avatar Aunt Suzy says:

    Wow so amazing good women and good men! God bless them all for their kindness😥😘

  73. Avatar GreenEyedChild says:

    Google News on my Android says everything is already back to normal….what bs huh?

  74. Avatar GreenEyedChild says:


  75. Avatar Chris M. says:

    where the mom and dad to watch their kids and change diapers?

  76. Avatar Timber Wolf says:

    I have liked NBC for a long time. Today I hear news of comparisons of different races of American people being compared to each other in ‘studies’ including vaccines, education, and politics, among other things. THIS IS SYSTEMIC RACISM. The practice of ‘studying’ which races are doing better or worse in anything AND disseminating this ‘news’ to literally everyone ONLY PROMOTES RACISM. American people are ALL Americans. Stop dividing us up by pigeon holing us by race. Shame on any and every news channel for doing this. I will now watch the news with more caution, and I shouldn’t have to do that.

  77. Avatar ChungWei Wang says:

    The true nerve consecutively stuff because basket optionally spot toward a faint fair slipper. brainy, clean vibraphone

  78. Avatar 57menjr says:

    never ending threat report, needs to stop… if we scare them they will ? lame real lame HOW ABOUT just the news no B S .

  79. Avatar 57menjr says:

    relative anyway

  80. Avatar 57menjr says:

    ITS what MAKE us STRONG America is for everyone DREAM…

  81. Avatar pluto bills says:

    I wouldn’t think about trying to pay a 9000 dollar light bill

  82. Avatar Everything Videos2468 says:

    It hasn’t snowed not even once In Sanford, NC

  83. Avatar Zachary Swain says:

    “Oh. That poor kid. In other news.” Lol. Wow. Such heart felt concern about kids right there.

  84. Avatar alishea heter says:

    Yeah its called global warming better get used to bad weather in Texas

  85. Avatar Suzan Anderson says:

    Germany is freezing cold and has green energy. Never seen a power outage there. HUMMMMMMM

  86. Avatar gatorheadband says:

    < Push icon/ Freedom

  87. Avatar Bob Cirba says:

    Why is this sheeple 🐑😷🐑😷🐑😷propaganda garbage showing up on my feed🙄

  88. Avatar Shawn Awesome 77 says:

    Oh no, a freak snow storm. Sh*t happens, itll be ok.

  89. Avatar Jami Heinsohn says:

    What will be the answer to those billed astronomical electric bills to residents in Texas? Amazing and would like an answer

  90. Avatar Maria Herrera says:

    The only stimulus money people have received was from president trump.
    Democrats and Republicans are a cruel Joke.

  91. Avatar Maria Herrera says:

    DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS AND MEDIA HAVE WEAKENED U.S. DEMOCRACY. People are starving, dying for lack of health care, homelessnes. And our government and our government failed to help the American people 🤔

  92. Avatar Warrior Tactical extended loop says:

    Texas ” stay strong “

  93. Avatar Reyisgod7 says:

    Where are the dislikes coming from?? What are you upset about this is just news that’s all

  94. Avatar dillmandilley says:

    Beijing Biden signs Executive Order giving the Chinese Communist Party control over The US Energy Grid and Texas has blackouts within a week, go figure.

  95. Avatar Benjamin Gal-Or says:

    -\\- I’am writing a new book ”Here and Then On This Planet and the Cosmos – Gravitism v. Havaism” -////- It begins with worldwide acclaims published on the previous one ”Cosmology, Physics and Philosophy” [Amazon, T-Tube, ‘in’, etc.] and at its Chapter A NEW GEO-ORDER, a Feb 14, 2021 open letter at ‘in’ is included: -//- It has been a long time since I read a wide-scope, top, geo-factual analysis, as the one by Baria Alamuddin -//- Indeed, Arab News is blessed with such a talent who can review and connect many new vistas, situations and potential positive options of the countries involved, especially POTUS BIDEN (KORAN-EDUCATED EX) vis-a-vis the consistent, STEADY friendship between the RUSSIAN MOST TALENTED LEADER, PUTIN, AND THE WORLD GREAT LEADER נתניהו כשמו כן הוא -\- Most important are the new alternatives to the … Iran … via unequivocally proven leadership by both men -//- LESS EMOTIONS, MORE ACTS, THAIRS EMERGE UNDER NEW, AEROSPACE, EXTANT INTERCONNECTEDNESS THAT MAY FAST BECOME THE NEW GLOBAL REALITY -\- With due respect to all, I remain, Benjamin Gal-Or

  96. Avatar Eduardo Concepcion says:

    Despecable government And DOTS

  97. Avatar I am milan says:

    OMG That poor boy 😔

  98. Avatar Mi M says:

    Do not be deceived by “heartwarming” baloney or clever manipulations! The “Federal” Reserve just gifted $2 TRILLION to its banksters buy their uncollectible, mortgage-backed bonds in 2019 to 2020, when they knew that if the banksters attempted to sell such bonds, they would have had to sell them at ludicrously low prices: particularly, because real estate has been in a huge bubble for years and this pandemic has prevented so many businesses from opening, resulted in their insolvency and defaults on their rents and mortgages, and will result in many, many commercial landlords also being in default on their mortgage-backed bonds given to the banksters.

    Will anyone give even a fraction of such sums to the poor in Texas or those ordinary Americans who now face huge bills to repair their burst pipes or to buy water to give to their families because the water supply became contaminated? NEVER. There will be federal loans, which the Texas poor and middle class will have to pay for the next decade(s.) They will not get bailouts, because they do not control the USA, like the banksters control it.

    With this covid pandemic, I also must to point out to all minorities but particularly to African-Americans, that you are being fooled by those in power with nonsense, like the tv shows “American Gods,” into believing that things are changing. They are not, because those in power just want you to keep voting for them even though they secretly despise you and keep giving them power while you get nothing back, have to attend lousy schools, get inadequate nutrition from companies, like fast food companies that know that their food is hurting you, not qualify for significant sums in student loans, then not be able to get a decent job, and if you got any student loans, have to pay them for the rest of your life, because they are not dischargeable in bankruptcy anymore.

    Vote for your own people of your own race, poverty level, ethnic group, and religion, who will actually care about you and act in your own best interests and not for the corrupt “elites” who never represented your interests and got the $2 TRILLION in bailouts these last two years or $29 TRILLION during the last bailouts. See “Bernanke’s Obfuscation Continues: The Fed’s $29 Trillion Bail-Out Of Wall Street” in Huffingtonpost. See “The Fed’s $29 TRILLION bailout of Wall Street” in multiplier effects d o t o r g. Take it from a fellow minority member.

    However, to all of you poor whites, wake up! You have also been getting the shaft for decades, albeit those who have been wielding it may have sometimes been of your own racial group. Support people who might care about you, because they come from the same position and poverty level and will return to it after they leave office.

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