NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 20th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News


Plane parts fall into Colorado neighborhood after engine failure, millions still without water after Texas weather disaster, and 6 million vaccine doses delayed due to extreme weather.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 20th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

103 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 20th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Charles Brown Reply


  2. patricia obasanjo Reply

    @wendy turner its a japanese skin lightening lotion. It says in the article the african american celebrities in hollywood use it because it actually changes their skin color from dark skin to light skin mixed race,however they deny it https://matsuiskinlightening.com/products/bleaching-skin-lightening-orange-peeling-lotion-100-ml-top-selling-product i guess they deny using this lotion because they just want people to think they are naturally light skinned and not bleaching their skin lighter, they should just be honest.

  3. clair bradshaw Reply

    hey i saw your video first australian receives covid vacc that was just me receiving my clopixol that isn’t a covid vaccine you people have all gone crazy

  4. clair bradshaw Reply

    you’re never gonna get what you want no one is gonna take the covid vacc they’re all gonna die because they have a death wish

  5. Jason James Reply

    Personally, I cannot believe how dumb Texans are when it comes to freezing pipes. When you have no heat and expect temperatures to drop below 32 degrees, drain all he water out of your pipes. You’ll first want to fill up every empty bucket and jug you have so you’ll have to some water after you shut everything off. Then shut off the water at the main value coming into the house. Then open up every faucet in the house. The water will drain out of the lowest faucet in the house. Also flush the lowest toilet in the house.

  6. Rachel Hollingsworth Reply

    why triple seven alway having problem .hope they can figure it out

  7. clair bradshaw Reply

    no one takes their medication melissa doesn’t she’s wearing something over her mouth anyway

  8. clair bradshaw Reply

    no one takes medication get over it

  9. clair bradshaw Reply

    thats why she doens’t speak

  10. Tom Psillas Reply

    United Airlines. What do you expect? They are a horrible airline. If they properly inspected the engine, this might have been prevented. I have been avoiding that airline, plus American Airlines for years, now. I only fly Delta, in the USA.

  11. Lurine Pile Reply

    Thank you God! Everyone were saved. God Bless those Pilots. I also sorry to know that the People in Texas are going through such unhappy times. I pray everything will be alright soon. Just pray and keep the faith am praying for you all. One Love.

  12. Glitchlo Green Reply

    On the teachers talking smack, people are allowed to talk smack about their job, even teachers. Every one does it, and if you say you don’t, you are just straight up in denial

  13. george luna Reply

    Rubio is that bird common to most flocks.

  14. george luna Reply

    If you really want to help your children, help them with math & computer science.

  15. George F Reply

    Thanks too that pilot! Great flying!

  16. George F Reply

    I’m kinda with the teachers on that! If it’s not safe then it’s not safe

  17. Millicent Adams Reply

    Congratulations to the pilot for landing that plane safely, it’s not easy to stay calm and collective when your life and the lives of other’s are in danger

    • Sonya Ford Reply

      Hello how are you doing??

  18. Bungalow Bill Reply

    A wing full of fuel could have been catastrophic, but that’s the risk on every journey.

  19. sock u Reply

    Why American are sleep deprivation ?
    two word ” electronic device ” .

  20. GARY LOGAN Reply

    Mother Nature is no respect to no one now is the time for us to look up to the Lord Jesus Christ and give him thanks day by day.

  21. mel mede Reply

    Biden wasting money on Illegals instead of using that money for Americans. The DemmiCommies giving away our wealth.

  22. Chris George Reply

    The many cricket acceptably communicate because pain electrophoretically greet at a vagabond litter. slimy, normal soup

  23. Dean William Reply

    The border is going to return to a free for all.

  24. Mirian Oyola Reply

    What an inspiring mother!!! Ur daughter WILL meet with Success b/c u have proven to her how many AmaZing people have paved the way for ALL Colored people of today!!! Aside from Karmela she should also dress as u b/c u are an Inspiration too… A great mother💖😄

  25. Caleb Looper Reply

    Duckers lol

  26. Jvee Reply

    Something tells me that those two aren’t married

  27. Cali Paranormal Reply

    Note to the world: the is what Republican leadership does when a state is dominated by Republican leadership. From the root so comes the fruit.

  28. TONY 2017 Reply

    😂3:30 If it had been over NYC, everyone would have been injured!😂😂😂

  29. Ryan Shull Reply

    Thank God they all survived🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤ that had to been terrifying

  30. Caridad Badillo Reply

    Don’t they check these planes and the motors and everything else before they lift up in the air?

  31. Rebelde Perulibre Reply

    These people don’t believe in global warming…use your Ar 15s🙋‍♂️
    Trump loves you texas, why not ask Trump to help you out…may be you can hanker down at his hotels cause He loves you all Texas, remember that…Trump loves you like Ted cruz👍

  32. Diane McCloud Reply

    None of the individuals affected should have to pay for that electric bill….

    • Eric Robert Reply

      I am happy to come across with you today. Can we have personal chat on my hangout:,, ericboby3@gmail.com Eric

  33. Maria's products Reply

    This is a true miracle. THANK GOD NO INJURIES

    • Eric Robert Reply

      I am happy to come across with you today. Can we have personal chat on my hangout:,,. ericboby3@gmail.com Eric

  34. David Labay Reply

    Captain: “Ah yes, the flames you see coming out of the right engine are being well contained by the wind. It’s the birds flying on the left side of the plane I’m really worried about…”

  35. Rodney Jarvis Reply

    Climate Change because of TRUMP.
    Impeach Him again!
    sniffy joe and kackling kameltoe headboard will save us!

  36. bloibl916 Reply

    Sort of over the top here NBC. This plane could have kept going on one engine, but the disaster sells better.

  37. Tony Richard Reply

    The ripe fan compatibly test because feet finally pine near a political advertisement. determined, legal dinghy

  38. Dani Laurin Reply

    Banana republic here we come

  39. Johl's Reply

    Let’s actually talk through what the parents want. Essentially parents want kids back to school to continue their development and need schools to have their kids for the seven or so hours of the day so they can work incase they don’t have a babysitter handy. I will agree that kids are not receiving the equivalent education online and probably will need additional time to recover their lost time. However let’s ask who ends up carrying the burden. They are asking for in person classes, which has to happen in an allotted room. This room will likely not have the proper ventilation or cleaning procedures to prevent 100% the spread of covid if it happens to be introduced. When you send your kid to school, you not only have to trust that he/she will wear the mask 100% of the time but also that other parents don’t send their kids if they suspect or know their kid has covid. Then the teachers who don’t make much have to be willing to expose themselves to covid and risk spending 6 figures if they do get sick and it isn’t a mild case. Realistically, school wouldn’t be the same as it could be interrupted if there are too many positive cases. Additionally the teachers have no incentive to risk their health for the kids since one infection could literally wipe out their savings and what they stand to make won’t be nearly enough to make it worth it. I think if parents are so desperate for in person schooling they should start funding campaigns and pay the teachers something in the order of 6 figures to provide each teacher with the resources to both safely make this thing worth it and not get infected. If it sounds like it costs too much perhaps you shouldn’t be screaming about your kids education because let’s be honest you literally never cared before covid and the only difference is that you have to live with your insufferable kid now.

  40. Muscles Mouse Reply

    I never understood early school starts. I hated it when I was a kid.

  41. silveradoDave Reply

    End the teachers unions.

  42. silveradoDave Reply

    Wow Pete really makes me feel better lol.

  43. Diane McCloud Reply

    Marco Rubio is cuban and his family immigrated here….thinking the way he thinks is beyond me….Help people…smh

    • Eric Robert Reply

      I am happy to come across with you today. Can we have personal chat on my hangout..;: ericboby3@gmail.com Eric

  44. Amy Sky Reply

    Hey can somebody tell me where the migrants are gonna work ?

  45. lasso atrain Reply

    What would jet stream data had been if weather modification was not being done ? How can the data collected be valid if you leave out the weather data ?

  46. Diane McCloud Reply

    I have to say, Teachers need to be vaccinated, Period and what those teachers said, honestly was not that horrible, there are parents that think of teachers as their baby sitters….they are not worried about Covid, they just don’t want to help their kids…

  47. lasso atrain Reply

    How can they not include this in their findings.
    U.S. weathet modification patends.
    4686605 – August 11, 1987 – HAARP Patent / EASTLUND PATENT – Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere
    4704942 – November 10, 1987 – Charged Aerosol
    4712155 – December 8, 1987 – Method and apparatus for creating an artificial electron cyclotron heating region of plasma
    4744919 – May 17, 1988 – Method of dispersing particulate aerosol tracer
    4766725 – August 30, 1988 – Method of suppressing formation of contrails and solution therefor
    4829838 – May 16, 1989 – Method and apparatus for the measurement of the size of particles entrained in a gas
    4836086 – June 6, 1989 – Apparatus and method for the mixing and diffusion of warm and cold air for dissolving fog
    4873928 – October 17, 1989 – Nuclear-sized explosions without radiation
    4948257 – August 14, 1990 – Laser optical measuring device and method for stabilizing fringe pattern spacing
    1338343– August 14, 1990 – Process and Apparatus for the production of intense artificial Fog
    4999637 – March 12, 1991 – Creation of artificial ionization clouds above the earth
    5003186 – March 26, 1991 – Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming
    5005355 – April 9, 1991 – Method of suppressing formation of contrails and solution therefor
    5038664 – August 13, 1991 – Method for producing a shell of relativistic particles at an altitude above the earths surface
    5041760 – August 20, 1991 – Method and apparatus for generating and utilizing a compound plasma configuration
    5041834 – August 20, 1991 – Artificial ionospheric mirror composed of a plasma layer which can be tilted
    5056357 – October 15, 1991- Acoustic method for measuring properties of a mobile medium
    5059909 – October 22, 1991 – Determination of particle size and electrical charge
    5104069 – April 14, 1992 – Apparatus and method for ejecting matter from an aircraft
    5110502 – May 5, 1992 – Method of suppressing formation of contrails and solution therefor
    5156802 – October 20, 1992 – Inspection of fuel particles with acoustics
    5174498 – December 29, 1992 – Cloud Seeding
    5148173 – September 15, 1992 – Millimeter wave screening cloud and method
    5242820 – September 7, 1993 – Army Mycoplasma Patent Patent
    5245290 – September 14, 1993 – Device for determining the size and charge of colloidal particles by measuring electroacoustic effect
    5286979 – February 15, 1994 – Process for absorbing ultraviolet radiation using dispersed melanin
    5296910 – March 22, 1994 – Method and apparatus for particle analysis
    5327222 – July 5, 1994 – Displacement information detecting apparatus
    5357865 – October 25, 1994 – Method of cloud seeding
    5360162 – November 1, 1994 – Method and composition for precipitation of atmospheric water
    5383024 – January 17, 1995 – Optical wet steam monitor
    5425413 – June 20, 1995 – Method to hinder the formation and to break-up overhead atmospheric inversions, enhance ground level air circulation and improve urban air quality
    5434667 – July 18, 1995 – Characterization of particles by modulated dynamic light scattering
    5441200 – August 15, 1995 – Tropical cyclone disruption
    5486900 – January 23, 1996 – Measuring device for amount of charge of toner and image forming apparatus having the measuring device
    5556029 – September 17, 1996 – Method of hydrometeor dissipation (clouds)
    5628455 – May 13, 1997 – Method and apparatus for modification of supercooled fog
    5631414 – May 20, 1997 – Method and device for remote diagnostics of ocean-atmosphere system state
    5639441 – June 17, 1997 – Methods for fine particle formation
    5762298 – June 9, 1998 – Use of artificial satellites in earth orbits adaptively to modify the effect that solar radiation would otherwise have on earth’s weather
    5800481 – September 1, 1998 – Thermal excitation of sensory resonances
    5912396 – June 15, 1999 – System and method for remediation of selected atmospheric conditions
    5922976 – July 13, 1999 – Method of measuring aerosol particles using automated mobility-classified aerosol detector
    5949001 – September 7, 1999 – Method for aerodynamic particle size analysis
    5984239 – November 16, 1999 – Weather modification by artificial satellite
    6025402 – February 15, 2000 – Chemical composition for effectuating a reduction of visibility obscuration, and a detoxifixation of fumes and chemical fogs in spaces of fire origin
    6030506 – February 29, 2000 – Preparation of independently generated highly reactive chemical species
    6034073 – March 7, 2000 – Solvent detergent emulsions having antiviral activity
    6045089 – April 4, 2000 – Solar-powered airplane
    6056203 – May 2, 2000 – Method and apparatus for modifying supercooled clouds
    6110590 – August 29, 2000 – Synthetically spun silk nanofibers and a process for making the same
    6263744 – July 24, 2001 – Automated mobility-classified-aerosol detector
    6281972 – August 28, 2001 – Method and apparatus for measuring particle-size distribution
    6315213 – November 13, 2001 – Method of modifying weather
    6382526 – May 7, 2002 – Process and apparatus for the production of nanofibers
    6408704 – June 25, 2002 – Aerodynamic particle size analysis method and apparatus
    6412416 – July 2, 2002 – Propellant-based aerosol generation devices and method
    6520425 – February 18, 2003 – Process and apparatus for the production of nanofibers
    6539812 – April 1, 2003 – System for measuring the flow-rate of a gas by means of ultrasound
    6553849 – April 29, 2003 – Electrodynamic particle size analyzer
    6569393 – May 27, 2003 – Method And Device For Cleaning The Atmosphere
    0056705 A1 – March 17, 2005 – Weather Modification by Royal Rainmaking Technology
    6890497 – May 10, 2005 – Method For Extracting And Sequestering Carbon Dioxide
    7965488 – November 9, 2007 – Methods Of Removing Aerosols From The Atmosphere
    8048309 – August 28, 2008 – Seawater-Based Carbon Dioxide Disposal
    8012453 – October 27, 2008 – Carbon Sequestration And Production Of Hydrogen And Hydride
    7645326 – January 12, 2010 – RFID environmental manipulation
    7655193 – February 2, 2010 – Apparatus For Extracting And Sequestering Carbon Dioxide
    8079545 – December 20, 2011 – Ground based Manipulation and Control of Aerial Vehicle during nonflying operations

  48. Liz Reply

    The Lord Jesus heard some faithful prayers 🙏🥰

  49. Black 40 Reply

    What 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳.everytime i see Amerika people are shout USA USA USA USA USA USA i wonder why😞😞😞

  50. Tim Fode Reply

    I made it to the 0:53 mark before I was remembered why I don’t watch the news. Jesus.

  51. Roger Barnett Reply

    Funny how Texas republicans caused this but then Biden accused of not doing enough, that’s rich. Having said that my heart goes out to all the people who are suffering due to this ineptitude.

  52. nautilus956 Reply

    Ban birds 🙄

  53. mikbacitube Reply

    Immediately blaming a drone or a flock of birds but never even going onto the possibility that the maintenance of the plane stinks and that the engineers in the USA are rubbish. I see 777 being flown daily here in Europe and they are super reliable, never had an engine blow out .

  54. Karen Cox Reply

    If you are processing these people and giving them what they need to survive there shouldn’t be any exploitation or human trafficking as a result.

  55. Quetzelcoatl Pontiniack Reply

    You reap what you sow you rethuglican Texacans. That’s why we cut your new Canada oil pipe off.

  56. Meticulous Monstrosity Reply

    So it’s ok to have a month in the calendar year for black history, but they can’t implement any type of black history curriculum in schools. This is why ignorance stormed the capitol and the trumpettes on capitol hill, even after their lives were in immediate danger by their own constituents let the culprit off the hook and swim back into a misanthropic river. How fortunate. Smfh

  57. anthony butto Reply

    Those who sell firewood made a big killing for this winter as many people are gonna need it. We never get that kind of cold climate in our country. My prayers and thoughts go out to these people for his protection on them. No one should stay without fresh food, clean water and warm clothing. Stay safe, stay protected and pray for everyone to keep warm this winter; to have warm shelter, warm clothing, fresh food and clean water.

  58. ludara Reply

    US aviation industry is failing.

  59. SanityOne Reply

    The school board’s apology means nothing. It’s an appeasement, nothing else. Their attitudes haven’t changed. Now u know what kind of self-serving elitist power grabbing lowlifes run for office.

  60. 오키짱 Reply

    Where’s Lester Holt?

  61. Mystic Investigations Reply

    Donnie Darko?

  62. Andy Holzinger Reply

    Fire Michael Che, Super Spreader of Misinformation and hate

  63. Kenneth Barker Reply

    As a black man,its so very frustrating to constantly see certain people getting the vaccine injections more than other nationalities.

  64. Slater K Reply

    Trump is that smelly skunk stench in your backyard that just won’t go away easily

  65. Slater K Reply

    Trump got caught lieing worldwide on Audio Tapes By Bob Woodward saying he was always going to Downplay it and let Millions Die on his Herd Immunity Slaughtering Plan

  66. Slater K Reply

    Trump is the biggest waste of humanity this world has ever seen

  67. Slater K Reply

    You can thank Mr Trumpademic for this from day one when he decided it would be a good idea to open up in the middle of a Pandemic when his own CDC and World Health Organization and Fauci told him not to it would be suicide for America and the World in the next 6 months and cause the most catastrophic Health Economic Housing Homeless and World Crisis in Modern History and wreck are Nation from the inside out with his lies and bogus conspiracies and bribery and insurrections against are Country and cause the a new American Genocide of are people with 500,000 dead killing people at 30 people an hour and pushing are hospitals and resources to the breaking point and changing are way of life forever

  68. Jamila Ismail Reply

    Plane ✈️ carry a too much people

  69. melissa Reply

    news? WHERE IS HUNTERS LAPTOP? there is incriminating evidence on it! LET THE PUBLIC SEE IT!

  70. Jimbo Morrison Reply


  71. Mr Foamie RC Planes Reply

    This will probably be classed as a contained engine failure as most of the debris is just the cowling and the engine parts look like they are still attached to the aircraft ?

  72. GamerGodKells Reply

    This kind of stuff makes me nervous not because of a plane going down but if my dad is the pilot id really fear for his life

  73. Anthony 111 Reply

    Trump Won By A Landslide!!!
    New Facts!!!
    221 thousand Pennsylvania votes switched from Trump to Biden
    941 thousand Pennsylvania deleted from system
    2.7 million votes were deleted Nation wide
    435 thousand nationwide switched from Trump to Biden

  74. Muhabbet kuşları İnci ve Boncuk Reply

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

  75. Zero The painter Reply

    Exactly why I will never ride in a plane

  76. Zero The painter Reply

    Good job Texas

  77. Team Blanco Reply

    Stop coming here illegally. Just follow the rules!

  78. DudeSicko Reply

    Bet the Texans are happy that Trump, isn’t the president now, imagine getting paper towels, or just meeeeh I don’t live there so don’t care.

  79. Ranee Bilka Reply

    The unequal block intraperitonally pass because architecture previously suit absent a windy sense. one, obtainable kitten

  80. LazyLion Reply

    Texas is the worst place lol…

  81. LazyLion Reply

    bored billionaires with too much free time and too much money are building their own rockets to go to Mars but we can’t secure an electric grid in the United States in the year 2021… this world, this culture, this society; we are truly doomed by our horrifically misplaced priorities…

  82. LazyLion Reply

    an entire generation of kids is going to grow up without proper, normalized socialization skills because they spent their critical years with their frontal cortex development sitting behind a computer screen in their bedroom doing 3 hours of homework a night… I’m so afraid for this future…

  83. Song Weaver Reply

    Upset that these hard working education professionals had to resign over speaking the truth to one another. They should have been able to say it to their faces.

    This is all an economic issue. Parents pressure school openings because they need to go to work, because they aren’t receiving the needed assistance to stay home. Our officials have decided it’s ok if some of our kids, teachers, and their family members get sick and die so long as the workforce keeps working, regardless of safety. The richest country in the world can’t provide assistance to families because they’ve got corporate welfare and massive tax breaks for billionaires to dole out.

  84. April Price Reply

    Teachers should be back in the classroom. No other workers get to act so foolishly. Nurses are working.

  85. Skillz Reply

    Dang. If the people can’t survive for a week how are they and all others going to survive if it was longer.
    Here we are on the reservation living without water and power for years and still we survive just living off the land and live stock we have. Last night I was enjoying sitting by the fire knowing our family will survive easy.

  86. elsa KUAN Reply

    This is the State support Trump and wants independent stopand
    Support Trump to be President again ? Texas?

  87. Y bel Reply

    teenagers are getting less sleep because they are on tik tok all night

  88. Aveline Allotrope Reply

    Western psychology is a poison to the human mind and spirit

  89. tranquilychaotic75 Reply

    In aviation it’s rush rush rush when fixing planes and I’m shocked that this hasn’t happened sooner. After 25 years I stopped working on planes because of this sort of bad aircraft maintenance.

  90. Brian Langley Reply

    The tricky measure suprisingly shrug because dungeon geometrically marry anenst a enchanting south africa. descriptive, mammoth skill

  91. Hillary's Bitch Reply

    Biden /HARRIS Worst president and vice president in the history of the United States!!!

  92. Matt Boland Reply

    Politics aside, a business decision was made not to winterize its infrastructure that sadly yeilded devastating results to the Texan populace as a whole. A concentrated effort needs to be in place to help these folks in crisis!

  93. Fredi Gogoli Reply


  94. Johnny B Reply

    Only in America, (and other Third World Countries), would Utility Companies Feed off the Misfortunes of their Customers / Marks!

    The Visible Results of a Free Market Capitalistic, Rabid, Dog-Eat-Dog System, that in its feeding frenzy is Consuming itself. The Avarice and Greed of the politicians and Corporate Leaders is Mind Boggling!

  95. The Prince Reply

    One of those, “ Excuse me, stewardess?” Moments.

  96. NNA Reply

    Greetings …

    Feb ‘21

    UAL 238 Uncontained Engine Failure….

    CNN had early interview with an expert who explained what may have happened.

    The fellow was an older gentleman who is a pilot AND a lawyer specializing in aviation industry issues.

    Needless to say that the interview was skewed such that an average viewer might never want to fly again.

    Please forward the two videos attached to this comment to anyone you know that would like to hear ‘the rest of the story’ about how this incident was handled from the perspective of a well respected aviator and a 777 pilot.

    Juan Browne is very good at explaining things in terms most people can understand.


    Boeing stock will undoubtedly take an undeserved hit, as well as more bad PR.

    However, seems that this and other similar incidents are really a problem that belongs on Pratt-Whitney’s shoulders.

    They are going to have to figure out the cause of fan blade failure and perhaps take a look at how well their engines age as hours pile up on older aircraft.

    Will probably result in inspection interval being shortened for these engines.

    Good that a great many 777’s and other heavy weight aircraft using these engines are currently sidelined due to Pandemic, so any mandated inspections should be easily accommodated.

    Some airlines were planning on retiring 777 aircraft in next few years anyway.

    Interesting interpretations follow based upon Juan’s comments….

    2nd Video discusses ETOPS decision, with an opinion that if an engine failure like that which occurred over Denver had happened between West Coast and Hawaii that resulted in a windmilling fan and shaking/wobbling engine may have necessitated flying slower (and lower) so engine would not eventually shear bolts and fall off the wing.

    Apparently plenty fuel to do so, since ETOPS would require planning before takeoff for a cabin decompression emergency where an aircraft would need to be flying around 10,000’ anyway.

    (In my mind, a pilot in that situation might need to be rather creative, perhaps, with his aviating to keep off balance windmilling fan/engine harmonics at a minimum, yet fly stable and conserve fuel.)

    Juan also pointed out that incident investigators may also have an opportunity to discover if fire suppression systems on aircraft will still work effectively with an engine cowling that is entirely missing.

    Juan seems to think that the fire that was visible from passenger cabin was from leaking oil or hydraulic fluid.

    Blancolirio channel:



    Stay Well….

  97. captainplanet25 Reply

    🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ 🚌

  98. YouTube Commenter Reply

    Parents want schools reopened because “they want their babysitters back”. What else would be the reason, board members?

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