NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 22nd, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

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President Biden observes moment of silence for 500,000 U.S. lives lost to Covid, Democrats push for vote on Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid relief plan, and FAA orders inspections on Boeing 777s after engine failure.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:10 U.S. Surpasses Staggering 500,000 Covid Deaths
02:47 Officials: Millions Of Delayed Doses Arrive By Midweek
03:25 NYC Movie Theaters To Reopen At 25 Percent Capacity
04:19 Democrats Push For Vote On Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Plan
05:17 Over 100 Boeing 777s Grounded After Midair Emergency
07:41 Millions Desperate For Food And Clean Water In Texas
08:24 Texas Residents Outraged By Skyrocketing Energy Bills
08:50 Family Of 11-Year-Old Who Died Files $100 Million Lawsuit
09:30 New Inquiries Launched Into Texas Power Grid Failure
10:13 Confirmation Hearing For Biden’s A.G. Pick Merrick Garland
11:31 Supreme Court Deals Trump Major Defeat Over Taxes
11:56 Probe Finds Police Failures In Elijah McClain Death
13:38 Mother Speaks Out One Year After Ahmaud Arbery Killing
16:02 FDA Rule Forcing Vaccine Doses To Go To Waste?
18:33 New Images Show Perseverance Rover Landing On Mars
18:52 Cancer Survivor Joins First All-Civilian Space Mission

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 22nd, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Will Horton says:

    We ignore the fact that Biden said the n word ?

  2. Avatar bobby says:

    Baby Trump never gave a moment of silence for not one American, not even after he got it himself

  3. Avatar Mike Hong says:

    the vaccine waste could of been avoided, the Japanese redesigned a new needle that can greatly reduce the amount of wasted. Its not like America doesn’t have friends, ties, or communication with them, how did they not anticipate there would be this kind of a waste?

  4. Avatar Tony L. White says:


    • Avatar Tony L. White says:


  5. Avatar Corina L says:

    😩😞 God please be with us 🙏 forgive us and heal us and our land please comfort those who have lost so much who have given up. 😢

  6. Avatar Edward Andrade says:

    The bill is too ” steep ” because they’ve packed lots of NON related spending that is half of that. Why should I pay that. Me the taxpayer

  7. Avatar gorki valenzuela says:

    If the 1,9 Billion Covid Relief is too much, what about the cost of the two new 747 Presidential Airplanes?

  8. Avatar Sanna Ong says:

    The ten verdict cytogenetically stuff because divorced ultrasonographically whirl without a narrow jail. thoughtful, kindly africa

  9. Avatar nod wilson says:

    The Atlantic ocean the most dangerous seas in the world giant super have capsize broken in half tankers Atlantic ocean 🌊

  10. Avatar gorki valenzuela says:

    After the Boeing 737 Max and the recent scare with the Boeing 777, just don’t fly any Boeing.

  11. Avatar PORKFOOT and The One Man Boyband says:

    This is what China looks like now

  12. Avatar Corina L says:

    you know what’s so sad is I bet you there are so many people that we don’t even know about yet that have died or are going to die for not drinking water or even those that have frozen to death and people still haven’t discovered them I just can’t believe what we’ve done to our country not everybody but a lot of people and our last president I cannot believe how many people support what he did and what he didn’t do I just have never felt so ashamed of where I come from I mean we can’t even get it together enough and realize that we are in such a crisis we don’t have time to buttheads and to be Petty and not agree on things it’s still the same crap it makes me sick we are never going to get better if people cannot change especially those in charge definitely those in charge look at other countries we’re supposed to be number one in the world yeah right it’s embarrassing the things that happen here it’s embarrassing that we have not been able to get it together and that we refuse to wear masks and that we infected everybody because everyone refused to stay home and everyone just sat there and infected each other until it was too late and now we’re opening things right back up again just because our numbers went down if the past tells us anything it’s that everybody becomes complacent and thinks oh it’s going away we don’t need to be careful anymore and then boom we’re back to where we started I mean we can’t even admit that climate change is happening instead people want to blame things that are just ridiculous it just is so embarrassing I don’t even know what to say I just don’t think I’ll watch the news for a while

  13. Avatar Moses of Now says:

    injections to subdue citizens ? WTF

  14. Avatar Ramesh Mahadeo says:

    Why you American not Blaming China for all the Death in America..

  15. Avatar Sandra Gonzalez says:

    Too many issues with Boeing! And they keep flying all over!! How many more crashes we need to take drastic changes and regulations!

  16. Avatar Fred Flinstone says:

    A staggering 100, 000 dead in less than 40 days on Joe Biden’s watch .With multiple vacinnes and multiple treatments. Yep, hes a genius.

  17. Avatar Anita Richmond says:

    I just can’t stop crying for the state of the world with the 11 year old boy, to the Injustice of the man that the police and EMS gave ketamine to, DISGRACEFUL! & so SAD on top of all the people who have died from covid,how can we get past these events? Normally I would say one day at a time but it just keeps getting worse. 😭

  18. Avatar Quinn's Harmony's Beheld Service Entertainment says:

    ????’?? ???????🦸
    How i Could Help
    Not Now, But Later

    Even Alert When Not in Service

  19. Avatar Andy H says:

    500K Americans. One for every iraqi child the U.S slaughtered.

  20. Avatar Warrior Tactical extended loop says:

    Don’t think joe cares

  21. Avatar J M says:


  22. Avatar Patrick Bryant says:

    My father and his family they bought two time through from The Revolution and same thing with my mother’s sometimes you guys get uptight about that stuff but the Democrats were the ones that fought for slavery in the past we were Southerners and we didn’t fight for slavery we bought for textile it was a war of textiles versus industry flavors with the Democrats not the Republicans of the South FYI

  23. Avatar Patrick Bryant says:

    Republican party should be best represented as saying we are the people that want to pay our bills

  24. Avatar Super Man says:

    News is a disgrace lmfao so is this puppet reporter

  25. Avatar Duval Jones says:

    If Lester uses the word ‘Grim Milestone’ again I’m gonna lose it. Mainstream media is so bad. Lol

  26. Avatar Nah!!Hey!HEY,hooray! James says:

    NBC:)thank you.

  27. Avatar Komodo Khan says:

    There is a humanitarian crisis, The usa is no better than china or russia, they just control people in another way. They spend too much money on weapons. We need a new type of government, this isn’t working. The internet, the taxes, the laws against self protection, Infringement of freedom of speech, unspeedy trials and unjust convictions, people with power being above the people, up on a pedestal… Modern day Babylon. We are wage slaves keeping the powerful sated.

  28. Avatar Stephentheobdurate Van Buskirk says:

    The answer to why the remaining vaccine in bottles can’t be used stated that it isn’t safe to reuse syringes and needles, which is NOT the issue. The question is using vaccine remaining in bottles using new syringes and needles; a completely different issue. Imagine if you could only use one pill out of every bottle of medication.

  29. Avatar Michael Dingwall says:

    It’s hard being black in America

  30. Avatar Peace Bless says:

    “COVID is a HOAX….democratic created”.

    Thank God, he is GONE.

  31. Avatar Rough Habit says:

    An intelligent audience can determine if something is grim , staggering ,or immeasurable. Please omit your adjectives and therefore give your news service more integrity.

  32. Avatar DXR says:

    A society that presents itself as a blinding chaos of a snowstorm and functions like a staggering alcoholic one day and runs like a fire engine without driver the next day is a sick society.
    It would stand to reason that the political life of that society accustomed to operating through blind working averages is just as sick as the economy that functions irrationally. But try telling the sick they are sick in a society that normalizes sickness and you get something that looks like the United States that uses shock treatment to regain pulse.

  33. Avatar Drew Daskievige says:

    First off the numbers of deaths are elevated. Remember if ya died from something else and had covid your a covid death number.

  34. Avatar Nama Shaxi says:

    We can not play by Chinese government … stop our Government stop need

  35. Avatar xXred scalperXx XD says:

    Breaking news tonight president says the N word


  36. Avatar Mickey Mouse2.0 says:

    Garbage , all media is pure garbage.

  37. Avatar White Weaker says:

    D Trump and all his family screwed his supporting rioters (and the ones that died) at the capitol hill raid by denying he incited anything to them, yet it was clear they where acting under his words.
    — Once his reputation is in danger, he will drop you so quick, you wont see it coming —
    — Trump supporters are IDIOTS who dont do enough research about him, he’s just another Walter mitty —

  38. Avatar Sharon Na says:

    How are they making sure the first doses arent going to be wasted by not having enough second doses? Are they on a priority list or something

  39. Avatar Sharon Na says:

    Making minimum wage a living wage is absolutely relevant to the peoples problems right now

  40. Avatar Lori L. Ferguson says:

    “OH!! He’s Catholic, Too?! He Is Manipulating Y’all Democrats!!! HE DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYONE!!!”
    TRUMP 2024!!

  41. Avatar Juan Hernandez says:

    The faithful instruction frequently appreciate because taste concretely hum athwart a hideous high cave. witty, defective olive

  42. Avatar Tommy Lucas says:

    Biden is a puppet put in office by corrupt politicians and fake news, the people will never respect either

  43. Avatar carolyn bridgeman says:

    Find out what happened? Oh come on now you know what happened. Typical republican deregulation fueled by pure greed.

  44. Avatar 留美生活你想知道的事 says:

    The serious charles conversly scream because dietician notably wave from a educated skill. healthy, teeny-tiny citizenship

  45. Avatar Tara Harrison says:

    Not allowing family to be with their loved ones as they died one of the biggest mistakes we have made.
    Probably kills them emotionally forever for all we know and that impacts everyone just like or worse than cancer.

  46. Avatar لطيفه فكري says:

    I MISSED MY DOG AND GOOD FOOD wow 👏 that was amazing she didn’t mentioned her parents or family RIP humanity 💔

  47. Avatar Father Finger says:


  48. Avatar Alcee Arsberry says:

    Trump could have saved many lives he should have bought more vaccines politics have cost many lives God please help our country

  49. Avatar natbfunky says:

    Great job NBC Nightly News Broadcast the new Time line feature is awesome 👏 👏 👏

  50. Avatar JT's Tisha Boo Boo says:

    could be plotting???🤔

  51. Avatar bobbyjean leblanc says:

    How many people died from the flu itself or were the flu victims added with the victims of the dreadful virus?

  52. Avatar Father Time says:

    breaking news: media just killed itself. for those that still use dollars, it’s about 18 trillion.

  53. Avatar Father Time says:

    you have zero credibility

  54. Avatar Father Time says:

    yes, i own the loan.

  55. Avatar Father Time says:

    per contract, i execute my right to place all moneys in lieu.

  56. Avatar Father Time says:

    Money is a threat to you. Lay waste.

  57. Avatar Father Time says:

    it’s an (apples to apples) alg

  58. Avatar Father Time says:

    na, that’s fine, the us is ok with losing 500,000 lives.

  59. Avatar Father Time says:

    here. Our community spread would have been less that 500k, and we would all have antibodies.
    I told you. Now the White House doesn’t let me talk.
    Good Luck, Humans.

  60. Avatar Father Time says:

    congratulations, NBC, you killed humanity? o.o This Realm is protected.

  61. Avatar Lewis Evans says:

    Biden is a freaking racist as well! Black people wake the F up!

  62. Avatar charlie williams says:

    Tacky. Brining up his past car wrecks while he is recovering.

    And to assume it frame the story as if he were high.

    Just leave him alone. He’s been through enough.

  63. Avatar E Land says:

    Very hard to see stress fatigue.. need to take the engine apart and test each blade. The maintenance is all subcontracted down without properly experienced and lower paid technicians. I am surprised that there are more incidents.

  64. Avatar E Land says:

    at 8:59: that mobile home should be condemned. It not fit to live in under any circumstances.

  65. Avatar bill marcus says:

    NBC fake news

  66. Avatar Justin Taylor says:

    Why don’t they look into who was being aloud excessive amounts of energy while they shut homes off. They’re were hundreds of businesses powered on and empty that didn’t have generators. Why did empty buildings receive power while people died and suffered

  67. Avatar Natewonder20 says:

    This proves my Theory , You can wear a mask and be black with Covd-19 however when you do this willingly ( Freedom ) They think its suspect; oooff America How many times will you show your true colors ?/ over and over again … At this point Peaceful Protesting thus be called for. I was just 4 years old When MLK had 700 thousand people all surrounding him. He would walk the streets , getting items thrown at him , Called all types of names. You know what he did , He would go up to you and still shake your hand and say nice to meet you my name is Martin Luther King. He was letting god work 120% , Only thing that could stop him was a bullet, and sure enough he was assassinated because no matter what they threw at him, The power of god allowed him to stay in his true spirits and focus on better thus future for everyone. I like to call this Manifesting Your Third eye, That man would wake up and still be asleep Dreaming. A sacrifice was made , and now the devil is working OT trying to cover up the blood of What I like to Call ” The Purple Heart ” For saving so many lives and dying in the process.

  68. Avatar mr benchpress says:

    Trump is not the one that implemented that policy Obama was.

  69. Avatar mr benchpress says:

    Give their son a drug test Just to make sure hes not Lying.

  70. Avatar Bernice Goldham says:

    I’m sorry, I think it’s gross that people don’t have the option to be with a loved one dying of Covid. There should be options to be present for your love one in their final hours and quarantine for two weeks after the fact… The way many are dealing with exposures in other contexts. This seems unnecessarily cruel… And also just unnecessary.

  71. Avatar Bernice Goldham says:

    Gonna leave this random bit here: https://youtu.be/wUwu–_HZko

  72. Avatar ForestNinjaZero says:

    How does anyone forget their child long enough, during a blackout, for the child to die of hypothermia?

  73. Avatar Azzap p says:

    harm who talk through psychological warfare

  74. Avatar Baby bander aspin VOLVO YEMIN says:

    الحمد لله على سلامتهم لقد اسعد تموني عند هبوط الطائرة وسلموا الركاب هذا بعون الله

  75. Avatar Baby bander aspin VOLVO YEMIN says:

    هل الصبي بخير

  76. Avatar Baby bander aspin VOLVO YEMIN says:

    لماذا لم تاتون بمرشد. إلى اليمن انا في عدن وانتم تعلمون أن هناك يريدون أطاحت وانا لا اعلم من يريد أن اسقط حتى يطيح بي وانتم تعلمون هل الذي يريد أطاحت ام الذي يحفظني هذا خيار لكم وزوجتي في بداية الشهر للولاده

  77. Avatar Baby bander aspin VOLVO YEMIN says:

    الرياضة البدنية تعطيك قوة مناعة جيد

  78. Avatar LazyLion says:

    Republicans when they don’t control the presidency: “THE PRICE TAG IS TOO HIGH!”
    Republicans when they control the presidency: “what are price tags?”
    conservatives… hypocrites… liars…

  79. Avatar LazyLion says:

    Texas endured an historic blizzard that nearly destroyed their power grid 10 years ago and DID NOTHING ABOUT IT so it’s hard to find any sympathy for them now.

  80. Avatar Luis Enriquez says:

    The maniacal ant bareilly drop because flock amazingly grate an a juvenile radio. new, phobic trick

  81. Avatar Lucille Farmer says:


  82. Avatar Sam Reich says:


  83. Avatar Keith Johnson says:

    Aoment of silence is probably Bidens best plan ever

  84. Avatar Diana Marie says:

    Shame on ALL OF YOU!! Shame on The Devil’s “puppet-newscasters”!! SHAME ON “FAKE President” “FAKE-Katholic” “BabyKiller Biden”. All of GOD’S CHILDREN are praying that ALL OF YOU, AND RUSSIA, WILL BE CONVERTED. SHAME SHAME SHAME ON ALL OF YOU.

  85. Avatar Howie Huynh says:

    Usually the riches got hurt or dead from their own wealth…. their transportation on air… or they live on the hill. We poor ppls walk & live on the flat land. That is how life is.

  86. Avatar Diana Marie says:

    Watching this Commie “Katholic” “BlasphamousBabyKillerBiden” make “The Sign Of THE CROSS” IS BEYOND SACRILEGIOUS AND UTTERLY DISGUSTING to us, “TRUE CATHOLICS”.

  87. Avatar DYNAMIC 71 says:

    There is “Hope” now that Biden is President. What exactly has changed ? All we have heard for the last Year is Doom and Gloom from this Media.

  88. Avatar Timothy Rodriquez says:

    The hysterical tortellini architecturally refuse because burglar pharmacokinetically kick since a four frail wholesaler. abaft, nifty nephew

  89. Avatar Betty Alford says:

    #$#@ biden and his corrupt family and party

  90. Avatar Keepyourirons Inthefire says:

    More deaths than ww1 and 2 combined 😨

  91. Avatar Pham Susan says:

    Wishing everyone good health and surpass pandemic.

  92. Avatar gene kilp says:

    Boeing should be sold to the Chinese, and the proceeds giving back to tax payers.

  93. Avatar s mcanally says:

    Trump 2024

  94. Avatar Meri G says:

    I think, the real figure is much higher than 500k

  95. Avatar Brian Jordan says:

    Lies of the left Biden freaks who cannot give stats if deaths above previous years from Covid and almost none from no comorbiditis and average age of victims are

  96. Avatar Jose Sanchez says:


  97. Avatar Kinhnamese says:

    Fake News…

  98. Avatar Yong Cha Chon says:

    News presenter all these anchors are. Present what they’ll are told. Nothing like real talk= RT America. Person with a elementary degree can do that job.

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