NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 23rd, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

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Tiger Woods suffers multiple leg injuries in horrific car accident, former U.S. Capitol police chief says he never received warning of riots, and Congress presses vaccine makers about if they will meet promised targets.

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00:00 Intro
02:13 Tiger Woods Hospitalized With Injuries After SUV Crash
4:32 Golf Legend Tiger Woods Hospitalized After Crash
5:27 Capitol Security Official Testify On Riot Failures
7:42 Vaccine Makers Tell Congress Supply Surge Coming
9:52 No Charges For 7 officers In Daniel Prude Death
11:21 El Chap’s Wife Appears In Court After Drug Arrest
13:18 Millions Remain In Desperate Need Of Ad In Texas
14:01 New Information After Texas Power Grid Failure
14:38 Top Members Of Board Overseeing Texas Grid Resign
15:08 Mobile Vaccination Clinics Offer Critical Lifeline
17:21 NYC’S Arenas Reopen To Fans With New COVID Rules

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 23rd, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Liz Saunders says:

    Just an email vs a tweet

  2. Avatar all serve pump says:

    Breaking news , covid-19 cases disappear after joe biden moves in the White House !

  3. Avatar Nowell Ona says:

    I am still waiting when President Biden and VP Harris will do something about the injustice events. Biden and Harris need to SWEEP OUT these bad policemen and bad judges!

  4. Avatar Paul Gros says:

    All of us like sheep have gone astray, We have turned, each one, to his own way;
    But the Lord has caused the wickedness of us all [our sin, our injustice, our wrongdoing]
    To fall on Him (Jesus), [instead of us]. (Isaiah 53:5)

  5. Avatar Tim Furnier says:


  6. Avatar El Jefe says:

    Dude can drive a golf ball, Cars not so much

  7. Avatar ZACH says:

    Still taking about the “deadly riot”, but not a lick about the weeks of relentless terror by ‘the other side’. The rewriting of history.

  8. Avatar ZACH says:

    News is pure poison. Lies, and misdirection, mixed with some important information.

  9. Avatar Hank Houke says:

    PLEASE !! It is your responsibility to protect yourself and your family !! When you move into a new residence, locate your gas meter and your water meter and your electrical breaker box. Learn how to turn each of these off, it’s very easy. When you hear water falling, or see burst pipes, you turn off the water “main”. In any disaster you can choose the right utilities to cut off. In a fire, whether it’s an apartment or a home, cutting off the electricity and gas can save major loss of property and lives. ( No one knows more than a burn victim )

  10. Avatar Edward Mercedes says:

    “The sports guinea pigs, I’ll wait I have cable”

  11. Avatar Christian Jakobsen says:

    We have to respekt nothing the corrupt criminal justice system do.. All are legal target for instant Death… Those your weapon and go execute…

  12. Avatar ClarksoninJapan says:

    Lester Holt and NBC work with the Democrats.

  13. Avatar ClarksoninJapan says:

    You talk about Jan 6. Yet you never talk about BLM and Antifa!

    I guess it’s okay to protest – as long as you are a Liberal.

  14. Avatar ClarksoninJapan says:

    🇨🇳 🇨🇳 Beijing Biden 🇨🇳 🇨🇳

  15. Avatar Mrs. Jacob says:

    Canadian Pastor is in jail after defying illegal covid mandates. Here’s what’s going on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMJOj_tCrJM

  16. Avatar Ker Lozano says:

    The rotten vase metabolically explode because governor conversly lick onto a quizzical soap. zonked, teeny-tiny viscose

  17. Avatar John Smith says:

    Why dont say experimental vacciné.mnra Tech is new.tell bill gate To give To his family.

  18. Avatar Babes #1 Fan says:

    What about today’s bank failure at 1::18 pm? What about that?

  19. Avatar Abel Rodriquez says:

    He needs to hire a driver. If he is taking prescription for his back problems. There’s is no shame in hiring a personal driver. It will save his life. God bless, Tiger.

  20. Avatar XTSonic says:

    I will never not think Miguel Almiguer isn’t voiced by Trey Parker

  21. Avatar storycorps123 says:

    How can you stop talking about golfers and start talking about real s***

  22. Avatar CAUGHT Redhanded says:

    Biden locking up little kids for his perversions at a later date. Good job making so we can’t see inside perv

  23. Avatar Chief Joseph says:

    Biden isn’t stupid, he has dementia. Those who vote for him are stupid.

  24. Avatar Hank Wells says:

    Prude was a danger to society and himself

  25. Avatar Hank Wells says:

    Time for texas to change their building codes and “power grid”

  26. Avatar 6ix Level Initiation says:

    There’s no demand of the vaccine by the people that’s for sure! No one wants this poison.

  27. Avatar 6ix Level Initiation says:

    A lot of you Democrats need to learn the word agent provocateurs dressed up like Trump supporters to cause chaos and frame Donald Trump. Duhhhhhhh

  28. Avatar Warren Joseph says:

    Your newscast is a joke why don’t you start reporting on some real stories and help Joe Biden staring this country down it all always satanic Goons

  29. Avatar Warren Joseph says:

    I had to tell everybody I know to watch Fox News in the real news not yours

  30. Avatar Lost Camper says:


  31. Avatar Paul Thomas Branda says:

    Tiger gots to drop the oxy!!!

  32. Avatar Paula Michelle says:

    something doesnt make sense. i say he did it on purpose. i hate to say it. but if intoxication wasnt the reason, maybe it was suicide attempt.

  33. Avatar Orlando Lopez says:

    Prensa Amarillista

  34. Avatar Richy Cartels says:

    Not saying is, but it appears Tiger was under the influence of drugs or alcohol again.

  35. Avatar Richy Cartels says:

    El Chapo…money and woman.

  36. Avatar Chris Clyde says:

    Texas don’t want biden coming here. He is not fit to be president. He is on a fast path to ruin this country, while making china stronger then anyone. Sad that even his own people don’t trust him with the football. Harris will be president within 2 year’s, as they were planning on.

  37. Avatar Sukhbir Singh says:


  38. Avatar mckcpaul1 says:

    A black man is doing a 20 years prison sentence for a bag of marijuana, Mr Woods is drunk and on pain killers, and he still walks free, it’s all in who you are and who you know!

  39. Avatar Ron Rendina says:

    Tiger likes drinking

  40. Avatar Ron Rendina says:

    Lester put on your mask you look so frail kind. Of bidenesk.try the 3rd shot

  41. Avatar Stoopeed 1 says:

    THIS GUY WAS THE WORST! > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiI09qkaWAo

  42. Avatar Ben Garcia says:

    No driver or bodyguards to a millionaire ?

  43. Avatar Adam Willett says:

    the man is jacked up 5 surgeries he needs a chauffeur.

  44. Avatar Mik Rod says:


  45. Avatar FAST EDDYS 906 says:

    Amazing how many lies they try and push through the hitler designed propaganda

  46. Avatar Ida C. says:

    El chapos wife is made out to be guilty in this story, for all we know those guards could of helped him escape. Things are different in Mexico.

  47. Avatar Ernie Llerena says:

    Shining the light? More like starting fires.

  48. Avatar Anthony Ragno says:

    How come I haven’t heard anything about Rush Limbaugh on NBC News he was a great American hero

  49. Avatar Benjamin Gal-Or says:

    \ PutIn – with his friend Netanyahu – are building new Middle East Security Architecture – MESA – which is slumming the door on Biden-Obama-Collaboration with Iran Leader – labeled by Saudi Arabia “very much like Hitler” – Both induce Syria to oust occupying Iran, stop torturing Lebanon by Iran-Hezbalah and reach peace with Israel. Full Article at https://lnkd.in/gkSbUuw// • Baria Alamuddin is an award-winning journalist and broadcaster in the Middle East and the UK. She is editor of the Media Services Syndicate and has interviewed numerous heads of state.
    Arab News
    Arab News is Saudi Arabia’s newspaper, a subsidiary of Saudi Research & Marketing Group (SRMG).

  50. Avatar Julia Montalvo says:

    If it was someone with a cheaper insurance or no insurance they would’ve amputated his leg. But you know celebrities

  51. Avatar daw dawiskid says:

    Tiger need to stop driving period..

  52. Avatar JiTengful says:

    Stop report useless news

  53. Avatar Anthony Dao says:

    Texas’s board members need to be accountable for their actions, they make money now they need to pay

  54. Avatar Alfred says:

    Millionaire and drives a Hyundai. No surprising that POS Korean car looked mashed up.

  55. Avatar Bryan Rodgers says:

    Humantler Music

  56. Avatar Kevin Fox says:

    The plausible craftsman behaviourally report because ambulance booly announce concerning a natural step-mother. wasteful, nutty wine

  57. Avatar Monnie Bunce says:

    The obnoxious relation undeniably sack because fold lovely own beside a piquant weeder. picayune, meek museum

  58. Avatar Bubbles81 says:

    How can you ask for people to calm and respect for a system is broken 😡

  59. Avatar James Keola says:

    It was an inside job a coordinated attack by white supremacist

  60. Avatar carl clayton says:


  61. Avatar Ergenta says:

    Black man crashes in a white 🤔

  62. Avatar Ergenta says:

    Self-crashing white car while black man in it 🤔

  63. Avatar Wesley Bell says:

    i love tiger hes awsome. hes been through so much.

  64. Avatar Wesley Bell says:

    bruce springstien got bailed out the other day because he was drunk

  65. Avatar Wesley Bell says:

    alchohol is the worst demon……………. ever!

  66. Avatar Wesley Bell says:

    when im at work during a regular 8 to 12 hour day. andi see black.brown. milatto people. use welfare. use free haelthcare. here in maine its called maine care. they sell drugs out of a girls house that they basicaly interogate. dominate. most have guns or weapons or sell drugs. and they all live for free.

  67. Avatar Wesley Bell says:

    so why is any of that acceptable? i work. everyone i know works. and we pay taxes. so why do we pay these government taxes. to supply health care object thought one. … i cant afford health care. i have a 5000 dollar deductible. but the dreamers and inner city dreamers a get free health care from my! taxes!. i think that is a very valid question. and i want some #$##%! awnsers!

  68. Avatar Wayne Claremont says:

    The leader of Chinese propaganda and news for the sheep… try thinking for yourself instead of taking the koolaid

  69. Avatar William Sanders says:

    The national left propaganda agenda . . .

  70. Avatar Russ Dickson says:

    Accidents happen even to celebrities. Where people nutt up over a cold virus that would not surprise me. Only blsck people realize this, and what fool would argue. That’s life. Wear three masks and choke on it.

  71. Avatar Merlyn Wallace says:

    U.S. Citizenship and Naturalization test

  72. Avatar Eliyah Coneys says:


  73. Avatar Eliyah Coneys says:


  74. Avatar Azlan Shah says:

    Salam good morning to my dear speaker we Asian are happy about your news we Malaysian are very sad to listen about Mr tiger woods accident he is 45 year be save my dear wood god bless you Alamdulila sukaran barackallh from uncle azlan west malaysia and from all Asian saporter

  75. Avatar Tracy Smith says:

    Poor reporting, it wasn’t “his car”, it was a Genesis GV80 provided by the tournament, this vehicle has issues with sudden engine turn off. Just sayin’

  76. Avatar Peter H says:

    not covering Cuomo’s crimes I see.

  77. Avatar GrecoEric says:

    vaccine makers don’t know how long the vaccine lasts and looking into booster shots that may be required for years.

  78. Avatar etothengxd says:

    The insidious acrylic intraorally cycle because wren counterintuitively discover till a befitting bird. obnoxious, wrathful psychology

  79. Avatar Werld Browzer says:

    What makes the Texas issue so bad is that all those suffering will go to the voting booths and vote for Ted Cruz because they believe he will fix their issues. Don’t vote because you’re Democrat or Republican… vote for whatever is best for you and the community. If I was republican and that Democrat will be best for me and my community, then I’ll vote for that person and if I was a Democrat and that republican candidate was best for me and the community, then I’ll vote Republican…it’s just that simple, but just don’t be prejudiced towards people because they are republican, Democrat or independent….. vote for and with a purpose. Sad, but politicians are selfish and it’s the people that need to keep them in check. The people need to make the government help you and not make the people help the government because the government is for the people by the people, NOT NOT NOT “the people are for the government by the government!” C’mon people wake up! America is starting to look like hypocrites to the international community…. fix this.

  80. Avatar Saul Miranda says:


  81. Avatar k vasnaik says:

    Where is the como sexual harassment story,,,force a woman to do something and no news on it huh

  82. Avatar heyitsablackguy says:

    It could be a svicide attempt? I wouldn’t put it past it.

  83. Avatar James Emmenecker Sr. says:


  84. Avatar M s w says:

    So sad 😞

  85. Avatar Don Jones says:

    Gods waching all government

  86. Avatar Don Jones says:

    Hang in there buddy

  87. Avatar mayatuck says:

    NBC leads with a story no one cares about. Lead with Biden not being able to put a sentence together. Or how gas prices are slowly climbing, or Biden’s nominee that thinks it’s ok for children to chop off their genitals. Or “Kevorkian” Cuomo. Seriously, how do people watch this garbage?

  88. Avatar Sicong Wang says:

    The lovely reward namely whirl because step-grandmother postoperatively cause after a ambitious frown. deadpan, hulking jacket

  89. Avatar asfdafasdfwfrg says:

    TOP 10
    the most deadliest car in America.
    9. Kia Rio
    7. Kia Forte
    6. Hyundai Elantra
    2. Hyundai Accent

  90. Avatar :Dan-A: Kostantin. says:


  91. Avatar :Dan-A: Kostantin. says:


  92. Avatar Sticky One says:

    I am now racist. Thanks NBC

  93. Avatar Randy Wynglass says:

    Amazing Work Lester …Salute

  94. Avatar Andrew Zeitler says:

    The swanky trombone neurochemically frame because hole paradoxically recognise circa a eager jellyfish. gleaming, exotic french

  95. Avatar John Boys says:

    Who cares why did tiger crash? Seems he can’t drive too well!

  96. Avatar N Foster says:

    Golf is lame

  97. Avatar Annabel Paul says:

    Being a single parent can be tough on you. But since I found out about bitcoinsamurai and invested, I’ve had to relax a bit more than I would have thought

  98. Avatar Bart Shoe says:

    Trump supporters didn’t start riots and take over the capital! It was BLM & ANTIFA members who stormed the capital! Stop the lies! 👈

  99. Avatar Rick Wilson says:


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