NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 25th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

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FDA panel will review Johnson & Johnson vaccine on Friday, exclusive interview with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, and U.S. carries out air strike in Syria.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:16 Urgent Outreach To Build Trust In COVID Vaccine
3:09 FDA Could Authorize Johnson Vaccine By Weekend
3:51 Drugmakers Tell Americans Gift First Vaccine Available
4:05 New COVID Variant Found In NYC Raising Concerns
4:45 Pfizer CEO On How Well Vaccine Protects Against Variants
5:23 Pfizer Testing Potential Benefits Of Third Vaccine Dose
6:17 How Pfizer Is Preparing To Take On Future Variants
6:57 Pfizer CEO: “Very High Risk” To Rely On Just One Dose
7:04 Can Vaccinated People Still Infect Others With COVID?
7:51 Child Vaccination Trial Data Expected Later This Year
8:25 How Long Do Two-Dose Vaccinations Provide Protection?
9:17 U.S. Carries Out Air Strike In Syria
9:49 House Set To Vote On Biden $1.9 Trillion Relief Plan
10:14 Trump To Address Republicans At CPAC Sunday
10:58 Exclusive New Look Inside Tiger Woods Crash Rescue
13:27 EX-Gymnastics Coach Charged With Sex Crimes Dies By Suicide
15:15 Report To Blame Saudi Crown Prince For Khashoggi Killing
15:58 Texas Lawmakers Demand Answers On Power Grid Failure
17:23 Mother Throws Children To Safety From 3rd Floor Fire
18:53 Pilot Spots Mystery Object 37,000 Feet In The Sky

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 25th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Kingmaxmillian says:

    4:55 Andrei you aren’t fooling anyone!

  2. Avatar gatperuana says:

    The burning apartment with the mom was repeated twice in a row…

    Who is reviewing the uploads?

  3. Avatar Miss Heird says:

    From his past driving history, Tiger Woods is a lousy one. REPORT that NBC news.

  4. Avatar stephen gibbs says:

    the need to revaccinate every year is a simple problem to solve-
    just include it in the yearly flu vaccine-
    not saying that COVID is a form of flu-just to pair it with other vaccines like they already do

  5. Avatar Andera Singletary says:

    The fantastic salary premenstrually burn because delete prospectively soak plus a present var verbs = [aardvark. second, cute uganda

  6. Avatar Miss Heird says:

    THANK YOU GOD for the children and their mother’s awesome rescue from that fire!!

  7. Avatar Miss Heird says:

    Black folks are a minority in the U.S., correct?? So doesn’t it stand to reason that blacks would be a minority as professional ballerinas?

  8. Avatar Faramarz Hozouri says:

    Why almost all the vaccine recipients are worn black?

  9. Avatar Αγape says:

    Non variance.

  10. Avatar Child 'O' Light says:

    I feel so sorry for all those who believe these lies about the vaccines. Also know that for all those who ignored and turned their backs on Jesus (non believers) you’ll all be given over to a great deception (more then likely the Aliens about to be introduced to humanity who are really part of Satan’s army) …. If you read this, just remember it.

  11. Avatar Janice Hopkins says:

    I’m praying for you Tiger. God is right there ith you tonud7

  12. Avatar Mark NightWolf says:

    Saudi prince murderer Democrats spending billions in pet projects and we are hearing covid n tiger woods smh fake news

  13. Avatar sugarjuicysugar says:

    The needle slowly moving to the right direction::: I like that

  14. Avatar Katie Morgan says:

    One more episode of Tiger Woods and I’m not going to watch this again.

  15. Avatar Katie Morgan says:

    Ok im done

  16. Avatar DUMP TRUMP says:

    CPAC attendees booed when they were ask to wear masks. They have the right to die. Let them die because they have disrespected the people of America.

  17. Avatar Tony L. White says:


  18. Avatar G B says:

    Men taking action and women screaming in horror.

  19. Avatar Kenneth Esau Point says:

    This is why I prefer not to have a vehicle with all bells and whistles.
    Sounds like he was pinned between the steering wheel and driver seat,but by if that’s the case then I’ll keep my manual driver and passenger seats

  20. Avatar john bhangal says:

    The magenta talk thermodynamically curl because pencil jointly sigh beneath a subdued detective. freezing, roasted decimal

  21. Avatar Alfonso Macias says:

    See if it was trump he be like whatever like always and say it was a lie in TX because? Nothing lol wake up people

  22. Avatar Devi says:

    Nope. Lies. CAL2.OC, the California Variants, don’t use the Covid19 Spike Protein to gain entry into the ACEll cells. ie, our current vaccines don’t make the RIGHT antibodies, according to experts quoted a couple of days ago, ( UCSF, etc), in obscure news media. Mainstream media seems to be blocking this info bc it’s VERY BAD NEWS. 100 fold of ineffective = ineffective.

  23. Avatar CIA FBI says:

    You put in Biden. Now you have your war in Syria. Happy?

  24. Avatar harmony331000 says:

    Enough about the golfer already…man are your priorities ever screwed up when this is your choice of top story AGAIN 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

  25. Avatar Life Is Good says:

    I think a new directions is appropriate at this time.

  26. Avatar natejo82 says:

    Omg, he had to carry a “heavy” bucket

  27. Avatar January says:

    I’d like to know who called 911 and saved Tiger”s life

  28. Avatar Nob0dy 5pecial says:

    This guy reminds me of Bob Barbas from DMC.

  29. Avatar Lela Baum says:

    Dont care about tiger woods!!!

  30. Avatar Lela Baum says:

    Got my 3 kids out if a fire in our home ,plus 2 we were babysitting!!!my son ean out of the front door,pulled one of my daughters out of our bedroom window.got another daughter out.my husband had the fire out(with the garden hose)before the fire department showed up!!it was really bad.

  31. Avatar Hin says:

    why no sub

  32. Avatar FLOODOFSINS says:

    Just remember when you get the Johnson Johnson vaccine that this is the same company that gave talcum powder to people with cancer in it

  33. Avatar Carlos Rios says:

    Never any positive hope from this news Guy

  34. Avatar AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

    Oh, boy, now there’s a turn of phrase by a reporter: “The team smashed open the windshield and pried Woods out from the crumbled carriage, still mostly intact.” Well, he’s not wrong, I guess.

  35. Avatar Oliver Rowen says:

    You see people here we go again. This so called news broadcast is up to it again almost every other day. Breaking news with with upbeat music to get you hyped about covid related crap and now Lester seems to be almost thrilled to report a so called new variant. A new variant seemingly is coming out every other day so why keep creating a vaccine? Its because they have an even more sinister plot in storage you. Get ready to be chipped.

  36. Avatar HustleGang says:

    People are going to take a shot from the Johnson & johnson, the same company that had asbestos in their products causing ovarian cancer…

  37. Avatar lil odeth says:

    Wow the gypsy in my head still hosting the get this to the world what a big dance foe imma smack you for that other half

  38. Avatar AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

    To the man hauling water up the stairs to his living quarters, welcome to the ‘third world.’ Remember this experience. It will widen your understanding of how over 80% of the planet’s population lives.

  39. Avatar Ginger Sky says:


  40. Avatar Theresa Douglas says:

    Will never take anything to do with covid.

    • Avatar jack alexander says:

      Then don’t complain if they say you need a lung transplant after you contract the Virus……

  41. Avatar John T Mcgill says:

    Soon we will have more different types of vaccines then a bag of chips got chips. But if yall still think that vaccine is ok go ahead. I can’t stop you. This is becoming madness. I have heart failure. I’ve gone shopping I wear a mask I cover my face and I give ppl space. So far so good. So if a man with heart failure can avoid Corona virus why can’t you ? If you trust the pharmaceutical companies more than your own capabilities to keep yourself safe I say a prayer. God will shine the path you just have to walk it. America is not a country of sheep 💯

  42. Avatar Susan Brazzell says:


  43. Avatar Luke Lee says:

    Vaccine companies making billions in profits. Who will make the most money during a pandemic?

  44. Avatar Star Shake says:

    Actually, making comparisons to Nazi Germany is exactly what she did, bub: “On Feb. 10, Carano received backlash online for sharing a series of incendiary social media posts and memes mentioning Jeffrey Epstein and comparing conservatives in the U.S. to Holocaust victims.” – USA Today, 2/21/21

  45. Avatar Mindy Cox Sinclair says:

    Best Wishes and well wishes Tiger Woods, blessings sent to you. Washington state.

  46. Avatar Mindy Cox Sinclair says:

    Is There Anything Positive on the news anymore? So discouraging and Negative.
    Look back at the days of Noah.
    We’re in trouble folks. JESUS CHRIST IS the only answer.

  47. Avatar Taylor Reeves says:

    I’m so sick of hearing Tiger’s car horn in the background of the video. That sound is burned into my brain. Can y’all stop?

    • Avatar Monica lopez Hernandez says:

      My investments in stock and Gold are really given the current increase.

  48. Avatar David DZ says:

    我們鄭重聲明:所有參加過共產黨與共產黨其它組織的 (被邪惡打上獸的印記的)人,趕快退出,抹去邪惡的印記。一旦誰對這個魔教清算時,大紀元儲存的記錄可以為聲明退出共產黨和共產黨其它組織的人作證。天網恢恢,善惡分明;苦海有邊,生死一念。曾被歷史上最邪惡的魔教所欺騙的人,曾被邪惡打上獸的印記的人,請抓住這稍縱即逝的良機!方法一:到大紀元網站右上角的退黨區退黨團隊。方法二:用化名寫上自願退出中共黨團隊組織並張貼在合法區域。也請告訴您在中國大陸的一些朋友用:短波收音機在6~8MHz這個頻段就可以收聽到希望之聲24小時的華語廣播。

  49. Avatar Kai Spirit says:

    Pilot spots mysterious object 37,000 ft in the air. INTERESTING 🤔💯

  50. Avatar Tom says:

    Bet those kids loved that jump.

  51. Avatar Seamus Murphy says:


  52. Avatar Hank Acham says:


  53. Avatar Dina Moore says:

    Oh. Phzer just keep coming to us even doe we have give u dose after dose. And Johnson n Johnson don’t have them problem. But get a covid shot from who ever. So y’all crazy crazy but we know it’s about money.

  54. Avatar vishal gill says:

    The guarded ticket uniquely rub because gear numerically carry above a deserted teeth. vague, inexpensive gateway

  55. Avatar Oo7 Bond says:


  56. Avatar Rafael Ortiz says:

    Please keep us updated on Tiger Woods leg every day for the rest of the month! Everyone is depending on it

  57. Avatar Tumbleweedin says:

    🇨🇳☠The media IS the virus☠🇨🇳

  58. Avatar Benjamin Gal-Or says:

    \\ After the rain he collected them from under the trees //// and made mushroom soup with seeds, meat and pita, then lived 175 year and left us 3 major world religions that for 4,000 year most knowing not what to do with them, except the first mankind profession – no, that was not for the women, as you say, but for the men, to fight on almost everything and any idea, to covet, adopt, compete, steal, destroy, punish – which we call education. Try the healthy diet to live max. No need to create another set of new religions. Most agree, NO MORE.

  59. Avatar Daisy Hall says:

    Tired of hearing Media lies F off

  60. Avatar Chief Joseph says:

    Burn, Loot, Murder.

  61. Avatar Reggie Simmons says:

    We will y’all start telling the truth about vaccines?

  62. Avatar Hoan Nguyen says:

    So tired of the vaccin commercials 🥵

    • Avatar xXEdXx17 says:

      I’m more tired of the quarantine-inspired commercials

  63. Avatar ThinkInsideTheBox SquareCircle says:

    “Big push to roll up people’s sleeves”?! Really??! But I thought people were lining up in droves and people cutting the line disguised as the elderly! Seems a bit contrary 🤔

  64. Avatar Teknically Mining says:

    Hurry up and take your vaccine everyone your making me sick

  65. Avatar Shellie Huckabee says:

    Biden better leave Mr. Saudi alone. Biden you just shut oil down in My land if you fall out with Mr. Saudi then What you gonna do? I dont know about that college you attended You sure are a dumb Son of a Man

  66. Avatar Barb says:

    Annual vaccines $$$$$$

  67. Avatar Consuelo Mitra says:

    How many variants will you have to make money?

  68. Avatar sharroniw says:

    J&J absolutely does NOT have the greatest reputation.

  69. Avatar Jamie Atkinson says:

    That’s all we get about the ufo! 👽

  70. Avatar Jackson Lay says:

    Trump = Biden. It’s all the same

  71. Avatar Jason Domina says:

    Still using Eddie Murphy’s character from SNL.

  72. Avatar El Ingles says:

    When we Brits found out that we were governed by 2 Governments, that is our government and the unseen EU Globalist government…….We decided to leave the EU and destroyed the left in Britain.

  73. Avatar Lubus Maximus says:

    14:35 Marijuana

    20 seconds later

    @14:55 Cannabis

    its laughable, for several reasons

    Please Leave Juana alone, Please leave Jane alone

    Just say the clinical term, or scientific term, call it Ganj buddy, please leave Juana and Jane alone, stop with your ishhh,
    its now a request,

    Please get it right,
    Thank You Very Much,

  74. Avatar independent thinker says:

    Okay if these vaccines are so great why not have someone with covid cough on someone with the vaccine but what then we would have to find a cure not this band aid so people can die at work I’m not that crazy

  75. Avatar yehdego yosephe says:


  76. Avatar 44 Magnum says:

    So does everyone really know what the ingredients of this alleged vaccine? How long has it been tested? So what is everyone that has been vaccinated going to do if they find out the vaccine actually causes more harm than good?

  77. Avatar Mark Campbell says:


  78. Avatar Mark Campbell says:

    Polio pandemic polio vaccine shameless.

  79. Avatar Fred Gordon Herbert says:

    bla bla bla bla bla

  80. Avatar Mark Campbell says:

    Check for cells in the subzero stored vaccines. Long-term danger is real.. shameless…

  81. Avatar Mark Campbell says:

    An oil immersion microscope can see the cell line injection in the subzero stored vaccines.

  82. Avatar Mark Campbell says:

    Ppsv23 approval does not recognize the expertise of the FDA.

  83. Avatar Mark Campbell says:

    This virus was defeated in the 1960s by scientists in public. This coronavirus is polio. Polio is known to be caused by coronavirus. SALK vaccine is safe and effective vaccine for all variants of coronavirus.

  84. Avatar W Harris says:

    Big Push To Poison Large Portions Of The Population And Sterilization To Reduce The Population Through Vaccination Should Be The Title
    Luciferians Who Control The Media Use The Media To Brainwash The Population To Accept Their Lies
    Jesuit Freemason Elite Oligarchs
    DNA Genetic Genocide Through The Medical System Approved By The Brainwashed Public
    Genesis 6 🧬 Days Of Noah Again

  85. Avatar Sandra Winter Roach says:

    God bless America

  86. Avatar NV S!RLANCELOT says:


  87. Avatar W Harris says:

    My Work Is Finished Here

  88. Avatar Joann Williams says:

    Screw him

  89. Avatar Joann Williams says:

    What’s wrong with that guy🤣

  90. Avatar Joann Williams says:

    Well if they blow them up
    I quess they won’t be comming over here.

  91. Avatar Joann Williams says:

    How did that happen Tiger
    Where you drinking and taking pills again.

  92. Avatar NATIVE SUN says:

    So an airline pilot spots a UFO, and now the FBI is investigating? I thought FBI only deals with real crimes like: bank robbery, gun smuggling, the mafia, embezzlement, check fraud, death threats to federal officials, organized criminal street gangs etc. The FBI doesn’t know anything about: planes, trains and automobiles. Shouldn’t the FAA be the first agency to do the investigation or at least a local high school or junior college physics professor. Give me a freakin break, something is not right about this story.

  93. Avatar Matthew Martinez says:

    7:25 wtf is going on with his cheek his jaws not even move but hes breath out his cheek like some sort of reptile lol

  94. Avatar Remedy Forthesoul says:

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  95. Avatar Selvin's Kitchen, Jamaican & International Cuisine. says:

    Hi selvin kitchen, Jamaican & lnternationl subscribe 🇯🇲🇬🇧🇯🇲

  96. Avatar Rudy SANCHEZ says:

    Well. I. Hope That. Tiger. Woods. Eats. It’s. Tony. The. Tiger. Corn. Flakes. Holmes. I. Hope. He got. Vitamin. D. Tiger. Milk. In. His. Car. And. Shares. With. His. Car. Holmes. That. Way. His. Car. Will. Fill. Like. Tony. The. Tiger. Fells. I. Fell. Great. Holmes. Jajajajajaja

  97. Avatar Jess Vizcaino says:

    Almaguer- he’s in LA looking for a hot man. Do your job pretty boy.

  98. Avatar Benjamin Gal-Or says:

    Benjamin Gal-Or
    3 minutes ago (edited)
    \\ After the rain he collected them from under the trees //// and made mushroom soup with seeds, meat and pita, then lived 175 year and left us 3 major world religions that for 4,000 year most knowing not what to do with them, except the first mankind profession – no, that was not for the women, as you say, but for the men, to fight on almost everything and any idea, to covet, adopt, compete, steal, destroy, punish – which we call education. — Try such healthy ABRAHAMIC DIE to live max. No need to create another set of new religions. Most agree, NO MORE.
    \\ Cosmology, Physics and Philosophy | Benjamin Gal-Or | Springer //// Click the name above to open one of a dozen, new, online, free books at U-tube – all COLOR-illustrated – and provided with references, mainly in science – 2 as graduate and undergraduate CORE CURRICULUM CULTURAL COURSE BOOKS [CCCC].

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