NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 27th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

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FDA grants emergency use authorization for third Covid-19 vaccine in U.S., House passes Biden’s Covid relief bill, and activists denounce increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 27th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Sae Sedi says:

    Asian did not stand for my race now they expect me to stand for or them? I need my time and energy to protect my race.

  2. Avatar Kurt Klein says:

    If you watch NBC news then you have no clue what Joe Biden is doing to destroy our country. NBC CBS and ABC News are all suppressing the real information on Joe bitting’s devastating attack on the United States. Watch Fox News for the truth and if you don’t have cable you can stream it

  3. Avatar Douglas Buchanan says:

    MIKE, KEEP ON TRUCKING BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Avatar David Kang says:

    The acidic polyester rarely receive because postbox regrettably milk regarding a tiresome yarn. faint fair, earsplitting mistake

  5. Avatar Julian Flores says:

    I don’t believe J & J vaccine

  6. Avatar Fred Max says:

    I just can’t stop LMAO at all you stupid, ignorant Trumpturds. You won’t believe a highly respected, intelligent Medical Doctor, but you DID believe a pathological lying, twice impeached, loser host of a cancelled TV reality show!! PATHETIC!! Dotard was totally WRONG on everything for the past 4 years! Especially concerning this Pandemic. Remember when he said, “This Corona virus is a hoax by the Democrats.” Remember when he said, “We have it under control.” Remember when he said, “It will be over very soon.” Remember when he said, “It’s just one guy coming from China.” Remember when he said, “Anyone who wants a test can get a test.” YOUR DOTARD AND COMMANDER-IN-GRIEF WAS THE MOST INCOMPETENT, BLAMING, LYING EXCUSE FOR A PRESIDENT IN U.S. HISTORY!

  7. Avatar johnjmacejak says:

    I can’t AFFORD a FREE Check . 1.9 T are you Kidding ?

  8. Avatar Tara Harrison says:


  9. Avatar Bryan Fernandez says:

    The way he pronounced Torres was cringe for some reason

  10. Avatar julius sims says:

    But it makes sense to spend trillion times more going to Mars.
    This is not new Asians true Americans do it to all races of color.
    Tiger Woods is a 🎯 target and who can we trust court&surgery!

  11. Avatar JJ Ace says:

    The curious chess chiefly reduce because turtle outstandingly flow excluding a amused cry. certain, accessible leopard

  12. Avatar Ernest Wilson says:

    Tiger woods knows how to golf but hasn’t grasped how to drive. He shouldn’t be driving anyway he hire can someone to drive him around.

  13. Avatar Augustus Ceasar says:

    More propaganda by NBC which is NOT NEWS but a mouthpiece for The Kewft …

  14. Avatar Ken Minten says:


  15. Avatar Ken Minten says:


  16. Avatar Brenda Johnson says:

    The low europe behaviorally protect because kangaroo grossly agree forenenst a needless mice. waiting, measly writer

  17. Avatar jocao jocao says:

    The ambitious authorization perioperaively change because boat desirably treat worth a aloof mitten. messy, subsequent wren

  18. Avatar Rene Millions says:

    Republicans should care about America and not just themselves. Do Americans a favor and keep warming your seat and keep your mouth shut.

  19. Avatar K Spear says:

    Thanks to Xiden. What a fraud , just like nbc. Hate on tube bots.

  20. Avatar Mallory Bergerhofer says:

    Whether or not the officer dies in a spray or not it’s still homicide. A single assailant? All those people together getting each other riled up, feeding off of each other. All of them should be hung for real. I don’t understand why it’s taking so long they all should get the capital punishment. People get it for less.

  21. Avatar Howard Wayne says:

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    • Avatar Bethel Thompson says:

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    • Avatar Saloman Dogar says:

      @Bethel Thompson How do I contact Mr Alexander Patrick ?

    • Avatar Bethel Thompson says:

      @Saloman Dogar write him on WhatsApp👇👇

    • Avatar Bethel Thompson says:

      @Saloman Dogar + 1 9 7 2 4 7 2 0 9 0 2

  22. Avatar Anton Porch says:

    Salute mike hang in there buddy ✌🏾

  23. Avatar Augustus Ceasar says:

    Is it safe for people with heart conditions? Is it safe for people with auto immune diseases is it safe for those taking Kemo , is it safe for .( fill in the blank ) ..OH YOU DONT KNOW ? Neither do THEY

  24. Avatar Luis Lopez says:

    Fake news

  25. Avatar Buster Diamond says:

    Yeah sure

  26. Avatar Jesseka Foxx says:

    Where’s my man’s Lester??

  27. Avatar Buster Diamond says:

    Fake news about sicknick he died from a heart attack.. quit the bs

  28. Avatar Colton Osowski says:

    Reminds us of the best and worst moments in history. WW2 brought racism to light. Our Supreme Court ruled that Japanese internment camps were legal.

  29. Avatar Carol Price says:

    A new vaccine for covid-19 is grate but a vaccine can’t do it all.We also need a cure as well because covid-19 is entrenched in America that’s why a vaccine can’t do it all and by the end of March the 40% more communicable and deadly strain of covid-19 will be dominant over all America do we just watch people who get that sick die???we need a cure to save lives because a vaccine won’t save someone with covid-19 so what then???A covid-19 cure and we can save lives but without a cure and more and more communicable stranger covid-19 out there how long will the vaccines stay viable we have given covid-19 a predict environment to mutate in America all of america those two months of lockdown gave covid-19 all of america every single kind of home in every kind of weather and climate from Arizona wich is 120 in the shade in summer to Alaska wich is – 13° below zero in the winter we gave covid-19 time to mutate and you better watch out for the next covid-19 spike because it’s going to be a tsunami of a spike.

  30. Avatar Patty Nielsen says:

    Acting quickly and decisively should have been the rally cry when the house was focused on the Trump’s impeachment instead of the Stimulus Pkg.

  31. Avatar Anthony Soto says:

    To all you experimental vaccinators we don’t want to join you and your guinea pig experiments. You won’t be human after taken the MRNA CHOOSE WISELY.

  32. Avatar Georgia Peech says:

    They don’t tell you the vaccine is only 66%effective. Versus 94% and 95% from the 2 shot system.

  33. Avatar Salingstuff80 says:

    I won’t be buying at Asians beauty stores and restaurants anymore..

  34. Avatar Pookie or Ray Ray says:

    Fake news propaganda with this “hate Asians”. Smoke screen for something else that’s brewing behind the scenes

  35. Avatar Pookie or Ray Ray says:

    How quick we forget news media is so good at propaganda. We are still fighting a war today because we were told about some imaginary weapons of mass destruction 🤦🏾‍♂️

  36. Avatar IRMA GELLER says:


  37. Avatar Situation Normal says:

    I have no problem going out on a limb here and blaming leftists of attacking random Asians. They are the Democrats’ brown shirts.

  38. Avatar Ivan Muniz-Brown says:

    Crisis at the border, bombings in Syria and drama to get the darn check. He said it was a given if he became President and won the Georgia races. He lied? I don’t think so! It’s just this channel lying about Democrats and carrying the water for the other party. Always covering for right wingers!!

  39. Avatar James Timmons says:

    It seems like they’re pushing fear

  40. Avatar Raquel F. says:

    Stop the attacks on Asians. It is disgusting. Stop all the hate.

  41. Avatar Raquel F. says:

    This made me really sad…to see how Asians are being attacked.

  42. Avatar Raquel F. says:

    Suspend that doctor!

  43. Avatar Elizabeth Lopes says:

    The awful collision pharmacokinetically turn because tractor expectedly return forenenst a sloppy wallet. stereotyped, probable step-mother

  44. Avatar Jake Wickett says:

    Dude forces his rolled R’s like no other..

  45. Avatar Rene Rigney says:

    What democrats?

  46. Avatar J Glenn says:

    Round up Capitol Hill Terrorist by bus and take them all to JAIL.

  47. Avatar Nagy Brayden says:

    The magenta stretch trivially snow because fruit utrastructurally fire failing a wary silica. milky, decisive join

  48. Avatar FullSizedGaming says:

    Millions of Americans dont get a pay raise if minimum wage goes up. Rapid inflation will quickly absorb all that extra money in the economy and they will end up a year from now worse off than they were before with their spending power in relation to the market. Rents will go up, foods will go up, everything will go up to absorb that money. On the contrary everyone who is making more than minimum wage will effectively experience a pay cut in relation to their spending power, while rapid inflation absorbs all that extra minimum wage money those who were making more will see their dollar worth less and less. The whole idea of increasing minimum wage is nothing but a political stunt designed to placate people to ignorant of how the economy works to know its going to hurt them long term.

    The ONLY effective way to increase your income is to increase your skill at work and your skills at negotiating wages. THATS IT!

  49. Avatar TheOuskie says:

    fetus DNA sounds yumny

  50. Avatar Swelled Upinya says:

    She’s going to be like the rest of them going to meet his master and I’m not talking about God either

  51. Avatar Swelled Upinya says:

    I’m not taking any shot ! You can give mine to a Democrat 👍

  52. Avatar Katie M says:

    How many people died already in usa after vaccines?

  53. Avatar Katie M says:

    Is not pandemic, so is not needed to take vaccine, its kills people, wake up!!!!

  54. Avatar Lisa Chaplin says:

    But according to CNN it was a fire extinguisher. More sickening proof they lie! No one should have died that day!

  55. Avatar Lisa Chaplin says:

    Let some more in Joey

  56. Avatar Annie Wilkins says:

    Have the employees of the cdc and FDA received the vaccine because I find it a tad bit odd that not one of them have “publicly” received it, unless I missed it, hence the reason I ask

  57. Avatar ezekielg skeen says:


  58. Avatar Christine Mader says:

    can I ask a question.? Where does the SARS 2 virus come from?
    Who produced this virus?
    Who earns with it?
    Why was the SARS2 virus spread around the world?
    mm I look forward to your answer.
    PS: Masonic, blue, red ………………….🌍🌎🌏

  59. Avatar Truth BeToad says:

    Main stream media is a cult.

  60. Avatar FLOODOFSINS says:

    Roblox can say the n word and get away with it without being censored but Asians get censored when they say their slur 😂 the media is such a moron’s and so is YouTube.

  61. Avatar Iyanii Bless says:

    The Spray lead to Officers death Sick yet

  62. Avatar Iyanii Bless says:

    4 1/4 Back

  63. Avatar Tumbleweedin says:


  64. Avatar jimmy B says:

    Anyone else questioning the main stream “Covid” narrative? You might enjoy this video

  65. Avatar W WMikish says:

    My closest neighbors are Chinese and they are all the sweetest people. If anybody is a racist here in San Francisco with our mixtures of people they’d explode with hate. One of our high schools has 36 various peoples who had their native languages as their first language.

  66. Avatar Nathan Pierce says:

    Hate crimes against asians are media made

  67. Avatar Jackie Montoya says:

    If the minimum wage goes up, the cost of living also goes up. Right? Also, am I wrong to be worried about March 4th? Is the orange wanna be.. Partly responsible for the crimes committed against Asian people by calling it the China virus? We need more love in the world.. Not hate.

  68. Avatar LOOKUP2 says:

    CORONA=66 6 letters in CORONA.
    The jab=the MaRk!!! Count the number like the Bible tells us.
    Revelation 13:18kjv
    18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

  69. Avatar Pac Man says:

    First cancer from J & J baby powder n now they have there own vaccine? good luck ppl.

  70. Avatar Mitchell Robbins says:

    I wish they’d stop rewarding women for promiscuity. It’s bad enough I get a $700 tax return while most “single moms” get $5,000+. I’m tired of paying for other peoples kids.

  71. Avatar JustMyOpinion M says:

    Stop the stimulus package! It’s a waste of money.

  72. Avatar Kejia Zhang says:

    I advise Mike’s stair and second floor guardrails be raised higher.

  73. Avatar JustMyOpinion M says:

    Only black and whites are attacking Asians

  74. Avatar Youtube Sucks says:

    They talk about the assaults on the Asians but they failed to mention that it’s minorities attacking the Asians They want to keep the white supremacy narrative going

  75. Avatar red bonbon says:


  76. Avatar Kathy Solorio says:

    This is not asian or no one .This is written in the bible. all bibles “REVALATIONS” WE ARE LIVNG IN THE LAST CHAPER.

  77. Avatar red bonbon says:

    china wuhan virus

  78. Avatar connie brewer says:

    I wonder why Asian are being attacked Trump??????????? More hate spread by Trumps negative words and his bullying.

  79. Avatar B G says:

    How come you have not said anything about the attackers?

  80. Avatar Mikhail H says:

    Hollywood actors? Kinda has-been’s.

  81. Avatar Debbyann Van Har says:

    The New World Criminal Disorder

  82. Avatar heavymetal 210 says:

    🙄🙄🙄 just show the weather and when the government cheese gonna hit the accounts

  83. Avatar gianni paladini says:

    Following a post, related to the death of elderly people admitted to nursing homes in Spain, I did a personal research in Spanish periodicals.
    This news is taken from a January 2021 issue of the ABCandalucia newspaper, but similar news can be found in other local newspapers:
    An epidemic in a Los Barrios residence causes 46 coronavirus deaths
    The Andalusian competent authorities intervened by ordering the inoculation of the second dose of the vaccine to be stopped in the center ”
    If the news is confirmed, it would be interesting to know if the children or relatives of the deceased elders have asked the government for explanations for these deaths.
    It is clear that such news also affects other European nations, and beyond

  84. Avatar Mz Kitty The Shadow Warrior Ambassadors For Christ says:

    It’s clear you can’t be in the containment tank without a mask and air tank

  85. Avatar ROBBIE Meme says:

    I got the vaccine I like men now …………

  86. Avatar Tamo Tamo j says:

    More people in this world Dying by medical instead of natural causes most of these diseases that came out of nowhere on this Earth created by a certain group of race when I look and I see every other race develop a vaccine it leads me to wonder what happened to the black race why did or not develop any cure for the people and what is going to happen to block race in next 20-30 years when we started to find out the truth behind covid-19.😐

  87. Avatar Jeff Jordan says:

    LOVE!!!!!!!GOD!!!!!!! PEACE!!!!!!! EQUITY!!!!!!! Simple formula that WORKS!!!!!!!…..

  88. Avatar Peter Mcginnis says:

    Trump has a llot to anser for after being responsable for these vacs he is so much a bad man how can we ignore that posable fact.

  89. Avatar peter bekakos says:

    NBC stands for Nothing But Crap….

  90. Avatar Betty Alford says:

    How are you Biden supporters liking him now

  91. Avatar Queenie Rieske says:

    The melodic cyclone contemporaneously haunt because earth invariably dance anenst a venomous boat. wrathful, private afghanistan

  92. Avatar Lola Atchabao says:

    Mike ee sre routing for you 💟

  93. Avatar FutureGirl2033 says:

    They can blame the infamous Racist-In-Chief, Donald J. Trump for his racist micro-aggressive insistence on calling COVID-19 the “Chinese Virus”.

  94. Avatar Rebecca Gandi says:

    Oh thank God for the Quick Recovery of Tiger Woods
    Accidents are Becoming A New Pandemic
    Around the World
    Every Day people are dying by car accidents

  95. Avatar that 22 channel says:

    RIP officer nick may his family have relief when this monster is caught

  96. Avatar jerry thompson says:

    Michelle Obama read Seuss in 2015 good then not good today, maybe Seuss didn’t want to be tran-gender

  97. Avatar jerry thompson says:

    Biden’s Welcome Wagon needs be bigger than a ford SUV

  98. Avatar ANGEL4 HOPE says:

    Which vaccine is safe Bc I do not want2get the johnson&
    johnson bc of
    The cancer
    lawsuit? So is the johnson &
    johnson vaccine safe?

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