NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 26th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

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FDA panel recommends emergency use authorization for Johnson & Johnson vaccine, details on U.S. airstrike in Syria targeting Iranian-backed militias, and President Biden promises more storm relief during Texas visit.

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00:00 Intro
02:20 FDA Panel Endorses Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine
03:54 Biden Visits FEMA Vaccination Site At Texas NFL Stadium
04:10 FDA Expected To Authorize Astrazeneca Vaccine In Months
04:47 Biden Orders Airstrikes On Iran-Backed Targets In Syria
06:26 Biden Faces Backlash From Democrats For Syria Strikes
07:46 House To Vote On Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Plan
08:03 Golden Trump Statue Unveiled Ahead Of CPAC Appearance
08:29 Ted Cruz Jokes About Cancun Trip In CPAC Speech
08:48 CPAC Speakers Embrace False Election Fraud Claims
08:59 McConnell Would ‘Absolutely’ Back Trump As 2024 Nominee
09:24 U.S. Report Blames Crown Prince For Khashoggi Murder
11:28 Tiger Woods Transfers Hospitals To Continue Recovery
12:28 Tiger Woods Crash Cause Under Investigation
12:53 Biden Visits Texas After Winter Storm Disaster
14:20 New Jersey Links Legal Pot To Social Justice Reform
16:06 Doctor Defends Branding NXIVM Members
17:57 Zillow Offers Cash For Homes Based On ‘Zestimates’

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 26th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Oye Oye says:

    From the US CDC;  3,150 people vaccinated in ONE DAY are “unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work” after vaccination. This is a massive 2.7% of people who can no longer work after having the Pfizer vaccine.

  2. Avatar HYPE LOGO says:

    That cult chick is just like a domestic abuse victim who doesn’t know she can leave now

  3. Avatar HYPE LOGO says:

    How wasn’t she charged if she branded 17 people

  4. Avatar Oye Oye says:

    The vaccine doesn’t even work for the new strain – South Africa Says AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 Vaccine is Not Effective at Stopping Variant (New York Times)

  5. Avatar Andrew Miller says:

    Quick sale must means a lost. They are not running a charity

  6. Avatar Dan Soto says:

    Now Biden have blood in his hands.

  7. Avatar Pamela Homeyer says:

    It is not a war he does not need Congress.

  8. Avatar Komodo Khan says:

    Idk, have you guys seen tiktok lately, there’s a lot of news your not talking about. Seems like propoganda.

  9. Avatar Faro Zara says:

    “Know ye that the world and its vanities and its embellishments shall pass away. Nothing will endure except God’s Kingdom which pertaineth to none but Him, the Sovereign Lord of all, the Help in Peril, the All-Glorious, the Almighty. The days of your life shall roll away, and all the things with which ye are occupied and of which ye boast yourselves shall perish, and ye shall, most certainly, be summoned by a company of His angels to appear at the spot where the limbs of the entire creation shall be made to tremble, and the flesh of every oppressor to creep. Ye shall be asked of the things your hands have wrought in this, your vain life, and shall be repaid for your doings. This is the day that shall inevitably come upon you, the hour that none can put back. To this the Tongue of Him that speaketh the truth and is the Knower of all things hath testified.”
    Bahá’u’lláh, The Summons of the Lord of Hosts. (Bahá’í World Centre, 2002 edition) Pp. 200. Available from http://www.bahai.org/r/285560117
    For information about the Baha’i Faith visit: http://www.bahai.org

  10. Avatar mark scarboro says:

    I don’t believe any covid news

  11. Avatar Nicole Moore says:

    Now that General Austin is Secretary Of Defense! I guess it’s time to start bombing other countries, so that HE get the BLAME! So typical of Washington!

  12. Avatar Cheri Foote says:

    I wish you be bored stop with your fake a** news there’s a cure for kovats so we don’t need back scenes

  13. Avatar Teresa Bolen says:

    That “vaccine” is just an injection. Trials won’t be completed until 2024. I wonder if Life Insurance premiums go up for people who take it or if payouts will be honored for those who take a vaccine not fully tested yet..

  14. Avatar Josh Noteman says:

    Garbage.if I had known they were going to change the rules half way through the game i would have been more irresponsible.

  15. Avatar joe smoe says:

    Hey mocking birds, did you think anyone cares about your lies anymore

  16. Avatar tony Coleman says:

    Why is it people that were accused of using Force codes to jump ahead of the line to get the vaccine shot prosecuted it should be investigated and there should be some form of punishment

  17. Avatar Rosalie Hultgren says:

    Mitch is a turn coat. He looks which the wind is blowing. I don’t trust him.

  18. Avatar Rexford Ruiz says:

    The pandemic that we are facing around the world were prophecies written in the bible centuries ago to let us know that soon Jehovah is going to bring justice to this wicked world is found about pandemicsand earthquakes in Luke 21:11
    “There will be great eathquakes,and in one place after another food shortages and pestilences ;…”
    Soon Jehivah will bring his righteous Kingdom in the hands of his Son Jesus and we will have blessing in Psalms 37:9
    “For evil men will be done away with.
    Both those hoping in Jehovah will posses the earth .”
    And we have to trust because in Revelation 21:5
    “And the one seated on the throne said:
    ” Look ! I’m making all things new.Also he says;
    ” Write for these words are faithful and true,”

  19. Avatar Jocelyn de Castro says:

    Can you imagine Melania Trump bagging those groceries for needy Texan families? Heck never! She [Melania] even complained about her job decorating Christmas trees at the WH! But, look at our First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, what a gratifying sight! A real human and humane act!

  20. Avatar Myriam Santiago says:

    Having a laugh and warm while his state is in trouble get him outta office

    • Avatar Laura Malizia says:

      Really. What a disgrace!!

  21. Avatar Mira Long says:

    Or give you body to science, SORTED

  22. Avatar TONIE SEDRICK says:

    I hope your having a wonderful weekend Mr. Holt and team.

  23. Avatar TONIE SEDRICK says:

    Harm equals pain. Hold those accountable that did the branding. Crazy cult doctor.

  24. Avatar Amy Black says:

    Well done mr president Biden Iran and Saudi governments must go for the world be better place

  25. Avatar ipressedabutton says:

    i want equality. i want to be able to say the N-word any time i want like rappers do without it being criticized as a racist or hate-speech. #metooequality

  26. Avatar melissa says:

    where is the REAL NEWS!?!? HUNTER BIDENS LAPTOP!!!?? BENGAHZI!?!?!

  27. Avatar ipressedabutton says:

    i want equality. i want to be able to start a “white-owned business”. i want to use those exact words and i don’t want to be labeled as a racist. #metooequality

  28. Avatar Sisterof TheMoon says:

    A golden statue of Trump….and they call PROGRESSIVES crazy….these are some nuts! Their money must have given them brain damage!

  29. Avatar Susie Fairfield says:

    Requiational Pot Lester?

  30. Avatar Gary Buckhannon says:

    Bob Menendez shut the f******

  31. Avatar Uno Universus says:

  32. Avatar nilusha hirani says:

    Stop attacking iran, focus on portland..

  33. Avatar nilusha hirani says:

    And usa

  34. Avatar brian montgomery says:

    Why was there no concern from democrats when private businesses were burned and looted and innocent people being killed across America? Nearly $2 billion in damages and 20 people murdered. The democrats even condoned it, told cops to stand down and bailed criminals out of jail! Now cancel culture. If that’s how democrats feel about our citizens they deserve to lose everything!

  35. Avatar Jeremy Two says:

    All countries that deny the one true God can never have freedom. Sin worshipping leaders always lead us to tyranny.

    Their false God’s have money and power but, no good ideas, no Divine Philosophy for Humanity.
    God’s Divine Philosophy for Humanity exist whether you believe God exist or not. Kinda crazy to pass up the greatest Philosophy know to man. Don’t you think?
    News and opinion from a Patriot https://youtu.be/xZjguX2k1jw

  36. Avatar FAST EDDYS 906 says:

    Darwinism at its finest with these vaccines.

  37. Avatar Leif Ford says:

    Will someone explain astra seneca vaccine approved overseas not approved here. This is definitely putting profit above life.is this true?

  38. Avatar AsianOperative says:

    The anxious snowflake internationally treat because governor expectedly colour mid a uncovered equipment. erratic, fallacious range

  39. Avatar Patricia Ray says:

    Of course Mitch McConnell would stand behind Trump, as long as he can profit off the taxpayers.

  40. Avatar Patricia Ray says:

    I believe that Trump & Jared Kushner blackmailed the prince of Saudi Arabia. They will do anything to profits from someone’s death

  41. Avatar Daisy Flowers says:

    Is there any holistic ways we can fight this virus I’m not too keen on a vaccine that’s been rushed in my eyes if they can do this in 18 months why haven’t they cured cancer or HIV I’m just saying

  42. Avatar Joaquin Misa Jr. says:

    All persons who’ve been prosecuted and imprisoned for possession and/or using cannabis , like the son of Michael Douglas, MUST BE DULY COMPENSATED for WRONGFUL IMPRISONMENT…To think it was the disgraced “Tricky Dicky” who started this pernicious “drug war”

  43. Avatar Hfufo Yygh says:


  44. Avatar Dialectix Emcee says:

    Murderous capitalist pigs, democrats and Republicans alike

  45. Avatar Darin Bateman says:

    Glad I ain’t join the army he going to start ww3

  46. Avatar Iyanii Bless says:

    Hey President Trump and Crown Prince oh from since

  47. Avatar Iyanii Bless says:

    President Biden now better think

  48. Avatar Iyanii Bless says:

    Tiger gone 😒 Stink

  49. Avatar Iyanii Bless says:

    Wow a Sting

  50. Avatar Iyanii Bless says:

    Ask Juliet , and Robinson and Obama

  51. Avatar Iyanii Bless says:

    Lamar stop gi me free marijuana

  52. Avatar Iyanii Bless says:

    Marijuana is hey only if you want love

  53. Avatar Iyanii Bless says:

    Lovely plant Marijuana

  54. Avatar Iyanii Bless says:


  55. Avatar Iyanii Bless says:

    Next X

  56. Avatar Iyanii Bless says:

    They asked for it ?

  57. Avatar Iyanii Bless says:

    Ok Lester awww

  58. Avatar The Instigator says:

    Lol god I hate both parties, before the democrats demand punishment against the Saudi prince, how about they set an example and punish Biden for that bombing he just did.

  59. Avatar Lincoln Bowling says:

    Lester please leave us alone on YouTube

  60. Avatar Lincoln Bowling says:

    So whats with the black folk sayin they cant get vaccines?

  61. Avatar Benjamin Gal-Or says:

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  62. Avatar Erjon Tani says:

    God Bless you little girl because to the rest of America, those are just numbers..

  63. Avatar Gong Tuff says:

    Cruz. What a shameful weasel.

  64. Avatar Chix Bleau says:

    Funny Cruz used to hate Trump..

  65. Avatar David says:

    Your forehead is very large

  66. Avatar Heather Olmsted says:

    That s funny it sound like they said vice president Biden. 😂😂😂😂

  67. Avatar Heather Olmsted says:

    J& Js 😇

  68. Avatar Blaque’s life says:

    Hey guys 👋 I just started my YouTube channel show me some love please subscribe you don’t even have to watch it if you don’t want to thanks guys I appreciate you (blaque’s life)

  69. Avatar john kenny says:

    What a sick world.

  70. Avatar pepe6666 says:

    what is it with americans & getting sucked in to cults

  71. Avatar Thomas Vankuiken says:

    Maybe Trump was the more effective president despite being outrageous.

  72. Avatar Ra Beavers says:

    A golden phalise would best represent old DJT hehe

  73. Avatar ABDULAHI CAGMADHIGE says:



  74. Avatar Veer Vokroli says:

    we want Trump back

  75. Avatar Benjamin Gal-Or says:

    \\ HEALTH STANDARD at 87 ? //// huumm … may help a few souls? Start at 68 by ~10-sec-PABB (Pilot Anti Blackout Breathing) ~once/dayadd max Aspirin, Vitamins, cold milk, pita, peas, seeds, Dark Chocolate, fresh-mushroom soup, cold yogurt w extra-virgin-olive-oil/colored vegies/Dinitrate ~10-20 days/8-Shape-Room-Walks/~7 Rx regular daily medicines/NON-STOP-WORK: Write color-illustrated, FREE books, expanding best selling “Cosmology, Physics and Philosophy” w Appendices on Einstein, Theology, Politics, History, Gov, ADVANCED, 6TH-GEN-AEROSPACE, CIVIL v Military, publish, say at ‘in’, U-Tube, ISSUU, SCRIBD/MOTO? After the rain he collected them from under the trees and made mushroom soup with seeds, peas, meat & pita, then lived 175 year and left us 3 major world religions that for 4,000 year most knowing not what to do with them, except 1ST-Mankind Profession -no, that is not for women, as you say, but for men: FIGHT on almost everything & any idea, covet, adopt, compete, steal, destroy, punish -call it education/Try ABRAHAMIC DIET to live max. No need to create another set of new religions. Most agree, NO MORE. CLICK NAME to open free U-tube-videos – with references to science – graduate CORE CURRICULUM CULTURAL COURSE BOOKS.

  76. Avatar sideways chicken says:

    My aunt took one of the vaccines and now has a permanent stutter. Idk about it fellas

  77. Avatar LeavingIt Blank says:

    “Insatiable demand for vaccines”?? That’s insulting. Not insatiable— just enough to get everyone vaccinated in a reasonable amount of time. Is that really so much to ask?

  78. Avatar Alice Ward says:

    Mr Lester please investigate why NBC comments is off and CNN is on.

  79. Avatar Alice Ward says:

    I have been trying to download the NBC App for months now and my home networks (digicel) blocks me every time I tried.

  80. Avatar Tyler Martin says:

    The discreet north korea summarily object because channel willy bare down a psychedelic chime. shy, giant whorl

  81. Avatar courtney mccook says:

    Sadly, Donald Trump represents all that’s wrong with the United States of America….smh

  82. Avatar Diane Peterson says:

    I’m worried about eviction is the court/landlords able to start eviction procedures

  83. Avatar Christopher Martinez says:

    AsminAdmis here wi fi Goallllll

  84. Avatar Borov1 says:

    You guys need to get a life! The country is ruined cause of sleepy Joe! We cannot tolerate this anymore! Kids go back to school please!

  85. Avatar Don Smith says:

    So Biden refuses to do anything… and you want to blame Trump.
    Good going NBC.

  86. Avatar B. L. says:

    If we allow anybody to intentionally murder Americans and American Allies at will, then we condone it. Taking a stand is a must. There is no other responsible action.

  87. Avatar mercury13 says:

    by the way the vaccine plan are still following trumps plan and its working were 40% there… don’t believe the media this is over by june doctors are saying so the real experts. variants don’t matter the vaccines work on them because of the spike protein… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSwQBRGGTvw&feature=emb_logo&ab_channel=ZDoggMD

  88. Avatar Cristina Raiczyk says:

    The special fake news, it’s a Shame

  89. Avatar xDYMEBAGx says:

    Thanks for the 30 seconds of extreme detail about the relief bill. It’s an absolute disgrace you spend more time talking about a golden statue than describing to your viewers exactly what is in this relief package you glossed over. All you managed to convey regarding a bill that should have been passed months ago was that the senate will cut the min wage increase. You don’t mention that most of what’s in this bill has nothing to do with covid relief at all. So instead of offering more detailed information on something that has a massive impact on the entire country, you decide to spice it up with a longer, nore detailed bit on a golden statue just so that you can use Trump’s name for ratings.

  90. Avatar Pat says:

    When Is Congress , or The Liberal MSM Fake News Admit ….. BIDEN DIDN’T GET ALL THOSE VOTES ! It Doesn’t Take A Rocket Scientist To Know There Were Real Legitimate Election Vote Problems ! If We Don’t Have Real Election Vote Integrity , WE DON’T HAVE TRUE , FAIR , FREE ELECTIONS ! Wake Up America ! And Yes , Pres. Trump Is OUR President !

  91. Avatar Stan Ruiz says:


  92. Avatar Don Smith says:

    The doctor that “branded” those women… is NUTS!!!
    My kids wanted candy for breakfast, so according to the doctor’s ill-logic, I guess I should just give it to them.

  93. Avatar Chen Huang says:

    Without escalation? WITHOUT ESCALATION?

  94. Avatar Woot Neorage-X says:

    but did Biden painted rainbow flag and # blm on the missiles ?

  95. Avatar Konj home design says:

    If you want to have special living room watch this video. I hope you enjoy!
    10 tips about decorate of living room:

  96. Avatar Dalinda Pineda says:


  97. Avatar Gregory S says:

    Are we slowly going to war with the middle east?

  98. Avatar Zackery Dunn says:

    Biden the child sniffing president the one who sold us out to china cause that’s where you’re energy comes from while all the other nations in the world with oil are laughing at us. Oh booooo hoooo did I hurt you’re libtard feeling’s 😭 waaaaa go back to California and have you’re starbucks and cry like big baby’s like you always do if offended please comment down below 👇👇👇 so I can laugh 😂

  99. Avatar Вячеслав Калашников says:

    Поздравляю власти РША,,,, что признались,,, что они все 🌈🐓 взад, в перёд….трансвиститы проклятые….

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