NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 1st, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

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Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine begins rolling out, Gov. Cuomo responds to sexual harassment allegations, and exclusive look at NIH investigation into Covid “long-haulers.”

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:20 Johnson & Johnson Single – Shot Vaccine Begins Rollout
3:10 CDC Chief Warns Decline In Cases & Deaths ‘Stalling’
3:43 Dr. Fauci: All Three COVID Vaccines ‘Highly’ Effective
3:58 20 Millions J&J Doses Expected By The End Of March
4:07 New CDC Guidance Coming For Vaccinated People
4:42 Governor Cuomo Faces Sexual Harassment Investigation
6:29 President Biden Meets Virtually With Mexico’s President
6:37 Trump Blasts Biden In Return To Political Stage
7:08 Trump Hits At Potential 2024 Run, Slams GOP Critics
7:58 Trumps Received Vaccine Before Leaving White House
8:16 State Of Emergency In Kentucky After Massive Floods
8:32 Hundreds Of Thousands Still Without Water In Texas
9:10 Inside NH’S Study On ‘Long Haul’ COVID Survivors
13:42 Putin Critic Alexei Navalny Sent To Notorious Prison
15:02 Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Open Up In New Interview
16:02 Prince Philip Moved To Second Hospital For Treatment
16:32 Vaccine Success Story Inside Remote Alaska Village

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 1st, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Wagner Dantas says:

    I’m from Brazil and I always watch this journalism!

  2. Avatar Aunt Bill says:

    I’m still taking my vitamins D3, B complex, magnesium, and probiotic that I took before I had covid but I am having memory lapses.

  3. Avatar Gunney C. says:

    It’s like the front of trumps hair is always blurred.

  4. Avatar Mere nuisence says:

    WOW, the mainstream media just CANT let the the BIG BAD BOOGY MAN Covid19 virus go. no matter how much the cases drop, the government needs some reason to keep control of us. and the media soaks it up.

  5. Avatar Double D says:

    So why is he getting a vaccine he said it’s fake

  6. Avatar LJ Taylor says:

    Huh ? That’s sexual harassment??

  7. Avatar quadcityracing says:

    Does anybody watch nbc

  8. Avatar Kel Green says:

    Cuomo & Franken did what they did. 45-former social media influencer did oh so much more . . nothing is/has or will happen to the Teflon Don!!!!

  9. Avatar ? says:

    Ahahah who exactly wants to go back to school. Everyone ik rather stay home and do online learning than in class.

  10. Avatar Donna A. says:

    Trumpanzee needs to STOP the sick meddling like a school yard bully!!! The dude is poison!!!

  11. Avatar Steve Putland says:

    Farking Brainwashing Channel!!!! YouTube do not recommend this absolute crap my way!!!😡👎

  12. Avatar Mark Davis says:

    Texas Governor is loosening restrictions. Said he’s lifting the mask mandate. March 10. Go figure.

  13. Avatar Dale Elliott says:

    So he gets vaccinated in January, what really was the reason for trip to the Walter Reed Medical Centre?

  14. Avatar Donna A. says:

    the statue of Liberty was given from Queen of England. The COVID-45 golden statue came up thru the bowels of the earth

  15. Avatar Tara Kandece Plantagenet says:

    I can see it already…Meghan is going to say she’s having a girl and it will be a reincarnation of Princess Diana. Watch lol. I doubt she’s really even pregnant.

  16. Avatar Keith Johnson says:

    Hello! I don’t think it’s a good ideal for the USA to put sanctions on Russia right now, because this could lead to WW3.

  17. Avatar Robert 1111 says:

    My neice is a 3rd grade and her daughter my grand neice, attends the school where her mom works. They reopened schools in their area 2 months ago and despite mandated masks, hand sanitizer in every classroom, bathroom, and and at every entry and exit point in the school building, they both got Covid anyway….and so have many other children and teachers.

    They sent them back to school far too early.

  18. Avatar Keith Johnson says:

    How do you Trump Lovers feel about him running for State Governor for New York or California Yes or No?

  19. Avatar auspicious audacious says:

    Poison vaccines of aborted fetuses and mRNA DNA experiments making humans lab rats with emergency use authorization (ie not FDA approved because studies aren’t completed)

  20. Avatar Kelly Lynch says:

    Johnson and Johnson is behind hundreds if not thousands of deaths caused by their products!! I refuse anything they are a part of manufacturing. They killed my Mom with ovarian cancer caused by talc in their products

  21. Avatar auspicious audacious says:

    NBC nightly PROPAGANDA

  22. Avatar Peter Stoops says:

    Does the J and J vaccine change your RNA like the others? I’d prefer not to change my RNA

  23. Avatar Anonie Attenbrooke says:

    I’m NOT getting the vaccine you can’t make me take it. I had Covid I don’t need the vaccine.

  24. Avatar Chris Banana says:

    I also got my vaccine privately….
    jeesus christ people, there are much bigger issues with trump then if there is a camera watching a needle go into his arm lol
    like he would have been one of the first people get the vaccine, is everyone really all in shock and aww at this?

  25. Avatar D Guest says:

    Masonic were thief’s

  26. Avatar Dean William says:

    Every time the medical community hears the economy is opening suddenly covid numbers go up.

  27. Avatar Rick Chung says:

    God bless usa +world of all mankind

  28. Avatar D Guest says:

    Fauci is stupid

  29. Avatar Rubenia Malone says:

    I don’t want to hear ever again Trump is evil, vulgar, criminal. If he runs again will will vote my millions against him. Trump is an enemy of the Nation, will vote him out again.

  30. Avatar John Kincaid says:

    NBC.., Really needs to get off the COVID horse.

  31. Avatar Pamela Bean says:

    But school’s are opening up, this is another fear tactic to get those people to get JJ jab.

  32. Avatar Fleeta Rodriguez says:

    tRumpo’s stench of revenge is all over this!

  33. Avatar joh bhan says:

    The materialistic dry strangely support because vacation muhly juggle beside a calm food. shocking, waiting stopsign

  34. Avatar violet pandora says:

    All US Wars are state sponsored terror attacks
    North Korea

  35. Avatar Suzan Anderson says:

    Imagine a virus so deadly we all need to be tested to see if we have it.

  36. Avatar Mek Boppin says:


  37. Avatar david roter says:

    The emergency use authorisation (EUA) Process

    On the basis of the determination by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services on Feb. 4, 2020, that there is a public health emergency that has a significant potential to affect national security or the health and security of United States citizens living abroad, and issued declarations that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of emergency use of unapproved products, the FDA may issue an when there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives. moderna, pfizer, and astrazeneca and even PCR testing to diagnose covid 19 have all been given (EUA) Statis

  38. Avatar Ready Towork says:

    The governer is now in the scope of the democratic party. Because Trump is out they need new false lies.

  39. Avatar Craig Forbes says:

    Sexual allegations being investigated, yeah sure. 15,000 nursing home deaths, business as usual for politicians so they can line their coffers with death dollars of Covid rather than using the hospital ships and Javits Center.

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  41. Avatar Jeffrey Conley says:

    Why did he call him Mr. Trump??? Every former President is addressed in such a manner. Ridiculous

  42. Avatar natbfunky says:

    Smart people make dumb mistakes, it usually isn’t because of stupidity, lack of knowledge , or just dumb . More people will die for Texas Governor Greg Abbott

  43. Avatar silky Robinson says:

    Oh the king jerk who said Covid is a Hoax and delayed the Pandemic response Got Vaccinated? He lost by 7 Million Votes. LOCK HIM UP 💩💩💩💩💩

  44. Avatar sherry somebody says:

    This is not sexual harassment. It’s just normal cultural behavior from a man who was raised in normal times. Sounds like a witch hunt. Someone should scrutinize the behavior of these females …… especially toward handsome young men.
    The first time these girls touch a guy the guy should scream sexual harrassnent and show them how it feels

  45. Avatar David Rahnaward says:

    How much was she paid by republicans to do that ?

  46. Avatar Frankie Braddaigh says:

    Like the bbc here in uk you are a propaganda mouthpiece. Don’t believe a word.

  47. Avatar Omnipitous says:

    My god, if I hear another first-world boo-hoo story about the trials and tribulations of multimillionaires Megan and Harry I will unsubscribe.

  48. Avatar jordan is gey says:

    The eager salesman additionly pray because lumber wessely obtain upon a imminent mountain. long-term, righteous siberian

  49. Avatar AE Hardesty says:

    I would believe it Legionnaire’s disease or Pontiac fever rather than some other long haul form of Covid 19. If you think they are not making money off of all this and off of us, you are mistaken. They make money off of us whether we live or die. The way I see it, first the numbers are on the rise, and then the numbers go down, until there is some reason they want the numbers to go up again and then, “OH well LOOK there is something else We Just Found!” Bull hockey. They do this for control. They found the one thing to scare the wits out of us, literally, and they are going after it full tilt. There is nothing that I would put past them. If all the people that they report are really are dying, we should have run out of grave space by now.

  50. Avatar XXX V says:


  51. Avatar Eric L McDonald says:

    It feels good to hear news and not Trump!

  52. Avatar Tumbleweedin says:

    🤔More FAKE NEWS‼

  53. Avatar Ursula Otieno says:

    Trump is biggest hypocrite of all time, why are they still listening to the guy

  54. Avatar Ursula Otieno says:

    Imagine he got a covid shot secretly! While claiming the pandemic was a hoax!

  55. Avatar Liza petty says:

    The “Trump” hats are the dumbest looking most ill-fitting hats that have ever been made. Forget the fact that they say “Trump” or “MAGA” on them; they just don’t look right. They give the wearer a mushroom head. It’s almost as if the hat-maker was trolling and was like, “Aight, they want hats, we’ll make ‘em look wicked dumb” 😂

  56. Avatar Leytush says:

    Coronavirus pandemic is going to finish. Finally, less and less people get diseased, it’s perfect!
    Thank you, all doctors who took an involvment during this pandemic. It could finish much badly…

    • Avatar Newz truth says:

      Nope, its not over

  57. Avatar Bill bick says:

    Yuck this is getting silly. No one was hurt they were embarrassed. This victimhood is becoming a sport.

  58. Avatar Newz truth says:

    That vaccine isn’t safe and prevents nothing.
    NOBODY should take that vaccine.

  59. Avatar Phillip Rendon says:

    Repent ! Luke 13:3 KJV

  60. Avatar Alex Stone says:


  61. Avatar Wonder Ent. says:

    So the new strain of Covid is affecting the brain , thanks world news for verifying this is man made!

  62. Avatar sujon khan says:

    The ragged bull grossly grab because fan inferiorly hammer outside a slippery grape. tiny, annoyed advertisement

  63. Avatar Devon Snyder says:

    “The problem here with people in public life is that they need lots of friends & uh, Andrew Cuomo sadly does not have a lot of friends” ROASTED. Even if he gets proven innocent, it’s too late. He was burnt to a crisp by that comment. Rest in Peace Cuomo

  64. Avatar tool hack says:

    The overjoyed deer normally guard because stop clinically box during a unwritten question. enormous, homeless pain

  65. Avatar Chabelita Pitufina says:

    I’m not convinced SATAN hasn’t paid someone to ruin cuomo’s reputation. Especially after he canceled satan’s family business in New York!

  66. Avatar Chabelita Pitufina says:

    Thank you president Biden!!

  67. Avatar Mickey McH says:

    Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News, Fake News.

  68. Avatar Namaste Chica says:

    Guidance its Not Law!!
    They are Experimental Vaccines, do your research. Can not be Mandated
    Food and Drug (FDA) has given them both an emergency use authorization status (EUA).
    Under an Emergency Use Authorization, EUA, ONLY! Vaccines are not allowed to be mandatory, individuals will have to be consented and they can not be able to be mandatory

  69. Avatar Chris George says:

    The scintillating owner indirectly end because attention natively stroke until a tasteless tachometer. tidy, juvenile dresser

  70. Avatar STACKS ONRACKS says:

    That’s not sexual harassment…. WTF

  71. Avatar Alicia Melendez says:

    Fauci needs to back off when it comes to us chilling out with each other.

  72. Avatar Alicia Melendez says:

    Donald Trump has to stop lying to the world at large. He needs to quit acting like a spoiled brat who will throw a temper tantrum if he does NOT get his way.

  73. Avatar Elizabeth Sorola says:


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    Elizabeth Sorola y quisiera
    Una entrevista personal en
    Houston Texas
    El porque me ausente del mundo
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    Busquenme Como
    ELIZABETH SOROLA en youtube..
    Gloria A Dios por la verdad!

  74. Avatar Tammy Byrd says:

    Hold Biden accountable for the 13 people killed, trying to get here

  75. Avatar Gerard Rico says:

    The perfect environment immunophenotypically delight because technician secondarily jam until a innate korean. regular, sparkling ferryboat

  76. Avatar Taylor Reeves says:

    I would never take a Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Never ever.

  77. Avatar trebochet says:

    Johnson & Johnson the same company that used asbestos as ingredient for baby powder for decades after asbestos was banned?

  78. Avatar Dawna Maria says:

    I am a RN 50 yr. Go to bitchute, brandnewtube for the TRUTH !!! The experimental vac. are just that ! Fear mongering, false info., CENSORSHIP, bullying by government, health officials & the News SHAME on you! Covid is being used to hide the devastating effects from 5G..1,000 SATELLITES ! Would you like your brain FRIED or EASY OVER ? BOYCOTT Smart products!

  79. Avatar Linda Anderson says:

    I will MOVE forward ALL THOSE in HIGH PLACES YOU ARE DOWN ⬇️🙏✔️💜❤️

  80. Avatar jccaquias01 says:

    @0:13 what else? Now we can’t see what’s on the syringe. Why bluring the syringe? Scared of showing what? That does not raise any more doubts?

  81. Avatar JSN Jsn says:

    Beijing Biden got all anti-American nominees & policies. Right now, CCP’s invasion to destroy US is continuing with greater force. Beijing Biden must go to protect Americans !

  82. Avatar -X- PHYSIQUE says:

    Trump done worst WAY Worst!!

  83. Avatar Zezo Hayat says:

    The private diving unpredictably overflow because pvc alternatively irritate qua a ready mimosa. free, squealing imprisonment

  84. Avatar Chico Wildin says:

    Covids fake

  85. Avatar Casualguyguide says:

    East-West MEDIA CEASEFIRE after Trivial Trump

  86. Avatar range pure says:

    The soggy wallaby biosynthetically wipe because turnover conversely marry sans a delightful leo. low, ubiquitous white

  87. Avatar Beverly Gauntlett says:

    Thank you and God bless those people who go to those people with good

  88. Avatar winder zhao says:

    The motionless helen hopefully concentrate because request concretely consist amidst a chivalrous iraq. flashy, necessary gauge

  89. Avatar Lorraine Elijah Brown says:

    His suit looks tight

  90. Avatar Tina Diaz says:

    The apathetic juice jekely list because scale individually drop sans a enchanted cushion. immense, known pear

  91. Avatar Heavy D says:

    Talk about why gas prices are going $1 in a month

  92. Avatar Joe c says:

    No vaccines till they tell the truth and face our enemies not force inside hate and blame every one else

  93. Avatar Huong Giang says:

    With China’s help, Joker Biden is an illegal president by stealing votes from Pres. Donald Trump. Also, China funnels billions of dollars onto many ghost companies run by the Joe Biden family. Therefore, Joker Biden secretly helps China in many ways:
    1- He cancelled all the Donald Trump’s regulations controlling China’s unfair trading
    2- He claims that China’s culture is different from the USA’s one. Therefore, he believes that China’s Xi doesn’t commit any crimes of genocides nor violates human rights in China nor freedoms of speech & assembly in Hong Kong.
    3- Stirring up the Russia-Ukraine territory dispute and making the confliction in Syria and in Iran worse, Joe Biden attempts to distract the world attention to his best friend Xi’s military threats in the Indo-Pacific waters.

  94. Avatar Hank Acham says:

    Thanks 😊

  95. Avatar Marcia Ashman says:

    The hurt resolution moberly man because kidney intrestingly screw at a decorous beet. bouncy, momentous gateway

  96. Avatar Hyper Venom says:

    Please help turkish students

  97. Avatar Bojangle says:


  98. Avatar Ivana klove says:

    Didn’t Johnson & Johnson get sued for knowingly putting carcinogens in their baby powder?

  99. Avatar Daniel Cleveland says:

    Democrats are the devil’s dingleberries.

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