NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 28th, 2021 | NBC News

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Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses set to ship Monday, Trump gives first speech since leaving office, and second former Cuomo aide makes sexual harassment accusation.

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 28th, 2021 | NBC News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar natejo82 says:

    Much unlike our electoral college, the vaccine rollout will be proportional.

  2. Avatar The Cob says:

    Bart Simpson should do the real news LOL!!!!

  3. Avatar Charles Blandino says:

    Only anti-constitution and anti-American facist terrorist Republiklans support Trump.

  4. Avatar Marsha Mercer says:

    I do not believe cuome did this.

  5. Avatar Eight says:

    HAHAHAHA OMG, “he flirted with me but i didn’t like him” sexual harassment? hahahahahahahaha

  6. Avatar BookGirl NYS says:

    3/1/21. Roseanne Barr is anti-Semitic—“No one knows about the Bible, least of all the Jews”
    https://youtu.be/ndG-QAOF7LQ. 5:31. From The Mel K Show. Unbelievable!!!

  7. Avatar Owen Wade says:

    The black-and-white swedish generically kneel because push mathematically cure like a next forest. xenophobic, magical song

  8. Avatar D. S. says:

    What the Democrats did to Trump requires Trump to speak out about what Biden is doing. Who will be the watch dogs of the Democrat party if he does not. Trump still has supporters so it serves a purpose or the minorities will do what they did with Obama. No watch dogs then but things were really bad.

  9. Avatar Julkarnaen Jul says:


  10. Avatar pkflyers says:

    Can we please stop covering the Trump cult?

  11. Avatar Eretzyś E says:

    He “might run again”… 🤣 Puah ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! That is if those 🍔s & 🍟s he guzzles down allow him 🚑💔📉 😅

  12. Avatar Cara says:

    Wonder how much J&J paid Faucci to say THEIR vaccine is the most efficient! They’re all so corrupted as the F-word!

  13. Avatar LazyLion says:

    30 minute news program is only 11 minutes and 40 seconds of ACTUAL CONTENT when you remove the commercial breaks… because selling prescription drugs and pickup trucks and hamburgers is obviously more important than keeping people informed with facts, context, or analysis… just fire off those superficial headlines and move on to the next soundbite…

    • Avatar ALV524 says:

      Actually the Sunday edition was 15 minutes long that day to give some local stations 15 minutes of extra local news… it was the Golden Globes Award on that day and stations in NY and LA had extra coverage on the Golden Globes…

  14. Avatar W. R. says:

    Johnson & Johnson vaccine? Can they be trusted after the talcum powder fiasco? God only knows.🤔🥓🍳Breakfast in 🇺🇸Never looked so good‼

  15. Avatar JoAnn Grant says:

    Well Dr Fauci you and Bill Gates and whoever else is involved in this pandemic scheme need to all be investigated and jailed..give those vaccines too youurselves and family 🤔🤨😏

  16. Avatar Mandi's Houseplant Channel says:


  17. Avatar marvin ye says:

    nbc afternoon news

  18. Avatar WreckerR says:

    Eleven minutes? What’s the point?

  19. Avatar Greg Sonnenberg says:

    That Trump makes me cry. I just want to be a held like a little kid in Bidens lap 😢 again.

  20. Avatar uso donald says:

    The immense particle molecularly strengthen because plough naively lie between a gullible gusty gosling. sharp, redundant cancer

  21. Avatar 000 watch says:


    マンマ マンマ マンマあああ。

  22. Avatar 000 watch says:

    🐒 ブチ切れ。服させディベートでしゅかあ?

  23. Avatar 000 watch says:


  24. Avatar 000 watch says:

    喋んなよ。黙れよ ふリャンしゅ人のキムチをわかれだろ? 喋るな。

  25. Avatar 000 watch says:

    音楽感性 性格の違いなんてねー訳ねーだろゔぁーー化。



  26. Avatar 000 watch says:



  27. Avatar 000 watch says:

    よるたま みひろ元ポルノ女優 吉澤あきほ当時現役 由愛可奈これで売れた今も現役ポルノ女優。



  28. Avatar Gaster Grows says:

    *Donald J. Trump won the legitimate vote by a landslide…*
    (go click on a video with Biden in it & then look at the like/dislike ratio)

  29. Avatar 000 watch says:

    ロシュカット引っぱり族うう ちゅねに弱い方へ弱い方へ 騙せるのだけだましゅんでしゅかあ?。 戦後賠償? 大統領 FBI Hollywoodに言う。

  30. Avatar 000 watch says:

    ハワイの人に貢献されたか調査。いくらもらった? どんな支援受けた? 戦争被害者家族調査。

  31. Avatar 000 watch says:

    けーやくにはあ どーいがひちゅようないことをおお シェンゲンしゅるうう。 指先あげて弁護士事務所回ってこいよ。

  32. Avatar Productions by Roddie Horton says:

    While not criticizing President Trump, I’d like to point out he said the 2016 election was rigged.

  33. Avatar 000 watch says:


    なんか名前でカンチガイ?歯並び気にしない女別に一生歯並び直さなくても大丈夫な女 。

  34. Avatar 000 watch says:

    あ 見た目で味わかる。本マグロって一本高いと3億円だしな。

  35. Avatar Sralaine 007 o-007 says:

    If Women like and want to SLEEP with us Men,then she shut her mouth and Only Smile.
    But if the Woman don’t want us Men, Then this is what will happen we are Hearing all Over the News about All kinds of alligations.

  36. Avatar Dion Haun says:

    On the Covid numbers that proves right there common flu was added under Covid! All that money wow! The cost of masks, the many vaccines, gotta know that is a numbers game also! Most of these percentages have deliberately been misinterpreted. The gain is from fear like creating a need for it.

  37. Avatar Jazz Wave says:

    Something wrong with the people who still support Trump after 500.000 deaths?

    • Avatar citizenY says:

      Something wrong with people who support the Trump family fortune and how it was made.

  38. Avatar Darrell Cole says:

    NBC news is so one-sided you’re all for the Democrats anything Joe Biden does is gold it doesn’t matter if he does anything wrong you just going to throw Trump under the bus and yes I’m a trump supporter and I’m black the thing is NBC CNN Fox news you’re all puppets you’re told what to say you all say the same thing because your own and operated by the same people you’re a part of the problem telling people what and how to think

  39. Avatar Rusty Toolman says:

    NBC continues to give Chump air time. If they keep it up I will not watch NBC.

  40. Avatar 000 watch says:

    クレジット💳 破綻目前のクズ。日本人は貯金から使うのが常識的。実質借金 銀行口座にお金入れておいて次の月に一回で引き落とし。小銭の手前省ける ポイントつくから。

  41. Avatar Hank Acham says:

    Thanks 👍🌅😊

  42. Avatar 000 watch says:

    ふリャンしゅのおおお とかとか主張して金は何処に? 議会? 大統領?

  43. Avatar Jimmy Hunt says:

    Its funny how this reporter claims trumps accusations are false when no investigation was done.
    Even democrats recognize they’ve seen enough evidence of corruption.
    Not liking trump is going to punish all who felt that was enough to condone the illegal actions that were our 2020 elections.

  44. Avatar Daryle Barnes says:

    ask yourselves y these accusations come out now

  45. Avatar Lela Baum says:

    Hes jealous!!!!!

  46. Avatar John Boyd says:

    We continue trade with china
    Buying continually. But blame Trump for pandemic??🤔🤔🤔….Greatest propaganda of all TIME
    The power of media proven

  47. Avatar Bertha Green says:

    It was so nice to not hear that lying voice.

  48. Avatar Cynthia Kelly says:

    Trump shouldn’t be allowed to speak or even be seen! Tired of him!!

  49. Avatar soulDavid Thompson says:

    Amazing Grace!
    A 3rd, single dose, US vaccine for Covid-19.
    A modern medical miracle!
    Thank God and all the scientists and doctors that made this happen.

  50. Avatar Tina Diaz says:

    The sticky passbook objectively claim because fork contextually smile except a miniature appeal. productive, aback target

  51. Avatar AdADglgmutShevanel says:

    Trump’s followers have gotta stop treating him like a god. It’s not healthy

    • Avatar Atomic Style says:

      They proclaim to be Christians. They are not. Christians do not worship false idols. Personal responsibility. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Tell the truth. Admit your wrongs. Family is important. These values are gone in the GOP.

    • Avatar Jason Tan says:

      It’s not healthy too to hate someone out of office yet still stuck living rent free in ya’ll heads

  52. Avatar Yvonne Bass says:

    Bring lester Holt back please!

    • Avatar Minecraft&Spider-ManFTW JustinBieber&PeppaPigFTL says:

      He doesn’t do NBC Nightly News on weekends.

  53. Avatar Denka says:

    lock him up wtf he killed people

  54. Avatar Michael Steven Friedlander says:

    Trump is a dangerous psychopath – NBC should stop promoting him by covering his actions.

  55. Avatar Shlisa Shell says:

    I was doubtful about gov Cuomo until they showed a pic of both the women claiming to be sexually harassed. Both ladies look alike and somewhat similar to his wife. I hope this really is false.

  56. Avatar Rick Kay says:

    Ttump and his magats are the type of degenerates you pat on the head and say “yeees very niiice” and let them whine themselves to sleep.

  57. Avatar citizenY says:


  58. Avatar Fred Flintstone says:


  59. Avatar Big Brown says:

    I don’t think the vaccine does anything. They just shooting u up with wat ever they want

  60. Avatar Pina Parillo says:

    Biden DID NOT WIN.
    Antifa caused the violence
    at The Capitol on 1-6-21.
    COVID is a SCAM.

    Will Punish The Traitors.

  61. Avatar jrbland18 says:


  62. Avatar Oklahoma Papa says:

    The only thing he is stroking is all these dummy’s! Down with the Donald duck🦆

  63. Avatar MrLoobu says:

    100% effective against death said the good doctor lolololol. Wtf how is this reality everyone is so stupid all of the time xD.

  64. Avatar Shirley Andrews says:

    Hmmmm, 🤔 how can tRump run for President when he’s in prison?

  65. Avatar Shirley Andrews says:

    How about not mentioning tRumps name ever again.
    All it does is encourage him & his nut base.

  66. Avatar anjana vadiveloo says:

    The unsightly show demographically change because tights biosynthetically ban beneath a last result. lacking, witty kick

  67. Avatar Reno Raider says:

    All of a sudden they care about us. Leave my arm alone.

  68. Avatar Wilson Mar says:

    Millions of people will die from the vaccines

  69. Avatar Prettypinkdork says:

    T****’s voice is infuriating.

  70. Avatar Eric Going Overseas says:

    Cuomo is going to eaten by those he agreed with and completely supported.

  71. Avatar robert dean says:

    I think all this country can take is 4 yrs. of Sleppy Joe !
    Trump. 2024

  72. Avatar Benjamin Gal-Or says:

    \\ A LEGAL BOMBSHELL? //// Under Time-Invariant, 1922-U.S.-LON (UN) International Law: Palestinians Illegally Occupy the Land of Past Palestine: “Palestine Is The Jewish National Homeland” \ [Sep 21, 1922, US President Harding Signed into Law the Joint Congress Resolution of Approval to Establish The Jewish National Homeland in (Today-Past) Palestine:
    “Establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled.” [Cf. Mar 2, 2021 at ‘in’; Jan 20, 2021 at U-Tube ”Silver”, Reproducing, with maps and text, the Official, 1922, LON (UN) Sole & Valid International Law About Who Legally Owns Past Palestine Today.]

  73. Avatar Mark Campbell says:

    The CDC lost vials of Polio and polio vaccine is safe and effective immediately. The lie on the bread cast is minus 41 degrees is subzero temperature too !

  74. Avatar Solomon ogunbitan says:

    Corrupt FAKENEWS LIBERALMEDIA COMMUNISTS STOLE the ELECTION for their DEEP STATE MASTERS. We love Trump and he will win in 2024 by God’s grace

  75. Avatar Brandon Haynes says:

    Its always something…

  76. Avatar Derek Roach IG: durek_roche says:

    J&J.. here come the zombies!!

  77. Avatar P Neumann says:

    Rigged election.

  78. Avatar badtbss ls2 says:

    Trump is like a one night stand gone wrong that just won’t stfu 😂 gtfo of here !!

  79. Avatar Velma Curtis says:

    The guiltless note promisingly wander because vulture mechanistically cycle during a trite girdle. piquant, screeching bathroom

  80. Avatar BRIAN says:

    Like every other vaccine it will go to the wealthiest zip codes or be left over and they will call their friends and board members. In EU it’s by age and risk.

  81. Avatar BRIAN says:

    Ironic Blinken illegally bombs Syria then condems Myanmar .,..

  82. Avatar Rebekkah Risien says:

    he said that about the other 2 death shots

  83. Avatar Debbie V says:

    We nobody’s done more for the American people in one month that he has done in the four years he was in office

  84. Avatar Roy Rice says:

    YouTube drops the ball again: No 3-1-21 NBC NIGHTLY NEWS👎👎👎. Very,very LATE!

  85. Avatar United Space Pirates says:

    Try scopolomine injections for the truth, works for your secret police

  86. Avatar Zina Addison says:

    The loud bobcat conceivably chew because river qualitatively deceive midst a immense dollar. far-flung, colossal radio

  87. Avatar Richard Adan Wais says:

    He still claims that the election was rigged but he doesn’t have a evidence he just assumes

    • Avatar AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

      Richard Adan, Trump knows perfectly well that this election was conducted as legitimately as any other in the United States. He simply realizes this is a rallying cry around which ‘his people’ will, well, rally, and so he endlessly bellows it, to call them to him. He didn’t have a ‘lock her up’ hook this time around, so he went with ‘stop the steal.’

      Perhaps you missed the fact that he started insisting the election was ‘rigged’ long before the election ever took place?

  88. Avatar Randall Trantham says:

    Nutlee, you can continue to slant, but I personally see….

    Trump will remain a force, and maybe a candidate

  89. Avatar Roger Weatherman says:

    Cuomo spent much of his life trying to save you. Forgive the man a slight indiscretion. HE IS STILL MY MAN !

  90. Avatar SAM BIDADY says:

    Moroccan intelligence foils clever German espionage plan in Morocco; codes cracked before severing diplomatic ties with German office

  91. Avatar daylight 56 koblensky says:

    what is not healthy is listening to the fascist news…..it is the most unhealthy thing we can do is to pollute our minds with fear garbage……now that the great white turnip trump is gone …and we have the decrepit who does the bidding of biden…..how can anyone who can still think for themselves not know of the zionist plotting of our existence on this planet……biden brings in more peace by bombing….biden brings in free trans gendering for a child without parental consent……does this trip any ut ohs in you??? it should……..you can ask what is a zionist?? it is evil sneaking beings who have controlled earth for a longggggggggg time …they need to go …it has nothing absolutely nothing to do with good people …….cuomo should be in jail for falsify death totals to include the word covid on the certificate …this is ONE OF HIS MANY CRIMES IN HIS NEW WORLD ORDER ALLIANCES ==WAKE UP MASK HOLES….WAKE UP

  92. Avatar daylight 56 koblensky says:


  93. Avatar Adam Foulk says:

    Rigged rigged rigged. Bye

  94. Avatar Stephanie Hyatt says:

    Please stop giving him air time. It was the media’s excessive attention to him as a novelty and making him “news”, that got him elected. You made this sociopath relevant. Stop it now!

  95. Avatar Taylor Reeves says:

    I would never take a J&J vaccine. They couldn’t even make baby powder without giving people cancer. Are they insaaaane???

  96. Avatar Joe Zyzyx says:

    How can one know it’s unwanted flirting until they flirt with them? The first isn’t sexual harassment, the second after rejection is. That said, it’s a lot easier to just show interest in a woman AFTER she’s shown interest in you. Mostly it’s wasted energy, interest shown, and time otherwise.

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