NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 3rd, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

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FBI and DHS warn of possible threat to Capitol, U.S. troops attacked at Iraqi air base, and Mississippi facing water crisis after winter storm.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:12 FBI & DHS Warn Of New U.S. Capitol Attack Threat
2:44 Commander: Pentagon Took 3+ Hours To Send Troops To Riot
3:33 FBI & DHS Warn Of New U.S. Capitol Attack Threat
3:56 Governor Cuomo Apologizes But ‘Not Going To Resign’
6:12 Rocket Attack On U.S. Troops Stationed In Iraq
8:08 Biden: U.S. Investigating Attack On Troops In Iraq
8:23 Biden Narrows Eligibility For Stimulus Checks
8:34 Biden Narrows Eligibility For $1’400 Stimulus Checks
9:00 Biden: ‘Neanderthal Thinking To Lift Mask Mandates
10:11 More States & Cities Defy CDC To Lift Covid Restrictions
11:34 New CDC Guidelines Expected For Vaccinated Americans
12:06 Mississippi Residents Still Without Water After 2+ Weeks
13:40 Border Patrol: Crash Victims Came Through Fence Hole
14:07 Women Alleges Cover-Up After Cancer Diagnosis Missed
16:32 ‘RE-Entry Anxiety’ Grows As Covid Restrictions Are Lifted
18:33 Vanessa Bryant On Life After Kobe & Daughter’s Deaths

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 3rd, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar sly fox says:


  2. Avatar e4K Korea says:

    Checkout the information about Korean mask on my channel

  3. Avatar Drumpf Tawrd says:

    Honestly whoever gets that stimulus to the people quicker is who I want running the office. So far it’s been politics over the people and politicians have all agreed unanimously to give the people less like always. Meanwhile we are bailing out the airlines and every other business like usual and I am almost certain we will see downsizing while the execs continue to collect their usual pay. I’m not paying taxes to buy a millionaire or billionaire a third vacation home. Get the money to the people…

  4. Avatar D. A. says:


  5. Avatar Paige Davis says:

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  6. Avatar ronald Abellar says:

    God bless..tnx

  7. Avatar D. A. says:

    Well, black women will always be safer than ever. Jesus loves us this we know, cos’ the Bible tells us so. Wees Freeee.

  8. Avatar D. A. says:

    Cuntmo is a filthy individual…..everyone knows it.

  9. Avatar Alleged Augur says:

    “39 Days, America Under Siege, Under Plan-demic Masks”

  10. Avatar Nico Mao says:

    The muddled larch sequently hammer because bookcase rationally clap onto a lethal microwave. stereotyped, funny secure

  11. Avatar Alleged Augur says:

    One of these days Melon Head is going to break down and admit he can’t do this anymore

  12. Avatar Robbie Schlerf says:

    the news is what makes people hate eachother

  13. Avatar victor viamil says:

    it looks like you cant even look at a woman too hard cause its harassment! Wear a dark shades Cuomo. Lwwwwwad have mercy

  14. Avatar William Daniels says:

    Don’t call man no this is money time and everybody is Greeley right now and they will do anything they can to get a bucket in their pocket

  15. Avatar rairai says:

    Troops still protecting craven politicians …when citizens are afraid of government freedom is not there , but if government is afraid of citizens there is freedom …..

  16. Avatar Carol Smith says:

    Dementia Joe is angry cause you’re not buying into the fear-mongering. Put another mask on Joe.

  17. Avatar Father Finger says:


  18. Avatar Father Finger says:


  19. Avatar Utubefavorites says:

    Mask do not stop covid

  20. Avatar Utubefavorites says:

    What about letting all the people in at the boarder that is the disaster

  21. Avatar redheadsarenotdead Red says:

    Some cultures are very “hands-on.” Why did she not take a picture with his lips closer? He touched her on the face, he should know not to do that ever again.

  22. Avatar DawnViolet says:

    Thank you, Macys (and the other companies), for putting your employees safety first. It’s good to know that even if my state did lift the mask mandate (which is unlikely) my employer would still enforce it.

  23. Avatar James Woznik says:

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  24. Avatar AQUARIUS says:


  25. Avatar Paul Herzog says:

    Keep culling the herd. Todesverachtung!

  26. Avatar Dragmoor Killsum says:

    Yes someone’s going to attack the capitol building with all that pence around it and military soldiers there and everything else and somebody’s going to attack the capital building are people that stupid Answer yes they are The people of this country are idiots in the soul stupid mindless slaves drones Whatever men around by the bull ring in their nose people of this country or nothing more than idiots

  27. Avatar Dallas Taylor says:

    It looks to me that Americans need to stop being either “excited” or “scared” of things and find more ways to decentralize efforts so it doesn’t always seem like anyone complaining is asking somebody else (that may or may not exist) for the missing issue at hand. It’s like we have a wizard behind the curtain we are all expecting to fix our problems. It’s bizarre.

  28. Avatar robert miller says:

    what if Trump had said ” neanderthal thinking” ? ? ? It is ok when sleepy joe says it.

  29. Avatar Mari Garcia says:


  30. Avatar Jackie Toussaint says:

    Why they don’t go an hide their ugly face ok

  31. Avatar It's Human says:

    Just want to say that Iraq doesn’t respect Americans cause joe Biden is our president and he a total puss we r on the brink of war

  32. Avatar Hecka Much Magazine says:

    You know the democrat politicians are laughing at how stupid the people are for going along with something that has absolutely zero published peer reviewed science behind it.
    Like masks supposedly working to stop or even hinder the spread of viral contagion.
    That’s right. There is zero science behind that. There’s lots of papers that say it doesn’t, and lots of papers that say “maybe”.
    But as of yet there is zero science that says mask work.
    Lots of media lies and propaganda tho.

  33. Avatar Ker Loz says:

    The aspiring prepared recurrently grab because hope energetically sin above a unusual fir. nostalgic, blushing mercury

  34. Avatar Andrew K says:

    America . Wat a
    Far Q Fools

  35. Avatar Lisa Kuehl says:

    Calling what happened on the Capitol an “armed insurrection” is a lie. These people were unarmed, and someone in the Capitol MURDERED an unarmed woman. Pelosi just milks everything she can to justify her worthless, do nothing position. She’s in power to stay in power, not to do a thing for her constituents. Show me ONE thing she’s done for them. Yet it’s okay for people to burn and pillage all summer long with impunity. The hypocrisy is both rampant and revolting.

  36. Avatar Majeshir Kaku says:

    I am not sure why having such a big military in US and they allow local militia groups? This is insane

  37. Avatar Majeshir Kaku says:

    They should take out all the milita

  38. Avatar Damien Connors says:

    if andrew was better looking he would not have to try so hard

  39. Avatar Veronica B says:

    Looks like Texas is trying to to win Florida’s title of America’s Stupidest State. 😜😳

  40. Avatar Chris Young says:

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  41. Avatar الحق ظلمى والمصقل دليله. says:

    (R )دول هذا كانه رجل ذو عكاز يرمز لكنز ومال 💲 والآخر بلا عين !!يعني نصف رجل بالاحرى والجان يستخدم نصفه الموجود لأنه ليس له شقين ينقسم على اثنين فهو شق واحد يرى بعين معينه طوليه ليس للبشر .فالشياطين هم القائمين بهذا العالم من خلال عالمهم التي يراها البشر خارقه وغريبه وذلك لان لديهم القبيل الد ميه الذي من خلاله ادخلو عالمهم بعالم البشر من خلف صورة الإنسان الدميه فقط وينسبون هذه الخوارق لقبيلهم الدميه من اجل غرور الناس به وقوته وحضارته الجديدة لثقة الناس بعقولهم فيتبعهم الناس ليكون معهم عالمهم وحضارتهم القويه وهي جنة الدجال وناره الأسلحة النارية والمتطورة من خلال علم الجن وهذا لعبادة الجن أيضا بالمقابل لكل اعضاء هذا العالم بمعبود واحد R💲💵🕵

  42. Avatar الحق ظلمى والمصقل دليله. says:

    الاهرامات الثلاثة كانها جبال وهي اهرامات في هرم واحد شعار منطقة مخزون الاشعاعات ومقبرة الحيتانالقديمة العملاقة قمة (يورا) مركز الأرض والكتاب والمغناطيس والبشرية .منها خلقناكم واليها نعيدكم ومنها نبعثكم تارة اخرى …السراط يمر من فوق النار الذي مكان الشعلة العلامة والجنة للاعلى يمر بين ظهرانين ألسنة شعلات نار الله الموقده في الاخرة بعد البعث من الموت.. وكلنا نعلم أين مكان الجنه من الارض فإن النار في المكان الذي يدعون إليه وهم على دينه وعبادته فمن يدعوهم كان يدعوهم على السراط المستقيم يعني مركز الدعوة الذي تحت الجنه مكان النار يوم الحساب الاعظم . كذلك هناك شاهد عليكم في نفس المكان تعرفونه جيدا هو من سيقوم يمين جده ويشهد من نفس المكان . 🏀👣

  43. Avatar Linda James says:

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  44. Avatar Cook Emperor says:

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  45. Avatar Steve Kelley says:

    Stupidity… Lies…. Hypocrisy… All of the aforementioned….. it’s easy to figure out the new DEMONCRAP PARTY…… They hated Trumps wall and called Obummers cages Trumps … Now they build a wall around our US Capitol and open up our border southern border to certain death, crime, sickness, and destruction… the crooked DemoncRATS at the same time complain about states opening up and no masks they allow hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to bring the covid virus, drugs, crime, gangs, and terrorists in to already failed demoncrat run cities that were destroyed by Demoncrat approved and financed terror groups Antifa/BLM and now they want to pass a so called ” Covid relief bill” that gives billions of Patriotic tax payer dollars to bail out and rebuild those same effed up demoncrap cities destroyed by their own thugs whom they urged to keep destroying after the bail money raised by idiots like Camellala Harriass and Nannie Pisslosi sent them back to the streets to continue their thug nation display…. and they cslked that peaceful protests.. Easy to see who the lying corrupt hypocrites are in that cult of drug infused toxic insanity and mentally deranged idiots are.

  46. Avatar Jason Hahn says:

    It’s hard to ignore the freedom you gain working from home. Post pandemic my career moves will be based on this freedom.

  47. Avatar Kulah Earl says:

    Yes America is too slow to take action but they act like they are fast in taking action January 6th twentytwentyone that attack was playing all by Donald Trump and he hold the army down that is just a simple knowledge it was all plan and it was all into his hand army police FBI was are on a history guide President Trump so it’s just glad to understand so America security security security security security Accord Accord Accord Accord security security don’t sleep on your way leaving the 6 years old boy can fight the battle to protect himself or his people America protect your people open your eyes

  48. Avatar Kulah Earl says:

    Watch out watch out watch out a sentence Donald Trump I said he’s coming back so get the Trap for the rat get the Trap for the lion get the Trap for the snake etc America do not underestimate a word from a man mouth

  49. Avatar Alourdes Destin says:


  50. Avatar Jenny E says:

    You should do a story on the crap economy, or maybe the guy who was frozen inside his car because he had no place to keep warm, you know reality, but you wont

  51. Avatar Mary Bowman says:

    Fake News Same as Always. If Nasty Nancy was not so fearful of the People. She Hired ANTIVA to the do a job on the Capital just like Voter Fraud was planned years ago with Mail in Ballads.

  52. Avatar Maykel Lopez says:

    That’s BS you know that

  53. Avatar Genevieve Gustafson says:

    Walls for the politicians but none for the order.

  54. Avatar mikejezo says:

    Can someone tell us why these women waited for this long before filing a complaint? If he had abused you you should have spoken about it then. Why now?

  55. Avatar mikejezo says:

    HYPOCRISY he say there’s constant investment going on 🤣😆 you mean in illegal wars and racist actions like spending money on a useless wall ? Instead fixing your infrastructure?🙄😂

  56. Avatar Robert Williams says:

    Cuomo needs to stay strong and go to jail 🥳🥳🥳🤪🤪😷😷😷😷

  57. Avatar RioMoreno80 says:


  58. Avatar michael burns says:

    Anarchist Superstar

  59. Avatar michael burns says:

    Get yo’ “Blanco” to clean it up!

  60. Avatar william waller says:

    They have no need to fear Biden. I bet he comes across as softer than Kentucky Butter to foreign leaders.

  61. Avatar Joseph Brooks says:

    .more fake news

  62. Avatar NoName Rocks says:

    Hypocritical BS Look NO ONE WAS AT THE HEALM OF THE SHIP GOING IN TO THE KICK BUT TRIAL OF OUR LIVES. You have one standard for one person and another for him…oh he’s in NY any Diaper Don is scared of that place so oooh Mr Cuomo just acted like any Heterosexual Human and “ASKED” an adult yet young,beautiful lady for a kiss. The former leader of America is well known for not asking or respecting the answer. Cuomo took over in a storm when the Captain was on the White House lawn playing in the Big Rigs they’d brought in for his amusement..I think if you’d of tried to put New Yorkers in a “Army Facility” I wouldn’t of given the a good shot medically plus it’d scare me! I don’t ever want to have to be in a F.E.M.A. camp or any Government run facility!

  63. Avatar Adrien Pinard says:

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  64. Avatar Shawn Ross says:

    There beach just want me him to lose his job beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

  65. Avatar Lu Ann Benitez says:

    Eight Dems voted against the $15 Min wage amendment. We must remember the senators who voted for workers to continuue to receive poverty wages. They are: Joe Manchin (WV), Joe Tester (MT), Jeane Sheheen (NH), Maggie Hassan (NH), Krysten Cinema (AZ), Chris Coons (DE), and Tom Carper (DE). Remember.who did not stand up for us! The Justice Dems stood up for us and voted for for the $15 minimum wage.

  66. Avatar Yvonna Mit says:

    The ex president dont know about there plotting amen.💋

  67. Avatar Yvonna Mit says:

    Not afraid of P Biden, but be afraid of GOD because he is not in your revenge behaviour. BEWARE OF HIM.

  68. Avatar Harvey Johnson says:

    Staff could have spoke up when it happened not save it and Cast stones a year 2 years 3 years later its getting ridiculous and is getting old Save it like you playing monopoly and it’s a get out of Jail free card

  69. Avatar Okhui Pomes says:

    People think it’s only 3 people, but you have to think that it’s 100 people per person. The Governor’s honor is at stake, but he’s a very powerful force. Very few people will stand up for it. I will write a verse from the psalm: The LORD is in his temple, and the throne of the LORD is in heaven, his eyes touch through life, and his eyes behold them. Psalm 14:11

  70. Avatar Carla Vigil says:


  71. Avatar Carla Vigil says:


  72. Avatar Carlos Lafleur says:

    GV Cuomo ain’t going nowhere

  73. Avatar Joshua Goldberger says:

    They all been puppet since kennedy

  74. Avatar Rene Boutin says:

    This reminds me of the infamous Jimmy Swaggart confession

  75. Avatar Наталья Кондратенко says:

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  76. Avatar 1 Bad Man says:

    Liars and Thieves. Every. One. Of. Them.

  77. Avatar Buck You says:

    Antifa and BLM going to get them again?

  78. Avatar academic forage says:

    The kindhearted grill ironically lighten because hammer neurobiologically exercise among a yummy run. internal, cute island

  79. Avatar terry harker says:

    Oh bs communist lester holt !! Turn face you know exactly what’s going on and you want to hang out on the evil side of life!

    • Avatar LesB SoCal says:

      sez the one who doesn’t know what communism is

  80. Avatar Joe Schmo says:

    This aged well🤦

  81. Avatar Jason Byrd says:

    Let THEE house keep treading water in THEE stimulation package. You keep dragging your feet OLD SCHOOL MINDED HOUSE. 🏠
    Seems as though THEE HOUSE is 🎼utt hert that THEE PEOPLE made it PLAIN and CLEAR that us little people ( U.S. CITIZENS ) are savvy to THEE HOUSE’s THINKING 💭 process.
    In MEE opinion = they DON’T CARE about THEE AMERICAN COMMONERS , that don’t live on the HILL CLICK OF SILVER SPOON BORN IDIOTS. in MEE opinion of course.

  82. Avatar theSkeptic says:

    Cuomo is a liar. He said he didn’t intend to do it, but it’s obvious that he did.

  83. Avatar Harold Paratestes says:

    Fake news.
    Spreading fear from your corporate media

  84. Avatar Randy Hunnicutt says:

    Lester you all are prejudice you all are a bunch of dum son of snitches

    • Avatar LesB SoCal says:

      Yet here u aer watching

  85. Avatar Philip Janka says:

    Coumo is a murder, who cares about sexual harassments.

  86. Avatar Mallory Bergerhofer says:

    I’m guessing all the New Age hypersensitivity is coming straight out of New York. Because this is absurd. All the new sexual harassment case is coming from all over the place in this country right now, is starting to be the little boy who cried Wolf. I would bet that, Governor Cuomo didn’t actually harass anyone. Somebody was really sensitive or insecure and took some fun flirting or sarcasm as an insult. It’s a good thing Northeasterners don’t come West very often. Everybody will be in jail for racism xenophobia sexual-harassment even though none of it would actually be happening there just sensitive people up there..

  87. Avatar Horris The great says:

    So the same people that agree with genocide in China also say u can’t leave ur house, give ur kids hormone blockers n mutilate their genitalia… but yeah keep listening to them

  88. Avatar Brush Brothers Painting says:


  89. Avatar Ukuu Tafari says:

    Revenge… plain simple. Keep your head up.

  90. Avatar Teddy Lee says:

    A Subway for California is in that bill , And cuts to Medicare ???

  91. Avatar Teddy Lee says:

    What’s going on !!!!

  92. Avatar Michael Murphy says:

    Time to go Governor. It’s unfortunate for him but you can’t be doing that anymore. It’s unacceptable behaviour.

  93. Avatar soukprasith Chanthasaeng says:

    Buden Stutic too Bad USA not nice US not help US Biden make US Bad biden help China CCP win team China game CCP make US Bad Why biden not enemy everything Team biden work with Chinese CCP help China happy good

  94. Avatar Daniel B says:

    I won’t wear a Chinese made mask that does nothing besides, looks stuiped. N95 is the only thing that could be a help but they don’t want people to have them…NBC is f. Ake news big time .

  95. Avatar Daniel B says:

    Its a shame they didn’t take the capital, but now it’s just a buzzword to sell papers to zombie mask wearers who will march right off the cliff if the government told them too

  96. Avatar Frontline Fairytales says:

    Nursing homes should be your focus. Enough with the metoo. Grandma needs answers.

  97. Avatar Frontline Fairytales says:

    Never going to be 100% okay. Fear from media is responsible. I hope you are held accountable.

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