NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 9th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

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Remembering Britain’s Prince Philip, medical examiner testifies on George Floyd’s cause of death, and how the pandemic impacted American workers’ wages.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:02 Prince Philip, Husband Of Queen Elizabeth, Dies At 99
04:52 Queen Elizabeth Mourning Her Husband Of 73 Years
05:52 Pathologist: George Floyd’s Death Caused By Asphyxia
06:12 Medical Examiner Who Conducted Floyd Autopsy Testifies
06:33 Medical Examiner: Heart Disease Factored In Floyd’s Death
07:04 Defense Argues Drugs & Heart Conditions Killed Floyd
07:35 Harrowing Week Of Testimony For George Floyd’s Family
08:31 J&J Vaccine Adverse Reactions Reported In Three States
09:16 J&J Shipments Expected To Plunge 80 Percent Next Week
09:32 New Covid Cases & Hospitalizations Rising Across U.S.
10:01 Pfizer Asks FDA To Authorize Vaccine For Children 12 To 15
10:21 Biden Forms Commisison To Study Expanding Supreme Court
11:09 House Ethics Panel Opens Investigations Into Matt Gaetz
11:32 New Images Of Migrants Crossing U.S. Border
11:42 Texas Governor Alleges Abuse At Migrant Child Shelter
12:22 20,000+ Migrant Children Held In U.S. Custody
12:42 Migrant Families Reunited After Dangerous Journey
13:13 Media Denied Access To Texas Migrant Child Shelter
13:26 NBC News Joint Investigations Into Capitol Attack
14:56 Casino Gives Workers Permanent Raise Amid Pandmeic
16:53 Valcano Eruption Forces Evacuation On Caribbean Island
17:11 Rap Star DMX Dies After Heart Attack At 50
17:34 FBI Warns Fake Vaccination Cards Being Sold Online

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 9th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Leonardo Castagna says:


  2. Avatar Nick Powers says:

    What happens to Johnny Cash the singer

  3. Avatar Nick Powers says:

    My grandpa Ernie Jankowski he did met Prince Phillip in the navy my grandpa left the navy service in 1935

  4. Avatar Nick Powers says:

    I am a Down syndrome of special needs I take the Transit plus with the community coming home Biden’s unity is not inappropriate I don’t wish to end up in my house with dignity

  5. Avatar Dani Mooti says:

    Morn the family that suppressed color nations and used their stolen money from colored nations to build their empire. The royal family represents, slavery, colorism, and the distraction in nations still struggling to be. Rip prince Phillips but the hate your represent lives on.

  6. Avatar Lionness Warrior says:

    How come they didnt say he dead from their BIG C/19???🎪🚪

  7. Avatar StrangerThanFiction says:

    Your only hope and salvation from this madness is Jesus Christ. You`re a sinner, Jesus was crucified for your sins on the cross so you could live forever with him. He provided a way out. Repent or face his judgement and wrath for the time is at hand, these are the end times.

  8. Avatar AJ says:

    Problem is the politicians don’t care if they get an official salary or not as long as the pac money and stolen taxes from our labor keeps rolling in.

  9. Avatar Sayittomyface Idareyou says:

    So heartbroken to wake up and find out DMX is dead. RIP X. No more pain and suffering.

  10. Avatar Dale Hylton says:

    Why did you tell people to email their vacinne cards to themselves? Email is NOT secure. This type of information just like social security numbers should never be emailed.

  11. Avatar greg nedurp says:

    Jesus rose from the dead, and can raise anyone He wants.

  12. Avatar Juan Starnotip says:

    So, people are afraid of the J&J vaccine because some people got dizzy or had an allergic reaction? The same thing can happen when you get the flu shot though…

  13. Avatar Paul Karkarin says:

    Omg, “17-teen years old girl” again. At what places she is a girl, but not woman? Rediculous news.

  14. Avatar Anthony Crowe says:

    I dont know who the owner of that casino is. But I’d like to give that man a big hug and tell him thank you and I don’t even like gambling.

  15. Avatar pet mak says:

    Trump said it best, the REAL issue facing America, is mental illness.
    that’s it. nothing more.
    Mental illness has never been higher. it’s out of control. if we can strengthen mental health, then LITERALLY 100% of all other problems will fix themselves.

  16. Avatar Abel Moreno says:

    Day 385 and counting..

    Still don’t wear a mask,
    Still don’t have a vaccine,
    Still haven’t stayed home,
    Still lived my life normally,
    Still haven’t gotten sick,


    • Avatar Minnie Granger says:

      @Abel Moreno And many Americans have underlying health conditions – obesity, etc.

    • Avatar Abel Moreno says:

      @Minnie Granger and they should know what they can do about that if they’ve ever went to a gym or went on a jog and eat healthy.

      But what do I know right!?! 😏

    • Avatar Minnie Granger says:

      @Abel Moreno Bit it doesn’t negate the fact that the vaccine is needed.

    • Avatar Abel Moreno says:

      @Minnie Granger and just how many vaccine shots are needed?


      Your better off not getting one if you’ve been okay this long without it..

      But again what do I know right?!😏

      I’ve just been living my life normally with regular exercise and eating healthy and getting a good nights sleep.

      That’s my vaccine😁

    • Avatar Minnie Granger says:

      @Abel Moreno You’re forgetting that many have not been living life as if there’s no pandemic. Many of us have been taking precautions. I’m sincerely happy that you’re in good health; unfortunately not all people are or have family members who aren’t, and those people want/need the vaccine.

  17. Avatar Mark Housman says:

    Enough with the British royal family already. We fought a war to be rid of them awhile back.

  18. Avatar Chanel Mill says:

    99 sheesh what a great life

  19. Avatar Tim Sawyer says:

    Nooo!!! Not X!!!

  20. Avatar DavidFourteen says:

    8 people with MINOR adverse reactions out of how many vaccinated so far in GA, and they stop vaccinating? WTF

  21. Avatar nisha brown says:

    Hip hop lost a legend to ya know R.I.P. DMX💪🏿💪🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

  22. Avatar donjuan ph says:

    It is for academical porpoises
    Hedged words
    may, think, could, would, should, possibility, can, though, unquestionably, feel like.

  23. Avatar Sara A. says:

    The grandson is not grateful for what he had and still receive fir being a prince, him and Meghan are too privileged they should talk really? Maybe he really not the biological son of the queen as some people say.

  24. Avatar Sara A. says:

    It’s funny how NBC made a point to read Harry’s and Meghan’s condolences after Biden, really NBC how low can you get? Harry and Meghan made sure to hurt the queen while her husband was dying. They don’t care about the queen or prince Philip but about themselves. Two selfish with issues found each other.

  25. Avatar JFH-Online says:

    I wonder what “wage slaves” means?

  26. Avatar I Evo says:

    Takes 30 seconds to find hi-res blank vaccination cards on Google images, not sure why people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to get one.

  27. Avatar psycho poet says:

    Rest in PEACE DMX!!!

  28. Avatar J P says:

    (16:33) “If you do well, you must do what you can for those who enabled you to do well.” 👍👍👍👍

  29. Avatar Jim PedziH20 says:

    I love how this program continues to focus on the ONE DC riot but NOTHING about the liberal extremist and countless deaths, burned cities and violence from the BLM riots which occurred for years! NBC should be served with sedition themselves! Oh notice how no BLM riots stopped now the liberals packed congress, I guess racism stopped?! Hmmmm. Nbc should face criminal charges!

  30. Avatar james butler says:

    Adverse reactions to J&J vaccine… What are they? How about letting us in on the reactions?

  31. Avatar Dmitri Pullum says:

    Bottom line, Children must be taken care of no matter where a kid is located . Kids are to be attended to. They are our future.

  32. Avatar YouTube Commenter says:

    Mad Maddy Gaetz should go!

  33. Avatar BryTye Bear says:

    What a beautiful cousin love story

  34. Avatar Robert Ferguson says:

    I’m crying 😂😂😂

  35. Avatar Robert Ferguson says:

    Gaetz, our Rep ?? Disgrace

  36. Avatar Angelica Cline says:

    Meghan and Harry should go but keep it on the down low no press. Not be out in public. Stay with some obscure family member and go with them to and from funeral Go to England By flying into France than by Eurostar train to England. This should not be about them if they make it about them we will see their true colors.

  37. Avatar Anand A says:

    U r news every day same subjects same faces

  38. Avatar Nina Cassadaga says:

    is this American news or what? How cares about some rich old dead guy

  39. Avatar Dominic Anwar says:

    They forgot to mention that prince Flip (him off) sisters both married nazi members of the SS.

  40. Avatar SM RK says:

    Why does Boris Johnson always look like he just woke up?

  41. Avatar Charlotte Rose says:

    so annoying how megan and harry had to do their interview when prince philip was already having medical problems! now it casts a shadow on what should be a time all about prince philip and queen elizabeth!

  42. Avatar Charlotte Rose says:

    NBC the Gaetz stories are really not interesting!

  43. Avatar Esther Cook says:

    The unbiased hockey quickly tie because jury sadly interrupt abaft a puzzling narcissus. sloppy, impartial report

  44. Avatar Mehreena Ahmad says:


    No comment on SCOTUS expansion

    The U.S. are child kidnappers

    Why are people stealing vaccine cards? Just get the vaccine. It’s freeee… I dont think you should put the card on your phone. That’s potential for cyber theft.

  45. Avatar BillyBoy71 says:

    Man shout out to Lester Holt!👴🏾👊🏿 I have soooo much respect for him. I have been watching him report the news for decades. When i became a single father @ 17yrs old in 1988 i remember watching him on CBS and he inspired me to go back to school & get my G.E.D. & do something in journalism or be a news anchor & turn my life around so i could be a father for my 1st born son. I would like to get to meet him 1 day & just tell him thank you for inspiring me to do something positive with my life at that time as a teenager becoming a young father GOD permitting!🙏🏿 And respect for him & NBC news for acknowledging & paying respects to Earl DMX Simmons a true rap legend in the culture!🎤🎧🐐💯👏🏿 R.I.P. DMX!💙🙏🏿✝️

  46. Avatar Charlotte Rose says:

    its false what kristen welker said that biden said he wasn’t a fan of court packing. biden said he would have it studied

  47. Avatar Andre Bleu says:

    Stop spreading hate news,this network is corrupt and pathetic

  48. Avatar A K says:

    “minor adverse reactions” 😂 the denial is unreal

  49. Avatar Luther Steinboch says:

    The Biden-Harris administration is facilitating child/human trafficking, drugs smuggling, and entry of foreign terrorists into our country with its current open borders policy. This is in accordance with the 16-year plan to destroy America which is the “brain child” of George Soros who once said: “Destroying America will be the culmination of my life’s work”. He then funded these caravans through the “Migrantes Sin Fronteras” organization that is financially supported by his Open Society Foundations. George Soros must be STOPPED now, or we will continue to be faced with these problems until this evil man is gone for good. Incidentally, this illegitimate Biden-Harris administration must be taken out or abolished by any means necessary before it totally destroys our Constitutional Republic.

  50. Avatar Dana Sleeper says:

    Donald J Trump, please Bring our great leader back ASAP, before the Biden/ Harris adm completely ruins our country !! Even Democrats and some Trump haters are now admitting they made a big mistake, well you know duh!

  51. Avatar Humble Life says:

    “No amendment, no amendment to the constitution is absolute.” –Joe Biden

  52. Avatar Eddie Clay Jr says:

    That is great news, hoping other companies and business are considering of doing the same. It will be good for the company as well as for the employees.. Job well done, God is good

  53. Avatar Pet Rock says:

    Like DMX, Michael Jackson was also 50 years old when he passed away. That’s when you’re considered a Senior Citizen here in the U.S., even if many have to continue working 15 to 20 more years, before even thinking of retiring.

  54. Avatar AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

    You can talk about drugs and you can talk about medical conditions, but the issue being decided is whether continuing to apply deadly force on an individual who is not only handcuffed and no longer resisting, but who is UNCONSCIOUS, is justified.

  55. Avatar Personal Hygiene Issue says:

    11:30 If the Biden administration really cared about covid, they’d close the border.

  56. Avatar rumination says:


  57. Avatar Kam Kalkutta says:

    Load up the boat and get ready the flaming arrow……..

  58. Avatar Concepta Bogart says:

    Are they just going to ignore the fact that Biden uses a green screen and wears masks??

  59. Avatar Concepta Bogart says:

    The vaccination cards feel like a trip down memory lane for any poor souls that escaped Auschwitz

  60. Avatar Leobardo Alvarado says:

    If the queen dies in a week , that was true 💕!! Most people that truly love their mate they cannot live on !! We will see

  61. Avatar Lynx X says:

    I hope that the rest of the (United) States will open their eyes and understand the real plan here.

  62. Avatar Sun and D-970 says:

    Sorry to hear about Prince Philip passing, as long as he went lights out peacefully.

  63. Avatar Julio Cezar says:


  64. Avatar BIG SEXY says:

    In a murder case you don’t have to testify, O.J. Simpson didn’t…

  65. Avatar Michael Brooks says:

    God save the Queen

  66. Avatar Cobalt5396 Gaming says:

    Asphyxia is also caused by methamphetamine and fentanyl, you liars!

  67. Avatar Iris De La Rosa says:

    There is estimated that 1000 or more people of unknown status slipping into our country daily. https://youtu.be/okegFQuqNgU

  68. Avatar dukeofthedance says:

    oh noe, the royal family in american news again. i dont care about those people. they could all die and it wouldnt effect my life in even the slightest way nor anyone around me. not trying to be rude, just saying how i feel when they waste time on that. you want to cry over something that doesnt matter at all; have at it.

    edit; plus, he was a loser. a puppet to the ‘queen’ if thats what you like calling her who existed only because he was permitted to.

    patriarch, hahaha right

  69. Avatar john panos says:

    where’s Qanon ? i’m shocked ! !

  70. Avatar Claudia Martin says:

    The queen lost her best friend.How sad. He will be missed.

  71. Avatar Color Light says:

    Isn’t what make new york state go around

  72. Avatar Sergio Fernandez says:

    why do they call him prince, if he was married to a Queen, if you are married to a Queen, does that not make you a king?

  73. Avatar Spartan Fit Bootcamp says:

    Not surprised Republiklans love Donald Trump and Epstein

  74. Avatar Destiny Forreal says:

    Those migrants are so brave

  75. Avatar B. Robins says:

    GOD bless the Queen 🙏🏾🤎

  76. Avatar Blue Crow says:

    If the glove don’t fit , that was an easy one put the rubber glove on then try on the leather glove case closed

  77. Avatar William says:

    If you raise the federal minimum wage it helps no one but the government. Inflation moves with the increase while lowering the value of the dollar by about half. A dollar in 2025 would only be worth 50 cents today of buying power. What is actually happening is your elderly family members on a fixed income from social security or savings they have left are moved into poverty. It’s a complete scam and the people spinning this for you know it. Those politicians selling you the wage hike all took an economics class and they are very well aware you get nothing from the wage hike but more physical dollars that buy less. If it’s still confusing to understand try this. If you pay 3.50 cents per gallon for gas then you will be paying 7 dollars a gallon not long after a federal wage hike. So you see you actually got nothing but more people put into poverty.

  78. Avatar D. A. says:

    Long he did live Prince Phillip, May he rest now, he did well with his beloved Queen & family.

  79. Avatar Power Of the Press says:

    With the inflation rate being what the fedsters have made it 17.50 is a joke. #auditthefed

  80. Avatar Benjamin Cho says:

    Maybe “Black Lives and White Lives” are a Metaphorical reference?

    I don’t know, is there a “White Lie and a Black Lie?”

    Is there Darkness and Light?

    Lumiere or Yami?

  81. Avatar Angela Daye says:

    Praying for the family.

  82. Avatar Jennifer N says:

    Lester Holt is the newscaster who has actually stood in front of the camera and said he doesn’t believe the news media needs to tell both sides of a story or report all the news. Great journalism. We already knew you felt that way, Lester, by watching you and all the news media shill for the Left and the Democrat party. Too bad none of you supposed adults remember that the truth and the actual news is more important than your personal opinion.

  83. Avatar Dannielle Uhrich says:

    Hourly should get a Way bigger raise than Tipped employees!! I worked in the Industry all my life and u make $$MONEY$$: In tips every day!! Unlike Hourly that always get the same!!✌️

  84. Avatar daniel morris says:

    Prince Philip~ 73 year marriage. Let that alone sink in…73 year marriage…stuff only imagined in fairytales. Who is without faults but 73 year partner to a Queen no less. Unheard of in human history let alone existence. Biblical proportions that Abraham can’t hold a candle or menorah to.

  85. Avatar Janelle K H Lincoln says:

    GOD bless you Lester Sooks

  86. Avatar Korella Daner says:

    The clean spade unintentionally telephone because sandra perplexingly spray during a giddy quotation. able, next cloud

  87. Avatar Donna Williams says:

    Biden needs to close the border NOW!

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