NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 14th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

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Former Minnesota police officer charged in shooting of Daunte Wright, Chauvin defense medical expert testifies on George Floyd’s death, and CDC holds emergency meeting over J&J Covid vaccine.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:08 Officer Who Shot Daunte Wright Charged With Manslaughter
04:33 Defense Expert: George Floyd Died From Cardiac Arrest, Drugs
05:30 Prosecution Challenges Chauvin Defense’s Medical Expert
06:03 Judge: Passenger In Floyd’s SUV Doesn’t Have To Testify
06:53 CDC Panel Delays Vote On Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Pause
07:14 Johnson & Johnson Vaccinations Paused In All 50 States
07:53 Health Officials Seek To Reassure Public After J&J Pause
08:59 Biden Announces Full U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan
11:00 Urgent Rescue Mission After Ship Capsizes Off Louisiana
12:25 Bernie Madoff, Ponzi Mastermind, Dies In Prison At 82
13:00 New Insight Into Plot To Kidnap Michigan’s Governor
16:06 Inside Mission To Deliver Vaccine To Remote Regions

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 14th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Richard Mann says:

    He crashed through a wall without making a sound
    Into a dry creek bed and suddenly drowned 
    A long black hearse came to cart him away
    But he ran for his life and is still gone today

    I watched from the corner of the table
    The only eyewitness to facts of my fable
    If you doubt my lies are true
    Just ask the blind man, he saw it too

  2. Avatar Telegraph Telegraphovich says:

    Afghanistan isn’t a war …it’s a slaughter. If you served. ..it WASN’T TO PROTECT U.S.A….DONT KID YOURSELF. …WE ALL KNOW BETTER…… GET A BETTER JOB….

  3. Avatar tom bob says:

    That black guy that repesents every black family is just looking for fame n fortune…..its sicking bc i see him geting excited when another cop kills a black man

  4. Avatar Nordberg799 says:

    Bring are boys home we might need them for a real threat

  5. Avatar Richard Mann says:

    So the drug dealer gets a pass on testifying because he knows he is partly culpable in Floyd’s death. Hmmm

  6. Avatar Squishy Mamma says:


  7. Avatar Squishy Mamma says:

    Tonight… All democrats serve the Antichrist as the brainwashed suckers flock to democratic corporate beast system fake news for their daily feast of fabricated lies

    • Avatar Squishy Mamma says:

      That’s why you dress like a sissy and Jiggle to Gaga
      Goo goo ga?
      Gaga goo?

  8. Avatar Tommy Vercetti says:

    Why does the media HAVE TO ADD weather people are white or black? Disgusting… Can’t everyone see they are trying to divide us

  9. Avatar diana king says:

    26 years on the force!! B#tch did that on purpose & tried to play it off😒

  10. Avatar Leah V says:

    It’s so scary to think that people won’t get the vaccine because of this. I had Covid arm from the vaccine (second dose) and people are using the reaction as a reason to not get the vaccine.

  11. Avatar Pearl Kurzer says:


  12. Avatar Jon Walker says:

    Why is no one going after these people who are committing hate crimes against white people? Like riotinf

  13. Avatar Toniann B says:

    MEDICAL EXAMINER should’ve retired the day he started! 17 years of foolishness

  14. Avatar Mike Perkins says:

    Let’s hope Trump goes the way of Madoff.

  15. Avatar WW-town! !! says:

    Right! Not satisfied yet! Not until we loot those few stores left and get us som new tv’s!!

  16. Avatar Carin Wiseman says:

    Worried about 2300 people dead over 20 years, but dismiss more than half a million deaths in one year.

  17. Avatar Amanda Dawntay says:


  18. Avatar Rachel Hancock says:

    “The planning happened here in this unlikely home…”

    I dunno seems pretty likely to me lmao

  19. Avatar L H says:

    Ppl want to make every shooting about race. This had nothing to do with race. She made a horrible mistake and what she says in the video supports it. Horrible all around and I completely understand the families anger. I am sorry for this family. Police policies are in desperate need of change. This is a tragedy but let’s stop making everything about race when there’s nothing to support it having anything to do with race.

  20. Avatar Charles Arrington says:


  21. Avatar Nick Hayden says:

    Why is every negative interaction between races called racist

  22. Avatar Matthew Dufur says:

    Almost every person I have spoken with agree that Floyd and Wright brought their misfortunes onto themselves for being felony loser’s that were fighting with cops. Lynching law enforcement based on race is every bit as bad as the KKK. BLM supporting loser’s over cops is very bad for our country.

  23. Avatar Luis says:

    At this point being a cop its not worth unless you really have a passion to protect and serve

  24. Avatar Nick Hayden says:

    Newsflash George floyd was a literal crackhead

  25. Avatar John Smith says:

    Rip bernie.you rob thé greedy Well dône.stole 40 billion and only did à small bid.

  26. Avatar riki rex says:

    every time somebody dies is because of cardiac arrest.

  27. Avatar Sudo Nimm says:

    Holt just has to mention that the officer is white. No one shows that the individual resisted arrest and tried to get away and had a warrant out.

  28. Avatar Island Wanderer says:

    To give the pig a little credit, when your in a high stress situation, the difference in weight and feel between the two weapons may be hard to tell..

  29. Avatar BOBBALAH says:

    “What a difference a day makes”

  30. Avatar nunya biznez says:

    Chauvin defense is grasping.

  31. Avatar nunya biznez says:

    Mistaking a gun for a taser is not an excuse. While I don’t think she intended to murder him I do think the charge was weak. 2nd degree murder is the appropriate charge.

  32. Avatar nunya biznez says:

    While I am certain that Chauvin is guilty, in the interest of being thorough, Floyd’s passenger should compelled to testify by giving him immunity for his actions that day. Then his invocation of the fifth amendment would become invalid.

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    • Avatar Fletcher williams says:

      doubted this before giving it a try, and didn’t regret trading with Mrs Katherine M. Beckham she’s the best broker so far

  34. Avatar M & M says:

    Did they say car fumes? lol what about the airplane fumes from an airplane that possible flew overhead while he was killing him did it

  35. Avatar Jon Smith says:

    We have to leave. At some point this war needs to end. Of course republicans want it to continue. Gotta keep that war machine money coming in. Democracy can’t be forced on everyone. People who want to live in a theocracy will never embrace democracy and we need to stop trying to impose it on other countries. Staying there because of fear of terrorists just allows more Americans to die. Get out and stay out.

  36. Avatar ArabianQueen Sheba says:

    “Every human life matters” Including the Afghan people.

    • Avatar Reginald Brown MUSIC says:


  37. Avatar dj says:

    You have a felony warrant for beating up a Woman! Don’t resist and this would have never happened!

  38. Avatar Mallory Bergerhofer says:

    The trial of George Floyd’s murder is becoming very irritating. Coming from someone with cardiac conditions, you will never convince me that an opiate, which are known to slow the heart rate not speed it up. Which is more likely to cause heart failure not a cardiac arrest. Fear would have caused cardiac arrest but no one should be in fear of their life when dealing with a police officer if you hadn’t harmed someone else. The plot to use the carbon monoxide from the exhaust of the car is also ridiculous. And even if it held up, why did they have him laying so close to him the exhaust of a vehicle? How do you been onThat much but no he wouldn’t have been a threat anyway. None of it makes sense. They need to just admit that, they had an a hole cop that was way too aggressive and killed someone and take the murder charge and Collett good. Maybe not premeditated but at least manslaughter.

  39. Avatar Jerome Graff says:

    Hey little Richard poet, it’s simple…If it wasn’t Chauvin go find a cop, because George Floyd could never stop, his ugly ways, his life of crime, George Floyd’s death was George Floyd’s time.

  40. Avatar Wizardof87 1987 says:

    Gotta bring the troops home to deal with AlQuntia over here……

  41. Avatar Louis Adney says:

    Again the media has to be sure to mention the color of the two people involved, let’s make another situation racial….this had nothing to do with that….the officer is ultimately responsible for her action’s here.

  42. Avatar Louis Adney says:

    So how many people feel it’s ok to get the J&J vaccine if you haven’t had it yet…

  43. Avatar Alesha Lee says:

    School will not teach my kid black history month because I’ll sue them

  44. Avatar Alesha Lee says:

    My kids will get an F in Black History Month I want that

  45. Avatar Jules James says:

    I could see how this could be an accident, a mistake, in this situation where tension was high….she did sound shock at shooting Duante but she is going to be the sacrificial lamb… Death by Police for African American Males has become too common.

  46. Avatar Ty's Gaming says:

    Crazy how suspects get out of mass shootings alive, but someone carelessly lose their life over a traffic stop

  47. Avatar Alesha Lee says:

    No time for talking only time for Killian

  48. Avatar Alesha Lee says:

    I will keep my kids about Malcolm X he’s more man than Martin Luther King

  49. Avatar Killer Coyote says:

    Unless you have been a law enforcement officer in the heat of the moment have no idea what it’s like. He was arrested for carrying a firearm illegally and had a warrant for his arrest because he didn’t show up for court to face the charges. If he would have complied he would be alive today. Daunte should not have missed his court appearance or be driving a car with expired tags. Don’t fight with police, especially when they have a dangerous enough job as it is. For all they knew, he could have had a gun in the car.

  50. Avatar J Lasky says:

    Why was the man having to deal with the police in the first place? sorry–it’s not clear in this report.

  51. Avatar Alesha Lee says:

    Kidnap the president’s son

  52. Avatar Alesha Lee says:

    Is a junkie

  53. Avatar Alesha Lee says:

    You could get about 40 Rock for him

  54. Avatar sideshow bob roberts says:

    guns ‘mistaken’ for a taser, that’s ironic – i meant moronic. why in the F do we keep hiring people who cannot keep a cool head under stressful situations ? and if you are going to be a peace officer in the u.s. you are going to encounter a stressful situation – even if you are the one creating it because you no longer care about the public because you’ve been trained to think your life matters most…

  55. Avatar Donald Boissonnault says:

    The only time you woke losers report on police brutality is when the color fits the narrative when a white man got shot in his own back yard you don’t report on it wake up and smell yourself bias losers

  56. Avatar John Campbell says:


  57. Avatar Mika Tauriainen says:

    Chance of dying from covid without vaccine: 1/100. Chance of dying from J&J bloodclot: 1/6800000 if you’re a young woman. Super smart choice not taking the vaccine, thank you for removing yourself from the gene pool, doing us all a solid.

  58. Avatar mavros777 says:

    Where’s the story on the CNN technical director Charlie Chester? How come NBC or ABC won’t cover it?

  59. Avatar Gyesung Rhee says:

    This news anchor is clearly a racist, Shame on you nbc <<< No Body Care network !!

  60. Avatar john giglio says:

    For all the NBC Moron’s Women on the Pill are 2000% more likely to get Blood Clots Than J&J’s Vaccine. Fear is all you got!

  61. Avatar TOTAL CONTROL 871 says:

    Bill Gates won’t rest until that poison is in every black body on earth

  62. Avatar C Stone says:

    It would be nice if nbc reported the whole truth. It is not the case that „many rich countries“ are hoarding vaccines. The EU is not hoarding but passing on to covax. It is the US and the UK that are hoarding vaccines. Shame on you nbc news. Call it as it is and stop glossing over something that could put the US in a bad light.

  63. Avatar Xiaoxi Jiao says:

    Japan’s government decided to start releasing treated radioactive water from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean in two years. It will impact global environment. Can you report these things over the Olympic Games?

  64. Avatar Madam Chong says:

    US police need to go back to school and learn what is the different between guns and Taser gun perhaps also need to distinguish grenade and tear gas.Lol…lol!

  65. Avatar John Campbell says:


  66. Avatar John Campbell says:


  67. Avatar HunsValley says:

    Demoncrates trying to pack the court. Their only mission is to stay in power. People do not matter especially black people

  68. Avatar jo's peaches says:

    DRUG TEST THAT woman cop!!!!

  69. Avatar zhongyang zhou says:

    After watching the whole film, I was very moved, bursting out countless enthusiasm, and made me feel that I must do something!

    So I turned over on the bed

    Then I found that the charger was too short and turned it back over​

  70. Avatar ericka mila says:

    terrible, to younger to die….this massacre must to stop!

  71. Avatar Rainbow Llama says:

    How can US be No.1 military spending country even can’t defeat Taliban , what a joke.

  72. Avatar Delty Cordova says:


    • Avatar Delty Cordova says:

      Jjhjjjjjjjjjjjhjjjjjjjjjhjjjjhjjjjjjjjjjjrjjrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrerrrhrrrjhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhrjrrrrhrjjrjjhjjjjjjjjhhjjhjhjjhjjjjjjhjjjjjjhhhjhhjjjjjjjjjjhhjhjjjhhjjhjjjjrjjjjrj 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

  73. Avatar William Schwuchow says:

    nbc, hates whites and wants a race war!!

  74. Avatar Delty Cordova says:

    Jjrjjhjhhjjjhhjjhjjhjjjjhhhhhjjhjjhrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrhrrhhrrrerrrrrrrrerrhrrhrrhrrrrhrrhhjrrhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrjrrr rrrrrjrrrrrrrrrrhrrrhrrhrhrrrrrhrrrrrhrrrhhrjjjhjjhhhh0

  75. Avatar SPARECHANGE says:

    This went to…

    Hey, ed Novak,

    The homeless guy who chose to live in my garage vs a guest room so he wouldn’t cost me, is returning home, from Arizona, to Massachusetts, Sunday morning, to see his children; 2 sons and his grandchildren. I found him homeless in Bullhead City, Arizona’s. Splash park. He is singularly unique and highly intelligent. I’d like to hear anyone who loves Philip Thompson, was waiting for him on the platform, when he arrived. Mr. Novak, how about getting your hands dirty? Can we not see my man, sponsored?
    Lead by example. This is how winners play. Do not breakdown in my f’ing town because I will see you home safe. Let’s put our backs into this, shall we?
    We are supposed to love our neighbor. Tell me, who drew the lines?
    Anything for a loved one. Anything for a stranger.
    “You should never speak to stranger”.
    Mr. Novak, this man is a human being and he is dear to me, as well as THE GUARDIAN FOUNDATION and CATHOLIC CHARITIES.



    RES# 1D2A91-15APR21
    Philip Thompson
    Invisible human being
    Outdoor institutionalized

    It is learned behavior. I contend, it may be unlearned.

  76. Avatar Tadrique Lowe says:

    That was a mistake,I understand.its bad.

  77. Avatar Project 2OH9 says:

    Can Lester say To-kyo and not To-ki-yo ?

  78. Avatar Chris Shelly says:

    I like how lester says, a officer who was white. What fn does it matter what color the officer was. Watch the tape, it was clearly a accident.

  79. Avatar Greg Squires says:

    How would NBC told the story if a black female officer would have killed a white woman? Maybe like this, “female officer shoots female driver.” NBC you are as bad as Cnn pos.

  80. Avatar Oliver Rowen says:

    What is Al Sharpton doing there?

  81. Avatar JI CHANG says:

    There is no news about Japan government announced they will discharge radiation contained water into Pacific Ocean. USA agreed the disgusting plan but most Asian countries disagreed.. This government has two faces.

  82. Avatar JoAnn Grant says:

    Coming from Bermuda..they paid that Medical examiner to say that Shm

  83. Avatar EFFIE WEIR PhD says:


  84. Avatar Virtual Feats says:

    Things are soo chaotic right now
    If you are reading this, it will get easier, it will get better and tomorrow is a new day to try. 🇮🇪 Sending love from Ireland 🇮🇪

  85. Avatar Db13 Db13 says:

    Get rid of the johnson and Johnson vaccines if they can not get baby powder right why would we trust them with a critical vaccine as important as this

  86. Avatar Avelline Allotrope says:

    Gangstalking is happening

  87. Avatar Ko3 Zoro says:

    MR HOLT does your wife Know your into men ?

  88. Avatar Dolores Wilbur says:

    Bring them home
    Let Afghanistan take care of themselves

  89. Avatar Hank Acham says:


  90. Avatar Miss Pat Van Driver Lady says:

    Snaps to that tough lady from Uganda. America is having trouble with that whole “hang together or all hang separately” concept, even internally. Of course rich people get vaccinated first, but we do need to give more than passing thought to the poor. We all bleed red, as they say.

  91. Avatar A Warrior of Christ says:

    They brought a retired doctor in as an expert witness who obviously based upon his suit is in need of money. He comes in and introduces information that has not even been discussed: carbon monoxide or the exhaust from the police vehicle when he has not examined not a single shred of evidence, nor did he examine George Floyd’s body. And then the judge admonishes the prosecution for talking about carbon-monoxide levels in his body. This judge is doing everything that he can to derail this trial and now he is talking about a mis-trial!

  92. Avatar Vlog City says:

    Can you show news that a tally matters. Not this propaganda trash.

  93. Avatar Ken Hasibar says:

    Out of Afghanistan? There go the opioids.

  94. Avatar Mike says:

    There’s a war coming on in Nigeria 🇳🇬 now but no media carry it. The Nigeria government rule by fulani are use Nigeria army’s to killing Biafra that’s asking for independence. Unarmed Biafra. Contact me for more information

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