NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 19th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

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Jury hears closing arguments in Chauvin trial, Covid-19 vaccine milestone, and how climate change has impacted Houston.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:20 Jury Delinerations Begin In Derek Chauvin Trial
05:42 Nation On Edge Ahead Of Derek Chauvin Verdict
07:22 All Americans 16+ Now Eligible For Covid Vaccine
07:49 Health Experts: J&J Vaccine Could Be Reinstated By Friday
08:20 U.S.Expands ‘Do Not Travel’ List To 80% Of Countries
08:44 CVS & Walgreens Sell Over-The-Counter Covid Tests
09:22 Prosecutor: Fedex Shooter Never Had ‘Red Flag’ Hearing
10:59 Medical Examiner: Capitol Officer Died Of Natural Causes
11:27 Police: No One Behind The Wheel In Deadly Tesla Crash
12:58 Texas Winter Disaster A Warning To Rest Of Nation
16:26 Peloton Treadmill Risk Prompts Urgent Safety Warning
17:50 NASA Helicopter Completes Historic Flight On Mars

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 19th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar JewelsOfOctober says:

    It’s a shame you guys are not covering AT ALL the border catastrophe and humanitarian crisis, how can you look at yourself in the mirror ?
    It’s agreeing to legalized human trafficking & gang rapes, with Covid proliferating petri-dish camps your “precious children/orphans” are in, while the cartels are getting more powerful and enriched by the day, using children as their shield to invade this country

  2. Avatar Cody Goin says:

    In my opinion the defense failed to provide a strong case for reasonable doubt against the officer who unwittingly took the life of this man. It is my opinion that there is overwhelming evidence to convict the officer in this case and that nothing he did was in any sense of the word reasonable despite what the defense attorney argues.

  3. Avatar Catherine Glover says:

    I would never take that back scene it’s fake is experimental yes it has microchip robots in it that changes your DNA

  4. Avatar christaa says:

    *found guilty*

  5. Avatar K S says:

    Lockup vigilante crooks that have chronically been defrauding me. I can’t breathe or sleep well. Please stop stealing from me.

  6. Avatar Mike B says:

    Maxine water just opened up an appeal for the shelving cop and I believe it will be moved out of Minnesota so I’m pretty positive he’ll get a not guilty next time around

  7. Avatar G Adkins says:

    I look forward to when the news narrative will honestly speak about not just availability of the vaccine, but accessibility. The difficulty can be in getting one. Accessibility means more than a vax site. I keep getting turned away by parties with ‘no vaccine left’, ‘full up try again’ another day, ad naseum. My comment is a suggestion to not sound like you’re blaming some for not getting vaccinated, although some do refuse. It’s truly difficult if you are older or have a health condition to stand in lines for hours. I asked for a seat or umbrella after standing in the sun for an hour plus. Nyet…not our responsibility. I’m 69.

  8. Avatar Nancy Simpson says:

    Such a small and unremarkable step to have a guilty verdict for someone who is so clearly guilty the ones who are complicit the culture that supports it all of those that were complicit in allowing that man to do that who were his brothers in arms all the Good apples standing around him need to be charged as well there has to be a standard there has to be they can no longer police themselves clearly they cannot police us safely I’ve been victim of this brutality my entire life as a veteran with PTSD there poorly trained and brutal from onset this is a great feel-good moment but only because it is so long and coming

  9. Avatar Gary Cobe says:

    How about being more responsible if you have exercise equipment?? It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault. Maddening!!!

  10. Avatar S. Miles says:

    Though the #CandaneOwens of the black community didn’t feel that George Floyd matter or his death was unjustified the jury has spoken!

    Hopefully, positive reform will now happen for non-violent incidents!

    & for those BLACKS with nothing positive to say, add or have a solution keep it to yourself. At this point you just look ridiculous!!!

  11. Avatar john holmes says:

    lets go back to the 1800s ,if people mess with u.do u wrong ,just shoot there buts,lets go back with no law,u cant call 911,to bad suffer,

  12. Avatar Jortal Portal says:

    America needs to break up – I don’t want to share America with folks from Minnesota, New York, Florida, Georgia, Texas and want to sell these states to Mexico – for a penny.

  13. Avatar JoAnn Grant says:

    Coming from Bermuda…CONGRATULATIONS to the young lady soaring HIGH the sky is the limit so proud of you…may God continue to bless you..🙏🏾🙌🏾👏🏾🎉🎊🎈💐🌻🛫🛫

  14. Avatar Ernesto Xavier says:

    Justice has been served , there are consequences to domestic terrorists , BLM

  15. Avatar Dannellia Woodley says:

    Guilty thank you justice has been served

  16. Avatar CelebDelaCreamTv * The Best DayTime Talk Show! says:

    ❣️❣️❣️❣️ RIP OUR BROTHA ❣️❣️❣️❣️

  17. Avatar Saif Ullah says:

    He wasnt actively resisting, he was trying to move to get 3 adult of his back neck and chest to breath. I hate these defense lawyers to get their client off they can sell their sole for unguilty verdict.

  18. Avatar Matthew H says:

    Guilty on 3 murder charges. Bet he don’t get 20 years!!!!

  19. Avatar Sister Francis says:

    I pray for Deric that he may experience. A change of heart and especially his family. And hold hands in a spirit repentance but support for each other as a family grow from this experience.. To the floyd family as we give thanks for justice that is served. Let us not lose forcus that there is great healing to take place and only god grace could enable us to make it possible . let us keep praying for each other. With god all things are possible.

  20. Avatar Jack Yojaw says:

    Lester Holt is a disgraceful person

  21. Avatar TeamChocolate18 says:

    You go girl 😍

  22. Avatar God’s Spiritual Poet says:

    Proverbs 16:2- All the ways of a man are clean in his own sight,
    But the Lord weighs the motives.

    Proverbs 21:29- A wicked man displays a bold face, . . .

    Proverbs 16:25- There is a way which seems right to a man,
    But its end is the way of death.

    Proverbs 20:6- Many a man proclaims his own loyalty,
    But who can find a trustworthy man?

    Proverbs 16:7- When a man’s ways are pleasing to the Lord,
    He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.

  23. Avatar Silent Majority says:

    don lemon hahaha, just looking at the guy makes me laugh

  24. Avatar Leyna Preston says:

    This is how nbc cbs cnn & Dems is happy with BLM

  25. Avatar We Counting Money Over Here says:

    Bye bye Derek, it wasn’t nice knowing you. When you get to prison, you will be on both knees. 6 months tops!

  26. Avatar Unsim Kim says:

    All lives matter! Every victim deserves justice. Too many children are dieing. How many times one heart can break. Every day people are suffering from lost people. No peace. Help us God.

  27. Avatar Gina sloan says:

    How beautiful you fly high you beautiful soul…

  28. Avatar John Bartlett says:

    I love being white!

  29. Avatar Thea Minerva says:

    The young pilot instructor’s story was particularly inspiring!

  30. Avatar Trevor Lee says:

    Guilty verdict justified but 27M settlement also justified

  31. Avatar LB One Love says:

    The difference between a competent and incompetent president.

  32. Avatar Robert Williams says:

    Is Lester Holt using drones now? Min 14:00 🕑 man, that is so cool

  33. Avatar Sarah Hudnall says:

    He needed that hit of energy. Look how young he looks after killing Floyd. Why haven’t the world noticed.

  34. Avatar LF D says:

    Justice was served. The officer used excessive force. However, please do not portray Floyd as a civil rights icon. It’s insulting.

  35. Avatar Malone Jones says:

    Doge coin wow

  36. Avatar Debra Moore says:

    BTW – it is pronounced “seek”, not “sick”.

  37. Avatar Hasan Erdim Ateslier says:

    the very first time I watched the video, which I believe was just hours after the incident, I’ve commented that this *is murder,* but somehow some dubious people, folks who comment without *soul,* folks who comment from *fusion* claimed otherwise, they said; it’s pending, some said it was justified or he was drunk, impaired, under the influence, used drugs or he had a heart attack and whatnot, only to discredit, defame and disgrace him in the public opinion, I wished I wasn’t right, I wished that Floyd could’ve outlived his natural life, Rest In Peace my Brother.


  38. Avatar Not Sure says:

    Step one. divide, Step two, conquer. They scream diversity but they are trying their hardest for us not to get along. Just remember the press was also behind another person, the more people who play along the harder it is going to say no even though you know it’s wrong. You will be afraid to stand up because you will fear you will be going to the gas chambers next. I think it is too late, the mentality is there the rest just follows. History repeats itself, the goldfish never learn.

  39. Avatar Billy Brabant says:

    See a life of crime does pay too bad he will not enjoy any of it!

  40. Avatar imsohood9000 says:

    GUILTY! I told y’all SMH cold 🌎

  41. Avatar CT Drums says:

    the cop was wrong but floyd was still a rotten person, it seems like evil killed evil pretty fare to me

  42. Avatar suckafree47 says:

    He was able to buy more guns because he had PRIVALIGE…. You know! he looked SAFE….. Bless the FAMILY’S

  43. Avatar suckafree47 says:

    Mental HEALTH is America

  44. Avatar William Ole School Arendt says:

    Impeach Maxine Waters and then lock her up! She broke the law by insighting violence and riots! Enough is enough! She needs to be removed from office but even that isn’t enough she needs to be charged!!!! Smdh!

  45. Avatar Ruddy Lynch says:


  46. Avatar Ruddy Lynch says:

  47. Avatar King Adam Lue says:

    Yo Houston we have a problem, The thumbnail says George Floyd Death Trial? Slight disrespect to the Chauvin Murder Trial, am I wrong? Or is NBC wildn? #Clickbaitosphere

  48. Avatar Terry Forrester says:

    Our president is a joke look for us to be nuked

  49. Avatar Denise Hoffman says:

    His feet started shaking a sure sign someone is about to die

  50. Avatar klas V says:

    NBC a waste of time

  51. Avatar Vanlal peka says:

    WTF,i’m not interesr in a drug addict O.D

  52. Avatar M Fox says:

    This litterly had nothing to do with race

  53. Avatar Big Fred says:

    Derek Chauvin & George Floyd are both off the streets tonight… Talk about your win-win!

  54. Avatar energy can't be destroyed itcanonlybechanged says:

    350 million dollars in damage. Looting, burning, and murder. CAN WE NOT HAVE PEACE?

  55. Avatar tom Lucero says:

    What trip me out is there’s a lawyer out there, that would defend this cop and try to lie about how George Floyd died
    While there’s so much evidence and video and testimony against the officer and
    I hope we the taxepayers are not paying for the ex-cop lawyer

  56. Avatar 阿华 says:


  57. Avatar D 2 says:

    1 down 60,6666 to go.

  58. Avatar Carl jones says:

    Chauvin defence, its all about the chocolate chip cookie recipe, yes the jury had all the ingredients, justice for Mr Floyd and his family

  59. Avatar Janet jubilee Busener says:

    Floyd should have been taken to the hospital. He was on enough drugs to stop him from breathing. Where was the ambulance? What on earth was the cop thinking? This is about humans with drug problems that need treatment.

  60. Avatar Janet jubilee Busener says:

    Injustices do NOT allow excuses to riot. People get killed that way too.

  61. Avatar Keith Johnson says:

    Dear NBC NEWS: What’s going on between the United States China? Because I have seen on 3 National News networks today talking about the USA and China going to War over Taiwan is just around the corner and could happen at any moment! Thanks!

  62. Avatar AtomicRadius atomicradius says:

    I think maybe lester bolt shouldnt wear so much black face makeup.

  63. Avatar Annabella Veliz says:

    Don’t drop the soap!

  64. Avatar Zombie Hunter says:

    Finally, it’s over. I can breathe now. Please no more killing. No more hate on each other. No more racism. George Floyd got 27 million but he was no longer here to spend it. How sad is that?

  65. Avatar Dina Lopez says:

    And just think because of Maxine Waters, Biden and Harris shooting off their big mouth just provided Chavins attorneys a perfect appeal….and he will get a new trial, and you can thank The 3 Stooges of politics.

  66. Avatar jrbland18 says:


  67. Avatar Alcidio Emanuel Cardoso Ramos says:

    But what about the athore police Man He was a complice . He is responsable as well he cood saved a life but he didnt anything ?????

  68. Avatar sychophantt says:

    Was the verdict fake like the election?

  69. Avatar jrbland18 says:


  70. Avatar Alcidio Emanuel Cardoso Ramos says:

    The athore cop needs responsabilitie

  71. Avatar Jimbo joe says:

    A man that went to jail for holding a knife to a pregnant woman as they rob her from her things. Has now became a family name and made bumass people proud of his death. Welcome to the new 🇺🇸

  72. Avatar Truth says:

    The officers can do their job to secure the society but they cannot treat a person who was alleged to use a $20 fake bill. The officers can arrested him for further investigation but the officers should not treated him like a beast, he is a human being. The criminals still have dignity, right?

  73. Avatar Truth says:

    The people who have the power in their hands doesn’t mean they should treat any unthreatening suspect like that. Even if Floyd resisted, the officer should not kneel done on his neck like that humiliating way.

  74. Avatar Joanna Carpenter says:

    Maxine waters could upset a verdict?
    The only instant in history when a person of color could possibly influence a major political incident 🤣

  75. Avatar NotJoe Biden says:

    BLM got jurrors names i’m sure…..they were afraid to do anything but…

  76. Avatar Resistance Militia says:

    He should have paid for those cigarettes.

  77. Avatar Roy Rice says:

    It’s 9:38 pm DMT and no 4-20-21 NBC NEWS ??

  78. Avatar Neku says:

    Didn’t George have drugs in his system?

  79. Avatar Yanah S. says:

    Derek chauvin was guilty.
    But,he had 22 complaints in 19
    Years on the force.
    Similar actions!
    Why didn’t the internal investigations
    Executor do nothing about his
    Numerous complaints.
    They should of dismissed him.
    Years ago.
    I really don’t see a change unless
    The police departments internal investigations department DISMISS

  80. Avatar Leticia Lopez says:

    George Floyd was also a murderer he stabbed a pregnant mother and her unborn baby!!! Why is that not being told!?!?

  81. Avatar Leticia Lopez says:

    Floyd was a murderer too. He stabbed to dead a pregnant woman and her unborn child. No one is announcing that about George Floyd.

  82. Avatar Ale Sandro Molina says:


  83. Avatar Edward Stalling says:

    They all should be charged, just like robing a back, all played a part yall long way to go.

  84. Avatar Bahrahmi Hueissan says:

    Hey!!! Why ain’t they talking about the virus?

  85. Avatar Bahrahmi Hueissan says:

    Thanks to saint Floyd and his legacy, whatever that means, tells me they can riot all they want steal ppls property, rob more pregnant women for money without ever having to go to jail

  86. Avatar Minerva Galvez says:

    Reasonable Force. Guilty. 5 year sentence. Out in 2.

  87. Avatar Julien S. says:

    This verdict is a victory for the white people as well. Regardless of any racism argument, we are putting a dangerous and unpredictable individual behind bars.

  88. Avatar Chong Sun Claypoole says:

    Got rid of trash, why so###*guys get a life

  89. Avatar A K says:

    Great respect , admiration and appreciation to the great team : assistant attorneys general, Matthew Frank and Erin Eldridge, and two outstanding lawyers, Jerry Blackwell and Steve Schleicher; they did an amazing job!!! I learned a lot!!!

    Lots of money, resources and effort. But it worth it.

  90. Avatar Lesley Milton says:

    Thank you to the young 17 year old girl who filmed the murder scene, thank you to Mr Blackwell , Mr Schleicher and medical expert Mr Torbin who showed the world how human beings should BREATH. May Mr Floyd now RIP with his dear Mamma

  91. Avatar Sadik Perez says:

    Thanks for being taken his life away

  92. Avatar Sadik Perez says:

    Liar, he’s not gonna be in 40 years at prison

  93. Avatar Jing Zhang says:

    How can a criminal suspect commit murder and manslaughter to a victim at the same time. Doesn’t anyone think this is a contradiction? This guy should pay for what he owes. I don’t think this is a victory of anti-racial discrimination. Political correctness can override the law. It is not a victory of justice either.

  94. Avatar International Striker says:

    FACT: texas is a failed republican state! Move out of there ASAP!

  95. Avatar S N says:

    There is no country in the world that “theft and robbery of US$950 is not illegal” law! But the United States has it!
    No country in the world would harm the police because of “a criminal dies accidentally in the course of a crime”! But the United States has it!
    Is the United States today still a normal country?

  96. Avatar Nakeya Guy says:

    All I can think is how wrong the death of the security guard at the Capitol building is.

  97. Avatar Jash Knap says:

    Your presidents brain fell down the stairs.

  98. Avatar Juju Rellama says:

    he just practiced Kneeling, he ll have to do a lot of this in Prison

  99. Avatar Kl Audio says:

    I am going to smoke some crack, get myself some fake notes, not follow police instructions when caught, not after pointing a gun to some pregnant white chick (reparations), knowing all too well that every cop who dares to stop me will think twice now. This man George, is my new role model. BLM

  100. Avatar PayItForward says:

    Listen…all this drama and Americans begging for change and no change in police training lol. I have no faith in this country anymore

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