Warren Buffett on costly errors he has made

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At the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting live streamed on Yahoo Finance, Warren Buffett addresses costly errors he has made over the course of his career.
Watch the 2021 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar Drew Smith says:

    These two old men continue to deny bitcoin And already costing his shareholders billions

    • Avatar crspy says:

      @Jonathan K cash hasn’t? the USD has gone through the hands of every drug dealer in the country, around the world even.

    • Avatar MP says:

      Dopecoin and Buttcoin got their names from what they produce

    • Avatar Blitz Gaming8HD says:

      @crspy cash has but it’s also used millions of times a day for legal transactions. I don’t know of a single bitcoin transaction for legal goods or services, which suggests to me it’s probably being used for illegal activities because it isn’t being used for legal ones.

    • Avatar Oxazepam65 says:

      Bitcoin value will collapse when central bank will stop the QE and raise interest rate. So yes, Bitcoin is a very safe investment.

    • Avatar crspy says:

      @Blitz Gaming8HD I’m sorry but that’s incredibly naïve. you can literally watch transactions happening in real time. That’s the whole point of the blockchain. its a public ledger that records everyone’s transactions. Millions of transactions per day, in fact. if you’re curious go to blockchain dot com. Don’t assume things when that information can easily be found.

  2. Avatar Martin Ffrench says:

    Charlie really went to town on the peanut brittle.

    • Avatar Misael Jesiah says:

      @Bryson Joseph Yup, I’ve been using Flixzone for since december myself 🙂

    • Avatar Thimble says:

      Scam comment. Different user to original comment, nice try impersonating

    • Avatar 926Gaming says:

      Yeah.. needs to learn how to use the word ‘for’

    • Avatar TraderJoe says:

      Peanut brittle and Diet Coke,,, diet of healthy 97 year old guys… just flies in the face of what everyone tells you…they did the same last years event as well ..😳🤣🤣

    • Avatar Sow AG says:

      they are promoting their products.
      It’s unlikely they eat much of that stuff off screen.
      Of course Buffett tells people that he lives on coke and McDonald’s etc.

  3. Avatar cchoi108 says:

    Really valuable and interesting his comment about the number one risk factor.

  4. Avatar DatGuy says:

    Not investing in crypto

    • Avatar Del Pietro says:

      It looks like crypto is going to have a future of some sort, but it’s so volatile and unpredictable and that’s not compatible with these leader’s investment philosophy. They also shy away from it for moral reasons since the coins are used for nefarious purposes.

  5. Avatar john 45#1 says:

    A camel through the eye of a needle.

  6. Avatar kim ingay says:

    It’s doesn’t matter if you’re Bitcoin or crypto the most important thing you serves and servant to helps and share your Value in the middle of pandemic and calamity tragic in your owns Homeland country’s where ever you are you where are you right now bcoz this is the meaning of who we are it doesn’t matter if your Rich or Poor nor not based on your Gender identity , this is based on your abilities, capacity, capable and capabilities skills,knowledge and knowledgeable .

  7. Avatar Hail Kol says:

    Money you have you can’t spend is that money yours

  8. Avatar Sergi Medina says:

    We all make mistakes. It’s inevitable. The important thing is proper risk management and learning from them.

  9. Avatar OC Vegas Property says:

    How about selling airlines at their absolute bottom. Geeezus…that was a big one.

    • Avatar HoneyBadgarDontGive says:

      You are poor, he has 100bn, you are a mistake

  10. Avatar 3cheerz says:

    These two are a couple scrooges. People are living in tents but they could give two shits.

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