NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 7th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

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Pfizer seeks full FDA approval for Covid vaccine, crunching the numbers on Covid vaccinations in the U.S., and Derek Chauvin indicted on federal civil rights charges.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:04 Pfizer Seeks Full FDA Approval
05:35 New Charges In George Floyd’s Trial
08:39 Hiring Struggles
12:30 India’s Covid Catastrophe
16:34 Texas Town Diversity Plan Defeat
19:18 Inspiring America: Happy Mother’s Day

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar DONCULVER says:


  2. Avatar Mohamed Halice Lamina says:

    But the US have to be carefull that the increase in minimum wage will not drive a huge exode from europe,middle east india andcentral america to the us

  3. Avatar King O says:

    10:40 walmart is the biggest retail store in america and they have 20 registers but only use 5 to 8 at a time because they don’t want to hire because they cut labor for more profit. If Walmart open all of its registers across the country the would employ at 20 thousands ppl or more.

  4. Avatar Jak Kom says:

    Well it’s not FAKE news, more like a soap opera. Filled with bs emotional fluff designed to distract and entertain for revenue. But news? Educational? Important? Not quite. I to demand better.

  5. Avatar BrokenBunny95 says:

    how can you blame these people for staying on unemployment, maybe instead of taking them off… just maybe provide these people with better paying jobs and fix that issue.

  6. Avatar Iris De La Rosa says:

    Take the red pill.

  7. Avatar Pamela Homeyer says:

    I don’t know of anyone not looking for work because they have unemployment benefits. I do know that there aren’t any people who are afraid of overexposure to covid or rushing back too soon

  8. Avatar osage Avatar says:

    LERONLIMAB by CytoDyn in Washington state cures covid, but it’s a therapeutic and not part of Big Pharma so FDA isn’t approving it. They are corrupt to the core

  9. Avatar osage Avatar says:

    Leronlimab by CytoDyn cures covid

  10. Avatar Jamal Osman says:

    I have rushes all over my face and body since I’ve taken the Pfizer. Its been almost a month since I’ve taken the vaccine and the rushes seems NOT to be going away. 🤨😌

    • Avatar Racquel Racquel says:

      may the most high be with you because you had no business taking a vaccine that have side effects and long term effects that are unknown.

    • Avatar Jamal Osman says:

      @Racquel Racquel Hopefully its nothing that serious and the rushes will eventually dissappear on its own. I feel fine otherwise.

    • Avatar Racquel Racquel says:

      @Jamal Osman i hope so too. i wish you nothing but good health

    • Avatar Jamal Osman says:

      @Racquel Racquel Thank you. 😇😎

  11. Avatar Betsy Kroll says:

    Kornacki reads vaccination numbers like election results

  12. Avatar MewZic says:

    school sucks!

  13. Avatar Mayimuna Ali says:

    Good to see Steve (khaki) Kornacki back on the case!!!

  14. Avatar Lela Baum says:

    He sounds like a very bad cop!!!!

  15. Avatar Alan says:

    That’s right holt .cover up for the racist left and go after the american patriot.

  16. Avatar Jeffrey Zeiss says:

    I don’t watch anything with Lester Holt in my opinion he’s an American Traitor

  17. Avatar Steve Fagetaboutit says:

    Fake news BS!!!!
    Biden lost. He’s going DOWN.
    Trump won the 2020 election in a landslide.

  18. Avatar TheGeneralbell99 says:

    How about instead of calling him former police officer we start calling him convicted murderer!

  19. Avatar Benneth's Art says:

    Chinese rocket return

  20. Avatar James Chambers says:

    China needs to stop laughing rocket 🚀 unless they can pin point where the space junks going to land and make it so it lands on there own land in China land or sea.

  21. Avatar lifecloud2 says:

    Hey, I’ve got a good idea … raise the minimum wage! What a concept!

  22. Avatar James Chambers says:

    Stop ruining are 🌎 theirs only one.

  23. Avatar Gloria Jackson says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to Mom’s everywhere 🌎

  24. Avatar matthew Higgs says:

    The chinese are starting to develop a track record of downplaying events that turn out to be total f***ing disasters.

  25. Avatar Elaine Burnett says:

    What a great medical intervention approach,,,this is like real Star Trek, and “the whole world is your family” come together…..we are getting so many ways to change our behavior.

  26. Avatar Elaine Burnett says:

    That rescue made me cry with admiration. Wonderful man……

  27. Avatar Thearieskid Mays says:

    Imagine that, a former 1st lady has to speak on the dangers of her children. This country is so sad. Why wont caucasians do what the Germans did and fix their wrongs and heal the land? Again why???

  28. Avatar Angela Feliciano says:

    Nope, nope, nope, mask on

  29. Avatar Thearieskid Mays says:

    Can black people stop talking about what President Obama didn’t do for black people. Had that been his major agenda, we would be talking about the 1st black President that was also assassinated. Leave my 1st black family alone. Give me another 43 black Presidents to compare to, then we can talk.

  30. Avatar Jono says:

    The Talking Corpse ⚰️

  31. Avatar Chasing a Murderer says:

    People are waking up . You can’t know when someone is that high and overdosing on drugs

  32. Avatar Brutus Smithers says:


  33. Avatar Chasing a Murderer says:

    We worry about being called racist all the time. As a white women we are tired of it.

  34. Avatar Vincent McMillan says:

    A job that pays below a “LIVING” wage is useless. Eventually you will have to quit that job and become homeless, because even with cutting food intake down to eating every other day or not eating every third day you cannot pay rent, utilities and transportation. We all know this but pretend it is the lazy workers’ fault. We elected Democrats because the promise was there for $15, which is close to a living wage that was $16.53 last year.

  35. Avatar verina kareem says:

    Please what about Moderna vaccine

  36. Avatar BabyBang17datruth says:

    How does Israel have the authority to evict Palestinians from their homes?

  37. Avatar MyBudinesd says:

    We need to stop covering for big business if they paid a living wage people would be back at work.

  38. Avatar ST Karonte says:

    So they will limit unemployment to force people to take low-paying jobs…seems reasonable, it would be a bad thing if they instead decided to pay the “PEONS” a fair rate.

  39. Avatar Dre James says:

    I know my comment going to hurt a lot of people if I don’t care whoever got the 19 just die already I’m tired of hearing it

  40. Avatar Robert Briner says:

    Where I live in Los Angeles the only restaurant not letting people inside the restaurant even to get orders to go is Taco Bell all other ones are open as long as you wear a mask

  41. Avatar Aubry Crossley says:

    For him to have a degree as a lawyer he is a clown at the circus because he knew he was wrong somebody’s lawyers to get to degrees and everything marbles when you get a degree 711 Kmart Safeway how do you get a greasy Charlie marbles circus degrees it as a lawyer that is Circus

  42. Avatar mark pope says:

    Kelly Thomas’ Murderer was a POC cop but Eric Holder AG and Obama were OK With the first-degree murder in custody of a white homeless man who the police chief said had committed NO crime.

  43. Avatar Tim Ward says:

    Yes, sometimes unemployment benefits ARE more than the lousy slave wages paid by so many businesses. Why would people who may be freed from fear of disaster for a few months suddenly decide to go back to their masters and work for crumbs? That’s what is being ignored in this discussion about getting people back to work. What are we sending them back to? Slavery, with no options? The rich folks have got to get a clue. The country is on the brink of a revolution brought on by inhumane exploitation of a large segment of people of all races in this country. Start talking about THAT, Lester Holt.

  44. Avatar Pamela says:

    Thank you JESUS for your Angel’s/Hero’s

  45. Avatar James Liu says:

    don’t be optimistic. Just look at India.

  46. Avatar mohammad sareh says:

    Chines rocket is a fortune cookie, everyone wins, but a few may not.

  47. Avatar sibsrock says:

    Hea Lyin Lester the man that Lies and calls it news .

  48. Avatar KSK Tailor says:

    Thanks brother for helping saving the child

  49. Avatar Lerato Moyo says:

    And to think we are in 3rd lockdown in Turkey

  50. Avatar Offline Pacifist Online Fussifist says:

    Not teaching kids about prejudice is so stupid. I guess the parents want to open their estates to lawsuits. At home, teach your kids to sue every time. 😜🏡

  51. Avatar Bernita Ewing says:

    750 bodies in Brooklyn in freezers Jesus

  52. Avatar Bernita Ewing says:

    I knew that judge wasn’t right it killed him to read that verdict😎

  53. Avatar Bernita Ewing says:

    Racist South Lake Texas

  54. Avatar Dave Don says:

    They are all criminals. Lock the all up!

  55. Avatar Howard Cohen says:

    Federal vaccination sites are beginning to close? Why is this? Have you reported this before?

    Naturally, lifting health measures (what the opposing officials polemically call “restrictions”) benefit the increase of disease and the necessity for full vaccination! Pfizer benefits from this and would benefit from the encouragement of further, reckless social action. Please investigate a connection between institutions of learning which are lifting these measures while requiring vaccination as a prerequisite to participation and the vaccination companies and their affiliates. Follow the money.

    • Avatar Howard Cohen says:

      Listening to Dr. Scott Gottlieb now is rather sickening. Glad he doesn’t work for the cancer industry (tobacco) or the heart-disease industry (McDonald’s et al.) or the diabetes industry.

  56. Avatar justinaz282 says:

    If there no black people on Mars will white people still be racist?

  57. Avatar MommaDukes Alaska Off Grid Groovy Moving TGS Source says:

    Yeah so how is his bead trimmed so well? Hmm… rats.

  58. Avatar Sharann Bray says:

    I want to know what’s going on at the WH, no one has been here for a month, except ambulances, fire trucks and police, they’ve been there a month. That’s huge news, but we get COVID COVID! Bizarre

  59. Avatar Getis Realis says:

    HUGE NEWS OUT OF AZ- Devices that held data during the 2020 election in Maricopa County were sneaked offsite nightly. And it’s not clear who took them at this point! This violated chain of custody regulations and is highly suspicious.

  60. Avatar luu luuu Barbara mei ling says:

    Happy happy holidays mother’s day

  61. Avatar luu luuu Barbara mei ling says:

    Happy anniversary congratulations

  62. Avatar luu luuu Barbara mei ling says:

    Best forever always ever

  63. Avatar luu luuu Barbara mei ling says:

    Ok good night’s

  64. Avatar luu luuu Barbara mei ling says:

    Have a nice days

  65. Avatar luu luuu Barbara mei ling says:

    Yes yes yes

  66. Avatar Sue Kennedy says:

    All politicians get at least 100 mRNA vaccinations as possible. Its good for the environment. All cops in Minneapolis quite and let that sewer self destruct.

  67. Avatar Yahs Very Own says:

    Except Yahusha (As the world knows him as Jesus Christ) REPENT & confess your sins then follow his commandments! Deut28 v1. God bless u all💕

  68. Avatar sam tusinger says:

    Trouble nakers

  69. Avatar Ahmed Shakoushy says:

    I strongly believe that Covid vaccination should be mandatory especially for retail store workers.
    I will be happy to shop with my family in clothing stores if I know that the workers in those stores are vaccinated.

  70. Avatar Benjamin Gal-Or says:

    Virus diffusing gradients through borders of U.S. China Russia Brazil India, Germany, Israel
    within a new DOCTRINE to prevent next million pandemic deaths.
    Inner order lists of verifiable facts[1][2], May 10, 2021:
    1) Pandemic Deaths, 2) Deaths/1M, 3) MOST EFFECTIVE Case Fatality Rates in %.
    useful variables in national, states, counties, cities, rural districts borders
    to discover new Virus Diffusion Directions driven by Border Diffusion Gradients, BDG.
    New variants cross borders by diffusion while vaccines defeat not some [1][2] MAY 10, 2021:
    US 594,059 1,816 1.78%
    Mexico 218,173 1,729 9.25%
    Canada 24,489 661 1.94%
    Cayman Islands 2 30 0.37%
    Iceland 29 6 0.45%
    British Islands 1 33 0.46%
    SnMRTN 12 369 0.68%
    between States, Counties, Rural Districts
    China 5.11%
    Hong Kong 210 28 1.78%
    Mongolia 153 48 0.35%
    Bhutan 1 1 0.08%
    Taiwan 12 1 1.02%
    Kazakhstn 3,853 207 1.14%
    Diaoyu Ilands Provinces, Municipalities, etc
    Russia 112,622 780 2.32%
    Ukraine 45,830 1,027 2.18%
    Hungary 28,403 2,908 3.60%
    Poland 69,445 1,829 2.46%
    Kazakhstn 3,853 207 1.14%
    Finland 922 167 1.04%
    16 bordering countries, Id.
    Brazil 417,176 1,992 2.78%
    Argentina 66,263 1,489 2.14%
    Colomb 76,4141, 539 2.59%
    Peru 63,223 1,976 3.45%
    Boliv 13 151 4.19%
    Eqdr 19,018 1,113 4.81%
    v. Id.
    India 235,189 174 1.09%
    Pakistan 18,677 88 2.20%
    Nepal 3,519 127 0.95%
    Srllnk 745 34 0.61%
    Bngldsh, Mldvs, Bhutan, Id.
    Germany 84,924 1,024 2.43%
    Denmark 2,495 430 0.97%
    NL 17,290 1,003 1.12%
    Swzlnd 10,698 1,256 1.60%
    Austria 10.351 1,170 1.65%
    Czech 29,608 2,786 1.80%
    France 105,850 1,580 1.85%
    Belgium 24,444 2,140 2.43%
    v. Id.
    Israel 6,374 717 0.76%
    Jordan 9,047 909 1.26%
    Egypt 13,714 139 5.85%
    Syria 1,631 93 7.03%
    Cyprs 328 276 0.48%
    UAE, Bahrain, Morocco.

    out of ~37,100 available, Free. cf. Wikipedia constitute
    the sole and only Nature Solution for highly infected nations.
    Sn Barth 1 140 0.10%
    Timor-Leste 4 3 0.13%
    Cayman Islands 2 30 0.37%
    British Virgin Islands 1 33 0.46%
    Grenada 1 9 0.63%
    Sn Vincent 12 118 0.63%
    Sn Martin 12 369 0.68%
    Turks & Caicos 17 480 0.71%
    New Zealand 26 5 0.99%
    Taiwan 12 1 1.02%
    Caribbean NL 16 636 1.02%
    Mauritius 17 13 1.39%

    1. 20-30% of Corona-Variants may slip through most borders[2].

    2. We replace terms like travel ban, immigration, with Diffusion Rates
    driven by 3 BDG forces as part of our Climate Thermodynamics. ‘in’.

    3. Perhaps some Governments study relocating some to VIRUS-FREE
    domestic & international locations? under strict Residential Distancing?

    4. NEW PRIVATE INVESTMENT, with a Gov-Doctrine, are needed to stop a million
    more deaths and end this failing biochemistry-based-ONLY extant measures.

    5. The new doctrine-philosophy stands apart in reflecting the greatest life-or-death
    dilemma in history – a time-invariant humanity issue v. AIA Social MANIFESTO:
    Abuse Ideas’ Authors, not their ideas, patents, designs, teaching, editorials,
    philosophy, science.

    [1] Data Sources: Thousands of dedicated Drs., Nursers, Health-Care Workers in
    ~180 nations daily reporting to US university JH, World Health Organization, WHO,
    since Oct 22, 2020, youtube, ‘in’.
    [2] https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Coronavirus/COVID-variants-swamp-India

  71. Avatar abdenbi CHIKOUN says:

    Chinese rocket re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere at 02:24 GMT on Sunday and disintegrated over the Indian Ocean near Maldives, following fevered speculation over where the 18-tonne object would come down.

  72. Avatar Lou App says:

    Thank God 🙏 once again. I agree 💯 percent with the President Obama and wife Michelle with the Police stop’s on black, brown people.

  73. Avatar World Theory says:

    Respect Salute to Jonathan! You’re our HERO!

  74. Avatar Lou App says:

    I’ve always said Derek Chauvin and the other Police officers looking on and who haded their ✋ hands on George Flody should have been charged with first degree murder. Every Police officer should be held for accountability of each other actions while stopping a person who has a warrant for their arrest or just for a stop reasoning.

  75. Avatar Lou App says:

    I thank God 🙏 for the courage he gave that man to jump into the water to save a life.

  76. Avatar The people says:

    Screw your poisonous vaccine. We’re not all that stupid af!!!!!!!!!

  77. Avatar Jung Yon Yi says:

    It seems to be the same case of crime as President Kim Young-sam, a South korean criminal, and Kim Hyun-cheol, his son. It is the same crime as Kim Young-sam and Kim Hyun-cheol of South korea, who committed evil crimes of abuse of authority by using the ‘National Intelligence Service’ of South korea. Investigate how President Biden and his son of the United States are using the CIA and FBI.

    한국의 범죄자인 김영삼 대통령과 그의 아들인 김현철과 똑 같은 범죄의 케이스인 것 같다. 한국의 국정원을 이용을 하여서 직권남용의 악한 범행을 저지른 한국의 김영삼과 김현철과 같은 범행이다. 미국의 바이든 대통령과 그의 아들이 CIA와 FBI를 어떻게 이용을 하고 있는지 집중 조사를 하여라.

    Of course, do a public investigation and put him in jail.
    This case is about the rise and fall of the United States.
    Impeach the president, the father of the criminal. naturally

    물론 공개 조사를하고 그를 감옥에 가두십시오.
    이 사건은 미국의 흥망이 결정이 나는 일입니다.
    범죄자의 아버지인 대통령도 탄핵을 하십시요. 당연히

  78. Avatar Jung Yon Yi says:

    You don’t even know the source of ‘Corona Virus 19’.
    How can you make a vaccine?

    It is your vaccine that is made by combining the treatments for diseases and treatments according to the patient’s condition.
    This is definitely not a vaccine.

    You pretend to care about people’s lives and work for your power and money, and focus on collective immunity, which makes people in contact with one another on the basis of the economy and makes them self-evident.
    The reason is that you can’t find a source for ‘Corona virus 19’ and you can’t make a vaccine.

    I told God’s order what kind of method is available to solve God’s punishment, ‘Corona virus 19’. Only that way is the only way people can live out of ‘Corona virus 19’.

    너희는 코로나 바이러스 19의 근원도 모른다.
    어떻게 백신을 만들 수가 있는가?
    오로지 질병들에 대한 치료제들과 환자의 상태에 따른 치료제들을 합쳐서 만든 것이 너희의 백신이다.
    이것은 분명히 백신이 아니다.
    너희는 너희의 권력과 돈을 위해서 사람들의 생활과 일을 걱정을 하는 척을 하며 경제를 명분으로 사람들이 서로 접촉을 하게 만들고 스스로 명역성을 가지게 하는 집단 면역성에 집중을 하고 있다.
    그 이유는 너희가 ‘코로나 바이러스 19’에 대한 근원을 찾을 수가 없고 백신을 만들지 못하기 때문이다.
    이미 신의 형벌인 ‘코로나 바이러스 19’의 해결을 위해서 어떠한 방법이 있는지는 신의 명령으로 내가 말을 하였다. 오로지 그 방법만이 ‘코로나 바이러스 19’에서 벗어나고 사람들이 살 수가 있는 유일한 방법이다.

  79. Avatar Linda Nelson says:

    This is a shame ,what about white racism.

  80. Avatar Linda Nelson says:

    Michael go hide

  81. Avatar Biao Z says:

    I have a prescription for the treatment of the new crown virus, and I have been infected 4 times. I have taken my own ancestral medicine formula, which is also the usual medicine for the treatment of influenza with a slight change! There are no other health problems, it can be cured within 3 to 5 days! The chest will not be tight, and if you have other health problems with other drugs, it will not be so serious that you will lose your life! What I said will not be chest tightness, fever, musculoskeletal pain, diarrhea, and other symptoms. I haven’t done the test after curing! It is the same as curing the symptoms of influenza virus! I also sent an email to the government media and no one responded to me! Because personal ability is limited! The patient cannot be rescued on a large scale. Only one patient can be rescued now. I was looking for me in California, USA. I can treat it face-to-face, and there is no effect without any charge! Regarding those who want to know the prescription, if it is not a government agency, I will not tell anyone! Don’t disturb!

  82. Avatar paddy says:

    don’t get no vac or you will be sick never the same after say no .

  83. Avatar candice loudd says:

    you know, I just kinda wish Michelle and Barack Obama would just shut up, there’s nothing you guys can do for the American blacks now.

  84. Avatar Ronald Sippel says:

    Does anyone really want to be ” elegantly served” a plate of Lasagna, by some waiter in a medical face mask, and a welding face shield? Appetizing?

  85. Avatar Ronald Sippel says:

    The Nuremberg ” doctor” trials ruled that ANY medical experimentation, perpetrated on human beings; WITHOUT full disclosure to, and full consent of a patient; for medical EXPERIMENTATION; is a War crime.

  86. Avatar Mel King says:


  87. Avatar juya12345 says:

    Not just young.. Old as well. Your not getting a needle to my body

  88. Avatar Proof New Testament is true says:


  89. Avatar White Star N says:


  90. Avatar courtney mccook says:

    If Covid hadn’t taught us anything else, it surely did remind us not to take the very simple blessings in life for granted…like a hug.. Jonathan you go bro…Awesome n well deserved

  91. Avatar Simba1 Pele says:

    The Obamas did absolutely nothing for black people when they were in power what good is piping up now going to do 🙄 smh.

  92. Avatar Doris Wells says:

    Is Critical Race Theory racism against white people?

  93. Avatar CHAN UDOM - SPIDER MAN FUN says:

    Welcome Guys of USA 😊❤️☺️

  94. Avatar Donna Williams says:

    MOST parents worry about THEIR children regardless of race!

  95. Avatar Sylvester Woodest says:

    Derek chavin a tipical 🇺🇸 cop

  96. Avatar Phils mom Guirand says:

    Dereck Chauvin is a monster that should’ve been off paroled long ago ( a 14 yrs young boy ) we wonder how many Chauvin are still patrolling the STREETS )

  97. Avatar Elijah Simmons says:

    Good and brave man God Bless him

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