NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 11th, 2021

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Gas shortages growing after cyberattack on U.S. pipeline, children ages 12- 15 begin receiving Pfizer’s Covid vaccine, and family of Andrew Brown Jr. views footage of fatal police shooting.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:01 Gas Shortages After Cyberattack
06:10 Race To Vaccinate Teens
08:43 Mideast Violence Escalates
10:30 Andrew Brown Jr.’s Family Views Police Video
12:48 Migrant Girl Abandoned At The Border
16:04 Internet Addiction
18:42 Inspiring America: Mother And Son Art Team

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Von X says:


  2. Avatar Von X says:


  3. Avatar novato tornero says:

    People draining gas stations dry after cyber attack on Colonial Petroleum oil companies need to update their systems.

  4. Avatar Jerry Asistin says:

    War and (rest in) peace is hovering on Earth’s surface

  5. Avatar Aisha with an Eye says:

    Is the cyberattack just for fun to see if they could do it? It’s hard to say whether it’s more or less chaotic and destructive to shut down our oil, given the tension between climate change and comfort.

  6. Avatar Patrick A. says:

    12:22 13 seconds is all you’re gonna spend on talking about the update in Atlanta that killed 8 people?

  7. Avatar Kayla Wyatt says:

    You guys could have said which states would actually be affected by the pipelines, if anyone would have been affected. Now everyone is freaking out and making prices skyrocket. Amazing example of irresponsible journalism. Give real details not general happenings.

  8. Avatar Mason Kungle says:

    Tesla drivers zipping by in laughter.

    • Avatar AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

      So…you missed the part about how the electrical grid is next, huh?

  9. Avatar loren salazar says:

    Pipeline shutdown , , , Gas shortage ?
    Who care’s about “Russian Hackers” when the number one domestic threat
    to our energy pipelines is the corrupt old man in the White House.
    Congratulations on electing Mr. Biden, NBC News.
    How’s that crisis at the border coverage going boys?

    • Avatar loren salazar says:

      NOTE; This post is heavily edited by the lack of free speech that google & NBC allow here.
      I had to re-post this and change wording to allow the post.
      Youtube/Google excel at bastardization of our Free Speech

  10. Avatar Benjamin Gal-Or says:

    How can private investments gain while curbing the pandemic, saving lives?

    A. Non-Science terms like Lockdown, Immigration, Travel Ban, Trade, Land,
    Sea & Air transportation, are replaced by Virus Diffusion Drives, VDD. LIST.

    B. VDD across membranes, or borders, is proportional to square root of
    difference in proper virus values across borders X Lengths/Areas between
    countries, states, counties, provinces, domestically & internationally, which are
    sufficient to explain why early closed border between Vietnam and China resulted
    in claimed zero deaths, same in Islands, peninsulas & atolls listed, while open
    border between 9.3-Mexico-VDD to US 1.78 has partly caused ~600,000 deaths.

    C. Internet noise by billions comments an mass-flooding/obstructing this to reach
    ~180,000 or so national, state, provincial epidemic Czars who may thus end
    this failing war by year end IF ALLOWED to understand how to resolve the
    greatest in history LIFE-or-DAETH-DILEMMA. Facts for last 7-Days[1]:

    VDD: 1) Pandemic Deaths 2) Deaths/0.1M 3) Key Variable: Case Fatality Rates %,
    which are available control variables in global, national, states, counties, cities,
    rural districts, provinces driven by at least 3 VDD, local v. international:
    Alaska 0.52%
    Utah 0.56%
    Porto Rico 0.93%
    LA, Ca 24,030
    Brnx, NY 6,514
    MiaMi-Dde 6,273
    US 582,153 177 1.78%
    Mexico 219,089 171 9.25%
    Gtml 7,736 47 3.3%
    Elslvdr 2,158 33 3.1%
    Canada 24,660 66 1.94%
    Cayman Ilnds 2 30 0.37%
    Iceland 29 8 0.45%
    British V Ilnds 1 33 0.46%
    Cuba 741 76 0.6%
    SnMRTN 12 37 0.68%
    VDD between States, Counties, Rural
    Districts, HWY illnds, US ilnds-atolls
    between NZ-AU-PH & other ilnds-atolls.[2]
    China 4,846 1 4.7%
    Vietnam* 0 – 0.00%
    Hong Kong 210 28 1.78%
    Mongolia 153 48 0.35%
    Bhutan 1 1 0.08%
    Nepal 3,859 13 0.95%
    Taiwan 12 1 1.02%
    Kazakhstn 3,853 207 1.14%
    VDD between Diaoyu Ilnds, BORDERS
    between Provinces, Municipalities.[2].
    * US-Mexco-border was open,
    Vietnam-China-border tightly closed
    with zero or very lowvdeaths: https://www
    Russia 112,740 77 2.32%
    Ukraine 48,419 109 2.18%
    Hungary 28,403 294 3.60%
    Poland 69,445 183 2.46%
    Kazakhstan 3,372 18 0.8%
    Finland 922 167 1.04%
    Estonia 1,193 90 0.96%
    Borders with 12 other countries, and
    between Kolchozes, Cities, etc.[2]
    Brazil 417,176 200 2.78%
    Vnzula 2,304 8 1.10%
    Urgwy 3,171 91 1.39%
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    Pragwy 7,209 102 2.36%
    Colomb 76,4141 53 2.59%
    Peru 63,223 197 3.45%
    Boliv 13,228 115 4.19%
    Eqdr 19,242 111 4.81%
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    Pakistan 19,106 9 2.20%
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    Lebnon 7,507 109 1.4%
    Egypt 13,972 14 5.85%
    Syria 1,631 10 7.03%
    Cyprs 337 28 0.48%
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    Grenada 1 9 0.63%
    Sn Vincent 12 118 0.63%
    Sn Martin 12 369 0.68%
    Turks & Caicos 17 480 0.71%
    New Zealand 26 1 0.99%
    Taiwan 12 1 1.02%
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    Mauritius 17 13 1.39%
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    While studying this Local Climates Termodynamic. Enough said prior to [7].

    3. Perhaps some Governments study relocating some to VIRUS-FREE
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    4. How can private investments gain while curbing the pandemic, saving lives.

    5. AIA Social MANIFESTO? Abuse Ideas’ Authors, not their ideas, patents, designs,
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    6. AVOID AIA [5] by King Solomon’s Non-religious Proverbs: 9: 8, 26:4, 29:18 in
    a ‘REPLY’ to ONE-LINERS who can’t write more than one line, nor read a few,
    while he taints this civilization and his own base.

    [1] Sources: Daily published data by Thousands of dedicated Drs., Nursers, Health-Care
    Workers in ~180 nations and reported to US university JH & World Health Organization, WHO,
    on corona/variants, are reordered here by 7-days intervals of this PRIVATE, NON–AFFILIATED,
    UN-FUNDED STUDY since Oct 22, 2020. youtube, [‘in’]. This one for May 5-12, 2021.
    [2] https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Coronavirus/COVID-variants-swamp-India
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  11. Avatar AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

    If the technology does not have the technological ability to protect itself built in, then the technology should not be used for ANY overreaching systems. If the entire subsistence chain can be shut down by hackers, we are doing something seriously wrong. LISTEN TO YOUR TECH ADVISORS, FGS.

  12. Avatar loren salazar says:

    Congratulations on the border crisis NBC & Mr. Biden.
    ~ NBC News remains the #1 propaganda center for Biden stupidity.

  13. Avatar AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

    Why is everyone suddenly calling on the US to “do something?” YOU do something. Grow up, get your butts into the conference room, and negotiate yourselves peace, and stop making the rest of the world pay for your messes. And where the heck is the UN in all of this? God help me, I’m starting to think that Trump had a point there.

  14. Avatar comedycopter says:

    I like wearing a mask. We should make it permanent. Especially in grocery stores.

    • Avatar Linda Fox says:

      I agree

    • Avatar Blake R says:

      Not veverywhere, some rural areas have very few if at all cases and mom and pop stores are generally uncrowded….maybe might wear on weekend

  15. Avatar manny ramires says:

    And Biden shouldn’t get involved let those countries take care of their own problems

  16. Avatar Mahmoud Haghi says:

    This should maverick happens in America mr president south gas or anything’s for people of Americans

  17. Avatar Furthermore says:

    The longer people decide to “Pandemic Resign ” & sit on unemployment , the more likely animatronics and Technology take away from Human production

  18. Avatar Gloria Jackson says:


  19. Avatar 4D Chess says:

    These are probably the same people who don’t understand that we need to wing ourselves off of fossil fuels. We are being held hostage by these crooks. This is why we need to pass Bidens job plan immediately..

  20. Avatar Roderico C Soto says:

    The. Republican party is show of putrefaction live.

  21. Avatar Saundra King says:

    Israel is wrong to evict people from their home. They have learned nothing.

  22. Avatar Rich James says:

    Wait til China shuts off the gas Water and Electric

  23. Avatar J says:

    A lot of Americans need a different perspective about the Covid shots. People in poor countries are begging and praying for access to the vaccine and too many Americans are shunning it out of ignorance….ungrateful.

  24. Avatar Project 2OH9 says:

    Seems that May is the month for Middle east violence? Like a seasonal activity? 🤔

  25. Avatar Ken Albertsen says:

    Dams. How difficult would it be to open the gates, …..and flood downhill.

  26. Avatar Tight Lines says:

    Your whole cast of fear peddlers contributes to mental health decline, and you have the audacity to ask why this is happening. So much for winning an award for excellence in journalism. You can’t even identify for yourself that you are the source of creating this problem. At least you are pretending not to know that you are part of the problem.

  27. Avatar Yoflo Heppen says:

    What would the Russians get out of doing that ?….. I don’t get it

  28. Avatar Vitality Massage says:

    19:20 George Floyd was NOT even CLOSE to being an angel! He was a drug addict, thief and lifetime criminal. Let’s NOT PRETEND or coat him with sugar when it’s all a bunch of B.S!

  29. Avatar MrReed314 says:

    Problem is: now it can be hacked whenever the Russians want because any medium level hacker will leave quiet back doors behind when they leave..

  30. Avatar Marsh Morgan says:

    We need classes for adults with first aid, gun law, cooking, political science, history, parenting,that are not just free but offer a tax break for the grade you receive. The better grade the larger earnings saved. Driving courses easing insurance costs. Civic change through education offering money for smarter Americans. Mixing American people in classes will break down racial fears and build community. Smarter closer tightly nit Americans can overcome what comes next.

  31. Avatar sandra cline says:

    Can you say Eric Snowdon

  32. Avatar Lisa Johnson says:

    Purple Snickers if you have damaged veins.

  33. Avatar Marilu Carvallo says:

    Great job Joe! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. Avatar Funk D says:

    Just curious, do democrat voters still believe this is all Trump’s fault?

  35. Avatar VRTLHVN says:

    I dont have an internet addiction, the internet has an addiction with me

  36. Avatar joe chen says:

    My “internet Addiction” is Nighly News 📺

  37. Avatar Guy Stone says:

    I wouldn’t be worried about getting gas ⛽️

  38. Avatar EN Reefs says:

    war with russia?

  39. Avatar Master Hans says:

    17:00 Internet is the new brain of humanity, its links looks also like our brain. We can’t do anything it’s the future and the evolution of our brain 😉

  40. Avatar Frank Perrette says:

    Stupid people stop it I didn’t say stop it but that sounds good to me

  41. Avatar Moc Mail says:

    does anyone believe the news?😕

  42. Avatar Hottiemilatti Milani Morales says:

    There is a tiger on the loose in Texas. I hope the people in Texas have some sort of protection 🥷. And don’t be leaving your kids on the boarder!!! Their safety is not guaranteed!!! There are ruthless people that don’t like immigrants… and ya know the tiger.

  43. Avatar Thea Minerva says:

    The gas hoarding’s so ridiculous! People need to grow up!😲

  44. Avatar Love Sarpong Sei says:


  45. Avatar Lexi Cat says:

    Everybody trying to hoard gas. That’s why.

  46. Avatar Jack Steward says:

    Just think a year ago Middle East peace seemed within reach . Now children are being slaughtered again . Election fraud has consequences .

  47. Avatar Consuela Watson says:

    Every year something so call happen. Then the gas prices go up just in time for the summer holidays. Wow its right on the money. They say something is going on. They know we are not going to stop buying it . So wall street get richer. They are so smart. I wish I had money I would be rich to. Because it’s so easy to know where to put your money. MO MONEY MO MONEY. GET GET GET IT. Every year around the same time. I would just sit back and watch. Waiting patiently. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🤭

  48. Avatar 夏季 says:

    Please kindly increase the volume. It is kinda difficult to listen to

  49. Avatar D Storm says:

    Lester Holt is a very biased partisan leftist.

  50. Avatar Sir z says:

    shoot some bombs into Israel

  51. Avatar James Nohl says:

    Lies lies lies CDC Lies

  52. Avatar Trail Hound says:

    Hack and rig the pipe lines and everything else including the election

  53. Avatar Roxie A Robinson says:

    Lester Holt, least credible person on the planet…..tonight on FAKE NEWS.

  54. Avatar West Coast Connection says:

    The border is overran (to where even Mexico’s Pres is mad), gas lines, more BS Covid lock downs, Israel is under attack and the Dems think transgenders should get to dominate women’s sports…yeah good job sh*t for brains Biden and his even dumber voters.

  55. Avatar Janet jubilee Busener says:

    Main steam news is not truthful. Try Infowars.com and Fox News.

  56. Avatar Janet jubilee Busener says:

    Buying electric vehicles and taking buses and trains can solve this problem.

  57. Avatar K Mind says:

    GF is a angel (-_-),……. n …really

  58. Avatar Janet jubilee Busener says:

    Stop the jabs, people are dying from them.

  59. Avatar Janet jubilee Busener says:

    Anyone who gets or forces children to get the jab is STUPID.

  60. Avatar Quentin Parker says:

    People don’t appreciate necessities until they have been deprived of them.

  61. Avatar William Dennis-Leigh says:

    No good deed goes unpunished, especially if it comes from a republican congresswoman.

  62. Avatar d ri says:

    Yeah can you imagine how many homeless people would be out of there no driving cars anymore

  63. Avatar Cateyes Reid says:

    I always keep my tank full because I knew of times like this! At a quarter down I refill. Now I just watch the panic at the pumps! 🤗

  64. Avatar d ri says:

    No wonder the price is so expensive

  65. Avatar Frank Arellano says:

    Prayers it’s the only way end times 🙏💯

  66. Avatar Richard Mortellaro says:

    It’s realy hard to believe that Exon Valero and other oil gas and desale bosses brokers and the linemen don’t have a handle on there patrolyeyim products integrity. Go back a step – Hands on working bosses will stop this threat. Don’t let a hacker out think you . Hey Boss what time is it ? Oh it’s early …

  67. Avatar Blake R says:

    Last year toilet paper, this year gas…crazy people….glad I live very rural away from all this ignorance. Its going to be Carter 2.0 all over again.

  68. Avatar 51 50 says:


  69. Avatar Detra Ed says:

    Imagine telling your boss.. I can’t make it in to work today. I don’t have any gas..

  70. Avatar Daniel Tigges says:

    I wish they would talk about how Marijuana and Phylicibin can cure depression and anxiety

  71. Avatar Blake R says:

    Hamas gets what it started…liberal bias

  72. Avatar Maria's products says:

    Congratulations Lester Holt,our Jamaican DNA

  73. Avatar Maria's products says:

    Dont panic let’s walk,

  74. Avatar Maria's products says:

    Infrastructure now

  75. Avatar nartnayr says:

    it’s like the east coast keeps getting f*cked constantly

  76. Avatar Giovanna Catzinsky says:

    No gas no problem I’m ride my bike to work anyway

  77. Avatar steven g knight says:

    look at the kids that are smarter than the anti vaxxer morons

  78. Avatar Lakeisha C. says:

    Unfortunately alot of police officers are liars

  79. Avatar Nate Sanders says:

    Cash app $1 $NatesSanders for more info

  80. Avatar Renata Smith says:

    If ownership is checked, paperwork shows who actually owns the homes in Israel … FACT check.

  81. Avatar Nazar M A says:

    World killer Israel kills poor Palestinian Peoples

  82. Avatar Benita L Paxton says:

    Live Free Die Hard
    The movie.

  83. Avatar Richard Gagnon says:

    Blame Russia.. lol

  84. Avatar Benita L Paxton says:

    You can opt out for that monthly EIC payment so you can have a lump sum after taxes next year…

  85. Avatar InnerVision Productions says:

    0:05 2 DOOR

  86. Avatar Benita L Paxton says:

    Thank you for keep our world colorful…

    • Avatar adriana starr says:

      for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of GOD and the wages of sin is death, but the Gift of GOD is eternal life in CHRIST JESUS our LORD, Who not only gave us life but laid down HIS very own precious Life for us all so that we may be saved by HIS grace through faith in HIM alone.

    • Avatar adriana starr says:

      please stop living in sin and live all to the glory of the LORD GOD Almighty alone, that you become a son/daughter of our Heavenly FATHER and be sealed by HIS HOLY SPIRIT! 🙂

  87. Avatar Brandon Frye says:

  88. Avatar Timmy Billingsley says:

    I love Lester holts new

  89. Avatar Timmy Billingsley says:

    .solar cars would help

  90. Avatar skipwhethers says:

    Howie Forman rules!

  91. Avatar Randall Warren says:

    Like I said they want to use kids to see if this stuff works here’s one kid right here it’s going to be a guinea pig something their guarantee is going to work they have no clue

  92. Avatar Randall Warren says:

    The CD gcdc doesn’t care if they save lives basically it’s death when there’s death is a lot of money involved look at all those spare parts they can get you think they give a care about human life now otherwise they weren’t they wouldn’t be experimenting on our kids with this vaccine what they call covid-19 vaccine it doesn’t work never will work because it’s untested and unfounded this is population control at its fullest covid-19 is here to stay

  93. Avatar Randall Warren says:

    Yeah they want you to plan to get the vaccine that way you can line up to get your death serum the stuff is untested and basically are testing it on civilian people to see if it works or not they might be testing other stuff to see if it kills people so go ahead and line up for the covid-19 shot until it’s guaranteed that it’s going to fight the Culvert I’m not digging it 5 years down the road their kids are going to be dropping dead

  94. Avatar Butch Mitch says:


  95. Avatar Butch Mitch says:


  96. Avatar ryan chambers says:

    NBC Couldn’t get any stupider

  97. Avatar Carlos Castillo says:

    Thanks for you information

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