NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 12th, 2021

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Colonial Pipeline restarting operations amid frenzy at gas stations across Southeast, Rep. Cheney ousted from House leadership role, and dozens killed in escalating Israel-Hamas violence.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:59 Pipeline Restarts As Gas Shortages Worsen
04:15 GOP Ousts Liz Cheney
07:50 Mideast Crisis Escalates
09:37 Teen Vaccinations
11:59 Capitol Riot Investigation
13:10 Surging Prices
15:00 Teens Help Seniors Fight Misinformation
19:06 Inspiring America: Scientists Who Paved Way For Covid Vaccine

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Latino Heat Venezuela says:

    Best thing this lady os out.

  2. Avatar enzo tontodimamma says:

    Why so bad subtitles?

  3. Avatar Grace Gomes says:

    Yes Lester and you are a very big part of that misinformation aren’t you?

  4. Avatar Gd Xa0 says:


  5. Avatar Josh Noteman says:

    NBC could used the thirteen year old cyber truth kids on the misinformation they spew everyday. Jussie smollett, Nick sandman, Hunter Biden laptop, Russia collusion, election fraud, and so on. Liz Chaney story is a distraction. No border crisis today I guess?

  6. Avatar RuthAnn M says:

    They want the money back that they gave away

  7. Avatar Rodney The 3rd says:

    Now more mean tweets thank you Joe Biden 🙌 you are doing such an amazing job as president please keep giving us unemployment benefits every week 🙌 keep lowering the value of the American value Amen!

  8. Avatar Christine Chung says:

    Trump is second Hitler

  9. Avatar Janie K Carney says:

    Don’t use the word fight. People may attack the Capital again.

  10. Avatar chen zhen says:

    2:12 what happened ?

  11. Avatar L Bunch says:

    Lol xd fuckas😳😩

  12. Avatar Avelline Allotrope says:

    Unrelated… Social workers, psychologists, and related mental health workers are majoritively covert narcissists who enjoy having the upper hand over the vulnerable. Who the F do these people think they are judging what is right and wrong in anyone’s thinking. Their allegiance is to their licenses (the state) not to their patients. They are not there to help you. They complain about the system when queried but refuse to be the one to make changes. They are too cowardly to overthrow the status quo so they just work within the confines. Then become passive aggressive with their patients and blame them for not doing everything by THEIR book. Loosers.

  13. Avatar Moon Bow says:

    What a goofy tone deaf lying dunce!

  14. Avatar Josh eaton says:

    Lol let me tell you the average for gas is 4 dollars for regular where I live in Northern California if your upset about 3 stfu

  15. Avatar Amor Fati says:

    Greed and selfishne Shamess.

  16. Avatar Ryan Gilpatrick says:

    As soon as they announced the hack the states should have put in a 50$ limit everywhere and enforced it EXCEPT for emergency and truck drivers. But that would take to much effort and common sense…..

  17. Avatar Lark Davis says:

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    • Avatar Leon Horn says:

      Lark has been a blessing to me 😇😇

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    • Avatar Leon Horn says:

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      He’s available on wat’s app ⏫

  18. Avatar Steve Stelly says:

    NO GAS!? quick rush to the stores and get toilet paper! hear me now believe me later.

  19. Avatar Cobra Cow says:

    BREAKING: Entire Database From Voting Machines – DELETED! Maricopa County Officials Erased ‘’All Election Information’’ From Main Database!

  20. Avatar John 3:16 says:


  21. Avatar Thomas Lightningbolt says:

    Prices surge when people are greedy and capitolizing off of a pandemic! You people are scum!

  22. Avatar William Walker says:

    I got news for ya. Drumpfy the Clown is never gonna be re-elected. Regardless of Liz Cheney or not! The American people are not stupid. They simply won’t re-elect any individual who’s been impeached twice in a single term. Clean out the Republican party and restore the GOP to the party of Reagan and Lincoln! The sooner this accomplished, the better off the entire country will be!

  23. Avatar altovise butler says:

    Try to get back what was lost, so we all have to suffer.

  24. Avatar Adnan Ibna Islam Shovon says:

    Mr. Biden said “Israel has every right to protect itself.” My question to POTUS does the Palestinians has any right to protect their land, their families, theirs home? Everyone knows that this fight is between ant and elephant. This fighting is waiting to happen. It is just matter of time. The plot was set during trump’s era. Trump fueled the fire. Then when you take the presidency the Israelis saw it as an opportunity to evict the Palestinians. Bcoz israel knows it well that you doesn’t have the balls to stop israel. #fuckisrael

  25. Avatar AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

    Are these republicans nuts? They disown Cheney for pointing out that Trump continues to push the lie that the election was ‘stolen,’ and then they say “I don’t think anyone is questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election.” FGS, the principal pusher of that lie IS TRUMP. How insane do you have to be to be a republican right now???? Even their own selves can’t figure out what their message is, and they want to run the country?

  26. Avatar energy can't be destroyed itcanonlybechanged says:

    If the remaining Republicans believe Trump wasn’t the main factor in the Capitol riots, Americans need to dump the party!!!!

    • Avatar AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

      America is watching this political party self destruct. FGS, they just disowned a republican leader for pointing out that Trump continues to push the lie that the election was stolen, and at the same time you have one of their own declaring that no one is questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election. What IS that?

    • Avatar energy can't be destroyed itcanonlybechanged says:

      @AbsentWithoutLeaving Republicans. Democrats. At the end of the day we are Americans. But Trump??? That guy was a degenerate spoiled rich kid, that made a mockery out of our political system.

  27. Avatar Stephanie Kong says:

    it’s been $4.30 in the bay area for a while now… where is the $3 gas? would love to go get some..

    • Avatar AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

      Yes, I would like to know where they are getting these numbers…they’re saying gas hasn’t been over $3.00 for double-digit years, when it goes over $3.00 in the Chicago area every summer. I guess it’s a national average, which means there would be as many locations where the gas is over the average as there are where gas is under the average.

  28. Avatar petersaturday says:

    Should the main stream media also be fact checked? Who is deciding what the truth is, MSNBC? Shouldn’t all information on the Internet be questioned?

  29. Avatar El Tio says:

    Trump wants to go back to the days in the plantation…no no no…
    Go Liz . Judgement day is nearing.
    Trump N a pile of S is the same.
    After amascipation proclamation, civil rights bill, and affirmative action
    we don’t want a Nazi in the oval office…

  30. Avatar AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

    Thanks, kids, for illustrating a core truth at the heart of America – the understanding that the greater the personal freedom, the greater the personal responsibility. If you demand unfettered freedom of speech, you take on the personal responsibility of fact-checking what is presented to you as truth by those exercising their freedom of speech by lying to you.

  31. Avatar energy can't be destroyed itcanonlybechanged says:

    Or whatever God forgives?

  32. Avatar Project 2OH9 says:

    Cybercriminals in Russia and China do not operate without government approval. Basically, Russia is saying, we got you by the balls and there is nothing you can do about it.

  33. Avatar Walter Rabanales says:

    Desantis is hoarding restrictions for all voters

  34. Avatar Cherie Hunt says:

    Where are the missing ballots in Maricopa County? Why was the database for the 2020 election in Maricopa county deleted before it was turned over to the auditors?

  35. Avatar Mike B says:

    Don’t agree with Cheney on much, but I do agree with her stance — AND WHAT A COURAGEOUS STANCE IT IS, BRAVO !!!!

  36. Avatar Coochie Kill3r says:

    Ever since the middle of the pandemic things have been going COMPLETELY DOWN HILL

    I am really not surprised at all‼💯

  37. Avatar danielle wadman says:

    when the NEWS says misinformation is a issue its hard to believe the NEWS that its true lol

  38. Avatar Pepito Panchito says:


  39. Avatar Pepito Panchito says:


  40. Avatar Pepito Panchito says:


  41. Avatar Pepito Panchito says:


  42. Avatar TH3i3L34K13 says:

    2:14 they paid the hackers ransom of 5 million worth of bitcoin. they’re back up but now they will always have a target on their back because they pay.

  43. Avatar Pepito Panchito says:


  44. Avatar Pepito Panchito says:

    “Turbo Tax” is very expensive. 👁️👁️

  45. Avatar Pepito Panchito says:

    First, there were not enough truckers to transport those large gasoline tanks.
    Now, the storage tanks are being hacked, too.
    Just what in tarnation is going on ?!? 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  46. Avatar Lisa Johnson says:

    Dove Beauty Cream Bar won’t solve the heart issues people are experiencing. Basically those that have been poisoned with Sodium Bicarbonate, first eat lots of leafy vegetables to lower its levels than anything with lots of onions.

  47. Avatar Richy Cartels says:

    Why isn’t US Congress and Biden furnished video cameras upon all vote counters and make the voter fraud a criminal offence instead of a civil matter, so that the police officer don’t say that’s not a criminal matter, I can’t do anything to stop the vote cheeting.
    Forget who won the 2020 Election, what about protecting the intaragy of the voting process, instead of leaving it as a mockry!

  48. Avatar cay f says:

    why is she wearing heart sunglasses?😨😨

  49. Avatar Dalton My World says:

    Great reporting

  50. Avatar Benjamin Gal-Or says:

    NYT and POLITICO appear first to comprehend Geo Virus Dynamics Science.[1][2].

    #1: USE VIRUS-FREE LOCATIONS: 300,000 islands, endless beach areas, peninsulas, campings areas, even in arid zones, even on most world’s virus-free-highways-sides,
    all under strict 100-ft-RESIDENTIAL-DISTANCING.

    #2 : Vaccines alone fail recovery if not strictly used under these rules.

    #3: The rules are based on VIRUS DYNAMICS DRIVES, VDD, which are proportional
    to square root of difference in proper VDD across membranes or borders, times Lengths/Areas between countries, states, counties, provinces, domestically & internationally.

    #4: These rules confirm and clearly explain why nations that had closed borders since early 2020, have resulted in low deaths rates in % ~same as in Islands, peninsulas
    & atolls listed in Part B [2], while open borders spread global Deaths, today 3,335,196.

    #5: Billions comments flood the global internet, preventing these rules to reach national, state and provincial epidemic Czars, Part B, LISTS.
    All copyrights apply.

    [1] NYT and POLITICO appear first to comprehend this Science.[2]. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/03/24/biden-new-testing-strategy-covid-477882
    [2] Gal-Or, Benjamin, ‘Modern Thermodynamics’ and Local Climates ‘Thermodynamics’
    [Amazon, Wiley, ‘In’, Youtube, ISSUU, Scribd, Springer, AIAA, ASME, Science, Nature]
    integrated with published pandemic data by thousands of dedicated Drs., nursers,
    Health-Care Workers in ~150 nations daily reporting to US university JH & World
    Health UN Organization, WHO, on corona/variants. The are analyzed here via main
    borders around selected nations then Reordered by this PRIVATE, NON-AFFILIATED,
    UN-FUNDED STUDY since Oct 22, 2020 [youtube, [‘in’]. Part A. All Copyrights apply.

  51. Avatar Jerry Hancock says:

    Lester go found God. You believe the sky is falling.

  52. Avatar Diadem Glow says:

    Lester is a complete rascist. He goes out of his way to almost exclusively do stories of achievements on onlyblacks, there is a distinct pattern. All this says about Lester is he is insecure. I have never cared for him much, but now have very little respect.

  53. Avatar Mary Annette says:

    Gee, NBC = not fair news and oh so biased. You of course being the judge and jury….of baseless news.

  54. Avatar David McCoul says:

    Wow, we need more young people like these fact-checking teens! I’m happy they are our future!

  55. Avatar David McCoul says:

    Great interview with the scientists!

  56. Avatar ether150 says:

    pause the video at the 2:51 mark …lmfao.

  57. Avatar Josh Moore says:

  58. Avatar Joanne Cocchiaro says:

    I wouldn’t take it for a Hundred million dollars.😠😈🎃👹👺☠️🔥

  59. Avatar 1 says:


  60. Avatar just saying says:

    That Susan lady is a nut also, she lost trust in very very smart intelligent men, but had trust for a red head Trump 🤔 nuts.

  61. Avatar MorpheusΩne says:

    Every critical statement that Trump makes about others, every adjective, every verb, none of it, ever, legitimately applies to those people. He is constantly talking about himself, his refusal to accept reality, his delusions & paranoia.

  62. Avatar sammavacaist says:

    Gee I wish I could consider $3000 extra crazy f u money. 🙄

  63. Avatar Pastrice Moretti says:

    Gas in WASHINGTON states is $3.40 and has been for a month.

  64. Avatar Luke Stevens says:

    Trump says that Cheney is a terrible person with no personality. Trump, are you saying this because she is speaking the truth, that you don’t want your supporters to know? Of course you’re still acting like a child and throwing a fit when you’re not even president! Joe Biden won the election. You lost! If there was any evidence of fraud we would know!

  65. Avatar Raj Kahlon says:

    Will vote for Trump again

  66. Avatar Abranda Phillips says:

    Trump’s negative rants help NO ONE! Why repeat them?

  67. Avatar Ruben G Madrigal Jr. says:

    your comments on covet are turned off no one’s able to get on to them anyway dude have you checked to see how much you get paid to be in the clinical study that still needs to go on after you get your covenant shot they’re still a clinical study trip out

  68. Avatar Ruben G Madrigal Jr. says:

    good kind of place at an attack on America would you think so

  69. Avatar Elsie Schmaltz says:

    If we let Trump belittles us. That is not right to have a past president to do things like deciding. Have you not notice in news what is happening.Nothing but division everywhere.

  70. Avatar Elsie Schmaltz says:

    Deciding is division.my mistake.

  71. Avatar Scott Pulver says:

    Liars .. didn’t know anyone watches NBC …

  72. Avatar Oscar Perez says:

    Praise the Lord People.

  73. Avatar David Lee Jennings says:

    7:49 BULLSHIT~

  74. Avatar Nicholas Snyder says:

    It’s good to see young people fact checking all the bs online, but are we teaching them how powerful data is in this age of information, and how information is used to control the general subconscious of the public? For example, the video documentary about the covid 19 virus early on in Wuhon China? Lots of examples though

  75. Avatar Lennart Voogt says:

    The fact that people in the USA are unsure whether or not to get the vaccine is mindboggling to me. As a Dutchman living in Vietnam. Each and every person in this country would not hesitate a second for getting the vaccine.

  76. Avatar Loki M says:

    Cheney is just like her late husband, corrupt…..

  77. Avatar Jason Willis says:

    So kids in the miss information club have you ever looked into your eyes they might remind you of trump and Biden and let’s be honest Obama never left office but just painted his holagram for the those who vote for skin color and not real heart for the people of America

  78. Avatar Jake Lionlight says:

    Now you know what happens when you take away critical infrastructure without having anything to replace the one that was taken offline. Do you really think electric vehicles is ready to take over gas? It’s obvious the infrastructure isn’t there nor defense against hackers. If their is one rat, their is more than likely more and makes me have doubts as to if your military is safe against a hack.

    The Biden presidency has been a disaster run by left wing lunatics that have left the realm of rational thought. I do not believe Biden is pulling the levers and is far left people making him make horrible choices for the USA.

    Biden, protect the country from raising water tables, policy will not protect coastline cities from being put underwater, physical infrastructure can like sea walls, changing transport to flying vehicles, if your roads are underwater a car will do you no good, Also a focus on naval military, might be wise.

    Think about how to produce food in limited spaces or have floating farms..

    If you wait to the last minute, it will be to late, climate change is not going to stop no more than the wars that plague are world, like covid 19 is right now..

  79. Avatar TRUTH HURTS says:

    Cheney take a hike will take trump thank you very much that man is the only one we have left that conceived this nation at this point So Cheney take a hike

  80. Avatar FREEBasic code gui says:

    welcome to the sss world

  81. Avatar robert dean says:

    We Love You Lester !
    Thank You for your service !

  82. Avatar greene ronald says:

    The wholesale course postsynaptically store because cork italy bruise midst a spotty dock. various, offbeat pilot

  83. Avatar James Thompson says:

    you have to be kidding me, the first clip where they start talking about the attacks in Gaza, that first tall building was brought down by controlled demolition that was not a missile or rocket strike how that building came down. You can even see the demo charge flashes inside the building right before it starts to “drop” it dropped from the base supports being compromised from pre rigged demo charges not a missle or a rocket.

  84. Avatar my2cents2u says:

    I’m still trying to find out if any Rs voted to _keep_ Cheney. ? ? ?
    If it was unanimous, the GOP is truly lost.
    The biggest batch of sycophant hypocrites ever. :-/
    Edit: Kinzinger _did not_ vote against her, so I am sure there are others. Would really like to knnow who they are.

  85. Avatar Another High says:

    Lester Holt supports Hamas and terrorism

  86. Avatar Another High says:

    the 1000 rockets came before Israel took any action. why did you reverse the order when reporting? oh ya. NBC is as anti-semitic as it gets these days

  87. Avatar S C says:

    Good for you Liz!!!!

  88. Avatar Sam Who? Lol says:

    Fake and corrupt news

  89. Avatar Beverley Chrisjohn says:

    Magnets are sticking to the injection site of people who got the covid vaccine, videos are flooding the internet showing this, we thought it was a joke until it happened to us, why is NBC pushing this vaccine if it does this to people?

  90. Avatar Frankoi Wilson says:

    The crooked earth isely stare because sheep legally destroy regarding a nifty desk. coordinated, deafening help

  91. Avatar Anthony Zarudski says:

    Pushing people to go electric such a scam

  92. Avatar Anthony Zarudski says:

    The news use your common sense it’s built in you news is false

  93. Avatar Daniel Opyd says:


  94. Avatar Ngát Nguyễn says:


  95. Avatar Ngát Nguyễn says:


  96. Avatar Ngát Nguyễn says:


  97. Avatar Ngát Nguyễn says:


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