NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 21st, 2021

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Southeast hit by Tropical Storm Claudette, growing concern over Covid delta variant and Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling against NCAA.
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00:00 Intro
01:52 Tropical Storm Claudette
04:42 Covid Delta Variant Spreads
07:00 NCAA Victory For College Athletes
11:56 New Child Tax Credits Begin
13:59 Police Morale Plunging

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar G s says:

    Fake news

  2. Avatar RAH says:

    The so-called ” THE BLUE WALLL OF SILENCE ” and bad cops has contributed to your poor image in many communities. It’s un- fortunate that those professional police officers who have spoken out, were ostracized and ridiculed for not being part of the team.

  3. Avatar Grand Infinite says:

    Are Vegas casino’s turning off their casino lights to conserve energy and save Lake Mead? If not? Then, why should the rest of America care about the lake mead water levels.?

  4. Avatar Artem Morozov says:

    Dear Police Officers, thank you for your service to our country and protecting us, and for keeping the order!
    God bless you all, and may the Archangels always guard your back <3

  5. Avatar Jason Chia Lee says:

    Dear BMW, YouTube forced me to watch your 15-second commercials twice; I gave up watching the news today in the end. I will never buy any bmw for me or my future kids and that is not because I am a tesla owner. You are very welcome.

  6. Avatar tim kahn says:

    wonder how much water could of been moved to where it needed .if we only do what we use to before the reagan lie all government was bad. we could of built a system to move water to where its needed. like IKE built the road system. the rise of todays g o p has become the fall of the rest of nation so far. stop voting loser. stop voting tax dodger. stop voting greed and graft .stop voting g o p .

  7. Avatar Sunday Weiss says:

    Did I hear right, the public prefers food prepared by low paid cooks?

  8. Avatar Katambira Cosmas says:

    I remember my first time to meet this site by names of nuwagaba cosmas during the first wave of the virus and nw my country Uganda in a total lockdown of the second wave but remember nothing was neither learned nor put in the position to prevent lives from perishing and on top of that, amounts in billions dollars were stolen during the first wave. Uganda need prayers across the world cz the situation is worsening.

  9. Avatar Jose Conejo says:

    You are going to deal with a lot more

  10. Avatar Joe Zyzyx says:

    NCAA has been engage in modern day slavery for a long, long time. Athletes on scholarships don’t have the same time to add a job to help cover their expenses like those do in college on other scholarships. Therefore they become deprived of the same work time opportunity those on other type scholarships, who often DO have time they can devote also to working a side job to have the extra funds they need. Meanwhile the schools and NCAA use the athletes for raising funds, selling tickets in some venues, for interviews, and pocketing all the gain from such only for themselves. We used to call that “slavery” a century and half ago. Is it because so many athletes are black?

  11. Avatar Marie ramirez says:


  12. Avatar Elizabeth McGreevy says:

    The threat of severe weather is NEVER over. It’s too bad that federal aid can’t help new structures be more weather resistant.

  13. Avatar Omegaforce 1 says:

    This black dude makes me sick 🤮
    Always spewing his fear
    Go report in Africa see if they put up with it 🤬

  14. Avatar Omegaforce 1 says:

    Delta Dawn what’s that flower you have on..

  15. Avatar Frog Camper says:

    Why do I feel like a lot of people are watching the news than usual

  16. Avatar Mr Hovhorosi Chikoz says:


  17. Avatar Raymon Vincent says:

    America’s Society Of Authorities Have A Destiny ,
    A HOUR GLASS , Their A Meal For The Birds Of The World!

  18. Avatar 1 says:


  19. Avatar 1 says:


  20. Avatar Mama T's world says:

    It sure did damage to my place here in Pensacola Florida

  21. Avatar John Burns says:

    Modern Medicines Moral Responsibility Has Become A Fallacy. Read, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker, signed by Attorney Theodore A Strecker.

  22. Avatar Sally Scott says:

    They are so full of beans….they have to use up ALL these jabs that are spoiling. Nonsense.

  23. Avatar Pat Sully says:

    Buy Bitcoin NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Avatar Hugo Aguiar says:

    The jab isn’t FDA approved

  25. Avatar Humanity’s Defenders says:

    )Governments disclosure & the extraterrestrial presence! https://youtu.be/QFnLWV2OTHQ

  26. Avatar Mike B says:

    Higher Education is a BUSINESS and needs to lose the support of the American People. I’m not a fan of the NCAA, but I agree that either we preserve Amateur Sports or get them out of schools all together. Everyone should go to school online or go to trade school, as the vast majority (over 80%) of college degrees are worthless.

  27. Avatar John Connor says:


  28. Avatar Daryl A says:

    It’s quite interesting how those suffering the Trumpublican/anti-vax, mass mental illness will more-so die because of the virus; leaving proportionately more of the mentally healthy to survive, reproduce and evolve. Funny thing evolution: weeding out the unhealthy.

  29. Avatar Todd Barcroft says:

    Crappy pay worse training

  30. Avatar Robert Sorenson says:

    Kamala Harris said not trust that Vaccine done under President Trump ‘s operation warp speed… I’m not taking that vaccine because I don’t trust Trump.

  31. Avatar Daryl A says:

    I’m bewildered! Why are Portland rioters not rounded up and out behind bars???? I don’t get it…

  32. Avatar Todd Barcroft says:

    I think the storms are a hoax,,it’s nice here. 😎😎🌞

  33. Avatar Mike Wood says:

    Wait. I thought children were relatively safe. More fear.

    • Avatar A. Munoz says:

      Not from the new variants. Over 140 schools in Minnesota were struggling with outbreaks awhile ago. See CIDRAP website for the latest ongoing details at U of Minn Med School.

  34. Avatar john hill says:

    With your story on LEO morale maybe they should look within themselves to find solutions to the problems that they cause. Racism, violence and outright Civil Rights violations because they have a motto of letting the courts figure out just how ignorant of the law they might actually be. The police unions seem to be just as bad or worse than the air traffic controller’s union that Regan eliminated. An officer can be fired from one town for major violations of policy then get a job a few towns away, or retire before they are found guilty of crimes in order to collect their pension benefits. Worse than Wall Street.

  35. Avatar Steven says:

    Hunter Biden says the N word while his father locks people up people for crack for decades?

  36. Avatar Bill Fauber says:

    The biggest story in human history is upon us, Extraterrestrials are real and we as a people on this planet need to start thinking about where we go from here and our petty BS needs to stop. The Mainstream Media and Academia need to wake up and get a backbone, do some real/actual investigations instead of following the Governments “we don’t know” propaganda, they have been studying UFO/UAP’s for 70+ years. We must determine what is next If our government lies to us again, we will need to demand investigations and demand charges be filed against those people and/or corporations that are hiding the truth. Crimes against humanity need to be filed. This includes the stuff their hiding on the Moon and Mars. Most people in the U.S. know the Government is lying about Aliens and artifacts found on the Moon and Mars, most people know Aliens are real, some people believe the US Government has open dialogue with these beings. The problem is, the lies and secrecy are causing people to suffer, literally suffer, our society is stagnating the technologies being hidden as part of this topic are real. Aliens WOULD have methods for Anti-aging, cures for all illnesses, different types of power systems, and the list could be endless. We need the answers for the betterment of the people on this planet not just the words that tell the truth. Our petty BS needs to end, the focus must be put where it belongs on the advancement of our people (all this planets’ people). The skeptics and people that are afraid can watch from the side lines, but we need answers. In 1952 thousands of Americas seen these same craft circling the Nation’s Capital, the government covered up this event by calling it a weather phenomenon later it was discovered to be a real event (see story # 2 below) There are literally 1000’s upon thousands of sightings of ADVANCED TECHNICAL aircraft encounters worldwide (see #1 Below) and there are even visual sightings of one of the types of beings visiting our planet (see # 3) below. We must demand answers. Spread these words, it has been a long time since we all worked together on something, this is a perfect opportunity. Working together is simple copy this message to a word document then add your own personal touches, then copy and paste everywhere, you-tube, Instagram, face-book, etc.
    1) http://www.theblackvault.com
    2) https://www.history.com/news/ufos-washington-white-house-air-force-coverup,
    3) http://archivosovni2.blogspot.com/ Story on You Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0J6nyzj5eU

  37. Avatar Jessica Elyssa Rose says:

    Was it just me? Or did that PPO seem to be having a pitty party of unaccountability? As if the Portland people are all upset over just Mr.Floyd and not the many of thier own they have killed and abused power on. To bad for them the safe spots in the DA office are few to come by and already held by suspects who shoot with no regrets. KEATON OTIS is a name, if they ain’t accepting accountability then maybe they should be shouting that name to blame for the situation they are in, just saying.

  38. Avatar alexander shawn says:

    congratulations carl nassif for coming out happy pride month

  39. Avatar Lothair Irvin says:

    You gave time to talk about policemen putting people in the ER. Why didn’t you talk about the Arvada policeman killed yesterday and also a bystander.
    Because it didn’t fit your story of racism. I only watch because my husband has you on.
    Sad that you are so bias.

  40. Avatar Derek Vest says:

    a lot more endorcements for the ncaa tickits to eat at local resturants, shoes clothes, credit cards, free housing, and gets new tickits every mounth till they run out

  41. Avatar sammavacaist says:

    Young people, before you consider becoming a cop ask yourself “can I really refrain from killing black people?” 🤔

    • Avatar Germangirl don't vote says:

      🤷‍♀️ wow

  42. Avatar alexander shawn says:


  43. Avatar sammavacaist says:

    Eh, Alabama should be fine. That state generates tons of money.

  44. Avatar hippo potamus says:

    Walls are racists! So if vaccines are walls then vaccines are racist!! Keep wearing masks! Even alone at home or in the shower! Masks now and forever! Cancel all sports! Cancel all concerts and gatherings! No one should be allowed outside without a hall pass!! Do it!

  45. Avatar Justin Harris says:

    You guys are a disgrace just like your buddies over at CNN.. The reason people don’t trust the vaccine is because you lie so much..And we can’t believe a word that comes out of your mouth. You are Always trying to twist the numbers in a way that fits your narrative..Zero credibility

  46. Avatar Kevin Poole says:

    Great Broadcast Lester

  47. Avatar james curtis says:

    Its bs forced vaccinations folks get ready

  48. Avatar kay cartledge says:

    Smh …

  49. Avatar Stella Hardwick says:

    *Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.*

    • Avatar Sandra Sterling says:

      I wanna Invest too, how do I get to Bryan Joe ?

    • Avatar Mary Jane says:

      @Sandra Sterling His availability is on WhatsApp👇?

    • Avatar Mary Jane says:

      @Sandra Sterling +=1=8=7=2=3=4=8=5=1=5=1

    • Avatar Sandra Sterling says:


    • Avatar Kim Dollars says:

      Believe me he’s the best when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading, your profit is assured.

  50. Avatar Pete Thomas El says:

    Places where officers actually do their job have to suffer because of a few bad apples

  51. Avatar 大大 李 says:

    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 statement

  52. Avatar Kara Belles says:

    I’m so happy for the NFL player who came out.
    Please keep wearing masks and PLEASE GET VACCINATED.

  53. Avatar greensmash says:


  54. Avatar Animal Life says:

    Nice news

  55. Avatar Jacob Nicholls-Vanlier says:

    I’d rather our student doctors be paid for their work..

  56. Avatar avion1963 says:

    Why does the news feel the need to do a commercial for Amazon?

  57. Avatar Gei Joe says:

    There’s a reason why they call them the pigs

  58. Avatar Miles Away says:

    And nothing about our president having dementia and barely being able to finish a sentence. Typical NBC Nightly “news”.

  59. Avatar Teena Brunk says:

    Hey NBC wake up where is the NBC NIGHTLY NEWS For JUNE 22,2021 do your jobs.

  60. Avatar Hank Acham says:


  61. Avatar D Hickmon says:


  62. Avatar Cindy Farrier says:


  63. Avatar Randy Kiomall says:

    More fake news

  64. Avatar Masumi Ami says:

    What happened are there ?

  65. Avatar Masumi Ami says:

    Tonight, let’s I try to type , fly, middle, traveling in the small bus, sea, summer , beginning, already, second, thousand, thank you, low, thank you I already learn listening from this news video 👍

  66. Avatar Almost Retired says:

    The police have to be strong, our Vietnam vets survived when coming back, and thank you…

  67. Avatar TOTAL CONTROL 871 says:

    ” cheering is prohibited”….can this scam get anymore phony⁉️

  68. Avatar Carolyn Klestinec says:

    I thought I heard years ago that some of the best college players were getting perks,and being sponsored by the wealthy alumni in an attempt to convince the best high school players to come to the college I’m pretty sure this was a big story multiple years ago.

  69. Avatar Namiko Jovan says:


  70. Avatar Peter Barker says:

    ..a pure black command..👀💀🌚
    ..a public comment???

  71. Avatar Peter Barker says:

    ??? earth elites..???

  72. Avatar Peter Barker says:

    ..ahhhh…thee too lates..

    • Avatar Peter Barker says:

      …thee id deletes.

    • Avatar Peter Barker says:

      ..this is Kerry…🤪….
      …yeah, really scary..

  73. Avatar Kevon Mason says:

    Watch this awesome video the Main Stream News media do not want you to hear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITQE02VchlQ

  74. Avatar Peter Barker says:

    …? and how has your day been so far..?
    “now command..🤭😆…

  75. Avatar Peter Barker says:

    ……O know….
    ..an outbreak of weather!!!!

  76. Avatar Kenneth Wedin says:

    I admired the police until I reached 54, when I discovered firsthand that they’re testosterone-driven thugs who almost certainly were bullies in childhood. They don’t have criminology degrees, as I’d falsely assumed, and they generally seem less educated than the average person. I’ve heard from several other homeless people that the police frequently steal earbuds and other items, rip up monthly bus passes, and confiscate ID in order to force the homeless to restart from scratch in their frustrating efforts to get help, which become impossible without ID. The police do seem to actively look for any excuse to unleash their inner nurtured fury on anyone they can. Often, the more helpless the victim, the more abusive become the police.

  77. Avatar camaro Carl says:

    I swear if Lester inhales too much, that button is gonna put out an eye.

  78. Avatar Collectively Stalked CA says:

    Two Cents for you,: Trump wants McConnell to increase the violence– wants the WTC bombed so Biden disbands the Powers of Congress and becomes Dictator. Then he’ll take over America entirely because of all these Politicians not undoing what their previous installations already did to destroy Democracy. Loyalty to their greed and corruption and Nothing besides. Since Feinstein is the other Chinese Operative with Money, she could be the only one to stop this… but she is too busy fighting for the Gas Chambers of Los Angeles and The Suicide Squad to continue. The Suicide Squad broke lose from the Government after being trusted so much and Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Hulk and Aquaman had to create The Justice League. It’s so Ridiculous it’s COMIC BOOKS!
    That is similar to what is going on in Los Angeles, anyways. How is it elsewhere with World Trade Center Buildings? KY and VA?

  79. Avatar Evelyn Sanabria says:

    climate change is really real ..

  80. Avatar Peter Barker says:

    ..state of emergent see…😠🤪😵

  81. Avatar Jean Taylor says:

    Let the police go and police your own Neighborhood , but be firm , that way you keep police away from BLACK people in the hood

  82. Avatar Mark Phillipps says:


  83. Avatar Stanley Tane says:

    If a child is not vaccinated and dies the parents should be held accountable

  84. Avatar David Swenson says:

    Welcome to Universal Basic Income. Idiots… Government will provide your welfare because you think it cares about you. Meanwhile, good paying SKILLED jobs will be taken over by machines, because everyone will be too stupid and lazy to hold their own. When you finally realize you can’t survive on your government allowance, as the cost of everything becomes unaffordable, it’ll be too late to go back to NORMAL.

    Look up “Cloward and Piven Strategy” and please tell me I’m wrong. The irony is Obama started the “systemic racism” BS and happened to be a huge fan of Cloward and Piven. Obama’s fist is deeply inserted up Joe Biden’s A$$ to see this through. This news channel (along with other mainstream sources) keep feeding this beast. but you’re too dumb to see it. Just turn off your minds and let Lester make your decisions. It’ll all be over soon.

  85. Avatar Paulette Stinson says:

    Blacks should stay out of that police mess

  86. Avatar neukenuk says:

    Awwww poor police. ZFG

  87. Avatar Rosie LimTan says:


  88. Avatar Janette Fisher says:

    Using people’s children to Fear monger them into getting vaccinated . Disgusting

  89. Avatar Davon Lloyd says:

    At UofM athletes drive foreign cars and rock designer labels. I thought they been getting paid🤷🏽‍♂️

  90. Avatar Germangirl don't vote says:

    Maybe Bill Gates need to stop Chemtrailing ✋. Aka WEATHERMODIFICATION! This man got his hands involved Vaccines, World Health Organization, genetically modified foods you name it. Wants to control everything.Sickening.Lets lock our children in some more shall we. I guess the fake claim is this is caused by cars. I’m assuming mr. Bill and Miss Melinda wants to restrict our driving . While fly🙆‍♀️

  91. Avatar Davon Lloyd says:

    Connie MAY use her child tax credit for the kids. But I know 4 females that used their’s for BBLs 🥴

  92. Avatar Davon Lloyd says:

    Awww the police quitting because they can’t get away with Murder anymore 🙄 cry me a river

  93. Avatar Alex Walker says:

    This proves Police training needs revision, NOT DEFUNDING. Perhaps the Murdorous cops are upset for being told No Don’t do that. Don’t sit on or CHOKE that Guy/Gal.
    Because that’s their training it seems.

  94. Avatar K S says:

    If the kids in poverty cost 1 trillion a year and the new change with the credit cost 1 billion a year why are they not just getting everyone out of poverty and saving billions and billions a year? Isn’t like around 1000 billion = 1 trillion? I mean even if 100 billion= 1 trillion… wouldn’t it just save us money???

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