NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 22nd, 2021

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Serious setbacks across U.S. with Covid infections and hospitalizations, White House facing pressure on mask guidance as Covid cases rise and major websites hit by an internet outage.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:47 Covid Tipping Point
04:29 Mask Guidance
06:20 Internet Outage
07:48 Gun Violence
09:35 Lester’s Journey To The Olympics
10:50 Exclusive Interview: Japan Prime Minister

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar LOPEZ MEDIA TV says:

    If trump said the vaccine is full proof. You all would’ve assassinated his character!! You Democrats are hypocrites!!

  2. Avatar Dianna Wilson says:

    There will definitely be a pandemic surge by the time the Olympics end. Sad but true.

  3. Avatar Jeanine Morgan says:

    Like we should believe the crappy CDC?

  4. Avatar Mads says:

    God protect all of the Olympic athletes competing in Tokyo, Japan.

    • Avatar Tom Plaza says:

      They compete for no money, bless them indeec.

  5. Avatar Just Saying! says:

    Always talking about cases never talking about the test PCR is not for detection of viruses.Kerry Mullis tried to tell the truth and died mysteriously right before covid 19 and it’s creator faucci came on the scene #justsaying

  6. Avatar Aaron You do it. says:

    Has anyone realized that we need more numbers? I bet what’s yours is mine and mine is yours. I just might have to cut personal oxygen bank off.

  7. Avatar Dr.RL Ellis says:

    Well, here we go again… LOCKDOWN ANYONE? IT’S COMING….#MOCKMYWORDS

  8. Avatar Church Planting Catalyst says:

    As DC POLICE CHEIF yelled, stop releasing criminals. Democrats Governors released inmates during COVID to a trap of no success with no job or homes to go to try again. This is on them

  9. Avatar Mr Aries says:


  10. Avatar David Leibheart says:

    I’m so glad AT&T was hacked they deserve it

  11. Avatar David Leibheart says:

    At least Christa Denton get her arm bit off by shark or leg

  12. Avatar Flavius Tiberiu says:

    chicks dont belong in the lineup

  13. Avatar Paul Kelly says:

    Wait. So 2% chance of not getting it wjth vaccine. Alright cool. Isn’t there a .01% chance of getting it without the vaccine

  14. Avatar Bibi Tiptoes says:

    Woman from thumbnail is Simone Biles, she’s on Dextroamphetamine since childhood. Meth head.

  15. Avatar Agatha Kirk says:

    New cases and Fauci has not been arrested! How many more mutated viruses will occur; does any honorable, experienced scientists know?

  16. Avatar Egypt Son says:

    It’s still not going to change anything. Just like the floods in Germany… People were talking about the results of something without talking about the source. Conversation didn’t get serious until the world started looking at the climate with ADULT eyes. Same problem with guns.. If you keep chasing the “guy on the street” and acting like your solving a gun problem… Then your just marking time, like the last set of leaders.. Until you get to the source of the problem…. Then your just talking like the war on drugs folks… Arresting the guy with a tiny bag of something, like that’s making a difference.

  17. Avatar RWHEEL FUN says:

    Hey Lester check yourself with a Geiger counter from Fukushima. Still leaking

  18. Avatar RWHEEL FUN says:

    Awe shucks….I should have gotten my vaccinate……………..NOT!!!

  19. Avatar Raymund32 Laww says:

    Vaccine is never effective

  20. Avatar Julia zhao says:

    When criminals are not published, of course there are more crimes.

  21. Avatar Tom Plaza says:

    I’ll make the ice cream.

  22. Avatar Dan Lam says:

    When the country law like this, die or not doesn’t matter anymore.

  23. Avatar 林立StandUp says:

    What a cowardly media you are, your reports are not based on the truth and facts, competing with China, competing with other countries, and always using despicable behavior.
    Where did the “justice”, “peace”, and “love” that you talk about all day long? You are the shame of mankind!
    From the 16th to the 17th centuries, those from the United Kingdom underwent cruel colonial rule in the United States, Canada, and Australia, and brutally killed the local indigenous people. Since the 20th century, they have been treated by you junk media and bad-intentioned Hollywood Reverse right and wrong, deceive the people of this country, and deceive the people of the world. The purpose is to cover up the dirty and cruel crimes you have done before.
    I finally know why you have so many “schizophrenia”, the reason is: you know the truth deeply, but you have been living in the lies you made up. madness! ridiculous!

  24. Avatar Fredd Lopez says:

    Everything is a great show and a great Hypocrisy! Sadly Cuba is just another tool for the benefit of everyone but the Cubans inside the island who are in desperate need and help to fight covid-19. A flotilla to Cuba? And what are they going to do? What are they going to feed the people? Fireworks? This looks like a party or a boat competition … let’s be honest this is not going to take away their hunger and the needs they have.

    How ironic, on the other hand, the United States can spend millions of dollars to re-establish the Internet in Cuba. Will the internet fill people’s stomachs? Or will it only serve the ghoulish interests of our empire? Taking advantage in a moment where all countries in the hemisfery are suffering the strike of a mortal epidemy…

    Why better yet use that taxpayers’ money instead to provide food to those people in need … Of course, this is so if this country really cares about the well-being of those people in Cuba. Many people try to distort reality, and although we should condemn the totalitarian regime of Cuba and its repression, perhaps; we should ask ourselves; Is the empire of the United States innocent? Or is it also largely responsible for the pain and suffering of a country that is struggling and suffering because of our manipulations and economic suffocation?

    On the other hand, however, while the Cuban’s government owes seized properties to the United States, How much more does the United States owe to those individuals or an entire country that have starved and died under our supervision for more than 50 years?

    Who will be responsible for compensatory damages to those families who have suffered all these years of blockade under our watch?

    Hypocrisy! and lies!
    If there is no embargo on Cuba as some people say; So let’s ask the United States Congress to remove it once and for all, Yes, because it really exists! If you did not know, there are 184 countries that have been demanding that the blockade be removed for 29 consecutive years, and our country has being acting as a true bully that ignores the demands of the world … If you do not believe that this so-called BLOCKADE exists, I invite you to see the following link … https://news.un.org/en/story/2021/06/1094612

    Why do the news channels silence and hide their voices about this great truth? Why do Americans keep this issue in silent complicity, when so many countries have been demanding justice? …

    If you really want to do something for those Cubans INSIDE the country and let more americans know about this; copy and paste this information on other sites … Let’s make this viral!

  25. Avatar Akami Channel says:

    With NBC it’s always a gun violence problem, not a violence problem. We all know violence went up 10-fold with all the blm shenanigans.

  26. Avatar godonniecom says:

    Yeah looks like it’s gonna be a Civil War all over again arrest everybody take them to Alcatraz open Alcatraz back up for my wife for life come on man

  27. Avatar K Mind says:

    Internet outage…. It must be Russia, gun violence, it must be China

  28. Avatar Mere nuisence says:

    the media keeps telling us how the vaccine works, but also keep telling us how even the vaccinated are getting infected and need to wear masks. It started as a health crisis and now its become a political issue. and yet they media keeps blaming the “unvaccinated” while in the same breath, telling us even the vaccinated need to wear masks, two masks, 5 masks, and getting shots every 3 months. sounds like the government and CDC is replaying the same game, while the American people fight over republican or democrat. can anyone name ONE time the US government HASNT lied to us?

  29. Avatar Tamm Hull says:

    Those dumb demo rats leaving Texas and returning with Covid and spreading it all over, they’re killing innocent people, why is this ok?? What Lester? You didn’t get the life saving Covid shot? Then why are you continuously being tested? Because it doesn’t work. This news station is horrible spreading lies

  30. Avatar Sky watch👁👁 says:

    I get followed by ufos lets talk about that

  31. Avatar Pamelia Bailey says:


  32. Avatar Grizz C says:

    Is it me or is life beginning to resemble some type of movie. 🤔🙃

  33. Avatar Grizz C says:

    Lol The matrix as you. 😂

  34. Avatar EUGENE Hamby says:

    I see that it’s time for the Commissioner of the NFL to go as far as I know he don’t own any Dam Slaves in America Slavery was over with years ago trying to pressure players to shoot up or else with that and the White House maybe Joe Biden should be a 1 term President his self trying also to pressure and shame people to get that shot up in there arms and the last time I checked he don’t own any Slaves either.

  35. Avatar Bizzy Mc2 says:

    The propaganda is comical

  36. Avatar Rosemary Lobo says:


  37. Avatar Will Martinez says:

    Get Vaccinated.

  38. Avatar USA KickUrAss says:

    The mob is forming

  39. Avatar Leon Moore says:

    I like the USA jailbird shirts

  40. Avatar Judy Ghebrehiwot says:

    Hi tnkyou far good new I do no whe no one took air Ethiopy new

  41. Avatar Eileen Mcmahon says:

    Tell that to all the people’s family members that died even though they got the vaccine…

  42. Avatar Brock Vestal says:

    Our president is a looney tune n yes I mean tune

  43. Avatar john laird says:

    We need hardened networks and electric technology

  44. Avatar john laird says:

    BIDEN we need a cyber arm force
    A 6th military branch.

  45. Avatar Nkaujhmoob Thoj says:

    Mask shouldn’t remove so fast and people should go out when u know that the country still fighting covid.

  46. Avatar Loretta Aiken says:

    They should never had the Olympics in Tokyo. No one there is vaccinated. Why there so many other cities and countries are safer. Who are the stupid Olympic officials who chose Tokyo. So very sad the unvaccinated players are getting the covid virus. Wear masks it can save your lives.

  47. Avatar Dave says:

    I love Carissa Moore. She’s a great surfer, but she always has that smile on her face win or lose. A nice athlete to watch.

  48. Avatar K says:

    im getting a job so when it closes from lock down again ill get the free money !

  49. Avatar Chanelle D says:

    Update: July 16, 2021. 11,000 Americans Dead, 48,000 Seriously Injured as of July 9. The death toll averaged nearly 100 persons per day for the period from April 23 until July 9, 2021.

    All caused by the “cure”⬆️

  50. Avatar Darling Ebony says:

    Bill Cosby is the one who should be dragged in Black media for not protecting his Black wife. That should have ALWAYs been a part of the story.

  51. Avatar Big Dummy says:

    Covid Covid Covid Covid

  52. Avatar Bill Macy says:

    Ah the plandemic, right…..

  53. Avatar Tman333 Google says:

    Do you think doctor
    “”Frankenstein fauci insidious germ mad man scientist has created a virus 😷
    That’s programed to
    Mutate 4 ever…yes he has
    Little man did a pretty good job 👌
    Population ZARE Fauci

  54. Avatar Linda Hill says:

    The government still a bunch of hypocrites

  55. Avatar Cuervo Jones says:

    Good Luck, Carissa! You look like you’re having so much fun!

  56. Avatar DCAYFeelings Beckett says:

    Got number wrong it’s 65percent at fault for new cases. So that means vaccine don’t work

  57. Avatar Swamp Fox says:

    You go after the people that use the guns to commit crimes. You don’t go after the legal gun owners ability to defend themselves!

  58. Avatar Swamp Fox says:

    You don’t go after the guns. Go after the people who commit crimes with guns! You’re making the same mistakes the government has been making for years!

  59. Avatar Diana Wolf says:

    At. Least the Olympic games are good news.

  60. Avatar Paul Hamby says:

    Looks like it don’t matter if you been vaccinated or not, you still getting sick. So why boost the vaccine when it does not work.?

  61. Avatar Nick Manning says:

    Can the head of the CDC please stop using an anti wrinkle filter on her webcam please? If she is supposed to be a professional then why the filter?

  62. Avatar Nick Manning says:

    Why get vaccinated if it changes nothing in way of your freedoms. How about be heathy, take vitamins B12 and keep your cardio up. This brings you into the 99.999901% chance of not being hospitalized without any other underlying Heath issues.
    Nobody is talking about being heathy to help fight the virus? Hmmmmmm

  63. Avatar Nick Manning says:

    Hmmmmm reporter without an N95 mask. Hypocrisy much?

  64. Avatar Stanford Blondes says:

    Cancel the games

  65. Avatar henry malcom says:

    Unvacced footballers should simply retire before being forced by lack of pay if not. America refused to pay American FRONT LINE SOLDIERS INVADING IRAQ, america has refused to pay federal and civil employees sooner or latter NFL players are not going to get paid because S trinkle down from the top.

  66. Avatar RILLA says:

    8:50 this is purely toxic as a solution we don’t need “CASH BAIL” & “MORE COPS” as a solution to fix the issue of gun violence. People who are in gangs usually are in gangs because they have no other options in society. Their childhoods were screwed they have charges and aren’t being given a second chance or any other options at life to take care of themselves so they turn to VIOLENCE and FAST MONEY aka selling drugs etc… The solution this cr@ck head just proposed is locking up more minorities and low income people who are in the worse situations in a society that keeps their heads locked and pinned down. This is the issue with this country. How about actually rehibilitating the public, reskilling and giving these people options so they ACTUALLY HAVE SOMETHING TO LOSE AND CHOOSE TO DO BETTER… When you have nothing to lose of course you’re willing to do ANYTHING to survive.

    The disconnect is insane.

  67. Avatar Storm Vatican says:

    illuminati top head is not in america but in s.korea.
    300-8 Sachang-dongHeungdeok-gu, Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea
    park young hee
    she kidnap me and I have a same birthday as shilla queen. seondeok

  68. Avatar Fmethenif says:

    It will be worst coming this winter.

  69. Avatar Lucia Seacreature says:

    Im all for Carissa ! Cant wait to watch her and the rest compete.

  70. Avatar SAPPHIRE DESCHANNEL says:

    Who’s bringing the guns into the country not poor people

  71. Avatar Chad Conant says:

    How much ad revenue does corporate media get from Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J?

  72. Avatar blue Jay says:

    More BS in every language UP IN SMOKE TOO

  73. Avatar Ray Douglas says:


  74. Avatar Darryl Dawayne says:

    Why there not mention Vaccinated citizens have been getting infected at passing away 🤔😕🙄😢

  75. Avatar Augustina Diaz says:

    Ya tranquilos ya basta tengo que colgar por la bteria

  76. Avatar Asaph BenJudah says:

    The problem Europeans have world wide is that they have allowed alphabet permissiveness and right wing evsngelicalism to weaken them. Both concepts are at dissonance on all subjects with the exception of the History of their original sins. It won’t go away taking it out of print does not mean we won’t tell our Children our culture as our culture is an oral culture. We will sing and talk about it until Babylon is destroyed.

  77. Avatar Maybelle Douglas says:

    we really need God help to fight this COVID disease. Please read Isaiah CHAPTER 33 Verse 24 . Thanks

  78. Avatar CommanderOtto says:

    Prime minister spoke with wisdom

  79. Avatar Eric Willis says:

    What is the major Corona Virus problem in the US? Well from the outside looking in, I would say it is and has always been, The Republicans, the Republicans, the Republicans!

  80. Avatar Jake Ryan Real says:

    How do doctors and scientists protect themselves from viruses? They use fully enclosed suits with filtered respirators or internal oxygen tanks… not masks! Masks don’t stop the transmission of airborne viruses… ask any doctor if they would go into a room with someone suffering from Ebola just wearing a mask!?!?

  81. Avatar Ms. Lalady says:

    Going backwards?!? We were never forward… COVID never left us and we should’ve never eased up on masks and social distancing vaccine or not. Smdh

  82. Avatar Sherril Lee says:

    Blessed love 💕 my fellow Jamaican Lester Holt

  83. Avatar Wynn Wynn says:

    His forehead and head is huge!

  84. Avatar Ben Pang says:

    Lowlife nbc👎

  85. Avatar Lewis Linzy says:

    People need to stay home where they belong

  86. Avatar NYSalesAgent says:

    Cops abused the public so much that now the citizens have armed themselves by learning their rights. Now very difficult to stop and frisk
    and guns are everywhere. They blame the protest against them but the truth is everyone has a camera nowadays in their phone and police abuse have been exposed. Now people question everything. Police unions are responsible also for advocating for all cops regardless of innocence. Now the police departments need to cleanse their departments or suffer the consequences.

  87. Avatar Maurice Martin says:


  88. Avatar cheerbearsue says:

    Maybe we should figure out a way to vaccinate EVERYONE with air conditioning and heating systems since so many people can’t stop being idiots.

    Don’t worry, that won’t happen.

  89. Avatar Mr Keith says:

    I would like to know how many of the unvaccinated are 3rd Reichpublicans?

  90. Avatar Ricky Nolly says:

    The reason why the covid 19 is still around because y’all bring it up again and again and again trying to get stuck in our head. Talk about something else and good.

  91. Avatar Ayoub Ali says:

    To all Americians, please take the vaccine. Why, u protect yourself and others in your home and your community. Stop being arrogant and stop your Trump argument of stupid to believe he won the election. Trump must be stop and be sent to prison. He lost and bs you all to sent millions to him to spend on travel, lawyer fees, etc. and lying to u all. He said he was a millionaire. So why he scamming you . Can you help me instead save your money. Trump do not care for you.

  92. Avatar Kerstin Klenovsky says:

    Stupidity is just as deadly as evil intent is.

  93. Avatar Forester Green says:

    Noone is talking about how Russia hacked the entire Nation. Poverty and crime go hand-in-hand. Dimwits.

  94. Avatar theamazing1 says:

    Here we go again😒

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