NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 23rd, 2021

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Growing frustration from front line workers as Covid cases rise, Cleveland’s MLB team announces new name, and International Space Station astronauts reflect on Olympic unity. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:20 New Covid Crackdowns
05:05 Manhunt For Shooting Suspects
07:07 Cleveland MLB Name Change
08:23 Skyrocketing Home Prices
09:49 Florida Building Collapse: Salute To Search And Rescue
11:08 Inspiring America: International Space Station

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar dredon out n bad says:

    They’re nagging ppl to get the shot until everyone gives in. Such fkin evil

    • Avatar Poop Brain says:

      yeah its annoying, right? i prefer they nagged everyone who wants to get covid, to hurry up and die so we wont be stuck in a pandemic any longer.

  2. Avatar Toy Purina says:


  3. Avatar Leng Chang says:

    Lol n u want to defund police

  4. Avatar Tania Lima says:


  5. Avatar Tommy Gardner says:

    If you are looking for some real news besides the talk of the coronavirus go to Google

  6. Avatar Unity Ra says:

    Only Bad News Forever! Inject Up Sheep!

  7. Avatar Tyrese Brinson says:

    No cash bails is not what puts guns on streets. Gun makers and sellers put guns on streets.

  8. Avatar Eugene Keeling says:

    Fake news

  9. Avatar john may says:

    The Cleveland Indians should have changed their name to Guardians of the globe. Now if only we can find Omni-man.

  10. Avatar Willie Nillie says:

    If Trumpians refuse the vaccine, can doctors gave them sign some kind of death waivers? This is to protect the doctors from lawsuit…

  11. Avatar Willie Nillie says:

    there is a correlation between uneducated and unvaccinated…

  12. Avatar Mano Lobo says:


  13. Avatar Goldman Shekelstein says:

    The ministry of truth has spoken. Covid 1984 will never end. Enjoy your future of slavery to the synagogue of satan. Yeshua is your only chance of salvation and the only escape from what is to come.

  14. Avatar Kary Herndon says:

    It’s just a shame! Yup. Heartbreaking story!

  15. Avatar T Dog says:

    Wow real news totally true, it’s nbc’s truth. foment fear and negativity. If it bleeds it leads. Lester, your a clown.

  16. Avatar Spirit Love says:

    Open your eyes to the mainstream media lies

  17. Avatar Spirit Love says:

    Brand New Tube, BitChute, Lbry, Odysee and Rumble have un cen sored Ne ws…. videos on these platforms: plan demic parts 1 and 2….video: Catherine Austin Fits Planet Lockdown……video: Vir uses are not Alive! …. Mamm. Org that stands for Millions Against Medical Mandates…..try Duck Duck Go as a search engine…..it’s about five g radi ation not a v irus…….

  18. Avatar Mona Monae says:

    Simply passing along pertinent information that was geared for the awareness toward the masses. ‘With the new variant, Covid Delta, there is no cough, no fever. It’s a lot of joint pain, headache, neck and upper back pain, general weakness, loss of appetite and pneumonia. It’s more virulent with a higher mortality rate. It takes less time to go to extremes. Sometimes with no symptoms. Please be more careful now!

  19. Avatar Mona Monae says:

    Note: This strain, the Delta variant does not live in the nasopharyngeal region. Now it directly affects the lungs, which means that the ‘windows’, periods of time are shorter.

    • Avatar TONIE SEDRICK says:

      The Delta variant is the same cov’d just hitting once again. The storm is far from over.

  20. Avatar Mona Monae says:

    ‘It’s noted that several patients without fever, without pain, but who report mild chest pneumonia on their X-rays.’ Nasal swabs tests are very often negative for Covid-19, and there are more false negative results from nasopharyngeal test. ‘This means that the virus spreads and spreads directly to the lungs, causing acute respiratory stress caused by viral pneumonia.’

  21. Avatar jahseedbeatz504 says:

    @Justice Exodus… why did you delete your comment? I was ready for a scientific discussion.

  22. Avatar Mona Monae says:

    “Please, be extremely careful. Avoid crowded places, keep 1.5 distance even in open areas. Double face mask and waah your hands often (and when we cough or sneeze).”

  23. Avatar Mona Monae says:


  24. Avatar Michael Meyers says:

    As more and more governments throughout the world have said without the shot that you would not be able to have a job or go to a store buy goods without the shot!!!!! As Revelation says, all the small and great and the rich and poor and the freemen to be given a mark!!!! And that no one should be able to buy or to sell except the one who has the mark!!!!!

  25. Avatar Salina Schuster says:

    https://youtu.be/7hx4gdlfamo My grandma sang this classic song best. For all ya’ll still holding out PLEASE GET VACINATED before it’s to late. In the end yah got to make a choice to just save yourself!

  26. Avatar Jade Gay says:

    Pan demon

  27. Avatar Jack Dunbar says:

    If you are collecting extended Unemployment Benefits, receiving a Child Tax Credit and a Monthly housing allowance, why would you want to see this Pandemic come to an end? Why would you work against yourself and get vaccinated? .

  28. Avatar JoAnn Grant says:

    Stop blaming the increase of the virus on the unvacinnated..people that have gotten both shot or even one shot still have gotten the virus so who is really spreading it…point the finger at where it came from China 👉🏽👉🏽

  29. Avatar juan perez says:

    I really like how you give a little hope in humanity at the end of every broadcast. We all still screwed but it’s nice to see something up lifting

  30. Avatar William Jones says:

    There’s no such thing as 100% sure. All you can do is incline toward more proven behavior. Hygiene, medical care, and good nutrition are long-proven foundations for health. There’s nothing complicated or mysterious about any of this.

  31. Avatar Rip Steele says:

    The unvaccinated should be institutionalized for the good of all.

  32. Avatar Talk Black To Me Podcast says:

    You can’t blame other people for not taking a shot

  33. Avatar Jessica Printke says:

    There has been alot of covid cases. So then why has CDC okayed big gatherings without masks?

  34. Avatar Jessica Printke says:

    The Forever Purge is the most liked most watched Hollywood movie that targets Rich people. What is both Hollywood and The CDC now saying?

  35. Avatar Random ice lol LoL says:

    You cannot beg someone to get a shot lol so wath nothings happening to me yet Live free or die hard

  36. Avatar Terrance Watson says:

    TRUMP say covid is fake ,not real,
    Trump 2020🤕🤕🤕

  37. Avatar Terrance Watson says:

    If she see the same ppl months later, that mean they made bond and have the right to do so and farther more just move from that community because those white folks there are crazy

  38. Avatar Random ice lol LoL says:

    The thing is if you get rid of guns people are just going to use weapons like sticks and knives and forks what’s the difference

  39. Avatar MrFatcatscott says:

    You can only lead the horse to water but can’t make it drink the water.

  40. Avatar Ian Smith says:

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  41. Avatar Mike Glenn says:

    It’s not a scare tactic, they are trying to save your life…

  42. Avatar Mike Glenn says:

    I remember when things were affordable.

  43. Avatar Ms. Karen Fowler says:

    It’s the virus EVERYONE’S..

  44. Avatar RWHEEL FUN says:

    Sounds great at the Olympics 😃👍👍and FUKISHIMA NUCLEAR RADIATION😃👍

  45. Avatar RWHEEL FUN says:

    So happy I was vaccinated by the LORD JESUS CHRIST 😃👍👍

  46. Avatar Gil Torres says:

    Practice healthy habits, vaccines aren’t a sure thing ✌🏼

    • Avatar Debra Williams says:


  47. Avatar Mel Cruz says:

    I rather get that shot, tha get intubated. Look up what the use to open your windpipe, it doesn’t feel nice.

  48. Avatar Robert Dawson says:

    *Isaiah 41:10 KJV*

  49. Avatar Seraphim Winslow says:

    COVID deaths? Preventable deaths.
    Mass shootings? Preventable shootings.
    Disasters and weather terrorism caused by climate change? Preventable disasters and self-inflicted terrorism.
    World poverty and hunger? Preventable poverty and hunger.

    But hey! Let’s just keep letting the billionaires shoot their wads into space. Yeah. That should solve all our preventable problems. Meanwhile, have fun at the the Olympics and the newly-named “Guardians” games.

  50. Avatar sideshow bob roberts says:

    the 2020 Olympics, now taking place in 2021 – while the pandemic still rages across the world. yup, seems about right for human stupidity……gun violence in murca ?! i’m shocked ! how/why is this happening ? could be all the guns – just a guess……the ‘everywhere now’ factor in real estate did not occur in a vacuum – it’s intentional. oh, and it’s simple greed. thank goodness our government is not siding with the buyers. americans are – again – being thrown to the wolves o’ corporate malfeasance – wie immer…

  51. Avatar Kelly Tuer says:

    Buy a houseboat..

  52. Avatar Paul Ortiz says:

    Much like the woman last night who barely survived Covid, and who STILL isn’t sure if she will take the vaccination, since she wasn’t 100% sure about it we now have a guy crying because he didn’t have much time to save his stuff—— yeah, gee, these fires just started a short time ago. Like what??? 3 weeks ago?!!! What could you possible do in that short a time!!!

    Maybe I will go door to door out there, selling built underground root cellers. Like 6-7 feet UNDERGROUND. Insulated. Steel doors! Should be a comfy 57 degrees. Well below ignition tempts for most things.
    Can also double as a storm/tornado shelter, just in case!
    But a root cellar would be a safe place to store valuables during fire season! Maybe not great grandma’s baby grand piano, but other stuff.
    And probably best to NOT tell everyone you have one! Or where exactly it is!!!
    But then you wouldn’t have to cry about—– Loosing Everything in a Fire!!!
    That has been burning for the past several weeks. All around you. During a drought year! While living in, or near—- a forest!!!!

    REALLY FOLKS!!!!?????
    (I will NOT be nominating either for possible MENSA membership!)
    But still. Come on all ready!!!!

  53. Avatar borrowin bars says:

    Fake news propaganda 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

  54. Avatar Tia Brooks says:

    Released nonviolent people make violence?

  55. Avatar Desert Bear says:

    This is 13 minutes of filling your mind with fear and trying to take you on a emotional path where by the end they try to make you feel like it’s normal .

  56. Avatar Digital business says:

    Many thanks to the US State Department for exposing the Pakistani judicial system

  57. Avatar Mike Harrison says:

    El crock’o de chit’o. We know who you are. We know what you do. The CIA’s declassified Operation Mockingbird documents tell all, as every US citizen knows, or should know. Those that don’t?…well, they get their news from NBC. Case and point.

  58. Avatar Darla Gregory says:

    Shows them vaccines are not what they are telling u, ask yourself, why would nurses refuse the vaccine if its so good? They see the side effects, they are not allowed to talk about it. Thats the tyranny bidens administration PUSHES, hes a demented hog

  59. Avatar Harvey Post says:

    Tv media proving gun boat diplomacy works best..uss bimbo…

  60. Avatar You Tuber says:

    Why have these bulletins becoming shorter?

  61. Avatar Frank Illuminati says:

    Doctors told to Shut Up https://ugetube.com/watch/KCMB4zJW3qSOY4D

  62. Avatar purple rainbow says:

    The world is a lot more dangerous when Japan is up in space without acknowledging and educating the world about their World War 2 war crimes, namely, the Pacific Holocaust. We all know that NASA was and is all about military and economic power. Thanks for making the majority of the world sick to its stomach.

  63. Avatar atomicmozart says:

    I still dont understand why vaccinated people are so upset about unvaccinated people. Vaccinated people are safe now, are they not? 🇺🇸

  64. Avatar Mark s says:

    GO TEAM U.S.A!!!


    GO FOR GOLD!!!


  65. Avatar atomicmozart says:

    He already had it, got vax’d, now has it again – Anyone else Smell Bull 💩? This is what they call “Crimes Against Humanity”

  66. Avatar Timothy Bagby says:

    Lester Holt is a cyborg.

  67. Avatar David Berkowitz says:


  68. Avatar tlak says:

    kathleen Cruz is about the stupidest person I’ve heard. Doesn’t want to jump into something she’s not a 100% sure about, while feels a 100% sure about getting Covid and making it out of that hospital.

  69. Avatar TONIE SEDRICK says:

    The pot boil’s before spilling over, that’s your Delta variant. This storm is just the start of what is coming to this earth. Stay prayed up. Love God, and try to love one another. P.S. break through infections means the ones that already had their shots. Looks like this is more serious than one thought.

  70. Avatar Pan Pluto says:

    Ms Cruz who is using .9 %saline created over 100 years ago to remain alive when a lactated ringer more closely resembles her bodies chemistry and is less likely to cause damage like the saline really wants to be sure about the vaccine guys.

  71. Avatar Akeem Thompson says:

    Does vaccination prevent mutation of the virus? cause clearly we going to keep on seeing new variants which means that we’re going to live with this virus moving forward until theirs a cure.

  72. Avatar Call me Mr.Thomas Reagan says:

    Say no to vaccination

  73. Avatar Cabdisaaq Xasan Fiiwdow says:

    Imseeyou this anite plesse iwantayourtelme

  74. Avatar Patricia Vasquez says:

    Guardians. United we are!!

  75. Avatar Patricia Vasquez says:

    Hello space station!

  76. Avatar Jay Bones says:

    she said, I don’t want to jump into something without being 100% sure about it. Then goes out probably maskless without being 100% she won’t catch covid and literally risk her life. Thumbs up

  77. Avatar Time ForChange says:

    It should have cancelled.

  78. Avatar Debra Williams says:


  79. Avatar Debra Williams says:


  80. Avatar thechariotcard says:

    About time they became sensitive to racism

  81. Avatar Lar Bear says:

    Why was everyone interviewed in the section about the “Indians” name change? Lol every white person on that article basically said, “I want the name to stay how it was” and that it doesn’t bother them… I wonder why it doesn’t bother them, hmmm.. probably same reason they didn’t get someone of color to give their thoughts.

  82. Avatar knucklehead d says:

    If the unvaccinated die because they’re idiots they die

  83. Avatar AM H says:

    A week’s glance at violence ripping across America. at least 430 people dead and 1,007 wounded. In total, more than 1,000 were wounded or killed this week alone….. Just one question.. How is defunding the Police is going to help that?

  84. Avatar blaine mccants says:

    We are being CONNED on a level NEVER SEEN BEFORE

  85. Avatar guardian says:

    USA 🇺🇸where guns, drugs, and
    t r u m p racists and terrorist republican mobs with their home grown hate rule . The Empire is falling🇺🇸

  86. Avatar Rolando Tokes says:

    So they were saying 99% of the people were unvaccinated that were hospitalized for covid but now state says they have breakthrough cases but it’s okay because those people usually don’t end up in the hospital which one is it I don’t know what to believe anymore

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