China Evergrande’s $300 billion debt causes concerns about a potential collapse

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Ed Yardeni, Yardeni Research President and Chief Investment Strategist, talks the implications of China Evergrande’s potential collapse.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Paul newman says:

    Everyone is exposed

  2. Avatar AUSHINKO YANSKI says:


  3. Avatar WastedBananas says:

    doesn’t mean anything, the us is in trillions of debt, whats the difference?

    • Avatar el jefe says:

      The USD is owned currency and is buyed worldwide, world reserve.
      Good luck!!

    • Avatar Tay Tay says:


  4. Avatar adam mik says:


  5. Avatar Logical Counsel says:

    Karma can always be trusted. The sun will never set on the east. We have seen enough. I only pray that the people of China will not be hurt because of a lack of leadership. Lessons which are not learned shall be repeated.

    • Avatar Khal of Khals says:

      This will affect the whole world dude not only china. Lots of foreign shareholders are investing in evergrande

  6. Avatar ted rohe says:

    Never trust or invest in the CCP in China or their corporations.

  7. Avatar Rachel Green says:

    Evergrande is just one out of hundreds big ponzi schemes.Evergrande was ready to pop 10 years ago but government kept covering for them. Everything comes to the end and time is now.

  8. Avatar Cranky Buzzard says:

    China was all upset about companies being “too big”…. but didn’t think this debt wasn’t TOO BIG???

    • Avatar Ai Io says:

      Because the person in power in China has an education background of grade 6 only.

  9. Avatar Cranky Buzzard says:

    YUP, Evergreen goes down…. takes the market, too… I WILL be buying THE DIP!!!

    • Avatar Albaroxc says:

      Buy puts!

    • Avatar Cranky Buzzard says:

      @Albaroxc I didn’t say I was DIVING in….. lol

    • Avatar Albaroxc says:

      @Cranky Buzzard haha 😂 same here

    • Avatar Cranky Buzzard says:

      @Albaroxc Like Sept isn’t wierd enough….. they throw this crap at us…. lol

  10. Avatar 007Anukul says:

    This guy wants us to buy evergrande… wow.

    • Avatar BestLifeEver says:

      Buy the dip 😅😅😅😅 please dont.

    • Avatar Tay Tay says:

      Just trying to make bag holders lol

    • Avatar Jordie says:

      Haha this will be the Chinese Lehman Brothers for the world economy. It will pop the Chinese housing bubble, and 1.5 trillion in liabilities for the smaller players who will be affected. Evergrande has 22% of the market, it will drag the rest of the market down

    • Avatar Humble_ Chad says:

      same as junk bond, buying opportunities will assume that Chinese central bank would sell a put and save the day, that would be an AMC opportunity out there. But if china let it default, you just shoot yourself in the foot. I mean, you never know what CCP would actually do, if you do, please tell me.

  11. Avatar jeffrey exposito says:

    I enjoy watching the CCP go down in flames. Humanity will benefit once it collapses

  12. Avatar Stevie Wonders says:

    The ccp owns evergrande. Stop buying ccp stock.

  13. Avatar Mountain Song says:

    This guy isn’t making sense. One-child policy was awful, but for his argument in using it to say because of the larger older population due to that policy, it’s causing these housing needs which in turn is causing this situation like Evergrande. Um, even without the one child policy, the housing needs are still going to exist and likely at or above the current level the folks are experiencing. So how’s that valid in his argument??? 🤨

    • Avatar John Purdum says:

      Fewer children means fewer new households and lower population, housing lasts a long time if your population isn’t growing you don’t need to build much

    • Avatar Cash kitty 🐈 says:

      Basically Chinese government have been skimming pension put so that’s not enough children to pay for them in fire. They don’t have enough factory worker is so they are declaring university’s to trade schools to plug the gap making People properties and Pele can’t afford 3 children but government wants them to. They say they are doing learning English as part of the curriculum to make it cheaper but in reality is to keep the next generations less aware of the world . They have stopped students leaving the country

      Most housing is of per quality and fake down after a few years. Land is leased so congrats only own property for 70 years before it can be taken away

  14. Avatar Investment King says:

    I don’t see it happening. If Evergrande goes down it would be a super bad look and the CCP and could potentially threaten their rule and the peace in society there. It if happens though all hell will break loose. Literally everyone there is invested in real-estate there. If it falls though expect a hard fall.

  15. Avatar David Hynes says:

    China finances debt with debt, it does not work.

  16. Avatar Love Bunny says:

    CCP doesn’t do bailouts.

  17. Avatar caroline clark says:

    no it wont, i bet it wont

  18. Avatar RabinoBoricuaVirtual says:

    China is too big to fail!!!

  19. Avatar oldmansgoldchannel says:

    China will let it collapse, bcus they are pursuing common prospering. Time of keeping gun and your head and saying if you don’t bail us out we will shoot ourselves is over.

  20. Avatar Logan Roy says:

    The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this: “the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left”.

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    • Avatar cliffordwinks says:

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    • Avatar Jackson Sanchez says:

      Don’t let your fears get the best of you because fear is just an illusion that stands between you and your success and you need to take charge and stand your ground in other not to be pushed around by your fears
      Investment pays💯💯……

    • Avatar Brendan Guastaferro says:

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      I’ll keep bragging and boasting of your good business and trading mentality
      Jason Mike
      You’re indeed a God sent ❤️

    • Avatar cooked Hillary says:

      The market has been monopolized for more than 100 years. The system allows shell companies to promise no returns to investors, but the market and corrupt elements will earn tens of billions with this credit. This is how the West gets rich,

  21. Avatar Grant Wease says:

    Hedge against collapse in AMC ASAP! AMC & GME are the play of the century! Life changing wealth is about to happen. Grocery checkers, uber drivers, bank tellers, institutions are investing in AMC. 🚀🔥🚀🔥

  22. Avatar long nose says:

    300 Billion just for starters.

  23. Avatar long nose says:

    President for Life Winnie the Pooh( Xi Jinping) has Lost Face

    • Avatar pinkcichlid says:

      Lol Xi’s the one who pulled the trigger to shot down Evergrand, because its CEO defied Beijing’s order thinking he was big enough to challenge the CCP, like Jack Ma.

  24. Avatar long nose says:

    If the CCP bails them out, all the other Corrupt realestate Ponzi scheme companies will expect a Bailout as well and so will the Chinese Middle class who are on the Take for all this mess.

  25. Avatar Lurking Arachnid says:

    Yessssss 😈

  26. Avatar Tay Tay says:

    This guy has no clue what he’s talking about lol China isn’t like America they aren’t going to bail them out

    • Avatar Luis Gutierrez says:

      Good luck on the way down then

    • Avatar Tay Tay says:

      @Luis Gutierrez put season baby

  27. Avatar David Apswoude says:

    Well said Aljazeera “Failed and Bailed-in” bank deposits of $25 trillion plus formal Chinese Debt of $7.18 trillion equates to $32.18 trillion. Real GDP is widely acknowledged to be overestimated by 40-70%…. (Assume 400% of GDP Real Government debt) Southeast Asian average 5%-10% interest rates would require 1/4 to 1/2 of GDP to be directed to Interest on debt. Bail-in is why population cannot transfer spend or travel Offshore.

  28. Avatar wils says:

    Biden will bail out Evergrande, no worries.

  29. Avatar Dennis Atkins says:

    Bubby can you spare A dyme

  30. Avatar Darnell says:

    About damn time with all those damn ghost cities

  31. Avatar Ignatius RyD says:

    And the biggest irony is that many people in mainland china still naively believe that the property bubble in there will not burst eventough many people outside China already saw the signs since 2008 Subprime Mortgage Crisis.

  32. Avatar Terry Leong says:

    He has no clue what he is talking about – maybe he can put some of his money in evergrande

    • Avatar Tayhak Ly says:

      The man works for Yahoo. You can’t expect much from him.

    • Avatar Miriam Llamas says:

      @Tayhak Ly 😅🤣🤣

    • Avatar 111Econ says:

      @Tayhak Ly and anyone who works for Google, FB etc.

    • Avatar 111Econ says:

      A paid for pundit.

    • Avatar Appetizing says:


  33. Avatar Freddy Morgan says:

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    • Avatar Freddy Morgan says:

      @Oleg Gusev *J c o l e m a n t r a d e r @*

    • Avatar Freddy Morgan says:

      *g m ai I*

    • Avatar Джон чемпион says:

      @Freddy Morgan Grateful for the help

    • Avatar Freddy Morgan says:

      @Джон чемпион Good luck with Mr Coleman.. you could tell him I referred you.. it incurs some kind of bonus I believe.

  34. Avatar Obsidian says:

    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

  35. Avatar J dubs says:

    This is not good. Brace yourselves!

  36. Avatar Paulina Pissinate says:


  37. Avatar DontUputThatEvilOnMe says:

    No matter how the Chinese government handles it someone is going to lose money. It’s a hard decision as the government cannot make everyone happy. I think that is why there has been no movement on this issues they are still arguing how to proceed and currently delaying the inevitable. 300 bil is 2% of the Chinese gdp, so it’s kind of a big deal which could cause serious ripples in their economy.

    • Avatar Cash kitty 🐈 says:

      More than that they make money selling land and 62% good to local governments in taxes prepping then you. With it that they will struggle

  38. Avatar Will Sas says:

    Let Evergrandes fail so a more competent developer can take its place.

    • Avatar Christopher Jacobs says:

      And allow 60 million people to go bankrupt ???? really ? there is zero safety net in China. Consumption in China would fall by 15% over night.

    • Avatar I make peace not war says:

      @Christopher Jacobs They can eat Xinnie the War Crimes Pooh Bear. Blame him for the greed and glut propping up North Korea and farming their Muslim population for organs.

  39. Avatar Zafer says:

    First the “Evergreen” in the Suez canal and now the Evergrande

  40. Avatar Rohit Jayasheel says:

    Let it COLLAPSE.

    Who CARES

  41. Avatar Richard Lumley Smith says:

    This is basically a “cash flow” problem caused by “overtrading”. So what will China goverment do to sort out this mess?. Comparison with Lehman collapse are wrong collapse of Lehman Bank was engineered by major US Banks and debt was linked to inter Bank trading!. This China property company has assets and can be rescued if goverment declare it bankrupt and break up viable and non viable assets – sack Directors sell viable assets as “going concern” concern”!. Lehmann debts were not underpinned by any assets Bank was gambling on futures market to make profits! Remember China is accelerating development of her economy and oil production is now coming on stream being sold into global market!. 300 billion US dollars is offset by Trading profits due to Belt and Road economy expanding!. China is demolishing unwanted /abandoned properties and letting owners bare the cost. Then new company can develop empty site!. How, well USA and EU are recovering from virus shutdowns and China is taking full advantage of Matket opportunities – huge hand outs of borrowed money are a short term fix which shows a dilemma faced by America!.Either work with China and allow US dollar to stop being Reserve Currency or lead a massive attack on China trading routes!. Those who choose second choice check data for Belt and Road market and huge growth driving new developments paid for from profits of new markets!.

    or build a Western led attempt to collapse China!.

  42. Avatar CovidGuru says:

    The same thing seems to be happening everywhere

  43. Avatar M Singh says:

    Here in India we buy Gold, because its safe asset

    • Avatar Andrew Howard says:

      If only it gained value

  44. Avatar Richard Fan says:

    China banking assets worth 15 trillion us dollars, foreign exchange reserves $ 3.2 trillion us, government revenue for 2021 $3+ trillions.plenty of assets cover the liabilities.

  45. Avatar James Hanson says:

    300 billion dollars! No way is Bejing gonna bail them out at least not completely.

  46. Avatar Qusi Asan says:

    300 billion dollars to China,like one drip of water to ocean,not big deal

  47. Avatar fred lacroix says:

    bet on china bet on loser

  48. Avatar fred lacroix says:

    stupid analyst, soros already warned about this

  49. Avatar Mike Hawk says:

    It’s all over folks. Total financial collapse.

  50. Avatar Gamma Ray says:

    They missed the big question. How will these effect US companies invested in China real-estate. Like BlackRock (part of S&P 100) which invested heavily Evergrande. this could be a big ripple

    • Avatar coolkentg says:

      Vanguard is another US investor of evergrande. Voya holds vanguard stock. My 401k will be soon be a 201k fund

  51. Avatar Goku Sayayin says:

    Creating volume, to dump the stock….

  52. Avatar Ai Io says:


    Beijing: we are doing fine. No real estate crisis.

    • Avatar Christopher Jacobs says:

      That’s not true. People are protesting in the streets and the police are not arresting them. The gov’t may bail the people out for the sake of maintaining public sentiment. Real Estate makes up 30% of China’s GDP growth overall.

  53. Avatar Brian Baratheon says:

    Yahoo wants to lull you into believing everything will be ok as their corporate masters leave you holding the bag. Do not fall for it. Evergrande is just one potential problem. We are also in a housing bubble. Hedge funds and Banks are the most over leveraged they’ve been in history. There are over 600 trillion in derivatives floating around. Margin debt is at all time highs. SEC is frantically trying to push out new rules to prevent the inevitable collapse of this house of cards.

  54. Avatar Jamie Arzola says:

    Do not invest in China!

  55. Avatar Spade's Gaming says:

    Excellent 👏

  56. Avatar Danny L says:

    This is a buy opportunity?!?

    Best case scenario is CCP nationalize the firm and you get nothing.
    Worst case scenario is they default and claim bankruptcy and you get nothing.

    This snake is just Jim Kramer off of coke

  57. Avatar Dustin Wong says:

    Lehman collapse caused systemic risk – credit default swaps allowed leveraged bets on the debt so when Lehman collapse the financial losses were amplified. That’s why it was so bad. $300B is a lot, but if there isn’t leverage here then I don’t think it will be “as bad” as Lehman. It will just be “bad”

    • Avatar Blaze Baron says:

      @Neil Wilson Okay thanks. I just found her website, already mailed her waiting for her reply,

    • Avatar James Okoji says:

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    • Avatar Tilda Elizabeth says:

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    • Avatar Jennie Croft says:

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    • Avatar Betty Bowman says:

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  58. Avatar Seagull Club says:

    Jehovah God’s government in the hands of Christ Jesus will soon eliminate all wars, crime, corruption, poverty, famines, natural disasters, and even death!! 😊😊

  59. Avatar Daxaaar The Bot says:

    Lot of the top evergrande management cashed out at end of June because they knew what would happen in Sep.

  60. Avatar Ceu lian Thang says:

    If China want to have stable economic, He should solve the Burma problems first. 50% or more Chinese Businesses depends on Burma in-term of raw materials and illegal markets.

  61. Avatar Jordan Carpenter says:

    China is now the new global leader along with the Russians !!

  62. Avatar Steve _ says:

    Oh yeah theres no way the CCP will let a contagion spread…

  63. Avatar Rob Stewart says:

    Investing is buying yourself a better future you don’t have to work hard

    • Avatar Alex Stein says:

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    • Avatar Alex Stein says:

      @Shamsu Ayuba Yes, you can.

    • Avatar Kimberly Author says:

      Until you are willing to take the risk, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

    • Avatar Kimberly Author says:

      The Crypto market has plenty of opportunities to a decent payout with the right skill and proper understanding of how the market works.

    • Avatar ssdfrs ohuiu says:

      I used to be a Chinese, now I want to tell all of you how rubbish China is! Don’t have much hope for China, because it will always disappoint you in the end! Don’t look at how beautiful it is now because it is just a superficial phenomenon. There is no real sense of responsibility in this country from the top to the bottom, the thing this nation care is only chasing benefits!
      China has created the huge disaster of covid-19 to the world. If you look at China’s domestic propaganda and public opinion, they don’t have the slightest guilt. Instead, they have been determined not to admit forever that the virus originated from China, and they have been laughing at the sufferings of other countries in the world all the time!
      China’s scientific and technological development is largely derived from the introduction of research results from Europe and the United States, and China has paid very low costs for this, but has great benefits. Because of the so-called academic freedom, China can send students to foreign universities to participate in research, and these students can return to China with research results in a few years. This is how China relies on the open academic platform of advanced countries to grow itself. One of the most well-known examples is Qian Xuesen in the 1950s. After returning to China from the United States, he made a great contribution to CCP’s missile and satellite business. For this reason, CCP elevated him to the status nearly a saint in the national history, and made a vivid narrate, describing how he withstood the malicious obstruction of the American authorities and returned to China heroically with the help of CCP. This is what China has always done, using American technology for free meanwhile cursing the United States.

      There are many other absurd things in China. One thing is certain that China’s economy will eventually collapse. Taking housing prices as an example. China’s housing prices are already peak in the world. For example, in the main urban area of Beijing, housing prices are as high as 100,000 yuan per square meter, and the average monthly income of an ordinary employee in China is 10,000 yuan. Maybe you think this must be some elegant residence, but unfortunately it is not. This is just one apartment in an ordinary high-rise apartment even old Khrushchev buildings. That means, in order to buy one square meter of a certain floor in a high-rise residential building in the main urban area of Beijing, an ordinary Chinese needs 10 months’ income, and many Chinese’s income is less than 10,000 yuan. And this does not include the cost of decoration. Regardless of Beijing, even in third- and fourth-tier cities, the price has reached several thousands yuan. People will be surprised why these happen, the reasons are: the welfare of the Chinese people has never been the primary consideration of the Chinese government, the submissiveness of the Chinese, the huge population and fierce competition of china, and the speculative mentality. They always feel that the government will control the property market to prevent the collapse of the property market. . However, all this must not last long.
      China’s development has reached its limit: the limits of their minds.
      Chinese characteristics: snobbery, money worship, power worship, empty mind.
      China has the largest number of corrupt officials in the world.

  64. Avatar Rudy's Plumbing Service, Inc says:

    Don’t worry, Just run…………..

  65. Avatar Frank M says:

    investing opportunity? These guys are desperate to leave retail holding the bag how do they sleep at night

  66. Avatar Sandi Kennelly says:

    One wonders how China can have financial troubles when we buy so much stuff from China and now Europe is ready to do the same thing allowing China to build a better stronger military surpassing ours.

  67. Avatar EzioAuditore says:

    This was eventually going to happen, they just kept building apartment buildings and noone was living in them

  68. Avatar Nicolae-Ștefan Curpaș says:

    “Bear Stearns is fine!”

  69. Avatar Peter Phrakaysone says:

    Yes I agreed with you Isaac , the policy of globalization free trade agreements internet cryptocurrency all of them decentralize the politico_economic policy of the world.

  70. Avatar John Smith says:

    Rise up good people of China.
    The BIGGEST wet market in China is about to open.
    The CCP, all 94 million of them will be slaughtered at the wet market.
    The streets and rivers will run red with thw blood of the CCP.
    94 million CCP ruling as the elite of China, that’s about to come to an abrupt end.
    Good people of China take back what is rightfully yours, take back China.

  71. Avatar Jenny Santiago says:


  72. Avatar Jenny Santiago says:


  73. Avatar allan oteyza says:

    What an asshole. Talking about a buying opportunity in chynah!! 🤣🤣

  74. Avatar The 8th Gate says:

    Shmitah this year. Lines up perfectly. Altho I think this is short term fud, and then next year is the big crash.

  75. Avatar Jeremy Thomas says:

    China doesn’t have a free market?!?! Like America does. Get real. America markets are so rig that it is no longer funny

  76. Avatar pinkcichlid says:

    The Evergrand chaos is designed by the Chinese government because the CEO defied their orders several times, evergrand is just another Jack Ma lol… oh these silly “experts”.

  77. Avatar B R says:

    Take back all share from china people lost share in China I and all partners also withdraw our shares and cut connection from china …We trying to investment in India it’s all time good so everyone must do that….. share

  78. Avatar rollerboogie says:

    A buying opportunity? They recently wiped out all private education companies. They can just decide one day to kill whatever you invested in. Their market isn’t safe. That’s why they have this big issue with real estate… it’s what ever chinese person puts their money in.

  79. Avatar totog87a says:

    Don’t worry folks, the prc is going to throw even more money at an inflated real estate sect.

  80. Avatar Gurmender says:

    Mass mortgage lending fraud in Australia. PM Scott Morrison voted 26 times AGAINST having a Banking Royal commission. Watch the Denise Brailey “bombshell” video on Youtube.

  81. Avatar Songya Tung says:

    2 5 of GDP is nothing compare to Lehman Brothers.

  82. Avatar Unsullied The says:

    This is free market until something like this happen and many speculators expect the China government to bail them out. I say NO. Free market remember?

  83. Avatar Drooy Rich says:

    Wait wait .. was’nt Xhina going to surpass the US ?? Bullshit of big media

  84. Avatar coen josh says:

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  85. Avatar Nicholas Vizzini says:

    The issue with the property market in China is that no one owns the property and a majority of people “own” homes outside of the city, leave their kids, and move to the city to work and support their families.

  86. Avatar kok wah tan says:

    What does evergrande gotta do with the world market? It seems, foreign stock market plunge. How does China developer debt cruch, affect other countries. Crazy!!

  87. Avatar Sirius Black says:

    300billion,how did it become so much, where is the gatekeepers

  88. Avatar Ted Chyn says:

    Bearing in mind that All American banks had been nationalized during the financial crisis for a trillion-dollar bailed out when the government forced consolidation of banks in exchange for bailout loans and equity interest. In addition to auto, industries have also been nationalized during the recurring crises. The government gives and takes during failed governmental regulation are common events.

  89. Avatar Shridar hs says:


  90. Avatar Clemantine Boston says:

    Is it dollars or Juan

  91. Avatar Clemantine Boston says:

    China needs to back up their own countries companies

  92. Avatar Andrew Youssef says:

    The Chinese government will just nationalized the banks and take it over. IMO.

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  94. Avatar Ohm Neh says:

    This guy actually thinks China’s gonna bail them out 😂
    I want whatever he’s smoking lol

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      @Sarah Robert Thanks.

  98. Avatar Farmer Kevin says:

    Anyone investing in China is already crying looking at Alibaba, Didi, etc.

  99. Avatar pxglee says:

    Right, avoid China like a pandemic

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