NBC Nightly News Full Broadcast – September 21st, 2021

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Johnson & Johnson says additional shot boosts protection against Covid, remains found in Wyoming identified as Gabby Petito, and President Biden calls for global cooperation on Covid and climate change in first U.N. speech.

00:00 Intro
01:22 Covid booster shot confusion
04:35 Remains found in Wyoming identified as Gabby Petito
07:19 Biden first U.N. speech
09:45 Biden vows to get border emergency ‘under control’
13:12 Hospitals and ICU’s reach capacity
15:35 Climate change ravaging crops in Guatemala
19:00 Race to save world’s largest tree

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Big tec sucks says:

    Nightly news? Nightly propaganda.

  2. Avatar Sheraz Siddiqui says:

    How to control girl and be a man

  3. Avatar Brent Waterbury says:

    I didn’t know Guatamala was so bad. But they’re trying to live off the land which is something the US gave up 100 yrs. ago. I think their poor should do the same…

  4. Avatar abderrahim anasse says:

    *Hi Folks,
    What is the current situation with TrumpOVIC?
    The Man with Empty Ascendants family tree.Only Trump appears in it and as descendants you can find Casinos,Bars,Peep Show….

  5. Avatar abderrahim anasse says:

    @Odieno:the Former MAN or may be he can stand for the Baldhead snake as reported in some narratives that some people will get this snake in their tomb after their death.
    But we are so lucky ,we had a chance to meet him in our life.So we can find an agreement with him in our life.
    The Man who ask for Budget increase for Defence or may be for SELF Defence!!!!

  6. Avatar Brian Kliewer says:

    12:38 👈 This guy is famous now. Lol Seriously, he’s acting like a baby or a toddler.

  7. Avatar Edge105 FM says:

    News work

  8. Avatar abderrahim anasse says:

    @US Folks:Do you know why i was affected by Almighty 🌹Gosh🌹 to USA?
    Youri Gagarin the Soviet Space Man went first making a turn around the Eart with his Dog Laika barking bt she didn’t get anything.Then Neil Armstrong went to the Honey Moon around July 21st 1969 around my birthday July 16th 1969 and once he stuck US Flag there ,you’ve got me.
    So if you have any issues with me in the future,the person to blame is Neil and not I.

  9. Avatar Rhett Tipones says:

    F J&J no thanks!

  10. Avatar Steven Hinh says:

    Gabby is so pretty we having many crazy people today

  11. Avatar Michael Villagonzalo Sr. says:

    Getting your 2nd or 3rd shot does Not mean that you should stop wearing mask & distancing from UNVACCINATED

  12. Avatar Charles Matthews says:

    There needs to be a report on all Countries that are not properly vaccining all both Citizens and Foreigners with the proper vaccine concerning each individuals health issues especially those who have Underlining health issues. The United Nations and The World Health Organization should demand that Countries be held responsible for miss treating people concerning this Pandemic.

  13. Avatar Big Daddy says:

    Fake news

  14. Avatar Cat Lady14 says:

    I wonder of AMERICA is now happy with their PRESIDENT???

  15. Avatar Atom Ariola says:

    As if a border that is thousands of miles across can be fully militarized. That’s the only solution. A wall is stupid. Tunnels, devices to get over the wall. Go for it, GOP. Militarize the border. It won’t change the number of grantees of Asylum. It won’t change your budget until you militarize the border, which will cost billions. Trump did nothing. His wall is a joke. Militarize thousands of miles, GOP. Do it. It will cost more than allowing immigrants some semblance of asylum. Morons.

  16. Avatar Atom Ariola says:

    Abbott makes me vomit in my own mouth. Just looking at him mispronounce words.

  17. Avatar SuperLuminal Man says:

    “BOOSTER” is the KILLSHOT.

    • Avatar Dacia's D.I.Y's says:

      1 to the dome . Didn’t do it the first time get then with a booster ! It’s a no for all of me for me

  18. Avatar Christian Onassis says:

    You know I understand that parents naturally would want to protect and defend their child. But morally there must be a limit to it. What a very sad situation 😔

  19. Avatar Juan Ramirez says:

    Yo he is scared and regrets what happend he doesn’t want to end his life but he will!
    Just not to deal with us humans !

  20. Avatar Auggie says:

    No concern at the Border. No masks, No tests, No vax. Flown across US. Many transferred to AZ. Covid is Bolony!

  21. Avatar L S says:

    If I owned a vaccine company, I would tell everyone to get the booster. $$$$$$$

    • Avatar Dacia's D.I.Y's says:

      Rite ! And a 4th and 5th IT FREE ! Why not rite ?😂😂 that’s what BIDEN said ! 😂

  22. Avatar Mike Blake Gonzales says:

    Please check out how these corrupt police covered up assault on a minor. Read description please. The family hasn’t even received an apology!

  23. Avatar Minerva Galvez says:

    Open borders causes chaos!

  24. Avatar Abel Moreno says:

    Just in case anyone who wondered where I went; I’m still here😌 ..it’s day 500+..

    I still haven’t been vaccinated..
    I still haven’t gotten sick..
    I still haven’t met anyone whose died..
    I still live my life as normal..
    I still exercise daily..
    I still eat healthy..
    I still get quality sleep..

    Your welcome😁

  25. Avatar LILIANA PRINA says:

    Thanks for the news.

  26. Avatar Vanessa Weems SS says:

    Its not right that CBP on Horseback torture the Haitians, when they’ve had such a rough time coming form their home town. In Spanish there is an adage which goes like this, “Me Chingan aqui, Me Chingan alla… Mejor me esfumo!” (they screw me up here, they screw me up over there… I might as well disappear from here!). It looks even worse bec the guys on Horseback are white, and the Hatians are black. The minute I saw that it made me feel anger, disbelief, shivers, sympathy, and a deja vu from the old #SlaveTrade during colonization of the USA.

  27. Avatar Al Fongoou says:

    DONT get on the train brainwashed people. Youre being lied to about the Vaccine. Wake up!

  28. Avatar LILIANA PRINA says:

    I am not fan of vaccines but in this case because people are dying; It is best to defeat this pandemic if all of us take covid-19 vaccine.

  29. Avatar Angela O says:

    Where is Lexter today?

  30. Avatar SherryRose Montoya says:

    I will ❤️ I’m sorry 😃 I just want to be a little more than I ever had in my life 🧬💯🧬 TO BE A GOOD person I would like you to do that for us 🙏 we need to go get my mind done with the kids mom 🙄 I’m please don’t be mad 💢 I try to do it 💯 ALWAYS THE same I’m sorry for everything but you know I need help 🥺🙏💯 lord please help us with our lives 🥰❤️ I lost it 💯 being honest with you and God 🙏😌🥺 blood of Jesus over everything 💕 and I will try to stop smoking 🐱 getting a new one for the day I hope you guys are okay with me cause I told you that could be better but how do I need to get together with these churches in Jesus name please tell them to believe me I have told them 😫 God bless these Pastors and CHURCHES YEARS OF MY LIFE ❤️🧬🕊️🧠 FACTS 🙂 uhh stop all this BS is going on with my Daughter is a blessing in disguise 🥰 Jesus is LORD of me ❣️🤔 my HEART IS LORD AND THE MOST IMPORTANT ONES ARE THE WORLD 😅🌍 tell this world to help me please 🤗🥺🙏

  31. Avatar SherryRose Montoya says:

    God bless America 😘 to be a part of my Heart 😘😭 lost everything is different from my LORD is Born in a Relationship Reborn as a sign TIMES ARE TRUE TO BE HERE FOR THE WORLD OF COURSE WE ARE TRUE STORY OF GOD 💖🙏💯🤳 HURTS and my Lord is a new Star of God the Most important to us 🙏🏡🙂 Humm 🥰 TRUE 😜😻 supernatural ❤️🧠🙏 Dead×3 back to life than enough already have been in this dark WORLD OF GOD AND THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ❤️🧬🕊️🧠 FACTS 🙂👍 in Jesus name amen and Amen to you all the PEOPLE DON’T BELIEVE SHE HAS BEEN TRYING FOR EVERYTHING ❤️🧠🧬 MIRACLE OF THE WORLD OF COURSE WE ARE EVERYTHING I NEED HELP WITH HER THOUGH 😍 I AM AND WE ARE EVERYTHING to do with the Way of America in Jesus name amen thank goodness haven’t heard anything from them yet 😃 save me from all of them 😁🤪🙏 GN 💕🙏💯

    • Avatar John Goldsworthy says:

      Beware of those who profess devotion to God. Their feigned piety is often the camouflage for their vileness and evil.

      “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him will believeth in anything. – Hitchens 3:16”

      “Remember, if you don’t sin, then Jesus died for nothing”

      Unless he was nailed to a boomerang, Jesus is not coming back!

  32. Avatar Susan Matz says:

    No career is more rewarding than being a journalist asking stupid questions to suffering people.

  33. Avatar Rebecca Ripley says:

    All airplanes should have a jail cage in back of plane for irate people. Bread and water. A toilet in cage out in open. oh well …. just a ideal.

  34. Avatar LoVing Kindness says:

    *Humbly LoVingly And Kindly*
    *The New Digital U.S. Corporation*
    Biden is only a *Lackey Actor* just like the past previous one’s he doesn’t *none of them* make any decisions he’s just a obedient trained robot puppet for the *Yes&No Masters* the Black Nobility Black Pope Military Industrial Complex via’ the Vatican the Jesuit Nazi NASA Order Illuminati ROMAN RC BT RT Britannian British Nights Malta World Bank *Red&Blue* Same Empire *They Make All The Decisions* Queen Elizabeth *IS The Custodian* for the U.S. Corporation what your witnessing is the transformation merging morfing of a New UN NWO Agenda21 U.S. Corporation:::
    *The New World Order*

  35. Avatar LoVing Kindness says:

    *The Whole World IS Being Deceived*

  36. Avatar Sid Saxena says:

    Father of four is the main reason for their problems.
    Too many people!

  37. Avatar Robin Ligsay says:

    U can just fold the flap of the fries holder and put the squeezed ketchup

  38. Avatar Anonymous Tiger says:

    Trump mow look like a woman keep bud sorry Trump it’s true

  39. Avatar C S says:

    Confronting? You mean lassoing?

  40. Avatar mohamed Baza says:

    Have a nice day my friends

  41. Avatar Cedric Grandy says:

    Lying little Lester

  42. Avatar Dirty White Boy says:

    i myself have had 7 shots and only want more!





  45. Avatar ERICK and The Ourbacks says:

    Biden voters do you feel suckered? You should.

  46. Avatar Denise Fernandez says:


  47. Avatar abderrahim anasse says:

    Dears The car on the pavement is for me or what?I have just to open the door and take control of the vehicle and i will find my cash money?

  48. Avatar J K says:

    Lester sounds like name of a demon.

  49. Avatar Ashley Martin says:

    Sad sorry😞

  50. Avatar abderrahim anasse says:

    Now we have cars with Arkeon”GOP” and other with Areon”Democrats”:2 Opposite ways but both of them are from far branch.No one is progressive.Does the people have sensitivity with Progressive line of conduct.All of us like Extremism.What’s this,What’s this,What’s this????

  51. Avatar abderrahim anasse says:

    Okay S we want to have the blue but we want also ,for sure with no doubt what is inside the blue.
    the physical shappe and shadow according to the Prouct spec using of course the famous Compass to make all the folks happy but please without Pi 3,14.
    this number remind me the MAN who stand for 3 of us and 0,14 for my little body.that’s why each time i remember this horific number,i feel strong pain in my bones

  52. Avatar Savannah Young says:

    FIND ME 𝐇ERE 👉 https://bit.ly/3mGK9Zp?プライベートr続nき

    ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとね. .
    #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾 今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした,. 💖🖤在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`’守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那sfdsd些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品“

  53. Avatar Life of DANIEL says:

    Or a sugar daddy girl

  54. Avatar Matt Couzens says:

    No vaccine, no service. If you don’t believe in science, medicine, or vaccines, don’t go to the hospital when you get covid. Enjoy the fruits of your beliefs.

  55. Avatar Pick N Ship says:

    you are not boosting anything in me I tell ya what IF JOE BIDEN CAN CATCH ME HIM SELF HE CAN VAX ME!

  56. Avatar Pick N Ship says:

    if you feel protected why are you wearing a mask in your car?

  57. Avatar m says:

    Terrorists are entering 35 to 40 Kashmir with the same money that US President John Biden has given to Taliban in the name of help, even today three clapping terrorists were killed or the same weapon that America caught terrorists in Afghanistan

  58. Avatar K Davis says:

    My family has a neuromuscular genetic nerve demylination deletion of the PMP22 gene on the 17th chromosome from our mother. My bro got vaccinated and he completely lost feeling and most muscle function aka palsy aka foot drop development in his entire left leg. If you have HNPP and have at least a moderate case be careful. Think long and hard. Dr. Jun Li in Detroit, MI., the only specialist in the US, states he doesn’t have enough data to say if it’s safe for us or not, that out of 500 HNPP patients only 2 have gotten vaxxed and experienced extreme complications. Well, make that 3 doc. He also says those of high-moderate to severe symptomology will not have enough data to say for a very long time. I knew it was a bad idea. I knew it 😔

  59. Avatar tom k says:

    Another Great Day In History Folks Just Keep Popping The Karma Coin In and watch the Biggest American War Criminal and Biggest National embarrassment failure and mistake in American History Fall Once and For All

  60. Avatar aminadab flores says:

    This world is just falling apart 💔

  61. Avatar Jeff Horn says:

    21 minutes of cia propaganda

  62. Avatar Mo says:

    How about the guy who owes coyotes $30K? Is that industry a monopoly or can you shop around for a better deal? The Mexican guy I work with who got deported and crossed back said 1 particular cartel controls the border so I guess not.

  63. Avatar Kate Lynn Blatt says:

    first of all the tree looks like is is being wrapped in mylar emergency blankets they reflect human heat, and r made of plastic which is highly flammable,LOL, and they, if it is what that is what they wrapped that poor tree with will burn it down faster,LOL OMG WTH

  64. Avatar Kate Lynn Blatt says:

    the tree is called the freakin general sherman, is it not a little bit ironic that a tree named after a man known for inventing the scorched earth theory would have a tree named after him and it would burn down??? LOL OMG really this tree needs to be renamed asap also, and at least it is not named after a confederate general, but lets face it sherman is no peach, just WOW!!

  65. Avatar Steema Medina says:

    Lies on lies

  66. Avatar auekim says:


  67. Avatar ThinkInsideTheBox SquareCircle says:

    More Jabs, yessss! 🐍

  68. Avatar Jason Sailer says:

    Hello NBC News and Lester Holt. Pennsylvania State Senator Judy Schwank tried to Have Me Murdered at Least Twice. My Mother and My Daughter Where also Targeted with a Cobra of Some Kind a Roofer Got into My Mother’s Home.

  69. Avatar L AW says:

    So experimental gene therapy is the same as strengthening your immune system. Truth is out ….anyone promoting vaccines/experimental shot should be charged with crimes against humanity

  70. Avatar Art Avalos says:

    Guatemala has “la casa de Dios” I hope that mr. Luna is helping not only praying but sending supplies.

  71. Avatar Randall Warren says:

    You trust the government just make sure you not going to get sick from this covid-19 shot that’s the reason why they don’t want to be held responsible if you if they force it on you than are held responsible if anything happens but if you go down there and take it it’s up to you if you live or die cuz this stuff does not even protect you from covid-19 doctor got all three shots infected by covid-19 like I said this stuff doesn’t protect your from covid-19 whatever they’re giving you is something to do with population control making sure your babies baby they should can’t have no more maybe one or two kids if they can have any kids at all

  72. Avatar Jonzzzey says:

    They told me I wouldn’t need a 2nd shot with the JandJ shot

  73. Avatar Earth Human says:

    Man america shud just take over every nation, they can help guatamala

  74. Avatar Jonzzzey says:

    Sounds like a personal problem not my problem I say send em away , I’ve got enough issues and so does America

  75. Avatar Jonzzzey says:

    RIP Patrick 🙏

  76. Avatar Roland the thompson gunner says:

    I more upset that people from anywhere can just walk across the border with absolutely no barriers to stop them than what our border patrol who put their lives at risk daily may or may have done. And I’m a Democrat and if they don’t start acting like this is a problem I won’t be one much longer.

  77. Avatar Dacia's D.I.Y's says:

    Man I’m so sick of this be with these ppl and their so called research ! One more shot! One more shot !

  78. Avatar Dacia's D.I.Y's says:

    I’m nit getting any anti body treatment either ! No thanks

  79. Avatar Angie Barrios says:

    Abbott isn’t doing a Damon thing but talking. Why doesn’t he do something. Isn’t he the governor. All he does is point fingers. Do do something clown Abbott .just put up or just shut up clown. People dying because of covid doesn’t look good.

  80. Avatar Angie Barrios says:

    Democrats believe in constitution, fake republicans don’t. So quite crying and obey thevlawsb of the united states.

  81. Avatar Moon Shadow Essentials Soap’s n More says:

    I’m not Christian but that tree is over 2,000 years old! Jesus was born year 0. Their are 2 of every year. The years that end with A.D r the years predating the birth of Jesus Christ. All the years ending with B.C or B.C.E are after his birthday. So the day of his birth was year 0. He was killed at age 34 , lol he died 34 B.C/B.C.E. So 34 years before his birth it was year 34 A.D.. it is quite odd that they literally counted down to the day of his birth and then that’s when they restarted the count and we are still on that same calendar path since. At least year wise. So this tree being over 2,000 years old means it sprouted around the time Jesus Christ was born. Religious or not Christian or not, his birth has shaped and molded society even still today. I find that fascinating!

  82. Avatar Flowers inherhair says:

    Not so smart to have a vaccine mandate for experienced ICU nurses who have provable. natural immunity. We are not going to go along to get along and PRETEND natural immunity isn’t a thing, when we cared for you before the vaccine existed. I hope you know THAT is why care is being rationed. The physical beds exist, but no nurses to staff them. Your fault.

  83. Avatar Chris W says:


  84. Avatar Cher N.Y.B. says:

    I don’t believe media, im praying nobody else does either…….they are the peoples enemy!!!

  85. Avatar Cher N.Y.B. says:


  86. Avatar YouTube Commenter says:

    Laundrie will eventually be alligator feed but will have taken along with him a beautiful Gabby Petito.

  87. Avatar choual semche says:


  88. Avatar choual semche says:


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