Nightly News Full Broadcast – October 19th

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$17 million reported ransom for kidnapped missionaries in Haiti, FDA expected to authorize ‘mix and match’ Covid vaccine boosters, and passengers escape after plane rolls off Texas runway, catches fire.

00:00 Intro
02:10 Mix And Matching Covid Vaccine Boosters
06:28 $17 Million Ransom For Kidnapped Missionaries
09:02 Passengers Escape Plane
10:34 Steve Bannon: Jan. 6 Committee Vote
13:17 Heated Southlake School Board Meeting
15:39 NFL: Concussion Settlement
19:21 Inspiring America: WNBA Champs

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Gnostic Fire says:

    Let their church pay it! Pure religious STUPIDLY. A heart for missions? Pure idiots.

  2. Avatar Janet Plant Hisle says:

    Why don’t you talk about the 3 black police officers (1 killed) in Houston shot by 2 black men? You don’t because it might be real news!

  3. Avatar Rutherford Ashley says:

    Missionaries need to stay away from everyone, all the do is molest children and they are part of the colonial genocide machinery. I have no sympathy for the missionaries, as the eveil of colonial missionaries is immeasurable.

  4. Avatar DLB4B says:

    Cant stop stupid
    But dad told me stick’s and stone’s
    Worked well
    After school age people grow up
    I understand no big deal im am successful with a good life
    In the big picture was not a big deal
    Definitely not worth making a big deal
    Life is to short shut up and live your life

  5. Avatar Thomas Panyi says:

    Didn’t they make enough money yet?

  6. Avatar Thomas Panyi says:

    Guidelines huh

  7. Avatar The Kat says:

    Speak the truth of 11.3 and 1.6. Or you will go down in history… oh wait you try to play God and control history as it is created. Good luck in your future.

  8. Avatar Renata Jimėnez Urbina says:

    La. Tuya en vinagre mijo 🦵😃

  9. Avatar Alice Ayres says:

    Omg I didn’t know Colin Powell died from Covid! I’m not a fan of Republicans, but I respected many things about Powell.

  10. Avatar Penny Giller says:

    We have another husband with his wife in a small van who killed his wife in Bolton VT. Not getting the attention of Gabby but going too small and the repercussions of living tiny off the grid.

  11. Avatar Fly Guy says:

    No booster no vaccine.

  12. Avatar Netayanhu Giovanni says:

    Bitcoin is exciting because it shows you how cheap it can be. Bitcoin is better than currency…for large transactions, currency can get pretty inconvenient, why not start investing in bitcoin and start reaping your gains sooner than you expected.

  13. Avatar Penny Giller says:

    People s lives who died and were traumatised by violence on the capitol isn’t t frivolous! Heartless hag!

  14. Avatar MISCELLANEOUS says:

    I applaud the football coach😁👍😉

  15. Avatar Angel Ortiz says:

    What’s the difference between anomia and Covid? Don’t do anything your uncomfortable with no matter the liberal pressure Oxicotton was safe too!!!!

  16. Avatar Earl Hughes says:

    He didn’t walk away from a 3 million dollar contract the contract did not stay he had to have this vaccine so he’s still going to get paid

  17. Avatar Mark Crimi says:

  18. Avatar Joe Zyzyx says:

    General Colin Powell could have been saved if he’d been given Ivermectin instead. I’m 66 and that’s what I’ve taken since mid March 2020, and have never contracted Covid, even while in Florida for months during the Delta variant this summer, and no mask wearing in stores there either. Also research the elimination of covid in Uttar Pradesh India, using Ivermectin. It’s a province of over 200 million poor people, and very low vaccination rate. Kerala province is the highest vaccinated area there, and yet they still have raging covid infections going on, because they don’t use Ivermectin.

  19. Avatar Joe Zyzyx says:

    We need to deprive the Haitian Kidnappers of their lives. Pay no ransom!

  20. Avatar Billy The Kid says:

    Bannon ran his mouth the day before and now gotta pay.

  21. Avatar Joe Zyzyx says:

    There are always two sides to every story about the past. Just look at politics today, two sides. Same in Germany during 1930-1945 time frame. Why not present both sides, what each thought, why each believed their side. Otherwise, it remains a mystery on why the Holocaust even happened in the first place. Trying to suppress one side only, automatically devalues the other side too.

  22. Avatar John Zeszut says:

    “It was a dark and stormy night as the Ship of State Limped into port.”

  23. Avatar clinton werner says:

    It would be Nice To See an America fully living up to its fundamental Principals ! Racial , Sexual combined with COVID 19 and Economic Issues in the Distant Past ! Perhaps That Is The New American DREAM ! Something to Work and Strive For and Even Sacrifice For !

  24. Avatar Jess ForHeaven says:

    No live virus instead they make your body produce it. Hello. Yes they can shed it phizer even said so. Plus whats the point of a vaccinne that doesn’t protect you from infection. Sode effects are large and heart inflammation is 5 times under reported yet fatal

  25. Avatar Susan says:

    Trump files a frivolous lawsuit. Nah, can’t be.

  26. Avatar Brent Waterbury says:

    I’d rather watch my PAINT DRY than watch a WNBA politically correct Title 9 game…

    • Avatar Mr. Bison says:

      And the WNBA is complaining they want the same pay as NBA players when nobody watches that garbage. 😂 😂

    • Avatar Brent Waterbury says:

      @Mr. Bison Yur right. It should be NCAA only

  27. Avatar Dilip Chatri says:

    Durga temple devotees and Bangladeshi community organized Demonstration for Bangladeshi Minority torture specially Shalla, Sunamgonj. We have a lot of video clips and still, pictures are coming soon.-উগ্র সাম্প্রদায়িক গোস্টী এবং ধর্মান্ধ মৌলবাদীদের দ্বারা সুনামগঞ্জের শাল্লায় হিন্দুদের উপর নারকীয় তান্ডবের বিরুদ্ধে তীব্র প্রতিবাদ এবং বিক্ষোভ কর্মসূচীতে মিশিগানের বাঙ্গালী হিন্দুদের স্বতস্ফুর্ত অংশগ্রহন।-কৃতজ্ঞতার ঋণে আবদ্ধ হয়ে রইলাম, অনেক ত্যাগী এবং দেশপ্রেমিক মানুষ তাৎক্ষনিক ভাবেই ব্যানার, ফেস্টুন, প্লেকার্ড লিখে এই প্রতিবাদ এবং বিক্ষোভ কর্মসূচীতে অংশগ্রহণ করেছিলেন। সবাইকে অশেষ ধন্যবাদ।

  28. Avatar C J says:

    Mix and Match?!

  29. Avatar Om mohamad says:

    Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. I am your sister, Umm Muhammad, from the besieged Gaza. I hope someone can help me, even if it is a simple thing. I can get food for my children. I have 3 children. We cannot provide them with food and clothing. Please, people of merciful hearts, help me. The hadith of Ibn Omar that the Messenger of God, peace be upon him, said: “The Muslim is a brother A Muslim does not oppress him and does not deliver him, whoever is in need of his brother, God will meet his need, and whoever relieves a Muslim of a distress, God will relieve him of a distress from the distress of the Day of Resurrection, and whoever covers a Muslim, God will cover him on the Day of Resurrection.”
    Who wants to help the number on the cover photo😪

  30. Avatar 3K16 says:

    And Critical Race Theory?

  31. Avatar Sheila David says:

    Boy, the businesses are going to have lawsuits up the wahoo from all the vaccine injured and deaths that are going to happen. I think they better think twice about mandating this clot shot they’re not gonna have a business left.(Just remember you can sue your employer if any vaccine related injuries or death occur, seizures, blood clots,heart attacks and the list goes on…)And trust me families will sue!🤘

  32. Avatar uslsuspect says:

    America inches closer toward Civil War; NBC the talks about Gabby Whoever.

  33. Avatar Nehsjdhdjejshejevwb Dnsnsndndmmd d says:

    anyone wanna hear from the nazi’s ? the history channel already glorifies their evil. jewish folks i am super sorry, i know u all worked so hard to share ur story. ann frank will always be me i read that story when i was her age. jewish folks i love and i am sorry.

  34. Avatar Dodge Morningstar says:

    The NFL Concussion Settlement is just… Saying black people start out with lower cognitive function, and not pay them… We talk about so much ignorance and prejudice, but true racism is shocking.

  35. Avatar Stop Cry-N Already says:

    If getting the vaccine is so important towards elimination of covid 19 why tf the so called whitehouse (biden’s) administration a long with others have a f…… EXEMPTION get the f… OUT of here with the b.s. make make sense my bad u can’t n no other m.f. can if my language is an issue my apologies but explain were (eye) will overstand?????

  36. Avatar Bob Geldoff says:

    Why are schools teaching the “Holocaust” and not just ww2?

    It’s not any different to teaching kids about the Armenians, Greek or Ukrainian genocide, but we don’t. If it is taught maybe these other genocides can be taught, especially what the communists have done instead of schools pushing socialism .

    I’d even go as far as saying that the “opposing side” comes Into play when only so called “right wing” atrocities are taught, this has already radicalised people that’s why all we hear are terms like fascist and Nazi, directed at conservatives.

  37. Avatar nemo bush says:

    So the NFL that was proud to allow the black players to kneel during the national anthem is now being sued by the black players for racism against concussion payouts.
    Lol they really thought they were singing kumbaya together.

  38. Avatar Terry Roth says:

    Biden has become a friggin Dictator, pure and simple. Clearly the U.S. is something he cares little about.

  39. Avatar Tony Hidalgo says:

    They post this on YouTube so they can lie to you before your 50 and watching on TV

  40. Avatar eric oxner says:

    Lock him uplock him up
    lock him up!!!! Time to deal
    with these conspiracy theories
    spreading punks.

  41. Avatar SHAMA says:

    First don’t mix, now mix..odd I think.
    I will never, ever take that vaccine mixed with mark of the beast.
    I will endure, I will survive, after all my family survived the Trail of tears, I will put all my trust in Jesus, never in government

  42. Avatar tony perez says:

    So all those people took a chance with an experimental drug .for nothing .now you need another one because the first one was no good

  43. Avatar tony perez says:

    Tag football ?

  44. Avatar Shawn Ross says:

    Paying isn’t a good idea 💡 it will be a licence to kidnap 💰 again and where will it end 💰✝️

  45. Avatar Roger Bing says:

    Nothing but pure propaganda.

  46. Avatar Irwin Girven says:

    So!What else is new!Welcome 2America

  47. Avatar Roland the thompson gunner says:

    So this so called “ labor shortage “ is self inflicted because of anti vaccers. Good fire them all and our wages will go up !

  48. Avatar Roland the thompson gunner says:

    Allow an opposing view of the Holocaust? This is what Trumpers consider “ free speech.” They want to allow opposing views of slavery too. But it doesn’t need to be countered with Critical race theory which is certainly white guilt. It can be countered with by not allowing the garbage in schools period!

  49. Avatar Kevin Davies says:


  50. Avatar Kevin Davies says:


  51. Avatar 남성이은호 says:

    720p, Up, 1080p

    • Avatar Tom Tom says:

      to brainwash u in 1080p

  52. Avatar Orville Bernard says:

    JAh ❤️ is real 💯 peace 💯 hw ur my black kings n queens of the world all good please think positive cane n Pharaoh is tryin to control humanity animals please blive trust fast n pray no no no to Corona vaccines injections read yr Bible revelation about the mark of the BEAST the western governments use 6 letters to spell Corona thats 1 6 had up these numbers c3o15r18o15n14a1 u will get the numbers of the BEAST the Bible speek about who can take our souls n flech the most high of the highest who designed n created love peace unity forgivenes understanin sky oxygen Mercy Zion n earth 🌎 water 💦 rainbow 🌈⛅🌟🌒 lightin ⚡ thunders humanity animals to the world of poppets governments of the world tel the world if im wrong illmenate

  53. Avatar Roxanne Collymore says:

    Our World 🌍🌎🌍 IS A SAD PLACE 😔

  54. Avatar Perry Gibson says:

    Why are these “missionaries” there?

  55. Avatar Miles Robinson says:

    Believe in Jesus! and Have a blessed rest of 2021.

  56. Avatar Miles Robinson says:

    10:10 a plane crash and people survived and 10:41 January 6th investigation

  57. Avatar Debbie LaSalle says:

    Colin had blood cancer

  58. Avatar Abode Gahmri says:

    When does the series start?

  59. Avatar allin yofeelings says:

    A virus created by China to divide the USA and it’s working smh we are doomed

  60. Avatar Wylie Irving says:

    If you have a Brain you would clearly see this broadcast is full of lies and none of you on this can explain why congress is exempt from the jab and all the lies and legislation won’t change the truth about history. The United States in on death bed because you’ll won’t stop lying about your history and your public is to stupid to care.

  61. Avatar Willard Simpson says:

    Fight mandates and die smart move for fox dummies l bet 90 percent of them are vaccinated

  62. Avatar Don Knotts says:

    Tell people about open borders with drugs coming in Freely to our children. Tell people about thousands of illegals Joe Biden is bussing to our communities with no vaccine

  63. Avatar Le-mina ML says:

    I hope the pilot did not have a sudden Heath issue potentially due to the vaccine. I praise God that everyone is safe!

  64. Avatar Le-mina ML says:

    Should ban all contents of African slavery from school history books as well. The damage it causes African students in class is as hurtful as it is of the holocaust in school history books.

  65. Avatar Le-mina ML says:

    Wowww NFL!!! Fix your mess on this case! Plz

  66. Avatar Laura Howard says:

    RACE NORMING???🤬🤬🤬

  67. Avatar Jefferson Stroud says:

    I highly recommend Dr. ONO on YouTube for his amazing gesture on his natural herbs that he used in curing my genital HSV-2.

  68. Avatar black stars says:

    I hope to have my 50th booster shot by 2035

  69. Avatar Lene Domi says:

    Thank God everyone was safe on the plane ✈️ 🙏🏽

  70. Avatar Arcaudy Espinal says:


  71. Avatar Anthony Woodroffe says:

    Money by race NFL easy money for whites ! Racist systems 😠👹💀💀💀☠️💩💩💩💩💩👾

  72. Avatar Monica Navarro says:

    It didn’t save Colin Powell. So stop saying it’s to save lives, you Rats Democrats have dissapointed me. We need a THIRD party

  73. Avatar 评论员CCTV says:

    Don’t let China rise, otherwise he will get revenge. Please supporting Taiwanese is conducive to the development of the two countries.

  74. Avatar Tracy Webb says:

    It’s prepping time y’all… food and survival prepping be prepared…when the lights go out.. be prepared.. thanks for sharing

  75. Avatar Pat Red says:


    • Avatar Pat Red says:

      Bearsun where are you !?

  76. Avatar Tom Tom says:

    whoever takes JJ , I feel sorry for you

  77. Avatar mario alvarez villa says:

    Dam can’t imagine how the dad must feel, everyone he loves was kidnapped in the same moment.

  78. Avatar C Thompson says:

    Don’t yall mix & match that stuff!
    IMO, that’s dangerous like speedballin. I’m good. #mybodymychoice

  79. Avatar Seth Alexander says:


    • Avatar Seth Alexander says:


  80. Avatar Firstname Lastname says:

    See the rain clouds dissipate as they fly a plane in front of it spraying aerosols

  81. Avatar Jack Meoff says:

    Tell the FDA to go back to the CCP of China 💩

  82. Avatar Jack Meoff says:

    Welcome to the CCP of China right here in the USA what a shame

  83. Avatar Elsie Townsend says:

    You are not impeccable 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😭

  84. Avatar CM says:

    I would hope these missionaries know there are dangers when they enter a foreign countries. If they believe in their mission, know the dangers, then they need to be ready to meet their maker.

  85. Avatar Mr. Bison says:

    Who watches the WNBA? 😂 😂 it’s amazing that they even have any fans.

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